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Class #3599

Day 5: Party at the Barre

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 5! Today, Tracey encourages you to feel the energy from the music as you work on the Barre. She starts with a simple warm-up and then moves on to more challenging movements, including cardio drills, that are guaranteed to make you sweat!
What You'll Need: Portable Barre

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Love it Tracey
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Awesome but lots of improvement needed on my side. But that’s what it is all about. Love it!
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Thanks for your great energy and candid style! Feels good
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One intense class, thank you.
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I'm definitely going to feel this in my glutes tomorrow! Love the lower body classes.
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Great. I’ve done tracey’s BB over and over so this series is a gift. But I’ve had to take slow as my knee is acting up. Easing back in this week.
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This is the hardest workout from the first 5 I've done, your shirt should say Booty Barre Queen :)
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Hey Tracey, I'm back and so enjoyed this class! Christmas is put away and hopefully things will be back to a low roar! Thanks!
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Ooooh! Loved the workout! Tracey, you manage to push us just enough, one video at a time, so to make this video series fun, totally doable and yet challenging also empowering - merci :)))
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Will you have a more ballet-inspired barre workout in the coming days?
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