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Joseph Pilates taught Lolita, now Lolita teaches you! Treat yourself to a Pilates class from a first-generation teacher, Lolita San Miguel. In this extended Mat class, Lolita shares her 50 years of teaching experience with you. Enjoy Lolita's Insightful, clear commands, and her friendly yet precise style of teaching. You are sure to learn a lot!
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We are going to reach up. Inhale, you toes appointed and belly button to the spine. As you come forward an exhale, let your arms drop by your sides and roll up from the base of your spine till you are straight. Flex your fee perfectly. Flex foot and reach up again and belly button towards the spine.

As you reach forward, arms down to the floor and roll up, up, up, up, up and bend your knees and bring your hips closer towards your soles of your feet. All right, arms out or you can hold underneath and we are going to go spine articulating all the way down and come up and again, exhale as you go down. Inhale and exhale as you come up and you learn. Then when you come up again and your gaze follows in as I am going down towards my waist and exhale as I am coming back up and inhale and exhale as I am going into my rib cage. Inhale and exhale as I'm coming back up. And Inhale and exhale as I'm going into my [inaudible].

And now let your gaze work along with your spine as you are calming. Now inhale and next hips. Take your arms up and go all the way back and reach and stretch yourself long. Integrate yourself to the mat. Become one. Remember this space between your waist back of your waist.

Now Flex your feet and reach out of your heels, reaching arms, reaching legs out of the heels, and lower your arms down by your sides. Okay, and now I know I believe in picking up the legs like this. I believe if I'm going to bend the leg into me, I slide it all the way in and then I slide it all the way out before I begin to slide, I think belly button to the spine. And then I slide my leg and my toes touch the floor. And at the same time I am working my foot as I am working my abdominals and I finish with the flex foot. Oh, right now, Ben, one leg into you by sliding all the way. Yeah. And Ben, the other leg into your lever up and that's right.

And now you can place your arms either out to the side or you can praise them in a goalpost right in the T. Okay. And now place your feet back on the floor and slide your legs and flex your feet. Don't Donald Doc on me? That means don't open the feet out. And again, Bend your knees together this times and bring the arms in and hug your knees right and take your elbows are out. Take your feet out towards the floor. Touch the floor, belly button, arms down by your sides the other way as well.

Relaxed down. I'm down by your sides and he will lengthen your legs and flex your feet. Reach out of your heels once more when your legs into you, slide them and hug the knees, right and take your feet towards the floor. He owns her together and touch the floor belly button into the spine. As I straightened my legs by sliding right, I flex the feet and now to that movement, I am going to add the lifting up of my head. But too often I have heard people say, I tried to be Latisse. I did not like it because it hurt my neck.

Right? And there's no doubt about about it. Many, many of our movements use the hair up in order to use the abdominal snore. Now, first of all, if the the person is weak, if your client is weak, you do not give them the whole repertoire with the bringing up of the head because there's too many movements and it will hurt their head. But one of the very first neck, they will hurt their neck. But one of the first things you must teach them is how do you lift the head and you do not lift the head by the neck, which is what I see much too often. When you want to lift your head, you think, I lower my sternum.

As I look lifts and I look in and I returned down, I sternum goes down as I lift and down, or both arms can be there to help them feel the sternum lowering and the eyes. Remember where the eyes go. The head goes and that goes and spine goes. Doesn't go up there, go straight to where it's goal is, which is left and come back. Okay, so now let's place one hand and our sternum, the other one behind our head, either hand fine and we can have the knees bent and lift up your head. Taking your gaze directly towards your belly button, right lowering the sternum and put it down again and again. Lift up your head, no tension in the neck and put it down again and last one and lift up the head. No tension in the neck.

The jaw goes directly down, don't, but they still every member this year too to have air and down. Okay, good. I also believe that when you bro Hug your legs or use your arms, you do not do this. Like you want to engage your side, you want to engage your arms to do that. You look at this, this is weak. This is not doing anything that okay.

All right, so now you are going to straighten your legs, bend your knees and lift up your head simultaneously and in here and then the knees into you and use the head. The head is coming up. As I hugged my leg, bring the legs into you and keep your shoulders more down. Shoulders more down on the mat. That's right. But head up and take the feet towards the floor. Touch the floor. Belly button to the spine and head is going down.

Uh, knee. Flex the feet. Reach out of the heels. Good. You fixed it yourself and come back into bending your knees and head is up. And I hugged my legs with my elbows out in my shoulders down and I release the base of my spine. Okay, now I stay there and I put my arms down and my head down, right? And take your legs to the right. Bring them to center, take your legs to the left, bring them to center a little further down, right. Bring them to center and to the left.

Bring them to center a little further down, right and center a little further down, left and center and all the way down to the right. As I look to the left, breathe in and out. Bring them to center and all the way to the left. As I look to the right red bags. Yeah. Inhale, exhale and bring them to center.

Now give me little circles of the knees to the right and down and left and center the side and let's say ocean and the camera center towards the ocean. Down and over and center towards the camera and down over center towards the ocean. Down a little bit. Every circle gets a little bigger and other side down over and center. Place you feet on the floor. Separate your feet so that your feet are in line with your [inaudible] right and in line with your knees a little closer into each other. Right?

[inaudible] little bro brought her the feet wide. Okay. Okay. Arms are down by the sides, right. And it's just lift our arms up towards the ceiling and take them behind us. Lowering the rib cage down. Lift our arms up to the ceiling and lower them down. Shakes here.

Inhale, arms up, lower the arms as you lower the rib cage. Inhale arms up and uh, and in his arms up and stay there and give me protraction and retraction. Reach up to the ceiling and lower your shoulder blades. Reach up to the ceiling. Don't close your arms, low your shoulder blades. Reach up to the ceiling, lower your shoulder blades, reach up to the ceiling, lower your shoulder blades, take your arms behind you and elevate and depress the shoulders and shoulders up and shoulders down.

And raise the shoulders up and shoulders down and shoulders up and shoulders down and up. And I'm subbed to the ceiling and lower your arms down by your sides. Okay, and now let's talk about about the pelvis. We are going to do the pelvic clock, which means that the belly button is your 12. The pubis is your six, your nine is your right hip bone, and you three is your left hip bone, right?

You can also think about it like a bowl of soup that you are tilting away from your pubis towards your belly button and side to side. Whichever imagery works for you, it's fine, okay. And now, belly button to the spine at 12, right and neutral. Um, six few was to the floor. That doesn't mean the rib stick out and neutral. And 12 posterior tilt and neutral and six and neutral. Now give me nine right hip, bone, right hip, bone and neutral room and three left hip bone and neutral incline to the right hip bone. And don't move the knees and neutral and left hip bone, pelvis, not knees isolate.

Yeah, yeah. And they're not of the needs. Remember. Okay. And now let's go around the clock. Let's take the pelvis up to 12 belly button in towards the spine and we're coming down the right side. 1110 nine eight seven six few balls down to the floor and out of the knees.

A little more distance between your feet. Uh, five four, three, two, one 12 and neutral spine. Sorry about that. It's now back up to 12 and go down the other side. And one, two, three, four, five, six pubis to the floor. Bowl is spilling down your pubis and seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12 and neutral spine. Okay.

Keeping our feet where they are. Let's do our Cagle exercise isometric contraction. Inhale and ubis and lift up that elevator up, up, up to the penthouse pelvic floor. And now low the elevator down and relax in between. I inhale and let's take the elevator up lifted.

Exhaling, you're exhaling, you're lifting that elevator up to the top floor and you inhale. And now you're going to control the lowering of the elevator as you release it and take it down. And take a minute there of relaxation as you open the doors and close the doors. And again, inhale and come up early. Button your spine. Feel that pelvic floor.

Ah, Yo, the elevator and last one. Ah, [inaudible] Halen. Exhale as you lift, lift, lift, lift more, more, more, more. Um, take a breath and then let it out. Okay. And relax. And now striking the legs and the right leg veins by sliding all the way into you and stretches. Flex the foot and reach down with the back of the leg.

Left like bends and it unfolds. Lex unreached down. Both legs bend and they unfold. Flex the feet. Look at them. Are they aligned? Point the feet. Bend the knees, touch the floor, belly button to the spine. As I slide down, down, down, flex the feet. Period. At the end of the sentence. Right leg slides on foes. Flex and down.

Left leg slides unfolds Lex and down both legs bend unfold Lex. The feed reach points the feet. Bend the knees, touch the floor or belly button to the spine as you slide down, down, down and right Lex lies on folded Lex and down. Left leg bent on folded flex reach with the back of the leg. Both legs bend, unfold them. Lex. Point Ben, touch and slide down down.

Hi. Oh okay. And they're where you are. Go into a [inaudible] and you will give me an external rotation as you come up and an internal rotation as you go down. Warming up that hip external rotation to come up and internal rotation to go down. Place it in philosophy, change legs, external rotation to come up. Internal rotation to go down. External rotation, same leg, same leg to come up.

Internal rotation to go down. Let's reverse that right leg. Internal rotation internal to come up and open it. External rotation to go down. Internal same leg to come up. External rotation to go. Slide down the flow on the floor, left leg, internal rotation up external rotation down Belize to hip bones that don't move the ceiling internally. Don't move the hip bones, the forest sliding on the floor all the time. Don't lift it off the floor.

Um, right. Keep unknown. You have lifted it off the floor. Keep it on the floor, right ass right and oh okay, good. And in hips. Exhale and bend both knees and in towards your chest. And give me a choke chap. Rimbaud with the right foot down and bring it up.

Lower the left foot down and bring it up in here. Lower both feet x you exhale and come up in halo with the right foot and come up. Inhale, lower the left foot and come up in here. Lower both feet. Exhale and come up and go to the right. Inhale and to the right. Load the feet and come up and to the left and up and to the right and up and to the left and up. Keep your hips on the floor as much as possible, right and up and to the left and up and open the knees.

Lower the feet, close the knees and bring them up. Open the knees, lower the feet, close the knees. Bring them up. Open the knees, lower the feet, close the knees. Reverse. Lower through the center. Open up and close and down and open. Up and close and down and open and up and close. Stay there and raise your head and arms and bicycle forward and a one and two and three and four. Reach five and six and seven and eight and nine.

I'm 10 1112 and bring one Megan to you. And generally stretching he has, the leg is bent. Bring the head up, chores the leg, bend the knee, stretch the thigh, Lex the foot. Stretch the leg again, point the foot length in the bottom line and change legs. Bring the other one up towards you. Shoulders down, stretch the leg. Raise the head. Then the knee.

Feel that stretch. Stretch the leg length in the other leg. Bend both knees and reverse it. One and two. Push with the heel. I'm four and five and six breeze, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 and 12 and soles the feet together.

All right, good. And relax here. That opening across the hip and bend, bring both knees up to the ceiling. Let the right knee only drop out. Bring it back up. Left the left knee, drop out. Bring it back up. Inhale and exhale as you drop both legs out.

Don't pop the rib cage out and bring them back up. Okay. And now let's cross the leg of the ocean crosses over like a number for the ankle. Crosses the knee and with the other hand, gently lower that knee down. Opening through the hips to hipbone facing. Bend the leg that's on the floor and the leg bent on the floor. Bring it up.

Chores. You feel that stretch lift of the head and stretch the leg and return both legs down. Change leg, ankle crossed over gently lower the knee. Lift up the other leg from the floor, stretch it towards you and lift up the head. Shoulders down. Unreturnable legs. Yeah. And now let's turn towards me and please are right.

Ah, elbows together and take our feedback. So they're aligned with no Ben's knees. Feedback aligned with our backs. High Bachelors Straight. I headed straight right and we are going to do a spinal rotation in which we look at the elbow as we follow it out all the way out and look oval as it comes back in. And look at that elbow as we follow it all the way up. Stay there, breathe into it. Inhale, exhale and look at that elbow as it comes back.

Straighten bows arms like opening the covers of a book. Look at that hand as this opens out and ah, and it, and look at that hand as you open it and you rotate your whole torso because your eyes are on that hand. Your head is rotating and neck your back and you return back. And now prop yourself up and let's do a femur lift. Straight up and down. Don't turn it in. Don't turn it out. Just [inaudible]. Up and down and up and down and up and down. Now like a clam, open and close, open and close. Lift up both legs open and down. Both and up.

Now stretch it and bend it now. Flexibles feet, stretch and bend and stretch and bend and stretch and bend and close. Swing forward. Swing back, Femur, sidekick. Swing forward, swing back. Point the foot back. Stretch the leg and regular side kick front. Inhale and exhale back.

Inhale and bounds and exhale and inhale and reach back. And inhale and exhale. Lengthen, lengthen, reach, reach, reach. Grab your leg, stretch the five and they that now face down. You're prone, right, and place your hands in front of you and place your forehead on your hands. All right, now let's lift the right leg. And I want the buttocks to work to lift up that leg and up and down and up and down. I want to see a crease back there. Every time it lifts and up and down, an up and down and then down and up and all the way down.

Change legs and up and down and up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down. Now both legs and both legs. Lift both legs, lowers Belize first and Lewis. Now hold it there and let your legs go down. And now lift the belly from the floor. Little arms are crawling under your belly. Lift them from the belly up and relax it.

And again, lift the belly from the floor. A little ants go by and relax them. And now again, lift up both legs, but before you lift the belly, lift the belly, lift the legs and down. And if the belly lift the legs and now, okay, open the legs, turn them out, rotate them out. Pointed feet. And again, I want to see those creases in the back and the amps going under and the crease and both legs. Up and down, both legs, up and down, both legs, up and down, both legs, up and now here clicks. I don't want honesty.

Want to say a five and six and a seven. One, two, one seven, eight. Flex the point of feet, whichever you didn't do. Well. Five, six, seven, eight one and two and three and 12 five, six, seven, eight, relax. Okay. And now straighten the arms in front of you and lift. Lift, arms and legs up, arms and legs.

Down Belize. Um, the like up stay and now like superman flying over the city. Take the arms behind you all the way back and don't class. Boom. Just leave him up. Decide the palms are up and bring the arms in front of you. Okay. Bombs down.

And again, take the arms back and now stay there. And let's do the hundred. Close your legs and to say inverted hundred. Exhale, two, three, four, five, five. And look in front of you. Four, five and three to five. Exhale, two. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Sit back and relax. Child's pose. Relax, heal that nice stretch.

Okay. And I'll come forward onto your arms and keep coming forward. As you lower your hips, go into extension. That's right. And take your hips up and go back into child's pose. Come forward onto your eyes and go through into extension.

Showed his down. Don't watch out for the cervicals and go back into child's pose. [inaudible] [inaudible] Oh, okay. And now go into quadruple. Bring the hands on. Do you right. Okay. I know. Stretch all. No, sorry. Fresh.

Let's take the head towards the ocean and the hips towards the ocean and look for our tail. That's right. And Center. And look for the tail on the other side and center. Look for the tail towards the ocean and center. Look for the tail. Chose the camera good and [inaudible]. And now let's do pregnant cat and let the belly hand barely hangs kittens out.

Now pull the kittens in with an exhalation. And don't let your bad change in the slightest because it's all happening in your transverses. And let the kittens hang as you inhale, belly out and a belly in and belly out. And kittens up and Kittens, Han and the kittens come up. Shoulders down. That's right and good. No Lens than the right arm and the left leg.

Stretch it out and come back in and slide out the liberal left arm on the right leg and come back in again. Change and slide. Reach, reach, reach with the energy out of the foot and the hand. Hand his palm down and in and the other side on down. Retreats reach and come back in. And now Neal Nila, right, I arms in front of you. Once we're doing side stretch, um, stretch back and stretch back and lengthen and um, keep your head line on. One more shoulders down. Um, okay, now we turn towards the camera in order to do our scribe rotation.

Well she probably thought I forgot, but I didn't forget. I just did not do it immediately after the other. Oh righty. You have aligned your feet with your back. Both elbows on the same line, both shoulders under the same line. Good.

And now close your elbows. Now look at that elbow and follow it out with your eyes as you open. It feels so great. Really opened out that side. Exhale and come back in and close and open out. Look at it. Open, open and come back in.

Let's do one more. Inhaling. Exhale. We know we're eating it. Lowering and lowering and inhale and exhale and come back. Straighten both arms in front of you and book covers. Open the book and open it up and come back up and hands together and opened it out. Open it out and up and hands together.

And once more open out, you should be opposite. You are the arm, not higher, not lower right and now close. Good. Prop your head up. Um, femur lifts, femur lowers Femur lift Femur, lowers femur lifts, theme or Lower Femur. Lifting more lowers. Climb up with the knee and down with the knee up with the knee down with the knee. Lift up both legs, up with the knee and down with both legs, both legs, lift and both legs. Lower both legs. Lift. Stay there and now stretch the top leg and bend and flex both feet and stretch it and bend it and stretch that hamstring and bend it and stretch.

And then one more stretch. And Ben and we turn both knees down to the floor in both feet and FEMA swings forward and back and sidekick, front side, back pointed feet and back and front and back and front and back. And it becomes a sidekick. Forward bounce point back and forward and a balance and reach back and forward in the bounce and head is up and shoulders are down and forward and up and back. Stretch, stretch, relieve your arm there and lifted, lifted, lift up the arm. Feel one line, bring the arm down in front of you more, right?

So you feel a connection from that thing goes to that Lowe's toes. Right? And bend the knee. Stretch the sigh and relax. Okay. And relax on your back. Alright, I know it's not [inaudible].

It is an abdominal exercise and it's from one of my teachers, Rhodiola, Jayla bear. And you inhale and you, you have the, the speed aligned with the hips. You come up on the right as you exhale, when you run out of air, you go back down, you relax, you take in air, pull up the pelvic floor, belly button to the spine. I come up, I empty out, I go back down, I taking air, I come up and center. I look in pelvic the floor when I am no more air, I go down, I relaxed for a second, I take an air and I repeated in center. So you have right left twice and center. Okay, now fill up the tank, taken there and come up. Chose towards the ocean. Exhale both arms. And the s on the side of the ocean. Reach, reach, reach, shoulders are down. When you are out of air, you determine it, right?

Do you go back down and you relax and you take in air, you come up on the other side, pelvic floor, belly button to the spine, inner thighs. You could have the ring toter between your knees and down and taking air. Ah, come up in center. Just relax up here. [inaudible] normal air again and center. Inhale and come up and reach. Exhale, feel that center looking in, right, shoulders down, reaching, reaching, reaching and um, this one should be done twice. It is very good. [inaudible] okay, now plays the arms behind your head and come up and with the right elbow, lift up your left knee and reach forward and one and another side.

Up and down and up and up and up. And that, that's under that. And I relax. I know. Leaving the arms behind your head, looking up towards the ceiling, lift up the head, straight up to the ceiling and one and two to the ceiling and four and five and singly, seven, eight. Again, ceiling two, high abdominals, four, five, not forward to the Sealy Sealy and relax. Feel that in the high abdominals. Writes a different place. Oh righty.

And now we're going into single like stretch. Ah, bring Janiece into you. Uh, hold on to your ankle and your knee. Ankle the knee. Stretch the other leg and head up. Inhale, change. Exhale, change in him. Change. Exhale, change in hair change. Don't let that light come in. Exhale as right. Change. Inhale, change. Exhale, change. Inhale, align the leg as it comes in. Change and change. Shoulders down and change. Don't let it turned in.

Change and change and change and change. You know, I don't want you to turn out, but I don't want you to turn it in either. Relax. Remember when that lead comes in and must be perfectly aligned. The calf must be under the psych and there'd be a little one this way or the other way. Or I don't know. Somehow you've managed to turn it in somehow. Must not be turned in there.

Oh, right. And now bend your knees to your chest. I put your arms out by the sides and straighten your legs up to the ceiling. Oh, okay. And open the legs like circles. Open the legs, lower the legs, close the legs and bring them up.

Open the legs and circle them around and up and open and around. Rash, reverse and flex to go down. We're going to come around, flex to go down, we're going to come around and it's nice to go down and point to come around. Lexa, Paolo and together and now plays the hands underneath your hip bone underneath your hips. And we're going to do preparations for rollovers. Bring the legs towards your face and take them to 90 lower the legs, 45 bring them to 90 like souls, your face, nine 45 and point your feet 90 like lower 45 and up.

90 ones more over 45 and 90 and 45 and 90 open your arms to the side and take talk. Dig The knees towards the o like towards the ocean and center them towards the a camera and centered them towards the ocean. Shoulders down and send to them and towards the camera. And send to them and hip twist towards the ocean and around and to camera and center and towards the camera around once more and to the ocean and around circle legs, half and up to center. And then answer Colorado, uh, to stand and bend your knees and relax.

Okay. And know we all going to do that. Very famous. Fill out this exercise called a hundred and [inaudible] GOP lattice torched the hundred parallel parallel. Romana turned it out. So I figured from managing to turn it out, I'm going to flex the seat cause I want to make sure they're not sickled right. So it's important. You know the original, your original is parallel. Now there's also many variations on the theme, man. It's creative. Elizabeth, Rakim, carrots, the hands up and down. I'm sure you've seen it be Latta style. Did it with a scissors. Julian.

Little four legs bend and stretch our best batter in here. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. I don't, I don't a syncopated. I want a smooth one breath in. One breath out. Alrighty. So there's bend our knees to our chest, straighten our legs. And our challenge point, which is different for everybody, right? Power, little leg. Float your head up, your arms by your sides and go in here. Two, three, four, five, six. One, two, three, four, five, pointed feet. Four, five, eight, four, two, two, two, three, four, five. Exit. Don't move your head. Turn now to see if it continues. Painful.

Five in the dude's got extra. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, two, three, four, five. X, up, dude. Five. Point the faith and be joined to Jackie ladders. Okay. Don't give me this. That arm is mom. Alrighty.

Now bend the knees. Inquiryu right. Hold underneath your legs. Separate them. Now think that you rocking chair and you going to rock up and down, but through the bones you're not going to push like you would in a normal rolling like a ball. You're going to less let it happen. Opening the shoulders, opening the elbows out for the shoulders, Dachau and shoulders down. Let it happen. Let it happen. Make it like a Zen.

Movement it through the bones. No pushing, no pulling things. The feet are heavy. They go to the floor. Maintain your position. Maintain your eyes going down. Align. No, align that feet with the knees, right? Like a rocking chair. Rock. Too much effort, too much effort, too much energy. Let the, let the rock a rock. No. Feed a separator. They are in. Cs is not rolling like a ball is a rocker. Okay. And now end up sitting.

Place your feet in front of you. Open your legs. Separate your legs separate. Stretch them right. Let's do spine stretch. Arms down in the loud. Cry and feet are pointed now and belly button to the spine. Return home one vertebrae at a time. Stacking your spine.

Okay. Lift up the arms in front of you. Belly button to the spine and forward reach to not drop your head. It is. That's right. You're looking down at the bottom of the pool and now return belly button to the spine. Stacking up your vertebraes. Stay there. Give me protraction, retraction, retraction, protraction, retraction, protraction, retraction, and lift your arms up, giving me elevation, depression, elevation, depression belly button to the spine. Slew Lex Veit and come forward. Ooh, you know, you don't drop the head movement initiates at the belly and oh by is air between your chin and your chest and come back up, bring your arms up with you.

Bring your arms back up by your ears and inhale belly button into the spine and or and return open your arms to the side. Okay. And we all learn the new arms length and your necks. Shoulders are down and we're going towards the ocean in a spine twist, right know and return to center and follow your eyes. Your eyes lead the way.

Is there a car back there that's right and center and follow your eyes all the way back, back, back as right and center and your eyes take you back. You eyes all the way around. Feel that thorax rotating all the way and come to center and lift the left arm. And let's go towards the ocean. Sorry to the ocean, right, left over there, right over here, center and the other side and ribcage in the body and up center. Shoulders are down, long, beautiful. Next and reach.

Let that energy flow out of your fingers and center and other side ribs in the body. Long neck reach, reach with the arm range with the arm. Look at the person in front of you, the first one that's right, and come up to stand right. Let's go into our soul and let's go towards the ocean and hand is down and up and center and other side and forward and Ah, and center. Okay, now I will show you how I was taught to do so. Uh, I'll do it once. They will come behind us and they would give us a nice stretch back here, which always felt wonderful and you waited for them to come, somebody to come and stretch you back there and then you rotated back.

In the old days, we do [inaudible] and we did three bounces. That thank goodness has been, at least I have eliminated it because I don't feel that bouncing, which I said to you, achieves its purpose. Right? So way I do saw if here now I don't turn my arms in any which way any more than I don't turn when I do a spine twist. Right here and then I go forward and I exhale and I have the sensation that my ear listens to the conversation of my knee. I come up in my twist and then come to center and I go to the other side.

I come forward as I exhale, empty out. I come up with my twist and I come to the center. I don't do all of this business with the hands. I don't do that because they never did that to me. This, they used to stretch me out here and then they used to hold it on and when they were going to stretch me, that was the sensation.

I know I'll do it on the other side. Come up and center right now. Grey. Watch the feet, watch your feet, little toes back. No ankles are not aligned there. Okay. And now two waist wrapped and you never hold people by the hand like this.

All our nerve endings are there. You grab them by the forum and you add an attorney. Pinky to sell off your pinky. Okay. I will hire her with the hand and yeah, at the feel good. Okay, so, oh, close your legs. Bend your knees, come forward on your mat. You're going to do rolling like a ball and rolling like a ball is gonna take you into open leg rocker.

Okay? Be Careful Martha. I would like you a little more forward, not that you're not going to hit them. All right. Find your point of balance. Open your elbows out to the side. Open your knees slightly. Your head is looking in your eyes and looking in this air between your chin and your chest. And you start to say to yourself, belly button to the spine, deeper into the core, deeper into the code, deeper into the core till it knocks you back. Belly button to the spine, belly button to the spine. Don't change anything.

Once you start rolling and back and front, shoulders, stay down. Open the elbows out to the side, back and forth and back and back and forward and stay. Open the legs into open leg rocker and round the back and belly button to the spine and rounded back forward and belly button to the spine. Rounded back for now and back and front. I rounded back to go back. [inaudible] no less than the spine. Lift up the head and stay round to go back. Drop your head, drop your head when you go back. And now lengthen. Lift through your head and your spine on rounds through your spine and your head. And lengthen. Reach, shrink.

Yes. Beautiful. And close your legs and relax and we're going to be ending. It was row level. It's rolling. Yes. [inaudible] let's do six of them. [inaudible] and back. [inaudible] become one with your mask. No ribs out and arms up. Head comes up and is framed by Eh, you start that again.

The arms come up and the head comes up and you are afraid me your head with it. The arms, palms are forward, forward and you row left and stretch and reach and keep your head down and Lens and reeds and lower your shoulders. Belly button to the spine and rolling down. Shoulders down, shoulders down. Just down the ITU down. Watch your shoulders. You work with your shoulders way up. Yes.

[inaudible] uh, look, look down and you look back. Yes. Where you're going to stay. Ah, reach and reach the head head is not aligned yet. No, it's not. Now it's not aligned with the other way. Now, belly button to the spine starts your movement round. Round to change too close to the chest. Air Between Your Chin and your chest. All right, I'm back and I'm up. Heat up bro Bro. Oh Woo.

Roll. [inaudible] reach next to feed. Get an extra stretch and roll down. Shoulders mow down. Martha, down, down, down. Take the arms back with you, right. Have we done six yet? And one I know enough and roll up. Hi. Good but don't sickle my bad girl. What about if flex feet Coleen for that stretch. That's right. And that's fine.

Get that extra house ring and pull. No room down. Belly belly. I'm stay by the shoulders. By the ears. I mean as shoulders down. Yeah. Oh Hey. Alrighty.

And now do one more sit up just to sit yourself up and sit up. Um Oh. Okay. [inaudible] underneath you. I guess I didn't tell you the truth. I said that was the last one. Right. And lift the hips. And we do like Paul. And inhale up, exhale down. Don't push your head back. Inhale up, exhale down.

Inhale up, exhale down, look in front of you. Inhale up, exhale down. Inhale, change legs. Inhale up, exhale down. Inhale up, exhale down and go back into your elbows. Bend your knees to your chest, shoulders down, open through the clavicles and straighten your legs up to the ceiling and towards the ocean. Go the legs and hip, twist around and hip twist around and up. Hip twist around, no hip twist around. I know. And Bend your knees and place your feet down and go prone to quadrupedal and from quadrupedal, stress yourself out into a plank. Plank up right.

And now do like boyfriends and stretch and come in. Change legs, no Relevate on it. Stretch and reach and down, no relevant and stretch and reach and down now and stretch and reach and to add relevance and stretch and heel down. Heel up and change and heal down. Heal up and change on point. Heel down, hips down and last one and now stay there. Plant and four pushups and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up, and walk your hands back, right belly button towards the spine.

Just relax and barely went into the spine. Rings you up I, Oh the way a shoulders down and great. Inhale, exhale and drop your head down and follow your hand arms. Ouch. And your head as you go down, down, down, down, and walk out into an elephant. Stay. Stay, stay. He goes around the floor, he goes around the floor, had his down ribs are not out. Okay. And lift up your heels and lower your heels all the way down.

Lift up your heels, Layla. Lower those heels down. Add more. No, you're not. Lowering them down the right one as right and lift up your heels and lower your heels and walk out again and give me two pushups and press down. Push up, press down, push up and walk back. Right and belly button to the spine and rule law. The arms just dangled. Stop halfway up.

Stay there that you am dangled, that you am relaxed. Now circle your arms around little circles around Oh Rao, oh round, reverse that circle and around, Oh, round all round around and continue your roll up belly button to the spine till you are straight, straight, straight and the pelvis is under you and the shoulders are down. The weight is forward of the ankle bone. You are long and tall, okay. And no turned around to face me. And the head goes over towards and center unscented to this street and center and to the ocean and center.

Reach forward with your head and send. Press back with your head. Send to forward center and back. Send to each of the shoulder center usually showed. Send your ear to the shoulder, send you to the shoulder center and look down center and look back.

Send and look down. Remember no compression center and look up. Send your shoulders forward, up to your ears, all the way behind you and down forward, up to your ear. All the way back, reversed back forward and down and back. Forward and down, hands on the shoulders. Drop the elbows, elbow circles. Forward, up, back, forward, up, back and down. Let's reverse it back. Oh, whoa. So back up forward and uh, um, was down. Arms out and circled back. One, two, three, four. Flex the hands and push the walls away.

Return a circle forward. Flex the hands and push the walls away. And I'm two, three, four and by two, three, four. And take out the light bulb. Make a fist. Straight elbow straight. Elbows. Ah, cut with the elbows.

Covered the straight arms. Cut with the elbows, straight arms, elbows, straight arms, shoulders down, other side of the top. Arm, elbow, [inaudible] elbow and nothing moves in the rib cage. Um, now take the right arm in front of you. Circle the wrist, shoulder down. Lower. There are reverse the circle. Yom doesn't move. Only the wrist. Other are very important. Key risks worked and flexible. When we go to fall, that's the first thing we put out. So that with, we should always be strong, flexible. Ringrose thing goes back. Carpal tunnel is rampant. Hang that, some stray down. Don't this, align the hand, take it to the side to lower. Now one finger at a time, into a fist and stretch into a fist. And stretch the heel of the hand into the fist unreached with the heel of the hand into a fist.

Scratch other arm and bring it back. All four fingers, shoulders down. Hi, I'm the other way. I'm hang straight down. Grab it from me. Fine. Take it off to the side. Lowered. Watch in front of your shoulder, one finger at a time into a fist and stretch and stretch and stretch and lower the arm.

Okay. Have the head and circled the head. Always keeping the nose forward. Ah, over and down. Reverse the circle. [inaudible] Oh, don't take your nose to the side. Your nose stays forward all the time. The ear goes to the shoulder, the head goes back, it goes to the shoulder, the head goes down, [inaudible] goes to the shoulder, the head goes back, it goes to the shoulder, the head goes, HEDA, and bend your knees and visualize the tracking of that knee over that second toe. Straighten your legs, your helium balloon. Then stretch, lift and lower.

Lift, low and low on bend, stretch high knee. Inhale up. Exhale down. Inhale up. Exhale down. Inhale up. And thank you. Thank you. [inaudible].


Lolita's graceful movements and precise cues inspire me every time I take this class!
Great class! Thank Lolita!
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Impresionante, me ha encantado!! sorry but I need to express spanish emotion!
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i love Lolita's warm way of being with her students - this was my first class here and I find her presence very supportive - I was surprised by how she could create such a nice atmosphere even "online" - thank you Lolita!
That class was my best Christmas present! Thank you Pilates Anytime and Lolita! Fabulous cues and presentation.
She is my hero, hope to follow her path as I learn more daily.
Lisa Hubbard
Lolita is precise in every way. I wish that I could have been there for this incredible experience.
we are so lucky to have her on this forum. thank you so much!
i really think you are fantastic!
Fabulous lady. I love this class!
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