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Creative Imagery Mat

40 min - Class


Use the imagery to improve your quality of movement in this Mat workout with Amy Havens. She chooses the image of a wheel so that you can flow continuously while creating space in your body. She also adds creative variations to exercises like Open Leg Rocker, Crab, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jul 09, 2018
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Can I try this class even though I am recovering from a L2 spinal fracture. What do you think Amy Havens ?
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“Listen To your body and give your body what it needs”. I love that! This was very energizing on this incredibly HOT Omaha day! So many great cues as usual. Love the wheel visual throughout the class. So many more but my menopausal brain has forgotten them already .
Thank you Amy! Hope you’re having a great summer!
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Thank you for always keeping it interesting and challenging, never boring! Feeling great after this class.
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Thank you Amy - you prepped us perfectly for the roll up!
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This flew by. Loved it
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FANTASTIC class, Amy! I did it last night after work, and I was hoping for a new "Amy Havens Mat class,' yesterday and my wish was granted There is so much I like about this class, and there are a few amazing cues that really resonated with me during my practice, but I'll have to do it again and write down some of my thoughts so I can let you know! But yes, the wheel imagery throughout was great, and Open Leg Rocker with hands on the inside of the ankles was surprisingly VERY challenging for me! So was just the one Teaser!! This will become a 'go-to' class for me, for certain! I hope you're enjoying a lovely summer and I hope our paths cross again soon. XOXO
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Thanks Amy, I really enjoyed the class! Loved it!
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thank You Amy
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Love it! There’s a nice flowing movement to the class. Thanks Amy!
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Second time to take this class--really great, Amy! Thank you so much.
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