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Reformer Connections

50 min - Class


Find connections to your body and the equipment with this Reformer workout by Lesley Logan. She shares her personal practice, explaining what she is working on as well as her thought process when she goes through her routine. She also finds parallels between the movements so that you can find a way to turn your least favorite exercises into ones that will prepare you for the more advanced repertoire.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Excellent subtle tips that guide you to the true purpose of each exercise. Thank you!
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Alisha thank you so much for taking class with me! I'm so glad you enjoyed the tips. xx~LL
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That was Amazing! I felt super connected to my whole body. Especially love the attention to the upper back, which can be forgotten in exercises like ‘shaving’ and the back rowing series. Also that was my best snake ever!!!! Thank you Lesley!!:)
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Great class, Lesley. I almost never do the control balance dismount/remount on both sides, but I did today! Thank you!
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Can we get an advanced Wundt chair class please
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This was great fun. I appreciate how you teach with honesty and acceptance about where your own practice currently is, which is so encouraging to follow and have a healthy workout within one’s own current functional boundaries. Thanks! Will apply some tips to my classes this week!
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Loved your workout!
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This was fantastic. Lesley keeps it real. Will try this workout for sure. Thanks for the excellent cueing and tips.
Michele OMG! That was my best snake in a LONG time too! Thank you for flowing with me and so happy you enjoyed it! xx~LL
Jan that makes me so happy that you did the control balance off! I think it is a great exercise to have fun with. Thank you for doing it with me! xx~LL
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