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Stabilizing Reformer

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We are absolutely thrilled to welcome the winner of our 2018 Next Pilates Anytime Teacher Competition, Marimba Gold-Watts, to Pilates Anytime! She teaches a Reformer workout that starts by working on thoracic mobility and then moves onto stabilizing the pelvis and creating strong hips. She includes challenging variations to exercises like Coordination, Scooter, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Triadball, Jump Board

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Jan 07, 2019
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Hi, I'm Marimba gold watts and I am the owner of articulating body ink in New York, New York. I'm also the winner of the 2018 Pele's anytime competition. And today I'm here to do a ref...


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This video offered some interesting variations on the Method, but I do have a couple of issues. Mainly that there was no real warm up flow and I never felt that my body was entirely engaged because of the piecemeal sequence. The choices of exercises seemed random. Also, there was a general lack of energy in the presentation. Although parts of my body were worked, I never really felt that I was warmed up entirely. Class felt a bit like a tutorial.
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beautiful exploration of pelvic stability. Thank you!
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Loved the unilateral work in this! “Super stable Frankenstein” was a killer and definitely showed me where I need work. Loved the foot strap work and the jumpboard work and was surprised how much harder coordination was for me unilaterally. I hope you will film more unilateral classes. This one was great and now I have yet another wonderful class to put in my playlist and another wonderful teacher to follow on this site! Welcome!
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I loved this class. Made me really feel and think about the depth of the work. Thank you.
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Some nice variations. I particularly liked the coordination series, and chest curls over the ball on top of the box.
Wow! I think I’ll be feeling my deep lateral hip stabilisers tomorrow! I also really loved the opportunity to build on the quadruped work with lessening support. Thanks Marimba x
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Congratulations on winning! And thank you for this class. Hope to see you back!
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Loved this class, very nice breakdowns I will definitely use with students! Congrats, I see why you won.
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Beautiful class! I appreciate your clear instruction & thanks for stating the red spring in the first unilateral seated one. I love love love the unilateral and hip attention. Definitely speaks to my body! Hope to see more from you. Thank you!
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Congratulations on winning! I found the unilateral coordination set up to be interesting, good way for a person to get to know their obliques.
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