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Playful Mat Movements

30 min - Class


Let your mind go so that your natural ability can take over with this creative Mat workout by Niedra Gabriel. She teaches a body of movement that has inspired her, using core motions to bring us back to our more natural state. She includes rocking, crawling, rolling, and much more so that you can wake up your body.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Good afternoon, I'd like to share a wonderful body of movement, that I have found very inspirational for me, and I actually tried to touch into every day, which is based on just our na...


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Truly great!  I now will begin and end my days with work that you have taught me.  I spend about half an hour on the floor every night releasing my fascia with balls and dog is confused as to which balls are actually hers. 😉. Now I intend to do some of this work as I get up each morning.  Thanks so much for all you have taught me!  It is truly appreciated.  
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Loved felt euphoric to me...Thank you so much. Gayle
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This is awesome!! I am always looking for ways to improve my balance and this is the perfect work for it. Love the idea of using a 2X4! Also when you mentioned to sing a song my first thought was sing happy birthday song. As I started singing you began to sing the same song! 😂😂Thank you this will be one of my weekly videos to do if not more.
I have such a big smile on my face reading your comments ladies,   this work brings back the child in us and to be honest, it is amazingly strengthening and functional. Enjoy enjoy, and yes, dogs and balls and singing are all part of this...
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Loved this so useful for older students or those with mobility issues  as it adds variety to what they learn. Also really liked the presentation Thank you. 
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This is great, thank you.  I crave more movement classes like this.  What can I do with a sore knee though?  Hoping it will improve.
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As for that rolling like a ball that turned into a tumblesauce/somersault, never did I think I could do it. It's been a while since I was 4 years old.  (Hint: Most of my grandchildren are older than that.) Well, it happened. Klutzy, but I did it. I was so shocked, thrilled and emotional, it actually brought me to tears. Thanks Niedra!
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Fantastic class! Loved it and feel so much looser in my body. Thank you!

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Amazing, seems so simple, and it really is not. It helps my balance so much!
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