Class #3577

Stabilize and Mobilize Mat

30 min - Class


Have fun and enjoy movement in this Mat workout by Amy Havens. She starts with a gentle shoulder opening, using the Foam Roller and Weighted Balls to assist. She then moves on to stabilizing exercises before finishing with some juicy mobility.
What You'll Need: Mat, Weighted Balls (2), Foam Roller


Hi everyone. I am here for a workout with you and today we'll need the foam roller and some hand weights or the weighted balls. And so use your discretion if you want weights or balls....


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Love this! Great for anyone wanting to have open shoulders. Short but good intensity. Thank you Amy. Your pants are fabulous.
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Amy is the best!
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Loved this. Didn't have much time this morning and really wanted to stretch. This class was unexpected in that it utilized the foam roller in ways i never had. Thanks Amy great way to start this day.
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Consider this class added to my AFTER-WORK / DRIVING-CAR / FEELING STIFF-routine. Wonderful class, @Amy Havens
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Love this roller work! And those pants!
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Lovely - thank you! And those leggings match my Bengals !
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Amy Havens ! Thank you !! You are one of my favorites 🙂
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Gorgeous stretch, thanks Amy x
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I also enjoyed using the foam roller in new ways. I did feel like I would have liked a little more verbal cueing since a lot of the positions I couldn’t see my monitor. But really enjoyed this class. Thank you.
delicious, balanced class!
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