Class #3886

Standing Wunda Chair

35 min - Class


Get moving on the Wunda Chair in this creative workout with Blossom Leilani Crawford! She progresses from her previous class, playing with standing work to challenge your balance. She also encourages you to try exercises that you don't always see. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Yoga Block, Pilates Pole


Hi, I'm blossom. Lilani Crawford. Let's get moving together on these one to chairs. I Have Cynthia and Julie here and um, hopefully you have been doing some chair for a little bit and you're wanting t...

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1 person likes this.
This is a fun quick rollicking workout on the ever challenging chair beautifully taught with humor and integrity 
Thanks for another awesome, fast passed quick class! Love it!
Great class! Mountain climbers are my favorite chair exercise! 
Blossom always love your classes.  Question:  I have the EXO chair and put on the heavy springs and struggled with lifting the legs.  Is there a much difference in the EXO and the Wunda chair.  I am sure it is some of my own weakness as well.
Great Blossom! I love your cues.
Amazing class as always Blossom - seeing that you had new chair classes got me to my chair this morning and now feeling taller, lighter and brighter as a result ❤️
Beautiful class!! Such wonderful energy, pace and cueing!! Thank you Blossom ...
Wunda-ful class!!  Loved the new moves and appreciated the changing of the springs to do the triceps again. I was just going to pause and rewind since i knew what i was doing now :) . You are the best, Blossom! How do you spell Wenis? Weenis?  Weenus?  LOL

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