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Focus on what feels good in this Mat workout with Amy Havens. She teaches a flowing class that concentrates on being positive, strong, and free. She works the entire body and brings the class full circle by beginning and ending with gentle breathing.
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Aug 16, 2017
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Hi, everyone, it's Amy and I have a wonderful set of students with me today who don't live in the United States. They've come here to take class with me and with you. I have Nancy from Argentina and I have Luciana from Rio, Brazil. So this is an honor for me. Thank you both for being here and for all of us to work out together.

So let's just get moving. I'm gonna have us lie down on our backs, guys, and just get started. So, lying down and start with our feet separated about sits bones width apart but heels quite close up to the sits bones and just take a very quick inventory over your, how you're connected onto the mat. So, you've got your head, your shoulders, you're centered, they're along with the arms by your side. Just feel like you're trying to get some space right away from your ribs and pelvis.

Feel how solid your feet are on the mat and let's just take three to four deep breaths together. Try to fill up the chest with lots of oxygen. And on the exhale feel that nice strong internal strength coming from the abdominals up through those, the rib cage. And again, a nice breath in and exhaling, feeling a strong connection again, in and up with the abdominals. So for today's class let's focus on the enjoyment, enjoying our ability to move, community both in this room and globally, and our Pilates method.

Let's take one more together and I think what I'll start, guys, is exhaling the pelvic curl so taking a nice sense of rolling from pelvis under, bone by bone up until you're at the base of your shoulder blades, knees are still tracking parallel. Deep breath in at the top. And then as we exhale, rolling down keep a nice stable chest, stable collar bone, long arms, and I plan to do five of these. Here we go, level pelvis breathing in, and exhale, that strong abdominal connection. Right up underneath those ribs, feeling the hamstrings and gluts to press your hips a little bit higher.

Deep breath in and rolling down. Feeling that nice sense of centering down the middle of our back. Level the pelvis, take a breath. And again, of connecting to the sense of motion of our spine, not anything that you're feeling any stickiness or that. Let's stay on the what do we feel that's positive.

And exhale. We'll get two more pelvic curl bridges inhale at the mat, exhale and peel. Starting that journey of Pilates mat work. Deep inhale. And one more time, inhaling at the top, bottom (laughing), exhale as we roll up.

My brain's faster sometimes. Staying at the top let's just lift the heels so that you're right on the balls of the feet and lower the heels keeping your pelvis lifted. Four more, heels up and heels down. Press your heels up, so you might feel the glutes starting to contract a little deeper, that's good, hamstrings, too. Let's go one more with both heels and lower.

Now, just one heel lifted, put it down and put the other one up. So it's a little just treading in place. Heel and heel and heel and heel, getting some movement in the ankles. Keep going, let's take eight more. Start to connect the back of your shoulders more on the mat.

And three, and four, and four, three, two, and one. Both heels go up for just a moment. Lower them down. Lift your arms to the ceiling all the way back overhead as you start to unroll your spine. And as you're down level with your pelvis, reach both arms as far back behind you as you can, stretch one leg long on the mat with the foot that's flexed.

Just get as much length as you can and bring that leg back in. Other side. Just get as much length on that side as you can. And bring the leg in, let's go ankle to ankle, knee to knee, hands behind our head. Take a deep breath.

Four chest lifts, just nice easy sense of motion in the upper portion now of the spine. And exhale so the head is staying nice and cradled in the hands. Articulating from the skull to the mid thoracic spine. Just one more basic but thorough and we'll add to it. So as we come up, go ahead and rotate toward either your left or right side.

You get to chose when you're with me, it doesn't matter. Lower back and up to the other side. Let's keep our knees pressed together. Up and twist, let's try to wake up into some of those muscles that rotate, help us rotate. Other side.

We'll take four more. Just notice that sense of forward flexion and rotation onto one shoulder. Last two now, exhale and curl. Last one up and curl. And lower down.

Okay, arms to the ceiling, shoulder blades flat on the mat, bring one leg to table top then the other one to table top. Let's just enjoy some chest opening. Inhale as we open both arms wide. We don't necessarily have to touch the floor, in fact let's not. Let's just think of getting longer from arm to arm and then exhale as we bring the arms to center.

Four more times. Inhale, expand, and exhale as we close. And feel free to use a little bit of chest muscle contraction if you want as if you're resisting coming in or pressing against the magic circle. Press down against the floor. Last two, coming in, and pressing open.

And last one coming in. I wanna have us keep our arms here. Now take the knees, let's go back toward the camera, okay. So both knees to the back of the room. You're balancing on that side of the hip.

Hold this position for a moment. Feel the bottom leg inner thigh pressing up against the other one and how that works into the obliques a little deeper and use that connection to come back to center. Okay, we'll go to the other side, toward me. So you come over onto those hips, shoulders are level, bottom inner thigh pressing to top, feeling that oblique, and then center, okay. So, four more with a little flow we just take it to the side on an inhale.

And coming back as we exhale. And coming side on the inhale. And exhale, energy in the arms. Last one to the back feeling strong as you come center. And last one to the front, inhale, and center.

Okay, hands behind the thighs. Go ahead and bring the thighs a little closer to you, pick up your head and your chest and just feel that nice positive compression of the stomach against the back. Let's go in a little Pilates stance and we'll go for our hundred. Here we go. And in two, four, five and exhale three, four, five.

So let's kind of imagine, right, that we've got something balanced on the top of our head and we're trying to go up through the top of the head but yet still forward with the spine and long through the legs and arms. Getting that nice internal heat. Good. Two more cycles, in two, three, four, five, exhale three, four, five and in and exhale three, four, five. Tuck your knees in.

Roll yourself up to sitting and now if you want to use the ankle strap, you guys, you can for roll-ups. You don't probably need them, okay. So just take your legs long, arms stretching long, and let's flex our spine forward. Get some opposition here so we're going forward arms and legs, stomach way back, let's take a breath. Good and roll yourself all the way back, feeling the length in the spine in both directions, arms long.

Arms first, head and chest second, and we roll, we lift those abdominals again through those ribs, take a breath. And let's start rolling down. Keep your legs firmly connected, one bone at a time, and again. Deep, good you guys, lift in and up. Last one plain and add just a little bit, too, when we come up this time, inhaling, exhale so I'm gonna take us from forward flexion, keep your arms by your ears and lift tall, press the arms down and curve back to the front.

Roll it back. Okay we'll do that two more times and just adding little extra movement in our body. Forward keeping the arms by the ears lift the spine, press the arms down, bring the arms forward, inhale, rolling back we'll do it one last time. Inhale, exhale and lift, good Nancy, and lift the arms at the spine, press the arms down. Now stay here, let's turn the palms up and just take a little hitchhiker thumb and we're just gonna add a little extra work in our back muscles, eight, and seven.

Let's think shoulder blades together. And four, as we sit tall, nice Luciana, last two, these super strong women here. And round forward, take a breath. Okay, you guys go ahead and roll back all the way. I just need to adjust myself.

Let's get ready for rollover so if you need to move forward on the mat just a little bit you can do that now. Okay, let's bicycle both legs all the way up, breathing in here. Roll over, exhale. Now you can, if you want to, take your toes down to the mat with flexed feet. We're going to, I think, open the legs, take a breath.

Start your roll down. Let's keep our legs close to us today, going for the stretch and I think I have two ladies that are gonna go low with their legs, yes. Inhale up and over. Touch the toes down, open the legs apart. Now hold for a minute, reach your heels back and your shoulders back.

Rolling the spine, keep energy out the heels, energy back through the shoulders, lower the legs, sweep them together. Again, exhaling over, touch the toes down, legs go apart. Breathing, rolling it down. Just one more today that direction, we're not gonna reverse it. Touch the toes, flex and open, and roll ourselves down all the way.

Now, let's bring the legs together just here right above our pelvis, externally rotate and then come back to parallel. Externally rotate, so feeling those rotators go to work, and parallel. Last two, turn out, back to parallel, beautiful feet ladies, and turn out. I love it, parallel, lower your right leg down. We're gonna go our leg circles, left leg first over our midline.

Go ahead and lift your hip a little and exhale around center. It's okay with me if you lift that hip. Get some twist, yes, exhale. The other leg matters, keep it energized and strong. That's our five, other way.

Focus on what feels good, positive, strong, and free. One more. Switch legs just quick. Okay, my way and cross around and lift. Lift that hip to get a little of that twist in that lumbar spine.

Shoulders are back. And our last circle this way, reverse. We've got some crunchy hips in this group. I think all three of us are like popcorn going on, four. But magically it's gone now after all those circles.

Okay, take the leg down. Let's do our transition to rolling like a ball. Reach your arms forward. Rolling up, and on the way up bring the heels in, find yourself in your ball position and I like to feel the elbows pressing in on the knees, the knees pressing out on the elbows, creating a nice small shape to roll back with on the inhale. Coming up and put on those brakes and inhale.

See if you can expend a little energy in staying up, over those shoulders, three more. Two. And last one. When we come up this time everyone hold. I want you to place your feet down, knees together, reach your hands behind you, I'm gonna go on my knuckles just feels good today.

Lift your hips and put your hips right back behind your hands and we'll do that transition a couple times like this, you're gonna come all the way and put your sits bones as close to your heels as you can, lift and put 'em as far back between you as you can. Two more, lift, good, and pull toward your heels like you could actually sit right on 'em. Lift and pull 'em way back. One more to bring us up to the front. We're gonna stay right there, release the left leg, roll yourself back for single leg stretch and here we go, let's do inhale for two, and exhale for two.

So nice and brisk, elbows out, exhale, exhale, and four, three, two, beautiful. Both knees in. Let's go knees apart for this for just a sec. Little space. Now as we take our double leg, go low to the mat with your feet, stretch out long and like linger there for a minute.

Stretch, close. So really brush the mat, push it away, stretch, and close. Three more. So nice and long, stretch. Last two.

And then we'll be coming into scissor, of course. I'm pretty traditional in my sequencing. And around. You choose which leg. And we have our double pull.

Pull, pull, pull. Imagine the leg that comes up, that you're pulling it up to the ceiling and behind our head. Up to the ceiling and behind. Eight, seven, good, go for that split, make it feel the best it possibly can. The best it possibly can usually means our body's gonna wanna do it again and again and again.

Last time. Okay, straight leg lower lift. Let's flex today, parallel, come down in three, two, one. Point to come up. Flex down, two, three and come up.

Last one, flex, two, three and up. And to criss-cross. Let's just go 10, and nine, and twist, and twist, and get the ribs twisting. The ribs, not so much the elbows, ribs, and ribs, and four, three, two, and one. Hug the knees, roll all the way up.

Okay, hands behind you, move your hips back. Or forward (laughing). You guys come forward. I want you to put your feet on the boxes, actually. Yeah, come on up there.

Okay, sitting as tall as you think you can and then more. Yes, 'cause we all have a little more we can juice out, right. Take an inhale, squeeze out the exhale, let's take three counts, two counts, and one count. Three to come up we have one, two, three. Back over, one, two, and three.

Three to come up. And sustain that inhale a little taller, exhale, can the head get to the mat. Can you bend so deeply through? All the way back up. Two more times, guys.

Bend as if you could bend right into yourself, go, go, go, go, go. And up. And our last one today. Our last one today, go for it, get everything you can out of that spine stretch. Hold right there.

Can you go further? Drop your chin, drop that chin, drop that chin, good, and roll all the way up. And open leg rocker. Leg together, all right guys. Hips up to the feet, hands at your ankles, leaning back just enough to free up your feet to go into your V position.

Enjoy the lift of you upper back, the strength, and curl at your tail and roll you back, inhale, coming up and lift, we're going for six. Lift, nice and easy, curl, so get over those shoulders, let's see if we can catch a little air time with our hips, just a little more lift. Last two. So we allow some time for our back to get extra stretched, there yeah, last time, lift. Okay, moving along.

Legs together, keep the curl in your tail and your lumbar spine, release your hands, and let's roll back just in four counts to our spine, to one, and two, and three, and four. Bring your legs to your chest. Okay, corkscrew, I think we can do the full version with our roll over, okay. So let's go ahead and take a breath right now, roll ourselves over, exhale. Walk your arms a little closer together underneath you and press those shoulders to the mat.

You choose which side of the back you want to come down first. We'll do three full sets. Here we go, down to your hip, take your legs where you want them to go, and up and over, and center, other side. Remember that lift. Let this one have some freedom.

Freedom. Beautiful guys, one more set. Last set. Now holding over your shoulders, we'll come all the way up for saw. Release yourself down, shoot your legs out and your arms out, here we go.

Let's come my way now first. Big view out the window. Reach your arms in both directions opposite hip back. All the way to the back of the room on the breath. Good, exhale reach as far as you can in both directions and roll all the way out, my way.

And think of flexion. All the way up, and flexion. All the way up, one more each side. Good, exhale. And center.

Now hold your arms out again palms face up, just lift. Touch your fingers overhead and press your arms down like you're scooping the air up. Pick it up, that's gorgeous, lift, two more being thankful we know what this joyful feeling feels like, how healthy it is that we know how to pull ourself up tall and strong. All right and lower, great. Tuck your legs together.

Let's flip over to our stomachs so your kinda have your heads facing in, okay, just come right over. Lovely, okay. So for swan, I'm kind of in the you choose what works for you because we're different and I don't know all of your bodies. Yeah, so swan. Put your arms where they work best for you, okay.

I'm gonna go here today. I'll see what shows up in the bod. Here we go, so unweight your face, start looking forward with your eyes, your nose, your chin, and your chest. And coming on up, so I'm a little higher up on my thighs, that's fine, I wanna make sure my lumbar doesn't get all the load, I'm gonna pull my shoulders back, and then coming all the way down the front. I'm thinking five repetitions, here we go.

Long in both directions, out the top of the head, down the toes. And lower. See if you can contain that breathing all the way up on an inhale and exhale. Last two, very continuous movement of articulation up that spine. I'm gonna take a quick peek at my girls and down we go.

Good, you guys, one more time. Let me watch you all the way up, up, up, up. Let's just do a little prep for diving, a little rock prep, so release your hands and catch them under your shoulders. Use those strong hamstrings and pick up your legs one more time. Good, and crawl back.

Let's make a cat back. I want you to make a really prominent, boney spine cat, so your eyes are down, the tops of your feet are down, your stomach is up. From this cat shape, move it back a little bit so there's a teeny bit more weight on your shins, yeah, to take your low back more under. Exactly. And then take that forward over your hands keeping the round spine.

Two more of those. So, getting that lumbar long. Here we go forward and the next one we'll use that as a little transition to get down for single leg kick. So here we go, coming down you can slide a leg out, a leg out, elbows, hands can be together. For a moment press your elbows down, lifting your pelvis, your hip bones, look out in the verizon and here we go, a kick and a kick and a lower.

So we're gonna start kinda slow tempo. Your back shouldn't change position or it if does it should go more up. Kick, kick, reach way back then down. Kay, a little bit faster, and a kick, kick, and a kick, kick, kick, kick, and kick, and kick, and kick, one more and kick, now let's turn our right ear and put it down on the mat and come into that double leg kick so hands on the small of your back or much higher, I think these two can do that with me. Drop the elbows but lift the collar bone and also lift the stomach, breathing in there, both heels for three, two, and one.

Rather than put your legs down on the mat, reach them back long, long, and long. Other side, exhale in one, two, and three. Inhale, get long, keep going you guys, and kick, two, three, and stretch in both directions, good and kick with your pubic bone with heavy. And stretch and just one more each side. And kick, two, three, and reach.

Last time and kick, two, three, and let's just reach right here, keeping the legs up, turning the palms face down, four times arms out to the T and back in. And out to the T, and in. Nice use of our upper back, out to the T and in. And last one out, and in. And then just put your hands right by your shoulders and once again come back to, this time you can go all the way back in a full stretch down for three breaths.

Okay, let's come up and take a look at our neck pull or a little bit of that. Okay, so facing each other again open the legs, flex the ankles, and I'm gonna have us do this, wrap your arms around your front and pull your front away from your arms and use this to help pull yourself up tall. Let's lean back a little, breathing in, curling down reach your hands toward your toes so it's kind of a version of neck pull. It's more like a roll up with the legs apart, let's roll back up. Okay, we should probably do the real thing with the hands behind the head.

Not quite the same so here we go. And lean and curl. Coming back up. All the way. Rolling up two more times.

How long can you get when you lean? Keep it long when you roll. Beautiful, Nancy, come right back up and grow. Good job, we've got one more and curl. Focusing on what feels good, my own little arm choreography felt really good and there we go, okay good.

Turn and face me, guys. I have, that's still not my favorite one. All these years. Come and face me, let's come up on your elbows so head's that way. Yeah, yeah.

Okay, arm right down underneath your shoulder and I think today let's go ahead and have you bring your legs forward, okay, flex your feet. Good, hand behind our head so our front kick and back kick so for a moment go ahead and curve and then do a little bit lamp long and find something in between the two and let's take the leg hip height. We'll do five, breath first, let it come from the stomach, kick and kick and back and front and front and back. And abs, right, and then you use your back to pull your leg back a little bit. Front and front and back.

Last one, two and back. Okay, legs together go ahead and turn the top leg out and the bottom leg, press the bottom leg down and we're taking our leg up and down, go for height if you want to. Lift, lower, last two this way, lift and lower and lift, we'll keep the foot flexed and lift. Point the longer, higher, and longer, three, four, and five. Okay, plenty there.

Take your legs together and the hand down, legs in line with pelvis and feet flexed. Okay, so as you flex your feet focus for a moment on the bottom ankle try to get it up off of the mat as we come into just a nice side balance so try to pick up the bottom ankle. Right, Nancy. Okay, yeah, and let's come all the way back down. We'll do three or four more there, so, we do lift push with the elbow, we've gotta lift from the hips and those obliques and try not to rest on that bottom ankle, that would be resting, see where I'm at is resting.

We wanna get up, and long, that's right, good Luciana. Gorgeous, and lower. Kay, two more, we got it. Lift strong, just enough use of energy to make it happen, no strain. Nice, you guys.

Rock stars once again. We can five, I know you can (laughing) four, and three, we're sweaty and sliding on the mat, and four, I'm dropping, and five, all the way down, we're good. Let's do a mermaid. Little transition, tuck your knees in, mermaid transition arm up. Yeah, really reach tall.

Okay, we're gonna do a slow one here, gals, and lean to the side, lean to the side. Focus for a minute on this whole open side, getting more open and heavier in the hips. Okay, drop your elbow, forearm over your head. Now if we really were out in the mermaid fin, here's our fin, and we're looking down into the water, looking down, seeing our wonderful reflection, it brings a smile every time, good. And then turn to open that that expression to the front, breathe the arm long, and we're gonna go the other way and just bask in the sun this direction.

Okay, you can curve, you can lengthen. Let's do it again, we can curve, feel that mobility, and one more and curve, and lengthen, okay. Just come on up. Let's do the other side, kick series facing this way. So you're on your elbow, legs started in front, hand behind your head, we're lifted, take to hip height and we exhale front, and a kick, and a kick, and back.

So think abdominals help bring the leg forward, back muscles help the leg back. Really go for range on these, too. Yeah, kick, beautiful guys, kick, last one, kick, and kick. That's all we good until reformer time, okay. Turn both legs out, lift, here we go, leg comes up, flex and lower, and lift, flex and lower.

So you can kick it higher. Go for height, you know you can. Go, Luciano, lift, that's it, now flex the foot, and up, and lower. As long as we don't sacrifice length, right, and alignment of that top hip, we have last two, and last one. That's all.

Legs together, feet together, flexed. We've got that side plank so hands here to start. It's this elbow, yes, but it's these hips, we've got to pull them up. We go up with the hips, arm over, now try to get that bottom ankle off the mat because we lift here, hips, you're gonna get it. And lower.

We did four, exhale, up. Good and down. The serious faces now which you guys can't see, stretch. It still should feel good. Focus on what feels good.

The challenge might feel good. Hold, hold, we're sweating! And now the leg going up and down five times. Two, sweat's good, it just makes it hard to stay in form. I'm losing it like crazy. Good, and all the way down.

Mermaid. Okay, yeah, I fell out of that. Oh, well, my leg didn't stay up. But I, I'm still here. Okay, we lean, we lean and open.

Change of quality on this exercise, change of energy on this exercise. Can the hip get heavy? Good. Drape your elbow, turn, rotate, look down at your fin. Look enough over into that little pool of water if there was a pool of water there.

Good. Hopefully you like what you see. Reach your arm out, come all the way up, and over to the other side. Get long, we can arch, we can lengthen. Just moving the spine and pelvis, your body like a big wave or a big fish movement.

She is half fish you know. Okay, come on up, spine twist. So let's face our feet, wipe off some sweat, take your arms to the front, flex feet. Let's go toward the back of the room but first I'll have your arms open, take a breath, three pulses to the side. And we have one, two, three, center.

My way, two, two, three. We'll just do three sets, see if you can get your shoulders completely square to the direction. Turn, turn, turn, once again. And turn, turn, and turn. Beautiful, arms down, hips forward.

We're gonna go into another overhead. Legs up, okay. Let's go for a little scissor up in the air. Okay, so take a nice breath, roll yourself over, put your hands on your pelvis, and your lumbar spine, and before we get scissoring pick your legs up high, pick your spine up high, look up at your toes, okay. Choose a leg and scissor.

Don't go, well you can go maximum split for sure, why not. Let's go for big split. Now changing legs think up with the spine to change. Lift up and stay unweighted off the hands as much as you can. Pull, pull, and pull, pull, and four, three, two, and last one.

Pull, tuck your legs over your head, put your arms down on the mat. Unroll. Come up to a teaser. I'm off my mat a little bit. Just find a nice teaser position.

Lower your right leg and lift it up and lower your left leg and lift it up. Again and right leg, and lift, left leg, and lift, once again, right, and lift, and left, and lift. Tuck both knees in and just sit for a moment. Let's come up to another kneeling, or a kneeling position, face me. Up on your knees, arms out to the side.

Okay, so let's go rounding to the side this way. Put you hand behind your head and take a quick check for here for just a moment. Put the bottom foot, just for a minute here, this is not where to put it. It kinda starts sneaking in that way so if we get it right behind the hip then we really feel how that hip has to engage to hold the leg, you guys know that. Lift your leg high now.

Okay. Let's do little circles, we'll go five, one, two, three, gorgeous, a little higher, four, and five, because we can. Other way and higher, and higher, and three, and four, nicely done you guys and five. Hold. Let's take the arm out.

And just stretch. Take your leg behind you, put your hand behind your knee, and stretch your quad. Little weird way to do it but that's okay. All right. We're gonna make a nice swift transition.

Come on up to the other side. Check where your bottom foot is. Contract this hip to keep it there. Reaching out through your leg, long and lift, my foot's cramping, hold it there, little circles and five, and four, and three, still push down with the bottom arm, and five, reverse five, four, three, nice Nancy, two, and lift, hold, flex. Reach.

Stretch and reach. Point the toes. Come all the way up. Face one another, you guys face in, I think I'll face this way. Little thigh stretch.

Ah, let's start here. Hands on your thighs, okay. Shins heavy, tops of the feet heavy, curl of the tail, initiates our movement, we can lean back and reach your arms forward. Come back up, lift your arms up. Lean back lowering your arms right in front of your shoulders.

And the arms don't have to go all the way up over the head. In fact just keep them on a little diagonal here so you can keep your rib cage alignment three more times, lean and lift. Lean, lift. Whoops, and lean and lift. Take your hands down to the mat.

Let's step into front support, right back. Good. Two feet on the mat let's rock ourselves forward and rock ourselves back. Pull with the lats, push with the lats, three, two, and last one. Lower your knees down, take weight off your wrists, just settle.

I want you to turn toward me again, a little twist, we'll do the rolling through. Three times, take a breath. Here we go nice and arched. Lift, lift, lift. Now go ahead and take your time.

Take your time, reach that hand through the keyhole toward the back feet just as much as you can but really continue to work those obliques, twisting through the spine, and coming back and lower the hips gently down. And two more. Make it nice and continuous. Using the abdominals to help lift the hips a little higher and coming through and gently down. And last one on this side.

Following the hand with the eyes. It's always kind of a fun one to do. And lift your hips, reach toward those back feet. Good, you guys. And all the way down.

Just a nice easy transition to the other side, like so. Here we go, breathing in, nice and fluid, keeping things moving, reaching toward the back feet, using the stomach to lift the hips, press with the small arm, the arm that's on the mat. And coming down. Gently down. And last two, lift.

That's it, really feel the equal effort of lifting the abdominals, pressing with the strong bottom arm, coming out, we have one more here. And lift. Good. All the way. Beautiful, guys.

Turn and face each other one last time for seal. Winding down. We know seal. Okay, let's pause here and just do our hip open closes. Roll back.

It's gonna be your choice if you do those overhead. One, two, three. One, two, three. Think of this as a great way to just relax your practice, relax your spine. No need to really put a whole lot of effort, just feel yourself rolling.

Four more. Easy. Last two. And last one. To finish class today lower yourself back on your back.

You're just kinda coming full circle but, crossing ankle over knee, pick up the other foot from the mat, thread your hands behind that other leg and enjoy a little bit of glut, hip stretching on that folded side. Bodies are nice and warm, a good time to stretch. Thread your legs completely together. Whatever leg is the top leg, let that one guide you down to the mat, just twist, feel free to look opposite of the knee. And come all the way back to center and let's switch legs.

Just a easy switch. Picking up the other knee, holding behind the thigh. And just slowing your breathing down. We have one more spinal twist to finish here so flip down and completely cross the knees, lower the legs, take a good view out the window, see your space around you. Say hello to the train.

Come all the way to the center and hug your knees, rock yourself up. Thank you guys so much for taking class with me. (clapping) Well done.


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Thanks, Amy, for another great class! Your mermaid was delicious; just what I needed!
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Thanks Amy! Just what I need it to wake up my muscles and gain some energy for the day, nice flow, great class!
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Thanks Amy! Just what I need it to wake up my muscles and gain some energy for the day, nice flow, great class!
Kelly S
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love this class! thanks for reminding me to breathe!
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Thanks Jill Leonorand Kelly !!
i'm starting to flirt with level 2/3 classes...yeah, some muscles i didn't know i had appeared. And my right hips ALWAYS pops on neck pull on the way down. Sometimes on leg circles. I thought ya'll be really interested to know that. LOL!
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Thanks gals....glad you're enjoying this class! Way to go Martha "Mars" Hart with flirting with level 2/3 classes! The hip popping.... check out some tutorials we have here on the site that discuss that issue. It's most often an issue of having the pelvis in the proper alignment and organization. It can be improved upon.....really it can!
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Thanks Amy, loved the flow and the cues - I do FEEL GOOD after that
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XOXO, thank you! I feel sooooo gooood….. Thank you for the tip with the hip popping !
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Nice pace, easy flow, great class, amazing end of class. Thanks Amy and Hi to Nancy too.
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