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Power Reformer Flow

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Strengthen your entire body with this athletic Reformer workout by Tracey Mallett. She focuses on keeping the class moving so you can flow from one movement to the next at a steady pace. She includes creative variations to movements like Lunges, Pikes, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Hand Weights (2)

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Aug 12, 2019
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Hi Guys. Tracey Mallet. Welcome to athletic holidays. One of my favorite classes to teach. We're going at a brisk pace. It's all about the flow. It's about one movement. Moving into the next, into the next, into the next. Gonna get our heart rate up. Power 30 minutes. That's why I like to think of it.

Power 30 minutes. Okay, you're ready to rock and roll. So let's get you reformer up. Just ready get all our pieces of equipment. Dumbbells, we need two to three pounds. Not much heavier than that. Okay. We need to box, we're going to start with a box on top of the reformer and then the box is going to go to the side, into the side and then back again. So basically our workout is done with the box.

We want one red spring at the moment and it will go down to a half a spin, which is a yellow. But as we go, I'll just guide you through it. But right now we're on one red. All right? If you want to take it up further, you can. But one red is good for me, so I think it's good for you to ready. It's get onto a box and let's get going. All right, so we're going to sit on top of the box. Let's reach the hands for its, pull the shoulder blades down and back in. How here accepts going to our lovely seeker position.

Hold it there. Take the hands down onto the box and we're going to roll down and then slowly roll back up again. Using the hands on the box to really initiate those abs and take the work out of the hip flexor and inhale. Exhale. Bring the hands down. Roll down in how here and round, round, round. Using your hands onto the box and lift back up again. Just two more hands down. Inhale here, exhale and round and come all the way up.

One more time in how? C curve with a spy. Take the hands down and then exhale. Round, round ABS, lifting in, up and back and lifting all the way up. Take the hands back behind the head. We're going to climb back and straight in. Climb back and straight and now we're going to incline.

Just add a little rotation back to center and left down again in Cline, little rotation center and back. So you're on an inclining to where you can fill those abdominals, contract rotation and then back incline rotation center and back. Slowly bring the hands down. Grab hold of your straps. We are to reach the hands forwards. From here we're going to bend the elbow, elbows in line with the shoulders. See curve with the spine. As you roll down, leaving in one vertebra down on the mat in how?

Here Xcel roll back up again. Let the spring help you back up to a straight spine and extend and again bicep curl, c curve rolling down, rolling down. Now you're down a little bit further to the edge of the box. You're going to reach the hands out. Your ears are by your, your biceps are by your ears. And then we're going to slowly keep those arms straight.

Roll back up again to a seated spine and again, bicep curl, seeker reach, overhead arms, reaching out as you see curve and roll all the way up. Spine is straight. Shoulders over hips, biceps. I was in line with shoulders seeker with the spine. As you roll down one vertebrae at a time, we reach the arms by your ears. Keep going. Rolling up. Rolling up, rolling up.

It's going to get a little bit more challenging now by steps rolling down. Lift up over your head. From here we're going to lift the right knee up, chair position. And then lower down bicep curl. Al was in line with the shoulders rolling down.

Reaching the arms over your head. Arms as straight as you bring the opposite knee up. Shin parallel to the sky. And then bring the leg down. Yeah, she's got it right. Next time it's double leg and bicep. C curve reaching overhead. Um, stay straight both legs, both legs, both legs, both legs.

Lower your feet down. Straight spine and BICEP. Hexo reach overhead. Um, stay straight. Round. Lift up, chair position. And then lower the legs. Lift up nice and tall. Two more times. Bicep curl, elbows in language.

Shoulders see curve rolling down. Reach over your head now slowly come up. Rule the knees towards your chest lifter. Lower the legs. You've got one more. If that's too challenging for you, just carried on doing your right and your left leg. Single legs. Reach back slowly.

Lift all the way up and hold it here. BICEP curls here so you're in that lovely balance. Elbows nice and high. Let's do formal just like this for exhale. Three XL two. Exhale one, hold it, lower the legs, finish it off. Shoulders over, hips and release. Back.

Release forwards in that stretch in our position. Head over knees and then lift all the way back up again. Relax those shoulders. Grab your straps and wrapped them over your knees so you're wrapping them over the knees. Am I going to scoot just a little bit further forwards? Place your hands on the front corners of your box. From here, I'm going to round through the spine and I'm lifting the knees up.

So the metal d-rings Oh underneath your knees. And we're going to take our hands all the way around. Hands behind your head. Interlace your hands and lift up. So in that beautiful position we're going to inhale, reach selects out, Xcel pulling. So it's like a variation of double leg stretch and the hands are supported to support your head. So the breath is in how rich Xcel.

Draw the knees to chest. Inhale out diagonally. How a Hexcel needs to chess XL. The ABS are drawing the knees to the chest. Four more guys. XL Four. Exhale three. Exhale two. Exhale one, lower the knees down.

Reach the head back in that beautiful extension. Four, three, two, one. Lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Are you ready? Lift that right leg up. Lift the left leg up. Now we're going to go into single leg straps, so reach the right leg out. Switch. Feel the resistance switch. Feel the resistance as you switch legs, you're going slow, controlled, controlled, and eight more. That is eight Xcel, seven Xcel, six XLF five and four XL. Three X to exhale one knees, drop the head down if you can.

Xcel back up to flection. Inhale in that beautiful extension. Open back. Exhale, lift up in how? Keep the knees over the hips. Shins Pal. Out to the sky. Exhale to more. Dig a little deeper north. Challenging and up. One more time. Inhale. Inhale, XO live. Take the hands, lift yourself up a little bit.

Give yourself a little break. Lift yourself up. Ready for double leg. Stretch without arms and legs reaching out together at the same time. You're ready. Smile. Okay. And inhale. Exhale, round. Inhale. Exhale. [inaudible].

Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale, sweep. Mole. [inaudible] hold it again. Lifted up. Awesome work. Slowly let the head go down and look back. Come up, hands back behind the head.

Cradle that head Cesar position. Reach those legs out and switch. Switch, slow switch. Keep the inner thighs somewhat swishing against each other. Switch and switch and switch one wall and switch.

Knees in, hands to here. And we're gonna roll ourself all the way up and relax. It's great where in slidey lbs. But when you've got these on the slides, be careful. All right, we're going to take these little guys away from each other. Awesome work. And then we're going to come down just a little stretch. Take the hands behind the head, rotate, rotate, lift up. Progress up from here.

I'm going to take your hands, fingertips pointing forwards to your glutes. Inhale here, exhale, tabletop up and then back down again and again. Press the pubic bone up to the sky and then back. So think of the muscles that are activating right now. As you lift your hips up, it's your hamstrings and glutes and your back. All those extensors, sis, do a few more.

[inaudible]. One more [inaudible]. Now the next one, you're going to hold it there. Ready? So lift hips up to the sky. Hold it. Walk up chap position. Reach that leg up.

Press down and lift down. Left down, left down, left press roots that like out, down, left, left, left. Give me one more for good luck Ben. The knee. Thrust those hips up. Look forwards. And then slowly draw the ABS in. Bring your hips back to your hands. Lift up nice and tall. Ah, and just give yourself a little shake. All right, it's Steph off the box now. Now we're going to move the spin down to a half's.

Being a blue springs is a little, make it a little bit lighter cause we're going to do some core work. So I'm going to move the spring to a blue. I'm going to step onto the edge of the reformer. So I'm going to come to the end like this toe on here. Our hands on the corners of your mat.

We should say your box mapbox here. Just bring your heels down. Alright. Alright. Reach the arms out. Shoulder blades, pull down and back and then lengthen. And then send your hips up. Nice and tall. So in like this little downward dog position from here we just to reach out and then bend your knees and pull back in again. So it's almost like you're shooting forwards. Bend in the knees underneath your body so the knees are going underneath your torso so you're not popping your hips up, your knees coming underneath you. So it's there. Right underneath you.

The arms are straight and you're excelling in. Go ahead in how out Xcel in inhale, reach out to the crown of the head XLE and just a couple more. It's your legs that are driving you and your abs are working to stabilize your hips. Bend your knees, articulate, reach all the way up. Bring the box back, bend your knees, look out onto the horizon, and that beautiful stretch from here. Extend. Push out just a little bit. Bring it back in. Bend your knees, look out onto the horizon.

Let's do that again and push out that lovely stretch and bend your knees and let's look out into that lovely horizon there. And from here we're going to step back gracefully and step back. We're moving that box now to the back of the reformer. For this section, we're going to need some dumbbells. I've got my three pound dumbbells like right here, ready to go because I'm going to be needing them shortly. We're going to place the box down at the edge here, so it's level with your reformer bed.

Let's put this down. All right, now we're going to move the reformer spring to one red spring. Now get onto your box. You are in a quadro pad. Now in that quarter pap position, you're gonna take your outside leg and to the bar knee parallel, and you're going to bring your hand off as your hand is level with the knee. Now from here, we're going to push out and then come back. So you're pushing out with a leg and coming back.

Now if you're watching this and not taking part in the class, you're going to think this is more about your legs, right? But actually it's not. It's more about your upper body stabilizing. What it's doing is you're stabilizing you. Upper body was really open in your hip. It feels really nice. Now it's going to get a little bit more challenging.

We're going to reach the arm forward, bend it back, reach, bend it back, reach, bend it back. That's it. So you're reaching forwards and forwards says do a few more and bring it back. Now turn that foot out so it's externally rotated. Same position. Push out and in. So you can see I'm pushing the arms out in opposition, pushing them out in opposition. But the hand, that right hand comes directly in front of the right knee. As you're looking at me right now and reach and we keep both hands downs a little bit more challenging.

One more. And back from here, we're going to come back into a nice quadriped position, arch release. And then slowly pick up your dumbbells behind. I've got my nice dumbbells here. I'm going to step up onto the box. Going to put your foot against the shoulder rest.

So I'm here. We're going to go into our lovely lunge. So I want you to lunch and then come back up. So are you're doing is alone gym, both knees, a band and then back up. So you're pushing that back leg out and then coming back up. Can you see pushing back and straight back up.

So now you've got that. We're going to try and add the arms now so we go forwards and up Fords and up [inaudible] four more here. Four, three, two, one. Now push back here. So back leg is straight, front leg is bent wholly here and we go up and down. So everything comes up, everything goes down with that back leg stays straight and back. So think of coming down as far as you can, but knee is over the first and second toe and the knee is over the ankle joint.

And so that glute medius is working really hard. One more and slowly bring it in. Turn it around to face the front. Now we're going to take the leg behind. We're going to step down off that box and keep the hips square.

So we're going to step back, leg lift up and tap down and tap. So the back leg is bent and we're trying to focus on keeping your hips level. If you feel comfortable, we can add a bicep curl, bicep curl. Keep breathing. One more. Hold it there. Lift that back leg, reach the arms down so that back leg is extended.

Your hips are level, and I'm just lifting that back leg. Keep it going. Let's do eight more for good luck. Okay. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one. Bring it down. Ooh. Feel that color and slowly roll all the way. F case, put those weights down. We're going to come back to the side in a minute. Don't worry. All right, so the way it's sit down now, we're going to go back into our core now.

So from here we're still on the way, the red spring. And then take your hands to the corner of the box here. Hands to the corner. Step your legs back against the shoulder rests. So now you're in that lovely pike position here. So look towards your feet. We're going to inhale, push out XL pike and pull back.

So it's the, this oblique here is working to pull you up. Inhale down. Exhale, lift up. You're underneath the bleak eight x in how reaching out X. I use those apps to pull an inhale out. Excellent. Just give me a couple more in hell out.

So in last time, inhale reaching out. Hexa hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. And beautiful step. Gracely onto the box. Hands full. It's pulled back into that stretch. Awesome work guys. But engineer's role all the way up. Step off your box. They were gonna do that on the other side. So I'm going to move my box around.

Okay. Given the level of the box level with the platform of your bed. All right. All right, so unfortunately you've got my backside to you, but that's okay. All right, so we in quadriped head position here, you aren't your hand level with the knee and then we're going to put this leg in a parallel position. So I'm going to get myself set up, pushing away from the reformer shoulder blades, pull back and I'm pushing out and in out. So it's my upper body that's pushing and my leg is secondary and you get nice hip opener. It feels good on the hip was more about the upper body stability.

Now if you feel comfortable, we can add the arm and press down. Now I'm on one red spring. For some of you who are a little bit weaker in the upper body, may need a little bit lighter spring. Okay, let's do a few more. Three, two, and one come down, turn that foot out. So now I've got that nice hip opener, which feels really good. The external rotation of the hip opening that hiphop back in that same position.

But we are gonna keep both hands on the mat now and we're going to push away. Not Position you ready? So let's push away and back. So your focus here is your mid back. Pull your scapula down and reach out through the crown of the head and the tailbone in the opposite direction. And your knees driving towards your ear. Need to ear. That's it. There we go. Keep going. Push away.

Push away. And three and two and one. Beautiful. Bring that leg down. Arch release, arch release. All right guys, step off.

Pick up your three pounds, dumbbells or your two pounds. All right, ready? So we're gonna get a foot against the shoulder rests. We hear Nisa Band and we're going to push and up. So you've got that Nice lunge.

Keeping the back knee slightly bent. This is your lunge. Okay. Now if you feel comfortable, we're going to ask some shoulder raises. Okay, so we go shoulder raises. There we go. Reach. Okay, nice and sturdy. Hips are square. It feels really good on the legs. The glue.

Made especially you do a few more. Sure. You can [inaudible] last time. Nah, it's reached the hands in that lovely lunge. Elbows in line with the shoulders. All right, we're going to go straight up and then straight back. So the, all the work is on that front, the thigh. Now the back leg is straight and just going along for the ride. As you push back, the goal is to try and get as deep as you can with your knee going over your first and second toe.

So that glute medius on that left leg is working really hard and up. [inaudible]. All right guys, come on. You can do it with me. Feels good theory more three and back and two, one last time. Awesome job. Hold it there. Bring the hands down, bring the leg back, gracefully turn the leg comes back. Now we're going to do a transfer.

We're going to come down into that lunge and then tap. So there's going to get your balance. It's a little hard cause you just been working on it. I'm keeping that the front leg still of balance challenge going on here. So it's always so good for you for trunk stability and it's add some bicep curls if you can. It's all optional.

It's nice to work out arms. Keep your hips the same height, same level lift straight up to the sky. Got a beautiful view here. The ocean, definitely inspiring. And three more like this to one more lifter has. See if we can lift that leg up. Ooh, it feels good, Huh?

Keep putting your hands down. Shoulders pull down and back and you're lifting from that glute. But this side is burning cause it's stabilizing your lot in those previous exercises you did. All right, so let's do eight more. Seven, six, five, three, two and one. Yes. [inaudible] come down. Good job. That's put your weights on the floor at step up.

We're going to place our hands on the corner of the box. Ready for our pike. All right, so put your hands on the corner as, take your feet back. Yeah, we're in that lovely pike position. I'm going to get my hands nice and sturdy. Pull your shoulder blades down and back in.

Push out Xcel and lift up in. Kind. Push out and up. So you're extending the spy. Now slowly draw those abs as you come in. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lengthen. XL. Lift.

Good job in how? Reach those legs out. Hexcel lift two more. Ah, last time and slowly bring your feet onto the box. Oh did there in that lovely stretch and slowly roll all the way up. It stepped down quickly and to place your box onto your little reformer here and we're going to come up onto the top.

Now I'm going to keep it at a red spring for right now. We've got to put one foot forward like this and your knees in line with the hip. Place the hand on the bar and we're just going to reach over. Lengthen that like out to the side and then slowly bring it back in. Inhale, reach that leg out and then slowly bring it back in.

Just two more in how reach slowly bring it in. Last time reach. Lift up in that sideline position here. Four, three, two, one turn left all the way up. Push away. Lift all the way up. Push away as the arms push away. The legs lift up.

Let's do one more in a position. Lift that like up and then come back. Take your hand in the middle. Bend your knee, lift up and over in that lovely stretch. Let's take it over to the other side. Swinging around, hand in the middle of your reformer and sweet. Push out. Lift that leg and then bring it back in. Be Mindful. You're depressing your scapular first. As you reach out, elongate the leg out to the side at hip height and depressed.

As we come back in, two more reach-out. Lengthen, lengthen Lancer, and slowly come back. One more. Reach out. Holly here. Let's lift that leg up. Be stable right here. Pull your scaffold down and lift from that hip. Breathe. Okay, let's do a few more. Four, three, two, and hold it there. Rotate those arms. Yep.

Pull yourself up with the back. Your arms belonged to the back and push away. The leg goes in opposition. High leg goes down. Press the scapula down. Lift up, and again. Yeah, feels so lovely. Finish off the class.

Okay. Now this time you're going to hold it there and bring it back. Bend the knee, take the hand in the middle, all the way back. Hands wrap around your body in that lovely side stretch. It's a variation of a mermaid on the box.

And then lift up. Am I going to step off that reformer of your box? Okay. How do you feel, guys? Awesome workout. Great. 30 minutes. We're going to finish off with a roll down and then you're going to get on with your day and you're gonna feel so much better.

So arms fine side of the body in how here Xcel Chinchy chess curve. Roll down to the spine and then slowly roll all the way up. Thanks for working out with me. I hope you have fun as much as I did. Don't forget to what some of my other workouts too. I have quite a lot of workouts. I'm polite, is anytime, but anyway, love you loads. See you soon. Bye.


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Really fun, dynamic class. I particularly enjoyed the mermaid series on the box with side leg lifts near the end.
Michele M
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Super fun and creative practice!  I loved it all esp the standing lunges!  Moved to favorites, Thank you Tracey!! 
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I’m so excited to see a new Tracey Mallett class on my birthday! Best gift ever! Your classes are always so fun and challenging
awesome as always Tracey!!! Can't wait to try it out!!
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Will try this today!! Thx u!
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The straps match your outfit! Love it. Love the workout too.
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Awesome, quick, creative workout, thanks Tracey!
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Awesome workout. Excellent creativity. Thank you.
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Really fun class, with creative variations. I have to comment on the transcript, which is a great new addition by PA but this one is written terribly , doesn't make sense, and the exercises are not highlighted as in other workouts which is a feature I appreciate. 
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love ❤️❤️❤️ the energy + creativity!
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