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Class #3591

Day 3: Lower Body

35 min - Class


Welcome to Day 3! Today, Tracey tests your balance by including standing exercises without a Barre that are designed to target your lower body. She teaches simple but effective movements that will improve your trunk and glute stability. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Mat, Sliders (2), Overball


Hey guys, it's day three <v 1>today. Yes, we are working on the lower body. Yes, we love to work our lower body. So we are going to be doing some bar type movements, standing wit...


That was one challenging workout for me today. Must admit I woke up tired. I will repeat this one again when I am more rested. But loved the sequence and the stretching. Thank you.
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Thank you Tracey, These classes are for sure getting me out of my comfort zone! Which is exactly what I need! I rest on Sunday but I will be back my friend! So excited to see the other classes! Happy New Year!
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Loved this so much! I don’t have sliders but paper plates worked pretty well on my hardwood floor. Thanks!
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I’m enjoying this challenge so much! You are amazing! You make everything appear to be easy! Wish I had half the grace. It is not only challenging physically but mentally. (Mind and Body) I think my booty will be screaming 😱 a little bit later. Thank you so much for your commitment to Pilates! Look forward to continuing this through the new year! Happy New Year Tracey!🎉🍾
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Loooooove this challenge!! Thanks for this beautiful New Year gift :)) Happy 2019 to you Tracey and to the wonderful PA team :))
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Happy New Year! Challenging YES! Thank you Tracey
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Simply proves what I already know, I am not in great shape but then that's why I am doing this. Thanks!
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These workouts are the perfect length of time, so upbeat, challenging (balance with that first section, this time around!)... and I just love all your workout outfits, Tracey! Could a line of clothing be next for you? Thank you for doing this series!
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Tracey I am loving every class thank you so much
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Thank you Tracey I loved it!
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