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Improving Circulation

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Focus on getting the best circulation you can with this Mixed Equipment workout by Sally Anderson. She starts with a Mat warm-up to bring blood and oxygen from your limbs to the rest of the body. She then moves on to the Reformer, flowing through exercises that will keep you moving so you can release toxins.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Mat, Mixed Equipment, Hand Weights (2)

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Dec 13, 2018
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Chapter 1

Mat Workout

Hi, I'm thanks for joining me. I'm Sally Anderson from Sydney, Australia. We are going to do a combination of mat work and reformer or standalone mat works. So this mat work will be available just to do by itself and it gives you a really nice time efficient workout or can be combined with the remainder of the program, which is done on reformer. The focus of the program is more about circulation today. So you'll see that we start with some kind of ends of the limbs sending circulation into the body and then moving with that a whole lot through the program. So in actual fact, the rule of the artery is supreme.

That's circulation. We need the best circulation we can possibly have everyday of our lives. So think about that as you're going through the class, let the class just move you and think about how your blood and oxygen is circulating through the body and also how your lymph is getting circulated out. So that limp system gets rid of toxins in the body and then we want to fill every cell of the body with blood and oxygen that we can. So that's more of the premise behind it.

And if you keep a little thought process of getting the blood and oxygen around your body as much as you can, then that will give us a really great class. So I have the lovely Sarah and lovely j are with me today. They'll be participating and giving you little demonstration as we go through. I would like us all to start lying on our backs on your mat please. So we'll go down to the floor, fully extended legs, arms just beside your body. Now I want you to be loose here, so you're going to take a few breaths. Breathing in, letting the whole body fill up with air, and as we know, oxygen to every part of the body out through the crown of the head, out through your tip toes. Exhale.

Supine Breathing

Let the exhale take the tension out of the body. Good. And again, inhale, fill up every little part of your body with breath and exhale. Let that go. One more breath. Nice deep inhale, feeling the oxygen. Go through all your body. Exhale, feeling the air. Leave the body. Good. Now we're going to start with what I call ankle pumps.

Ankle Pumps - Set of 10

So starting from the feet and the ankles, just start to pump them forward and back. Good. And you can let this build. So now I want that to really move your body. Yeah, that's exactly like the girls are doing here. If you want a little look at what I'm after, let that really pumped from the ankles, but I want the feet to come back and forth. Nice and deep. So don't make it too little. Go for it. Ankles, pull back, back, back. Yes, we've got 12 more. 12 five, four, three, two, one, end pause. Good.

Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Leave the legs long. Give me close and open with the hands. Just pump and you can let the risks go as well. So just feel like you pump that blood, pumped the toxins. Pump everything out of the hands, down the arms, into the armpits, into the body. Good.

Hand Pumps - Set of 10

Keep the elbows as straight as you can and just let the hands go faster. Good. And 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And stay. Could leave the legs long, but now just bring them slightly engaged back together to a parallel line and we'll do some arm circles. Reaching back overhead all the way around. Bring the arms back up and circle and reach wide. Bring them back up. Hold two more and around and up. Around end. Hold, reverse. Go down.

Arm Circles

Palms face the ceiling as you come around and to keep it moving around. Legs are just holding around. And last one around. Good. Bring the hands down beside you. Bend the knees into your pelvic curl position. Feats hip with the part. Good.

Pelvic Curl

We got a nice little set up there to make sure feeder apart, and we're starting with our pelvic curls. Breathing in, breathing out, peeling the hips up to the ceiling and hold. Stay there breathing. Exhale. Roll on down. Good. I want to keep them moving. So now, deep inhale, exhale, roll. And you're there. Take a breath in. Breathe out. Role and your, they're good. Inhale, exhale, roll. Inhale, exhale, roll. Inhale. Exhale. Rolls in. The knees over, toes. Inhale, exhale, roll. And two more.

Good. Exhale, roll back down. Now on this one we're going to add, so roll up to the ceiling with the exhale hold. We're doing a little caterpillar going up and over with the tailbone and back up and hinge the hips. Go over and back up. Feel like you're going over a ball that's under your back and up and go and out. Up. Now go a little further. You almost touched the floor and up.

Pelvic Curl Caterpillar

Four more are pun over. Good and up. Last three up to get that lengthening of the tailbone over. Last one over our path. Stay there, breathe in. And exhale. Roll the ribs down into the mat all the way long and bring your knees and feet together. Arms out to 45 degrees, palms up and we'll just do our knees side to side again with a little bit more pace. So we'll drop the knees across to the side, either side and bring them back to center. Across and up and roll up.

Knees Side to Side

Roll. You've got six more and over. Back over back over. Good. One last set and we are going to be ready to roll onto one side. Last knee drop, bring it back and then roll onto your side. Any side will do with the underneath knee bent.

Side Kicks Front and Back

Bring the underneath arm out underneath your head. Top leg in. Align with your hip for sidekicks. Here we go. You're going to kick forward one to N. Reach back and forward too and keep it moving. Just pull the tell me then to and reach. Good. Now flex the foot. Point the foot flex reach last two, one two n last one back hold.

Now you're going can do a nice little casual roll over onto your other side. Bending the underneath leg. Shuffling back onto your mat if you need to. Good. And stretch that leg out of hip height. Ready for your sidekicks and kick to reach. Good kick and down on that arm with the knee bend underneath.

Kind of lets you find the stability of the body and work the legs so it's not too difficult to have to stabilize the torso. I want the movement through the hip and reach and kick and back. Last two back and last one back. Good. And then come back to the center. Onto your back. Back to your pelvic cold position. And I want hands behind your head.

Chest Lift

We're going to start with a chest lift. So finding that nice set position. Again, hands behind the head. Slide the ribs up forward towards the knees, tailbone, staying down and then length and back down. And with the exhale, deep in the chest. Lift up and back down. Good. Keep that little float, a little extra pace in it and reach and down. Keep the sacrum nice and soft. Good and down. Two more. And chest lift. Good.

So everything stays settled. And last chest lift up and back down. Now we're going to add a little egg float as the chest comes up. Float one leg. Now what I want, we'll pause for a moment is I want it to be vertical thigh or call this injured Paul and then come back down. Same thing on the other side. Leg Floats. Good. Yes. And back down.

Chest Lift w/ Single Knee Lift

Let the foot hang and chest lift as the leg lifts back down. Good. Okay, nice. So you feel like you dropped that thighbone into the hip as you come up. Good. Now going to add rotation of the upper body. As you float the leg, rotate to the leg, but don't bring it in too far. I want it to stay just over the hip and back. Now I want you to think of rotating pause for a moment with the elbow that's down.

Chest Lift w/ Single Knee Lift Rotation

Take that to the floor and center and to the floor. Yes, it's a different rotation. Keeps you a little longer and more open in the torso, elbow to the floor and across. Good. We have lost four and one back to good. Keep that pelvis nice and settled.

Last one on this side and there we go. Back to the center. Good and lengthen the legs out along the Mat. Arms beside you. We're going to do leg circles, so bend the right leg in and up to the ceiling. Now here I want the foot to lead the circle so the foot comes in and around, in and around. So you're going to twist that foot to make the circle. There we go. Last one and doesn't have to be big circle.

Leg Circles

I want it to just be your size. Circle. Come back to the center and reversed in the foot leads. So make sure you're working the ankle and foot. And in the circle follows four, five. Let's do three more. Six keeping the pelvis stable still.

I don't want it to go to rock and roll and hold. Good. Low that leg down to the mat. Take the other leg back up. Good. So going inward first and feel like you get the ankle to lead the circle. Two and three. Keep the movement. Fall five, six. Good.

Remember West circulating and circling at the same time. Reverse and circle around. Good. Keep that foot working, but let it travel down the leg into the hip. And five, six, seven, eight. Good. Lower that leg down to the floor. Sit Up to the front of your mat for rolling like a ball.

Rolling Like A Ball

So sit forward holding one hand on each ankle. And we're going to do a very loose rolling like a ball just for six. So to find your balance first and round the back. So we really need to have a rounded back to roll onto. So deepen the forward to the knees.

And then scoop the belly back and that starts your roll. As you roll back, the legs can just open a little and come back balanced. Just six and roll. Come back and roll. Good. Just to the shoulder blades and fall. Good. Find that little scoop in the low back to allow you to roll.

And we'll have one more and roll and hold could from here, just scoop your belly and back onto your back into a chest lift for single leg stretch. Deepen those knees to you. Will have 10 and reach one leg away. Reach to pull the other knee in. Four five, six, seven eight last one to crisscross hands behind the head, four 10 over you go to now try and find that elbow to the floor again. Four five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 back to the center and hug your knees to your chest. Good. Extend the legs out along the mat and you'll turn onto your side, onto your forearm for side support. One. So the forearm down top, foot forward. Good. So yes, knees can be slightly bent to begin with, but that top foot is on the inside of your foot and the back foot on the outside of your foot could press up into side support.

Single Leg Stretch

One top onto the ceiling and pause. Now we're going to take the first few slowly yoga, turn to the front into front support onto your tip toes. You should just rotate and then come back to the other side. Top arm, high and reverse. Bring it around. You roll to your toes and you're there. Roll to the toes and you're there. We have four more so nice.

Criss Cross

Full body exercise. Nice on the shoulder girdle, easy on the wrists. Got To love that. Use The abdominals. Keep the pelvis as low as you can as you come through and pause. Good. Turn back to your front support. Bring the forums together. Take a moment there, lengthening out the spine, sending your heels back, and then you're going to lower down to the floor, hips, and then body and bring your hands beside you for a Cobra Cobra. Swan prep. I'm not sure quite what everybody's terms are, but what I will have his arms on the floor, forearms on the floor, broad across your shoulders.

Side Support to Front Support

And we're just pressing up to the forums first. So on the inhale, press the full forum into the mat and just bring yourself up into thoracic extension. Good. That's where we're going first. Now here, I like the head to come up into the upper shoulders. Yes. And then feel like you're pulling away or pressing away from the floor on the way down. Traction forward with the arms. Bring the forward down. Good. I'm going to widen your hands just a little, so don't get too close in. Have them quite wide and press through the forum's head, comes through into the shoulders, brings you into thoracic extension.

Swan Prep

Feel that length at the front of the body, and then pull back down. Good. Two more like this. And press forward down with the elbows down with the hands up with the body and then lengthen back down. One more. Nice. Inhale Hood. So in that upward position, you should have broad scapula and then come back down. So that's how I'm positioning the arms is to keep that Britt.

Now we're going to go a little higher. Press to the forums now as you come up, press onto the hands to whatever range you're comfortable with and then pull forward without moving the hands. To draw you back down to more and start from the forums. Press through, send the head forward and up. Crown of the head coming up. Then I'll have clavicles back and then draw yourself back down, pulling through the palms one more.

And at the top of this one we're going to stay because we're going into a little swan prep. Now from here I want you to lift the legs as you roll forward, but hand stay underneath you and legs lift and roll back. Good and roll. Good. You're in the press up through the arms each time. Lift the legs and up. We can have a little more pace. Good. You're in a rock forward one and up two and up. Good. Last four, three, two and one. Hold that there.

Swan Dive Prep

Very nice. Scoop your belly and sit back on your heels into rest position. Good. And take a nice couple of breaths in there, preferably for me. Knees together. Breathing into the back. Good. And exhale. Use the palms just to press your heels down into the tailbone. A little more. One more breath, breathing into the back and exhale. Good.

Child's Pose

Just lift your hips up into a like a little four point kneeling for me for the moment and dig your toes under at the back. Now you're going to sit back onto your heels, come upright with the body and allow the weight of the torso to sit into your feet and just stretch you a little there. Good. So that's more or less it pleasurable for many of us. Some more, some less. Try and enjoy it. Take another two breaths, just holding there, trying to let the weight of your body go into the feet, into the toes and get more stretch. And then I want you to use your hands just to roll back onto your feet in a squat position.

Foot Stretch

So now press the heels down as much as you can and bring the arms forward either in like a little Jeannie or forward or whatever helps you to balance there and keep sending the heels into the floor and that's what happens. So finding that little point between too far forward, too far back is perfect. So you want to get a really good stretch through the base of the feet and up into the deep calf muscles. Nice position. Squatting's good for us too. All right. As best you can press those heels down. Come up to standing. Good. Lovely girls.

Deep Squat Balance

I might have you faced the front and we're going to go through a little arm series. So just starting with some circles from here. Circle around and just like we did on the floor, keep it moving and reverse. Good. And Circle two, three, four and hold. Now arms will go out to the sides and I want you a little arm pumps. Yeah, good. Now try and speed them up. You can have palms forward, palms down. I don't mind, but I want to get faster. Good. Now circle as you pump. Yes, it's a little kind of like that, but one we'll set and then we're reversed in the arms. I want you to feel like as we go back in these circles that you keep rolling the shoulders back and even feel like there's a little thoracic extension happening as you go back there. Good. Eh.

Standing Arm Circles

Alright, last one and heads dropped down. Good. All right, we're going to stop there and anyone that's continuing on for the reformer section, now's the time.

Chapter 2

Reformer Workout

So we're ready to go onto the reformer for the rest of our circulation program. Sarah and Grr. Ready to go with us. So we have three red springs on at the moment, three red springs or three red and a blue or aroundabout.

Standing Hand Pumps w/ Mini Arm Circles

That tension would be ideal for what we want at the moment. If you set your reformers headrests up and lying on your back on the carriage, please heels onto the foot bar. So we're going to start with leg and foot work, three variations and starting with your heels on the bar. Hit with the bar apart. We're going to do pumps. I will take you through it just to find it for the moment. So start by stretching the legs out on one, come halfway back in and then find a little pump around the knee joint here for ten nine eight seven six five four, three, two and the last one stretches you all the way out and then brings you home.

Heels - Pumps - Set of 10

Two more sets here. So all the way out on one, come back in and give me 10 little pulses around the knee joint. That very center part of the movement, five, six, seven, eight, nine and stretch. Bring that all the way home one will set on your heels and all the way out. Halfway in pulse, two three could. And try not to let it get out of control.

You want to stay really focused around the muscles of the knees as you pulsing. So it's got a little control all the way out on the last one. Bring it home. We are going to the toes, so toes with a little heel lift. Same thing, three sets. Exhale out, bring it back in. And pulse, two, three, not too high with the heels.

Toes - Pumps - Set of 10

Just keep them easy. So you had that nice bend in the front of the ankles as well and stretch that last one all the way out. Bring it back home. Two more sets all the way out. Halfway in n one, two, three, yes, seven, eight, nine and I think we stuck a couple extra in for you, didn't we? Back in and home. One more set on your toes and pulse. Good.

Pilates Stance - Pumps - Set of 10

And just keep your breath going through it. Just allow the pulse to be the focus of the movement. You just keep breathing evenly. Best case scenario, don't stop breathing. Good and good. Stretch that last one out. Come home, go to v position. So heels together. Keep that connection. Stretch all the way out.

Halfway back in n pulse, two three, four. Keep the pace six that'll keep the size of the pulse. I want nine 10 stretch all the way out. Bring it back home. Two more sets. Just keep the knees inside that frame of the carriage for me. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and stretch all the way back. Last set and reach. Bring it in. One, two, three, four, breathing. Nice and even and stretch that last one all the way out.

Bring it back in. Turn your heels to parallel. Press out and we'll have 20 prances and reach up to good rise all the way between as well. All the way under. All the way up. Seven, eight, nine, 10 last ten nine, eight, seven, six could and last one. Good. Rise up. Bring that back all the way back in with the carriage and we're going to, I'm going to take one spring off down to two red springs. I've got two they do good. And then stay on the toes with a single leg.


Extend the other leg over the bar, not resting. Of course, just over the bar. Long toes. We're going to do a cuff press. So reached the leg up to the ceiling as you press out on the working leg. Now flex both feet, heels, reach, toes, reach, lengthen it out to come down. We've got six and reach out heels, toes, reach down. Keep that ankle that's on the working foot on the bar.

Single Leg w/ Heel Lower Lift

Lao, that ankle. Just to pivot on the way in. Meaning you add, yes, keep it back to that heel there so you allow the hinge and the front of the ankle joint. As you come back in, we'll have one more. This site out reach toes and whole change sides for six on the other side. Yes. I just want that ankle position to stay stable. It will look higher when you're out and away we go up heels, toes and rich and really lift.

Lengthen toes back in. We're up to three. Good. Keep breathing. I would like out with the exhale in with the inhale, but you just make that breath work for you. One more and in Nice. Bend the legs. Backing onto the foot bar. We're going to stay on two springs and put your hands in the straps, so shuffle yourself just off the shoulder rest.

Hundred Variation

We are going into hundred and coordination, slight variation on each, but begin with arms reaching to the ceiling and take your feet off. Just resting them into your body, holding the feet in line with the knees. They're good. Press into a hundred position, extending the legs out. Bringing the chest up hold. Now I want you to glue the heels together and bend the knees into a long diamond position. Hold that. We've got our hundred here and inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Keep the pace.

I remember I want to pump that body with oxygen, pump it with blood, but particularly here we've got oxygen shooting around the body. If we can get a nice percussive beat and a defects hail, keep the pace. Good. Squeeze those heels to hold the legs. You. We really just open the mouth. Let the air out. Okay, good. Four more breaths. I do relieve. If I've skipped a breath, you'll forgive me, right Sarah? Well, yeah.

Two more rounds. Good pump. You're going to have one more breath and really pump straight arm. Okay, and hold good. Wrap your knees back together. Come down with the upper body and let the knees come in deep too.

You ready for coordination? We're going to do coordination with straight arms. Chest lift up as you go out. So press out to low legs. Open close. Once knees come deep, body comes down. We're going to open close twice on the next one out. You come from the upper thighs and close and close.


Bring it back down. Then we've got three and out you come and close. Upper inner thighs. Last one, knees come in and we've got four. Enter each. Try and keep the legs low so that you're working in the lower abdominals to and squeeze and for knees come in. We're working backwards. We've got three. Press it out and three, two, one, knees deep. Bring it down. Feels good to just have two.

Now out we go, and one, two deep and bring it down. Now one more just to center and bring it back. Nice and deepen. Bring it back down. Good. Put your feet onto the foot bar so that we can bring your feet into straps. So one leg at a time into the foot strap, keeping that leg bent as the other one goes in and start with a nice little frog for me. Press away. Good Ben, back in Nice and deep and press.


I want a little, little more, not too fast, but a little more paste in it. Just flowing, flowing. Movement for good. Two more. Nice and stay. Bring the legs up to the ceiling. Good. We're going to alternate directions. Circle down and around.

Leg Circles - Alternating Direction

Reverse around and up the center. Good and press. You've got to stay in the muscles of the legs. Hinge ing in the hips, allowing the body just to stay settled. Good. We're doing a good job here. I hope you're enjoying this as well. Last two sets. Find the movement in the hip joints.

Find the stability through the rest of the body just with easy breath and last reverse around and up. Good Preston. Legs down to 45 degrees. Parallel the legs for me and we're going to do what I call walking on the ceiling. One leg bins in the other leg comes up to the ceiling and press back out. Feet together. Good. It's a really good coordination exercise.


Just keep the feet slightly apart so that you're under your hip line. Good. And stay in the hip extensors to get that press back out. You've got six more. Press good. Keep that tension in the bent leg, particularly as it goes into the movement up. Good and last too.

And is that even good? Just make sure you're even sides and then externally rotate the legs and take them out to the sides. I'll have five big open and close, so come back together with the heels. Now think of inhale, lead with the toes to go out. Exhale, scoop and bring them back in. Good. Inhale to open. Exhale back and I'd like you to be in as much range as you have. I think you've got a little more here. Go. You're holding out on me.

Open Close

Please don't hold out on me. I want all your range in hell. Open and exhale, come back together. One more place in hell. Lead with the toes. Exhale. Bring the heels back together and then bend into your little frog. Start position. Now, not too wide, but I will have your head rests down please.

Short Spine Preparation

We're going to do a little preparation. I call it preparation for short spine, but it's the start and finish parts of it. We're going to press away, hindered the hips to bring the legs in, keeping the tailbone down as long as you can. When the Tel burn starts to lift, pause. Now we're not rolling up. You're going to bend at the knees to bring your heels to tailbone and settle back to start position where you go out, hinge the hips, bring the feet over your head, and then use the hamstrings to wrap the heels back to your tailbone and back to start position. Hold good out to come back to your little frog. Start position everyone for me a little narrow there, so find the press out through the hips. Good. Hinge the front of the hips to bring it in and from in position.

Try not to drop the thighs. You're going to pull with the heels as you bend the knees. Good, which gives you a lot more hamstring. Hip extensor. Three more for me. Press away. Hinge the hips to bring the bed in as far as you can to where the hips start to pull off. Then pulled back through the hamstrings. Good. Last two.

Good that you don't have to do too much turning in or out with your legs. Just keep them kind of natural, neutral where they feel good in your hips. Last one and pull the heels through and pause. Very nice. Take your feet out of the straps. We'll hook them back. Nope, you've got them. I've got them. Good. Now just come off the shoulder rests a little bit.

Toe Jumps w/ Chest Lift

I will have your hands behind your head and your feet. Balls of the feet, just resting on the foot bar. Come up into chest lift, supporting the head with your hands. This is going to give you a visual as we jump on the foot pass. So balls of the feet on the foot bar. Stretch out to straight legs. Good. Now to start with a very small bounce to jump you in a land through the balls of the feet. Good, so don't get too bold too fast.

Find your way into an ice. Jump here and now think about getting away from the bar, a bit of air time. Use The abdominals to support the body and exhale. Good. Now. Let's go for 10 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four. Now on the last three, get ready. We're going to do 10 singles each side. So the 10 and then land one. Press n, two, three, four. Really use that leg to power you out. Six. Good. And you can let the foot just land easy.

Single Leg Toe Jumps w/ Chest Lift

And when you nine 10 and change one out. Good and powered out. Use the breath. Exhale four and five. Find the back of that leg. If you can about eight I think nine, 10 come back. Pause for a moment. Give me a very small v position.

It's your last set, I promise. All right. 10. And when you've done your 10 you just finish. All right. You still going to land on the balls of the feet, right? Good. And away we go. And out. Two and three. Good. Keep a little speed. Four, five, six, seven.

Pilates Stance Toe Jumps w/ Chest Lift

I don't know, I'd have to go operatic on the last numbers and and pause. Good. That should be your 10. Nice, good. Bring the characters back in. Come off. And we're putting our short box on please. Nice. So for the short box, we will start with three red springs. Again, if you'd set your reformer up with three red springs, short box against the shoulder, wrists, and start by sitting on top. We're actually going to sit in, in front of the box for some stomp, stomach massage, stomach massage, but start up there and you cannot put your feet onto the platform.

Round Back

I do like to teach my clients doing it with their feet on the bar, but we wish aren't today. Hands onto the box and lower yourself down in front of the box. There's a nice way to get into it. Sit yourself forward. So I want round back first. So you're going to sit forward on the reformer on the way more beautiful.

And then you can press out with your feet and take your toes up onto the bar. So it gives you a little way of getting into it. Make sure you're right up on the bar with the fee. So same as your regular stomach massage around back fingertips on the front edge of the carriage. Elbows out and make a ball round through the arms and make a ball round through the body. So find your rolling like a ball drawback.

Now you've got 10 with the CARF press. So come back in to start all the way, all the way, all the way. And as you come in, the knees are going to go up into your armpits. You'll stay rounded. Tailbones under. Alright, here we go. You're pressing out one hills under two. Rise up three.

Bring it home with pace and out and, and in from the abdominals and up. Good eggs. How Scoop? Yes. Up to five. Nice. On the way in. Bring knees into your armpit. Keep the tailbone under. Keep the body rounding. Keep the depth of abdominals. Let's call this the last three, two and the last one.

Good. Bring that all the way home now using her arms. Get yourself right back to the box. Good. Any way? I know back to the box. Not on the box. Oh, just shuffle. Shuffle back into that crevasse.


Leave your feet up there and we'll take one spring off. Good. Alright, good. So we're down to two red springs and you're sitting back with the boxes up against your low back. All right, arms are forward. Nice. So keep stay against the box, but keep your weight in your own body. Don't try and let it drop back into the box for me. Think about fingertips staying over the foot. Bar, no CARF. Press this time.

Just stretch out to zip up the thighs. Hold and pull back in. Your fingertips are coming to me, staying with me with the fingertips and coming to me and yes, good. Three more. Press back. Good eye line up and last two good. Find those inner thighs come together when you get back there. Now we're adding rotation.

The first one will be to rotate back and straight to the center. Stay with me other side. Good. Now it's going to change. Now you reach the arm through and back and center. Other side. Reach it through and back and now up and over. Up and over. Follow it with your head. Bring it back.

Reach and Twist

Are the side up and over. Good. One more set of each and around. Bring it back home and zip up the thighs. Good. Fold it through. Reaches far back as you can. Good. Last one. Up and over. Good and back.

Follow it with your eyes up and over and come back. Good. Hold onto the foot bar. Press your legs out straight and just take a little stretch there. Breathe into your back. You can be v position or parallel for this stretch. Find what works best for you and what your range dictates.

But while you're out there, I'd like you to breathe in just at the base of the Ridge when you get a nice deep breath and allow the back to round. Good. All right. And then when you're ready, bend the knees, come back in, bring it all the way home and using your hands. You can go up onto the box and come off now.

Good, good. Now we will take your foot bars down, staying on the same spring. We don't need to change the spring, but all the way down and out of the way with the foot bar and turn to sit facing side on that short box. So the underneath leg will be bent up on the box and your top leg is going to be against the foot platform. So just turned out to don't do anything too much with the league. Let them, they'd be up.

Seated Single Leg Press on Shortbox

And I want you to have kind of this the side of your butt just on the edge of the box. So you sitting on it with both butt cheeks. Yes. But you just got to get kind of gluteal fold to that inside edge. All right. Arms out into a t position. This leg is turned out and I want you to feel like you're sitting evenly. We put you on a little bit more on, yeah, on both sitting bones. So I kind of want you to be on your sitting bones, but let this knee be out and just use the ball of the foot to stretch the leg.

Press away and come back in. All right, so we're going to do 10 bodies. Upright arms are out and you're trying to keep the symmetry of the pelvis and just work the leg in turnout so it's really deep into the hip joint. And try it. Yes. As you come in, let the knee come back and up to the ceiling. Now, not too much footwork. You simply pressing through the ball of the foot. Good.

And let's do formal. So press, draw the knee up towards your arm as you come in. Good things are going to get a little crazy in a moment. Just get that leg work down, pat. Good. One more. Then we really get going. Okay, so now you're going to start with the leg extension one. You're going to turn the leg to parallel as you go over in a side over.

Single Leg Press w/ Side Over

Good. So the legs parallel, which brings the heel onto the bar and the box under you. There we go. Change arms. Good. Now as you come up, turn the leg out onto the toe. That's it. And then as you go over, you bend the knee. Take that little stretch, bring it back up, right. Not Too much right. Press out. It makes sense. Very quickly. Turn the leg parallel, change the arms, bring the body upright, turning the leg out. You're good, Sarah. I'll come with you and bring it back in.

Good. Okay. Alright, we're going out parallel leg. Yes. Change arms. Turn out leg. Bend the knee and up. Beautiful. Out over. Change the arms.

Bring it back up. Turning that leg out. Then bend it as you come back in. We've got two more. It starts to quickly come naturally out over in the bed comes under you change. Turn leg back to the toes and bring it in. It's nice coordination for you. And last one, stretch it out. Take it over.

Good. Lao, that lane and bring it up. Turning the leg. Bend it back in. Game for that on the other side. Of course we are. Alright. Turn it around. Find that underneath leg bent on the root. The box. This legs turned out and ease up just on your toes out. Good. Yes. So that's your little just side of the butt off the box.

Seated Single Leg Press on Shortbox

Only sitting on both sitting bones. You could probably go on a little more thorough on that way yet just to give you, all right, so starting with your leg work to extend the leg 10 times. Good. Bring the knee back and up to your arm as you come in each time. And yes, we're all home and hosed on this side. Now you know what you're doing. Cool.

Try to stay sitting on particularly the sitting bone on the side of the led you're working. Try and still feel some weight into that sitting bone as you go. Good and not too much foot action. That's it. Eight good. And you should be feeling you feel it good. You should be feeling it deep into the joint in the upper thigh. There really connects everything and gets nice and deep.

Good into the side over version. So stretch out with your leg. Work, turn parallel. Bring the heel onto the foot platform, change sides, bring it up, turning the leg out, bend it in. And again, you've got four more. Make the leg work and now that heel and cause you as you can. Take a little Molly. Yes, Ga, you've got it. And up to now as you start to feel familiar with the sequence, you can take a little more lever over the box. Just try and test as far as you can go.

Single Leg Press w/ Side Over

Cause what this anchoring of the lake does is it anchors the pelvis and takes away a lot of load off the low back or the SACROILIAC joints that usually can take a bit more load when you're in the lever. So it tends to be a nice place to find good. Even distribution of lateral work. I think we have one more after this. Yeah. Good. Well the short answer is it doesn't hurt as much.

Okay, good. And over you go and bring it back in. Very nice. Let's take our boxes off. We're going to turn them to long box actually. So off but back on. Good.

Open Close

All right so taking your hand weights. I'll have you line on the boxes head at the back end, feet onto the foot bar. But I want the very, very base of your skull to be just off the backend of this box. So lying on the box in long locks position and then shuffle back to where you just start to feel the of the skull. Get a little rest over the edge of the box. Cause what I'm after is just come back a fraction more from there.

I want this open throat position here. Ribs connected here. So if, does that feel a little much? Yeah. Okay. So you feel where it's the most comfortable, but try to get like a little release of the head back off the end. Legs are staying parallel on the foot. Bar. Arms are up to the ceiling for me. So we're starting with the little arm series. Have palms together or facing each other, not together.

And start with the inhale for an opening. So inhale, reach out. Exhale, bring it back over the body. Now just make sure at the top that your weight of your arms is yes. Down into the box, into the back of the shoulders. Inhale wide. Exhale, come up. Good. And a little stretch on the elbows to come out of the biceps a bit more. Inhale and exhale. Good.

Six more in Hale and exhale, bring it back up. Long arms reach as wide as you can. Let's keep it moving. Exhale to the ceiling. Keep the weight of the upper arms into the box. We've got four more. Just watch the legs. Don't go drifting. Remember the nice and parallel there?

Good. I think we have one last one. Inhale to open. Exhale up. Now stay with your palms facing towards each other and go into the switches. Inhale, reach all the way back. Exhale.

Oppositional Arm Reach

Bring it up over your ribs in hell. All the way back. You're good. Exactly that and up. Good in how? Reach one arm back. One down to the hips. Yes. And exhale back from here. And if you go further with that arm, that's fine. Just remember to bring ribs into.

Bring the shoulder down and to bring the arm back. Good one last set. Reach it and bring it back. It goes far as you can. That feels good to you and hold. Now we have a combination. Let's say left arm, back, right arm out to the side. So an opening in a switch.

Alternating One Arm Up One Arm Side

That's an ouch and back and center. Good. Inhale as you go back. Exhale up. These girls are making it look way too easy. Could, don't get too fast. I want you to, yes, find the precision of the movement, but keep it moving. And last one each side. Don't forget to breathe. Exhale up last one and stay with your arms to the ceiling. Bring one leg up into tabletop. Bring the other leg up into tabletop. All right.

Alternating Arms w/ Toe Taps

You're going to lower one leg as you open in your, which are your opening and switch Combo. Yes. You can pick the leg. Yes, but there's a lot going on. Good job. All right. I'm not sure where to move. All right. Just so try one and you can always cause we're going to swap the legs anyway. Good Theron and back. It's just a test of faith to begin with. Inhale, just like can move three fees. Good. And on this last one, bring it back.

Hold now. Change the leg yesterday. All right. Might be nearly wine time. Two more each side. Yeah. Good though. You're doing a good job.

I had to find something for you and stay good. Float one leg at a time. Back Down. Good. And then you can come up. I'll take the arm whites if you pop your arm weights or arms down and then slide yourself up off the box. Yup. Safely. I'll take them. Good and come off the reformer and bring your foot bars back up into your leg and foot work position please. Awesome. No boxes staying.

Shoulder Press on Long Box

Okay, so we're still on the long box. We're going into a swan position. I will keep you on two red if it feels too strong for you. If you're smaller, we can take it down to one and a half. Otherwise we'll stay with those at the moment. Lying with your head towards the foot bar and hands wide on the foot bar for me please. Good. So we're going to do a little sequence here almost to the end of your session, but to start with, just press back with the arms straight, arms back. Good.

In this position, I just want you to find where you don't lift the body just yet. That's it. Heads up and shoulders down and bend back in. Good. Now on the way back in, I want armpits down to the box and elbows can be a little lower if that's what you need to keep the Scapula wide. Good. Two more of those. Good and back. Good. Nice choice. Yeah. Good. Now. Hold this next one out. As you come in, I want you to bend the knees and bring the feet to bottom as you bend the elbows. Good. But yes, still keeping this.

Shoulder Press w/ Leg Kicks

Now we're going to do three little kicks, like a double leg kick. One, two, three and extend out. Good. Two more of those. Bring it in. Little one, two, three and extend. Good. And last one like this. Good. Now we're going to do that again, but add to it. So come in, give me the double leg. Kick. One, two, three, extend. Come forward in your swan. Leaving your legs out there. Head to the pull Ford with straight arms. Good. Nice. And then from the shoulders, press back. Let the boss intention back into your shoulders and bending with the kick.

Shoulder Press w/ Leg Kicks to Swan

And in two, three extend swan. Now try not to let the feet drop when you do your swan. Yes. Press back out. And as you come in, lift the knees to go into kick to three. Extend Swan. Keep the feet up and press back. Good and calming.

Kick to three. Extend and lift. Good. Open the chest. Keep the feet up and press back down. We got one more set and in two three extend. Lift the chest and press back and come back into your bent leg position and hold. Now I want legs as close together as May.

Stay comfortable. I want your heels to stay in and you're going to do the upper body part of that work and press back. Now chest comes up, head comes to your feet. You should feel a lovely opening of the front of the body and press back and bend in. I've got four more. So keep trying to keep the heels into your tailbone. Lift and open. And so we've got double leg kicks, we've got almost rocking position.

Shoulder Press to Swan w/ Knees Bent

You've got a whole lot going on here. Think about the stretch or the opening at the front of the body and trying to pull the heels to you. But while you're doing that swan movement, good. And so that's all across the abdominals, front of the hips, front of the thighs, everything lengthening out and press back. We will have one more if my accounting is correct and coat head comes to your feet. Good. And if you find with your neck, you can take that much extension or control it if you'd prefer. Good. All right, rest there and then you can take yourself off the side of the reformer. You are done. If you'll just give me a roll down to finish. Oh, of course you will. Very nice. All right, so take a nice big breath in, arms coming up. I'll stay out of your way. GF and exhale.

Roll Down

Let the arms come back down as you roll forward and give me a roll down. Let the head hang, let the arms hang, breathe deep into the back of the body and exhale, roll up. Okay, let's do one more. I'm out of your way in hell up. Get that real inhale. Exhale, roll as you go down. I'll retreat to my corner. Good, good.

Let the head hang. So all the tensions out of the upper body heals down into the floor to you up. Wrap the tailbone under pelvis stacks, spine stacks on top of it. Could you are done. Thank you very much for joining me. Thank you Sarah. Thank you, Jia and enjoy the rest of your day or evening. Thank you.


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Sally, I absolutely loved this. Thank you for your lovely style and creativity in variations. As a teacher, I so enjoyed just being a student and not knowing or caring what was next. Heart rate was elevated and breath was key in this sequence. Body felt so good after! Again, many thanks.
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Hi Sally, just what I needed on Sunday morning after a huge teaching week. I actually feel revitalised ready for last week of teaching for the year.
Merry Christmas Sally XX
Michelle E
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Loved this session Sally. Thanks for sharing!
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Ahhhhh - wonderful
Loved this Sally! I feel great- ready for my next three hours of teaching x
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Thank you Sally-I believe this is my new favorite go-to session!💜
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Sally this class was fun, challenging and made me go "ahhh" in a good way at the end. I feel so good! Thank you!
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Thank you Sally, I'm loving you latest videos. Such intelligent movement for modern bodies with deep respect for the traditional work. My body feels amazing after this!
Meg H
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I love this class! Thank you!
Another Sally gem and so fun to combine the Mat and Reformer - though I have to say it's a bit challenging in a small space :)

The side bend work towards the end was a bit difficult to follow and might need some playing around with the Reformer set up, but I'm sure I'll find it easier next time I try it! Other than that, awesome, I hope Sally will be back on PA soon!

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