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Flow through the traditional Mat work in this Mat workout with Amy Havens. She starts moving right away, keeping things simple with every exercise. She includes some of the more advanced repertoire like Bicylce, Boomerang, and much more!
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Feb 15, 2017
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So let's just work through some mat work. Shall we take our arms up right away? Just keep the arms up for a moment. Engage your inner thighs together if you like. We're trying to pull the lower spine up and the ribs in and down the front. Take a breath. So just rounding the spine forward.

Think about all the moments in the mat program or mat sequences where we need flection of the spine and just feel this here. Hands to the mat. Let's lift our heels, bend your knees, bring your heels up higher. This, hold this, trying to get your sits bones underneath a little bit more or more lumbar flection. Specifically. Let's place her heels down. We've got the use of the mat here. You just place your heels down. Good Andy. Yeah, hands down. Let's get our hips back and I want us to start with our legs extended all the way long on the mat and take just a couple of deep breaths.

Feel your shoulders back in the back of your legs toward the Mat without locking the knees. Be seeing if we can fill up our lower back lumbar space with the abdominal compression or that inwardness of the belly. So as we start our 100 let's take a breath. We'll raise our head, reach our arms forward, lift our legs up. From here we can go into our [inaudible] stance and we go into four or five and exhale [inaudible] go deep into your breathing. Go deep into your abdominals, sense of in and underneath the ribs, up toward the heart or the pumping and the circulation is occurring. So the a hundred meant to get our body heat up.

Keep your heels squeezed together. Nine two, three, four or five. Uh, ten two, three, four, five. Exhale, hold. Squeeze all the air out. I'm going to have us fold our knees in and as behind the fines roller selves up, I'm going to use the ankle strap for my roll-ups and he's going to choose not to reach your arms for risk. Squeeze the glutes and try to sit up taller. Stretch forward. Take your breath rolling back here.

Tailbone underneath pelvis rolls back away from the femurs. Extend long without arching the back. Let's bring our arms up first, head between the frame and up and over and keep the tension on the strap there. If you're using your strap, press your shoulders down, breathe in as you start to roll back, rotating your pelvis away from your thighs and articulating down and through. Feel the flow. Lift the lower abdominals up again toward the heart. Inhale, exhale and roll yourself back legs together.

I'm in my Pilati stance. Two more roll-ups. Inhale, exhale and yeah, peel up, keeping the ankles tight and tension on the strap. Inhale, exhale to rollback. Visualize that wasteland may be tapering in a little bit here and one more Andy [inaudible] up and over. No, stay here. Let's get a little bit more of a stretch. Arms long and forward stomach way back and then roll ourselves back. Why the sides? I'm going to release my ankle strap.

I'd probably have to move back. I'm going to put my hands on the corners of the Mat. Go ahead and put your hands on the corners of the mat before we do our roll over. Pull the arms down or is that, we're trying to pull the mat underneath us a little bit. Right from here. Let's pick our face right to the ceiling, keeping our cervical spine organized and we'll take her legs vertical. Breathe in. Here we go. Rolling over.

Take the feet down overhead. Opened the width of the mat and we roll down. Keep pulling on the mat. I'm going to take my legs pretty low today. Circle back up and okay. Flexi ankles. Open the legs of the width of the mat as we start to roll down, pull on the map, so really feel some of that. Use some of that traction that can occur over Flexi.

Feed Open, rolling down, trying to go even down the spine. Now we'll take the legs together. Let's do three. The reverse. Open over. We go. Feet together. Inhale, exhale, come down, pulling on the mat. Articulate that spine down. Open around, up together, redone and down. Chin lifted away from the chest.

[inaudible] mentally preparing for leg circle. Single leg circle. I'm not going to use the strap. Just simply lower the left leg. Let's keep our arms up here, Andy, unless you need to break turning out the leg slightly. Let's twist the hip and circle round, pause, lift and twist that hip. So I want it to get some lumbar rotation there around and center, Cross around and center. Here's our fifth one.

This direction, reverse for five [inaudible]. So thinking about where some of the other twists occur in the mat. This is our first one. It's really kind of deep in their twist. This is number four and number five. Nothing extra today. Just switched the lights.

Take a moment to square the pelvis. Here we go. Cross the leg over. Lift the hip and who [inaudible]. Place the pelvis flat. Let the leg continue to swing around. One more five the other way, the bottom lake, and help think about pulling the inner thigh, that bottom leg into the midline. Perhaps a little more anchoring there.

Four and five. Lower the leg now and just reach your arms up toward your feet. Actually down now towards your feet. Pick up your head. Hopefully you're pretty centered in the mat. Good. Now let's pull their knees in. Hold onto your ankles.

Tuck in for that. Nice, tight rolling like a ball. Let's do six of them and here we go. So choose what works for you. Those of you taking class with us, you can do knees apart. Knees closed. Work on a nice smooth roll on your spine. Last one. We all know the transition. Okay.

Left leg out, hands on the right shin. Parallel things out here and roll down in pause when we get to our shoulder blades, let's go for bringing this leg pretty deeply in square that pelvis and we change one to add x sale. Exhale, stick her leg a little lower. [inaudible] stretch like out and out. Eight, seven, six, five and four. Three do going in for double leg three times. Here we go. Stretch out. Long Circle and pull. Hold, squeeze all that airway. Stretch more.

How much distance can we get from fingers to toes and around for our scissors, right leg up, left leg down. Here we go. Pull, pull, pull, pull. So if you're trying to get your toes overhead, reach up to the ankle, elbows are out, shoulders are down. Eight more. Okay. Double straight leg, hands behind the head. Lower the legs as low as you can. Take it, pull it back up.

Two more. Reach across the room. Last one, reach across the room and up. Then the right knee twist toward it. Chris Cross just slowly for eight years. Two, three, four, five, six, seven a Tuck your knees and roll all the way up. Legs. Extended spine. Stretch forward. Yeah, come right into the corners with the heels. That is, if there's a wall that stands our feet right there.

Take a breath sitting taller up off the sits bones and as we exhale, sliding the arms straight out from the shoulders, even stays. The weight stays even on the pelvis. Find that flection again. Roll back up. I'm going to do three of those. Here's our second one. Sit a little taller and exhale. There's always a lift going on inside. Lift the lower abdomen up.

Find some stretch. Find some strength. Roll back up once again, and exhale. Massage the year out and roll back up. I'm actually going to have us do two oh five of them, so two more. Getting a little more oxygenation. Squeeze here.

That's better coming in once again. And exhale, find the stretch. Find some strength. Flex those angles. Can you go a little further? Flection? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And roll all the way up open like rockers. So let's just lower the arms. Herman em, take a pelvic tilt to run on the back of the sacrum. You know this transition.

Hold your arms out so that the feet and the calves come up and you just lightly hold on. Find more pelvic tilt or do more pelvic tilt. And here we go. Rolling that six times. Okay. Rolling back. Look at the abdomen. Look straight out.

Roll. Look at the belly. Look straight out. Massage. [inaudible] one more. We'll stay at the top. Just hold legs together. Do politely stance here. So heels together, toes away a little bit to engage those high inner thighs and maybe the low glutes a little bit to leaving the legs here. Roll down, preparing for the corkscrew. Okay, so we're going to take our legs up.

Let's go for a corkscrew full with the rollover. So up we go. Let's come down the right side of our spine. Andy first coming down. I'm going to keep my circle kind of smallish. Thinking about working within the frame of the Mat. Come down the left side of the spine to the left hip.

Work within the frame of the Mat. Two more passes through. Feel the breath and the rhythm. Wow. One more each side.

Using the arms for a little bit of support and leverage last time. Yeah, coming all the way down. We're gonna roll right up for saw. Arms out feed in the corners again, lets varied up and turn toward the left today. So as we twist sitting nice and tall, reach to the pinky toe. Take the back arm up in pause, find deeper flection in the lower back.

Press the back arm up, roll up in spiral to the other side and then pause. Yeah you can look right down at your leg. Back, arm up a little bit. Higher region, both directions. Here we go. And again finding the rhythm in the breathing. [inaudible] in both directions. We've got one more and AH, lower the arms like together. We're going to turn over on her front this way. Yup.

Swan hands by the sides of the chest. Legs together. Start peeling up from the eyes, the nose, the Chin and the chest and going all the way up. Making sure there's a little tail tuck there and then coming down. So as we're doing, we'll do five. Take more length or feel more linked down your legs, up the top of the head as we're coming down.

Take a more landscape on the mat. Take up more surface area when we move and reach, keeping those two shoulders down and back. Not just one of them down. And that last tooth, ones like your back muscles are just giving that spine a hug and a lift. [inaudible] last one. I'm gonna do a little dive and catch for five. Good. Are you three you do like for the left? Okay. Four.

One more. Five. Okay. Let's just hit a little flection for a moment. Yeah. Good. Okay. Round your back. Slowly. We're going to come back down onto our elbows for single and double leg kick palms fee. So for just a moment, shoulders rotated back and then from the elbow to handless pronate down abdominals lifted right heel for a kick, kick and down kick, kick and down. So find a back position and commit to it so we don't change it was, if anything it goes higher, right? We don't want to drop the town stomach up. Eight more, a little faster. Kick kick down, kick, kick down, kick down, looking out four, three, two, one and right you're right, facial cheek, down, hands in the small of the back or a little higher for a moment. Let your elbows drape down and then put a breeze underneath the collarbone. So the raised raises those up.

Press your hips and pubic bone into the math. Take your inhale. Now heels come in for three, two, one and we stretch. Oh boy. Did you hear my coach? One, two, three. Got a nice joint release and one to three distance and one, two, three. Good, thank you. Keep going. We'll do one more. Each side. One to three distance from head to feet.

And last time on that side. Lift. Now hold. Release your arms. Ring them around. Fly the men, Tuck your toes. Let's push yourself up to just a nice, easy front support. Feel the breath. Then the knees jumped the feet to the hands. Get on our little squat and let's just sit for a minute.

Stretch out the hamstrings in flight. So flex your feet and toes. Pull on those toes a little bit. Elbows can come down. Drop your head, take a few deep breaths. Good. Let's roll herself up. When did take us into spine twist now. So I'm gonna move up a little bit. Andy, you put your heels right in the front of the mat together. And let's take our goalposts terms today. Okay.

Lifting up out of the lower back. We're taking a breath here to her. Left her three pulses and one, two, three and one, two, three. So elbows or slightly in front of our shoulders for that external rotation. And what now? Straight arms. Two more sets. Twists. You can look to the backhand. Let's involve the eyes, the neck and the ears. And the last one, two, three and one, two, three.

Reach to the front. Take your feet into a point. Come over again. So I'm ready for neck pool. I need the strap. He does not. Okay. Hook in. Feet are going to be a part now. Yeah, so I've got the strap and I can pull my feet apart. Pretend that you're doing the same thing with more of your ankles and less of your toes. So think ankles out.

Kind of good pinky toe tie. Okay. Our hands are behind her head. Her elbows are wide. We're lifted here. Inhale. As we start to lean back, we're going to control our reflection. We're coming down as soon as we get there. Coming right back up. Licensed, smooth flex. Flex, flex, flex. As we roll up, there's that slight press of head against hands. Time to drop the shoulders. Inhale, begin to lean back. Exhale, round and rolling. Up deep and into c curve.

Roll back up to sitting tall. This do two more. Andy. Leaning back. Inhale and exhale. [inaudible] last time. We're going to stay back or when we get there. Leaning back and Tuck and rounding down. Okay. Release ankles trap for me. Everybody else has. Bring our knees together.

Feet down. Arms by your side for just a moment. Take a shoulder bridge physician. So just pressing her hips up. Stretching out those hip flexors. Yeah, I'm bringing it down. And just one more time. Just pressing the hips up. So feeling no work in the back of your hips, your hamstrings, your low glutes, your back muscles, and then down.

So we're going to check her legs into the rollover and prepare for scissors. Bicycle. Ready? Here we go. Rolling homer. Okay. Place the hands up. Either the small of your back with fingers. Face up or hands to the side. Okay. Now what I want everybody to do is feel yourself. Lift your legs up first. Try to not arch the back.

It'll change one. Our leg movements change. Okay, so I'm going to begin a scissor in that movement of stride is when my lower back begins to extend. That's when I need to contract those glutes on this front leg change. The lower back will be gun arch and you don't have to overarch it and change and change. You're endeavoring to stride longer and further away. Good. Four more one. Now, I traditionally would have my hands in a different position. I'm working around it due to technology and around my hip.

Started bicycle and Kay. I'm doing fine. Let your low back arch. When your leg reaches away from you, intentional, now reverse it. The leg reaches away. That's when the lumbar goes through extension. That's what happens when we walk in daily life. Extend. Extend. Once again, extend and extend.

I think Andy did a better job than I did. Tuck your knees in and roll it down and come on up and just pause for a minute. Good. Ready for some teasers, Andy? Okay. Extend your legs up. Sure. He says for Teaser, here we are in plotting, so reaching for real. Let's just go for it. We're gonna roll back or I'm gonna go back. Let's go.

Rolling up. You can either say reach into your toes or go for a little more left again, roll back, reach. Roll up towards your toes first. Then do this ceiling one more time to the toes. Roll back. Rolling. We're going to go for teaser too. Is that the legs down? Up to the fingers. Down. Good for you.

Do the fingers down. Cool. Three times. He's your three. We're getting a kick out of the rainstorm that's happening outside. Roll up, arms reach, roll back. Reach to the toes. Lift one more. Any reach down, out, up and let's hold. Okay.

Same for a swim. Let's go this way. We go chest up out of the water and pause. Hands by their shoulders. Tuck the toes. Front support again. Ready and press up. [inaudible] to make any adjustments on your hands and your feet. Make sure the abdominals are lifted up away from the floor.

Pick up your right leg and lower it down and the left leg up and and right, like keeping the hips square and left leg. Once again, each side, lift and lift and then the nice jump. Say stretch your legs out. Okay back support. When I found this here, I'm gonna use the back corner or the Mat for my hands and put my hands right in a very defined place. Fingers on the outside legs. Together I'm choosing a little Palladia stance. I need that support from my knees. Take a breath, shoulders or press back.

Lift up onto the arms. Now you can either look straight ahead or you can lift a little bit higher up to the ceiling. Breathe in, come down with control two more times. Inhale. So if you're live balance of where the work is in the legs, in the glutes, in the back, in the shoulders, and coming down one more and we'll hold it there and press hold, hold, hold. And now, okay, and even to your knees. Let's come into some side support and we'll face this way. First. Arms out to the tee position.

Take a deep breath in and let's lean over to our left arm series. The leaning over left arm is down. You're flat on the hand or up on a fist. Your right hand can go behind your head. Your right leg is up and out. To the side. Hip Height.

Now let's both just do a little bit of check on our posture. Pelvis needs to be level. There we go. Chest Open. Now just lower your leg lift. The leg will do three of them. The bottom hip matters, the bottom glutes matter. So hold the leg up yet. Contract your left glutes. Flex the right foot.

We're doing front for three for front kick and back. Kick three reps front kick, back kick. Last one. Hold the leg. We don't need circles or any other business. Come all the way up. Let's do the other side just right away. So over we go. Yeah, so let's check our pelvis. Make sure we're not hit flex.

What we have both hip flexors extended. Pick up that left leg hold for just a second and we did down net for three out to lift down. Reach out to lift and down. Last one when we stayed up, the supporting hip should be contracted. Those glue that's right. Front for three one and back. Two and back.

Three and back. Come right back up on her knees. Lowering your arms. Okay, let's face the front of our man again where the strap is. Dye Stretch. Okay, arms forward. Now I'm at trade tucking my toes today to feels like I need to with I'm getting a little cramp in my foot. Take an inhale, stay looking forward. Pelvis tilts only go to a place where you feel like you can manage that tug on the quad and the knee and come back up. And again, we're leaning back, tilting and pelvis lengthening of dominant us toward the heart and sitting the shoulders back, strengthening those quads last too.

This time go back of bending your knees more. Bend your knees, Bend your knees, Bend your hamstrings to calves. Hamstrings to CAS. Okay, good. Kinda. Okay, a side support. Let's come back this way. Next I'll, I'll book a private with Andy and I'll help him with that five shotgun. There was something I wanted to fix but I want, okay, so sidemen our right arm is out to the side, left-hand is ready to be bared on with the weight. Here we go and we're lifting up on it. That arm.

Stretch those legs and take your right arm overhead. Yeah. Now let's go ahead and turn the head. I like where you went first down. Look at that bottom wrist. Okay, now take their top arm up and look at it. Good. Bring the hips down with control. Two more times. Lifting up and over.

So continue that arm overhead and let that carry your head and neck into cervical rotation. Good tail under ribs in arm comes up and bend your knees down. One more on this side. Nice and fluid legs together. Nice and strong arm and no roll to face the back window here, that one. And then come this way. Same thing facing this direction. We go, breathe and do that side arm stretch. Your legs are nice and seem together. Turn and look to that downward hand.

Looking up to the top arm. It comes down when we come down to more nice and continuous. Uh, beautiful. One more time. Legs are tight together. [inaudible] and lower. Let's turn to face the front of the mat again. Boomerang time, a leftover, right. Breathing in, rolling down, hands by the sides. Up and over that quick change here to teaser.

I'll let you decide where you want to do for the transition. I'm turning my palms up, shaving the sides, taking my hands and interlacing. I'm a pull back with the stomach and lower mailings. Try to lift the arms a little higher. Circle and reach again and rolling back.

Switched the lades teaser. Elbows to the side. Hold your balance. So when you pull the arms back, those dominoes pull back the legs down. We lift up over the thighs, sir. No more to go. Two more. Wow. [inaudible] it's human in here. Oh, one more Andy and rolling over boomerang. Back Up. Reach.

Shaved the Elvis to the sides. Keep those legs up. Pull the arms, pull the stomach back up. Over and stretch. Okay, let's come on to, oh my goodness. Our bellies. One more time. Let's face this way. Okay. All right. Jesse. Own Getting ready for this one. So just hover their forehead a little bit. Then both knees. Flex the feet.

Hands to the ankles. Yeah. Flex ankles. Yeah, you're gonna love that in your quads. And then as you lift your chest up, think about long quads, long quads. I tried to push the shins back, lift the chest, try to keep the knees together. Chest lifted, chest lifted shins back. [inaudible] [inaudible] higher legs, higher chest. Okay. We've got two more control. Balance Seal.

Okay. There's a sweat pool over here. We should have gotten you a towel. Okay. Arms reaching long. Let's go for a net control balance overhead. So rolling over, taking your arms back. You can hold the side of the Mat. You can hold the left angle if it goes down.

Take your right leg up. [inaudible] it's the spine that goes up. James Lakes. I have to hold on. [inaudible] working on my spine, going up my spine. Dreams legs. Once again, spine up.

It's chasing the top foot chief on that foot. [inaudible] square hips, leg down. Okay. Come on down for seal. Okay, here we go. One, two, three. And back, two to three and up. One, two, three. Mm. Back. One, two, three. [inaudible] we've come full circle quite literally here.

Yeah, two more times. On the second one. We'll stand up to finish. Yeah. Ready, tuck those knees in. Get Your weight forward while, ah, thanks Andy.


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Thank you Amy! This is exactly the workout I needed today. I really enjoyed it and the fast pace. This will be on my favorite's list. Ami
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It's great to have a new intense traditional mat workout focusing on the core ingredients. And... I really appreciate your featuring a man (Andy) as your subject. Not just for the support but because it helps to see his movements, what he's capable of, etc. Thank you Amy!
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Like this faster pace class for part I followed up by your lovely slower class with music (2917) for part II.
With these shorter classes lots of opportunity to mix and match!
Thanks so much everyone....this means a lot to me!
Brian.....your comment made my day, really it did! I wanted Andy to be what you all saw -- more than me --- for exactly the reason you pointed out! He's a wonderful mover, a man and it's nice to see what he's capable of, how someone other than us teachers can also inspire you! Happy that you enjoyed that element of this class!
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Very inspiring!! Forgot about some of these exercises..will be incorporating them with my clients tomorrow. Awesome work from both of you..thanks!!
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Very nice!!
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Thank you Amy! Loved the flow and felt great to move with you and Andy. Boomerang is my favorite. So fun! Miss you. Great way to start my holiday
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Hi Amy! Thank you, great class! Fun!
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Wow Amy! I am a big pool of sweat! Great class. Thank you.
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