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Smart Moves Reformer 2

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Get ready for a challenging class that moves you in all planes of motion with this Reformer workout by Jared Kaplan. He teaches the sequel to his Smart Moves Reformer, finding more ways to help you enrich your environments by seeing your body in space. He encourages you to use your proprioception to inform your movement while you combine the actions of pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, twisting, and lunging.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Knee Pad, Theraband

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Sep 25, 2019
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Hi, I'm Jared Caplin here with my friend and colleague marimba where you're here for smart moves to the sequel. Thank you for watching. These were designed as all planes of motion, all primal patterns. If you remember from smart moves, one squat, hinge, push, pull, twist, lunge. They're combined in all sorts of fun ways. It's a quick 25 ish minute workout to help you get it in help you move well, enrich your environments by sensing your body in space and get a good workout in the process. We're going to do an easy warm up with a prepared reformer. What I want you to do is take either a TheraBand, a rubber band, a hair clip, whatever works, attach it onto one strap, about a foot away from the S, the uh, loop itself like there.

Get it on there. Then you're going to lie down in preparation for a short spine with your feet in the strap, you have two red Springs on [inaudible] and I want you to begin with your feet completely parallel inside of the feet, touching all the way. Bend your knees about 90 degrees and bring your shins through around a tabletop position. From here, the reason we have your tie or TheraBand on is as a visual reference for where the carriage is moving. We'll get to that in a second. To start with a warmup. I wanted to keep the inside of your feet together, but roll your feet so that you're touching the souls of your feet fully to each other. Now go back to where you were inside of the feet. Think of driving from the base of the foot massaging across your metal tarsals until your standing foot to foot roll back in.

And as you're doing this visually, I want you to check that your carriage is not moving at all. So whatever you need to do as you get your foot to spiral open foot to foot massage and your cross teal until you're in your full contact planted and then roll across to come back in. Now I want you to separate your feet about hip distance apart. Don't move your femurs at all, but do the same action for just your foot and ankle. Again, the carriage visually or checking is not moving. You're just isolating the action through the bones of your foot and your ankle.

Now I'll show you the opposites. I don't want you to be going here in a windshield wiper action. Really stabilize your femurs. You can use your arms. We're going to warm up your foot and wanting to go all the way from inversion to e-version, stable through the news, whatever range you got to get those foot muscles awake. Then bring your feet together all the way. Again, from here I want you to take up the Slack.

Imagine that you're standing on the far wall. Feet are totally flat parallel. Allow your knees to open till you take up all the Slack and tension with your tailbone weighted on the mat. So you're in a squat position. From there, I want you to let the carriage move your spine. As you come through a small role, you're not going all the way up and then roll back down. So just halfway to start again. Take up the Slack.

So you're in your full squat position. Feet flat. Allow the carriage to come back towards home, waking up your lumbar spine and back down. So the critical point here, go again, is you're going to keep the hip crease the same. If I go further, it becomes a different action. I'm only going as far as the distance between my thighs and my chest stay. The same carriage moves, roll back down.

So it's a deep warm up in the squat position. Flexing your lumbar and um, one more time. Visually. Again, use your appropriate reception. Use your kinetic senses as you go through to inform your motion. We're going to change it up.

I wanted to go pushing out to a parallel 90 degree position. Freeze your feet. Keep your hip crease the exact same as you begin without moving the carriage to roll the pelvis and rise up. It might be really small, it might be a little bigger. See what she got.

So we are prepping a squat pattern by really specifically warming up your pelvis, spinning around your femurs. Again, different if I was going to let the carriage move in and out. Steady all that. Roll your pelvis. Use your visual sense so you have some information from the environment that you're moving through. Peel back down. Let's go twice more in this warmup. Roll the pelvis up, really standing on those feet feeling inner and outer straps Singh steady and back down. Now go one more time. Rolling up [inaudible] and back down. Now to help out one little detail, stay here.

I want you to arch your tail to the right. Try to keep the straps pretty still arc your tail to the left. There'll be a little motion. That's okay, but don't let it be too big arch to the right. Getting the pelvis to hike up on one side, then back through center, arc to the left. Come back to the middle. Do two more reps right through the middle, the pelvis coming up off the mat and see if it feels a little more centered.

Once you got the tail sorted back down, one more time, curling up. Okay, so that's your deep lumbar warmup. Come on out of this position, what I want you to do is oops, come to standing on the foot bar side. You'll see that we have the foot bars down. I want you to change so that you have one red spring if you need it a little bit lighter, one blue, and we're going to keep that through almost the entire series. So your foot part is down. You're going to come to stand.

If your equipment needs a platform, now's a good time to get that set up so you have a really stable base to push against from with your feet. So stepping up into your squat position here. Take a moment please. Your hands on the carriage. Establish the weight of your feet as we prepare for the next part of this. What I want you to do here is have enough space that your knees are free to move and then you're going to massage again across the feet, skiing to the right and skiing to the left.

So both sides moving instead of in and out to get your feet loaded and warming up. Roll across to the right few of the metatarsal is roll and then across to the left. Now moving to the knees, stabilize your feet, rotate your knees to the right so you're spinning and rotate your knees to the left. Two more times. Just that so deep hip flection with rotation, getting yourself organized so you can move bigger in a moment. You're going to need it. Come back to center. Now from this position again, you're going to arch your tail to the right and then arch your tail to the left. Do that again. Sensing the weight through the feet, staying even as you arch your tail last time, right then left and back to center.

So now from this squat, what I want you to do, stay with your one spring, is bring your weight forward until you can push out to a plank, come back into your squat and make sure you go all the way back. Go out again. So establishing the ground from both hands and feet. You're going from a squat again, all the way back out into a push. As you get warmed up, if you need to adjust your feet, just get them nice and comfortable. We'll do two more of these. Reach out.

Easy breath back in. We're going to add on. So from a squat to your plank holds left me right elbow. Sorry, left elbow and pack in all the way to your squat. Switching sides. Push out right knee towards right elbow. Bring it back down. So that's the action. Go again.

What I want you to focus on is anchoring your fourth and fifth standing toes. So you've got a tripod of support from your foot to both arms. Squat to push a little bit of a twist through the hip, but keep your pelvis steady so that weight through the fourth and fifth toe helped to really stabilize through your pelvis. As you reach through your whole spine, get a little flow going, warming up here, you are going to hear me breathing as we get more through this workout and back in last time. Each strong, flexible and in fourth and fifth toes. Reach back to your squat. Let's add on.

Go out to your plank. Hold knee in as you reach. Go to your arabesque, push the arms forward. Bring your knee towards the carriage back to your squat again, reach knee and hold than arabesque. Push the carriage away. Bring it in. Return all the way back two more times.

Reach out, establish the ground. Reach away. Back in. If you're tall like me, use whatever range you got. Challenge yourself, but stay steady. Reach. Push it out back in full squat from the ground, from your feet. Reach out. Crown of the head. Long push, bringing it in.

Return last time, getting their knee en reach. Nice. Bring it in and back down. Bring your knees down for a moment. Shake your wrists out if you need to. Next up side plank. You can take your right elbow down, left-hand on or close to your right. Adjust your feet. Serious, stable, high there. You're gonna reach out from your squat side plank. Just start with that little side squat side plank.

Let's do three more of these. Can you get a little more fun in a moment? So again, strong feet. If you need to be a little further apart for stability, make sure you're comfortable. Hold. Take an arm off. Look towards the ceiling. If you can bring it down. Return. This ain't no footwork. We got a little harder here. Hold, rotate back down and in. Watch that you're not sinking towards the carriage. [inaudible] there you go.

Open last one. And and adding on. If this is too much, stay with this. Press out, rotate. Slide him standing, twist back out. We're going to do three of these. Come in all the way and reach, spin, twist him, jump back out and in last time reach, say high to the ceiling. See how do your foot bring it in. Thanks for that side. Let's switch it up. This side is my fun side. Hopefully yours is too. Here we go.

So working on the weakness is make sure your scapula is really reaching through. Come back in. Give yourself some warm up on this side, opening through the side of your body, using both your feet to push through last time, reaching out, squat back in. Let's add on, push away. Establish the ground spin back in and in. Reach through the feet. Spin the upper chunk, bring the hand in and down. Last one before we add a little more challenge.

Work to your level today. If you want to join us here we go here. Rotate, hold, hinge up. Say hi. If you got a partner back down and in, if you want this a little more challenging, once you rotate you come in, go right away to your side plank and then twist it back up. Last time, spin and in good job. Bring your knees back down and rest. Come on up.

Woo. As a little bit of a cool down, but we're still moving. Have a seat. I want to take the strap with your left hand options for your equipment. If you have a tall reformer, you can say like this, Raymond's demonstrating a seated or we could both come as you want. So you figure for whatever's comfortable for you is all that matters. So you're gonna choke up on your strap.

This is a simple seat in rotation with go right away. Keep the flow. I want you to focus on full spinal rotation. As you rotate through, make sure that your hand is above the height of your elbow, not up here. Elbow stays low to twist. I want you to make sure you're seeing the room as you go.

So if you have this video up, see if you can listen without being fixed on the screen cause you'll end up doing one of these not so useful. Feel your body move through space. See the room, say hi to your friends if you need to and pull through two more times. Get this rotation pattern warmed up so we're prepping the patterns so that you groove it when you go through it. Great. Same thing. Other side [inaudible] right hand as you pull through, oops. As you pull through, see if you can sense where your weight slightly shifts.

So as my elbow poles below my hand, I feel the weight go from my left to my right and I feel more weight in my grounded sits bone in this position. If you're on your knees, you'll feel a little bit of the same. So there's a subtle weight shift to help keep you moving smoothly. Full stretch, rotate. Again, keeping the elbow below the height of your hand for proper rotation of your ribs and good healthy mechanics while you're moving last time and back. Now come to a new inc position with your knees down, facing the back of the reformer. Get comfortable here and move all the way forward.

So this is a variation of a face, Paul. For those of you who know that exercise in the gym, you're going to choke up on your straps. You're going to hinge forward. Do not move the carriage at all. Your handles will be on the inside, so it's not up here. I want you to let yourself stretch out. To prep the pattern. You're not going to move the carriage. You're going to pull with the hands which lead, but your elbows lag behind, your thumbs are facing up and then back down again.

Don't move the carriage at all. So I'm really going to take it slow so I can see right here if I start to pull up, I want to get the full extension of the back of my shoulder and then back down. Let's do that two more times to prep the pattern before we move through. So thumbs are up, hands pull, elbows lag behind and down. Last one, be really clear about where the tension is coming from. So you have this nice full external rotation of the upper arm bone.

Now hold what you got there. Don't let it go. Push from the shins to bring yourself up to hip extension. Bring your into the shoulder rest. Stretch the arms out to a T position. Bring yourself forward. Sit on back down. So from your hinge, go all the way down. Hands lead, elbows lag. Take up all the Slack, then push yourself up. Hip extension.

The weight is on the front of the news, the thumb. Stay up. Bring the arms forward. Slow motion, lean, let it go. Let's go again. Pull. Keep the tension, press through. Don't let the arms go. Hold it. Feel that upper back and the back of the deltoids working as you control E centric. Lee till knee and back down. Let's go one more time. So you've got a pole combined with a hinge in these primal patterns.

Really good for postural support for your clients. Really good for you to work through from changing Springs all day from here. Choke you a little bit down on the straps. Get tall on both news. You're into what I call a kayaking swing, so you're going to pull both arms to the left, then back to center, and then both arms to the right. Try to keep the elbows long and try to really keep the hips thrusted forward as you lever the arms to rotate.

When you pull to the right few of the left knee anchor when you pulled to the left. Lead with the right knee anchoring down again Paul. So now we're adding this pulling action with rotation in a tall hinge or extended position. Try not to sink back here. We're on a little bit flex and we need to really push the pelvis through the legs. You feel weight mid thigh against the shoulder rest the whole time as you initiate that twist. Good, nice and smooth.

We'll go one more time. Each extend, twist, push and pull through the arms as they spin. Last one and back down. Good. Go ahead and arrest. Come to seated. You're going to take the strap with both arms. So if you have a shorter strap, don't change it. Just go ahead and choke on up.

So I want you to have tension before you begin. Make sure, again that your weight does not follow the tension you're simply going to push forward. Don't rotate and bring it back in. So you'll notice if I have more a length here, there might be some motion. That's fine. Whatever your strap length is, stay with it so you can keep moving. So we're just prepping counter rotation borrowed from a payoff press, making sure that you don't yourself twist or hike as you move through this plan. Let's just do that two more times as a prep nice and smooth. Again, if you need more tension, simple, go ahead and choke on up.

You feel a little bit more work through that counter rotation action. Okay. From there, take the strap in your right hand. You're going to come back a little bit. So you're in this tall kneeling position with your inside leg against the shoulder rest from that rotation, we're going to add hips. So I want your left hand on the top of your pelvis.

You're going to push with the right arm to rotate to the left. Then back in, we're going to add windshield wiper knees for this. So I want you to drive from the shins to rotate and then let your feet swing back away. As you push to the left, your feet swing to the right as you come back, reverse that. Really feel again, the weight from the inner and outer knee. So you've got a balanced challenge plus a twist and push. Good. Two more. Let it flow. Kind of fun.

Great. Good. Last time. We'll do all of that on the other side. So have a seat. Get comfortable rotation. Prep with your seated peel-off press choke up on your strap. Both hands. Organize yourself.

So weight is right in the middle of both legs. Push forward, bring it back. We'll do six push stay tall. Feel the push coming from your back through the arms and center. Good. So subtle prep to feel that rotation which you're going to recruit and use in a moment. Good. Take the strap to your left hand. Scooch back, get yourself into a tall kneeling position.

Anchoring your outer shin against the shoulder. Rest. Hands starts low. Hand on hip. Push to the right. Depending on your apparatus. If you need to shift cause your shins are scraping, get comfy. We want you to move. Push coming back in. Now rotate the hips and your legs so you spin.

Inhale, spin the hips to drive that action. Inner outer knee weighted and then switch as you push through. Feel that reciprocal motion so it's dynamic. Good. Combining your push with a twist in this tall kneeling last time.

Okay, good job. Come back in. You're going to face your foot bar in a seated position. Feet down. Come through the underneath your pelvis. Go ahead and take your straps. We're going to do a simple push to begin, so I wanted to stay pretty low. Your hands will lead as you press forward. Inhale, open up and reach through nice and smooth.

We're about to get a little more roasty in a minute, so enjoy the ride rich and back again. Tracking your pelvis and spine through space. Nice and easy. Glide. Fill your scapula abroad as you pressed forward and holds. Now notice the Slack you have here. Keep the Slack taken out. Push down from your hips. Rise to a hinge.

Hold open the arms. Stay vertical. Sit back down. Hello quads, arms and take the pressure off. Press from the back strong. Keep the tension, grow up into it. Open out now again, come back down. Notice the way through the knees. You're cheating your hip extension if you stay back on the knee.

What I want you to do is really get your weight to the front of your kneecap. Don't face plant, but challenge your balance. Good. Keep the weight on the front of the news and then back off of them. Use that reference point. Press through, press forward. Stay on the front of your kneecap. Then open the arms. Nice.

Back down. Last time. Press through, drive forward and up. Keep the hip extension and down from here. Stay low. You're going to hinge 45 degrees. Reach the arms overhead. Maintain that reach as you come to your tall kneeling, and then reverse back down. We're going to do that three times. Lean forward, press through hold. Keep the tension. Use those straps and open and sit.

Good. Last time reach. You're going to hold at the top with me. Bring the arms to a hug position. You see an old friend across the way. Maintain this little challenge. Shift your weight slightly to one knee. See if you can bring one leg off hold and then bring it down.

This is not easy. Say here, re-engage your tension balance. See if you can organize. Nice. So give it a shot. Just make sure you're safe. If you need to, you can sit back down. Let's try it again. Press forward, hinge, grow tall. Bring me arms comfortably about shoulder height, but re-engage the wrap of your shoulder blades.

Track the inner knee. Take the foot off. Bring it back down. Major proprioception going on. A K a balance. Don't die. Yamaha. Back in one more time yet you got it. Just practice. You might need to do this a couple times. It gets easier with these patterns.

First time I did them, I mean them up there was all over the place and gotten a little easier. I remember as a pro. Sit home, back down. Nice job. Take a rest. Next up, keep your one strap in your right hand. Your right toes are going to come underneath you into a lunge position.

I told you we, we'd all do an all patterns here. Get nice and stable. It starts easy. Alternating arms in this balanced position. Switch twist. Lund with twist. Hip should be a little bit happy right now. Reach. So options are to keep your eyes straight ahead or you could actually scan the room. Look to the right, look to the left. We'll go two more times.

So I want you to focus on really stable legs and pelvis with a fully mobile upper back. Okay? From here, let's add on. Take the Slack out. So make sure a up arm is easy. Left arm forward, push through your feet, stand up, reverse your lunge. Comfortable bicep curl, push. Let's do that two more times. So stand. Use that ground. Nice. Back down. We will. Legs are burning, curled.

It'd be safe with the arm. Then rotate. Last time you got it. You use your sensation. Connect. Nice. Full height, control and relax. Whew. Second side, sorry. Left foot is back now off the hook yet, but you're almost there. So we're going to start with that easy push.

Left foot is back on the walk. Join me when you're ready. Six times. Oh my left quad is super happy with me. Now you got that stretch going. It's good. Breathe in and go. Feel your strength. Feel your connection as we still challenge your balance moving through space.

That's what it's all about last time. Good. Now you have your standing. Establish your lunge. Get the ground nice and strong. Legs are tired by now, so work with it and then bicep curl. Give it a little break. Twist only two more. You can do it steady. Do what you can. Push up, good back down, curl, push through. Give me a deep breath in. Focus.

Push. Nice. There you go. And rest. You're going to take a moment. What I want you to do as you're resting slightly, you're going to change, so you put a little pad or blanket on the foot bar so you're comfortable for your knee. [inaudible] depending on your foot bar. I want you to make sure your ankle is pretty comfortable, so adjust as you need to. Come to tone Ewing to start now. Make sure before we dive in that you can reach your strap with the arm that's closest to your head rests. Before we go anywhere, just hold the strap hand on your pelvis.

I want you to arc your tail to the right arc. It to the left. Same prep from before, arc to the right Mark to the left. Now center, simply push out through both knees, keep tension through the arm and the strap come back up. So you've got to push through the arm. Equally weight both knees as you sit back into a hinge and then push back forward to the weight again. Forward of the kneecap. Ooh. Hello hip joint. Two more.

Nice and smooth. If this feels really, really hard, make a wish before the legs. Give out. Good. Back up. One more. Now at the bottom you're going to hold switch arms, steady pelvis. Rotate to come up and back down into it. So you got a pull from the arm and and hips come back up for this one.

I'm okay if your pelvis has to rotate a little bit. That's a natural thing, but don't let it go so far that it knocks you out of alignment. Smooth back up tall. One more. Stretch it out. Good. Second side. [inaudible]. All right, reach for your strap.

It's in your inside arm, knees, or even before you go. Take your moment. Arc your tail. To the right. Arc it to the left. Just organize. Take a breath, right arc. Get to the left center. Here we go. Little push with your left arm. Equal push through both news and back up tall again.

Let the depth of your hip joint drive you back. Think of really carving your femurs back into the hip socket while you maintain a long spine. Feel that connection through your scapula and the reaching arm as you stay centered last time. Good at the bottom. Switch arms, rotate. Look towards the straps, push back through.

Hips. Stay pretty squared off, and then they'd dive back. Lead out through your head and your tail and go back to tracking the weight through your knee cap. When you come up, are you stopping short or can you really get to the top and then back down? You got it one more time. See if you can get that full hip extension with the rotation and rest. Let's go to familiar terrain.

You're going to put two Springs on semi-circle, so adjust your bar if you need to and get ready. It's a little Polonius V, take a moment. I want you to push first, slide on down, make sure your arms are fully extended, and let the hips bow down from here. Let's go up first with the pelvis. Hip extension, push out full range, then roll down and Ben back in three times. So semi-circle, we all know it. You've got to push with a bend or a hinge pattern.

Then you have a little squat moment. All those primal patterns already combined thing, so called Joe Rich, reverse or full legs. Press up. Keep the push through the arms as you pull back in. Roll down twice more. Get your full body work in here. You're not done yet.

Juice it up. Push out, reach back in and lower down. Slide back on top. We're gonna give you one little stretch to finish here. So I want to take all your Springs. You're going to sit inside the well, cool, sweaty. Here's the deal, right elbow on the carriage. What I want you to do, take your left hand behind your head.

Let the carriage pull in so your translate your ribs to the left that brings weight to your left side. Don't move the carriage side bend. So really important. You don't go over here. Translate. Keep the carriage coming towards you. Then allow yourself to rotate and put your hand down from there. Maintain the elbow bow four, but keep your weight moving that way towards the foot bar from the top down, you're gonna melt. Breathe into here three times.

Really using the carriage as your reference with your elbow and your opposite hip reaching away. Come on up. Let's go back to the beginning. So first, pull the carriage towards your left side. Then about up and over from there. Rotates. Use the carriage. Make sure elbow is grounded. It doesn't count. If you're out here, you're cheating. We see you.

Keep it down from the top of the head. Roll through. Anchor the elbow so you get the rotation through your mid, upper back. Anchor your left sitz bone to your left heel so you get the deeper connection through your trunk. Come back up one more time. Left-hand translate sideband. Keep it. Don't move the carriage spin.

[inaudible] bow. Whew. Breathe. Good. All right, second side. Hope you guys have towels in your studio. This is a bit of a sweat Fest.

Right hand behind the head and draw the carriage towards you. Translate your ribs to the right side. Bend up and over. Rotate. Hand down. Roll from the top down to establish your stretch. Then breathe into your back ribs.

Keep weight on your right sitz bone. You can see that shift I just made. I was kind of cheating it over here. And when you get that detail, you open up more possibility. Come back up. Translate right side bend, left, rotate. Keep weight on your right, sitting bone. Bow down. Stretch two breaths.

Let's go. One more time to the side. Up and over. Rotate and down and bow. Three cooling down and back up. Come on outta there. Whew. Towel, please. Someone, thank you so much for watching. Smart moves too. Nice work. Y'all.

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Watched first, then went through it. Great practice for me in a lot of areas where I am weak. I have very weak ankles due to numerous breaks and sprains, so don’t have full range of motion for squatting. I was able to do this using a box at the end of my reformer instead of platform, since I can’t fully get into that position. I also really loved the front kneeling and bringing your foot forward as balance is something else I’m working on. Always working on my side planks as well. I really enjoyed this and will be coming back to it to see how much I can improve. Thanks!
3 people like this.
you're back! another great class. would love to see what you do on the chair. can't wait for smart moves 3
1 person likes this.
Wow! Thank you Jared! Functional Pilates at its best! So creative, challenging and relevant to our everyday body movements. Awesome and precise cueing. Love your approach and classes! Hope to see more of you on PA.
1 person likes this.
Lori I LOVE that you first watched and THEN did. Smart! Great modification w/the box instead of a platform to enable you to move through it. I designed these to give you clear benchmarks for growth - will be very curious to hear how you progress as you practice. PS: The front kneeling w/ the balance challenge is one of my faves - and not easy...Go get 'em!
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Vanisha I am! It's my Sophmore album, but better ;) Glad you enjoyed this one too! Smart Moves 3 is in the works, and if you want a kick-a$$ Chair workout, Marimba Gold-Watts has an awesome roast that recently got added. I'll think about some innovative Chair material for you for next time. Thanks for moving with me!
Stephanie Blush - Thank you! I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I devoted myself to building upon Smart Moves 1 to ensure that this workout would compliment it, have direct applications to everyday movement patterns , while simultaneously supplying a great, deep workout. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the fun AND the challenge! I'm loving being part of the PA community, thanks in no small part to engaged movers / teachers like you. Thanks again!
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This is BRILLIANT work for the body! Exactly what I feel my body( and that of my clients) has been missing, is now needing as an athlete and Pilates Instructor dealing with chronic issues that despite my knowledge and practice of the Pilates Method, I have not been able to solve. Do you offer a training?
jenn@bodykindpilates. com (new email not on my account)
Sam Awesome! I'm so glad to hear that and so excited it resonates like this for you. The primary motivation why I created Smart Moves was to provide those missing links for practitioners and teachers like you (and me!). My 2020 schedule is in the works. Feel free to reach out, and thanks again for sharing your excitement!
Michael Mary S
I watched this first, but can't wait to challenge myself. I think this will help me in many areas that I am weak in. Thanks for a great class.
Michele M
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Wow I loved the challenge of stabilizing from right to left side esp standing up! This was super creative and by far my favorite class on PA! I look forward to sharing some of theses concepts with my athletic clients and will do over again soon myself! My hips are definitely more open now! Thank you for sharing!
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