Class #3714

Functional Wunda Chair

35 min - Class


You will feel grounded and more balanced after this Wunda Chair workout with Christi Idavoy. She focuses on integrating your feet and articulation your spine so you can increase function in your body. She also adds more weight-bearing movements so that you can create balanced action around your joints.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Moon Box

About This Video


Hi. So we are here at Pilates Anytime, still. And we're going to do a short chair workout that is really going to focus on again, footwork, foot integration, and spine articulation and...


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Wooo! Leg burner! Thanks Christi, loved the cues and imagery, could definitely feel the difference between each leg after the single leg work.
I loved this! Thanks Christi! Great pace and intensity and perfect length to squeeze in while my 1 year old naps. I’ll be coming back to this one frequently!
That's was revolutionary for me in how I use the chair and get those neural connections awake! I use 2 black springs so my legs were very jelly after it was all done.
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Thanks for a great workout & some new ideas. Great cueing. Great class.
I cannot wait to incorporate this into my classes.  My legs never worked so hard!!!  And, your cueing is always spot on!:)
perfect cueing, pace and variety of movements.  i loved the kneeling work most.  thank you for a golden 35 minutes!
I've done this workout twice already and I love it! My legs were shaking and my core felt so strong and connected. Thank you!
Estupenda clase!!!
Mamamia! Whatta challenge!
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