Class #3575

Mat Fusion Combinations

60 min - Class


Create movement, length, and space with this Mat fusion workout by Courtney Miller. She incorporates fitness, yoga, plyometrics into the class, focusing on learning recovery so you can maintain the Pilates principles during fatigue. She includes fun combinations and variations that will make you forget that you are working out!
What You'll Need: Mat


Hi guys and hello to you guys in the studio with me. Thank you for joining me. A, we will be doing a mat fusion class, so this class will incorporate fitness and some yoga and some plyometrics and lot...


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Fun fun fun! Courtney can we have weekly fun classes☺️☺️🙏
I'm only 20 mins into this class and already commenting to say how much I love it!
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Courtney , you are awesome! Always fun, always challenging and innovative!
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As usual, LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thanks Courtney!
What a great class, so challenging, but still so flowing! I have to put in into my favourites right away. Thanks Courtney!
Fantastic class. It's always a plasure to see your class💚Thank you so much Courtney
Great! More please. More Courtney, more mat fusion 🙏
Love Courtney. Thank you from Bonnie Scotland 🙏
Whoo - one of my favorite mat classes ever! Loved the core work combinations!
That was fantastic. Thank you Courtney. Love your combinations and ideas. So creative. xx
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