Class #3525

Breath Awareness Mat

45 min - Class


Use the Magic Circle as an exclamation for your breath in this Mat class by Meredith Rogers. She is following up on a class she taught at Momentum Fest, in Colorado in June 2018, to show how you can use breath to bring awareness to the center of the body. She flows through the class, including variations to Roll Over, Side Kicks, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi, thanks for joining me. I recently returned from a movement inspired weekend of Palladia called momentum fest. And I taught a class there with the circle emphasizing breath. And after I returned ho...


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A nice sommer morning, very nice work... Thank you, Meredith!
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Love it!!
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Your classes are my favorite! Thank you for fabulous work, you always make me smile (probably looks a bit scary 'cause im usually in pain lol)
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Bravo very good job 👏👏👏
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Thank you for the cueing on holding the circle using your upper arms and back! This made my Friday so much better!!
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I really enjoyed the made me focused on my breathing and feel my upper back and upper arms work efficiently...cueing is perfect ...loved it a lot...thank you Meredith Rogers
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Amazing class! thanks!
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I love Merediths classes. But could I ask if you work in neutral or imprint.? Thanks.
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LOVED this! Thanks a million Meredith.
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