Class #3624

Ab and Shoulder Reformer

30 min - Class


Find connections to your shoulders and abdominals with this Reformer workout by Trent McEntire. He shows two setups so you can see how to use the Arcus if you have it. He encourages you to use your breath to drive your movements while you move through creative variations of exercises like Single Leg Stretch, Rowing, and much more.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Arcus


I'm trying to McEntire and welcome to reformer for abdominal and shoulder connections. We have two different setups today. We have one reformer that would be using regular straps on, a...

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Loved the unity of the abdominals, shoulders and breath...great way to get the mid and lower traps to do more of their work and create spaciousness across shoulders and chest and in between the blades!
I loved this class. thank you very much.
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Love, Love, Love your work, Trent!! I hope we get to see more of it.
Thanks. . .. I have only watched this and I can't wait to try it out later today.
Thanks a million for a great class @Trent McEntire. Really valuable work for the shoulders. Always enjoy your classes and tutorials! Warm regards, Brian
Loved this class! Thanks Trent. Great cue - the abs are what gives the shoulders power!!
The Arcus! :)
Really nice class..can't wait to try it out with my students!
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The rotation of the hips in the oblique position felt incredible for my posterior sling. Imbalances from scoliosis make that an insatiable area to stretch and strengthen. This really helps. Thank you Trent, Mari and Sarah!
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More Arcus videos please! Love this
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