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Prepare your body for the Star with this High Chair workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She goes through different levels so that you have the stability required for this advanced exercise. She also uses the transitions to balance out each movement so that you can find the connections throughout the class.

This High Chair was provided by Pilates Designs.
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here at Peloton anytime and we're going to do a workout today on the highchair. This workout is designed to build your star in semi-circle. We're going to go through different levels. The first group of exercises are going to be your foundational levels. Once you have honed them, then you'll move onto the core level.

Once you've honed them, you move on to the advanced and when you get to the advanced, it's a beautiful workout that you can do from top to bottom that really prepares your body, creating the stability that your body needs to complete those exercises. A little bit about the equipment. This is a chair from [inaudible] designs that I had made for me specifically to copy after the apparatus that I was used to work on being trained on. Everybody has different apparatus they're used to being trained on, so it might feel a little different on your apparatus. Do your best, try to make it work. It should be fine, but there were certain constructions that I preferred. One, the way the thickness of the handle is so it doesn't hurt my hand when I grab it to the strength of the pedal and the fact that the pedal has these ridges so that my foot doesn't slip off as I get sweaty to the sharpness of this edge, it very much emulates the two by four that we strengthen our feet on or this back edge. But the biggest part for me is the width of these handles.

And you might say to yourself, oh, but what if I have a big guy? Actually my big men prefer this because they don't end up out here. It draws everything to the mid line. So as they press up, they're actually executing a chest expansion. If you get the chance, definitely play on one of these chairs and see if it suits your body. It definitely suits mine and my clients perfectly. So let's get started. We're going to discuss a little bit about mounting your apparatus, your apparatus, just like everything else. When you mount it, you execute and exercise. So you're going to begin facing your chair, lift your arms up nice long ways.

Press your hands onto the handles. Don't shift your box. Do a single leg pole. Place your foot on the pedal. Press down, draw your heels together. Swivel in this direction into your side. Kick position. Lengthen the leg out in a side kick. Bring it behind you. Swivel back for chest expansion with your heels together.

And then you're going to do your foot work as you lengthen down. Ending up right in the position with your powerhouse already in place. Lengthen all your toes over the foot bar and for the first set we're going to have our feet totally together cause this is going to give us the most stability. Try to lengthen those toes over. Don't sacrifice the height of the heel for having your whole length of the ball, the foot on the pedal. Pull the stomach into the spine and let's begin to pump. Draw it in.

Go down one inch up, one to go down, one to go up. One, two, three. Go down. One, two, three. Go Up. One, two, three, four. Press it smoothly now and pull it in. Keeping the back of the chair lengthening constantly over the foot bar, pulling the stomach in, working the angle. Try Not to change the angle height. Don't let your heel separate. Don't let the balls of your feet separate. Keep the legs pressing together. Let's put a little vigor in there.

One and two and three and four and five and six and seven and a move your feet apart. The distance of your hips. Everybody is individual. All the toes on there. Keep all the toes on there. Rotate your heels together for the heels together. Toes apart. Position. Let's lengthen your head up. Now pull the stomach in one and into.

Lengthen the toes over. Three, press your heels together to activate your trench. The Trinity, your Tummy, your tushy and your inner thighs. Pull in. The accent is in and in and in and in. Work the arms. No part of my body is not working. [inaudible] a full body workout in and in. Last one in and in. Separate your heels.

Line them up with your hips and your knees. Pull the back back into the mat. Press draw up and in one and two and three and four toes lengthen over five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 quickly, one and two and three and four. Stomach up, ribs against the back end, six and seven and eight. This is a strong workout legs together. Pull the stomach in, extend the right leg out. Don't let it drop. One and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight and nine and change other foot on length in the toes over press one and two and three.

Don't let the hips move. Don't drop that leg and think about your teaser with one leg, eight and nine and 10 very good dismount. The same way you mounted. Bring your arms here for chest expansion. Press all the way up. Pull the stomach in. Turn Foot, turn center yourself. Use the other leg on the pedal.

Step back. Execute a single like pull, bringing the pedal up with control and we're going to turn our chair so that you can see me more clearly for going up front. Once again, lengthen up single leg pull. Press the pedal down. Take your pad, execute another single leg. Pull. Now I am in my front split position on the reformer hands, or here, lean forward. Square off your box. Float up slowly come down. Five, four, three, two, one. Lift up. You come up between the seat and the pedal.

You don't shift forward, but you lift right up from the center. There's no shift, but there's a lift and all the way down. Take the left hand behind the head. Square the box and lengthen up slowly. Five, four, three. Feel the stretch in the front of that right hip. And Five, four, three two one. Lift. Five, four, three, two, one hands behind. Lift up, slowly come down, lift to slowly come down. Lift three with control. Slowly come down, place your hands on the handle. One Hand holds the pad. Single leg. Pull down, single leg. Pull up. Shift into your front split position. Hands here for the second side. Square the box. Draw up the center.

Lengthen, always drawing up towards your midline. Back leg is parallel. Front leg is parallel. Just like if my heel was up on that shoulder block and I was in my front splits and lift all the way up, pull the stomach in, square the box, and go down with control. Take the right hand behind the head length and press your hand into that head and your head into the hand and lengthen all the way up. Come down. Five, four, three, two, one. Draw the inner thighs together. Pull the powerhouse. Ended up.

Lengthen the tailbone towards the heel to one. Lift all the way up. Heap the elbow open all the way down. Two hands behind the head and lengthen up. Come down, left with Len. Five, four, three, two, one. Zip Up. Come down. Five, four, three, two. Open that left hip as you feel a tremendous lengthening in the front of the body. From this position, you're going to take your pad, lengthen it down to a single leg pull. Bring your foot down.

Step carefully off with control going into pumping front. Pull the stomach in. Hands are on here. Press with control. Don't move the box. Look at that single leg pull press. Now you don't have the support of the chair in your knee, so you are responsible for the alignment and up.

Lift the leg up and down. Single leg pull. Bring the other leg up three times. Press grow tall. Two, three, four. Press down, grow tall. Stand with your hip over your heel. Don't push into that hip. Press down. Five, four, three, two, one.

Bring the leg up and down. Single leg pole. I have to straighten my chair, bring it up, and now we're going to take it into a c curve. Round forward, pulling the stomach and really don't tuck. Keep this leg straight, nice and straight, but deepen that c curve. C curve is in the powerhouse. Keep the seeker curve and deepen one and press and two and press and three and press. Keep it there and up. Press five and up. Single leg.

Pull down length in the spine. Lift up, place the foot on. Find that deep sea curve, which really opens up the front of the hip, hip over heel. Pull the pedal to you. Slowly bring it up, pull it to you. Control your hip. Two press three press four. Bress five good single leg. Paul, bring it down. We're going to go into the Achilles stretch.

So we've worked on the sub stability with the constraint of the knee working the hip. Now we worked it without the constraint. Now we're gonna work on the ankle. You're going to move your pad forward to a single leg pull. Bring the leg up, press it down. Now this alignment is your personal alignment.

The more I go towards the mid line, the more difficult it is to maintain my box. So we're going to begin with it in line with my hip, not across my body. Today, press down, hold the Patella with your hands. Flex the foot, square your box. Pull the stomach in in that c curve, which is why we did it before you deepen that seeker. Every exercise builds on the one before it and you push. And in two, three, four, five push.

You feel this all the way here. Three, four, five. Push. One, two, three, four. Push. One, two, three, four, five. Single leg pull to bring the leg up and down. Other side, move my hands over to where my hip is so that my knee can target it. Single leg, pull in that c curve, press the pedal down. Pull the stomach in, square the box and press my heel. Hip and knee.

Stay colinear. Pull this stomach in. Hold that kneecap control that spring. Even as that spring comes up, I don't think about resisting it. I think that I'm continuously pushing into the spring. Push into the spring, push into this spring. Last one. Pull the stomach in, push into the spring, bring the pedal up and single leg pull to change.

I'm going to take my pad, I'm going to put it in the back. If you're smaller, you can always use a Cuneo board or board underneath to lift the height of the pedal or multiple pallets here to move the distance out. I really don't need it for this exercise, so we're going to put it on its handy-dandy shelf and we're going to, once again mount, you're in a pull the stomach up and in right lay comes up. You're going to press the pedal down, heels together, do a single leg pull, turn single leg, a side bicycle up and lower this heel. This is an exercise that Ramana gave me and today on plot is anytime I'm going to show you a variation that I haven't shown, reach out. This is delicious. Building on that murmur person. Again, getting that nice deep stretch to see how the arm ends up by the ear and opens into that delicious side bend and in and stretch out.

Out, out. You're going to stay up there. You're going to bend the elbow and deep in that stretch on that side. Bend the elbow deep in the stretch. Bend the elbow deep and now keep the elbow straight for even deeper. Stretch up and an up and down and up and down. Now only for advanced, the leg goes up on top, the arm goes open and you float up and and two and and three never filmed this before and yeah, and remember how I said whatever you do, you always have to have the strength to control it at that height. Bend it in and we're going to go to the other side.

Swivel around side bicycle. Bring the leg up. Elbow reaches down and over and press and in and to, Oh, this is my dessert and three, stay out there. Bend the elbow to stretch the hip. Bending elbow gets that hip stretched in lift so that you can get nice stable position when you're doing your stars.

Then stray arm gets underneath the ribcage like your Mer person at. Nice deep stretch over, over, over and down, and again, over, over, over and down, and now deliciousness. Legos up on top. Reaches over and lifts up, and Lyft too, and now lift three and down. Grab your toe, lengthen up, up, up. Place it, lift it and bring it down. Excellent. Now what we're going to do is we're going to actually take a spring off.

I know big controversy. If we weren't able to move the springs, why could we? Why are they mobile? While you can sometimes, sometimes I'll use my workout and I'll just do two on the bottom. To challenge myself. A chair is a chair and you need to use the chair, this chair to build the stability that you're going to need for the one to chair, which gives you no help.

So I actually put a lot of exercises here first before I put them on the veranda because there's so much more stability on this apparatus chair is a chair. So we're going to come to this side of the chair and now we're going to do our pumping, standing our press down front with a straight leg. Once again, the mount is important. We are on one spring. You could put it on the bottom if you want. I kept mine on the top. I like to torture myself. You're going to drop that tailbone down, hands on your hip and do a leg circle where the leg passes in front. You attempt to keep your box square adjust so that you can stand hip over heel and it's not a big movement. You're gonna press hold two, three.

Notice the energy goes up and lengthen again. Press Paul that stomach in and up. Keep the box square, hold two, three and lengthen. And again, press hold two, three. Now add that c curve in and this time I want your c curve to move the pedal and up. So the isolation comes from a different place. I'm in my c curve and my seeker of moves the pedal so the pedal moves because my powerhouse pulls the spring in and back.

Reverse the circle center your body, other side leg circle on. Keep that box square. Pull the stomach in, press grow, add up, press grow and up. Press grow and up. Find that deep sea curve. Remember the c curve is going to move the pedal. I was thinking about those little tipping birds that go into the fountain and press and up.

This is the tipping bird variation and press. Pull that stomach back. Think about moving the spring with the pedal. You press. Move the spring and keep pressing down as the leg returns. Complete your circle. Come down and we're going to stand to the side.

Plays one arm up. You're going to do side pumping. Don't lose your box as if you are doing your side bicycle. Lift the knee, place it onto the pedal, press it down and up. And to look at the correlation between the old Joe Footwork position and the turnout here, press and up and press and up. Lift the knee for the stretch cause you just did a lot of strength and bring it down. Notice how the endings balance out the exercise.

Turn face the other position. Heels together. Pull the stomach in, arm presses down as if I have a magic circle that I am pressing on. Pull the stomach in side bicycle. Place my foot, press and up to and up three and keep that box square for up. Last one, five and up. Lift the knee side, bicycle down. Turn face the other direction.

Take a little more space because now we're going to do the press down with a straight leg to the side. This is great to do before you're going to do your slot size splits on the reformer cause it really creates a stable base for you to move from. Single leg circle again, reaches out, adjust so that you are hip over heel. The box is square and once again you're going to pull that pedal in and up and pool it is and Ah, and Paul [inaudible] and up and Paul it inn and up. Bring the leg down. Step in this leg.

You're going to take your hand here, your other hand here. Lean in so the pressure is going to be off the knee. Place the foot here as if you are doing your lying side. Kick series, inner thigh lift. You're going to stand up with the pedal engage so there's no pressure on my knee. Square off the box. Stand hip over heel.

Press down one and up. Press down two and up. Press down three. This pedal feels so good. Press down four and up. Press down five. Very important to dismount this way. Do not let that spring all the way up. Lean all the way in.

Then bring the pedal up. There's that side kick position. Press yourself up to Stan. Bring the leg up and let's turn on the other side. Dunes straight first. Turn away, square your box off. Make sure that you're far enough away so that you'll stand hip over heel, leg circle. Now to the side, this is great exercise to do for the person who lacks stability in this leg.

When they their leg circles to the side in your side, uh, in your leg circles, press. See how much length it makes on this side of the body. And my whole left side has to fire press cause there's no where to go but up and release and press for us, for us and up. Draw the legs together. Anchor this hip down and up. And here's my star on the reformer with this nice and long and my leg lifted and supported. Ring it across. Down.

Step in hand, goes up, hand goes up, lean in, press the pedal down and then adjust your box. Standing hip over. He'll pull the stomach in. Press the pedal down. Grow tall and up one. Press it down. Grow tall and up to press it down. Grow tall and up. Three, press it down for lifted up, up, up, up, up.

Press it down. Five, up, up, up. Engage the spring, lean over, release the pedal. There's that nice deep stretch shift. Bring the leg down. Excellent. Pull the stomach in and up. We're going to go to pumping, facing back. Now we're going to begin with a bent leg.

Most of the time these exercises are introduced on the wonder chair. I find the length of this pedal in the shape of the pedal a lot easier for me to find the correct alignment for my foot. So you're going to face back, you're gonna bend this leg and a single leg pull. Stretch it back like a bicycle. Turn the foot out with the leg bent and knee open. Have that heel there. Lift this knee.

Don't let the neat dropdown press and in press, there's an exercise series on the mat coast called Claris stretches. This is a great place for you to build the flexibility that you need before you ask for your body to have the stability of this exercise. Lift it, drop it, bring it up, reestablish your box and bring it down. Single leg pull up, gets you on the lift of this leg back into your bicycle. Turn this leg out. Bring the heel flexed and press it down and up.

Press two and up. Work that inner edge of that foot and up. Press grow. Lift out of this hip and up. Press, press, press and up. Lift it. Turn it in.

Bring the knee up and press it down. Make sure you finish with a nice long spine step. A little farther forward, not too much because we're going to go back with a straight leg as if we're doing our leg circles on our bice, on our US sidekick series. Reach around, circle back, hopefully find your pedal. It's always good when you do press grow tall.

This is great for your front splits on the reformer press. Bringing that carriage back with control. Develop that strength stretch. Also, this is the twist of the snake and twist my shoulders facing front, my hips, twisting, or when you lift your leg up in the elephant, lift it, circle it to relax the hip stand. Pull the stomach in, circle it, find your pedal flex. Pull the stomach in, press grow and up. Press two and up. Lift the waist, tailbone down, up. Remember you're developing and building into these exercises.

Don't just go and do them and up. Press and up from there. Lift, circle, draw yourself together and lengthen. Excellent. Now we're going to add another spring and we're going to come into exercises that I put on the high chair. The reason why I put them on here is because, well, one couple of them. I was taught by my teacher Amaanah against a wall because it gave more stability, but I found when I placed it here, there was so much tactile information. I wasn't going to shift side to side.

I wasn't going to go too far forward just like we do going up front and so many exercises here before the window and then before we take it to the reformer or vice versa. I put these exercises on here, so I'm going to share them with you today, so you're going to stand here. I think 40 years in the business allows me that one. Bring the leg up down, press stand for pull-up, scoop the stomach. Place your hands here. Now the head goes on here. There is no weight on my head. You're going to pull this stomach in, not let the head move, float up in the middle, and then tailbone, tailbone. Like I said, no weight on the head. Do not do this. If you have a neck issue, pull the stomach in.

The action happens over the pedal. End The seat. Tailbone down, down, down. Pull it in and up. Uh Oh. Oh, this feels so good. I'm going to do two more just cause it feels so good.

Well up, up, up. Press the heels together. Tailbone down. And it's so easy to find the place in your stomach because it's the only place that's allowed to move. Place yourself back. Bring your hands up, roll up and enjoy that length that you just found in your back. Now I put frog facing in on here because one of the big habits frog facing in everybody shifts forward. So I teach it here first.

Here's that big turned out position that we were just doing before. Like we do our high frogs on the reformer. Keep yourself with your hips right over your shoulders, right over your hips and float down. Now don't sit and collapse with the muscles debt. You always want an engagement. It's not good to like try to make those, those springs move that way engaged. So I'm one inch off.

I bring my teals to my seat. I float up, I keep my heels to my seat, I control it. Then I bring the pedal down. Heels lift down, heels lift, stay. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Float down, up to stand. Stretch the legs up and we're going to go right into our press up front or bottom. Once again, I don't want a big shift, okay? Don't want a big shift. I want you to lift. Shift doesn't happen if you don't want it to pull the stomach in the end of the pedal. Press up. Lengthen. Five, four, three, two knuckles down risk stream.

Press oh five four three two, one. Press up. Five, four, three, two, one. Now for the second part of this, I'm going to bring a little Chicago muscle in. My BFF, Dana Santi is here to hold my chair. I pleat recommend that whenever you do any exercises where you're pulling away, you have somebody spot your chair. I brought in the heavy hitters and keeping the chest open. Float up, press down the knuckles. Keep the chest lift. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

Press. Lift the chest. Come down, switch your hands here. Lift into a low c curve, a high c curve. That doesn't mean you hump your upper back. It's beautiful and long and then you come up with the pelvis. Chest lengthen. Press straight up. Open the chest up. Beat. One, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 toes onto the chair. Glide yourself down with Lens and control.

Scoop the stomach in. Open that low back. Oh delicious. And one more time. Lift up this time. Open your chest all the way to the ceiling as if you're going to serve a bash. Martinis under your chest. Lift up. One, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 feet on. Keep that chest up.

Then he longing, float down. Pull the stomach in length in high Lucy. Curve I seeker and come back up. We're going to turn face the other way. Dana can stay here for this, but we're going to do fraud facing out into the press up, back. So once again, here's my squat down.

My hands are on my chair. I'm not going to die. My elbows are back, not in back. They reach back towards Dana. I'm going to bring my pedal up. Lengthen up, pump one, two, keeping your shoulders over your hips and slowly come down. Relax, lift, pedal up. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, glue control. Okay, down lift, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. From there, bring your pedal down. Press up to stand. Open the chest.

Keep that chest open. Empress up, float down. Press two food down. Press three. Pull the stomach in, lift up the legs. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Wring the legs down with lymph control. Open.

Dan is going to hold the chair and I get to have dessert for my work. Opening the chest. Oh, oh, oh. Lengthen. Very good. Now she's going to hold it and we're going to do another exercise that I put on here. Usually it's done on a Cadillac or Swedish bars, but with all the supporting constraint of the high chair, if you don't have them, it's a great place to do it.

As long as somebody is holding it for you. Ah, I love this one. We're going to go into, you can be parallel if you want, or heels together, toes apart, or some people even do hips with a part. Whatever suits your body, Paul, the stomach in high c curve, low c curve. Don't drop your knees past your toes and sink your tailbone towards your heels. Don't let those knees come forward deep in the low c curve. Opening up the bat.

Hi C curve. And from there you're going to lift your chest. Oh, oh, oh lift up high c curve, low c curve. Pull the stomach in. Sit on the heels. Don't let your knees go. Keep those heels alive.

Don't let the arches collapse and press back. Lengthening the legs together. Low back. Articulate through press lift. Oh Oh Lenten up. Pull the stomach in. Last one. You can only have so much dessert and lengthen. Wasn't it Joe, who said that you eat enough for fuel?

Pull the stomach in, stretch out, pull the waist in. Come up pelvis moves you just like the pod. Hips over heels. Press up, press up. Think your pole straps up and center. Thank you Dana. I'll call you back again. Kate. We're going to go into side.

Pull up. I put the side pull up here cause I really okay. To be honest, I got tired of like having to spot people and their shoulders going all over the place. So I thought, oh I have this great piece of equipment that is going to help me be another teacher. So I want you to stand with your left foot fully on the pedal. And the right, I have big feet, so like seriously, they're both not gonna fit on any pedal right in front. So my heel is secure. This hand's going to go here and this hand is going to slip here and the shoulder goes against my rest. So it's not going to pull forward. Now, all I have to worry about is that this shoulder stays in line with this shoulder and I'm going to pull up and pull up to and down.

Pull up three and it easily transitions into the one leg to the side. Pull up to whew. Keeps me honest. Three and down. Bring the leg down. See, you can't cheat on this one and swivel the other direction. This foot comes forward. This foot goes fully on hand here. Hand here, shoulder against here. Pull this stomach in him.

Pull it up and down. Pull it too. And now pull it three and down. Reach the leg out, up, down to down. Three. Good. We're going to bring our leg down, we're going to turn face this direction and we're going to sit on the foot supports a little extra joy, if you know what I mean. Hands back, open your chest, pull the stomach up and in and you want to get your shoulders flush against the back of the chair. This is gonna be a constraint. Legs are going to be hips with apart in parallel, heels lifted. Now.

Then the objects of the game is not to let that pedal move. As you articulate this, we'll really develop that semi-circle up with a flat pelvis and you pump, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 articulate and rule down. Excellent. That's such a great place. Really keep your chest open with this. Now, since we've had so much fun, we're going to move to mountain climbing. Once again, I put mountain climbing on here. I think it is a much more stable environment. Introduce such a difficult exercise and an exercise that is critical in every one of your advanced exercises. Your squats, your s, your, uh, kneeling, your Psi, your a front kicks, everything where you bring your knee in and you hit your head.

So important. Live the stomach in and up. Lengthen. Press down, single leg pull. Bring it up. Risks, go on here, knee here, press up and now pull the stomach in and lower down to 90 degree angle with this leg that's on the seat. Lower this heel a tiny bit and pump. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Roll Up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Roll down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. A. Press up and down. Change your hands. The second sign, I'm going to do a more advanced version where your hands do not support you.

You're going to press up just like you did. Have your wrist here. Curl all the way over 90 degrees. Hands behind the head. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Row Up, two, three, four, five, six, seven and hold. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Press up and down. Single leg pole control. Live off, single leg. Pull. Come down now. Mountain climbing side. Step Up. Press down, turn.

Face that swivel sideways that we've done before. Side bicycle, come to here. Float all the way up. Now. What's nice about this is when I introduced this exercise, I have this back pole that I can keep my back against. So I'm not going to arch or fall backwards and you press two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Press up and down and go to the other side.

Turned face turned side bicycle. Press it here. Draw it all the way up. Come down, find your pole. Press one, three, four, five, seven, eight and two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Press up slowly. Come down, turn face, and now I went up the mountain. I went sideways on the mountain.

Now I have to come down the mountain and come home. So I'm going to press myself. Oh, do I have to step onto the top of my chair, turn around, line myself up, lift my heels, and come down in that frog position. My foot comes onto your, I'm not resting on this heel. You can have your back against here to begin. You want to work to have it off press. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Press up. Others. I've very strong springs. It'll make the vintage chair seem like a piece of cake and squat down. Bring the foot forward, lift up. Don't sink on that heel. And press.

Two, three, four, six, seven, eight two, two, three, four, five, seven, eight, nine, 10. Press up to feet together. Float down. Thank your lucky stars. That's over and tendon stretch. Now we worked all the muscles, the front, the back, the side. Now we have to stretch them out. I love doing my tendon stretch on here.

One because my pedals a little bigger. And so then when you get to the wonder chair, it's smaller. You get less information about pushing through that heal correctly. So you're going to place your hands here. You're gonna bring your feet forward to your heels are pressing, which will help you get that press underneath the carriage.

And you're going to pull up and press with the heels. Don't touch your thighs. Come up Bress with your heels. Come up, press with the heels. Two more.

Up and in and up and in step up, turn face the other direction and step with control. I'm going to pull my little muscle back in with our sparkly blue eyes and her matching blue outfit and we're going to work on star. I moved the star on here for many reasons. One, I saw a lot of people doing it and not doing it well because it was too advanced for them and they were shifting all over and like I said before, you don't want to do all that shift. You want to get lift, okay? The more lift you have, the left shift you need. When you're shifting, you're going into joints. When you're lifting, you're drawing towards your midline, which is what pull out is, is about. So I put the star on here and I love it because it gives me all this support and feedback and I actually work the muscles that I need for this exercise.

So single leg pull to come up, press it down, up, turn sideways. There's my swivel. This foot goes here, hand goes down here, hand goes up here, and I'm going to lift by bending this elbow and down, open that hip and down and I feel it all through here, which is where I want to develop and up with it being a full body experience. Now I'm going to keep this arm straight so I really get that Lens. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Yeah. One of my favorite combinations, which I was given all the time, is the bicycle in the star. You're going to lift up, bring the leg forward, bring it back, stretch it back, bring it down, bend it in, stretch it down, bend it in, stretch it down, bend it in, stretch it.

This time I'm going to be mean and keep it up on myself and in, so I have to keep that lift the entire time. Okay. Lyft. Okay. Lyft and center, other side foot goes into position and goes down.

You see how it keeps me out with space on that side so I'm not collapsing into it. Yeah. Um, lift and down and two and down and three and down. Bicycle forward. Bend out, bring it down, reach it, bend, stretch and down early. Reach it. Bend, stretch and out. Reach at bend, stretch, reverse.

Keep it up the whole time. Okay, arrange it up all time. Three okay. For Center, come down and for my favorite exercise, which I put on here because I got so tired of people going in there, low backs and letting their news spread out that I put it on here because this is where we develop stability. So this is a KRN special heels together. Toes apart.

Hold on for dear life. Yeah, high c curve, low c curve. Once again, don't let those knees go past your toes. Go as low as you can, but keep those knees in front of your toes from here. That's the trajectory. The knees don't drop. They reach forward and you open up. I'm pressed up, up, up, lift, high seeker, [inaudible], low c curve from that deep low secret.

Don't drop too low. Your tailbone reaches towards your heels. The low back fully opens only as low as you can. Keep those knees in back of the toes. Reach the pelvis forward into that table position that we already did. Open the chest, press up, lift up and reverse. Open the chest.

Go into the table, press out there, articulate down, bring it back. Low Seeker high seeker. Find Your Swan. Bring your knees down to your thigh strap. Sure.

Find your secret. Deepen who I am and finish. Thanks Day.


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This class just came online and is wildly out of my skill set, but I want to take a moment to say that your hairstyle is so becoming, beautiful, strong, and authentic. I have always loved your shining, powerful, here-I -am spirit. Love the color and cut. And I am sure the class is amazing too.
Cate D
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Kathy. I love the transition moves and your explanations of the rationale for the sequence. You are a true inspiration and make me want to work harder to achieve a better physique. You exemplify what can be achieved through Pilates and dedication.
Thanks, Kathryn! A stunning workout, I really liked the progressions up to the Star, which I haven't tried before but the mastery of which is now one of my goals for 2018.
Shan Thank you so very much for your truly kind words!!! I am sure with your attitude you will be doing workouts of the highest levels soon! try the first couple of exercises here and once you have them down- add another. you will have it in no time!
Cate Thank you! my hope is to one day link the work through out to give a greater understanding of Pilates as a method. i am grateful you appreciate this!
Lynn steady and slow with precision will build this lovely exercise! can't wait to hear of your progress!
Alex D
This irreplacible woman, present so far here, and o pilatesology is today someone else:( Kathryn used to have dark hair, shining face, a radiant smile, etc ... she lived in NJ where she had spoken about her dogs, son, daughter. That was so warm:)) I loved it:) Here I see a factice-blond Whoever ... cannot commprehend or accet; a face unfamiliar, plastic and alien:(((( I feel s sad:( Where is real KRN?
Theresa L
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Love love love all your tutorials, teaching and especially Pilates sessions on Pilates Anytime. Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge and skill. I find that all your videos have a flow that resonates with the body and after of course brings a bit of soreness 😅 and Thank you for adding ‘dessert’ in between the hard work!
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Wow! You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion.
Chaz thank you so very very much!
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