Class #3715

Stability Challenge Reformer

45 min - Class


You will create balance and symmetry in your body with this Reformer workout by Christi Idavoy. She uses the Foam Roller so that you can challenge your stability on an unstable surface. She also incorporates breath into the class so that you can find ease and control while integrating your pelvic floor.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Foam Roller

About This Video


Hi so we're gonna do a reformer session that involves the foam roller as you can see. So I'm gonna have you ladies come on to sitting close to the end of the foam roller. So the easies...


Excellent class!  I really loved the final piece putting it all together.  
I really like your cues, makes it so easy to follow along. I appreciate this. I hope to see you more here!
I love this series!  How often do you suggest we should repeat these classes, fitting them in with other workouts?
Great class!
Big love💖...have loved all of your classes! Thank you so much!!
That was lovely, thank you 
interesting variations.  looking forward to feeling how this has changed my hips as i go through my day.  that last exercise was particularly difficult, so will be practising it again.
Great class Christi! thanks for sharing!
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I am absolutely loving all of your classes, thank you so much for sharing. :))
What a wonderful class!  Thank you! 
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