Class #3642

Breathing Reformer Flow

50 min - Class


You will find length, width, and space in your body as you move through each movement in this Reformer workout by Amy Havens. She starts with breath work, using the Magic Circle to mirror what happens in your rib cage when you breathe. She encourages you to move with intelligence and integrity so you can maintain your alignment and connections.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Magic Circle

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Hi everyone. I'm here for a reformer workout and I have a new friend to me named Aaron, who's in town here in Santa Barbara from Denver, Colorado. Her mom's taking classes at the studi...


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Great class for my whole body. My brain also got a workout trying to synchronize the circle movements with foot movements...and my brain needs a workout more often apparently 🤪. Your cueing was completely on point for me today. Thanks, as always, for your classes. You always mix it up and keep it challenging and interesting. Going into one of my playlists to do regularly. Also, best wishes for 2019!
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Wonderful Amy. Happy New Years🙏
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This was exactly what I needed this morning, thank you so much! Such a lovely class and beautiful cueing. Saved this to my favorites so I can return to it again.
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I agree with everyone’s comments on this class! This is what I needed today for sure! I just loved it! And I am now ready to take on the first full week of January! Thank you Amy and happy new year to you my friend!
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Yes!! Great class! I love using the circle especially during legs in straps. Also helps me focus on my breath which tends to be shallow. Really felt that connection. As always, your cueing was right on! Thank you Amy!! Happy New Year!!:)
I really enjoyed the pace of this class as well as the fact that I felt the shakes numerous times!

Thanks for the total mind-body movement session- I feel great!
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When 50 minutes flies by like 15 minutes, you really know that it's not only a body workout but the mind is also involved.. great class. Thank you!
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Lori , Z A , Kristi , Connie , Anne-Marie , Carli Taylor and Julie -- thank you ALL so much for these very kind words and expressive feedback! Happy New Year to US!! I'm grateful to you all and really want you to know how much your feedback and comments mean to me! Thank you for letting me teach you and for you joining me!!
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Amy- great class! My body feels great! Loved using the circle. Holy upper inner thighs! :) . Thank you!
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Lovely class! Thank you Amy. It felt great to connect into the back of the body with the circle and breath work. Just what I needed today to work out some soreness.
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