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Day 7: Strength Recovery

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Welcome to Day 7! Because yesterday's class was high intensity, Tracey slows today's class down so your body can recover. She still works on strength deep into your core while also opening your chest, back, and hamstrings.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Dec 26, 2018
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Hi guys, welcome to work out seven. Yesterday was a high intensity workout. Today is going to be less intensity. We're still working on strength, but let's center ourselves just a little bit more. Open up our chest, open up half back and hamstrings and focus deep into our call. So we're just going to place the hands down by the side of the body and we're just going to lift open and just open your chest. Let's try that again. We're going to lift up open palms, old crown, and again that's go forward, forward. Now just open your hands, palms up and open your feet. We're going to roll down slowly.

Roll down, XO roll all the way up the head is the last one. Call and again, inhale, roll down. Exhale one last time. Roll down, hold the hands here. Feet a little bit separated. Just bend the knees. We go down and down. Just let the head hang heavy. Good. And just banding those knees and extending those hamstrings three feet freely. Inhaling and exhaling.

Last time holiday here. Don't just look out onto the Arisun. Pull the shoulder blades down and send the tail bone back and then contract seeker and then draw the scapular down and look out onto the horizon. So the tailbone back one last time. We're going to come all the way up into your seeker position.

From here, place the hands down. Bring the legs together and bend your knees. Let's turn around. We're going to come to the edge and we're going to grab our ball. How am I going to slowly roll down, roll down through the spine. Arms are going to go overhead. Let's start with a roll up.

We'd take it, inhale and exhale, reach forwards and hold. Roll Down Lee. Hands over the head. Told her shoulder blades down and again, inhale and exhale. Reach forward and hold it that roll down slowly through each vertebra, over your head. Hold it and again. Inhale, slight pause. Exhale, roll forwards. Paul did, and inhale, scoop up those apps and hold down.

Inhale, sly, pause. Hold it there and roll up. From here we're going to bend into right knee, then the left knee and then come straight up to a straight spine. Just to lift. The arms up and down. So even though this is an easy movement, just think of how much you're opening up the chest. Feel that extension to the back. It feels lovely.

Couple more, one more. And then draw the shoulder blades down. Make a lettuce, see where the spine, hold it there, hold. And then slowly roll back up. Get that lovely extension and again, roll it down wholly here. Hold Tina to meet that and roll it up and all the staff for that beautiful stress. Try that again guys. And see curve. Hold it Dan. Just reach out, pull the ABS in and reach forwards.

Let's go a little deeper for three, two, one round. Lift up nice and tall. Take the hands forwards, twist, twist, center, twist, twist, center. So you're twisting from your torso. [inaudible] do I see you breathing? Inhale, keep stack shoulders over your head.

Santa's at again, it's just two more. This feels really nice. Center now left. And so we go to three. Now we're going to continue down into your seeker and bring it up back to a straight spine sica of lettuce. See, blow the air out and roll up. Keep it going. Feel the core, engage as she come up. And then you're gonna go for that nice stretch. So they apps activate here and then we will up when we go to a nice stretch, the abdominals turn off right here, but we're going to go back into it and then straight up. One more guys, take it down and bring it up. Seven, eight center reach. Flex feeds.

Take the ball forwards if you can hold it there. We're going to go extend Seca, extend Slido shoulder blades down and extends and back. Last time. Extend holding that brief. Flex the energy out to the heels. Holiday thigh release. Slowly come back up. Transition, bend the knees, fall, take the handles. Neaten. Nice. Ready? Squeeze that bowl down.

Squeeze. Take the hands by the side of the body slightly here. Pelvic Bridge, and then it rolled down. And again, pelvic bridge. Really use that spinal articulation rolling down two more, et cetera. All the way up. And then roll down. Sternum Clapton into the spine. One more time. Roll all the way up.

Hold it there. Now we're going to squeeze that pool. We're going to go squeeze, squeeze, float. The arms up, keeps squeezing. Feel those inner thighs. Feel your hamstring. That posterior train firing. Now we're going to assist the arms, right? Good. So again, that oppositional pole here and you're squeezing that ball.

Former three, two, one holdings, their region opposition. Imagine someone's pulling your hand opposite direction and then pass through the center opposite direction. Pulling you always being pulled in two directions. We have to find the center of those two directions in our body and your life. Back to center. All the here. Turn the palms in.

Open, closed. We go. Also, now we're going to add a little pelvic tilt. So going to go a little bit more neutral. Tilt. So the spine is going to a neutral harbor. We like the neutral harbors. You're not quite down on the floor. Never a little break right now.

Inhale, exhale, four. [inaudible]. Hold it there. The hands in that gorgeous stretch. How am I gonna roll down. Roll down. Inhale here. Exhale. Bend your head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Drop that tailbone down. Hold it up. Bring the knees that we go up.

Extend Bend, take it down, head down. Let me extend up. Bandied down, head down and lift thing the knees and lift. Bend the knees and down and lift. Holly here, take the legs up. Take the hands behind the head and flex and point. Flex points.

I'm going to cradle the head Lex and point and I remember I'm doing this workout with you in real time. Yesterday I did the intense workout with you. Today. I'm here doing this lovely strength recovery class so there's no excuse. I'm doing it with you to move. Now. Hold it here. Slowly bend the knees, drop the feet down and then roll back.

Release your hands. Take your hands out to the side. Now from here, keep your palms where they are. I'm going to circle. I'm going to try and roll all the way up. Now circle the hands that and again, inhale, circle down, c curve and then back. Yeah. Now remember you've got to really squeeze that ball. The ball is going to help you get up there at ducts. Is your inner thighs, your pelvic floor, your abs oval working together.

So use your goal. Okay, take it down. Exhale in house. Just do a couple more palm scooping those hands up, reaching and round. One more holiday here. Hero back speaker. Pump up. So now you're in the same little position as we were before, but now we've got those little arms going there and ponds are lifted. So open it externally, rotating that shoulder, trying to open up the chest and squeeze that at the same time.

Four, three, two, one. Hold it slowly. Come up. Beautiful. And dive yourself down. Grab your ball, reach your legs, forests, roll down. Bend your knees. Sandra. Tailbone up. Place it underneath the faker arm already. So you were underneath the sacrum. Find it where it feels comfortable. Now release your upper body. Head down, right leg chap position. Find just stability left. There we go. Find your stability. So on the knees, over your hips. All right, hold it.

Now we're going to drop the toes to the floor. So we go one, two, open together, down open. You're tapping your toes and then you're opening down kind of like a little diamond here. Good. Now cause it's too challenging. You don't have to go all the way down to the floor and you go to where you feel comfortable. Remember you're on the ball, you're pro perception is being challenged in this position. Forcing your apps to stabilize. Good down, looking good down. Give me one more now. Holiday here in and out.

So we go out and now you're going to feel the work and the NFI. We always want to work here and if I always feel good to feel the heat right there. Now the little double time tickets out in him. Scoop those hops. Guys, don't forget the ABS and on vacation, pull those abs in. Four, three, two. Now we're going to open open diamond, open diamond. So this is my, one of my favorite things to do is working on the ball and this hip extension here, this love it cause I'm really open up. Your hip forces you to work your core and you get some beautiful active flexibility here. Good.

And those inner thighs a stabilizing. So they're working and you open up your pelvis. Last time holding here. Now we're going to circle around, hold and back again. So cool. And Hall and my legs are a little sore today from yesterday, so I'm sure yours are too.

So this is such a great exercise as to get stretch out those limbs and then round. Now we're just going to add like a flex with a foot flat and point on again plaques. Now find where you feel tightness in your hips and go slower in the area. You can feel your hip start to loose enough. Every rep that we take, okay, keep going. See you're feeling good already. I promise. After this workout, I feel so much better.

Too Long. [inaudible] they'll hold your breath slowly. Bring those legs up, turn your toes out, flex the feet fog is, and push away. So now focus on going diagonal. Not so much going straight up. Think of going diagonal. Let's get that coworking, those abdominals firing. Pretty easy. Full more inhale, exhale, relax or upper body and one more. Come up. Ready? Big circles. Circle, lift up, Powell out.

Externally rotate to should turn it around and then come to a parallel position to an out from your hips and your little first position and Paolo and again, let's reverse it. So go down in Paolo, turn it out and then Paolo and down. Turn it out. And Paolo feel those abs work to stabilize even more and then they come up. Feel so good. And then down. All right, let's do one more because it feels so good, right? Let you down and hold is that now everybody is going to take your right leg up and you're going to grab your 40 if you can, I'll keep one hand on the floor. Hold it. That flax and points and we're going to pull, actively pull that needs your chest one more and then hold it here. Bend your knee.

Lovely stretch here. Hip flexion. All right, take your hands down. Switch. Bring that leg straight up. Okay, now pull, pull, pull, pull, pole. Ready. Flex. Blessed can see my Lexus shaking a little bit cause I'm really trying to use my upper body strength to really stretch out those tight muscles in the hamstring. We worked a lot in at glutes and hamstrings yesterday. Now it's time to give them some love.

Hold it them Paul on. Use your strong upper body there. Coerce like you say, bring the Nian that sit and that nice hip flexor stretch. All right guys. When your feet down now send your tailbone up, grab your little ball and now Sloat your knee up. Float your neck. Left knee chap position lifted up. Let me gonna hold it here.

Ready for single leg stretch. Let's go. We go press you. Use Your Apple. You resisting by pulling a scapula down even more and look into that ball. Four, three, two, one. Holly here, just lower your head for two seconds. Inhale. XO. Rolo the way out. I need to work at core now I had neck and shoulder.

Ready for double leg stretch left. Go. We go. Inhale XL street. Sure. Okay. [inaudible] last time. Lower your head. Knees are over your hips though. Hold it.

That whole now relax your head, neck and shoulders cause we coming back up again. I want you to recruit the abs, not your neck. Lift it up to take the ball in opposition to do in, in, in. There we go. Three, four XL, three XL, two XL, one switch. Good, good. So you can switch the patterns up. I like to switch all the different kinds of patterns up here.

Make sure not think about it. Use your body, your brain. Last time. Hold it here, robot, and slowly we're going to roll up into a chap position. We're going to inhale. Exhale. Chad. Are we balanced? All right. Tap, tap, tap. Now we're going to shoot the hands for it to tap. Tap, tap, tap.

Never going to reach. Reach, reach, tap. So you're in that little vase. This is too challenging. Go to one leg, three, two, one. Holy here, grab the ball, squeeze, and then hold it. Here. We're going to try and roll. My Rowling's. Not so great when I have a mic behind me, but we can do it. Roll, squeeze up, Apple. Inhale, exhale, round. Keep that nice seeker position. Last time guys and hold it and release my stretch.

All right guys, let's take it over to the side. You're going to put the ball in between your ankles. Am I going to come all the way down? Now from here, we're going to lift those legs so we lift and down. Now be careful that your feet are slightly in front of your face. Torso, okay. Slightly in front of your toe. So I like to call this like the banana, like you like a banana on the mat with a feet in front of the torso as a slightly rounded. All right, now it's going to get harder. The palm is elevated.

We're going to go up for two down for two, lift for two down. Perfect. So what I focus is with cinching it that waste. You'll lowest rib to your head. The, here we go. Now this time you don't know hold and you all going to balance.

You're going to hold in that lovely balance and you're going to smile. Come down, head goes down. Now we're going to bend. Extend. Ben, you're going to feel those inner thighs right now. The heels are going to your butt. Yes, and you'll open your hips. The SEO Pelvis is straight forwards and you're not moving at the hip.

You're just moving at the knee joint. Hamstrings working in a thigh. One more. Hold it slowly. Come up and bend. Stretch quickly. Take it around to the other side. Ankles down, banana position.

Ready? Go. We XL and you breathing guys. Remember, you don't breathe. You don't what you transverse that perfect spanx that we have. We don't need a spanx. You've got it right there. Just use it and believe. Okay. Yeah. Ready. Upper Body for two counts.

The two down sin should that waste that the top of bleak. This is going to give us a nice waist, very toned, small waist, but if you breathe, we work out. Call even more. You don't breathe. You're working against your body. Two more last time guys. Now hold it here. Balam beautiful. Four, three, two. Now take your upper body down. Ready, Ben? Danny's, we go, Ben. Now this looks pretty easy.

If you're watching right now to see whether you want to do this workout. Let me tell you, it's not easy because you're balancing on your side hip, so good job guys. If you're doing it with me that was in the thighs are working and those hamstrings are too. And your top oblique bleak is stabilizing in hell. Oh let's do formal and inhale. Exhale, hold. It's beautiful job.

Lower Down Bend Mermaid. That's grab that lovely ball and come forward. Even a lovely z position here. And hip extension. Take the bull behind you. Pitch your body forward and separate your hands over towards your knee. We're going to lift that leg and lift that leg.

So you're lifting that knee up and down. That's it. Now your upper body is still working cause I'm depressing and I'm pushing away from the floor. So it's not just about the booty here. It's about your upper body stabilizing, allowing you to move with that hip joints. Okay, so think of total body. Now pull suit up. We go eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one. Lift up. Take it around. Stretch and other side.

Not doing too much of the glutes today cause we did a lot yesterday. Taking forwards as maybe we should neglect him though. Come forwards. Ready? Nia, Nia. Knee down near need out. So you press him, uncle joins into the ball and then you're lifting the leg up, working through the glute. But the upper body's pushing away. Good. It's a lot of flexibility in the hips. Two, four, and three. And you breathing two.

Okay. Pick the tempo up. We go up and up and Ah, and there we go. Eight and seven. Six, five, four, three, two. Hold. Yes. Feels good. Lift all the way up and uh, it feels even better though. Stretch it out. All right. Take that leg in France and come forward. Switch. Opposite leg forwards. Favorite stretch do.

Because everybody can do this dry. We all should sit and watch TV like this. All right, grab your ball. We nearly home. We're going to come up some, we're going to slowly stand all the way up. Come back here. We're gonna roll down, but first of all, we're going to place the ball behind the back of the knee. So we're going to come here into your plant position and you've got that ball right here. Now I'm going to press, we go press, press, press, press.

So right now my hamstring gets firing. Big Time, press, press, press, press four, three, two, one. Take it down. Stretch. Take the ball away. Downward dog. Stretch it out. Walk your feet, your hands. Pick up your ball all the way around. Okay. Ready and have the other leg. Get the ball and we'll pull it. Yes, I'm making you work a little bit harder.

Hold it that you and your plank position. Now we go press, press. Reach out for the crown of the head. Woo, hamstrings and cool. Four, three, two. Hold it. Push you away. Depress and bend your knees. Come down, take the ball away. Downward duck. Stretch out those hamstrings. Awesome. Bend the knees 10 over onto your back.

Just grab the ball for me, right where your mid thoracic spine is. Yeah, time to give us some self love here. We're going to come back, head on the floor. How am I going to try and open our hands out into a lovely V position? Am I going to reach those legs out? You're going to open up your chest and you're going to reach through the fingertips. Pull your scapula down.

Pull those abs in. I want you to close your eyes and let's just take a few seconds, a few minutes, however long you feel you can. Just stop breathing, inhaling and exhaling, and just let the body relax into the math. Inhaling and exhaling. Just let that body relax with all the tension drip away out your body and it dissipate into the floor. Take your hands over your head, Ilan Gates. Someone's pulling you from one direction to the other and you're reaching out that long, beautiful body and slowly. Now, if you guys want to stay here, you're quite welcome. Take a little snooze, open your chest, otherwise you can come with me. I'm going to reach the hands over your head. Roll all the way up and then come forward.

Good job you guys. I hope you had a great workouts. If you're still on the floor right now, carry on. You deserve it. You've just finished day seven. I'll be back.

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Thank you so much! Just what the body needed! Perfectly planned!
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¡¡¡Me ha encantado!!! menos mal que era "ritmo moderado" jajajajaja
That was one lovely stretch sequence. Much needed and appreciated. Thank you.
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Another beautiful class and a lovely use of the ball. Thanks a lot Tracey :))
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A lovely reward after yesterday’s session
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Its nice to stretch among friends. Bracing for tomorrow!
That felt sooooo good! Nice to slow down a bit on the 7th day :)
Lina S
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Great class!
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Such a gift--thank you, Tracey.
Lovely class :)
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