Class #3201

Spine Stabilizing Mat

40 min - Class


Look at spinal stabilization from all different directions in this Mat workout by Meredith Rogers. She teaches a class without spinal flexion to encourage you to think about your movements in a different way. She includes exercises that aren't technically difficult, but they can become more challenging with the right mindset.
What You'll Need: Mat


Today is a very exciting day for me because my friend Alisa is here from Italy. Welcome. And my girlfriends are here so that's fun too. What we're gonna do in this class is we're gonna teach without d...


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Excellent, Meredith.
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Thank you Meredith! Good Ideas for Beginners, but also good to look for spinal stabilization! Great
Thanks ladies! We focus so much on the movement of our spines, which is wonderful, but I find that it is also valuable to be able to be aware of the challenge that lies in stabilization as well.
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Loved this class good for all levels!! Often clients come into class with painful backs, this is ideal
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Simplicity at it’s best. Thank you. Felt so good. Just what i needed this morning.
Wonderful workout for beginners, clients with osteoporosis or low back pain! Accurate tips and cueing! Once more.. You're amazing Meredith!!! 😀 🙏
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Thank you Meredith Rogers for this workout. Need more ideas for this kind of issus with the spine .
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Thank you, Meredith! I feel so centered, worked, and strong. Plus, stabilization of my spine is exactly what I need to work on healing my diastasis after two babies. :)
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this was great...thank you Meredith...
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Thanks Meri! Loved that- lots of ideas for clients with tender backs and it was really challenging!
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