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Use the Magic Circle as an exclamation for your breath in this Mat class by Meredith Rogers. She is following up on a class she taught at Momentum Fest, in Colorado in June 2018, to show how you can use breath to bring awareness to the center of the body. She flows through the class, including variations to Roll Over, Side Kicks, and so much more!
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Hi, thanks for joining me. I recently returned from a movement inspired weekend of Palladia called momentum fest. And I taught a class there with the circle emphasizing breath. And after I returned home I got a couple of emails and messages asking if I could share my class notes with some of the participants. But unfortunately I didn't have any class notes so I'm going to make a class. And if you weren't at momentum fest and you don't care about that class, well I hope you enjoy this one.

And if you are interested in a celebration of movement for all practitioners of PyLadies, not just for teachers, they will be another momentum fest next year. And I tell you it was amazing. So that sounds fun to you. Let me know and I'll give you more details until then. We're going to use the circle to emphasize our breath and we'll just start doing that now. So I'd like for you to take the arms, your arms, you could stand or kneel or sit, taking your arms out in front of you and then bring some awareness into the l elongation, the elongation of your spine. So at the moment I'm just lightly, lightly holding the ring and I'm thinking about holding the ring, not in my hands, but with my upper arms and feeling that as I gently press into the ring, I can feel the muscles of my upper arms, I can feel the muscles of my upper back.

And I want you to inhale and lighten up on the ring, almost like you're gonna drop it. And as you exhale, press into the ring and use the pressure into the ring. You'll see I'm not squeezing very hard, I'm just using it to bring awareness to the center of my body. And inhale, lighten up on the ring. Feel how as the air comes into the body can do so in a expansive matter just as the ring expands. And then exhale, press into the ring and as you press into the ring, feel the body deflate or inflate and deflate at the same time. And by that I mean find can connection, compression, but also find lift and ease and inhale and exhale. Now you're going to wrap your fingers around the ring and pull it apart as it comes into your body. Inhaling as you do, and then press the ring.

Pull the abdominals back away from the movement over the ring as the arm straighten and pull the ring apart so the ring can mimic the action of the rib cage as we draw air in and then press into the ring and connect the center of the body, pulling the abdominals back away from the ring. Let's do that three more times. We'll do this in a variety of different places and hex hair with a variety of different movements, but right now just keeping it simple and allowing the focus to be on our breath. Last one. Inhale, pull the ring apart, pull the navel to the spine, get taller, longer, lighter. Exhale. Press gently into the ring. Deepen. Get Kinect in, turn around on your mat so that you're sitting actually on your mat.

If you're not already in, put the ring just underneath your knees. Using the heels of the hand. Hold the ring. Press the ring down into the knees and lift in opposition with the spine. Take an inhale. As you exhale, upper arm pressure into the ring. Tailbone tucks and we round the spine.

The shoulder stays essentially as they are in how lift the bod. Exhale, navel to spine, harass into the ring around the spine. Inhale, press down into the ring, into the knees and Elongate the sign. We'll do that few more times, so using again that same pressure of the arms to find breath to find connection, but just adding a little spinal movement in. Let's do two more XL around shoulder.

Same place in. He'll get tall. Exhale, round. Inhale, lift the ring up off the knees. Exhale, take the body back to the mat. Inhale, lift the ring overhead. Exhale, bring the ring down. Inhale to Exhale, rolling up gently pressing into the ring, and then let's lift the arms up. Has a spine lifts up and exhale round the spine. Taking the shoulders over the pelvis.

Take that position backwards so that long rounded spine goes down to the mat. We inhale lifting the arms. Exhale, lower the arms in heel for a full pause. XL, roll up, shoulders. Come over the pelvis and lift the spine and exhale around and roll back. Inhale, arms up, abdominals in. Exhale, arms down, abdominal still in XL. Roll a lift. Ah, let's do tomb or around shoulders, over pelvis and roll back. Finding the mat with the low back. Inhale, arms up.

Exhale, arms down. Inhale, press into the ring. As you begin your Xcel, Xcel roll up and lift up and last time around and roll back. Okay, and inhale, take the arms I and exhale. Take the arms down. Full pause on the inhale. Exhale, Rola and lift the spine. Okay, so from here we round the spine. Then we roll back again, finding the lower back against them at.

We're going to any, I'll drive a ring towards me. Actually. Exhale, gently press in. Incomes Center, Emile drive the ring the other way, the XL center. So imagine as you're rotating with the ring that the ribs follow the ring, but the pelvis and the knees stay absolutely still XL center. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, center in hilarity. Exhale, center. One more time. Inhale, upper arm pressure, abdominal pressure, and in here and exhale. Now the hard part here is we've got to come back up, up, up, and take the ring. Ah, it's getting a little bit of back extension in between those moments of flection around roll back. Okay.

Turn towards me. Take the bottom hand out of the ring and reach it through the ring. We're going to press down on the ring and lift the body. The arm reaches through the ring. Exhale, press down and lift. Inhale, come down. I just caught that knee. Try to sneak towards the center.

The legs stay perfectly still, Meredith, and two and one and down. Take the ring back into the hands. Come into the center. Yep. We're coming up. Then we're gonna reach the body up. Taking the harms back. Maybe even lifting the sternum a little bit. Exhale around and roll back.

Okay. Rotate the opposite direction. The ring comes down, the bottom arm is reaching through. We press analyst and go down. Exhale, press and lift. Inhale down. Let's do three more and we use that pressure to remind ourselves to fully exhale, fully exhale. Last time. God down, come into the center oral all the way.

Take the arms overhead, lifting the storm, go for a backbend as much as you want here and then round forward and roll back all the way. Yes, I'm so, I'm sure you were happy to hear those words all the way. So I'm scooting in, getting ready for a poetic curl. Let's take the arms up over this chest. Inhale. As you exhale, start lifting the pelvis away from the mat so to stand on the feet we come up into a bridge. We're going to take the arms overhead and then as we take the body down onto the mat, we're reaching the, Oh, I have a cramp. That's not part of the choreography, but that was just a real life moment.

Drop all the way down through the hips. Lift the hurrying over the chest. Inhale and roll lap or hessing into their ring. Using the arm pressure to remind us that we're connecting into our breath and into our center arms. Lift up overhead. Exhale, peel down. Feel the shoulder blades or wrap around the front of the body. Yes, around the front of the body.

Take the arms back over the chest in hand. Stand on your feet. He quality of the quality of work into both legs. Arms reach back, exhale to around down. Use the arms to feel as though you're making your spine longer.

Take the arms over the chest. We'll do two more. Inhale, exhale, roll. Lift the arms and roll down down. Really hollowing out. Hammocking through the lower back. Dropped the pelvis down. Bring the arms over the chest. Last time there's a transition at the top.

Coming here is so that we are holding the ring in our hands. We're going to stand on the right leg. Lift the left leg and touch so we don't get to use our arms for balance here, but that's okay. You can squeeze the ring for balance. Does that help? I don't know. Squeeze the ring for balance. One more time. Squeeze the ring for balance.

Now we're going to lower and lift the pelvis. Lower and lift. Press as you lift lower and lift lower and press one more lower and press. The left leg goes down. The arms reach overhead. The spine comes down, really stretched through the lower back.

Their arms come over the chest in hand. Press into the ring. XL, lift holding at the top. We lift the right leg, press into the ring and touch. Exhale, lift up into the ring and press. Use The ring to remind you to find this end of the breath. One more time. Lift.

Hold here now lower and lift the hips. Take them down, lift them up. Inhale and exhale. Last two in you and Xcel. One more time. Down and up. The leg goes down the hips. Level out of fifth lost last level for lack of a better way to say that.

Exhale now to come all the way down through the spine onto the back. Take the arms up over the chest. Lift one leg, lift the other leg. Spine twist. We're going to hold the ring still as you take your knees towards me. Hold the ring still as you come to center.

Hold the ring still as you go the other way. Keeping the opposite shoulder down or keeping the whole upper shoulder girdle centered and stable and still inhale, reaching over. Exhale, pulling back heel the abdominals. Draw back away from your clothing towards your spine at Phil to come back. Now to increase the range of motion, we're going to allow the ring to drift in the opposite direction as the knees pressing and come to center in a reach across.

Keep the knees aligned. Exhale, can center in here. Reach across. Exhale. Concenter in Lacrosse. XO to center. How about one more time to eat. Side over back. [inaudible] over. Okay, I'm back. Place your feet down. Separate your legs.

Lift your chest and place the ring in between your legs. Okay. Place your hands behind your head and lower your head to the mat. Take a breath in here. As we exhale, we can rural alchemy. Squeeze the ring. Now as you're at the top, you might be able to see if one leg squeezes harder than the other. Try for an even squeeze. Inhale. Exhale.

You can release a little as the body comes down, taken in here. Excellent. Press into the ring. Really dig deep in the center of the body left feeling the lower spine. Come into contact with and that exhale to lower down in you. Start the squeeze, start the breath. Exhale yeah, and Xcel to go down. We'll do two more in here and exhale to the left.

Nice and high height. Upon off the shoulder blades. Keep the head arresting in the hands and XL to go back and to exhale. Lift, step pressing into the ring in here. Exhale to go down the last one. Exhale to lift up Pars.

Take your hands behind your legs, lift a little higher in your trunk, squeeze a little harder with your legs. Reach through the center of the ring down, up and down. Up under a pen. Two more and I have pens and last one. Ah, hold hands. Reached back behind the head. As you rotate towards me, squeeze that leg in. Inhale, center as you rotate the other way. Squeeze the leg that you're rotating towards. Now I'm not saying that the other leg, let's go.

I'm saying one like have a little more emphasis, but both legs continue to squeeze all the time. Center and rotate. Center and rotate center and two more to eat. Thigh and center and rotate and center. Last one. My friend's rotate. Squeeze. Come to the center, rotate, squeeze. Come to the center. Reach further ring.

Take it in your hands. Open your lengths. Reach during overhead. Let your back arch come back with the arms over the chest. Stretch your legs out in front of you. Breathe in as you can. Pick your head and chest. Breathe out. As you roll. Take the arms forward. Take the arms up to the years and reach out.

Find a long line in your spine. Exhale, reach back forward and come down slowly. Imprinting one bone at a time into the mat as the head and chest come down the arms. Reach backward. Stay soft on the mat. Lift. Press into the ring to remind you of your breath. Reach forwards in hand. Okay.

Oh yeah. Reach all the way forwards. I forgot where I was going there, but I picked it up at the last minute. We'd reach out. Take it back through. Roll down bone by bone, creating space, pressing into the ring, creating connection. Head down. Arms back. Two more list ahead in chest. Exhale, roll. Uh, reach forward. Inkson spine. Reach back down. Roll back through the spine. Yeah.

And back. Last one had an chest at XL. Cheral okay. Take the arms out, lengthen the spine, reach forward, flex the feet, pull the body forward over the length and then pull the body into that elongated position. And then take throwing off your feet and come to sitting. Okay, so we're going to bring the ring into the center of the chest, just on the outside of the chest. How are we going to inhale? Lift Tall. Exhale, press and rotate in. How? Let the ring open and come to center. Exhale, press the ring and rotate in. How come to center?

So again, not, it's not so much that you want to have really vigorous arm work. I mean, if that's your thing, go for it. But what I'm trying to do is lightly press the ring and just use it as like an exclamation of breath. How about press of the ring is a explanation of the exhale. The spine gets lighter. Come to center, rotate towards me. Stretch the arms forward.

Lift your body as you lift your arms. Take the arms back down. As you bend your elbows, stretch the ring apart and comes center. Here's a breath pattern in Hilter roti. Exhale, navel to spine. Stretch the arms. Inhale, grow the spine tall. Exhale, reach the arms down. Inhale, expand the body as you pull the ring apart. Xcel to center. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, stretch. Get Taller and longer. Take it back down.

Pull the ring apart as it comes to the center of the chest. Exhale, come center in her roti. Think elongation of the spine. Arms come up. The back is extending arms. Come down, bring the ring in. Oh, we're pulling it apart and squeezes you. Come to the center last time to each that exhale to rotate in Hilton list. Exhale, bring it down. Pull it apart. Inhale, exhale, squeeze center. Last time. Inhale, exhale, stretch for inhale, grow taller. XL, come down, pull the ring apart. Squeeze it as you come to center.

Take it behind you. Take the hands just on the outside of the ring with the fingers and five facing either inwards or out to the side. So I want you to push in with your arms and really lift your back. Now imagine that you could squeeze the ring with your upper arms. They're not going to be able to squeeze much, but I just want you to create that energy and feel how that energy of the upper arm squeezing the ring helps the chest to lift.

And now we're just gonna float the pelvis. Exhale and bring it back down. Keep squeezing the ring with your upper arms and exhale, float the pelvis. Press the legs down. Yeah. And he inhale to come down.

And Preston with the upper arms float the pelvis. Okay. And in Yalta to come down last two times, I'll float the pelvis. Okay. And in here to calm down.

One more float the tall this and in how to come down and sit up all the way. Take the ring out from behind you, bring it around the front of you, bend your knees, put the ring against the shins or against the ankles. Squeeze the legs together, find an upper arm connection into the ring and then around the spine if it's not already used. Round spine to pick the legs up, keep the positioning and inhale rock and Xcel balance and inhale rock XL, balance and upper arm. Inhale XL balance and last too, a XL balance. That's all I know. It was a little hard for me and Dak exhale to balance. No lifts.

Hearing lifts this seat roll down into the double leg stretch position with control. The knees come in, the ring is just parallel to the shins and then you take the ring overhead, the legs reach out and exhale to pull back. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, uncle and aunt and back. So as you're excelling, remember there's a little upper arm pressure. Use The abdominals deeply and five to the call back. Let the expand, let during contract and three in the exhale.

One more inhale and exhale. Leave the legs there. Put the ring at the base of the skull. So I've laid down to do that ring at the base of the skull. The hands come just opposite the forehead on the inside of the ring, you're gonna curl the head and chest off, not using the ring to pull the neck, but instead of using the ring to support the weight of the head, elbows wide, using the upper body to help you hold your head. And then one leg goes out and when they goes in, so when they comes in as far as it can, while the ever leg goes away as far as it can, and we just continue that and the knees coming forward, we're reaching up with the chest, reaching up with the chest and pull, pull and less. Notice if you're starting to yank on your neck, really try to let that head rest in the ring. We do three, three, two, two adding crisscross after this.

So we're gonna rotate it in, touch the knee and touch the knee with the elbow. So in order to do that, you may feel as though the me has to cross the midline of the body a little bit. So across. Don't lose your height as you're coming through center. Rather keep the height of the body. How about for four rest if you need three, three, two, two, one more time. Come into the center.

Take the ring, place it between the legs. Stretch the legs up, lay the head down. Take the legs forward. Take the legs up, XL. Roll over. Wow. Flex the feet. As you roll down, press into the ring. Press into the ring. Spine comes down. Point the feet. Take the lakes down, lift the legs.

Excellent. Takes the body over. Flex the feet. Pull into that lower abdominal area and roll down, down, down, down, reach, lift and exhale to roll over and slacks. Lower abdominals. Press in and roll down. Down. We're going to do one more like that down and left upenn over. Flex and roll down and point. And one more time over. I know I just said one more time, but that's because we have a transition coming. So here it is.

I'm gonna keep this. He pointed, we're gonna roll the pelvis down. Lift the header, roll out. You got to hold that ring. Reach for your legs. The, I know that wasn't beautiful, but we're all together here in the open leg. Rucker. Beautiful on my accounts is what I'm speaking about. Inhale and up to bat.

Okay. I got a wire back there. It doesn't feel good. Here we go in here. Keep this scope in here on up to balance. Yes, two more in. Okay.

Up to balance, keeping the chest open. Meredith in here, and x to balance. Hold in, let go the ring still there where you can reach and grab it and lower your legs down. I'm going to back up. We're going to set the ring between the legs, just really wherever it can be. With the heels of the hands on top, press down a little to lift the spine. Inhale, exhale, lift up and over and use the use the spine to apply pressure on the ring. Take the body forward. The ring will come on its edge. Press into the ring to pull the back out on the diagonal.

Bring it up to straight. That's our pattern. Inhale, exhale, lift. Step. To apply pressure on the ring. Take it forward, pull back on the ring, lift the chest through the arms. Sit all the way. I get a little itch on my ear. Excellent step to go over recheck. Don't lose the ring, but pull in with the arms in and back to lift the body on the diagonal to sit up. Last two. Whoa.

There's an attractive gentleman walking along the train tracks. Keep your eyes out. You'll get to see him in a minute. And left. Hello. Lift the back. Come all the way. Uh, and from there, take the ring off into the hands. I'm gonna rotate towards me. The opposite. Hand to foot goes on the bottom. We just die forward into the saw. Lift up d, rotate the ring and come to center. Breathe in. As you rotate.

Exhale opposite. Hand to foot on the bottom. Inhale, lift the spine. Turn the ring up right and center and rotate. And left and center. Lift. As you twist, pull the abdominals back. Reach forward. Roll back up. Come to center. One more time to eat.

Side opposite. Hand to foot. Grow the spine. Back Up. Come into the central. Last one. Reaching forwards. Rolling up right center. Okay. So what we're going to do now, so we're gonna put the ring in between our ankles and we're going to lower all the way down, all the way down onto the arm.

So simple, simple. Want you to feel as though you're standing on both feet. Taking, inhale, exhale. Use The abdominals. Press down on the ring. Inhale up. So I wonder if we could get a sensation as we press on the ring of lifting the bottom waistline. You're not a force lift. Just like a breast lift, an energetic lift and ah, the arm can be on the ground. It can rests on your thigh, can do whatever you want it to do.

I'm just letting mine softly rest in front of my chest and we're going to do four more. So either bottomley can squeeze two, but it stays on the floor. Mostly it's the top like abdominal pull sides of the body pulling towards one another. Breathing. When we hold that point your feet. Now lift the ring up. Now we focus on the bottom leg. We go take the ring down and reach out to the left.

Take the ring down, reach out to live. So quite obviously I feel that the most of the work is on that upper waist slide. We still want to pay attention to what's happening underneath on the side of the body that's on the mat breathing. And we'll do four and reach at three and reach out to and last time. So take the ring down. This is how I like to transition.

You're going to roll the ring down so it's touching the mat or the floor. Slide the bottom like I kind of have to hold the ring in place. Make the Ringo back up, put both legs in the center, pick the ring up and bring it to the front of the Mat. So now turn the toes to face in, look down and see that the feet are on the same level. Typically the top foot wants to pull back a little.

So we're going to now push down, lift up, push down, lift up. So I'm trying to separate the ring, trying to squeeze with both legs, although the bottom like stays on the ground. We'll just do four. Three is our tempo too. And when bend journey, imagine something heavy in front of your foot and push it away. Then push through the ring up over the top and through over the top and through energetic press. And once you four I'm aiming for 10 of each in case you're a stickler for counting to think I'm doing a pretty good job. One, but I'm never sure. Go all the way over the top.

Now let that foot relax and come forward up and back up and drop, float and drop. So there's that sense of suspension and heaviness, suspension and heaviness down and four and five. Yeah, lifting, pulling the abdominals in for Siri and too and one and bring that knee into the body. Give it a hug. Come up. Some important that the ring stays in place here. So if you want to drop it down or just let it fall and then take that leg across the body, bringing the knee into the chest, pulling the chest to the leg, pulling the leg to the chest and all at the same time trying to drop that hip down into the mat.

Take a moment or two here or breath or two here, eh, and then take three should be nearby. Come to the other side. So I like to put my ring in my ankles while I'm sitting up. It's just easier to get that there and then like all the way down. Okay. Both feet or flex.

The bottom line is on the floor we press down on the top lane and just as a reminder, we want to just look down the side of your body. See that you're in a straight line. Excellent. Hormonals in bottom, lace lifted [inaudible] breathing [inaudible] last four, three and two and one point the heat. Now if they're going up and down a, if your arm is on the mat, just check that you're not creating a lot of tension in that shoulder. Remember that even though it's a light squeeze with the ring or even just holding the weight of the ring between the legs, you can still use that to bring awareness all the way up through the inner thighs into the center of the body.

I believe that there is four more reaching out to lift at two and one take the legs all the way down. Now the ring comes forward and pushing down on it. Just enough to keep it still. As my bottom light comes out, I put that bottom leg in, lift the top leg through, pick the ring up, bring it to the front of the Mat, turn the toes in, look to make sure they're on the same line. And now we press down and press that. Press down and press right so that arm isn't really important.

You can do with it what you'd like. Hey, what we do on a think about is breath. So four and three, two and when now bend and kick and through kick over and through. Remember to create that sense of energy as you push the leg through space. Wish something heavy. Five, four, reaching through the heel, three and two.

And maybe you want to smile cause isn't this fun. And now the leg is a suspended over the top. It drops front lifts up, goes back up and front up and back. Light and heavy, light and heavy. Eh, we'll do a six, seven, eight, keeping the center of the body stable. Last one.

Yeah. Oh that legs up nice and heavy toward the end there. Pour the leg into the chest. Okay. Someone said to me, I taught that series the other day and some someone said to me was, I was the most beautifully, um, no, the most brutally graceful thing I've ever done.

So that was funny. Brutally graceful. Oh, that's the spine. Okay. Take the ring. Lie on your back. Put your right foot into the ring. Stretch your left leg long on the mat. Pull your leg towards you.

Now that's gonna feel different or look different for everyone. You just go to where he can bend pulled out on the ring and stretch. So you're providing the stretch for yourself in how Ben the arms pull down soda, the abdominals and press in band press. And two more and one more. We're going to press that leg into the room. We're gonna roll up, sit up, pull the leg to the body, pull the body to the lay roll down.

Take the ring in the opposite hand, so into the left hand. Bring the leg across the body. You can just take your arm out to counterbalance. I'm going to hold my mat. Then we can continue to take the body across. Going into a full spinal rotation. Come back through center. Change sides.

Pull the leg back first. Ben's pull in in press. Inhale, pull in and press so you can decide how much or how long little tension you want to create with your arms. One more stretch. Pull the leg, kick the leg into the ring. Roll at [inaudible] kind of a momentum.

He thing that pull the legs is a body. Lift the body to the lay roll down. Okay. Change hands or opposite hand holds the ring. Bring the leg across the body.

The opposite arm can just reach out to counterbalance. So once it stays down for a moment, then we can just allow that hip to lift off full spinal rotation and then come back. Take your leg out and turn over. Okay, so holding the ring just like this with the hands on the outsides of the ring. What I want us to do is just feel that there's some energy in the legs.

We're gonna lift the head and chest. The arms will slide back. Then pull the abdominals and pick the ring up. Imagine that you're trying to pull your hands off the ring at the same time. You have to hold the ring, so it's, it's a two. It's an energetic two way idea.

Take the arms overhead, lower the arms, take the body down and in here. Lift the head in chest. Lift the ring off the ground, press in and pull apart. At the same time the hands, press it and the elbows pull out. Reach out, arms, and then spine. An inhale, lift. Pour in. You're looking through the center of the ring, feeling the upper back working. Take the arms out lower and the body comes down two more times in her head and chest. Exon arms. Inhale, push in. Exhale, stretch forward. Inhale the arms. Exhale the spine. Last one in you. Lift.

Exhale, stretch the arms that lifting the abdominals, lowering the arms, lowering the spine, turning the rings so it's upright on its sides. Hold onto the outsides of the rings or the upper outside, maybe 10 and two and then again, a little energy through the legs. We lift the head above the arms, look just into the center of the ring and then start lifting the body by lightly pulling the ring towards your body rather than bearing down on it like your arms light, almost as though the ring is assisting you into position and then reach back through had comes above the arms. The arms are light on the ring, the Scapula in the shoulder blades slide down. The abdominals are lifting and the legs are strongly energized and then he'd go back down and then lift the spy.

Take the spine back through. And Dan, we'll do two more. Keep that light feeling a light feeling as your head comes above your arms. Go back down just one more. Head through the arm. Scapula slides down. Lift up, take yourself down, put the ring just on the mat. Press up onto your hands and knees to just a minute to sit back on your feet.

We have one more exciting thing coming up and that's what we're going to do now. So I never liked to let a ring class go by without doing some pushups. Threaten to put the ring on the mat, and also just where the ribs come together. Depending on the length of your arms, this may feel more challenging for you, but know that you are not going to have a lot of weight on the ring initially. Step back onto the mat. So the ring does a couple of things.

As the elbows bend in, it supports the weight of the body, making that pushup slightly easier. The second thing it does is it reminds us to pull the abdominals away from the rings. We can't feel the stomach arrest on the ring or we could, but we're choosing, I'm choosing you choose what you wish, but I'm choosing to try to lift the stomach off the ring. We'll do four, three, two, and Tada the net knees come down, split the ring away. We're on our hands and knees. We're gonna take the arm that's furthest away from me, so rotate towards me that arm, or you're going to leave the mat with it. We're gonna rotate the torso, so relying on the outside of that shoulder, let the head come down. Then the elbow that's bent, it has the palm of the hand on the Mat, can use that arm to help to create a little more tissue, more rotation, and then stand on that arm. Come up another way, thread the arm through the head, comes down using the support arm to create rotation.

Push up, come up, turn and face me if you're not already onto your knees. Okay, so now let's lift the arms and let's try to find a sense of lightness, right? I'd done a lot of squeezing today, so now I can just feel the ease of the arms that don't have anything to squeeze in. As the arms open, let the chest expand, come to a t shape and then around the spine. Reach the arms forward, roll up all the way, allowing the arms to come with you. Take the arms and lifting the chest through the arms. Exhale, press. That's what we did in the ring, right?

So we create that abdominal energy, that arm energy, and then we let everything go light again as we come up. And you got one more time opening the chest. I'm going to pause here cause it feels good and around the spine and lift up and let the chest lift in. Reach out and touch both sides of the room and touch the two opposed the two next states to you, maybe one country and then another, and bring the arms all the way down. And thank you for taking classes, man. I hope you enjoyed it.


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A nice sommer morning, very nice work... Thank you, Meredith!
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Love it!!
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Your classes are my favorite! Thank you for fabulous work, you always make me smile (probably looks a bit scary 'cause im usually in pain lol)
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Bravo very good job 👏👏👏
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Thank you for the cueing on holding the circle using your upper arms and back! This made my Friday so much better!!
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I really enjoyed the made me focused on my breathing and feel my upper back and upper arms work efficiently...cueing is perfect ...loved it a lot...thank you Meredith Rogers
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Amazing class! thanks!
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I love Merediths classes. But could I ask if you work in neutral or imprint.? Thanks.
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LOVED this! Thanks a million Meredith.
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