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Garuda Mat Flow

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You will move your entire body, including your hands and feet, with this mobilizing Mat workout by James D'Silva. He teaches the class in three sections so that you can break it up easily or take the entire class at once. He encourages you to invite breath into your body during each section so that you can fully enjoy these playful, full-body sequences.
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Chapter 1

Standing Warm-Up

Yeah. Hello, I'm James D'Silva, I'm the founder of Garuda and today I have the privilege of taking you through a math class and I'm looking forward to it. So let's get ourselves sorted. Feet parallel, hip distance apart. And I'm actually going to start you with this. The sequence of rocking and making your aware of the different aspects of our foot. Yes. If our feet rather, um, just stand with your weight slightly in front of the heels. Just a softness of the knees. Yeah, let the arms just drop the sides and you're going to start drawling onto the balls of the feet and towards the toes. Woopsie before I fall off. Good. And then to the balls, the front of the heels, the heels and the back of the heel. So we're going to five aspects of the foot.

The back of the heels on the heels, front of the heels, balls and toes and balls, front of the heels, heels back of the heel so that quiet be quiet. Decided about where you are on the heel in front of the heels, balls and tubes and from the tools to the balls. And the front of the, he doesn't like the front of the heels is actually where I wanted to be standing. Most of the time when you're resting is of, I call it the resting position because that's where you've nicely juggled one bone on top of the other and you just sit without actually having to work hard. Yes. So if you move on to the back of the heels were using our hamstrings and our glutes and then as you roll all the way to the tools, we are using our courts now the front of our thigh. So we don't want to do that.

We want to move to a place where we're just nicely placed now. Right in from the heels. Good place. One hand on the lower belly, one hand on the heart, yet tenderness of your hands against the heart and the lower belly. Soften the knees, drop the head forward just with humility. Yeah, softening. Close your eyes and move in to your center. Wherever your center you think is yes. And invite the breath into the body.

And so this is a moment where you ready? It's your relationship with your breath. As you breathe in and invitation, invite the breath into the lower belly and the heart. There's a little pause before you breathe out. And as you breathe out, think about gently scooping the skin of the lower belly under the Naval. Breathe out and sigh the breath. How to seduce. The inbreath is an invitation, the beginning of a smile.

Pause. And as you breathe out, gently draw the skin of the lower belly on the Naval. Soften the ribs and host the breath out. Breathing in, pause. And as you breathe that sigh the breath out. Drop the sternum and pull the lower belly up and under a few more of these breathing in.

Pause and breathe out. [inaudible] pause. Breathing in breath the beginning of a smile and invitation. The odd breath, huh? The PSI and your hosting. The breath out. One last one. Through. Breathing in, breathing to the ribs, widen through and on the out breath. As you breathe out and draw the skin, the lower belly up and understated there with that lower belly held this time.

Breathe in halfway. Move the hand from the heart or over the Martin as though you have a vanity mirror in front of you. Start percussively breathing out and following this mirror in front of you so it's a percussive breath. Go for it. Now what am I lower hand? I'm guiding the skin of the pubic bone up and under the Naval, so it's a scooping action, so it's not navel to spine, not great for your, if you have disc problems, it's not a great place to be. Yes, it's more up and Unger up and under your opponent. Okay.

[inaudible] it's a scooping action. Scooping action. That's where all your movements going to start from later on. Your breath. Yeah, your awareness [inaudible] bring the arms down. We're just going to start with this again. There's a rocking, but as you rock forward, move onto the tour's open from the little pinky spiral out and as you rock back onto the heels slightly, bend the knees and roll the thumbs back into the curve. Breathing in moose, little pinky spirals. The middle finger lifts the arms, widen weight in front of the, he has a left thumb roll back into spirals back in it's softens. Call these prayer arms breathing in to move the arms out wide center and breathing out soft and good.

And I'm smiling to myself because it's important to do so from time to time. Breathing in yet, don't take yourself too seriously when you work. Why not? And breathing out soften and release. Good. And again, that'll make you spiral. Middlefinger lifts the arms up. Good. Lean into the front, the toes center. Wait in front of the heels and then weight rolling back into the back of the heel.

So really be aware of how you move from the back of the heels to the front of the toes and then lengthen back out again and soft. And this time as they arms move up, spiral middle finger reaches up, sorry the hands move up into a prayer, palms come together and then Paul the prayer down. Pass the heart down to the floor. Breathing, inspire, lean forward, move, move, move into the front of the body and breathing out. Soften into the shell of your back, soft and back, God, Timo, breathing and get that breath moving all the way. Big thing of breathing in from the fingertips, from the toes and reading.

Art's true lost ones breathing, a little pinky spirals have been rocking back and forth and breathing out. Now we're going to use spiral arms, the side, so that's my right little Binky spirals. I'm moving to the left side of my foot. Then behind my left heel with back of my right heel and the right side, so a little semicircle side of the foot, back of the heels into the side of the foot art, so it's amazing. I saw how I use the outsides of my feet to work. Now turn roll through little pinky spas.

Move into the side ribs as well. Good move across, down and through and against. Spiral around them. Back to get one step further. Spiral. Reach the amount of the dial. Move under the floating ribs. Reach out sideways and soft God breathing in spiral. Move out of the rips more from the floating ribs out of the side. Sidebar and I soften again. Breathing in spiral.

Move under a forting. Action on the ropes. Push out and I softened through and breathing and breathing out and soften both arms. Diving through center, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, ribs. Reach out and soften down. God again, breathing. Get the breath moving into the body up. Then we can get onto the mat and soft.

Good. First, let's open the body yard. That's a bit of a celebration. That's breath is a bit of a celebration. Oh go, go, go out and down. Last one through breathing in and out. God damn good. Let's just go into working from the fingers now working spiral and rotate back again. Good from a little thing. He spar.

Worked through each finger to the thumb from the farmer through each finger to the little pinky. One more time, little pink. He spirals into the thumb and then the thumb spirals into the little pinky spar to face the front. Now bud, your fingers in together. Bring the fingers, pull them into the wrist. Yeah, into the shinbones. Now Corolla, pedal your fingers out and push the heat of the hands down to the floor. And again, pull the fingers in PO, draw them into your wrist and push out. Widen. And Lebanon, one more time. Paul. Thinkers in thinkers, risk elbows, shoulders from the armpits. Move around and through. Keep dropping the tip of the shore, but it's, you don't need to lift your shoulders at all under, down. Anagen poor, poor Paul. Round through. And again, breathing in whole ride.

This can be a little painful. Just bear with me. Go through it. Reach the harms up. Turning the thumbs around. Little pinky spirals. Keep dropping the shoulders or aren't good. And again, thumb, good spot from the outset, from the little pinky into the thumb. One last one through. Familiar spirals in, down from the little pinky spiral, but the fingers and pull them into your wrist. Now open Caroll them or push the heel of the hands would pull the fingers back to watch. You pull. Pull, pull, pull, pull. Yeah. Then that's it.

Well that's great. Well done. And push out and back. Good. And don't pay any attention. That burning feeling of burning sensation in the shins of the arms. Yeah, get on with it out. Good fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders from the armpits. Moving to the elbows. Risks there. Keep putting the fingers down towards your wrist. Don't let that go because that's the work. Okay.

What we're really working on is all the nerves coming in from the neck. C3 all the way down to [inaudible]. Really strengthen those enough to keep the sweat going in your hands. Good. And reaching out and rotating. Take the arms out of the side. FUM. Scapulary twos are tall and working through her. Rita, try not to roll your shoulders forward. So again, scapular Rita, keep that.

Keep a thumb reaching out. Keep you. That's the feeling out from the little pink reaching and coming out through. Good. Two more. Reach out. Good. The worst thing is that it doesn't get any easier. The more you do it and the more you learn about your body becomes more difficult because you're working even harder. So rest assured, I'm suffering with you.

Keep going out and through. Pull the fingers in towards you. Good. And push out. Open wide and push out. Good. And again, pull in towards good and reach out and through and pull in. Fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders from the armpits. Walk back around, and fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders from the armpits. Last one through fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, arm pits, arms down, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft. And the same spiraling arms spiraled the pubic bottom. Bend the knees, turn the thumb.

Push down God and breathing. So awakening the flow of the body. Push down and through working up to the Naval breathing. Turn the palms pushed down. So I'm actually carrying my own body weight. I lift my own body weight in my hands.

Turn the palms, I push my own body weight on. Good. And again, breathing in, lift. Feel the back on the back and push down. Move up to the heart, please. Breathing and move up to the heart. Breathing the heart center. Turn the palms around as you push down, widen. Open the back ribs out. Moving the back of the bat. Breathing into the heart. I'm Tom pushed. Move out. And again, breathing into the heart of the heart and good.

So really awakening all the different diaphragms, the energetic diaphragms of the body because the throat center and push down good and up the throat, center and down. Good. Move into the third eye space. Now breathing and up up into the third eye space and strong legs. People say, as you can see, I'm making you pump through your legs. Breathing into bend and breathing out. Push down, breathing into Ben. Breathing out.

Push down. Good. This time, breathing and carry the energy wash all the way over the crown of the head, behind the neck and down through the front. Breathing and up, all the way. Corona they had back of the neck wash and last ones. Breathing into lift and down except reach the arms out to the sides. Softer. Pull the thumb back towards you. Pull the index finger back towards you.

Pull the middle finger back towards you. Pull the ring finger back towards you and God that started relaxing the mouth. Start relaxing the shoulders and again the thumb and drop the armpits and push them out. Index, good middle finger, ring finger and little finger. Thumb to index finger. Let's go. For mudras. Yeah. Out from the middle finger. Thumb to ring. Finger. Thumb to little pinky.

Thumb to index. Finger back down. Round. Finish on one. Forward down, back around. Finish one middle finger. Back down. Forward, up. Forward, down, back and up. Next finger. Back down. Round. Finish on one. Forward down, back.

Finish on one little pinky down. Back round. Finish on one. Forward down. Round finish on one thumb closes him. Index middle ring. Little roll around and love over.

Rotate from the thumb. Open out into, I call this a Chinese fam. Thumb closing and move into a fist. Move the fist around the shoulder. Thumb escapes. Eventually each finger follows it open. Get those arbors to wrap around. Last one. Thumb. Move into each finger. Good. Open out and got it. Reverse it.

Little pink moves through and the little pinky circles and opens around. Little pinky closes through little pinky opens and circles around the last one. Little pink, cute, good little pinky opens and bring the arms down and the right arm moves across the left side. Twist hands and Ubud a pull down. Move around the side of the body. Finish and left open or around the right into butter.

Hands. Move down the central access to the navel, open the parliament, push breathing and Dom and push and breathing and um, down and push. Last one through breathing and down, I had to push last one. Breathing and already bathing the body through it. Down and push. Move the hands into a prep. Push one hand against the other. Now push the side off the writer. Push the backend of the right, push the side of the right and then push the heel. So side, down, side and back. Side, down, side, back side, Down's side and back. The other way.

Side and back. Side, side, back side. Keep the elbow lifted though. Yeah, it's more difficult. I tend to drop. Don't let that happen. Keep it lifted and center. The other side, side, push back, push side, push forward. Side, good side, side, back, side side. Good. Reverse it, reverse it, has it and I'm now go thumb towards the same thing. Actually let's keep one hand that said reminds you to move but get a thumb to come towards your thumb. To come towards your thumb. Have a little pinky moving away. Little pinky moving away.

A little pinky and thumb coming towards you. Thumb coming towards your thumb coming towards little pink, little pinky, little thing. So thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thumb. Little pinky. Good. Keep it going. Um, come family. Yeah, get it out, but keep it flexed. You won. You won that flection. That's the one. So don't just keep it, flex it, flex it, flex it. Flex and good and the other way around. Brilliant.

Keep the elbows up and pot out. Out, out, out, out, out, out and down. Down. Throw it down, down, down, down. Good. Get your knuckles together and figure a fit down round, but keep them knuckles. Yeah. In the same plane as your navel out, under, under, under. Reverse it. Down and down and down and down and down on the elbows are down by your side. Good. Now. Knuckle, elbow, shoulder. Circle the shoulder, knuckle, elbow.

Circle, the shoulder. Knucklehead. Circle the shoulder. That's it. Malls. Yeah. Piston leg up around, up, around, up, around. Up now from the shoulder, settle out and the knuckles, that shoulder, circular, syn, shoulder out. Show that this is going to be fun to watch. You're doing it and out. Good hand in front of you. Good. Bring the other hand. Franz said, have you have your, okay, I'm fine.

I'm facing you, which I am. Have your right hand in front of your left. Hand over and prize open. Yeah, the right hand. Good curl the fingers under rule and then prize. Open the front end. Got fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, elbows, armpit. Move the armpit forward. That's it. And drop the shoulder. If you can't, that's it. Fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, elbows, shoulders. Got and again, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders. And I said you're already lubricating the joints out there and don't forget to prize open the hand, but pull the thumb back both on back chain sites and open grab fingers, the fingers crumb, pull through and then the open fingers crumble through.

And then the open guard fingers crumpled through open. Good fingers. Crumple and open. Last one through fingers crumble and brilliant. Bring the arms down. Good work. That's moving to opening out your neck and secondary respiratory muscles.

So hand, I have my right hand around my left, left hand pulling down that lean into the side of your face and then bring the head out. Yeah, so I mean gently pulling my down. When I'm reaching my head into the side of my hand, then I'm rotating and as I rotate, I gently pour them and I lean my head against my hands. Create lots of length and tension. They're cut against side and I cradle the back of my then look up to the ceiling. Good again. Pull the head out of the sides for a moment. Open that elbow out. Send the left Honda.

Now keeping the openness and my pectoral girdle. I circled back and around for five back and around for four. I'm also aware of my other elbows reaches away in opposition and two, and the last one is I pull done. I lean the side of my face against my hand. I come up to center, get my weight on my standing leg and I lift up. Now I lift off from the side of my face. I'm growing from the side.

They go from this. I'm standing from the side of my face and that's what I want to feel like. Come back down. James site's good at first and foremost. Lean your head into your hand and then pull across. Good. And then as you rotate hand behind the head so you can lean the back of the head into a hundreds. You pull down again, gently pull the head out the side.

Feel that wonderful sense of openness. Good. Cradle the back of the head. Look up to the ceiling. Lean the head back again. Gently draw the head out to the side. Take the arm out to the side. Good saver. Opening back and around. Remember that right elbow, reaching away for you. And two, and as I pull down, move in the side of my foot, move into the foot and can I stand out from the side of my face, side of my face? Brilliant. There you go. Let's start one more time. A little quicker. Breathing out, fall and in the back of the back and again out cradle the back of the head lift and again outside. Good.

Reach the Armand circling five and I'm also reaching out to the opposite elbow to one, pull back. Get onto your leg, side of the face. Good. And take a chance and reaching out and bring the head out. Rotate. Look into the piddle again. Reaching out. Side bend, cradle the back of the head. Look after the ceiling. And again, reaching out. Good. Move the handout. Move off from actually no five circles. You can't let those go. Widening our key. That opens key. That opens.

Reach out every time and leave the saddle head against your hand. Pull down. Good. Reach out, get onto the leg, bring that up. Good center. But the next thing, yeah, keeping that wonderful sense of the fee to working cause I really want them to work. Move onto your left leg. Place both feet down. Gather from the NFIs, lift up into the crown, the head the other way. Moved. Left leg. Sit on two legs.

Gather and grow taller so that one more time. Move, sit, gather and girl. Move onto one leg and sit to gather and grow. So when you move, you don't understand the hip hop. But you want to move onto like keep the side ribs open. Keep the waist wide. Stay there and stand out of the standing leg and bend and lift and bend and lift and Ben Torborg. He'll sit, gather up, move and lift.

Sit and grow. Sit and grow. Sit and grow tall ball. Gather. Feel the strength of your legs. Then lift up. Move again down and lift. Now tall ball. He'll push the front of the heel away from the ball.

Toes crumble the toes to bring it in towards you. You as a side of the foot to push away. Use the inside foot to pull in towards you. Use the back heel to push away with the toes you crumbled, pulling towards you to a ball. He'll sit, gather, grow, pour, bend and lift to a ball. He'll push away a ball to his crumpled ball with the toes.

Use a side fee to sweep the floor away. The inside foot to sweep the floor in towards you. Back here pushes away ball to his crumble. Paul grabbed with the toes, toe ball, heel. Let's just do that one more time a little quicker. Up, peel and a lift. Push the heel. Draw with the toes. Push to the side foot sweep inside foot hin. Push to the back. Heel crumbled toes grab with the toes a ball. He'll sit, gather, lift, peel and lift to a ball.

He'll push balls. Whose gather under Sadler foot sweeps up inside for sweeps in back heel sweeps away. Ball shows crumbling bars here. Sit and arrive. Peel prongs from the outside of the foot. Grow to the other good parents up.

Get the weight moving across the tour's down so it really inaugurated each toe. As you move across. Good to a ball. He'll sit and stand, move and reach across. Move and reach across. Move and reach across. Down to a ball. He'll arrive. Gather stand breathing slightly. Congratulate yourself. He did very well there. Good and down.

Good. Lift the shoulders. Breathing in, breathing out. Drawdown. Really dig into the floor. Little pinkies spirals. Widen the elbows out. Palms push back, fingers, wrists, elbows, circle and push back. Arms reach up, lift through the chest. Fun tones and damn good, right arm spirals through center and reaching out. Work around the shoulder girdle to come through and left arms spirals. Lift and work around the shoulder girdle. I'll come down both arms, lift through center, turn the head and spiral around, and now move the hips forward. Right arm reaches back.

Bend from the elbow and curl across. Forward. Hips forward, left arm and and forward bought arms. Richard, reach up and roll down through the spine. Lean forward into your hands. Yeah. Bend the knees. Lift the heart of the chest and forward again. Bend the knees. Get the heart of the chest hand forward. Then the right me, all of those left ribs out. Lean forward. Then the left knee open. Lean forward.

Then the right and forward. Left and lean forward. Now bend the right knee. Open the left arm out. Circle it all the way forward. Touch the floor and bring it back. Bend the left open, circle forward, and then both knees. Take the arms back, circle them all the way up to the front of the room. Roll little pinky Spyros. Reach all the way up to the ceiling.

Bring the arms down just or the front of the temples. Five squeezes in and two and the three and four and five pulls down and arrives. Let's just say that one more time. Yes, make it flow. Breathe in, lift, breathe out. Breathe and widen the elbows. Breathe out. Push the arms back. Little pinkies spiraling towards the shoulders. Circle and push out and both arms widen. Lift.

Turn the thumbs and you back down. Right home lengthens back. Circle crawling through. Good left arm back. Remember those hips move forward and crawl it. Then one more time. Hips, arm circle, crawl, hips, arms circle, cross both arms back, Ivy. Arms down. Good. Lean forward. Ben, lift the heart of the chest and forward. Bend. Lift the heart of the chest and for them the right knee opened the left arm out, certainly arm behind the knees. Pull that forward in towards the knees. Bend the left knee after the small little change right on behind the knees, leaning in full again. Bend the right, the open, the left arm out, hands behind the knees. Then the left knee open, hands behind the knees. Co hands move the back wall, the ceiling, and towards the front of the room. Start curling up from the tailbone, the law, the middle, not spiral. The arms are from between the shoulder blades.

Reach the arms up tall and pull down. Breathing in, lift and breathing out. Lost in breath. Lift and breathing out. Sense yourself. And prepare to get onto the floor for all fours.

Chapter 2

Front Support Mobilization

Carrying on. We're going to move onto all fours. Now again, in every section. I always start with the breadth, the breadth, just so that you find this great sense of expanse in the back of your back.

So shoulders over the heels of the hands and your hip bones well settled over the knees. Shins pushing down in your feet. Widen along the floor. Lean the back up against the ceiling. And yet that sense of the armpits wrapping around. Invite the breath into the body, find that pause and then breathe out. And then that, that out-breath is, it allows you to scoop up and under and again, breathe in, pause and breathe out.

Uh, breathing and breathe out. [inaudible] and breathe in halfway and get ready for those percussive breaths. Yes. And, and really toning my low belly with these. So it's a scooper and, and, and, and um, ah, completely out. Starting from the head, the upper, the middle, the tailbone, starting from the head, the upper, the middle. Let's go for last one through curling and arching from the head and lift. Now moving into the hip. Turn the head and look over your left shoulder.

Some hip hop on the diagonal. Then forward curve on them. Move to your right diagonal and out the side. So my head sowings to side lengthen and again down, swinging and odd and again, Harland and a reach and, and, and reach and center again and curling. Tailbone. Lower middle head. We're moving into waves. Arching, tailbone, low, middle woof, tailbone, lower middle head arching, tailbone, lower middle head, one more tailbone, low middle head.

Really accentuate through the joints and good starting head up, middle tailbone, head up, middle tailbone, head up, middle, tailbone, head, upper middle, tailbone. Last one through head, upper middle, tailbone and head. Upper middle. Good. Let's just go for the mammalian walks next, which is lift the right and left knee and drop into your shoulders. Lift the left arm in the right and drop into your shoulders. Push the metaphor over here is that of a pregnant elephant, a large pregnant elephant, walking in a desert, sand up to bushes and then she drops. Heavily.

Push grow out of the hip and the shoulder girdle and drop. Now reptilian moved the ribs, head and tail, moving the same direction, same arms, CME. Come off and see a mom seem like God and see mom's same leg. Same mom, same leg. Last one's from ribs. Head tail, ribs, head tail.

Come back to center, shoulder circles forward. Glide them in together. Keep them in as you circled back and around four circle, really nice or just delicious, kind of hugging of the shoulders behind and um, wrap around and through the other way around back. Squish them in and then bring them around down. Squidge forward through, down, back and forward.

Now circle the right shoulder for left shoulder back and then squish them in. Open them out and I'm the other way. Squish them in. I call this the walk of the Wolf. So you circle drop into the shoulders and push out. Circle, drop and circle, drop and out, a cultural good and brilliant.

I'd like to go into next the neck and the shoulder series. Turn the left hand and send the right arm through and roll all over the shoulder. Now I'm not going to do this completely because I'm just worried about my Mike kinda going up and all of a sudden I've turned my head a little further forward. Roll over your shoulder if you can and arrive. Good. Same thing as the other side and turns in my shoulder rolls in a from this side you can see properly.

I'm rolling over my shoulder and I'm pulling my right sit bone back as I can at my sense of twisting and lent out. Good. This time sending the right arm forward. I lean out into my chin, I come out the other side and sending the left arm. Lean that right elbows is open. Good. Then I want to elbow out to the side, send the arm across, um, side of the feast and the other side. Now I want to doing the other side quite as much, but the side of the face for us now and for the last one, the hand comes across.

I roll onto my shoulder and roll into the back of my bed with Tucker. Um, reach funder. Start again. Yeah. So turn the arm around, roll onto the shoulder, roll fought whiskered and then come back around. Change and across road twist and come around. Brilliant hand comes up slightly on the diner.

So lean forward to the chest and the chin come back and again, reaching forward. Turn the arm around, move into the side, arm, side, shoulder. The risk feel as your arms are being pulled apart. Trunk the almond. Good and trunk. The armor. WIC. Yeah, at the side of the face stuff. Good. [inaudible] good. This time bring the arm all the way across.

Roll on the back of the back, the back of the car, Takata and um, raw on the back of the head. Tuck on the run, the backer center moving into your ribs. Side ribs. Move down into the arch side. Ribs and curve. But I have a small diagonal twist. Then the side ribs, diagno art, diagonal side, ribs and van. I curve. Yes. And again, John's side, I can twist down side, back and curve. Let's go the other way. Around and out. Down. Um, curve. Last one. Oh, down and good. Well done. Moving mix and all falls cold. The tour's under.

You. Lean forward and push from a hands into your inverted V or a downward dog. Reach out to the back, the legs small. Bend the knees. Small bend of the elbows and hover over. Push back into downward dog.

Rise up from the balls of the feet and Kerrville. Push back into downward dog. Bend the knees, bend the elbows. Hover. Place the knees down and soften. One more time. Lean forward. Curve the toes under and lean back with donkey.

BEM the knees. Bend the elbows and Hava. Push back. Lengthen into downward dog. Rise up on the balls of the feet. Coleen forward reach back down with dog. Bend the knees when the elbows hover these down and sit back. Couple of breaths here.

Good. Come back on all fours and now we have pushing into your hands. Shins into the floor. Round. Concentrically curl in towards you coming forward. Bend in the elbows. Lean forward.

Take the feet out to the left, round for the back. Check the tailbone under as you move over your left hand all open and reach the heart up to ceiling God. Bring the arm back, the shoulder, the ribs, the hip, the knee. Lean back and then send to yourself the other side. Carl. Lean to come forward into art. Push shot.

Take the feet out of the side and move forward over your hand. Open the heart. Open some big heart, or bring the arm back, the shoulder, the ribs, the hip, the knee. Lean back and center. Here we go. Calling concentrically. Call him towards you. Breathing in art form. Push. Take the feet out of the side. Move all over your hand. Open. Bring the arm back, the shoulder, the ribs, the hip, the knee, the foot lean center, and curling around. Lean forward. Oh, the precipice of the under length and over unraveled from the arm into the other.

Bring the arm back, the shoulder, the ribs, the hip. Lean back and center. Okay. Moving into your downward dog. Number two, call toes under and lengthen into downward doggy. Good. No Ben, the writing and move out in those left ribs and reach back. Bend the left knee, move and open those right ribs and let them back. Then the right and push back and the left knee.

Push reach back. Then the right knee stay there, right hand reaches around the outside of the left ankle. Open those left ribs up, push into the right, go that little further and then bring the arm and the left knee. Move into the right side of the body or open it up and as you push into the left of the foot, go even further. Further, further open and center right knee bent, left hand on the side. Push up, grow out of the side of the leg and center. Last one, bend, twist. Hand the outset in the twisted position. Open the ribs arts director market and come back to center them knees, elbows and knees together.

Adding onto that last little sequence of all fours, draw the left knee in towards you and glide the foot out behind you. And forward tools. Ball heel, flex, push. I'm really pushing my kills. Yes, moving out to the side. I'm moving to my right trips and then I'm opening the hotter. Talk. Good from that and bring the arm back. So are those the side left ribs. Now as I place and sickle, the foot down, I reached the armor from the hand. Moving from the side of the foot into a heart opener. Open.

Bring the arm back, the shoulder, the ribs, the hip, the knee, the foot, the other side. Nico's in towards, so the leg OD behind you. Toes, ball, heel flexor. This is a great stretch of spend a moment when he pushing into the killers, open the heart out raw like a lion. Yes. That's the kind of feel that you want to the leg out to. So side ribs and then as a leg reef is open from there, as the arm comes down, swivel to the other side. Open the ribs up, then pushing an open bar harder. The seat arm comes down.

Rotate and lift up. Tall arm, shoulder, ribs, hip, knee and center. This, that one more time. I'm going to move through it and reach forward. Large. Lean into the back heel side. Open out tall. Bring the arm down more than like a cross. Moving to the side, ribs, twist arm comes down. Swivel, open out tall.

Bring the arm back, the shoulder, the ribs, the hip, the knee, the foot. [inaudible], lean back, glide. Lean forward, toes, ball, heel, flex, reach. Move across or bring the arm swivel and reach across. Wide. Arm down, open. Reach through arm, shoulder, ribs, hip, knee, and got to sit back.

Rest for a mom for the next time with dogs. A little more wholesome. Come up on all fours again. Play with this one. Yes. [inaudible] for this one. The next time a dog. If you feel you've got to stop and start again, do so. Then push you to you're down with dog.

Then the right elbow and the left knee. Push that bend the left elbow and the right push. Right elbow, left knee. Push out left elbow, right. Try both elbows and push out both elbows and push that right elbow.

Bend the left knee, back and left heel onto your buttock and then up to the ceiling. Now either. Stay here for five, comes all, come forward onto your toes for five. Once your hand for three, two, one, reach back, push up, girl out into your stretch. Place the foot down. Bend the left elbow, bend the right knee, healed the button, stretch the leg. Either stay here or move forward. Push.

Stay there for five Timmy to us for three, two, one push, grew out of it. Bring the leg down and bend. Hover, sit. Good. Then how you did that? I wasn't looking, but I'm sure you did very well. Yeah, come up on all fours again. Okay. Now let's say the last little sequence we did and I don't do it. Okay, so here we go. Me close in towards send the leg out behind you. Lean forward towards ball heel, flex, arch leg out of the side and lift.

Move the leg through and push up and reach leg down through and for the side of my chest. Reach up and the girl arm comes around. Swivel true and or um, comes through. Uh, as you open up, lift up through, bring the arm through toddler foot it and move into deep TFO. Stretch it, open the heart up the ceiling. Good roll throughout and open.

And again, back arm comes through and a deep TFS for ultimate good and foot, knee, hip ribs. Um, bring the arm back, the shoulder, the ribs for the hip and then the knee, other side, knee close in towards the back. Glide and forward to his ball. Heel. Flex arch leg out to the side. Good hope and a reach down through, um, rod and go. You need a lot of adductor strength to come back up again. Up through. Yeah.

Last ones down. Come up. Then you that wonderful sense of swivel in the ribs. Then that spiraling action opens you up. Hand comes down, roll open out. Hawaii. Hand comes through on to the Institute. We're gonna roll the hip forward. Sit and same time twist. Get that shoulder to roll around, move through foot differently.

So from the foot you're working into the hip, into the ribs, into the armpit. Open up. I've got push back from the armpit. Shoulder, ribs, hip foot, throw good. Bring the arm back, the shoulder, the ribs, the hip, and you want to sit back onto your hips. Good some yams for curling. Move into the chest to floor.

Come down, place the chest down. Move into a little Cobra position. Take the arms back, circle the arms out to the front. Circle them back and forth, out. Forward to circle them back to out. Forward three, settling back for three hands down. Lift. Keep the knees on the floor. Sit back, roll up through the spine and push the hips up.

Sit back and arrive and sinless at one more time. Reach the arms forward. Roll chest onto the floor. Slowly glide yourself down. Lift and your mini Cobra position. Push circle and one circle and two circle and three lift hands, knees on the floor. Sit back, roll up. Push the switch up and sit back.

Come up onto all fours for the mama stretches and we'll get ready. This one's going to be a little bit of a teaser as well. If your left knee curves in towards union bucket, reach the leg out behind you and refill. They got to the side move. Flex leg goes out behind you. Cat's T hip, knee, foot up. So I'm lifting and moving from shorter to shorter. I don't sit in the shoulder, but I lift up and I lumped in. One more time. Hip, knee, foot up and recharge.

I arrive right hand holds onto left foot and I grow. Ben pushing the foot and I grow for one. Ben push into the foot and I grow for two. Ben, push the foot. Grow for three. Hand the floor, foot down. I lift up the ceiling. Key that length. Roll the foot parallel. Lift the hips, knee comes down. Um, dice, push, walk against the leg and come back to center. Other side, Nico's in towards you. Leaning back. Glad the foot way.

Lift up. Keep up to the side and up. Cat's tail, hip, knee, foot and reach and hip, knee, foot and reach and hip. Knee, foot and reach. I see that holding onto the foot. Reach up. Bend foot into your hand. Lift up bent foot into your hand. Lift up, bent foot into your hand. Lift up, hand the floor, rotate, lift up, rotate around the hip socket, lift even further. [inaudible] knee dive through. Lift up and sit back on heels. Regain your breath as I place my mic back on again guys, you're doing really well. Yes, a lot of movement of yes, you'll find that I'm constantly having to work with my mic. Yeah, we go.

Sending the arms forward, my glide them a couple of inches as you dive the head through. Mini Cobra, Cobra, upper dog car from bed. Sit back, left hand behind, left foot. Open the hips, that stretch. Bring that left hip forward circle and reaching up right and forward. Unstuck and left it forward and circle and right hip forward and circle. One more time. I have the arms forward. Head comes through mini Cobra, Cobra, upper doc. Call from the head.

Sit back, rolling this. I'm just reaching. Lift up and prepare for certain right on back. Move into a crawl. Arms left arm back, move into a crawl, right. I'm hip, smooth and Caroll. Left arm back and crawl. Backstroke, lift, scoop, left arm, back scoop and lots of work for the thighs. And under.

I lift the hips and both arms reach back and back and curses. This is your butterfly strike back and and backstroke. Lengthen the scope under length and scope and length is your backstroke. And under starting crawl, lengthen dye will reach up and lengthen. Dive, reach up. Well backstroke up, lift up and butterfly down.

Reach back and reach. Push on through and Backstrom. Sorry about the mat and center backs through, right. All right, breathing back against it and read that. That you've got your heart going a little bit. Breathe in, breathe in out. If you want us to place one hand on the other place your forehead and your hands are just rest.

You do so otherwise prefer for lying on your back. We're going to go into the abdominal series, a hundred arrest

Chapter 3

Abdominal Series

on your backs. Yes. Again, we're going to work on keeping our feet parallel, hip distance apart. Good and then wonderful sense, the sacred being wide, the dye from the bra strap area being wide and the back of the head really open and wide. Good. And I love starting with the breathwork. So one hand and the lower belly, one hand on the heart and move into your lower belly and the heart for the in breath and subsequently school, the lower belly under as you breathe out. So that's scooping sensation. Breathing in the back of the back and as you breathe out, scoop and lift up on the Naval breathing and breathing.

Does that really and sense gentle sense of scooping up and under softening the ribs, but keeping the tailbone lengthen down all the time. Yeah. One last one through breathing in. Mmm. Oh good. Bring the arms down to your side and just go for small percussive out breads. So I'm putting the skin of the pubic bone on the navel.

Yeah. And that's, that's actually why I want to start all my breath from the skin of the pubic bone under the navel. Yup. A general push of the feet as well. So you really use the whole body to lean against the floor as you breathe out.

Yeah. Brilliant. Start with a pelvic tilt or a bridge position. So prepare with an in breath and as you breathe out, tilts the pelvis and start curling up in to the back to the tip of the shoulder plates on the in breath, a little thing. He spirals. A middle finger reaches to the back wall. Out-breath, breath. Reach the arms away and lower yourself down to broader tone.

And then from the ribs, the armpits, the elbows, the heat of the hand in the fingertips. You come back to center and peeling. Roll up through the spine. Middle pinky spirals. Middle finger reaches back, reaches the arms away, roll down vertebra at a time. And then ribs, armpits, elbows, heat of the hands, and then the fingers arrive. So be very clear about what leads you Wes, a tailbone and each vertebra just peels off little pinky spirals. Middle finger takes the arms across the middle finger traces a lot more trails along the flow wave from the rolling down of the ribs, the arms are lifted.

Then as a rib soft soften. Glide the scapular down, bring the arms back down to the side. Good. Let's go back into clasping hands. Remember that wonderful sense of the hands pulling away from each other in this class position because the scapular widen, place the hands out. Hammock the hands behind the head, elbows in your peripheral vision and as you breathe in, close the elbows to parallel breathing, breathing up, traction. Roll the head forward. Breathe in the lie. The feet out from underneath you closing and for five, for four, for three, for two. For one the right like have lifted an inch off the left and the right and the left and the right and the left.

Good drag. He goes back and roll back down and wide you to stop. One more time in breath. Close out. Breath in breath. Linden closing. Five, four, three, two, one. Glide lift one ally, lift to Goliath, lift two and two three. Soften the back of that into your hands. Four, four, five, five. Drag the heels back deep and the cuff deep in the cuff and then roll back. Why didn't the elbows out? Arms done by a side. Prepare with them in breath.

Breathing on. Peel the pelvis and roll up through the spine on the inbred. The little pinky spirals. The middle finger reaches the arms back. Learn and reach the arms up to the ceiling. Roll that forward. Massage the spine down. Arrive left knee, reaches up. Three, two, one. Collide the right leg away. Three, two, one. Flexibility towards your three. Two one. Reach the arms.

Three push against two. One bend the knees, feet on the floor. Hands on the floor. Roll back. Rock the head from side to side. Prepare for the other side. Breathe out. Peel, roll up. Bridge position. Little pinkie spirals. The middle finger reaches back. Reach the arms away. Arms up to the ceiling. Roll that forward.

Massage the spine down right knee floats up. Three, two, one. GLI the left. LIGO three two one. Flex three, two, one. Reach the arms away. Three, two, one Ben feet and roll back. Peeling for the last set. Roll up in breath. Arms, back OD. Wrath. Reach, arms up to ceiling. Roll, massage, arrive. Lift the knees. Three, two, one. Send the feet away. Three, two, one. Lift the tailbone and reach the arms up against the ceiling. Three, two, one. Bend the knees. [inaudible] clasp your hands and spine the head and prepare for the next abdominal breathing out. Roll the head forward and glide the right leg along the floor at dot three a.

Dot to a doctor. One send the left leg up against the ceiling. Three two, one five changes once it is. Two, three, four, five. Draw the knees in towards the cuff. Place the feet down. Roll the head back, rolling the head. Glide the left leg at that three, two one. Extend the right leg up against the ceiling. Three two, one five changes. One, two, three, four, five. Draw the knees up. Place the feet down. Roll the head back and read that right leg abduct. Three, two, one left. Like abduct. Three, two, one five circles.

Angle one and two and three and four and five. So rather than he looks happy, feed or old, lost set. Roll. Left leg abduct. Two three extend the right leg. Abduct. Two, three and abducts. Two and three and four and five. Knees pull up please. The feet down and a breath or two over here. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in.

Relax the face. Relax the draw and read the one again, takes you into a bridge reading. I'd peel up the in breath, take the arms back with the OD. Reach the arms we rolled on. Arms up to the ceiling. Rule that the lie of the flute away and you set up. Reach the arms forward. Soften and roll back again. Peeling, roll up, arms reach, back, reach way rolled. Arms forward, reaching through. Good. Sit up. Well I'm going to do is turn around to face, you know and we're going to go into feet.

Ball point towards ball heel. Flex ball point towards both. Flex four point saving with both knees. Bent point. Bend on ball point but bent ball point pen one leg at a time and I don't move my heels, my heel. Sit in place. Yeah, walk, walk.

So don't glide them along the floor. Key. Then we're going to create lots of traction among the hip and knee joints. Could center open the feet out, little pinkies on the floor towards ball. Heel flex. Good point. And then turn towards ball. He'll flex and the other way around. Down flex center, pull down.

Flex center, pull and um, work on right foot, left foot and left foot. Right foot, right foot, left foot circle, walk and circle both feet. Point, crumple, lift and hallelujah. Open the toes I've got and I'm crumpled and open. Good. That's it. Down open. And then dig. Scoop open. That's it. Dig. Scoop up toes. Dig, scoop.

And one at a time. Paul Crump lot. Paul Crumpler, pool lips will naturally move. Let that happened. Good. And then dig, scoop, lift, dig, scoop, lift, dig. Scoopy, dig, scoop, lift. Good. And then point the feet. Flex. Bend all the materials out. Flex back again. Center and point to his ball. Heel. Flex.

Open point through flex feet. Turn them around and ballpoint again. Last one up. Open Keith towards where they're open. Turn him out. And good windscreen wipers. Just like next go from, yeah, the FIM was in the joint. Letting go and an opposition. Turn them, let them go under. Good. And then I'm gonna tell him back again. I'm going to continue where we stopped.

Yes. So from you, roll back down again. Bend the knees and Orion. I'm going to move down the bed a little further and we're going to go into pelvic tilt. We'll go the rich sequence. Yes. So peel the pelvis, roll up through the spine and working on the glutes. The hamstrings we have. Squeeze for five. Open for three. Two, one. Flex ball tools. Flex two and three and four and five. Now walk and walk. I'm moving to my leg. Yes.

Walk. Walk. Try not to stay in center. Yeah. So get on the leg down the leg. Get on the leg. Good. Arrive right knee. Lifts an inch off. Extend little circles. Five, four, three, two, one the other way. Five, four, three, two. Good. Roll onto the side and lift to lift.

Three, lift four, lift five. Lift lower and lift the leg low. Lift the leg. Three lift, fall. Lift. Five little puzzles, five, four, three, two, one or close one. Open. Close to the moves. The outside foot, inside, foot, outside foot, inside a.

Stay on the inside for cross and and three and four and five. Place of a down and change. Next, five, four, three, two. One. Reverse. Five, four, three, two, one. Roll. Lift up. Two, three, four, and five. Lower the leg. Lift. Low. Lift, lift. Lower. Still passing. Five, four, three, two, one. Open and close. Open, close, open and close. Open and close. Up and over. Up and over. Two and three and four and five.

Center. Place the foot down. Good. Rolling down through the spine. Clasp your hands. Pull. Placed them behind the head. Roll that up. Lift the knees, twist towards the window. A Duck's three to one. Extended leg up. Duct. Three to one. Five changes. One, two, three, four, five.

Draw the knees in. Roll the head back. Twist the rights on the left like a duct. Three to one extended three, two, one changes. Two, three, four, five. Draw them easily. Roll the head back. Twist the windows, the left. Send the right leg down. Abduct. Three, two, one. [inaudible] three, two, one. Circle, circle, circle three. Circle full circle five. [inaudible] roll back the last set and twisting to the right. Left leg to an extent. Three, two, one. Um, circle across. Circle across.

Circle across to one. Knees up, feet down. We're all back. Okay. You gonna feel a little kind of tight this around the sauce. So left hand reaches towards the left angle. I'm going to move on the mat a little bit. Yeah, so I get my heels cause I'm slipping slightly. So heel across Honda. Cross the ankle, right on.

Reaches up and move into a bridge position. Yeah, hold on for a moment and then go lie the way as you roll down through the spine. Vertebrae at a time. All right. Have chain sites holding on to the right. Left arm reaches out turn. And as an easy reach forward, lift into a pelvic tilt. Good. Or a bridge. Roll yourself where the Rotter times what are you? Get a feel, a nice stretch region. It's quite a delicious stretcher. So enjoy it.

Take your time. God moves back again and you deserve it up. Pelvic tilt. Good. Now as you roll down, reach out, reach out, reach out, reach out, reach out for each other. God. Send it out to the other side. Reject the hormones. And as you reach the policy and roll, roll, roll. Well, it's moving into my version of ruling like a ball. Please bear with me. Right foot, up, left ankle behind, right ankle, left ankle. Push against the right ankle. Pelvic tilt, right ankle pushes you down. Change legs, ankle Janken lift. Roll down, pelvic tilt and roll down and push.

Roll down. Change, not push. Roll down. Roll forward. Change legs, back leg pushes to roll you back. Front leg pushes. Change back leg front, leg change. Backlick pushes. Front leg wishes change. Now push hands on the floor. Roll. Stretch the legs. Change the legs. Bend, push, arrive back. Leg pushes. Stretch, change.

Bend and derive and back like fishes. Stretch, change, bend and derive feet on the floor. Roll yourself down. The market's ready for a well-deserved stretch so you have crucifixion. Arms need to knees together. Right knee over the left. Lift your hips, move them to the right, the left knee pole, the right meter. Now the right arm. Pull the scapula, the ribs, the hip, the knee. Back to center. One more time.

Left knee pulls the right knee down and the right. Um, pools, ribs, the hip back to center. Left knee, pulls the right and down and then continue to rule onto the side and you've got to really roll all over your sort of tunnel. Had to face the other side of the wall. Um, circles over the head. Stop there for a moment. Roll your back back first. Open the arm out the arm. Pull the ribs, the hip, the knee, the foot. Back to center. One more time. Neat. Pulls me across. Circle.

Keep rolling as you circle, move all over the shoulder if you want to get there. My sense of ribs opening onto your back around. Roll yourself back. Good. Let's change legs. Janes sides, good and knee across. Lift the hip. Take it out to the side. Right knee pulls the left knee across.

Left arm. Pulls the re in the hip. Back to center me pulls us up. It's like you're flossing. Yeah, you're flossing between the arm and the knee. It's that kind of a feeling. One more time out and the arm from losses, the shoulder and the ribs and he's back going out into your circular stretch. Need Paul's circle the armor on.

I'm going to lift my head up because I don't want the mic to kind of graze the floor. Good. I'm going to reach up and over. Roll my backpack. Stop there. As my arm opens, I reach myself back in through. One more time. Me pulls the knee across. Arm circles. Enjoy the circle. Roll on. Goes over the head. Roll the backpack. Open the arm, roll yourself back. Bring the foot back.

We're going to do one more time. The slide difference. Knee comes across. Lift up, left knee, pulls the right knee across the same. You circle the arm up and over your head. What? Just over their head. Turn the body around. Circle that the arm circle down back and the arm.

Fluster ribs in the hip. Back to center. One more time. Knee pulls in the across and reef is up over round and let it pull across. Reach. Roll you back again to center. Change legs, knee, or the knee. Lift the hips. Move them on the diagonal. So when I roll out of the side, I have that perpendicular spine. Yes, and arm reaches over the head. Roll through. Circle the arms circle down reach.

Let it pull you back one more time. Me pulls in the across arm, reaches over, roll through, circle the arm down, back. Reach it out girl and arrive. I hope you enjoy it. I said I really needed that. Good. Okay. For the very last thing I'd like you now to consider. Yeah, it's just a small, small meditation. Yeah. It doesn't need a lot of time or energy. Just place one hand on your like, let the elbows drop.

Maybe the fingers will rest on the lower belly. The fingers will rest on the heart. Close your eyes. If you want the knees to knock in, let them knocking towards each other. That's fine, and just allow the breaths and move in and out of the body. Invite the breadth and then the host the breath out.

Invite the brethren and host the breath out. Invite goodness into the bodies and invite healing to the body on the in-breath. Now on the out breath, allow the body to cleanse itself or detoxify itself. Allow healing and goodness into the body. On the in-breath. Allow the body to cleanse and detoxify itself. On the ArtPrize go back to the inbred being, the beginning of a smile, the outbreath and beginning of a sigh.

And you obviously don't have to breathe heavily, but just the intention, the in-breath, the beginning of a smile and the outbreath at beginning of a smile of a PSI society softing side. Let's do one more of those. The ENGR at the beginning of a smile and the odd breadth of beginning of a site with the inbreath invite the divine into you. So create this divine space within you, and the out-breath allows you to create a sacred space around you. So the in the in breath is an invitation to the divine. Create this divine space within you and the out-breath, the sacred space around you.

Now the in-breath dive into the space within you. Yeah. Dive deep. Deep down as you dive, you could never reach the surface, the end, the size. It's a deep spaces, a whole cosmos of a space within you. And as you breathe out, really breathe out and expand into the this galaxy of space around you. Grow into, widen into it. Yeah. Reach out again.

The inbreath, the steep space within you, which you really go and dive into. And the outbreath is expansion. This whitening of the space around you go back to your hands, the warmth of your hands. That's the arrest against the abdomen and the heart. And allow these hams, these healing hands, because you're with clients the whole day of pulling, you're pushing, you're guiding them. The wisdom of these hands, a lot of these hands to heal you. So the rest there, and as you breathe with a fullness, allow healing to take place the warmth of these hands, warming up the organs and guiding the inner viscera.

Allow this to rest. You have to allow these hands to do what they need to do. Don't doubt them. Just the great sense of it. Acceptance and joy. Rest them on your abdomen. Rest them on your heart in breath, the breath of joy, the out of breath of gratitude. Breathe again and breathing out.

Austin. Joy has your breathing [inaudible] and the great sense of gratitude as you pray that bring the arms down to your side. And as you breathe in a little pinky spirals, the middle finger reaches all the way up over the head and a prayer. And as you pull the prayer down, rest on the crown of the head, your third eye space, your lips and throat center, your heart, your navel. And then just let the arms and fought. Stay there for a moment. Open the eyes out gently. And I thank you very much for joining me on the mat. I hope you enjoyed it.

Uh, I certainly did and I hope to see you again soon.


Helga D
2 people like this.
Excellent very very useful and it’s got very nice yogic vibe
4 people like this.
I will be practicing this for awhile, creative, complex and enlightening, thank you!
Stephanie F
So innovative! I really appreciate your  creative language. No heat-and-serve cueing here!
1 person likes this.
What a pleasure  to see James,movement magician.Thank you
3 people like this.
finally!! James D'Silva... love his work. Having done his class 16 years ago in London. He is still an inspirational teacher. Thank you. 
2 people like this.
I had no idea that this is exactly what I needed! I feel completely cleansed, a ringing out from every joint to every corner of my being ;>)) The meditation at the end was the spiritual cherry on top. Thank you, James.
10 people like this.
I am now officially obsessed by this Garuda Method and James DaSilva. Pilates Anytime, please post one of his foam roller workouts or something on the reformer and other mat classes. My body feels so open and fluid after his workouts. Wonderful.
1 person likes this.
4 people like this.
Garuda is always a celebration of movement. I loved the special attention to the extremities. 
Thanks James for a wonderful class 
Maartje V
4 people like this.
I've been secretly wondering when James was going to teach on PilatesAnytime... and here he is!! Soooo happy :D 
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