Class #3577

Stabilize and Mobilize Mat

30 min - Class


Have fun and enjoy movement in this Mat workout by Amy Havens. She starts with a gentle shoulder opening, using the Foam Roller and Weighted Balls to assist. She then moves on to stabilizing exercises before finishing with some juicy mobility.
What You'll Need: Mat, Weighted Balls (2), Foam Roller


Hi everyone. I am here for a workout with you and today we'll need the foam roller and some hand weights or the weighted balls. And so use your discretion if you want weights or balls. Uh Huh. So we'r...


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Love this! Great for anyone wanting to have open shoulders. Short but good intensity. Thank you Amy. Your pants are fabulous.
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Amy is the best!
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Loved this. Didn't have much time this morning and really wanted to stretch. This class was unexpected in that it utilized the foam roller in ways i never had. Thanks Amy great way to start this day.
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Consider this class added to my AFTER-WORK / DRIVING-CAR / FEELING STIFF-routine. Wonderful class, @Amy Havens
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Love this roller work! And those pants!
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Lovely - thank you! And those leggings match my Bengals !
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Amy Havens ! Thank you !! You are one of my favorites 🙂
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Gorgeous stretch, thanks Amy x
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I also enjoyed using the foam roller in new ways. I did feel like I would have liked a little more verbal cueing since a lot of the positions I couldn’t see my monitor. But really enjoyed this class. Thank you.
delicious, balanced class!
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