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Day 6: Total Body Fusion

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Welcome to Day 6! Today, Tracey teaches fun combinations that will keep you moving. She includes standing and Mat work to challenge your balance, stability, and control.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hey guys, welcome to day six. How exciting. We've got a pup puree of total body fusion. We're going to be sanding and we're going to be on the mat for this workout. You will need a theraband around February. That's a long theraband, seven to eight feet, so grab you therabands make sure it's on hand before we start the workout.

All right, you ready? Let's take the hands on to the hip. Let's move the P. We're going to go move at walkthrough the feet. Remember gentle little warmer. I'm going to open the feed out in in F and F and h formal as the open from the hip last time in the like. Yay, Leah. And we wait.

Okay. They we're going to add a little open so we go run open. Run at in wheat. Oh good. On that date. Your heart center is opening out. Good. [inaudible] looking good.

Just warming up that body. Last time guys, stay relevant. Everybody to move. I've been doing knee month, three time out with squats the side. You'll get it. Don't worry Steve, you're ready. Good flag. We go three month. Excuse me. Month three. Step it out and again, let me try that again. Let's do one. Flip it out.

Fix that live. Try the other five. Three keep the shoulder over your head. Power arm goes on. Keep it going. Now step it up beside on the other side, the opening.

Ready to turn your feet out. Yay. Yay. Woo. One more time here. All right, we're going to pick up your little band now.

Alrighty. Take your right leg, your leg. Put your body forwards. Wrap your hands around. Elbow, elbow. Bring it in. We tossed it in one go. You got that lovely arabesque or you can keep it loose. Cool. Ready? Elbows high. You're ready?

Tap the leg. Keeping that supporting leg. Bend that leg in and out. One refute out post posted up that lovey transference of weights. Beautiful arms and legs. Heel Palo four, three, two, one. That'd be back, right foot. Choke it up. Press it up.

Then having that parallel position now ready. The leg is going to go with it. Arabesque, empower Lao. Position your hips. The glad. Look at my headphones. The facing forward to you. Last time holding here. Hold.

Bring good in this time it's a little bit harder because I'm balancing on the supporting stabilizing leg. That glutamate is perfectly holding you and it's in and out. Take the leg up, drag up Sam holding onto my bus. I want to make sure it's working. Sparring two and one. Awesome switch. Take you to the leg already keyed up. Ready? We got leg, we lift and drown.

Now place the hand on the hip to help you stabilize. You lift it up and to track to scapular to help you balance your body through lightly pitch forwards to compensate with that. List your leg. Good. Keep those app 19 gauge. Now this time I just told you he whole, it's been getting in and out in so everything is stabilizing and I'm just moving. Get that hip joints, which we all know is not that easy. It might look easy but it's not four, three, two, one [inaudible].

Let's take that light back down for go to down and perfect. So that stabilizing leg glute medius, right, he is having a potty. It's like, thank you for working me today to all one more lift up. Nice work. All right. Take your hands. Beat. Hit with the pots. I'm going to come back just a tad here. We're ready. We're gonna open. Present. Oh friend. Present.

Externally rotated and your knees events. That's why we need a long Benz as your tool. You're going to needle at longer. BN. All righty. Ride down last LX. Those elbows coming in. Beautiful.

Pick it up once the Yakima be out. Ooh. Fill those biceps. We're going to finish it off both hands. You're ready? We go out and add a little mini squats. Beautiful. Five, four, three, one nine. You got it. Take the hands. Overhead.

Press, press, press, elbows, high press. Once we get back, press it back. Now. Pitch your body for it. Palms are going back. Seven, two y. Ready for your transition like together. Elbows wise, little booty, hips, elbows.

Put your body. Shake that booty boy Timmy to the side. Take it back. That's your nice stable position. Albo Pie. Alrighty. Ah, Ooh. Apple Pie.

Good at [inaudible] am one. Sandy Bat. Press it back. You always tried to grab that bend, choke it up or we leave this to make it easier or harder. Okay. Group that was advocate bar three. Cute one. Step it out. Booty hit. Whoo.

Come on guys. We can do it a little about having fun and broad enough galleries and three I one. Woo. Can I it out? Nice. Look. [inaudible] step out of that lovely Tokyo bans at this. Toss it to the side for a little bit, but it's coming back. All right, feet together. We're going to death to the fide correct feet we go one. Okay, now holding here.

Hello. Hello. Three two, one flow. Slow. Sound. Hello. Hello. Are you ready guys? Sexy. Hey Dude, come on. Make it bigger. Good. I know you're killing this now. I can it all right cause he looks so good.

We're going to do it again cause he got big. Come on, come with me. Ready? Slow down. I don't care what your arms do as long as you're moving Pauly here. Yay. Favorite position. Shoulders over your head. Full three. You're ready. Holding here. Preposition and pray that you guys are gonna do it. You can fill in the mind, right?

Don't go too high on that. Rather. Relevate baby kicking hill. That's a kidney hill. Now focused on those in the size and they burn in yet. All right, we're going to go down deeper burn. If this is too challenging, put the heels down. Otherwise, come with me for three. Lower your heel. Twist at work. You were bleeding. Press your hands with this. Your Palm. Yes, it's going to go a little bit faster. Ready? Go down.

We get up. Take it down and down. Come on. Feel your energy. Let's pump it behind the head. We're going to lift you. Write me up. Side Bend. Let's go. Please don't lift the legs. Ready for the other side. Labs Go. The hardest is the transition of weight. Transition to transition. Woo.

XL Three. Don't forget the brief. You're ready to transition to sweat. Ready fingers and covering up Bingo. I promise. Let me go on the floor. Ready and one more. The hands. Just let it go. You're on your own. No one was watching. Now who casts for three two, one let's go grab your mat. Grabby torture band on. Let's get going.

All right. Okay guys. Ready? Yes. My heart rate is up with you. Grab your band's gonna start with both feet. Wrapping it around your feet. Make sure your band is going to cross this, the spicy. We're going to choke it up. All right, I'm going to reach the hands forwards. We're going to roll this out down so we go roll and roll round.

They going to keep the head slightly off the Brown. If you go to walk into those deltoids. So let us see overhead. Good job guys. So let us see both legs out overhead.

Brown. Try to keep you focused to your feet a little bit more. And I were taught to kind of want to look at my hands. Make a mental note to keep looking at your feet. Two more round. Inhale. Exhale. All right guys, you ready? One more and you're going to hold the Kia. Press down into the corners of your mat.

It here. We'll talk all the way up. Beautiful. Now we're going to believe, okay, you're ready. Now we're going to slowly roll down. Lift that leg up. Head is down. I'm going to unchoke it just a tad. Bring the hands back. Now from here we're going to bend extension and again extension out again. So we go.

Now we're going to add the head one, two down. Could we try a little bit? Pasta, one, one lens and stretch. You get the Bruin and you also the stretch one. Feel good riding that leg through your band. Reach the arm fat. Now be mindful to really pull your scapula down to get out of your shoulder.

Work that back. Laugh time. Holly, here on press that that lovely stretch. Now we're going to try from here. We're going to lend to that. Arms and legs. Are we going to work? Hey and fine balance. We can.

Your overhead is a lot of balance going on here and guess what are we going to try? Roll back. Kinda got that ready? Let's try it again with me. She's balancing on your side of your head. Use the leg out for those ads for straight and take it back. That's just the two more. Think that this is a nice little challenge exercise for you to see how on point you are with your cool last time.

Hold the here, your head down and then slowly come back. Beautiful. From here, we're going to roll all the way up slowly. Really? You're going to intuit on twist the band, the other leg. Cross it over and then choke it up. All right, we're going to roll down that leg up. Hold dads. We're going to go one, two, one, two, one. Dude up. Take the hand back. Now we're gonna add the head one down. Are you breathing? Don't have. Inhale.

Now we're going to try and go a little bit faster. Ready to go was one that feel that beautiful. Stretch and not hamstring. Okay. Remember that your abs are lifting your torso, not your upper body.

Exhale, draw the ABS in three last time called in that beautiful stretch. All right. Ready to be a little balanced by challenge here. All right. Get us up into position. We're going to try. Hopefully I will be able to do it is not so easy when you've got a mic pack on your side. All right. Not Making excuses to you, but I'm rolling over a Mike Pack. All right guys.

You're ready. Let's go to the can. That's good. I'm always up for an extra challenge and then we'll hold back. Lift. You're ready now. Breathe in hat x a. Reach out through that foot on your side. All right. You've got one more.

Okay. Down and try and hold it. Five, four, three, two, one. It's come back a little talents. All right. Inhale at bell royals. Hilltop. Beautiful on both feet. I'm just going to open my band with the tab. She had a little better grip with my feet. All right. I'm going to twist the band up and choke it up. I read the hand, PA.

We're going to do bicep polled. Roll down. Bend the knees. Yeah, we're going to push Dan dancing. Pretty easy fans and in not too challenging. Going to get hot and now do that. Trice Fowler. Sorry. Bad breath down. Bad bed per f down to try that again. Ben.

Bad. Reach all the here. Put Your Palm. Now we're going to try and lower the leg lower. Now if this is too challenging, just take one leg out and do it. Finger leg. Okay. Keep your palm facing forward and press down.

I mean that's like a sling to mol. One more. Oh, the lift up. Huh? Take you for, or at least the band roll all the way up. We're going to thrift you. I head right and left. Good. Four, three, two, one. Pick up your band. All right, ready for the lines.

Take your knees with them through your mouth. Take your leg out. The five. Ready then to put your hands down onto the ball. The floor, sideline lift. Keep the foot flat fresh. This is, I love hate relationship with that sideline and now we're adding the stop band for a little extra challenge. This is too challenging. Just take the band away. Good. We're going to take you forward and back. Yeah. Have speaking the hand Mike, but still what we man, but be mindful to depress your scapula. Push away from the pool.

If this again, it's your challenging cause of your wrists. You can come down on shoe elbow. Good. You ready for deadly circles? Settle. Keep the heel flat to keep hold of the band switch. Keep the upper body still. Cool.

Three, two, one. Take you forward. Press Michael. Go for that little extra. Bam. Burn, burn, Bam, Bam. Three, two, and Juan, come down. Take it to the side.

Where are you going to literally take the band away and go to the other side. Knee, and we're going to go with the other side. I even went to go to the side. All right. Okay. Hand it out. Take the hand.

Reach that up and over the wheel that pull those abs. Go and it's just pulse it. Awesome jobs. Now think of sending the entity out through your heel. Heel to me to flip phone and watch you not hyperextend into your upper body. Ready? We go flat. Flat. I just keep the foot flat. He pulled it out.

Bam. Black, black and back. You Man. But you got to keep that foot flat. Good. Inhale, exhale. Let's just do a couple more last time. I'm ready for you. Deadly circles.

Let's circle forward doing a circle with the heel. Now reverse this. Keep the upper body still to hold it. Smile. Take it full over this. Can that back leg out and pull. Now remember, try not to sink through your shoulder blade. Depressed and reach out with the heel. There we go. Three, two and one.

And let's come back. Awesome job. It's just put your band away. Direct you out holding his dad. Now we're going to turn into a quad to pad position from here that go up into a downward dog pole. The Dad never ready. We're going to take it up. We go. Or two.

Now cats full swing to full duty. It was going to flip over full to be two one take. You take the leg down. Downward dog. Other side we go to now round. Push away there. Ready? Flip over. Over until your plan called bring the leg. Push away. Bring you back up.

Holding here. Alright, we're gonna do a little push up in this position. Ben Extension to the elbows are going directly for the side of the body. Good. And think of open up your chest. You're looking at mid thoracic spine. Just a couple more, Paul.

The heat transfer back to your plan position. Scoop those abs. Ready? We're going to turn to OSI. Plan 10 reach over. Down, lift. Reach over, down. Reach over, lift, reach over, lift, reach down, lift. Reach over, down. Downward dog. Awesome job guys. This is your time to chill out. Stretch out those legs and you need oil soap all the way up and this will get out. Woo. How are you guys feeling? Good.

Put your hands to your hip. Your heart rate is high with me. Hopefully if your heart rate is not high, you wasn't walking out with. Okay, let's bring your heart rate down. All right, you ready? We go. Squat, but just read the handful with greed flower down. Now take your hands up, curl down.

Roy, your feel for the way out. Lift up and curl down. One more time around through that fine holding here. Grab hold of your Oh your finger and extend up. Love the shoulder. Open up the thoracic.

I really oiled up all the way up. Let's take the leg across and really beautiful in that. Lovely, correct. And then take hold of your wrist and just gently pull like I decide. Benz. Brett. Cool. Good. All right guys, come back. Go with the other leg.

Hips out by Ben. Oh, the side of you way. All right, we're going to take hold of your rest and pole. There you go, guys. Get a nice total body workout. Your heart rate was that upper body, and don't forget your sideline. Work into lovely plaque theory. Yeah. That's why we call this experiment the things that you'd never normally would do, right.

This is why you're here to work out with May of exciting to see how you guys are progressing. Good job you guys. I'll be back.

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Omg Tracey...You know I love band work And this is just fantastic :)
Laurie C
4 people like this.
Definitely need a longer band! Will need to do again.
1 person likes this.
Ok. This was my Amazing
3 people like this.
Another fantastic workout! Perfect length, perfect pace, perfect flow. Thanks A LOT Tracey :))
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Great band work, Tracey. Thank you 😊
4 people like this.
Great, love your pilates workouts!
But the music... please put some other music on or nothing🙏🏻😄
Such a wonderful thourough workout. Shame about the -not so nice- music. The screeching sounds take away from your beautifully choreographed workouts (previous music too ) .
Theresa P
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This workout went really fast for me!
Lisa V
4 people like this.
Good workout, but a long band is definitely required. Always love your choreography.
1 person likes this.
Thank you Tracey, cant wait for the next one. As far as the music, I dont really notice it. Doesn't bug me at all. See you next time!
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