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Buns and Guns Reformer

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Get ready to move and sweat with this fun Reformer workout by Amy Havens. She works your entire body, focusing on adding extra emphasis to your upper body and glutes. She includes creative combinations for exercises like Side Lying Hip Work, Pulling Straps, and much more!
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Hi everyone. I may me here for a reformer workout and I have my friend Andy with me kind of a guns and buns workout in a way, so hope you're ready to sweat and work. We're just ready to move today, so we're unbalanced body. We're going to start with footwork, so set yourself up for what you would like to do for foot work. If anything doesn't feel right, omit the exercise.

We're going to get right down to it with Palladia stance. All five minute tarsals up on the bar. Just take a quick scan from head down to toes, so energy out through the top of your head, shoulders are open, your arms nice and long and just really settle that pelvis down into neutral level. Pelvis, heels together and slightly lifted. Here we go. Inhaling and so we'll go with 10 reps and some of us like to inhale as the Springs open. Some of us like to exhale, use what serves you best. We have five more leg presses from this position.

Heels are firmly together and slightly lifted. Here's our three, two, and one and then all the way in. Now let's go to parallel balls of feet. Keep a little bit of space between your ankles, heel slightly lifted, spread through the metatarsal. Let's extend and bend, so right away, well let's put some focus and concentration on that space between our last rib and our pelvis. Waistline and elongate through there all the way around front sides and back. Last two extensions of the legs from parallel balls. A feet will step to the heels.

Now same thing. Now here we go, pressing out. So if we had shoes on that had laces, want us to think about bringing the shoelace area toward our shins so stronger Dorsey flection at the ankle, a long gate and press feeling of really narrowing the pelvis from side to side. Getting a nice strong center foundation. Last to hear from the heels. Extend and in last one out and in and we'll take it out to heels wide, not too wide of turnout. Before we push the carriage out, we'll take a double check. Let's all take an imaginary, pull the heels toward one another.

Action on the bar so that we include those adductors in this exercise. Here we go. Sometimes they get left out, partly responsible for pelvic stability, so we'll bring that in. Here's four work that Dorsey flection at your ankles. Every now and again, check the width across your chest. We've got two more and then we'll step onto the balls of our feet and here we go. To do that heals not too high.

Make sure your pinky toe does have a little bit of touch up on the bar. Here we are and extend two. Feel the quads pulling up. Use your quads. In fact, yeah, to pull those knee caps up. We've got five more to go. Five [inaudible] getting our body heated. Two and one. Let's come back to the center balls of feet.

Keep that little bit of space between, take a peek, make sure you're lined up, extend. Now let's stay there for a moment and unlock our knees and want us all to think about the shinbone not dropping down toward the floor, but almost like the shinbone is lifted up toward the ceiling a little bit. It's not flexing the knee joint is lifting the tibia as if you can feel that. All right. Now we'll take both heels down and up for 10 okay. Really mindful not to lock those knees out and lower and lift and four and up.

Five and up and seven and eight. Check the chest nice and wide. Last two, last one. Bend the knees to come all the way in and just pause for a moment. All right Andy, let's press a right back out and I want us to drop one heel. You can choose which one, lower that heel and then just actually hold that there. That was pulse, that heel down, eight of them and one. We know this pattern and three and four. We're not locking the knee.

Six, seven and eight up and over to the second heel for eight to three. The other foot, six, seven, and eight. Let's go to the first side. Again, it's not just about the stretcher that calf has. Also the push with the other foot so that we actually get a high relevance between each one. Other heel, eight up, seven up, six, five, four. Three, two and one. Let's do for each side a couple times, two, three, four, up and over. So we're going to start going into twos and we'll really match the heels up together each time. Stay with the twos down and up, down and up, down and up and down and up.

One more round of twos. Now we have 16 one's one up, two up, up and four been fine since seven, eight up. Emphasize the lift can probably already start to feel that heat down into the rear end. Nice. And working into the glute sets. Our last one, bend both knees and in. Okay, everyone lift your feet up. Shake that out. We'll come up and take our attention down for some single leg. Your choice, what you'd like for single leg.

Okay, one heel on. Let's take the other leg just in a nice, easy table. Top and eight extensions. Only. Just eight. Pretty basic. So I want us to now start getting into feeling the work in the glute five and aside of the hip thing about pulling it in towards the midline a little bit. All right. Just one more. We'll come in and change hips, so heal and change it over or so. Think about the side of your hips.

Pulling in toward the center should get you a feeling of working your lateral hip right there. Four more and three sitting into that neutral pelvis. [inaudible] last one on this side. First foot ball of foot. Take the opposite leg straight forward. We'll bring it to tabletop eight times and one you can even work the glute here on your pushing leg. Three feeling that quad pull up.

Five, six, seven and eight all the way in. Quick step. Here we go and do a little collarbone check. Lengthen your arms. Long abdominals again between pelvis and ribs. Three, two all the way in. Let's step onto the heels or arches. You can decide.

Scoot down away from the shoulder blocks a little bit. Everyone take your head rest down, taking it to some pelvic curl articulated bridging. Take a breath in so that exhale. Really feel that stomach sinking in the pelvis, tipping back and peel your way. You can mid spine, mid back. If you're ready to go a little higher, go for that.

Inhaling at the top and a slowly roll down. Aim your knees forward. [inaudible] massage. Check into the links and the separated movement there. Let's do it again and sync the stomach. Keep tipping the pelvis.

Tip tip tip, aiming your knees forward, your shins forward. Stomach in deep breath. Rolling down. Oh, on the way down we're widening the back. We're lengthening the spine. Come all the way to neutral. Pause just for a second. Take a nice deep breath and roll back up again.

All right, so let's just position ourself for a second. Up on our bridge. Shoulders can help us, so if we press the arms back, take one leg, a tabletop, push the carriage back and forth. Four times endeavor to keep the hips high on the table. Top leg, especially last one. You'll come in and set the heel down pre lift the pelvis if you need to.

The other leg will come high. And for re lift three re lift to re lift from all the way in. Set the heel down, prevent, we'll unroll it referring to her spine all the way down. Let's go through that again. Take your breath in. Now that you know what it feels like seeping in to get deeper connection in a couple ideas that you're narrowing your pelvis, you're keeping the hips lifted. That's really all about those glutes. First leg up. Same thing for reps.

real lift, two, three, four. Keep the carriage closed. Second leg and UConn to oof my foot's cramping. Three, four and is that the heel to hand? Hold it and we roll. Massage all the way down. Nice deep breaths and head, neck and chest comes up.

Just reach for the end of the reformer. Raise your arms up, press the arms back down and lower the chest twice more. They're just warming up that chest lift, keeping your torso high and Reese one and curl and lift and lower chest all the way down. Knees to the chest, hands the shoulder blocks, knees side to side. Pick a side you'd like to go to. Lean those knees to that hip. Both knees should be in the same place in space. Just hold it for a moment or two.

Everybody take both legs now into extension. Feel like you're still reaching both of your sitting bones toward the foot bar, not hiking, one side up, re then the knees and come back to center to your second side, leaning to the side. Hold it there. Feel the connection. Now extend the legs without hiking your hip sideways, so both sit bones reaching to the foot bar. We're working length in that waist and your lumbar spine. Re bend your knees center four times without stopping.

We twist and extent. I'd like you to reach farther. Rebend those knees and come back to center. And now to the second side. Try to go a little further out in space. Rebound and center once more.

Each side sitting, those sits bones are the bar legs extended return. Last one. Inhale, twist, exhale, stretch, rebound and in. Okay, let's bring your torso up. Reaching forward. We're going to do the a hundred here, extend and into three X three four five to see if you want to lower your legs. We have our foot bar still up, but we'll go right to almost touching it. We're not going to do a teaser from this position, but let's all think about, we're kind of already doing one, so we're really trying to get long in the low back, wide in the low back.

[inaudible] the last breath, cycle into four or five X and fold yourself in. Okay, come on up. Whose takes intention down? Okay, I took it down to a red and blue. I'm going to do some hands and straps. Okay, so whatever you'd like for your and straps. If you want your head rest up, you can do that. Can also leave it flat down. Okay. Can't really tell it's a gun show yet because it's still seem fine, but make your arms from everybody just feels right for more of the shoulder meets the or the arm meets the shoulder, make it firm and then just start moving your arms from there.

We'll just do four basic pull. I make your arms from, from the back and then we'll hold, rotate your wrist to face in for open close. We're going to add a chest lift to that in the next moment or so. Got one more basic clothes. So keep the arms doing what they're doing. When the arms come to the body, will chest lift and extend there. Three more. Pull in two more Paul in now. Then next one will stay up.

We're going to stay up or staying up. Now turn your legs out. Your hands are already ready. Let's make a starfish or a little open. Close. Three more. We aren't arching our back. You shouldn't be either. [inaudible] these are always a killer. And then we'll come to parallel.

Lower everything down. Continuing to arm circles, coming straight down, supine arms circles, holding that carriage steady as you close your arms. We'll do these again in a moment from knees, but right now we're just really getting the shoulder ready and you're a body's organization of alignment. Let's reverse it for a circles. So you've got a good long spine, pelvis neutral, [inaudible] abdominals back supporting your spine itself last time. [inaudible] [inaudible] and then rest. Okay, let's bring the feet down. Set your straps down. Everybody come up and change your tension. Lower your bar.

Let's go to some rowing facing back to do what you need to do spring wise. So we have our spring set and we're ready for rowing facing back. So a head rest down, legs through. You can side by side your legs or cross them. Make sure you've got your hand link. We'll just do three repetitions. Okay, so on my hand. So sternum knuckles in kind of mover the today.

Take a moment and really feel the as you're pulling the straps to you were lifting up. Take a breath in that exhale and flex that spine back. Now hold that care to still as you press your arms out, pull the straps, wheel yourself forward. Hold your stomach again. Lift your arms as high as comfortable today. Circle no linger, linger. Touch those toes. Hold and pull that stomach back. Roll up, breathing in. Exhale as we flex. Looking straight forward arms press out. It's a gun show. Use those arms.

Flex forward. Shoulders are low. Lift stomach away from legs. Stretch those hammies. Roll it up. One more. [inaudible] make your arm muscles from pull stomach way back away from the legs. Linger in that hamstring stretch.

Now I want us to come up in just to bicep curl position and do seated bicep curls, upper arms, nice and lifted. Good, and we'll take six of these and if you need to change leg position to make it more comfortable for you to sit up tall, please take care of that. A lot of this skill is having a strong back. Okay? Keep those upper arms lifted. We've got two more here working our guns now hold and hold and stay here.

Let's flex back again. Flex that spine, Alexis spine. Go a little further under your sacred good. Now as we come up this time, let's lift and carry the sternum up towards the straps. We're going to go into rowing to carrying on circle arms all the way around. Now we're going to reach forward from our tailbone. First it sticks out. Our chest comes toward our size. We come up into that bicep curl position.

We flex herself back. We're only doing two more here as we come up. It's a unfurl, it's a lift of the spine. Carry those arms forward. Continue the rowing. Oh, okay. Those toenails stir. Look. Last one, reach out and all right, flexing back, sternum up, using those back muscles.

Circling our arms. Reach out, try to touch. We pass your toes. Rule up to sitting tall. Okay. I want us to put the straps down here. Come on to kneeling. Still facing the back of the reformer up high kneeling. We're not changing our spring, but let's a hold of the tape.

Everybody are that rapping. Pull your elbows towards your body. Hinge at your hips. So let's work on some tricep extension. Here we go. I'm going to go eight to 10 reps. flex at the hips. You've got a good long spine angle.

You can think of lifting your triceps up behind you. Let's do six. We'll take it to eight guys, seven and they'll hold eight. Bring your body upright. The straps will just come forward. Chariot pool, so arms come behind the hips. We almost sit down toward the heels now to get up. It's the glutes. If those glutes, it's those glutes that help extend arms forward and we pull flex at the hip.

You're sitting almost to your heels. You're not quite low. Pull yourself back up. Press the hips forward, arms forward and arms hip flection. Notice our torsos right above our pelvis. Three more here you some abduction with your legs. Use those hip extensors right there.

We've got two more chariot poles and one flex back of the legs toward the front of the legs last round and pool. [inaudible]. Head over shoulders, shoulder over hips and arms forward. Okay. Is that the straps down? I'm going to pull my head rest back up. It just doesn't need to be down and I'm Tim making a choice to go lower spring for some reverse abdominals. I was on a red for all that.

I just want to go down to blue hands on their frame. Establish your position in a long spine. First good kind of quadriped head position and then everyone focused. Mainly lumbar flection. If you're watching me for the first time, this is what I've got. I have a lot of lumbar flection. It's not that I'm not trying, it's just that I could easily do thoracic, but that's not what we want. We want the lower back. Okay.

Exhaling and then pull the carriage towards your hands. Try to keep that lumbar flection and three so the shoulders are stable if that lift okay. Last to compress your shoe laces down. Okay. You're going to love it. Hold it. Hold it, hold it. Move one hand toward the other hand. That carriage is still open.

And then let the knees go back just a little bit. Same idea. [inaudible] good. Three more. Can we lift those lower backbones up to the ceiling any more? Last time. Hold to carriage. Open switch hands. Oh, so such a monster of a transition and up tail goes under low back lifts to the ceiling. Three, three more. Last one, boy. Okay.

And then just kinda crouched back for a quick rest. That's it. Roll back up. I'm going to keep us moving everybody. Okay. I would like us to go to some clam to get some hip work in now. Sideline, hip work. I like what the headdress downs, your arm will go through there. We certainly need more spring than this. Red is good. Green is fine as well.

So lie down before you put your foot in the strap. We really want to get between the shoulder blocks evenly. Please don't lean back on the back one. Also. Great. And certainly don't lean forward. So if you can get yourself between bottom hand, can now bend in.

Just put your head like that. I will often hold the back pole there that had restful. This one with our backend. This comes around her knee. One handed, even knees come together. Okay, so you know we could over pick up the waste, which was not really the idea cause then it's too much of a lift.

What if we think about the sit bones again, just back behind us, they're reaching toward her heels to the foot bar and that actually gets the length in the waist the right way. We don't need to over pick it up. So we're taking eight clams [inaudible] keeping the hips nice, the stacked and four four [inaudible]. This is an easy exercise to kind of get complacent a little bit and curl the tail under. Please don't curl that tail cause then you lose your back extension. And we want the back to be extended. Okay. Flex your ankles and now it's a parallel lift of your thigh.

We're trying to keep the carriage relatively still. Both sides of our wastes are long. Yeah. Here's seven and eight. Okay. And I guess more fun. Open back to the clan again. Okay. You can relax your ankles now, right from your hip joint. Raise your thigh, pick a direction clockwise or counterclockwise and make a leg circle.

In that range. Four circles. I decided to go clockwise. Okay, and then for counterclockwise or your other direction too. [inaudible] and for first direction for, yes, we're doing two rounds to try to keep it externally rotated. Nicely done. One more set for four circles. One your opposite way to, can you press farther back three and four and then bring your knees together.

Okay, a little breather. Now take the five back up to parallel. You're going to take your side toward the shoulder block, so just really bring it up. It's a nice stretch for the butt and hamstrings. Flex your ankle and now kind of like a karate chop kick like that. Straighten your leg. I'm going to go 10 because we can do 10 and you need to for your hips and three war.

So I'm Amy May leg toward the foot bar. Keep your waistline organized. Seven is that right? Eight, nine, 10 and there'll be a little change of location. The strap instead of at the knee, let slide it to the foot case. It takes a little navigating with that bottom arm, doesn't it? Can't now clam again, the position just to rest, this can get a little squirrely because uh, the, the lever is going to be longer your leg.

So everyone's slowly take your leg straight. Okay? Raise it a little bit higher so you're not going to knock your, your body and the shoulder black. Now make sure your sit bones are still reaching to the foot bar. Slowly take the leg forward any amount. The further forward you come, this way, the harder it is to pull backwards. So she was your thing. And now what pulls back? We've won hamstrings, but I want you to go glutes, they're bigger. Use the glutes. Carry your leg to a little bit of hip extension.

Okay. And again, a lot of talking. So we're hip flection, I'll move into hip extension, doesn't take as many repetitions. Plus we already just really worked over those muscles quite a bit. I think one more will be perfect. So that's five reps. So we did a mixture of four, 10 and five on all of that. Okay.

And then come on in everybody, just take this drop off the foot, close that carriage quietly. You can set the the strap down and roll up. Maybe we should do a little figure four while we're here. Yeah, cost that. If that doesn't feel like you get any stretch on it, you might want to cross this way. That for me feels a little bit better. And you can lean your torso to that. So the weight of your upper body helping to kind of fan out through the hip and yes, the second side of weights. Here we go. I'll see you on the other side there. So come on down clams first.

Remember how you got yourself really organized between the shoulder blocks? Take some time to get that. Okay. And then before we raised through it again, it's not so much of a over lift of the bottom waist. It's more about the sit bones in the back reaching toward the foot bar side that actually gets this nice and long. And here we go, eight clams. It's finding a little rhythm. The feet are pressed together and for five and six, seven work in those buns. Okay? That was our external, keep it going.

Just parallel lift, eight repetitions and two carriage might move, but see if you can stabilize it. It's a little different. Deeper work in the lateral hip and six, seven an eight and then close and then those clam circles. So back to turnout, raise the leg a little higher, clockwise or counterclockwise. And you can choose four circles. Emphasize when you go back up and around the back part of the rotation. That's that external rotation moment, right? Okay.

That was one direction. Choose the other way for F or three. Check that you're not checking. Curling your tailbone under. Alright. First direction for more. Want you to use your lumbar extensors to keep neutral spine three for other way than we have our karate chop, three and four. Okay. That fly comes pretty high up mirror elbow, flex your foot and it's a karate chop. Two big hip extensions.

A lot of work in the glute here for raise your leg a little higher than your wrist. Seven, nine, good. 10. Okay, second round. Put that strap on your foot. Start with your leg in a straight lane. Hip extension. And again, it's a little higher than the shoulder block. We did five nice and slow. Keep those sitz bones reaching to the foot bar. You're back in neutral. And here we go. Manage that long lever, get those glutes to pull the leg behind and to, that's three front kick from the mat. Work four, five Oh Louie. And then bend the knee, take the foot out of the strap, come all the way up and figure four stretch.

Yeah, or Lego over. Yeah, that one feels better to me today and I'm going to do that and just bring my torso to it in a work next into some short spine. Everybody. So set yourself up for your shorts, fine with your Springs, check your head rest. Here we go. Sometimes after a single leg or sideline, your back might feel a little overworked on one lower quadrant just from the the stability work. So this should feel delightful. I think we get ourselves in. We'll do three quality over quantity. Here we are breathing in. Choose your style of your short spine.

I'm going to take that time now to start to those hamstrings and then work that nice peel up, flex as we breathe in. Almost like your sit bones are going higher. And then all the way, get the sacrum a little further out on the mat. And again, [inaudible] inhale as if the sit bones are reaching up to the heels rather than the heels collapsing down onto your hips. Sacrum reaches a little forward. One last time. Okay. So after we all roll down here, we'll take our, get our box up and we'll do just a little bit of short box, but let's set up the long box angle.

Okay. You're good. Yeah, moving along. Okay, so we don't really need Springs for what we're about to do. I'm going to move the carriage back a little. Okay, so grab your strap. More Springs on than fewer Springs on, just so that we don't move the carriage I'm putting three on.

Okay. I promise we'll get into more upper body. I know you're dying to do that. Okay, so feeder upon our platform. Let's put our hands right here at our lower stomach. Knees are right in a 90 degree angle and we're going to roll ourself back. Now I think we can go pretty far and I'm craving.

You may not be to stretch over the box. This just feels really good. If you're with me and you want to take your arms out wide, pick your head up. You're going to use that neck and roll yourself back up to sitting and then keep going forward. No is to me's roll back up. One more with him starting here, reaching them back for those risers. Open to the walls.

Pick up your head and your chest and roll back two more times. But let's take the arms here, breathing in and we'll just roll back as if it's a spine corrector and arch open reach. Why rolling ourselves up. Inhale one more like this and roll back [inaudible] Oh nice. [inaudible] big stretch. Picking it up. Arms out to the T position. Take your breath. Let's twist toward the ocean.

Little double pole, one, two and center. Handle one, two and center and West. Thinking about rotating from the ribs and sternum and the amount one more each direction. The arms are really generously reaching into his face. That's plenty hands behind our back for a little flat back, not much just leaning and he has a lot more than I do. And center just three of these lean and center boy, I'm envious and Aleen, WowWee anN and then around forward all the way up. Let's just step off. Drop a little bit of string down, pulling straps, little combo. I do this one a lot. It's kind of a timesaver.

So we'll do pull straps one into two and that getting those guns a little more. So hands on the tape or a little bit further forward under arms, right at the corners of your box legs together. Head relax down before you lift your upper body. Extend your legs nice alongside your hips. And then here we go. Start to lift the head, neck and chest, arms come by our sides, palms face down as you open out to your T, close your T, bring your body all the way down. We'll just do four patterns. Tote may, five patterns total.

Keep that back lifted as you take your arms out and in body all the way down. And again, here's three. Let one movement flow right into the next, last two. This is definitely one that's harder to talk through last time. Everybody open close now before we leave this prone position, let's do a little bit more tricep work. So grab the tape, bring your elbows up again and just some kickbacks. We'll do eight more and one. Okay, well my eyes looking right down at the head rest or slightly forward, four, four, three, two and one. It's hot in this window. Last one, straight arms to come all the way down. Okay, hook up the straps. Let's make a little child's pose up on the box.

Feet hanging over the end. And again, that allows us that space for our lumbar and our lumbar spine and muscles to just stretch down to what our heels in that direction up to Quadro pet. Andy on the box. No strap everybody. We're going to do a little fire hydrant up here. Not that we've already, not done a lot, but take one leg. We're just going to do about four. But before you lift leg, our knees are together. Unweight one knee. It should be so slight of a movement that you can't really see us do it.

And we'll put the knee down. We'll do the other one. So I want you to, in essence, just really feel like you're bringing your themes up into your hips, okay? And you're not losing your balance side to side. So do one side again, okay? Now sweep that leg out to the side. Hold it there, bring it back down. Just three more. They're slow.

I don't want you to lean sideways so stay in excellent balance on your down knee and last one on this side. Okay. Other hip, you shouldn't really see us shifting side to side concentrating. Our sit bones are reaching back for the wall behind us. Last two and then we'd be putting our box away after this and then doing a little bit more kneeling arm work. Okay, and Ringo. We'll face the front of the reformer.

So biceps facing the front. I like a heavier tension so I'm going to do red and a blue for this one. Me mindful when if you're choosing that much weight when you bring the straps up because the carriage is going to feel a little bit different. We'll begin up high on our knees and our arms are behind us. We've got a good organized, aligned spine, and then we'll keep our fists just coming right up to the side of our chest wall here, and then we're reaching back and we don't have a rib cage that's pushed too far forward.

Hopefully our heels are stamping back on the shoulder rests because we've got our hips in extension. Yeah. Five more here. [inaudible] I love this one. Great. Chest opener. Four. All right, one more and reach it back. I'm going dropping off one spring.

I don't need to tell you which one for up circles. Here we go. Straight arms coming all the way up and open five each direction. Let's feel that really organic rotation of your upper arm and your joint. When your arms come to the sides, they shouldn't go you. You should still be able to see them in your peripheral vision here.

Two more to go. My take in that space. Lift the air up, open it. We've got five of the other way. [inaudible] those hips in extension. And after these arm circles, we're gonna come up for a little half skater [inaudible] and a good hip flexor stretch before we're finished last circle and all the way down. Good. Okay, here we are.

So half skater red for me. I don't know what Andy's going to just never know. Stepping up on the carriage and your legs are nicely side by side their feet. Make sure they're in line there. Okay, flex it. Your hip joints squat down. And just for a moment everybody, yet you can hands behind, back or thighs.

Just for the assessment getting set up. Let's all shift our weight to the foot that's on the wood platform. This leg should get real light and you're right. You should be able to pick that one up without any trepidation. Relatively. Set it down lightly and then press once again.

Buttons, one for 10 of them. Three [inaudible], four bye. Take care. Can you take your arms out? No. And six. Let's just a little bit more load for the backup sensors. Seven. Oh, well there's that too. Eight, nine and 10. Good. Okay. Now two straight legs. When you come all the way up. Let's go to straight legs to go out and in two straight legs out me as well and out and out. One last time we'll hold a carriage open holding.

Let's pick up our fall flowers so we'll fit. Yeah, pitch over at the hip joints. Hold onto the carriage is a delicious hamstring stretch. Oh, you can. Hold on. Try to maintain where that carriage is. Most of you know your pickup flowers or leaves. There's a pile of them right in front. That reformer. Grab them, pull them up with you. You rolling up. Try to keep that cared. Still lift that imaginary pile and lift up.

I like an upper back release myself. It feels lovely. An open carriage comes down in. We stepped down, we walk around. Do the other side would met hip flection, [inaudible] hip hinge, weight shift to the standing platform. There should be hardly any weight on your other one. Here we go for ten nine, eight. Yeah, and you can take hands behind the back.

You can take them to a T. you can take them into a ne extension or nowhere. Six seven I think I just counted completely wrong. Yeah, that's what I thought. Nine, 10 here's 10. Thank you Andy. Two straight legs that come up. Arms can come open. We do straight leg split open, so with these nice and powerful from both hips to open those Springs, couple more. Let the sit bones points straight down. One more will hold into carriage open. Hold a straight down can now flex it. Your hip joints, there's just a bit of a booty shot. Yes, you're holding the carriage. No way around it. Okay, so you really got to engage the hip lateral muscles.

Pick up that imaginary stat. Try not to let the carriage come in. Roll up, toss those leaves over your head. An upper back release. Close the Springs. We will step down to the floor and we'll come around for a beautiful hip flexor stretch to finish. Still on that one's I'm going to go red and blue.

You know why I'm going to climb up like that going for it. It's an option to bring yourself up higher. I think getting this hip [inaudible] and I think what I'd like to start with in the stretch anyway is let the weight of the head and chest hang forward. We can one more option to squeeze the glute back here, hold that stomach up on. Then any amount, move the carriage back. It really intensifies the length in and what we're doing in our hip flexors. Quad. One more. Keep the carriage in, articulate up to a nice vertical or uprightness.

And then whatever knee is down, everybody take that arm up and you can do an upper back release. Again, you could do a side bend, you could do nothing. It feels kind of nice to open up front line a little and then we'll take the other hip. Okay, here we are. Okay. Okay. Amazon bar. And then again we're rounding the upper body forward gaging the back leg glute, scooping the stomach up. So three movements of the carriage. Any amount, two and three. Keep the carriage in.

Now articulate up. Okay. And then again, your choice. If you'd like to just stay upright, arm, upper back release, you could side bend, could take it back and back. Yeah. Oh, the joy of movement. It's always really nice when you have a great friend to work out with too. Thank you, Andy for working out. Thanks everybody. We'll see you next time.


Paola Maruca
What a great way to start 2020 with my favorite PA instructor to forget about jetlag? Feeling awesome! Beautiful class and flow....Love Amy. More please!!!!!!
7 people like this.
Happy 2020, Amy! 
Excellent session, as always. Your intelligent and thoughtful cues make the work all the more mindful. 
When we were in quadraped and imagined we were going to lift the knee off the box, it was like striking gold! Such a simple, beautiful action that packed an amazing punch. Really had to draw from the waistline to stabilize the spine. That was a fun one! The entire workout was fun!
Thank you for always teaching with kindness and love. 
Much gratitude, and wishing you many exciting adventures, and mindful Pilates miracles  in the new year.
5 people like this.
Love the sequencing of this class and all the glute work! Can't wait to try it myself and then with my students. Amy, your classes always make sense!
3 people like this.
This is amazing!! I always spend so much time looking for a workout like this! I loved it so much I’m gonna do it again today! The focus on glutes and the hamstrings and the back/ arms shoulders. I absolutely loved it!
1 person likes this.
So Glad I made myself do this after working today. Feels great! Love the sideline glute work. Thank you!
1 person likes this.
Amy loved this class!! As always you are one of my favorites!  Look forward to more of your workouts!
2 people like this.
What a fun class!! Great way to start out the New Year. Thanks Amy you always bring the fun.
Michele P
2 people like this.
Thank you for this flowing, powerful combination of exercises and insightful cueing. Proving once again, that it's not about the reps, but the mind-body connection used to build and support each movement that matters. Great start to 2020!!!
1 person likes this.
Thank you for the good start of 2020 with this mind-body Ref class and Happy New Year Amy Havens ! 
3 people like this.
You gals Paola Rena Patty Mel W Connie Tamara Jamie K Michele Maryam really know how to make a fellow teacher feel fantastic, thank you!!!  Happy New Year to everyone and yes, let's make this another outstanding year!!
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