Class #3466

Connecting to the Reformer

50 min - Class


You will feel how much you're in control of your movements after this Reformer workout with Lesley Logan. She uses the knowledge you have of the Mat work to help you find a connection to your Reformer that starts with your seat and center. She encourages you to use the springs to help you find your back body so that you can find more ease with the more advanced movements.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

About This Video


So I love the reformer and sometimes like a little too much, right? Because we tend to go, oh, I don't need to work out and I don't want to do the mat cause it's too hard. So we use a ...

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I really enjoyed all the connection to the mat work - we sometimes overlook that it’s all the same principles and movements so this was a good reminder 😊
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Loved the pace and flow of this class and also to think of the mat exercises, I feel like going to the mat :)
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Lesley, you totally rocked!! Loved tha exercises, the cueing, and the pace.
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Lesley! Loved the pace and flow of this for teachers and all the lovely connections to our mat work. You rocked this. Thank you so much for a challenging, yet pure, reformer session. Loved! (P.S. I'm @livesinyogapants on insta!! xx)
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The mat is the foundation - this is an outstanding and artful way to reconnect with that foundation. So many outstanding cues! I wasn't able to complete every single rep or exercise, so I'll be coming back to this one!
Lucie Bécus Thank you so much for taking my class! And, I agree, in my recent practice I have been really playing with how I can use the rest of the exercises to help me out. I am so happy you enjoyed this idea too! xx~LL
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Jennifer yay!!! That is exactly what I was hoping someone would say! And, my latest mat class on here channels the Reformer. So, hopefully, you enjoy a little love from the Reformer on your mat! Thank you for taking class with me xx~LL
Kim thank you so much!! So happy you liked my new class xx~LL
Lori M Thank you for putting a comment to an IG!! Thank you also for you love note here. I am so happy you enjoyed my new class. xx~LL
Amy thank you so much for taking class with me! I love how you can come back to this class as often as you want and see how much you have progressed. So, cool! Can't wait to hear how it goes next time! xx~LL
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