Class #3591

Day 3: Lower Body

35 min - Class


Welcome to Day 3! Today, Tracey tests your balance by including standing exercises without a Barre that are designed to target your lower body. She teaches simple but effective movements that will improve your trunk and glute stability. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Mat, Sliders (2), Overball


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Hey guys, it's day three today. Yes, we are working on the lower body. Yes, we love to work our lower body. So we are going to be doing some bar type movements, standing without a bar. See how at balances working, and then we're going to work on the lower body with some flighters and then we're going to go to the floor. Are you ready to have some fun? All right, we're going to find that rhythm. You're ready? We're gonna walk through the fee where you go. Whoa. We always thought I'd work out for this lovely little walk the feats.

Get the center. Get us into that room with them for three, two. Now open, open, and close. Open Up. That helps this warming up too. Last time, Holly, here, let's step it out. The five that just warming up that body easy-peasy, right? You go to the other five legs, they're going to work really hard today. You're going to love it. Let's do full. Pull the bra up. Ready for the other side. [inaudible] last time. You're going to hold it here. Hold. I'm told out.

Alright. We're getting ready to move with the hands out and open and take it over to your side. Now we're going to came into power Lao position. Take the way over. Pull the scapula down. Ready? We go up now you can see, and my leg is going up and down. Now we're going to lift it up. There you go. Give me four more. Four, three, two, one.

Take it fat. Reap the hand forward. [inaudible] swimming. There we go. Lifting that leg. Supporting like his Bentz grieving. [inaudible] hold it up there. Hold. Now we're going to bring it in. We go in at, in keeping that recording like Ben. Good. Keep it.

Go in and go to stabilize. Holy. Yeah, the side too. When toes out. Yeah, it looks totally rotated. Turned out now. Woo. Great. Do you want to take it back? Back into your swimming, but now that's totally rotate. That means we turned out of the hip. Now the supporting leg is working like crazy. I can feel it.

Give me four more. Four, three, two, and one more. Now reach out in and out. Fairly. Go. Slow looking. Good. Beautiful. Bring the legs together. Take it out now. Powell out the here, bounce it through the leg, out the five. Ready? Vigo and then we some lifting that leg. Remember that side leg is lifting? Yeah, we're going to go with that rhythm. Now let's go.

Give me, pull him off. Four, three, two, one. Take you back. Three. Keep forward, Tim. We're going to go into lovely swimming. Your toes according thing for it and abs pulled in. Beautiful. Give me full. No. Four, three, two, one. We still leg out. We're going to go in parallel.

Feeling good and not supporting leg. It's working like crazy. Last time. Take the leg all the way around. Turn the toes out. We're ready to go again. Pull those apt in. Let go. Four, three, two. Now you're turned out this time.

Ready? We go into your swimming, but this time you're turned out and your supporting leg is bent. Keep scooping out those apps to balance. Last time there we cheetah. We can go slowly, slowly, slowly in. If it's too challenging, the leg and go to the flow and tap it to the floor. Good. Keep that control.

How are you guys doing here? Give me one more for good luck. Take it all the way round. Bring the legs together. Woo. Yes. You felt the more on the supporting leg and that's a good thing. All right guys. Get ready. Now we're going to go for the flighters. All right.

Let's pick up your flight. You're going to put one foot on your slider hand. You're going to bend your knee. Now your foot is going to slide behind and there's like lovely third position. Okay, now I'm going to find that rhythm.

All right, you're ready to take it out in, in we go out. Pick up the pain slowly behind. That's add to mom. Awesome job. Keep that stabilizing leg. Ben, you're ready to think about that double time. We go. Take it back. You see that transition? You're lifting up.

You're pitching your body for banding that knee body for it. Add for moms. We circle around. Elongate back upright. One, Elongate your ears a by your biceps. Good smile was good for what? The beauty. I don't care what anybody says. It feels good. It's satisfying. One more.

We get out now we're going to press back. Press the teeny tiny pollsters. Silence. Tiny. Okay, well, three, two, one. Let's go forward. Stretch it out. Enjoy that stretch. [inaudible] bring it back.

Your feet are turned out. We go in and out. Get turned out in breeds scoop out low. The half, four, three, two, one. Gone. Eight Maga. Yeah. Four, three, two. I'm pulling it up. Oh my little. That feels really good. Blow this up. All the way up. Woo. To out the other side.

You Ready? Got Plenty of time for stretching later. Right now it's about the lower body and about balance. Okay. Hands on your hip. Shoulder blade. Yeah, go ahead and let's get going. We go out. Keep that bent leg down. It's just supporting stabilizes side. You're ready. Let's go.

[inaudible] Woo. Feel that supporting like working [inaudible] holiday here. Slow now at those arms. Your arms kinda want to go with the body's just an off position and just moving those arms. Keep it sore. Supporting like Ben. Pick it up. Got It. A little bit harder with those arms. I can do it. Three, two, one.

Take you back to the colliding down. That's where we called it the slighter. So you're going down, lift up and the back knee down, up. Bend the knee. Now let's see if we can add those arms. We circle forward, forward, back, [inaudible]. Let's do a couple more selection at hurts.

Anybody black time already. Now posted can always do a little bit more. We just never want to do a little bit left. That doesn't work right. Grin and barrettes as we say for three to come all the way down. Hold that stretch. Rotate fairly broad in the booty, in the glutes. Come full with those legs. The turndown ready, Ni, repeat a turned out in and out. Woo.

That front leg is burning. Yes, I can feel it with you. You get too much. Take a break and piggy back up again. Remember, this is the challenge. Go on. Eight seven, six Oh three two woo. Rolo the way up. Stretch it out. Good it. Slide those sliders away and just walk it out.

How are you feeling? Good. Take the leg nice and wide. We're going to squat the squat and this squat. It's just basically here. Just basically just stretch out those legs with now we're going to go onto the floor now. Just want you to stretch out those hamstrings a little bit. One more wholly here. Stretch it out.

Give yourself a little shake and then slowly roll all the way up. All Right, nice work. All right, we're going to get down on the floor now. Okay for go grab your math. No, we're going to pick up on lovely bowl. Okay. Grab your bowl. We're going to start in a quadruped head position. Then take your ball behind the back of the knee and put the hands forward.

Then we're going to lift that leg up there. Very simple. We are going to get the hips square for us. Shine the light attached to your hips down to the floor. Now we're just going to lift it up. Now it's a classic hip extension broody exercise.

The classic ones are always the best. However, they still need to be done correctly. That means that common theme is your cool is initiating. Your upper body is stabilizing and you are moving at the hip joints. Good. Now. Take it to the side side. Very simple here. Now look with the knees. It's pointing to the side.

Good lip. Scoop out those, Huh? Good. And this? Four, three, two, one. Easy, easy, easy, and choreography, but not easy in your effort. All right. Push away from the floor. Scoop those apps. You're ready? Let's go. Remember, we're only on day three.

Remember that? Okay. Pulled out tabs in with gradually progressing. Keep pushing away from the floor. All right guys, let's take it to the side side.

My shoe, my knees directly to the side. Woo. Keep it going. Keep smiling, watching it sink in between the shoulder blades. Four, three, two. Nice work. Stretch you back those hamstrings. Got It. Very easy. Oh, I just put the ball the way to the side.

Take it back into your crotch or pad position. Lift your back leg up. I'm going to just move a little bit further forwards here. Now we go up. Now the next combination. I'm going to go slowly first, so we go one stretch, one parallel, reach one or parallel, three out, one stretch, hips, one. We're going to go a little bit faster. You're ready? So we go. One hit in, one hit. Good.

I'm still pressing forwards and I'm stabilizing some of my upper body. Flexibility's always the key. The hips. Last time, Holly here, we're going to bend extent. Now Ilan Gay. Get over your wrists. Keep the thighs still fall more like this. Three, two. Now it gets harder. We go diagonal. Fuck.

Now I'm looking at that beautiful leg as it comes diagonal. [inaudible] can you see? I'm just looking at that leg. Slight side bend. [inaudible] it's when I'm scooping out those apps diagonally. US [inaudible]. Now crossing, lift, cross. We call this the Jane Fonda exercise and Ba, the cross and lift. Simple.

Flip for highly effective. That's what it's all about, class. We always want a good dairy. Yeah, looking good. One more hold. It's Ooh, shaky. Shaky. Stretch it out. Now we're going to swing the hips. There we go. To stretch it out. All right, you ready to try and go the other side so you the opposite leg back over your ribs at. Lift that leg. Now slowly for us, we go slow breath.

Feels nice in parallel. Shoot the leg out. This is really nice. After all that glute work you've just done, I think we can go a little bit faster now. One hits in breach, one breath full. Skip those apps. Push out. Make sure your hips, the squares, the full guys, I can't say that enough. Down Breath.

Keep with me or DUIs. We can do this now hold the he abandoned extension. Now keep your thigh still. Yes, those hamstrings are working just like we were just dealing with the ball, but you're really trying to bring your heels. You bought the path. Now Jay AGMA the side diagonal. Take it back. Now look to that foot. If it gets too challenging, you can come down onto your forearms and do it on your forearm. If your wrist is starting to hurt, you know, suppose stabilizing enough, just gently come down onto your forearms for a modification.

Last time you ready for you Jane Fonda. All these moves, you can see a taken from the bar. We have a bit of a bar. Less workout today. Three, two and one more. Hold it. Ooh, bend your knees back. Take you forward.

Shake it out. There you go. Shake it out. Don't worry. You're in your home. You're on your own. No one's watching. Who Cares? Let it go. Feel good with your hands over your hat. Release. Yes. The dreaded sideline is coming in. You know it. Take the hands here.

All right. Make sure your wrist. Okay. We go one, two, one tough side. That becomes that lovely stretch. Damn Nice. I do give you stretches, but your ass will be working the glutes, lifting them. Compromise, right like as a compromise last time called it de steppy bar. Make sure that first is my full sturdy.

We're going to bring the lagging front and hold it there. Look down in-full to get the back leg lifted up. Take the hand behind the head. Inhale, did that leg the same height just to pass it flexing forward. Exhaling back [inaudible] that bringing it forth flesh. Take you back. Bend the knee and try to look to that back leg. Hold it, reach back to the side. Come back. Yes, the other side. Reach over. Set yourself in position.

We go one, two, tap. Tap the upper body, stay stable, and then we can go into that stretch. Feels nice to work with glutes. Then you get that little stretch afterwards. It's lit. Lit. Last time lit.

She's doing piggy back there. Ready for your side or left. Get that leg nice and tight. Extended underneath leg side band. Hold it. Four, three, two, one. Beautiful. Take you back. Nida.

Hand on your head or hand behind your head. Lift. Polari cyclical. Hiko. Flex. Flex, pulling back. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. I'm being careful not to move the pelvis so much. I'm depressing my upper body and I'm trying to keep the leg the same height. Scooping out those a half the lifting up out the mat.

Laughter. Now slowly take it forward. Fuck. Bend that knee back in that lovely position and extend three and then come back. Ooh, we're going to turn around. Curl the toes underneath. Downward dog.

She's not going to hold it here. I'll start to walk through the feet or to, why don't we go in each week to shoot in the ledge. Paolo in. Yeah, the, here we go down the too. Good. Two down, but to see your glutes, the working and the active flexibility, but also you're working of stabilizing that supporting upper body to allow you to move at that hip joint. Just beautiful. It looks easy than what it is. I know last time you beat Paul did that. Bring the leg down, bend your knees, come back, royals up all the way up.

I'm going to walk around for Eddie Coia toes underneath. Come back, walk through the feet. Okay, now you're gonna walk that other leg. Now Bend your knee and shoot it up. Paddle the hell we go and shoot in. Shoot powwows the leg is not going to go naturally. That high.

Your hips facing forward in speech. Woo. Hello, goodbye. Those apps to now open the leg out so we go down, but to back [inaudible] got that guy that keeps looking in those apps. If this is too challenging, you can also do it here. So I'm keeping that physician and I'm going to keep it here for right now.

And you're trying to keep it that music is wanting to show you, put a little modification last time. Me and being the leg down. Paul the guy. Whoo. Bend your knees, child's pose, snake. Lift up, curl. Pack the time. Snake boards lift up. Come back. Hello self all the way. A beautiful work guys. We take the leg nice and wide. We want those lower body. My phone. Three need to stretch from now.

Sweet the hands out. Black beep beat. Now hold it here. Hold Ben. Breech the new 50 just open up the hip. Now switch off Ben, your feet. One More Paul is that having the light together.

Take your right leg, cross it in, friends, stretch it out. Put your hand forward for like another Alexis stretch. Oh just press your pelvis forward. Open up your chest. How do you feel? Feel worked out. Cause I do and I'm sure you do to help you feel those legs on fire.

Great lower body workout. Come up with the leggings and a lot of these exercise that you today are my go to exercises that I do on a regular basis. I really found them really how full for trunk stability, glutes stability. Cause most of all aesthetic sleep. We all want good functionality but we also want to look good to a lift up as go to the other side. Correct it out. Sweet. But little extra stretch that, yeah, just me and then come back. Press the pelvic floor, try not to scoop out on the stretches.

I know you've got your to do list right now and you're like, okay, I've done my 30 minutes workout, I got to get out of here. I got to go and pick up Billy from school. Whenever you gotta do you bought it still needs to stretch because you worked both lower body muscles. Pretty hefty today. Come forward, stretch it out. All that stretch [inaudible] right? Stretching is like a body massage. We all know we need to do it, but we never do it it. So that's why we love Palladia is because you have that active flexibility built into the workout.

So you don't really know that you really do and what you really are. Okay? Slowly come up, bring your legs together, take your feet a little bit wider, tiny toes out. One more stretch in the hip. Open Up. Bring your hands to your knees. You can push those legs apart and then bring the legs together and we'll leave that. Awesome. Awesome job, guys. We did five minutes today.

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Hope you feel good. You bought them. Will feel a little bit more Tice today. You're going to feel it. It's going to feel good. Have a great day. See You tomorrow.


That was one challenging workout for me today. Must admit I woke up tired. I will repeat this one again when I am more rested. But loved the sequence and the stretching. Thank you.
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Thank you Tracey, These classes are for sure getting me out of my comfort zone! Which is exactly what I need! I rest on Sunday but I will be back my friend! So excited to see the other classes! Happy New Year!
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Loved this so much! I don’t have sliders but paper plates worked pretty well on my hardwood floor. Thanks!
Laurie C
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I’m enjoying this challenge so much! You are amazing! You make everything appear to be easy! Wish I had half the grace. It is not only challenging physically but mentally. (Mind and Body) I think my booty will be screaming 😱 a little bit later. Thank you so much for your commitment to Pilates! Look forward to continuing this through the new year! Happy New Year Tracey!🎉🍾
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Loooooove this challenge!! Thanks for this beautiful New Year gift :)) Happy 2019 to you Tracey and to the wonderful PA team :))
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Happy New Year! Challenging YES! Thank you Tracey
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Simply proves what I already know, I am not in great shape but then that's why I am doing this. Thanks!
Lisa V
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These workouts are the perfect length of time, so upbeat, challenging (balance with that first section, this time around!)... and I just love all your workout outfits, Tracey! Could a line of clothing be next for you? Thank you for doing this series!
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Tracey I am loving every class thank you so much
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Thank you Tracey I loved it!
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