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Improving Circulation

55 min - Class


Focus on getting the best circulation you can with this Mixed Equipment workout by Sally Anderson. She starts with a Mat warm-up to bring blood and oxygen from your limbs to the rest of the body. She then moves on to the Reformer, flowing through exercises that will keep you moving so you can release toxins.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Mat, Mixed Equipment, Hand Weights (2)

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Hi, I'm thanks for joining me. I'm Sally Anderson from Sydney, Australia. We are going to do a combination of mat work and reformer or standalone mat works. So this mat work wil...


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Sally, I absolutely loved this. Thank you for your lovely style and creativity in variations. As a teacher, I so enjoyed just being a student and not knowing or caring what was next. Heart rate was elevated and breath was key in this sequence. Body felt so good after! Again, many thanks.
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Hi Sally, just what I needed on Sunday morning after a huge teaching week. I actually feel revitalised ready for last week of teaching for the year.
Merry Christmas Sally XX
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Loved this session Sally. Thanks for sharing!
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Ahhhhh - wonderful
Loved this Sally! I feel great- ready for my next three hours of teaching x
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Thank you Sally-I believe this is my new favorite go-to session!šŸ’œ
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Sally this class was fun, challenging and made me go "ahhh" in a good way at the end. I feel so good! Thank you!
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Thank you Sally, I'm loving you latest videos. Such intelligent movement for modern bodies with deep respect for the traditional work. My body feels amazing after this!
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I love this class! Thank you!

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