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Strong Mat Variations

45 min - Class


You will feel so strong after this Mat workout with Mariska Breland. She works on the hollow body position, commonly seen in gymnastics, so you can feel strength from the inside out. In addition to the creative exercises she teaches, she includes many Plank variations so you can work on this concept in different positions.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Mariska from Fuze, Flonase in Washington DC and I'm joined by these beautiful people who've come out on what might be a stormy day, um, to do a little mat class. And, um, I hav...


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Great class ! Awesome body stretch"!
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Yay!!! Another Mariska mat class!! Thank you for a creative and challenging workout
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Mariska! So much LIKE!!! Love the side plank leg circles, and the side lunge into the lateral stretch. OOooh! Can't wait to integrate these into classes! Thank you!
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So happy to see you back, Mariska! This class can be deceiving. By the look of it...looks no problem. But when actually doing it, it is very challenging! Loved it and all different variations of the exercises! Thank you!!!

Do you ever incorporate the foam roller into your class? If so, would love to see it.
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You know how happy I am with you and Abe in the same room!!! I feel great this morning after taking your class last night Mariska!!! Thank you!! And nice 🐓 arm movement!! 😘😘
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Love the different variations!
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great class, thank you. Loved the chicken wing roll up/teaser!
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I am tired but opened after this one. Thanks.
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amazing class!! can't wait to do again. thanks!!
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Update to my comment last night : I have not been sore from a Pilates workout in a long time. This was really a great one !
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