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Get Moving Reformer

35 min - Class


If you feel like challenging yourself with a quick workout, then this Reformer class by Amy Havens is perfect for you. She teaches creative variations that will test your balance and work your entire body. You will definitely have fun while you let go and move!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

About This Video


Hi everyone. Amy here with you for a reformer workout. Today. I'm feeling like working out. I want to work my arms. I wonder. Work my abs and of course the booty and the hips. We're on...

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Thank you!! I haven’t done the workout yet but know it will be excellent coming from you!
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Nice to see you again.  I am going to practice this class, it is fresh as the summer morning. I  miss the ocean behind you...
Thank you.
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Hi Amy it’s alway great to take a class with you. Besides knowing your stuff and always being aware of working all body parts you have a lovely calming speaking voice.
Ooof- abs on fire after that one Amy! I really enjoyed the class and laughed when you had to wipe the sweat off because I was ‘glowing’ quite a bit by then too. Good to get me back into practising for me instead of prepping for classes!
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Wow that was fun and creative way to bring weight bearing exercises into our Reformer practice!  Thanks for sharing Amy!  
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Thank you! Thank you! Was truly exactly what I needed, felt fabulous!!
Love this, Amy! Wonderful variations, as always! 🧡
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Nice quick complete workout...Move 
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That was fabulous! I was admiring your leggins. Where did you get them?
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Absolutely loved this!  Perfect quick workout!
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