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Powerhouse Cadillac

35 min - Class


Build stability into the powerhouse with this Cadillac workout by Niedra Gabriel. She teaches a class for all levels that is great for group classes on the Cadillac or Tower. She starts with a warm-up that will set up your powerhouse then progresses to basic but effective movements.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Magic Circle

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Good afternoon everybody. I am here at the beautiful Palazzos anytime studio with this beautiful backdrop. And my student today is going to be Nicole Hawthorne, the owner of Temple pol...


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I love you Niedra!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Great class Niedra! I really loved the warm up with the magic circle and how everything layered so beautifully.
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Thank you for this class!! I really loved that you worked on the Mat rather than off the ends- that can get tricky with Limited space! Loved the warm-up with the magic circle
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Great class!! Loved the flow and rythm (and your cueing as usual), thanks Niedra :))
Thank you lovely ladies Anne P. Yvonne Mel W Season and Michelle ,
I am so grateful for your commentsand as it is Thanksgiving tomorrow - I hope you have the most power filled, inspired, joyful day, whether you work out or not. Life is to be enjoyed and our work with bodies is to keep us healthy for the rest of our lives!
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beautiful class ! thanks :)
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i enjoyed this class but i did feel it was a little rushed.
i also feel that cueing the use of your stomach is not an accurate or useful cue as the stomach is an organ not a muscle. (just my humble opinion)
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My studio has a Cadillac and I think I could modify this workout to do at home with Bodylastics bands (for at least the first half). The machine, though, is the best!
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Wow Nedra That was wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed thinking of using my bum and back body to stabilize and will do this more often;)
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