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Day 5: Party at the Barre

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Welcome to Day 5! Today, Tracey encourages you to feel the energy from the music as you work on the Barre. She starts with a simple warm-up and then moves on to more challenging movements, including cardio drills, that are guaranteed to make you sweat!
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Hey guys, welcome. It is day five. Yes. Halfway through day five and guess what I've got for you today? Yes. You're going to come and party with me at the bar. We all like to party at the bar and you're going to be partying with me today. They're ready.

They're going to grab a bar or a chair or a wall. Anything that sturdy. All right? Okay. Let's take the hands to your head. We're gonna walk through the C. Yep. The Nice little laughing music today to perk you up.

You a little bit of Hannity, you know south. The move here. Okay, we're going to pick the temple up, so be pad, be prepared. Sweat today. All right. Eight, seven, six five four, three, two, one that's at a bar. First position. Relevate hand on your head. Hand in front. Formal more with warming up. Three, two, fifth time holding. Hibbing the heels together. Diamond position.

We not high on that. Relevant for very low. Ratify way over five posts. Shoulders over the head. Ready for a little combination. Your needs going forward. Yeah, we're going to go Brian Sigh back. We go Brian side. Now brings the legs together. Fat side, front, squeeze. So he goes front. Transfer, transfer, squeeze as work. Those five squeeze. So that leg is slightly in front and behind.

Feel that. Woo. So that's the 40 leg. The leg closest to the ball is the one that you're to feel the moment. Boom. One Mall called the here. Take it down and let's add C on down. You're in a third position.

Position is when the leg is slightly in front. Got It. All right here. Three, two, one, three out. One last time. Three, one, bring it in here we can go. Sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat picks. Then Woo. See I'm smiling. Otherwise I'd be crying last time. Good brains are like together.

Take it out at the second position or reach it out. Liai. Awesome job. Keep the heels a little bit more. Now we're going to rotate for tech. Santa's pivoting around that leg.

There we go. We love it. Hold it here. Hold it here. Now we're going to reach forward three transfer. My elbows are slightly bent and I'm trying turning over that front side.

Most you resisting the bar, even the leg low. One more. Told the here. Now we're going to abandon. Extend. Bend an extent. Keep the thigh still. Pull the shoulder blade down. Three, two, one wholly. Here. Bring the leg together.

There we go. Feel your coworking as you pelvic tilt. Shoulders over your hips. Good as taking double time. A lot of music. There you go. You can do it already. Eight off eight pelvic floor ladies. Gentlemen, and extend. Shake it out. All right, you're going to see me running around to the other side.

Ready and we'll get out. Alright, ready for the other side. Let's take it to first position. Now we're going to bring the leg slightly in front of already we go and front side, back to transfer in your weight. Now I just slide those like together. Think of the inner thighs zipping up, zipping up, boom. Hand on your head to stabilize that pelvis. That's phone's a tough fight. Was like, how can I have fun when I'm trying?

Come on, you can do good. Three if Trump in that way. The supporting leg if slightly Benz called the hips. Hands out. We go out and in and keep breathing guys. Awesome job. Ready for your triple falses right now. Right? Here we go. Three C, c c working from the pelvic floor. Lift up.

Remember to resist your bar to withhold it from resisting your bar, your arms too long to your back last time. Bring it on to your hips and hold wholly here. Ready for those little jumps. Sorry, but it's good for you. Ready? Let's go. One, two up. There we go. Small, small extension.

Feel those legs. Yeah, it's a bit tricky, especially when you're talking good. Maybe that lifts it up. Take it out. Relevate single PA's. Keep the weight over your five toes. Triple falls right here. Who is this thing? If you're armed, the working from your back.

Feeling good last time. Now Post that. We're going to turn it ready. Turn it. So reaching forward. 10 you're looking good. Yeah. We're going to transfer your weight. We go front sliding.

Just scapula down and you're reaching your stunna over the bar. Keep that heel low. Like low. All right. Now. Let's just hold the Kia. Now we're going to bend the leg. Can we go? And so my focus is just trying to keep that size and you think of your hamstring working, linking your heel to your bus. Okay, good job. Ready? Pelvic tilt. Let's go. Now apps are causing that pelvic tilt. All right guys, we can do it.

Come on. You can do it. Boom. Let's go into that lovely burn zone last time. Bring it up and we'll get a beautiful take you back. We're going to reach forward to here. We're going to go reach now. Hold it here. Ready? We're gonna do a little cardio drill from here.

We're going to go into a plant. So we go down, down, down. We press down. Open the chest. Beautiful. Keep breathing guys. Yeah, we're going slow. We're not going to boom in three last time. Give me one more. Good job guys.

Hold it here for a physician. Lift that leg one. That one. That's too slow. So you're moving one holiday here. Now let's think about beautiful foam. The heel is underneath the pubic bone. The arms of why the Scapula's pulled down is a bio bite that we're gonna circle down and around, down around us, down around three, keeping gauge with the upper body and shoulder girdle. Reverse it guys out down the length. Scooping in.

Those are half. Reaching out with those hands is by your bike down, Ben. I'm not going to open up your hip. Feel awesome. Will open up your head. Flexibility. Totally hit home. Come back, take a down. Jumping Jack. Three, two, one. You can see I'm traveling forward.

Three, two, one. Traveling blanks. Come on guys. You can do it. Don't give up on me. All right. Take your hand for it.

Yes, I do the workout with you. There's no editing here. That's why my heart rate is up. Yes, I'm doing it with you. Okay. I'm here doing it real time with you. Alright guys, you ready? One, two, top please. One to death lift. Woo.

[inaudible] last time. [inaudible] holiday here puts it out at Jeff's. Your body heal underneath your pubic bond arms. Why showed us the depressed is by bisects. All right guys, but if you'll circle Beth, go down around down around three. You got to focus on keeping the upper body completely stable.

[inaudible] ready reversed the guys. If this is too challenging, you can modify it by pressing the elbow down onto the bar for arms and head on the bar. Good and holding ps. Now we're going to rotate. Ben's not [inaudible]. Beautiful. This is why you think how lucky you are, how fabulous you are. You're dancing at the bar. Beautiful. Ready to go. Oh, three two, one. Hold it.

Send it around. Bring it down. Ready, jumping, travelling, go. Three, two, one plank straight. So travel forward. Picket plan, travel forwards. Plan. He got two more. Come on guys. If you can do it, dig deep.

It's all about digging deep. You can do this last time Paul the and walk your feet. See your hand roll all the way up. Marsh it out. Awesome job. We're going to put your hand for the bar. I'm going to take the outside leg. Swish. Yes. Yes. Rob. We're going to work though. Blagg grom bath MoD kit.

Pat, they're going to add a nice arm kit. Beautiful. Active flexibility here for more guys. Four, three, two. One more. Hold it here and down. Take it back and then forward. All right guys. Now let's feel that Bernie Sanders, you're supporting me. Hand is fluid. I am depressing that ball. Yes, the leg is low.

Get out your back attitude. Bend your knee and I put my hand on my thigh. So want to make sure my knees directly behind the hip. So if I have putting your hand here, you'll focus on keeping your knee behind your hip. Not Out the side. Now we're just going to bring it up. Up. Transfer, transfer, transfer.

Beautiful. Oh three one holding here. Elbow cannot finish your Bible cat without your sideline. Alright, easy. Four, three, two and one. Alright guys, some back quickly take around to the other side. Outside leg front. Kick the leg kick. Use the flow. Think of your hamstrings.

Lifting you up, your leg. The feather. Good. Three last time. Come up. Am I going to go forward here and lift as I transition? Elbow in line with shoulder. The hand is reaching out.

My stabilizing leg is bent steel, pubic bone, hips. Good. Now put your mind to your Bluetooth and you're humming. Yeah. All right. You're ready. Attitude lifted up. Hey man, if you need to put your hand here, you can, just so you know that you need needs to be behind your body.

All right, so we want to work the glute. All right guys, keep it there. All right, I'm going to give you a full mall. Okay. Three so you know we're going to come up, up and back. Lit like a single leg squat on your stabilizing leg. Looking good. Feeling that burn. It's take your elbow in line with his shoulder.

Take the leg to the side and pulse. Good. Remember even that linear position, you're listening to your bar. You'll listen up on those beliefs. Beautiful. I can and once directed out and bringing it back. All right guys. Ready? Next little cardio. Holly, here we go.

Three [inaudible] money. You can do it supporting. Leggett's Ben, let's go for it. Ready? Come on. Give me some power. Come on one more time. No calories. Perfect time. Ready? Yes a lot though. I like to just come on single the calories. You burn it. All right guys, are you ready?

Are you ready? Let's go. My, give me 100% power. Low impact pit. You can do it. Ready. Power.

Woo. I'm working out with you guys. Beautiful. Now. Caught. Ready ground a little bit. Hip Mobility. Flexibility. Paolo.

Turn it out. Well, I can look her up. See now the hand is on the hip to stabilize the pelvis. One more. Hold it here. Wait. Goes down. Press. It's so worth it. You're going to feel so invigorated. You're going to feel it. You're going to feel good about yourself and that's what it's all about.

You do what you can do. Keep it going. Oh No. Yes. All right, good. You can do this. That lovely. Burning those ties. Beautiful. You guys deserve it. Rolled all the way up to do a little dance around the bar. Woo.

All right, hip crawl. That hip round position. We go brown. Keep the hand on the hip. Do you need going out to lunch now? Turn it out. Round the music. Rock to the [inaudible]. See when you see other videos, they always, you always look like fresh because they edit them and we do like 50 million tykes one tag baby. I'm working out with you on real time. That's why I look sweaty. All right, let's go to the floor.

Come on. All right, let's do eight more cause you guys need a on eight, six, three, two. Hold the bad guys. Take you way back when rich forwards, come on. Those legs are shaking. Eight seven, six, five oh three Oh did you feel the shape? Yeah. Bars about shape, right? Awesome job. All right guys, we're going to turn, just going to take your right leg back, stretch it out. Okay. Your heel down and then lift that front heel off and then come forward. If you can take your leg up to the side. Awesome.

Scratch. If not, take your leg out to the side on the floor side, bend into it. Opposite leg goes back, press the heel down and stretch out those costs because we was adding not high impact was a little bit elevation and if you're not used to that, you've already it in your calves tomorrow a little bit and your legs. Yeah, remember don't you own pace. If you get to challenging, just keep at the first base level and then you can have power to it. Do what you can do and then you can progress as you get stronger.

All right guys, come up, see if you can get your legs from side because on your flexibility, otherwise please on the floor and then side bend over in that stuff you guys can be and then come back. All right, last but not least, lengthen round by round and round and back hand all the way up here. Awesome job guys. That was a great workout. That was my workout for today, so I'm very happy. I hope you enjoyed it. And as a tee shirt, size two barmaid booty by my height. So I'm telling you if you keep doing this, you will be booty balm. That's for sure. Good job guys. That was a fun class. See you soon. I'll be back.

Kick it Up Challenge: with Tracey Mallett


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Love it Tracey
Laurie C
2 people like this.
Awesome but lots of improvement needed on my side. But that’s what it is all about. Love it!
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Thanks for your great energy and candid style! Feels good
One intense class, thank you.
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I'm definitely going to feel this in my glutes tomorrow! Love the lower body classes.
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Great. I’ve done tracey’s BB over and over so this series is a gift. But I’ve had to take slow as my knee is acting up. Easing back in this week.
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This is the hardest workout from the first 5 I've done, your shirt should say Booty Barre Queen :)
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Hey Tracey, I'm back and so enjoyed this class! Christmas is put away and hopefully things will be back to a low roar! Thanks!
Ooooh! Loved the workout! Tracey, you manage to push us just enough, one video at a time, so to make this video series fun, totally doable and yet challenging also empowering - merci :)))
Lina S
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Will you have a more ballet-inspired barre workout in the coming days?
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