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Build stability into the powerhouse with this Cadillac workout by Niedra Gabriel. She teaches a class for all levels that is great for group classes on the Cadillac or Tower. She starts with a warm-up that will set up your powerhouse then progresses to basic but effective movements.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Magic Circle

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Nov 19, 2018
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Good afternoon everybody. I am here at the beautiful Palazzos anytime studio with this beautiful backdrop. And my student today is going to be Nicole Hawthorne, the owner of Temple polarities in Ventura, who has graciously agreed to be a volunteer body for this Cadillac or tower workout. Now this workout is really in a sense in all levels, one and can be taught as a group class. So it has a lot of moving parts. It can be applicable for all levels. So Nicole, please sit down on the, on the mat with your legs up in front of you and you knees bend holding the magic circle. I start with, you want to set up love setting up.

We start setting up the powerhouse. So the most important thing is that the person understand where the power house in feet together. If you can knees together, arms out in front of you, elbows soft. Now most important is integrating the lats, which is part of the power to take your armpits, pull them into towards the ribs. Now roll down on the Mat, rolling through the spine. You take the arms back to the magic circle touches without using the losing this connection. Bring the arms back, lift your head curl, sit up tall two more times. Rolling down armpits pulling down. My goal as the clients are working is that they find this lat connection, which is very, very important. One more time. Most women especially, they don't have no lats.

Roll Back

They got shoulder tension and neck tension. So stretch your legs out and this is just a warmup. Open your feet, move a little bit back, move back. Love. Put Your your magic circle between the ankles. Now we start getting into the hips. Flex your feet. Magic circle is between the knees come up to sitting. You start sitting arms.

Roll Up Variation

A long legs are straight. Squeeze the magic circle from your bottom. Roll down. So people work from the extremity in. We want them to start focusing in from the trunk out. Squeeze your bottom and up. Keep those feet nicely. Flex. Drill down again and roll up scooping the stomach.

Try to get as much articulation of the spine as you can as you roll down, arms back. And if the arms roll back up. Very, very good. Take the magic circle. Bend your knees, place it between your knees, sitting up, arms along, squeeze the magic circle. Get your feet a little closer hip with the part, and then roll down to the mat, keeping the squeeze. Reach the arms back without letting those ribs fly up and lift your head and roll yourself back up two more times like this. As you roll down now, keep the back ribs into the mat. Can you open without these inflating roll up? And this time when you roll down, you keep your hands by your sides and now your hands behind your head.

Roll Back Variations

So now we connect specifically into the stomach. Engage those ribs, lift your head and chest. Then use your upper rib cage rips to waist to work and down again. So just a few of these to get a sense of this trunk connection. And as you do this, please also start to find the armpits to the waste connection. So we're integrating the whole trunk. One more time like this, press and come back down. Very good. Hands by your sides.

Chest Lift

When you feet a little closer to your bottom. Squeeze the magic circle a few times. So we're working the add doctors and now start to add the outer thighs. Keep going with the squeeze and your glutes. Very, very good. Now squeeze. Lift your hips up and roll down, articulating through the spine.

Bridge with Adduction

So the lip bring your feet closer to Unical. Lift your hips up. You squeeze and lift from your bottom on the way down. Soften this sternum. People remain inflated in here. And again, squeeze and buttocks. Go Up and saw fun. You want to get this melting feeling in all the way through the spine and the way down. This time you squeeze and lift. Stay up and squeeze the magic circle. So we are now integrating this hole and activating the hips, the glutes, the inner thighs, the outer thighs.

So the lower part of the powerhouse. Roll everything down. Very good. Take the magic circle with your hands. Put your feet in it. Stretch your hamstrings up. Stretch your heels to the ceiling. Give yourself a nice stretch. Press your tail down. We really want the hamstrings to stretch.

Hamstring Stretch

Now place the magic circle on the outside of the knees, feet on the mat. Start stretching out with the knees. So you're really activating. This is what you, no talk of the pubic bone. Lengthen it. So as you're pressing out, you don't want this pelvic rotation. You really, really, really spend time isolating it. Very, very, very useful. Now press out, hold it. Now you can talk a bit in. Lift your bottom up and meltdown. Okay.

Bridge with Abduction

And press widen and lift up. So we're strengthening the whole pelvic area, the glutes, the outer thighs, the inner thighs. And one more time and start pulsing out. So you're working into the outer thighs. You're scooping the stomach, you're making your glutes contract more and more. Even though your thighs are widening.

Good girl roll all the way down. Very nice, thick. The magic circle in your hands. Squeeze your knees in. Just give yourself a little squeeze. Now. Yes, hold the magic circle in your hands. Bring your legs to tabletop. So here we are. Now we have glutes, stomach, armpits, the way. So the whole trunk is engaged. Lift your head and chest up, deepening into your stomach and start doing single leg stretches in this position. So no hands, but I want to see you moving your legs from your bottom.

Single Leg Stretch

So there's a push pull happening. You're pushing and you're pulling a lot of resistance happening here. And one more time. Very good. Bend your knees in, lower down. So this is just warming up, getting the body ready again. Legs and tabletop. Lift now legs to the ceiling and lower the legs.

So lower and lifting, keeping armpits, the waist, stomach pulled in and up. The legs are lowering and lifting from the glutes. I want that little wrap high. They're very good. And one more time. Very good. Bend your knees and lower down. Now I take the magic circle. You have your hands behind your head and basic basic crisscross from your waist to your hips. Nothing happens.

Lower Lift

Lift your head and chest up and rotate elbow towards me. So you rotate to one side and back and rotate to the other side. Great place to start learning to where to get the rotation. No hip work at all, no hip instability. But the trunk is working. Keep those elbows wide. Get the whole rotation.

Criss Cross

Don't change the elbows. Good. One more time and lower back down to the mat. Very good. Reach back with your hands. Hold the polls above your head so you're whole. The polls are the both legs to the ceiling. Tic talks, stomach is pulled in and down. Lower your legs towards no towards me. The hips lift.

Tick Tock

Pull back, lower to the other side. And then rips waist, hips, hip lifts first. Reb, stay down. Poor ribs, waist, hip. Uh, there side Paul. One more time. Now the legs go towards your elbow and ribs. Waist, hip towards your elbow. And last one and other side. Lower the legs all the way down to the mat. Very good.

Now reach back and hold the hand. Arm Springs. So if you've set your apparatus up right, you barely have to adjust. Now they know what you're talking about. By now, pull the armpits to the waist. Big important factor. Many people will do this or pull the shoulder to the mat.

Arms Reaching Forward

I want the armpit to the waist. I wanted down, not back. Now extend the arms down and up. As you do this. Lift the stomach. Feel that nice long spine. If you're doing this right, you feel your back muscles working. It's not about the hands, it's about the connection and integration of the trunk and she's shaking. She's working so hard. Lift up. She is doing great. Open the arms 45 degrees down and up again towards the thigh, no towards your thighs. So when you have this wing like, but the most important part is that you find the connection into the armpit, to the waist area. It doesn't matter if the movement is big or strong.

Arms w/Diagonal Reach

It matters that you connect up. If you do it wrong, you're missing the gold. Come again and now you'll extend all the way down towards and little circles here, reaching through the hands of the armpits or pushing to the hands. The stomach is pulling up. The hips are nice and narrow. This the low spine is nice and long and there's no tension in her neck. So she's awesome. Bring the arms up. TRICEP curls.


Bend your elbows in and down and up as you do this. Keep this as the first time. You really have to work to keep the collarbones wide in opposition to the movement because naturally the shoulders want to go in. Doesn't matter if you get to the mat, it matters that you hold the frame and the trunk long. Okay, release, lovely work. And now moving into legs springs. So reach up, get your feet in the springs.

Tricep Press

Okay and bend your knees in whole the Poles above your head. I would like to hand to shoulder height a little bit higher. Very good. First Movement with your hands. Push and ground your yes, the whole trunk has to be grounded and in this position, just push out enough to catch the spring and find those glute muscles. This is the most important part with the stomach up and now the connection into the ladder. Now extend the legs out from these muscles. Come back. Don't lose the connection. Glutes and hamstrings.


So you never want to come into that full release point. We're building stability into the power house and the knee angle. Very important. Once they know what to do. Don't let the knees go too wide because they want. The knees aren't matching the arm pit.

Now extend the legs out and leg circles again. Stay in that connection right high up in the hamstring into the bottom. The stomach is lifting. Reverse the movement in the opposite direction. So to be honest, this is basic work, but this is very, very useful and you can really have almost anybody do this. Now you'll go for your scissors because once they feel the connection of the hamstrings, the glutes, the stomach, and the lats, that's the secret of all the more complex work.


Very nice. This is your last one. Bend both knees into your chest. This is the fun stretch called Peter Pan. Hold here or here with your hands. Anchor the pelvis. Take your right left leg out to the side. Do not. She's doing great. She knows I'd scream at her. People just flop all over. We don't want instability in the pelvis.


It's always a foundation is a trunk and then the stretch. Now both legs out. So wonderful hip openers with this work. Bring the legs back. Now let both legs to the ceiling and just again, one more time. This hamstring stretch. Very good. Bend your knees back.

Stretches for Hips

Hold the Poles above your head. Again extended. Find the hook, the springs and extended legs. 45 degrees, little walking steps going down and walking. Steps coming up, staying in the spring the whole time. So as a teacher you always want to be walking around checking. She's beautifully aligned in the middle. You can find people all over the place and these feet will go all wide, but you're building this midline, which is so important.


And then come halfway up. Start going into your bicycle so you're peddling. This is really amazing how people can distort this movement. The heel should track with the nose and the pelvis is not supposed to move at all. Also, how big the movement is, depends upon how much they can stabilize. Reverse it are the way. Making sure the stomach is constantly pulling up.


Very good. Lift both legs up to the ceiling. Anchor your right foot in front of the left so you have a little crossover. And now lower left. Really squeezing your inner thighs. That's it. So you have this deep work into the inner thighs. Legs are clamp together and the legs are extending from the glutes, other side. And again, lovely work. Bend your knees in Peter Pan. Bend the knees in hold and again, so every time she works hard, then she gets to relax and stretch.

Lower Lift w/Crossed Legs

Then she works hard. She gets to relax. Awe. Oh my God. One more time. First I gout. She's nicely anchored in the pelvis and back. Now ground your pelvis first. Feel both sides of the sacrum down.

Stretches for Hips

Do Not rock the client can figure this out for themselves. You nailed it. Thank you my lady. Both lights. So demand you will get what you ask for and back. Extend your legs to the ceiling and give them a nice stretch. Excellent work. Now take both straps out. Take your right strap, put it on your left foot and drop the other spreads spring to the side.

Now your hands are by your side. The setup is crucial here. Bend this knee. Check that the pelvis is square, so usually the right hip has to be down. The left hip bone is grounded. These sit bone muscles have to be wrapped. Bend this knee in. Push out just enough to your spring tension.

Single Leg Press

Keep your hips square, so knee opposite armpit, heel opposite nose. Now your left leg long. Don't lose it and extend out. I love this girl. She just winked at me. Extend. Keep this. That's it. So you really want to watch your client or yourself if you're doing it.

The temptation to swivel is huge because a spring is taught, pulling you off balance. It's such a massive improvement on the hips. You stay out long lifting, lower your leg, keep your stomach pulling up, keep the right side long and grounded because the spring is wanting to destabilize it. Now you go out just a little bit, catch a spring and single leg circles you cross away over and down around. So how big or small this movement in his pending the stability of the pelvis and trunk, it's all about your powerhouse being stable. In other words, a whole trunk being grounded. Only then do you start adding larger movement. Reverse the circles.

Single Leg Lower Lift

One more time. Excellent work. Bend your left leg up on the spring. Bend this knee. I'll take it out. You go figure four stretch, right. Make sure your hips are square. Give yourself a good stretch. Excellent. Bring the foot back down. Fun Our our our fun extra stretch. Drop the knee out to the side. Hip goes down first. Nigos down second, go into the dungeons of your hips.

Single Leg Circles

Love this stretch. Big Shock to the system. First Time you do it, change side. So now the spring will go on your left leg. Your arms are by your side. You can't bend your knee. Set your hips up first left hip long and down. Now you find it, you lock into the spring and now you extend your right leg without distorting. You will need to lengthen your left hip down a little more and now extend the leg out in, in. Watch the KNEECAP. Don't let it go too.

Figure Four Stretch

Turned out very easy to turn out more than you're supposed to. So the knee is tracking with the arm pit, so it's two turned out. There's your angle. The heel tracks with the nose, the knee tracks with the armpit. Excellent. Now extended lift and lower the leg. Keep that left hip down.

Single Leg Press

Very good. One more time like this. And now leg, single leg circles. You ground the left side as you circle around. Excellent work. So again, it doesn't matter how big the circle is, it matters that the pelvis is grounded. If you have someone who is riding their joints in some way, if you make them soften their knees, you're going to reverse. Now you soften the knee to make sure the gluten, the hamstring is really locking in because it's, it's kind of easy sometimes to ride the joints and then you want to get all those muscles nice and strong. Okay, good. Nicole, you're going to do your figure four stretch.

Single Leg Lower Lift

Check that your hips are square and then bring the knee up, pull it in towards you, and then put the foot back down on the mat and roll drops the knee to the right. Once it's dropped down, you push the left hip down and you press that left knee away from you. Also, I would go all the way, literally as Ohio. Then you slide this hip, then you slide the knee. It opens up surprising places in the body. Very good. Come back, bend your knees into your chest and then come up to a sitting position for rollback bar. So sitting with your legs nice and straight.

Single Leg Circles

Hold the bar with your hands. Long legs, long arm, gentle. Push down. Roll down onto your back. And here three times. Press to your thighs. One too. Excellent work. Lift your head in, roll up. So when you put that bar down, engage armpit to waist. Now roll down buttocks and stomach through the spine. When you deepen the arms to the thighs, you work the armpits to waist one, two, three. Lift your head and roll up. One more time. Armpits, the waist roll down. This time you pull your hands to the sternum, you pull the bar into the sternum. Excellent.

Figure Four Stretch

Makes sure those armpits to waist are still engaged. Lift your head and roll up lefthand in the middle, right hand, round your waist and roll down. Doesn't matter. Roll down. Take your right hand and slide it out to the side. So now we're stretching out. This is almost a release over you go, go, go, go, go, go. Old slide.

Roll Back Variations

Look up at that wrist. Make sure Bossa and slide your leg across. Bend your knee a little bit and slide the leg over. So here we want to make sure both hips along. You can work it all the way into the feet. Really open up that side of the body. Bring your foot back, bring your hand back to your waist and roll up other side. Roll down, slide the hand. Nice long stretch. Turn your head, look at the ankle and reach from the stomach.

Side Bend

You want to kind of feel inside this huge opening. We get very tight. You want to open it all up, bring the foot back, bring the hand back, lift your head and roll up and come up onto your knees for chest expansion so the arms will be long, a little bit further out and knees I hit, put the part or together it, whichever the client likes. Now three things, glutes towards each other. Stomach is pulled in and up. You engage the armpits down to the way. Some pull the arms down and up a few times so they find the connection of the movement into their trunk. The stomach lift, and this is so nice what she's doing now we add the head, push down and hold it had to the right head to the left.

Chest Expansion

Look straight, release the arms, move back with your knees for thigh stretch. So same position. Buttocks are tightened together for me. I'd like you to look down at your belly. So a little bit. We're ready. It's almost like stomach massage. Tighten a lot here. Spread the toes of your feet into the mat so we activate this part.

Thigh Stretch

Now hints backwards. Lifting your hip bones up. You try not to lean back. That's very common. I wanted all size. So hips go back, hips, hips, hips. This part you're going into a backbend. I don't want you in a backbend. Imagine your in stomach muscles look right down at your belly. Yes, just for now. So you spread in close, bottom tight, stay rounded like this. Now this is the only part. Your knees are what?

Bend and lower you can you sustain it? Make the legs. Yes, she's going half the distance, but now she's really working at perfectly. Ask them are some come back up. Very good. And now you will turn around and hold the bar behind you. And we start by placing the bar by your waist. Now would the opportunity is to pull the shoulders right back.

Can you close the front ribs and you iron your bottom out, down and up a few times. So the, the challenge here is to get the shoulders going back without the rib cage. Splaying don't let the shoulders hike up as you bend. Ah, one more time and up. Now extend your arms out behind you. Reach them back and bend them in. Push the bar down to get taller. Take them way back. Pull them in.

Rowing Back

Press down, lift the sternum even more and out. One more time. Pull back, push down, back and up. And now you reverse it down. Bend out, pull down, lift the sternum. One more time. Pull down, lift the sternum and reach the arms way, way, way, way back. Let go with the hands. And let's have you come up to a standing position. So we are progressing through the body. We set the powerhouse up.

We're working the limbs that she was lying down. Then she's sitting, now she's standing. Now we're starting to challenge the upright position. So step back for some squats. You want to move a little bit further back so you have nice spring tension. Your weight will be into the heels, right? Find that powerhouse. Use Your glutes and down you go.


So where the client stands will depend upon the spring tension. Very good. Can you go any lower? This is the light spring. She's used to working with a much stronger spring. Make sure you don't inflate the ribs. Keep the stomach in very good.

Now stop pulling the bar to your chest as you go. And this is almost easier. One and press and press down to lift. One more time. Very, very nice. Come back up. Walk in towards the spring to come out of the spring step inside. So that's the, the stick will be right below the bra line.

Arms Reaching Forward

Now you step forward a little bit. You want, I would suggest the elbows on the outside. Yes. Right now just like arms springs, you lean into it and you find the lock of the trunk. Buttocks are tied together and now you push out and in push and pursue the whole trick. Here are you, are your armpits connected to the waist? Is your stomach up? Is your buttocks tight? Is your body like a steel rod? And then you're increasing the range of movement. One more time like this.

Very, very good. Now can you bring the arms up with your elbows bent? You will need to move the elbows in side. Lift up for triceps. So now elbows are in same lock glows, the ribs pips tight and you extend the arms. So you have to go above the bar here. You reach the arms. That's it. Yeah. You have to find that place. Reach the arms, reach the arms. Are Your buttocks nice and tight for one more time?

Tricep Press

By now you're going to bend the elbows down. Walk back and come on out from under that bar. I'm setting up your safety chain over here and you will be lying down on your back with the push through bar. Um, I have it on one spring. Red. This looks terrible. Hold on. Not used to the safety strap. I'm used to a safety chain.

Excellent. We did it. Okay. Your head has to be at back edge. Fine. Push the bar up with, we'll get this right in the middle. Put your feet in a Pilati stance. Hold the polled above your head. Now, high heeled shoes. Really, really important. Wrap the hamstrings tail bone down. Stomach grounded. You do not lose this wrap. This is a micro move.

Pilates Stance

It doesn't look impressive with the hard work. Bend your knees. Do not lose your buttocks and then squeeze the legs to straight. You'll have to keep going. You don't. Not lose these high heel shoes. I think you can go more buttocks. The type do not lose what happens to people. Keep going, Nicole.

The hips release. People do a big movement, but they disconnect. This is all about creating this connection here. Okay? Stretch the knees one more time and stretch. Now flex your flexing point a few times. Don't lose the rack.

Very good. Bring your feet parallel. Same thing. Wrap the hips, bend and straighten the knees. Keep your legs and high heeled shoes. Yes. This is not very impressive to look at. It's so much work in the hips when you do it correctly. It's fabulous. Very good and flex and point. Don't lose those hips and you can see as a teacher, the glutes side are pulled together and those inner hamstrings work or they're released. Very nice. Walk your feet to the width of the bar.

Tendon Stretch

Very good. Push up and bend and straighten again. I want to see the rep and really narrow. So you're taking these femur bones into the socket. You're not letting yourself lose it. Okay, very good. One more time. Flex and 0.2 or three times.

Toes Parallel

Very good. Bring your feet together. Pilati stands and left foot to the mat. Square those hips and bend and straighten five times with this one leg. Do not go too deep or you disconnect. Very important. She's doing great because I can see her really struggling not to just release into the movement. Other side, other leg. Again, wrap those hips and five times.

Tendon Stretch

Okay, try not to lose the ankle. What happens is people disengage. One part to get freedom and another part and you want to watch him like a hawk. Both legs. Go back up, bend your knees, grab the bar with your hands, get your feet out and lengthen the legs. Keep your elbows close into your body. Push up with both hands. So keep back and forth. Bend and straighten.

Second Position Toes

So now we're back to a little bit of arm work again. Armpits connect to the waist. The stomach is pulled up. Now a few with your elbows out. And again, keep the armpits connecting down. So crucial, crucial, crucial. Gets them out of the neck into strengthening the trunk.

Tendon Stretch

Very now left-hand stays on right and push up five times. Keep that armpit pulling down towards the waist. Very nice and other hand. And Push. Two, three, four and five. Very good. Now some fun stuff. I'm removing the spring, both hands on that bar and press a bar to straight and roll up to tease or legs come up as well. Roll up and roll down.

Single Leg Press

Bend your arms and again, roll ups. Scoop through the stomach and roll down. One more time. Roll up low and lift the legs three times and lift the legs from the stomach, from the stomach roll down. And this time you roll up again. Pull up to teaser. Now left hand reaches towards right foot. You bring them together.

Tricep Press

This doesn't move a lake and back and other leg pulls up. That's it. And again, keep that bar pushing up. First Flake. So the late that staying doesn't move other lakes. So you all stomach. One more time. Foot and leg reach even more foot and leg.

Shoulder Press

Don't bend that arm and roll down to the bar. Roll Roll. Now your exit, your glamour exit. From this. You'll push the bar up as you sit the new swing, your legs to the front, push that the bar come down. Very good. This is just for group class so you can release and you are going back to the other side. You're visiting the other side and [inaudible] coming to standing for arms. So standing arms springs turn around to face away and hold the springs with your hands.

Single Arm Press

[inaudible] hunching or boxing. Most important thing is this, finding the wrap. The stomach do not overinflate armpits to waste. How much of a lien the person has. Depends upon spring tension, body size and so forth. So it's different for different people. Yeah. So you're really working with from the full trunk. Now you add a lunch.

Teaser Variation

So one arm goes forward and the opposite leg goes into a lunge. Yes. So the buttocks are working super hard. So buttocks and stomach are working. Lots of working. Everything's working. That's it. One more time. Excellent. Very good. Walk back a little bit. Take your arms to the side for a hug. A tree.


Elbows are lifted, armpits are down. Armpits down. There we go. Find your box stomach tight, buttocks, close those arms and open. Try to keep your elbows lifted so there's a lot of like wrapping around and that's it. One more time like this pole. Very good. Walk back. So you're no spring tension. Let go. Turn around, face the springs and hold them with your hands for chest expansion. You're in Pilati stance. You start same way.

Boxing w/Lunge

Glutes. A tight stomach is in armpits. I engage. Pull down and back with the arms. Very good. Now lift your heels as you pull back, lift the heels as you go and down and lift the heels and down. Now stay up there and do pulses with the arms opening the chest. Buttocks. A tight stomach is strong. Lots of working. Super, super, super hard.

Hug A Tree

Release the arms to lower your heels down. Let go the spring turnaround face the other way and you will go out and do a plank. So scoop your stomach to roll down to the floor or to the mat. Walk all the way out to a plank. Oh my goodness. Nice type, but she swung about, I'm all over the place. Walk back with your bottom, even walk back, walk back, walk back, walk back, roll yourself all the way up to an upright position.

Chest Expansion

Now myth, Nicole Hawthorne, I thought you were perfect. So this is what people do all the time. Even the pros, the best of the best. Do this. They have this nice, strong powerhouse and then they go flop, flop, flop. Here I am in my plank. And then they go back either flopping or they stick the bottom up to get back.

Plank Breakdown

That's the yoga in fruit. So we have spent a whole workout integrating this and then moving the limbs without losing the connection. So please, when you go down, find this powerhouse, and when you go out, do not move those hips all the way around so you're nice and locked and on the way back, use your stomach to pull you up, not your sit bone. So your stomach is pulling you straight back and then you will up to an upright position. So let's have a demonstration of massively improved abilities here. So round yourself down.

Walk all the way out. So much better. Really squeeze your bottom. Just little tiny wiggles. Now, not big ones. Use this part to bring you back up with the stomach. Walk in. Start walking in with your hands. Don't take the hips too far. Keep Berry and roll all the way up. Very nice.

Please step down to the floor and looking facing forward. Big Breath in. Fill yourself up with great, beautiful, wonderful energy. Breathing out. Let go of anything that bothers you. Taking everything that you did. Thank you very, very much.


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I love you Niedra!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Great class Niedra! I really loved the warm up with the magic circle and how everything layered so beautifully.
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Thank you for this class!! I really loved that you worked on the Mat rather than off the ends- that can get tricky with Limited space! Loved the warm-up with the magic circle
Yvonne M
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Great class!! Loved the flow and rythm (and your cueing as usual), thanks Niedra :))
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you lovely ladies Anne P. Yvonne Mel W Season and Michelle ,
I am so grateful for your commentsand as it is Thanksgiving tomorrow - I hope you have the most power filled, inspired, joyful day, whether you work out or not. Life is to be enjoyed and our work with bodies is to keep us healthy for the rest of our lives!
beautiful class ! thanks :)
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i enjoyed this class but i did feel it was a little rushed.
i also feel that cueing the use of your stomach is not an accurate or useful cue as the stomach is an organ not a muscle. (just my humble opinion)
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My studio has a Cadillac and I think I could modify this workout to do at home with Bodylastics bands (for at least the first half). The machine, though, is the best!
Michele M
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Wow Nedra That was wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed thinking of using my bum and back body to stabilize and will do this more often;)
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