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Class #3597

Day 6: Total Body Fusion

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 6! Today, Tracey teaches fun combinations that will keep you moving. She includes standing and Mat work to challenge your balance, stability, and control.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband


Hey guys, welcome to day six. How exciting. We've got a pup puree of total body fusion. We're going to be sanding and we're going to be on the mat for this workout. You will need a the...


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Omg Tracey...You know I love band work And this is just fantastic :)
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Definitely need a longer band! Will need to do again.
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Ok. This was my Amazing
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Another fantastic workout! Perfect length, perfect pace, perfect flow. Thanks A LOT Tracey :))
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Great band work, Tracey. Thank you 😊
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Great, love your pilates workouts!
But the music... please put some other music on or nothing🙏🏻😄
Such a wonderful thourough workout. Shame about the -not so nice- music. The screeching sounds take away from your beautifully choreographed workouts (previous music too ) .
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This workout went really fast for me!
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Good workout, but a long band is definitely required. Always love your choreography.
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Thank you Tracey, cant wait for the next one. As far as the music, I dont really notice it. Doesn't bug me at all. See you next time!
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