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Mixed Equipment Circuit

70 min - Class


You will learn how to take ownership of your workouts with this Mixed Equipment session with Christi Idavoy. She teaches a circuit-style class, breaking down which exercise is done on each piece of equipment and then moving through each station to work on the apparatus. She encourages you to think about the relationship between your feet, pelvis, and spine so that you can move with more confidence and ease in every exercise.

Note: This class is great for teachers who are interested in introducing the apparatus in a group setting. Because many of the exercises are more advanced, it is recommended for advanced practitioners.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Reformer (No Box), Mat, Mixed Equipment, Wunda Chair Handles, Yoga Block

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Okay. Hi, thanks for joining us today. So we're doing a circuit class. Um, and so what we're gonna do is have each person at a station doing a different exercise at the same time for m...


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I’m a huge fan of circuit classes!!! I’m so glad you did this! I hope that you do more like this!!! I’d love to see the ladder barrel and the spine corrector incorporated too.
I also wanted to say I’m a big fan of your clear thoughtful instruction and the calm but constant flow to your classes. Perfect balance.
So well-plotted and well-executed.
Thanks for this class. Though I’ve been a Pilates student for years, I’d taken a break for a couple of months, and it was challenging for me! But I’m fortunate to have all of the equipment in my workout space, and it’s really nice to have a class where I can appreciate the variety each piece offers. I just wish I had enough interested friends to join in!
This was interesting for me to see. I have been teaching  studio circuit classes for the last 18 months with the desire to make the apparatus more accessible and affordable and my clients love these classes!! We use 6 pieces of apparatus (cadillac; reformer; ladder barrel; springboard; a chair with handles and an exo chair) with 6 people. I kept the classes very basic in the beginning and introduce the more advanced exercises one at a time. They have quite a repertoire now and it is so great to see their achievements. Thank you for this class Christi, loved your cues!! 
Good class. I like how there were moments of silence. No instructions, just movement. You are a thoughtful teacher!
I really enjoyed this challenge! Christi your tempo, voice cuing inspires me. Your tone and presence so mindful and assuring! I took away so many jewels and ideas of different ways to communicate to my students! Thank you so much!

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