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Set it & Forget it Cadillac

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You will move your entire body in all directions with this creative Cadillac workout by Viktor Uygan. He uses the Trapeze Bar and Push Through Bar for the whole class so you can set up your apparatus at the beginning and forget about making any changes. He uses variations of Cat/Cow as a transition between sequences to reset your body as well as to add new ranges of movement.
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Apr 01, 2020
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Hi everyone. My name is Victoria Gunn and today at politesse, anytime I'm going to teach you guys a class on using Cadillac therapies. And for me the special thing about trapeze is push through bar and the trapeze. So by using this to, uh, I design a program, set it and forget it, we're not going to do any changes. As you've seen, all the Springs is gone, everything is clean. So we pretty much gonna rotate between this two devices and we're to create an exercise program. So if you're ready, let's start cat and cow, all four. So in here you're gonna find all four position and I want you to back up all the way until your tailbone is touching the push through bar from here.

With that moving away from the push through bar, you're going to maintain where you add, you're going to Xcel, you're going to get into your cat position, exhale. And then inhale, same way keeping the connection with the push through bar. You're going to go to our cow and Xcel is go up and in how two month XL [inaudible] and inhale and last one XL. Ah, and inhale. Beautiful. Now we're going to walk forward from here.

Cat Cow

You're going to place your elbows in the strap, part of the trapeze. And from here you're going to bring your head right between your elbows. And from here we're going to do cat and cow. Same way. And XL. Go to your cat and in hell. Go through your cow in here. What do you want to try to do?

Cat Cow on Elbows

Not sit back too much or not lean forward too much, right? And Xcel. Specially when you come up to cat, we have tendency to go back trying to stay on top of your knees with your hips and in how? Open up to more Hexcel and in hell. One more time. XO. A knee now feels so good. The beautiful. So from here, slowly come up. Stay. Where you at? The last cat and cow are we gonna do here? Actually, you're going to extend your right leg and feel the push through bar. Right? So you gently pushing it. Uh, I did say cat and cow, but this is all fours.

Bird Dog w/Rotation

I'm going to do some actually stabilization work from here. Just staying there. You're going to open the left hand to the side and you're going to Xcel and you're going to twist and you're going to go down this way. Don't move your hips and come back. Find your center. You might feel the strap is touching your head. It's okay. It's not going to kill here. It's right there. Just make sure, don't hit your head to the trip piece, the hard part, and let's do one more and come back in and down. [inaudible] to avoid that, you can always move back and you could repeat the same thing to the other side.

Doesn't matter which part of your leg, stashing the push through a bar. That's just for you to feel where your hips are while you're doing this movement. When you twist, you will not drop the hip down or up by maintaining the even pressure on the push to Rollbar with your left leg and to and come up two more, three, one more, and come up [inaudible] and relax. Beautiful. From here. We're going to turn around facing towards the pusher bar and we're going to place your toes on the pusher of bar. And I'm using two red Springs in here. You could use one red, one blue as well.

A main thing you have to pay attention in here. We're going to bend our knees and extend our legs right in here when you band, it's not about how much it needs to come down. You want to make sure the hip is not going up. Maintain the tailbone down. So one thing we're going to do, once again, parallel high heels. You're going to slowly come in, three counts and when you coming in, you're going to flex your foot slowly. One, two, three, one count. Go back where you started.

Toes Parallel

It pointed feet and slowly in two, three and up. One slow, two, three out, four, two, three out, five to three out, six to three and out. You should start to feel the burn a little bit on your cast, maybe outside of the shins. A lot of people starts to feel it there because of the doors, reflection and push to more Xcel. Last one, two, three, push. Hold it there. We're going to do exactly the same thing, but the Dorsey and the planter function of the ankles. Flex two, three and up. Flex, two, three options.

Tendon Stretch

Very common. You want to go to [inaudible] reflection and wait. Two counts there. That doesn't count. You want to go slowly, two, three and up one count slowly, two, three and up and down. Two, three and up. I know you feeling this. That's the burn. Stayed there. I am doing 10 reps. If I'm in the correct, it's a six form or you can always choose to do six or eight and walk.

So all the way to doing the 10 and last one and push and relax to stretch. You can flex and hold it there a little bit. Or you can do prancing. If that feels good. Sometimes it's create some more work and venture in New Zealand and relax. Beautiful. So from here we're going to turn around once again and you're going to lay down.


When you lay down, be careful. There's a push through bar behind you, so you have to make sure you go, you walk forward, you scooch forward enough. When you roll down, you don't hit, then you can use the push through bar to pull yourself back. Uh, pretty much. Um, from here you want to be underneath the uh, push through a bar. And one thing I just want to come up and mentioned to you how I decided to put this push through a bar in the position I stood up in here and I actually opened my arms side to side like this. So basically both fingers were touching. I'm not going to stand up right now. Uh, but in here, that's how I decided where to put that bar. And most likely it will work for you.

But once you start to do this exercise, you place your foot up here. If you feel the trapeze is too far away from you, you can always bring it in a little bit. You need to find your own spot once you're here. Now what I'm going to do, I'm going to bring my arms up to the ceiling from the inside. Gently put a pressure to the push through a bar that's immediately activate my [inaudible] lats.


And from here you're going to Xcel gently press your heels down to the push through bar and articulate your spine to do a bridge in hell, halt and X roll down. Beautiful. And in how Holt XR roll up articulating your spine. One vertebrae at a time. If that's not in your practice, you could do this with a straight spine up and down as well and roll down and two and one more. Stay there. Now if you're going to do the type writer, so from here you're going to bring your hips to the right, to the center and to the left, to the center.


When you're doing this, make sure you're not dropping our hip down. Stay same height, come back center and to the left. So the right to the left. Use your arms, still push towards the push through bar and last time inhale and come back and good. Right here. You choose your weight. If you're going to do some triceps, if this feels too heavy, just basically just reach to the spring and take one out and place down here. I give you an option to use the tour rates or one red one below. You can always, basically by taking the red, you could do it with one blue or you can take the blue out.

You can do the arm exercises with one rate. So I have one red in here. I'm gonna do the triceps, push the push through a bar up towards the ceiling. There's a still engagement with your legs to the trapeze in how bend. Keep the elbows in and exhale out. One [inaudible] four, five, six, seven a there. Fit the straight arms and push up. Bring it down and to protraction and retraction of the scow Plath and four and five and six and seven, eight [inaudible] and now we're going to do one more version of that.

Tricep Press

They're going to open the right arm to the side is a T-shaped palms facing up towards the ceiling. From here, you're going to do the same thing against straight arm. You're going to push back by turning to the right and come back. And as you notice now we have more range of motion on scalpel. It's to the glide up and down. Same thing, protraction and retraction. Time it with the movement of your neck and come back in and other side and open up to the left and same thing and one and come back and and two and three and for beautiful, come back in. All right, bring your legs in and we're going to come out.

Shoulder Protraction and Retraction

This is a very special way to come out over there. And we're going to go back to cat and cow again. So what I'm going to do is actually you guys seen the set of exercises. I'm going to keep going, visiting back the same positions and I'm going to layer it. I'm going to make them a little bit more challenging. Uh, we are back on cat and cow and you're going to start placing your elbows on the strap this way and your arms is going to be straight this time.

Single Arm Press w/ Rotation

And we're going to go to [inaudible]. So let's say that your position in reflection and from here go forward and in hell Xcel. I'm going to go back just a little bit tomorrow to challenge myself and ane, huh? [inaudible] XL. [inaudible] hell last one, XL and beautiful. Let's come up and the last one, and this is the hardest one for the joints. If this doesn't feel good, go back to one peer of this version. Once again, XR round with your spine.

Cat Cow w/ Elbows on Strap

And in how hands on the straps, we're going to go to extension and come back. XL deflection and two and come back. And in health three I'm back and forth. [inaudible] Oh beautiful. This spring, this strap trip is back. We are all fours. Now where are we gonna do you're gonna reach back with your right and then journey. So from here, parallel fill, nice and tall and we're going to do small lifts. It's not too big.

Cat Cow w/ Hands on Strap

And to, and from here I almost, after I bent, I'm pulling that push through bar towards me. Do you guys see kind of like an leaning forward? So that creates a great engagement while you extending the leg and four, five, six. You can also let go of the control lateral arm and create a nice challenge for yourself and come back in and other side and hook your foot in knee, pull forward. We'll do five this way, one and two and three and four and five. Next five cross pattern four, five and come back in and relax.

Single Leg Lift

Beautiful. So now you go back this way. Once again, you're going to do leg work. You can put the spring back and I'm going to lay down what did we did exactly the same thing, but we're going to be in politesse V position. Here we go. Okay, so it's not too turned out. He'll stitching together in your ties, cruising towards each other. You're going to lay down right in the center. Same roles. Tell Bonner's down, grounded, trying to create a neutral pelvic and neutral spine position from here.

Come back in two three. Push one in two, three push in two. Three really screws your legs towards each other. Like there's this zipper use zipping up and slowly opening that zipper in three counts. Don't rush and one counselor down to three, six, slow down, three and up. Eight to three, up two more. [inaudible] don't open your knees to why this is not about how much external rotation is.

Pilates Stance

It's about to really maintain in the connection between your inner thighs. Three. Now keep that squeeze and flex. Two, three up, one down to three, up to down, two, three, up, three, four, five, six. You feel which part of the dorsal reflection? I'm kind of weak. My foot is almost kind of like a little shakes.

Tendon Stretch

You will find those spots on yourself. So don't rush through those spots. Be patient so they will know that you're trying to get better. You are expecting better things from that point. Beautiful. Last two, three hours. Ooh, I felt those. So are we doing this?

We're gonna come up. We're going to lay down and we're going to do the hamstrings again. We coming forward, make sure the bar is not going to hit your head. Come back in. In here. You're going to bring one spring down again. All right. Place your feet and lay down on your back. So from here, what I like to do, place your hands on the bar and pour straight out from nice and square.

So your hands engage. The scalpel is down the shoulders down, but your hands really extending and pushing the bar towards the ceiling. Your feet is together. Parallel pressing down from here in health, from your nose. Xcel, we're going to go up. We are going to start with the hip dips. So the right hip is going to press down and when the right hip goes down, I'm really pushing it with the right arm to push through a bar towards the ceiling a little bit more. It's almost, there's no pressure on my left hand and to come back center and to the left and to the right to the left. Let's do two more sets this time. Let go of the left hand to the side.

Bridge w/ Hip Dips

When you're doing to the right hip down and come back in now to the left, don't move the push through bar. One more set to the right to the left. Come back center and relax and bend your elbows in hell. Let's go back. Exhale. Push your hips up. Now from here you're going to alternate. We're going to bring the right the end without changing anything and go out and left and out.

Bridge w/ Single Leg Lift

Transitions wins the race. Remember? So make sure changing from the right to left. There's another big deal. You have to make sure you have to time it right when I said that I hit the bar, of course, trying to do better and we're going to do, this is the third set. Let's do one more set and on that one we could do that opposition feeling again.

We can let go of the bar and come back in and opposition come back in and relax. Beautiful. If the arms tired, you can bend them. If it's not, you can keep them up towards the ceiling. I'm going to keep them up and from here we're going to inhale from your nose while we excelling. You're going to press your heels down towards the straps and pull the strap towards you hauled.

Double Knee Pull

Get rid of the all the air and in how out hello abdominals and hip flexors and XL too. [inaudible] show me the control when you come in. Don't just yank and release so it's not the yank release. It's pull, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, strength to stretch those sprayings. Then release after four less to the upper body. Let's let them join the party. Xcel go up and how control. Slow the roll down. If any way, this is not good for your practice or the weight is too heavy, you can do the exact same exercise with no Springs.

Chest Lift w/ Arm Reach

Just let the push through. Bard guide your movement. And the fourth one. Beautiful. Last one. Let's go there. Now halt. Unless sway the legs right to left. Come back center and roll down and bend your knees.

Chest Lift w/ Leg Sways

Bring your feet down. We're going to come out of this position once again and we are going back to cat. Cat. All right, so now from here we're going to do single arm versions kind of. So the left one is on the strap and the right one is going to be on top on the cushy part. The what part in health from your nose, you're going to go Xcel to cow and when we do that, we're going to do rotation to the right and come back in deflection and he in hell. Hey [inaudible]. [inaudible], eh, don't rush the rotate. Make sure you finish the cow. Parra LOL. Then at the end, keep reaching and rotating and same way it connected that come back to parallel to reverse it to go to Kat. From here, let's change arms and XL.

Single Arm Cat Cow w/ Rotation

Now IIN how? Go forward to twist and Xcel. Come up in hell forward and rotate and exhale. Come up two more and come back in and one more and come back in. Beautiful. Now you're going to turn sideways. You're going to sit on your Hills, one arm on the strap, you're going to open to the side and we're going to do some side flection from here in how? Lean towards the strap and come up and feel nice and square. When you do this. Really keep even weight in both heels.

Side Bend

Inhale and exa. Let's make it a little bit more excited in health. Same way you're going and fall off to the opposite direction, away from the straps and come back to the center. And once again, come up and fall off. Really reach away from it.

Right heel is pressing down while the arms is pushing away from it and come back center and relax. Begin to do other side. So turn around. I'm so decide and side flection. Let's go to the side and come up in. How left? Keep the equal weight with your hips on this version. Um, next we're gonna come up. Start.

Same way we started while we pushing it. We're going to fall off opposite direction from your hands and come back center. [inaudible]. Breathe. One more. Inhale and away from it and come back. Good. Last, we're going to do the same scorpion, the exercise that we did, but this time we're going to do a turnout. So we are in all four position. As you guys remember, I made you bend your knee and hook this way.

So instead you're going to go actually rotate it and you want to make sure when it's external rotation, your heels is actually touching the other bar right here underneath. So from here you're going to lift open and come back in and two and and, and three beautiful four. You want to challenge yourself. Same thing in here. You could do it with one arm version. Really reach away from you while you're doing it. And two and three and four.

Side Leg Press

Yes. Beautiful. Let's do the other side and once again you band. As you guys seen here, I want to show you, this heel is touching this spot so it's not free in here. The swim catching it and I'll force find your midline and go up and down and two and three and four and four more. Two more now, two more now one more and relax.

Beautiful. Here we go. I hope you guys felt by just turning out it creates a different exercise and creates, involves different muscle groups. Now where are we going to do? We are going back working with our legs on the push through bar and I really want you to listen my cues in here instead of seeing what I'm doing because this requires internal rotation and I don't have much internal rotation. But you're gonna come to here internally, rotate your feet more flexible. You are in internal rotation.

You want to bring your toes away from each other more, right? So because what happens when you bend your knees is basically gonna prevent you to do deeper reflection of the hips. So just make sure adjust depends how much internal rotation you have. From here we're going to do flex two, three right here. As you guys seen it. I have still, there's a gap between my knees is still not touching it, but I'm really working to do internal rotation from my hips and push up one down to three, push up to down to three and three and in two, three, four in two, three, five, five more good. The longest five reps in my life right now.

Toes- Internal Rotation

Internal rotation is really hard for me. Here we go. Three more. Stay with me. Beautiful. Two more in two, three and out. One, two, three and out. Beautiful.

Now flex two, three and up keeps the weight between the first and second toe as much as you can and push and down to three and up. Four to three, and up. Five to three and up. Six. Seven. Patience is the most important things in this exercise.

Tendon Stretch

Really goes slow down to three up and last, two, three up. Beautiful. Once again, you can stretch your calves if you'd like to. Um, bring the bar, the Mitford, it feels really good. And then slowly bend your knees in and relax the bar. Alright, so from here, let's take the one strap a Springs off. Once again, we're going to go forward. We're gonna lay down on your back. Every go scooch back, shoulders underneath the push through bar feed on the straps.

This is the third rep. we are doing it. You're going to push the bar up towards the ceiling in health from your nose XL. Let's go straight up and hot. If you're going to bend the right leg and reach up towards the ceiling, and from here straight spine, you're going to come down. The tailwind is going to first and bend your right knee and [inaudible] vent, one and down and two and down and three and down and four change legs and left. Look up. When you bring the tailbone down, you bend the left knee pointed and you go up flex one and down and flex two and down. Flex three and down.

Single Leg Bridge w/Variation

Flex four and come back in and rest. Bend your elbows to rest. Next exercise. They're going to push up with both heels. Hips again. From here, if you're going to go up with the lek from here, you're going to twist. So you twisting towards the left. Keep pushing the do your arms, come to the center and change Lex. Um, left side [inaudible] in hell. Keep pushing your hips up. Twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, center and change. We're going to do a little bit something different from here.

Single Leg Bridge w/ Rotation

Inhale and you're going to look opposite direction with it. Your head now turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn. And come back again and change and other side turn to opposite direction with your head. Keep the hips up center. Can we add some more? Okay, let's do it. And up. Same thing. Turn and let go of the opposite hand and real bridge.

Actually it's the same and I'm sorry and come back, back and change. And the left leg up, let go of the left hand and earned towards the left wall. The left leg is going to the right and come back. Center and and and roll down. Beautiful. Bend your elbows and relax.

Beautiful. Next, where are we going to do as you guys remember we did abdominal exercise. We bring the knee in and out and we did upper body chest lift up and down. We're going to combine those two now. So from here, inhale and exhale come up. And how roll down. Most common mistake in here, you squeeze the straps with your hamstrings too much. You lift your tailbone up. Do you guys see that? So you don't want to do, you want to make sure the tailwind is grounded down while you're doing this exercise and a three [inaudible] and for [inaudible] two more, five [inaudible] and sex [inaudible] and relax. So from here, now we're, we're going to do keep the right leg there, left leg is going to go down and the right arm's going to go behind your head.

Double Knee Pull w/ Chest Lift

So from here you're going to Xcel and you're going to bring the right side and the left knee in and then right knee and the left side up. So exhale, push up and inhale, release. Exhale to [inaudible] and three [inaudible]. And last one for smile and release and bring both hands and both feet on the straps and the push through bar. Let's do other side. So from here, right leg down, left hand behind your head from here, less cross, those free arm and neck. And then the parts, the left knee and the right shoulder goes towards each other and cross in and exhale and inhale and ex and in hell and excellent. Whole, tall, tall, tall, tall, and relax. Bend your elbows, bring the legs down. And turn around.

Criss Cross Variation

Beautiful. From here, where are we going to do now? We're going to take the other spring out and we're going to let the push through bar all the way down in here. You don't have to put them down up yet. You can just leave it there and uh, you're going to do actually some plank exercises in here. Uh, before we do the plank, uh, what I want you to pay attention in here most of the time, obviously, uh, most common complaints in the playing exercises, the wrist is hurting. If that's the case for you, just take your time. Don't do many reps, just rest between the reps that I'm going to show you.

But I'm going to try to do a set of serious the planks and the side planks together without taking a rest much. Okay? So from here, hands down you are in all force. You're going to reach back and find your right foot on the straps in here. So you probably have an idea what I'm going to do from here, you're going to bring the left and put her right next to the right. So this is the first flying. Just stay here and you're going to inhale and exhale and inhale and XL and next to inhale you can kind of go forward and rock back.


You can play around with a bit movement from the shoulders and come back center and stay here. Now bring the right knee down slowly. Good. Now bring the right hand to the center. Turn to the side, extend the right leg and a side plank and breathe. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Now in here, you're going to lift the right foot off.

Side Plank

It's going to require challenge, balance, and down. As you guys notice, I stopped talking when I was doing that. Do you need all of your folks? You're going to come back in both feet in stay there. Now this feels a lot easier, doesn't it? Suddenly flex your foot. Nice long neck. Inhale from your nose XL. Pull your knees in [inaudible] and come back to plank and XL. Flection and straight. Two more. [inaudible]. One more.

Plank w/ Knee Bends

[inaudible]. Beautiful left leg down, left-hand in the center. Let's turn to the left side. Extend your left leg. Find your side plank. Inhale. Exhale. Now lift the left leg off.

Side Plank

There we go. I'm getting better at this because I'm talking. Find your balance and left like down and turn to the plank. Left knee down and bring the right leg down as well. Her relax. That was good. You guys did a fantastic job. Now where are we going to do? You're going to do site lying work. Once again, one hand on the strap, open up.

From here we're going to do side flection and place the top foot on the wooden park. And from here you're going to sit back and feel luck. You shooting a bow and arrow really pushed the left one forward while you pushing the right arm back and turn, turn, turn, turn and come back and stay there. Smile. Let's do one more XL. It's a blind arrow feeling, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, [inaudible] and come back in. Last one, uh, and center. Let's start there. Side.

Side Bend w/ Twist

Beautiful. Start with the site flection. Find a top part of the trip piece. Fall off while you fallen off. You pull the left arm, push the right arm forward and come back and relax and exhale. Ah, and center. One more set. Yeah. [inaudible] and release. Last cat cow.

Just the release and stretch the spine and the arms. Once again, if you're going to go to a single arm version in here, from here, you're going to actually open up while you pushing with the one arm. Now you can actually hold the top bar as well while you're pushing it, create that opposition from the right arm to the left and it doesn't have to be too high. Some might be in here, some might be even lower. It depends how tall you are and come back in and repeat the same thing to the other side and release. Bring the arm where it needs to be and come back in. Now where are we going to do the left arm pushes forward instead of right arm going on top. You're going to reach down, find the bed and press down to twist your spine while you pushing it with the left and come back in and find a bet and push to twist your spine.

Single Arm Cat Cow w/ Rotation

And reach, reach, reach, reach, reach and come back in and relax. Beautiful. Have a sit on trapeze or stand up once again. Stay here. Deep breath. Inhale an exa. Continue breathing and close your eyes and X next. Breathe in. Smile with your eyes and exa a smile with your face, with your mouth.


Smile with your neck and shoulders. Continue breathing. Smile with your elbows, with your fingers, and with your lbs. Smile with your reps, your hips. Keep your eyes close. Continue smiling. Smile with your quads, hamstrings, and nice smile with your calves. Smile with your ankles, smile with your feet and toes. Who doesn't like happy feet?

Keep smiling now. All bodies smiling. Next inhale. Exhale. Open your eyes. Maintain your smile in your face and in your body. Keep moving so people can be moved by you. Thank you so much for being here and we'll see in my next session.


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Cant wait to try🙏
Hi Z A , I know this is not the time for Cadillac Class unless you live in your Pilates Studio 🤣but if you get a chance go ahead watch it and let me know what you think?
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I have one combo cadillac reformer from basi at home🙏🙏 ı feel so lucky🙏
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You were right Viktor, lots of unexpected twists with this workout! I modified with my tower, a sitting box and roll back bar and it felt great! Love your rotation creativity for upper and lower body. Many thanks for your inspiration and smiles😊
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Cannot WAIT to take this class 🙌🏼🙌🏼
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I am lucky enough to have a reformer/tower combo.  I watched this through and am wondering if you think using a stability ball  on the reformer/tower will give similar muscle activation.  I realize you are “pulling down” on the trapeze vs. “pushing up” if my legs are on the ball.  Thanks!
Z A great to hear you have what you need at your disposal during this time and you get to try my class 😀
hi Rosemary really happy to hear you enjoyed the unexpected twists my class provided. My pleasure to hear i got to inspire and put a smile on your face ( and body ) 😀
Hi Laura , I am happy to hear you are excited about taking this class. Please let me know how it goes? 🤔
Hi Lori yes if you don't have the Trapeze bar you could use a ball and do the exercises in this class. Thank you for a great question 🙏
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