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You will have fun with creative variations in this advanced Wunda Chair workout by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She flows through the class, adding subtle details to change how you feel the movements. She includes challenging exercises like High Bridge, Push Up/Handstand Combination, and much more!
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Hi, I'm blossom. Laelani Crawford. Um, I'm here with Julie and Cynthia and we're doing a, I'm pretty kind of an advanced chair. We're doing some hard exercises doing them in a row. Not Too many, but I'm hopefully getting a bunch of stuff in. Maybe some new things I'm playing around and just having some fun on the one to chair, one of my favorite pieces of equipment. So, uh, let's get started and do the hundreds first and we're going to do it two different ways. So Julie, will you please face me? Cynthia, you'll face Julian. So, um, for Cynthia, as you can see, the, she's got a very small platform to deal with, but where we were both going to get into it the same way. So make sure you air, especially if you're doing it this on a very narrow chair like Cynthia toward the front edge, almost sacred to the front edge. And even for Julie. And when you exhale, slowly lie down. You want to hold onto that front edge, bring the knees into the chest as just as a test or position.

And in this position, can you hold onto the backs of the thighs and give me a little push? Pull. Good. From here at sand, your legs out into your hundreds position. Let's start to pump the arms. Inhale, three, four, five. Exhale. Nice, strong arms. Yes. Inhale, three, four, five. Exhale, curl and Tuck the pelvis. Inhale and really exhale. Press those legs to gather. Inhale, three, four, or five. Big exhale. Again. Inhale. And as you exhale, press curl.

And maybe keep those shoulder blades down. Adding on. Inhale. And as you exhale, percussively. Exhale, go sh four more times. Inhale, three, four, five, sh three more like that. Inhale and use that. Exhale. Draw the belly in. That's at least how I feel when I do it. And again, big XL curl, the pubic bone. Last one. Inhale. Fully exhale per custody. How'd those knees and pull really tight. Thank goodness. Yes. Grab onto the front of the chair and slowly come up to sitting. Please. Okay.

Feeling warmer already when you're ready foot. So make sure you have the right amount of springs. I say at least chew. And you decide how heavy or light you want them on this chair. I like to do two in the middle for that. And Cynthia on this one. What are you gonna do?

Okay, on the second cactus to the bottom. Okay. Two from two on number two. All right. So when you're ready to have a seat on the top of the chair, lagging your pubic bone up with a front edge and we're going to go right away to heel. Let's start a little differently. Heels on the pedal as you press all the way down. So in this position, the pedals all the way down [inaudible] yes. And let's go for feet together. Yes. Gentle. Press the big toes in toward each other.

Ankle bones away from each other. Knee slightly open. One Hand on the Tummy, one hand on the low back, and begin to pump the pedal please. So as you pump, you're really still yet and find a nice, good pumping position. Pumping rhythm. Yes. And when you get a good pumping motion going, cross your arms in front of you, pushing the thumbs forward. That's it. Keep pumping and maybe don't go all the way down. I think more about that. Up, up. No, still go up. Go Up, up, up, up, up, blah, blah, blah. Yes.

I feel like that's 10. Don't you think? Press the pedal down. Hole from here. Go to arches. Please. Press the big toes in toward each other. Ankle bones. Open knee, slightly open. Start to pump again. So go as high up as you can. Stick the buttons. [inaudible] Ooh. See how high up you go. Stick your butt out.

Stick your butt out. Stick your butt out yet. And halfway down. That's it. And now pump. Yes. Get Taller. And sometimes I even pick a higher focus because I feel like a higher focus helps me lift. Kind of like when I lift my eyebrows. I think it helps. I, there's gotta be some proof to that. Press the pedal down and hold toes on only. Yes, yes. Okay. And with the pedal down, lift those heels up really high. Let's do five pumps here with the heels lifted high. Yes.

And maybe a v of the feet. Yeah. Yes. Keep pumping. So as you're pressing those heels and ankle bones away from each other, spiraling those legs slightly. Yes. After this, lower the heels. Halfway down. Pump five times here. Just mixing that up a little. You're a different foot. Positions, strengthening and different ways. Oh, don't get net. Don't get small. Big. Ah, come on up. Yes. Yes. It's the up. Yes. Up. Just a few more. I know. Exactly.

She's going to smile bigger and said, I like that. Press the pedal down in a hole. Then when you can heels into the corners please. Yes. And let's just do hands at the hips. Let the pedal come up. Take a moment to breathe. Inhale. And as you exhale, press the pedal down. Yes. And really stick the Tush out. Lift up nice and tall at the pedal. Come up, up, up, up, up, and again. Press the pedal down. Yes.

This time grab with the toes and think of the toes. Almost swiping in as you let the pedal come up. So toe swipe in as yes. So do heels on the peddles. Try that again. Heels. Yeah. So as the pedal comes up, you're going to swipe those toes in, yet the pedal comes up. Hello. Press the pedal down. Do that one more time. Grab with the toes. Swipe in, but keep the knees openish.

Yes, yes. Do that one more time. Press down. So knees are going out, feet are spiraling in. Hello foot work. I think that's enough rest. So let the pedal come up and go to a lighter spring for Neil and cat for usually, I think at least just drop one. You might even want to take that single up to a high, we'll have to play around.

So definitely go to one spring. And you decide if you want it heavier or lighter depending on your springs. Yes. And so what we're going to do, cause that's, we're doing this as well and you're going to kneel on top of the chair and we're going to see how it feels right as if they don't like it or if you don't like it at home, just change it. So, um, now let's talk about the knees. You do not have to go all the way to the front edge. Yes. And you might have to because she doesn't have a lot of platforms.

So when you can, um, I like how Cynthia's starting here, but any way you wish, come down and touch the pedal and give a uh, exploratory push down and up a few times. So you're gonna cause you're testing out the springs to see what you think. Yeah. Now I am trying very hard to not help them, but there's two of them so this helps me not be able to help. Right. I think we're okay. Spring wise. Yes. All ladies when you can pedal goes up and down a few times. Yes.

Let's play around with the hips. So, um, think of tucking the pubic bone as you come up. Press the shins down into yes, that gives you some opposition. One more time. Come halfway up ladies and just hold in that halfway up position. Stay right there. Keep the arms in the socket. Let's pump those arms five for good. And even though you're pumping, you're still thinking shins down, pubic bone tucks whole thing. One more time. Up and down in the torso. Yeah. Curl. Now keep going.

Now when I was getting ready to do my poster, it was really interesting to try to recreate the picture that Mr plotters did. So ladies, press down and hold. I'd like you to flex at your ankle but grab with your toes. Yeah. Press the shins down and now come up with that weird foot position. Yeah, and pushed back down.

But I found that it actually helped to find that curl to do this weird thing to do that prehensile foot. Yes. Do that one more time. Find the curl right there. Small pump of the pedal. Five good four. Find the legs each time. Sh three two, one more. Press down. Hold slowly. Roll up to congealing all the way kneeling and you can decide if you want to reach your arms up.

I say just rest your arms so you can really work on the pelvis. Keep the hips coming forward. Well that was really exciting for me. Thank you very much. When you can add another spring. We're going to go to the pushup Hanson combination. So not too heavy on this one because you want to be able to be at a push up position and press the pedal down. So not quite as heavy as you did.

Um, foot work on, I would go a little bit lighter than footwear. Yeah. All right. So I've seen lots of different ways to get into this one, but this is my way of getting into it. So see if you like it, try it. So, uh, begin by standing in front of the pedal. Yes. On the Mat and when you can, the first thing is just to simply bring your chin to your chest, put your hands on the floor and take a little hamstring stretch. Ah, Embry. Okay. And again, adjust your arms as you need to. So the first step is to walk your feet onto the pedal please. And you're going to be, uh, actively pressing the chair back. So if you are at home, um, Julie, say there, walk your hands closer. Yes.

So you're in a big pipe position like Cynthia is there in this position. If you're doing this at home, I do it against the wall cause I'm really pressing back and you don't want the chair to move. So in this position, can you give me a via the feet, tuck your pubic bone like crazy and press the pedal down. Ish. That's it. That's all I need. And let the pedal come up. And if at this point you think, oh, this is not the right spring for me, now's a good time to change it. Yeah, just pause me and I'll keep talking, I promise. Yes. Keep that leg straight. One more time. Excellent Curl Crook. Think of that pubic bone curling all the way to the sternum. Beautiful.

Walk yourself out into a pushup position, please. Yeah, and I find that the hardest thing in the pushup position is keeping the head lifted. Right. Heels together. Toes apart. Yes. And find that tuck of the pubic bone again as you press down. Yes. Beautiful. And it's small. That was good size, Cynthia. Yes. Nice. Julie one more and then I know it's hard, but let's go for three pushups over those arms. I don't care how big it is, but let's go for that pushup. Yes. Tuck the pubic bone tube. One more three. And then the grand finale is both parts together. Arms and push up. Whoo.

Don't be a chicken though. You know what it is like a pecking chicken. I just saw some chickens in California. Yeah, that's it. From there. Walk your hands back to your chair and just take a moment to breathe. Pike, Pike, Pike. And if I'm going to push it just a little bit, when you can reach one leg up to the ceiling. Breathe and hold. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Good. Stay parallel if you can. Sin. Yes. Change sides please. Yes. Good, good, good. Yes. Don't drop in that ankle. Keep active foot.

Active leg. One more breath. Take the leg down. Oh, nice job ladies. And slowly step off and come up to standing. Well then. Okay. All right. I think, I think everyone's hair got a little fluffier on that one. All right, so are your arms a little tired? Excellent. So let's work the legs, turn around face the other direction. All right. But no, you're going to get ready for this business. So we're going to do frog on the pedal. Okay. So turn around and face the pedal to begin. Oh boy. I'm so excited. I hope you are too. So when you can set the pedal down with your legs, um, and for lack of a better mount, the pedal hands are going to come and you're going to come into a big old squat.

Did I get too excited? It's okay. So yeah, why don't we just squat here for voted stretch those things. Oh, that's nice, isn't it? I know. Alright. Party's over. Hands are on the sides of the chair. Yes. And so from here, without leaning too far forward, you will lean forward. Can you push down into your hands or the elbows? We bed and you're going to lean forward so you can come up a little bit. That's exactly. And get your booty underneath. Use and take the focus out.

That beautiful view. And can you pump the pedal with the legs? Yeah. Legs. Yeah. Oh yes, yes. And then with, you can keep the pedal up and hold now Ben and straighten the arms a few times. Yes. Focus up though. Focus up. Yes. Yes. I am a price eye on the prize to heal together. Julie. One more. Oh, okay. And rest. Should we do two sets? No. Really?

Cynthia says yes sir. Let's do it again. Here we go. So now that you've said so, yeah, you'd really feel how much you want to lean forward. So you're really gonna try to lift the focus. Lean forward into this arm. So you're going to lean into bent arms. That's great. And now it's a frog. Yeah. You don't have to think of what are those things we used to do in dance class? Donkey cakes. It's a donkey kick. Yes. Heels together. Yes. Good.

And then when you've got it, you're going to bend and straighten the arms a few times. Yes. Take the focus up. Come on. Yes. Glue those heels. Get that hip yellow. Pedal up client. Yes, honey. Think light thoughts. That's enough, right? That's right. Smile big. That's enough. Step off. All right, well that was fun too. All right, let that pedal come up. And let's just to keep adding on. How about some twists? Teaser?

Let's lighten the springs again please. So let's go. So I think the hardest part is really just remembering which way to go. Right? So set up your pads and um, when I was a young Palladio's apprentice, I remember drawing this picture and I literally have a picture of this. Actually, I think I just did one on my manual. All right, so when you're getting ready, so little pad here, you don't need to have the pad, but I like it. It gives me sort of a visual reference. And when you're ready, let's both face this way. I'll go one spray in the middle.

Sounds good to me. Yeah. So let's have a seat facing this way. Lining up the hips. So when you sit down, make sure you have room. Now let's, we're on facing a little bit of a diagonal Julius. Let's face that. Good. And when you can, um, come up into your teaser position first to begin. And let's just breathe. So this is our first test to make sure that we can do this position. I know yet.

Now Julie, you can also hold onto the backs of your thighs. Yeah, there you go. And then, yeah, and you can practice that. We exactly. So from here, no, stay holding on. I want you to say holding on when you can reach your right hand for the pedal behind you. Good. Reach your left arm up. Good. Yes. And you start to hit right hands on the pedal and you start to press the pedal down as you reach over. Yes. Yep. You got it. You got it. And just stay here. Really reach and breathe. Then Cynthia, when you can, you're going to bring your hip four. Do you have space?

[inaudible] come back up. Let's roll onto our bike. That was an interesting preparatory challenge and we're going to come back up and come back up to see. Can we try that one more time and let me just stop for one second. I'm just going to pull you back ever so slightly so we don't hit Julie in the face. I don't know if that was going to help or hurt, but let's find out. Okay, so here we go. So yeah, I want you to hold there. That's it. So that as you go, you don't go into your back. You're really gonna curl, curl the pubic. That's it. Okay. When you can, one arm reaches up the other hand, finds the pedal.

The reach of the arm up by the ear helps you find that twisted long position. Yes. You got it. Julie. [inaudible] I'm just managing. Oh, so close. Cynthia, if you can get your legs back to me. I don't think you have room. Are you okay? [inaudible] yeah. Yeah. Okay. From here when you can roll back onto your bum. Yes. Yeah.

That's good. That's it. That's it. That's great. Julie, what do you say? One more time guys. Here we go. [inaudible] you're fine. You're just, it looks like there are, she's kicking her in head but she's not. Yeah. And so from here, bring that topic for it and if you can lift the rib cage up. Ladies. Small pump of the right arm. Yeah, I know, I got, Gotcha. Teeny, remember saying you can even think it. If you think of pumping, it's almost the same. And roll back onto your bum.

Come up into the teaser position. Ah, almost there. Almost there. Beautiful. Stay there. Yes. Reaching both arms. Rest. Hey, there's two sides. Yes. Okay. Other side, I forgot to mention this on the other side, but we'll do it on this side. So the leg that's closest to the about pedal. So for these ladies, it's going to be their left leg. That's the one that's going to be on the top. So when you're in the teaser, a pacing this way, let's go for a left leg on top y'all. Yes.

And Julie. A little more of an angle. All right. So from here, left arm goes down. Right? Arm Reaches Up. You're in a twist and reach. Yep. You got it. Yup. Use that reach to happen. Beautiful. If you can point this sucker to yes. Good. That's it. And Send me, when you get there, you gonna try to press those calves. B activity. Yes. Good. Lift the rib cage. Even now, both of you. Rib Cage. Cynthia rib cage, rib cage. This up. Yes. And slowly roll onto your bum and come back up into the teaser. As you can see, they've gotten more comfortable with it and hopefully you've gotten more comfortable on your second side too. Yeah. And again, the left arm goes down, right arm goes up and reach and brief. Yes. And after you press down, you're pressing down so much so that you lift this rib cage up.

Keep going straight in this arm. Love straighten this one. Yeah. Think shoulder down the back. Exactly. And lift and lift and lift. Roll onto retina. Cynthia on this one. Keep that left hand there. Keep that left hand there. Keep that left hand there. Yeah. One more time. Reach that way you don't have to rejigger each time. Pressed that pedal.

Press that Pedal Juliet. Use that arm. Yeah. Yes, that's it. And lift the ribcage. And if you can, can you find a pump of the pedal? Press those legs back to me. Find this leg pressing Hylo hamstrings. Come on. Pretzels, legs. Yes, yes. And here we go. Roll onto your arm. Let the pedal push you back up into your tees. Up Position. One more breath.

Almost there. Almost there. Point both feet. Yep. Yep, Yep. Rest. That's enough you guys. Oh my goodness. Next bit. Let's get rid of the pads. I'll do that part. You guys lie down on your back. You don't have to change your springs, but lie down on your back. Let's go for a Jackknife and corkscrew. Oh, okay. So yes, just have a lie. And when you lie down, um, I want to have you guys do this where you're holding onto the pedal, not the chair. Right? Okay. And Sin come a little bit closer.

Begin by bringing both knees into your chest to be getting, just stay here. Breathe. On the next exhale, you're gonna extend both legs up to the ceiling from that low belly. And both of you bring a little bend to the elbows and open and the that's externally. Rotate that upper arm. So from there, a little more. Yeah. From there pointing those feet. We're in the legs, up and over your head. Onto the top of the chair. Oh yes. It's, that's it. Inhale.

And as you exhale, a gentle pull. But think of length in that spine down in a way as you come on down. Exhale. Yes, yes, yes. Till the butt goes down and adjust to 12 o'clock which is very hard. Aha. Hockey moving. Keep moving. Keep moving.

Let's do that one more time and I'm going to make them breathe a little bit more up and over again. Inhale to roll up. Just over. No, just two there. Just to the time. The chair now as you come down Bree. Yes. Lengthen. Gets it a little faster. Said little faster. Yes. Length until the butt goes out and adding on. Up and over again. Ha. From there, now reach those legs up to the ceiling on an inhale. And as you come down your, I'd like you to try to count say Three v of the feet for there in a count of ten five, six. Yes. Little view of the feet. Seven a 12 o'clock nine is number 10.

Last one. Adding on, up and over. [inaudible] say there both legs. Reach up to the Jack Knife position. And as you come down, say three, four, yes. Five. Keep those like super straight. Yes. V of the feet. When the butt touches down a [inaudible], you're going to go into your corkscrew, take the legs to three o'clock or that's nine o'clock isn't it? Yes. And then up and over your head. Beautifully done. Yep. Yep, Yep. Uh Huh. And that's it. And then from there, reach up to that jackknife position.

Roll down to your butt. Touches down. I'm going to move this back a little bit and, and when your butt touches down and take it to the other circle. Yes. Up and over the head. God. Up and over. Good. Reach up to the ceiling. One more time. Roll down through the spine to your butt touches down. And then when your butt touches down three o'clock or take it to the windows.

Yeah. Good, good, good, good, good. Yes. Up and over. Yes. And up to the ceiling. You got enroll through that spine. Yes. Look up Julie. Yeah. And then take it that way. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And up and over. Yes. From there. Reach back up one last time and then come down quickly to sit all the way up fast. Come on down, down, down and all it. All the way up. Roll through. Yeah. Fancy pants. All right, you guys add on some more springs.

Let's go for tabletop. Okay, here you guys like yes, that was their break. Did you feel like you had rests? You had rest. So you're going to have it right. So restful, have a seat on top. Let's do tabletop. So two middle should be good. So Julie's and two in the middle and you're on two on the third, I think is what it is. Third from the bottom. I like how you clarify that. All right, so with your hands as far back as you can, you can be in a this position.

We mean fingers straight out on a diagonal or straight back. It's up to you. Just try not to twist so much in those elbows. Again, we're in a v position of the feet on the foot bar. Try not to, uh, toes on only, right? Try not to push the pedal down so much. You're gonna push down, lift your hips up and send the hips up toward the ceiling. A heels are slightly lower. Start to pump the pedal eight times one and two. Yet as you press down, think pubic bone up. Five, six, seven, eight, left the pedal up and whole left leg goes out to the side. Five pumps here, right leg only one. Yes, two, three.

Let's take the focus up for five. Change sides. Left leg down, right leg out. Pump five times and a one. Yes. Two. Oh my goodness. Three left heel. Four. Yes. Five Buck. Both. Beat on. Say here, lift the hips up with the pedal. Will all the way down. Lift the hips up. Yes. And really the hips up stretch. Go into a nice big back bend. Lift the hips. More and more pupil.

It'll keep the pedal down, Julie. Yes. Rest. That was what we call a biscuit. [inaudible] little cookie. All right, so now that backward is just the beginning of some more backbends and I'm trying to get you ready for, all right, so let's do a little bit of a backbend prep. So for this, we're going to need you to bring your chair to a wall if possible. If not, you're going to lie down on your back. Choo. I can't wait for that Choo Choo. Alright.

Lie on down on your back and you're going to lie on your back and you're going to do this one. If you don't have a wall to put your chair against and you can practice this. But we're building up to that, hopefully with something that we're going to do with the chair against the wall. So now we're going to do this thing that I sort of call my backbend prep cause I've been really working on trying to keep extension in my thoracic spine, especially in my body. And what I've noticed that it was that it wasn't even just the thoracic spine that was tight.

It was also just trying to get my arms into the position of getting ready to do a backbend. Right. So, um, let's play around. So I, I came up with this while just waiting for a client one day. And you know how you sort of, I just have a second. And so with the chair against the wall like Julie has here, can you just, Julie Bring your hands up and you're going to just try to get the poem onto the wall. Yeah. So that's hard. And you can kind of see how that led her left arm is tighter. And so you can just play around with pressing the palms in and really rotating your weakness forward. All the cool kids are doing it.

I mean that's enough. And then that's, and Julie's feeling the work and release. So let's just try this one more time. Look straight ahead. You then come back. So when you are ready, just reach the arms forward. So do an external rotation of the arms, right? That's the upper arm. And then start to lift the arms up and then rotate the palms up to face the ceiling. So that's the internal rotation. That's it, of the arms. And now from there, reach the palms back for the wall behind.

Cause that's what's happening and that's it. And then elbow in. So now if you don't have a wall or want to just to get ready for our backbend on the floor, Cynthia, can you put your hands on the floor behind you? So what Cynthia is doing here is essentially the same as what Julie is doing there. So from here, both of you rock onto the crown of the head and really just breathe, push into the hands and Julie Elbow in with that left elbow. Great. And Cynthia, when you're ready, pushing down to the floor, full half wheel. And so Julie's essentially doing the same thing and she's just really getting to work on that arm position, which is great. And just a couple more breaths. Yeah, that's great. Pushing that floor away and Julie can see her hands. Right? And from here, everybody start to bend the elbows. Excellent. Right?

Chin to the chest as you start to sit on the floor and roll through your spine to come out of it. Great. So hopefully you've warmed that up enough and now you're going to get ready for this next thing, which I, I've been seeing a lot lately and I really like it. For my back. But now we're going to try to do that big back bend over the chair. Okay. So after you've done that back bend prep a little bit, maybe you're now warm enough to do that. Uh, this next thing, which is the actual backbend, but if not, just keep practicing that one. Cause eventually this one does get easier. So, uh, ladies, will you lighten the springs down to I say very light for the way I'm doing this. There's lots of different ways to do this, but I'm just going to do this.

What I think is this very simple version and I want, I would do one on the bottom for you and I'm going to give them both pads just to soften the edges. I would even would I like to do is actually this, I let it overhang a little bit cause I mean, depending on where your, where you're sensitive, if it's your sacrum or your spine. So ladies, when you can, um, you're gonna sit to the very front edge, like really, really scooch to the sacred, to the front edge. And then from here, this the way I like to do it. So you're gonna start to lie back. As you lie back, put your hands underneath your neck as you a hand underneath your deck. That's it. The knees are bent. And just stay here for a second. Elbows are in no feet on the floor. You're right Julie, feet on the floor and that's it. And as you exhale, use your hands, whole supporting your neck. Let your head go back and you really think elbows in as you let your head go back and take a few breaths there.

Now hopefully you have touched the pedal in some way, right? And I like to say, tell people that the first time I did this I literally had to have someone put my hand on the pedal. The first thing is, is to try to bring those elbows in with your hands on the pedal. Beautiful. And then the next thing is you're breathing into the rib cage and you're going to try to press that pedal down without catching your hand on your hair. And it's always nice when your teacher kind of helps you out. And helps you get your hands. Why? Yeah. And that's really it. Touching the pedals, the first success, the second success would be to maybe read those elbows in ish.

And then the last bit would be to try to press the pedal down to the floor with those elbows in. And You Ben, do that a few more times. Please be careful, right? Don't lose your mind just a teeny little pump. Right. But hopefully you're getting a really great thoracic extension cause you're really such a, that chair's Kinda hitting you right at that mid thoracic spine, which feels really good. I think that's enough. Now ladies, let the pedal come up to its full height. That's exactly it. Put your hands back underneath your neck. Correct. And then use your hands to lift your head up. Hello.

And I sometimes even grab onto the front of the chair to pull myself back up to seated. Whoa. So that's fully stretched. Let's bring it all back together and do some step-ups together. You guys. So, um, add some more springs cause we're going to do the step ups or the going up front. Yup. You can just hide those pads, I'll help you with that. And, and then when you can, um, yeah, again, pick your poison. You decided you want a lot of spring ms range, it's up to you and um, this should really feel good and you should really be able to find this length across the front as we also try to find that back hamstring. So, um, when you're ready, uh, yet occasionally you could, you'll get there. You're going to set the pedal down with one foot and then the other, you need some help. Got It. Okay, good. Yeah, they are finicky. You know how those chairs can be all right.

So step the pedal down with the right foot. Yes. And then, um, let's start that again. Let's start that again. So, uh, hands at the hips. Let's do the balance version, right? So set the pedal down without touching the top of the chair and press the pedal down and hold. Yeah, that's work now. Um, I would adjust back. So it's really just the toes are pressing the pedal down. So slide that foot back. You might or you just do it again? Yeah.

Press down from there and then from there, look at the top of the chair and you're going to step up onto the top of that chair. Whoa. I know. It's a challenge. I know. Yeah. Since you went almost into the camera yet. Yep. That's okay. That's it, right? That's the struggle, right? Cause and you know, if you don't do that, you forget. All right. So when you can, can you bring your hands behind your neck? Aha. Elbows in. Lift those elbow points up. So lean your head back into your hands as you think of just going straight up to the ceiling. You all, you will go forward.

But you're going to think straight up. Tuck the pubic bone underneath. Yeah, right. Feel the back hamstring. Do that a few times. Good. Julie, I want you to slide your this foot back a little bit more. So this one, sorry, this one, maybe you have to hop back. You might have to put your hands on the sides of the chair. Yeah, yeah, it is. Yeah, no more. I'm sorry. I see what you're saying. No, slide. More. More. Yeah. Yeah. Put your hands down. Just slide that back. Hop that foot back. I'm holding it down for you. Yeah. You really want the ball of the foot. Okay.

Yeah. That's it. Since you feel that. Yeah. A couple more times. So I know that it's good for Cynthia cause I can see this back line working and support just a couple more up, up, up, up, up. Yes. Excellent. And come all the way down. Actually I lie. No, come all the way down. Let's change sides. So accept all the way off with that top leg. That left leg goes onto the floor. That's a hard one. Yep. Hook good. And slowly let the pedal come up. Yep.

Yep. I know. Yep. You can put your hands on if you have to. Just asking, right? Yup. And then when you can slowly let that take the pedal foot off. Right. It's really good. I know, you know, part of the balancing is that nervous system cause you're like, oh gosh. But I think that, but those are the moments that are like this is a good time to practice that as opposed to out there in the world. Okay. Anyway, when you're ready. So last time was right foot first and we'll go left foot and really go for ball of the foot on that pedal. Yeah. All right.

When you can press the pedal down and when you feel ready, step up one F. Exactly. Yet. Practice here now. All right. So when you can hands behind the neck again. Gorgeous. And so I liked the hands behind the neck so that you can lean the head back, find that backline, and you will go straight up fish to the ceiling, tucking that pubic bone underneath you. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And go halfway down. Yeah. A little harder on this side, right? Yeah.

She's just laughing. She's like, yeah, I got it. Yeah. So I'll do what Kathy used to do to me. She just kind of go, yeah. And against that back he'll tuck the pubic and under so much more. Yes. And that's how you'll have something to press your back leg. Just a couple more think tacos. Yes.

One more. And that's it. And come all the way down. Take a moment to breathe in. Hold. Yes. And when you can, you're in a dismount, which you would take this foot that's on the top all the way off the chair onto the floor behind you. Yeah. Slowly let that pedal come up and just take that pedal foot off when you can. Nicely done. Okay. Just hive a little high five. Okay, good. So when we can again, can you set the pedal this? No, just hands on the top of the chair. Let's press, press the pedal down.

No fancy way because we're going to do the pullups just to sort of feel that nice little lift and call it a day. Nice v position of your feet. Yeah. Heels together. Toes apart. Lift the heels all the way up and stay there. Yeah. Now lower the heels halfway down. But keep those ankle bones spiraling away from each other. You decide where your hands are. Easy pull ups on your own.

So just a few pushing down into the hand. I want you to feel that Nice, beautiful lift. Keep those arms nice and straight sin and come halfway down curling, curling curly. Yes. And right back up again. Yes. Good. And as you go up, really straighten those legs, push into those hands, lift up, up, up, up, up. You got one more to go and sin as you come up. Watch those heels. Watch the hills. Watch the heels. Yes, and rest. Slowly. Step off. Wow. That was great.

Feel hot and sweaty. Excellent. Nice. Thank you guys. Nicely done. Woo.

The Wundaful Wunda Chair: Wunda Chair Progression


Jaclyn H
2 people like this.
loved this!  thank you the back bend over the chair was amazing....first time I've ever done that, it decompressed my thoracic spine  which I have had trouble doing since breastfeeding my newest baby...ah-mazing thank you
1 person likes this.
Love your cueing as always! First time doing the back bend over the chair....divine!!
1 person likes this.
Ahh, beautiful Blossom!  Sorry I haven't caught your classes sooner.  What a beautiful energy.  Thank you!  
1 person likes this.
Whooo! I’m pretty proud of myself for doing fairly well in this class! Thank you for the challenge! I also loved the backbend especially the backbend prep on the wall I will be using that with clients. Thank you!!
2 people like this.
I absolutely loved this workout. The sequencing, cues, enthusiasm....absolute perfection.
Becky C
1 person likes this.
Love, Love, and love some more!
1 person likes this.
Awesome!!!! You're a great teacher Blossom
1 person likes this.
Blossom!! Loved this so much. Amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Selene S
1 person likes this.
Love your class Blossom.  And the backbends on the chair and the prep was awesome!Thank you!!
1 person likes this.
Always a good time. XO
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