Class #3636

Strengthening High Chair

40 min - Class


You will build strength in your whole body with this High Chair workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. He teaches one of his favorite sequences that he used when he didn't have much space in a busy studio. He includes exercises like Going Up Front, Push Ups, and so much more!
What You'll Need: High Chair

About This Video


Hello everyone. My name is Benjamin Degenhart hearts and I'm here with my good friend Steven to do a workout on the highchair. We're working with the grads apparatus and we're revisiti...


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Lots of fun and lots to work on, thanks guys!
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Yah!! You worked me out!
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My shoulders are so happy right now :) Thanks B!
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Great, really strong sequence, Benjamin! Loved the variations on the high chair vs. wunda chair. Thanks so much for including us!
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Feeling strong now! Amazing sequence! Super challenging, yet it flowed. Thx!
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wow! that was a workout. i dread to think what you think level 3 is! harder springs than i'm used to, so really felt it. also some exercises that i've been avoiding for a while, but shouldn't have been... thanks benjamin!

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