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Konnections for Mat

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Use a Theraband to create an internal connection in this Mat workout by Viktor Uygan. He integrates the ideas from his invention, the Konnector®, to help you maintain a connection with the Theraband so that it feels like it's part of your body. He goes through standing movements as well as traditional exercises, finishing with a fun "mic drop" at the end.

Viktor starts with an explanation of the class and the Konnector®. The movement portion starts at about 3:52. If you are interested in learning more about Viktor's Konnect Method, visit his website.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi, my name is Victor Regan, inventor of connector and from connect Politesse, Orange County, California. Today we are going to do connections on the Mat. And this class is kind of special for me because uh, teaching long times politeness. I found myself one point in a way, frustration of trying to explain the connection to my clients and uh, we could do some much to say to four make them feel internal connection. I wanted to give them an external health to create that feeling. So one of the things that I think hurt and I tried is creating using the therabands, uh, once again creating a resistance on their limbs. And by doing this I was hoping to give them that feeling of internal connection, but it will come from out.

So there will be complete circle and saying that, uh, in the math classes one, another thing was quite frustrating part for me was the clients will lose the bands, the connection, it will slip from their hands, from their feet, things like that. So what I decided to do is create a two loops at the end of the theraband to help them. Um, now we all have different size of clients that tall wise, and I am six, six one. And for me and for most of my clients, I will actually use eight foot long therabands. And what's gonna Happen? You're gonna basically you're gonna hold a one h of the band.

You're going to follow them in a half like this. So it shouldn't be too much. It should be probably, I will say six, seven inch this way. And what are we gonna do? We create one nuts right from here. We are doing a circle and I'm feeding the rest of the band through that circle. It's right in here. Do you see I didn't waste much band.

There's just a little bit out here. Once you do this, you want to make sure you tie that not by pulling the circle part of the band. Now I have a nice circle. Now you don't want to make this really big circle either. You want it to be kind of tight on the foot and you don't want it too tight either that you start to see they've have blue toes, right? So I'm going to do the same thing on the other side.

Ryan in here. Beautiful. So I'm trying to be even in both sides. So I'm going to do the circle feedback and Rolson. So here you go. So once again, this was the first part actually connecting the external apparatus. We should say even that this is not a reformer or a trapeze, it's just a theraband is this was the first way for me to connect to their body and instead of them worrying about too much, how am I going to hold it where it's gonna stay, it will feel it's part of their body. And thinking this way, I started finger a lot and I created the connector. It's a reformer accessory.

It enables you to do reciprocal movement patterns on the reformer. And I do also use therabands in Mat, a in reformer Coraline and a trapeze in a different type of equipment as well. So approaching this way to the movement, uh, I keep all of those workshops under connect the method. I hope you guys enjoyed this and uh, we should start. So saying that your bands needs to be adjusted.

I will help you to do those. I'm gonna do it. Let's see if it's ready. All right, perfect. It happened. I love it. So now we're gonna stand up together and I hope your bangs are ready to go as well. We're going to start placing your loops on your feet. So one loop each feet.

It should be kind of right in the middle of your foot, right in here and place the other one on the other side. Here we go. We're gonna stay a little bit wider than true hip width apart. And you're going to reach down and you're going to place the band on your hands. So it's nice and flat like this.

And your hands is going to be a little bit wider than your hips as well. So you creating a nice flat surface. So from here, maintain this position and we are in the lunge and we're going to straight your arms. Keep your arms in the same position, straight your legs and bent. Beautiful. And this, repeat this. We are just warming up. You're getting used to this feeling that theraband being connected to your hands and your legs. And please remember during this class, it's not about have much you can stretch the band.

It's not about how much range of motion you have. It's about maintaining the connection with the band. So if you feeling frustrated, the band slides or you don't feel like where you're holding it, slowed down your movement and make it smaller and focus on the connection, maintaining the connection on the band. That's the number one thing. Seeing that beautiful from here. Now we're going to bring the band up and over and place it right on top of your head. Now this is the first sub part of the connection.

If your Chin is really up, it's gonna slide back. If your Chin is really down, it's going to slide forward. So you want to keep it nice and long and you feel there's a pressure coming down, right? Don't let it happen. Resist to it. Feel Nice and long. Bring your hands right next to you. Let's bring the feet underneath you now. True mechanical hip width apart, and you're going to put your hands right next to your chest side. From here, les, go. Inhale, push up and feel expand all the way to the ceiling with the top of your head, arms reaching away from me and the legs really pressing.

Now exhale and inhale and exhale. Beautiful is to Xcel three and come back in and four. Let's stay here. Let's bring the right leg up and down without shifting too much. Now left Reyes, feel the connection. Your arms connected the top of your head, your legs connected, your arm and your feets connected to top of your head. It's all loop. Beautiful.

Let's do one more time right and hold it here. Less. Do external rotation. Keep the knee exactly the same spot. Come back in. Internal rotation. Good External Center. Internal. One more. Set External. Don't move the knee internal and come back down. Beautiful.

Rest your arms. Anytime you feel tired, you can always rest in between and let's go out to the left and up and external rotation center, internal center. Two out, three out and come back. Center and rest. Beautiful. Stay there. I'm going to step forward for the next exercise. One more time. We're going to go up, right, like maintain the position of the right leg and bring it back. The extension and forward.

Don't tilt just happening from the hip. Two and three. Last one and four. Hold it here. Knee behind the other, the standing like now from here, external rotation and internal, external, internal, external, internal and bring it up. Others side less. Rest the arms. Once again, inhale from your nose and XL. Push-Out and left leg goes up and extension maintained it. That 90 degree angle on the left leg and up and to up and three up for on halt and external center.

Internal Center. External. I know you don't see much internal when I do it, but imagine there's more than that and last month and come up and relax. Beautiful. So from here we're gonna Release the bent forward and let's do one roll down. Yes.

Now from here, bend your knees and bring the theraband underneath your foot. Beautiful. Now you have two handles right here. So from here, slowly you're going to roll up and launch position. Neutral spine, arms straight. Beautiful. From here, let's do some arm work. Pumps facing away from each other. All those next your shoulders and one, two beautiful and three and four and five and six.

That's the two more. And last one hold, hold. And slowly relax and you can let the go of the band and slowly roll up and brief. So this is a warmup sequence. Now we're going to lay down on our back on the mat. So from here be careful, don't rip on the band. So walk forward you guys gonna lay down on your back.

Beautiful. So from here and if you're going to be basically bringing the band a bend your knees, keep your knees bent and we are holding the band and we are opening in once again so it's flat in our hands. Fantastic from here. Beautiful. And once we do that, I just want you to flex your foot and place this band once again underneath your feet and nice and flat. You have two handles once again. And from here you can straight your legs and use this span to stay nice and tall. I definitely need a help on this one. So from here in how Xcel straight your arms and go to flection, you're not gonna go all the way down.

Stay here and e l come up an extent, extent, extent, extent, an XL how feel nice and long nights and long nights and long and exhale and inhale. Lengthen Linkedin, linkedin, linkedin, Xcel. Let's go down. Let's stay there and list of summer offs and from here pull in one, maintain that position and two, nothing changes and three and four, five and six. Two more. Seven, eight and come up. Fill, not Santo. Now we're going to go sideways together and one right elbow goes back and you go sideways and one and up. And two as you notes my arms straight when I come up. And when I roll down the just the back arm vents and up.

One more set. Last set, stay there. And let's start a twist right to the left and twist and twist. Don't change your height, feel nice and long and turn and turn, turn, turn two more. Set One more set and come up. Bend your knees, release the pant, reach up once again straight. Let's do roll down from here in house, fill nice and extended an XL. Point your feet and roll down [inaudible] and bring the arms back from here. Don't bring the arms all the way down, keeping a little bit high so you fill the connection with the bands. Once again, a n e x a role, and at the end in helter extension XL, ah, [inaudible], [inaudible], [inaudible], [inaudible] and roll down.

We're going to do one more set [inaudible] field extension. Open your palms [inaudible] and come back in. Palms facing towards each other and to the face. Sing directly to the ceiling. Bring the left knee tabletop, and the right from here. Now pumps facing towards the hands and you're going to release. So your pumps facing away from each other this way, right?

Once you do that in half from your nose and Xcel, Tuck your Chin in. Let's do chest lift. Press the hands down, create a resistance and less go for hundreds and one, two, three, four, five x after five, two, two. [inaudible]. Stabilize the tabletop so it's not moving. Six, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two three, four, five, seven, two, three, four, five exa eight, nine, 10 and bend your knees to your chest and relax.

Awesome is great. Way To integrate. Little bit external, a resistance to the hundreds and breathe, move and talk. All right, now where are we going to do single leg circles? So from here you're going to extend the left leg out and the right leg go straight up. You're going to hold the band with the opposite hand and you're going to bring a hand to the side more open. It is more resistance. There's going to be less open. Your arm is as close to your body.

There's going to be less resistance. So you decide pick your poison and police and this one is going to be a good, actually it's going to help for the AAD. Doctors is a extra force for the AAD is going to help for, sorry. It's going to help four 80 doctors and it's going to be extra force to ab doctors. So we crossing in. Yeah.

Not One and two and three and nice on long neck hat halt, less reversal and one and two and three, four last one, five. Beautiful. Bend your knees and let's change legs and feel nice and long. And from here, cross first down, open up one and two, three, four, five and halt and reverse and two, three, four, five and [inaudible]. Fantastic danger. Nice. That was very good. I hope it's feeling good. Now from here you're going to bend your knees, churches, and what we're going to do is less come up and filled nice and long. Once again, I want to do roll downs.

Once we do the roll down are going to do some set of abdominal exercises. All right, so from here, straight legs and let's put the hands inside. Feel nice and tall. Inhale from your nose. Exhale, roll down and bring the band up from here. Then the left leg up and lift the right leg up just a little bit. Now the right hand goes towards the left, so this is the version of single leg stretch. So from here, inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale. Inhale. XL.

Exer two more sets of force. Yeah. Last one. No, it makes sand away from each other and squeeze and push the bend to your knees. This is XL and in how? Double leg stretch XL and excel. Feel the connection.

And last one. Excellent. Hold. Hold, hold, hold, hold. Extend the right leg out and one and come back and left and both hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. Bend your knees and relax the for some circles. Awesome. We're going to roll up once again. From here, we're going to bring the pan and put it over your legs. Once you do that, you're gonna reach across.

So you're going to basically turn it cross and put them on top. One second. So you make a two circles over your knees. That's it. Bring your heels close to you. That's the, once you do that, make sure the band's relatively down. It's not too high, so it won't roll out of your knees from here. Let's hold the knees this way and make sure you have a space behind you. And I should acute you. But you guys doing a great, you have a space behind you.

We're gonna roll like a ball. So from here, so nice and tall. Feel the bands actually is assisting your little bit and inhale and exhale and inhale and roll back and pass and up and hot and back. Holt and up and hot talk, likable and come back and less Falana and back and up and back and up and back. Up and hold tall, tall, tall, told. Put your feet down. Bring your elbows down and slow the roll down.

Mixture again. The bends nicely on your knees. It's holding in here. From here in how from your nose we're going to do bridging an XLF, less articulate bridge. If you can not do your articulation in any ways you can do actually striked which is neutral spine bridge. So maintain your spine, one straight position and straight the push up and come back in. Make sure hills is close to you so you will not lose your band. And last time we're going to go up XL. Stay there now.

Inhale, open your knees, keep the height and close and to close. And three, close, four and close and five and n and six N and down. Down, down, down. Bring your arms up behind your neck. Open up your shoulders if you can. If you can't, you can keep him a little bit close. But make sure cross your hands for me. I really like to start this way. And if you end up crossing, you cannot open your elbows. It's okay just to keep him close. So from here, chest lifts with opening the legs together and XL and to, and three, three more for [inaudible], five and six.

[inaudible]. Beautiful. From here you're going to turn to your right. So you guys can face me ladies if you like and beautiful. So from here we're going to be sideways. Once again, do not lose the band. So we are here this position. First, what I want to do, I wanna do one type of rolling.

I'm going to try to be careful here so I will not fall off the table. And we are going to be basically elbows, clothes, and nice clothes. So from here you're going to open the top elbow as much as you can. Good. Once you do that, you're gonna open top knee as much as you can and come back and roll all the way center. Now first close to right knee, the top knee closes and then the loss, the other elbow closes. Beautiful. So it's going to be elbow, knee, knee, elbow. So first elbow opens up to top one. Nice. Now the knee. Now reverse the order, the other knee and the elbow.

Now flow list of just two more and I'll blow. Knee, knee, elbow owl. Well, knee, knee, elbow, one more flow. Elbow Ni, Ni, elbow and last one. Knee, elbow. Fantastic. We are still on the site now. Sports your site, elbows down.

I'm going to scratch down just a little bit right here. Once again, you can adjust the bands if you need to. It's not too close too. It's not too close to your knees. It should be kind of right in the center. So we could do some external rotation from the glutes and let's go open clamp and one down and two down and three. Yeah. And four, five, six, halt. And six Poles, sis, two, three, four, five, six and close. Beautiful. Now we're going to turn around so you guys can see me.

I'm going to do this. You guys can just turn around face to the camera or, yeah, that will be the easiest one. Here we go. It's easy. You guys know the exercise now. So from here, let's do one more time and open. Close to close and three beautiful. Four, five and six. Hold and pulse. Up and up and small. Four, five, six and close and brief.

Now we're going to do rolls one more time and it's going to be different version. So we are down once again and you're closing the elbow over. Do you guys remember we did elbow, knee, knee, elbow. This stand. They work together. So elbow and knee open and turn all the way, the other side and come back. Center all went to other side.

So make it nice and smooth and roll to the right and roll to the left. All right. And one more and turn and, and relax. The ruffle. Alright, we're gonna come up. Fantastic. Have you guys doing beautiful. So we take the bands out. Once again, get into your position. We are going to do connected, roll down, feel nice and tall, and from here XR roll down. And we're going to do second set of abdominal exercises.

You're gonna do single straight leg stretch, so it's growing up. And inhale, inhale, XL. Exhale. Inhale. Inhale, Xcel. Exhale. Inhale. Inhale, XL, XL. Inhale. Inhale, XL, halt, bent and cross over. So criss-cross and one, two, one, two. Inhale. Inhale, Xcel. Xcel create the movement from the rotation of the shoulder, not just the arm, right? We not in the concert going right to left. We are twisting, twisting, twisting, beautiful. Last, set par, par and halt.

Extend your arms, right. Double Lick, straight lick down and up. Now from here, this discussion, you can also support the band behind your neck. But look, I'm not really using the band to pull my neck forward. Just the idea. So where my neck has to touch and down and up, a Scott, very relaxed. I'm not putting any pressure. Two more. One more. And come back in.

Bend your knees to your chest and relax. That was awesome. Beautiful job ladies. Let's make small circles about direction with your niece. Now hopefully we did engaged our core. Now if we're going to slowly come up and we're going to do some preparation work before we do prone work and do some extends of our body.

So we basically standing right here, Phil, nice and tall, and we're going to take the band in your hands. We're gonna push forward and bring it back. So the band is in your pumps and the band is kind of like underneath your glutes, right? So from here with straight arm, we are going to do small circles and one from Nice and tall, two and three. If we want to add a little bit more excitement to this exercise, you can lean back a little bit. That's optional. Beautiful. Let's reverse it. And one, two leaning back is not this warning. Yeah. So you're going to make sure there's an extension still from the leg.

And two more and one more. [inaudible]. Now from here, we're going to release your hands and we're going to go around this way. We're going to bring the band underneath our scapula and then we're going to use that our thoracic spine as a resistance to push forward and come back. And, and two, three and four. Five last one, six. Halt. Palms down and smile. And two, three, four, five, last one.

And relax a some. Fantastic. We're going to bring the band up and over once again. Good. How are we doing? Awesome. So from here we are in all forced position. All right. Just to make it easy, just to get the feelings, we're gonna extend from the neutral spine, just the right arm forward little bit.

Do you guys notice it doesn't have to be all the way up now. The left. Beautiful now, right arm. I'm sorry. This arm, which is the leg and down now left leg again, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. Now left arm, right leg together. Cross and one. Maintain your center. Don't shift right to left to right.

It's not about the height, right? We know we all gonna see things like this. Make sure correct them. And two more. And one more. [inaudible]. Beautiful. Now you can extend your right leg straight out.

You're gonna bring the left foot by doing external rotation over the right bent. No feel nice on tall, left arm and right leg. Let's go up and down. And two, three, four, five Phil. Nice. Along with your next six. I was going to do six. Halt. Stay there. Bend your knees in and out. One knees and elbow in. Two and three last time for an out and relax our some.

Release the leg change Lex. So extend the left leg from Nice and long, right foot externally. Rotate and put on top of the band. Now right arm and left leg together and one too long. Neck. Three beautiful four and five last one six and from here, bend in out.

Two out. Three last one. Four out and relax and do this and band and brief. Beautiful. Now we're going to do some hip flexors extension with connection. So if going to stay here, left foot in front of you. Beautiful.

So the left hand is holding the band and it's on your left hip. Now of the right hand is going to reach up to the ceiling while you actually going forward and stretching our hip flexors, right? So it's going to go together and up. One good. If the band sliding over your shoulder, keep your arms a little bit to the side. So there's a gap right? And three and four, that's enough. Come back in. They're going to do now, right hand on the right hip, left and straight forward. Palms Open.

And from here, if this is hurting your thumbs, you can hook under this way. And from here you're going to rotate to the left and forward and one and come back and to wherever you are and come back and three and come back. Last one, four, come back, change chance. Now your right hand is in the middle of the band. From here we're going to push straight up and when you go forward you're going to do side vent and one and you can bend your elbows down and extend out or you can open it. Straight. Arm is a little bit more difficult and come back in last one and four and come back in and brief change. Lex. Awesome. Now we'll put the right foot in front.

Hands on your hips. Now of the left hand is going to reach forward and come back and watch the lumber extension. It should be almost like a flection to able to stretch the hip flexors, even ass and come back in. And one more time. Come back and beautiful. Now right-hand reaches forward engage. Fill the connection. You're going forward and you don't rotation.

Remember for the rotation as much as you rotating the right, the left has to go forward, right rotation, right shoulder, back, left shoulder, forward, come back and last one four come back. Beautiful change hands. You can let go of the right hand with the straps. So you're holding it with the left in the center. You're going to reach up forward and lateral and come back and keep looking straight when you do this and to and, and, and, and come back last one and four and come back from that cental and ramping Cannes, knees down and hands on the mat. I'm going to do one more challenging work before we do back extensions.

So this is going to be pushups. We're going to bring the arms with the band behind you and Lex reposition our hands this way. So basically palms facing forward. Bring it to bra line once again. And from here we're going to go to all fours. You know what's coming up, you can do with the straight legs or on your knees. So there's gonna be extra resistance from the bands.

And let's go six. Inhale, one, two, three, four, two more. And last one, hold. Feel nice and tall. Bend your knee and sit like a child pose. Before we do that, let's release the band up and over and reach forward to stretch. Sure. Let's do three breaths. Inhale.

[inaudible] an XL. [inaudible] oh, next. So one more time. And Xcel. Beautiful. Now we're going to lay down front. So adjust yourself and lay down so the hands has to be little bit in front of your shoulder. Beautiful. So from here you're going to stretch your arms and we're going to do babies one.

So he uses the resistance of the bands from here. And Inhale, lift your thoracic, the upper part of your body, and exhale, reach forward. Stomaching hips pushing forward in hell. It's not about how much you come, it's about how much you can bend from the Thoracic Spine, where your brown lines and two more in health and down and one more and down. Beautiful. Now from here, bend your elbows once again. So your hands right in front of your shoulder. From here we're going gonna extend the left arm and right leg. Oh then you're going to bend your right knee an extent and come back and other side and can inhale and bend and extend and come back in and left and right knee and feel nice and tall and come back in and left.

Bend and up and come back in. Last one. Push both arms up and Lex, feel the connection and swimming. Okay. [inaudible] [inaudible] two more sets. [inaudible] almost there. [inaudible] [inaudible] bend your knees again for sure. Stuff back to child pose. Still reach forward with your hands. And three more breath. Inhale.

Okay. [inaudible] an XL. Inhale. Exhale. One more. [inaudible] hi Nixa and relax. Beautiful. Before we come up, we're going to sit sideways.

We're going to do a version of mermaid. We could call this Merman. Here we go. So sideways, feet on top of each other. You're going to hold it together. Arms to the sky. And from here we're going to bend the sporting arm and reach sideways and then come up again and bend to push and straight. Come up. One more time. Pan and push. Stay here. Now let's go on there and round.

Feel the resistance and open up an extend. Extend, extend, extend backwards and come back and around your spine and open an extend. Extend, extend, come back. Last one, third version. Reach, reach, reach, reach, round and smile. Not with your face, with your body, with your arms, and come back in and relax. I'll turn around. Beautiful. Let's do either side here. Go and bend and extend one and open and band. And when you come up you can open your arms.

Keep that tension on the band and bend and open. And last one, get there and halt from here and round, creative flection and twist and reach away from you and open your arms up and back, back, back, back, back, back, and come back in again. Exa and inhale. Exhale and inhale, smile, smile, smile and come back. And beautiful. Now we're going to stand up and we're going to finish a couple more exercises. We're going to tie some of the exercises that we did in the beginning, uh, at the end right now. So from here, let's do this. We're going to basically go back the flat hands, palms in here and you're going to straight your legs and your arms is going to be 90 degree angle. So from here, right foot is going to go up, you're going to scoop and you're going to grab some band from the left. Higher it is.

It's going to be less resistance and lower you grap there's going to be more resistance, right? So once you do this with the left foot, now we're going to do flection and we're going to go up knee flection. Feel that resistance and come back in and to death. And three beautiful four. Yes, five snatched about the strength.

Sabato connection and relax. Now transfer your way to the left and open. Now the right once again and open and close and to feel grounded. And three, four hands, elbows, feet, knees, hip, head. Everything is connected. Last one, open.

Come back in and right from here. Now where are we going to do? You're going to actually bring the left leg behind you and the arms in front of you. Son. Going to walk Justin A. Little bit forward because I have a trapeze stable. So from here, once again, I'm bending arm, reaching back, arms in front of you. You're going to arms up and legs up. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold it there. Palms up and open. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Sorry. I don't, I can only do a 10 pulses. I can not do less than 10 all right, let's undo it.

So if you're going to do other side and other tip, when you grab it, don't grab it close to your heels. Grab it close to your toes. So when we do back extension exercises, the band will not slip from your heels. So right here, let's do right hip extensions and reflections. One, two and three and four. Two more. And one beautiful. Transfer to the right, left leg and open and close. And two, three. Awesome. Four and five. Six. So good.

So from here we're going to reach back with the right and forward and together. One, two, feel nice and long. Three, four, five, six. Hold it, palms up. Ready? And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, 10 oh one nine last one. And come back in and relax. Beautiful. From here, feet a little wider. And we are holding from the top, almost done.

We're going to inhale two small extension Xcel to flection in her extension, a XO flection. Inhale extension. Now from here. Hi flection hugger three. But it's a law hugging a tree. You don't want to do hide bit. The band will roll over your head, so you want to keep it low and round from the thoracic spine XL. And we're going to inhale open to the right, bend your right knee an extent.

Come back center and inhale and exhale. And uh, let's add smile x, [inaudible] x and inhale. Exhale. Excellent. Last one. And inhale x beautiful feet together. Bring the bat upon over and slowly from here you're going to roll down. Hook your feet underneath you. I mean the band underneath you.

Here we go. There's two loops. I heard that too. All right. I didn't even understand where I said right there. All right, so from here, now we have two handles. From here, slowly you're going to roll up. Feel the resistance, stretch your legs, lift your shoulders up, make a circle and relax and uh, create organic movement and inhale and up. Shoulders. And last one, dive in. Good. Stay here. Release the bank and open the band. Let's put him ride on top of your head again.

Remember this is how we started. Yeah, fill the length, see how you feel. Hopefully you'll feel a lot more connected. Phil Nye Central and from here, open your feet if we'd have park, just too gentle rotation, right. Maintain your connection. Nothing changes. Nice and two more sets. Beautiful. You can close your eyes. Just feel the position of your neck, hands, spine, legs.

Come back, center a couple of more knees, up and down. Oh, nice and tall. Close your riders. Bring the band up and over and roll down. Take the loops of your feet. Stay down and make a ball with the band and keep it in your hands.

Bend your knees and slow the roll up. Slowly roll up. Keep the hands in front of you. Really make a tight, small roll. Transfer it to your right hand. Reach forward and turn to the side. One more squeeze. Drop the Mike and let's walk and thank you so much.

I hope you enjoy the connection on math class. There's a, as I say, this a part of the connect method and it was a pleasure to be here again and see you. Until next time.


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Looks amazing!! I need to get my hands on a long theraband- can’t wait to try this class. Love the creativity, cueing, and humor🤗
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Just a perfect morning! Thank you.
Viktor Uygan
Hi Erin Thank you for your comment. let me know how it goes when you get to try the class
Viktor Uygan
Hi Viera I love perfect mornings... :)
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Really lovely, creative work. I only have a green theraband that length, and it was too heavy for many of the exercises. I was able to modify, but I think it will be worth getting the yellow to experience the class as intended.
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Hi, would the band be okay for those who may have neck compression, cervical issues or would the band across shoulders work just as well ?

thanks !
Viktor Uygan
Hi Rachel Thank you for trying the class! Yes, you will have more success with a yellow band. I created this class with the Yellow band and not as much for resistance but for an emphasis on tactile connections between limbs and the body. If the band is heavy for any movement decrease the range of movement and focus on connection that band provides
Viktor Uygan
Hi T C Great question. The tactile pressure the band creates on standing exercises should be done relatively light and for feedback purposes. This pressure could be adjusted by leaving a larger space between your hands before you place the band on top of your head. As always avoid this exercise if there is any discomfort or pain. Placing the band on the shoulders good alternative as well!
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Oh my, I loved every second of this class. Victor, your use of the theraband is absolutely genius, creative and inspiring. I cannot wait to use and teach your moves. Thank you.
Viktor Uygan
Thank you for your comment Belinda You made my day 😊 I am happy you like the creativity and finding useful. Let me know how it goes
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