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Advanced Reformer Flow

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Amy offers a high intermediate/advanced level Reformer workout and assumes you have a working knowledge of the classical syllabus. Staying fairly true to the classical order, she begins with Footwork, includes a challenging single leg variation for glute work and progresses through the class with The Hundred, Overhead, Rowing Front and Back, Hug a Tree, Shave Back of Head, Pulling Straps, T-Press, Back Stroke, Teaser, Horseback, the Long Stretch Series with Arabesque, Thigh Stretch (no back-bend), Kneeling Arm Circles, Control Front and finishes with Mermaid. Amy encourages pace, flow, and energy in this class and gives many hands-on cues to each student, each of who gives her great feedback with their smiles, laughter, and happy sighs. This will be a great class to enjoy time after time. Have Fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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So we're going to do an intermediate advanced reformer this morning. So spring tension, three red and a blue. I think for you guys as good or all of them, if you feel like pushing all that weight or less if you feel like pushing glass and working more from the back of your leg. So let's go ahead and have a seat from the side of your reformer and roll on down and just kind of take an easy roll back through your back and get yourself positioned. So with the intermediate advanced reformer, I'm assuming that most everyone has a good working knowledge of the higher level of pieces. We're going to take a look at some of those today and let's start in turnout first. [inaudible] v and heels together, toes on the bar, on the metatarsal heads.

Let's just take three breaths together as a group and send your rib cage in and down. Feel the nice reach long from your arms through your shoulders, down through your fingertips, and every important to get those upper abdominals engaged to keep those ribs in. Okay, one more preparatory breath. [inaudible] feeling each other's breathing. Here we go. Inhale, stretch away, and exhale, coming in. Inhale, stretch away and exhale coming in. We'll do 10 yeah, so think about the inner thighs. As soon as you start to press off the bar coming in towards your midline, long stretch through the size of the waist, Chin lifted a little away from your chest.

Nine good and last one 10 all the way in transition to parallel the prehensile position all the way out. Ducted long toes over the bar heel, somewhat reaching under. Inhale, press. Exhale, return. So by the time you get those legs straight, we want to get those heels as low as possible. Here we go, and stretch and in. Feel your feet and press good correction and stretch. Connect those hamstrings to initiate your reach. Here we go. Two more. Press in and last, one, stretch and in heels and press and initiating those hamstrings. But we know our quads going to kick in.

I want to feel the inner thighs connecting to the midline. Chin like lifted and stretch. Since you're back wide on your mat. [inaudible] just two more guys. Nine and last one 10 and n. Let's slide down to the balls of the feet and the high Relevate.

Same thing all the way abducted, ducted. We'll do a little heel lower lift. So we stretch out both heels under both heels up, come back into the bumper and lengthen heels down, heels up and coming in. So if you can, uh, as you're on your Meditair souls, if you lift your toes up a little bit off the bar, also there, there you really on your metatarsal is that way. Yeah, and down and lift. Good. And in which I think is harder to achieve and just keep pushing your toes up a little bit. The challenge here is of course, don't let me push your pinky toe up off the bar so we still have to have all 10 metatarsal heads. Yeah. Whoops. Sorry. Lift in coming in. I've got you off account. Hello, stretch heels under heels lifted and come in.

Let's take one more. Press heels under now. Stay lifted right there. Stay lifted. Add duct your legs. Really feel the strength in your midline right around the base of your pelvis. Let's take a walk in place. Anna in Pailin. Inhale and exhale and exhale in [inaudible]. Do we want this to be vibrant and alive since your wrist long?

[inaudible] good. Action in the hip and the knee. And Eight, seven, six, five and four. Three, two and one. Relevate bend your knees and come home. Nice you guys. Okay. Come on up and drop some spring tension. We're just gonna do one single leg pattern. So I think maybe through two red and a blue or three red and drop your head rests. We're gonna do a little Bridgie, a hamstring glute thing.

So heels on your foot bar. Let's go about two inches of space. Really moderate little, little bit there, and start with feet flexed. Okay, so objective a row. Uh, and also actually I'm going to have you take your right leg and reach it straight up, maybe a little below 90 degrees and you can keep this foot pointed or just a relaxed, you don't have to overwork this foot. Okay. So you're going to isolate your left hamstrings and glutes while rolling up to a bridge. This leg is just going to go straight up. So let's breathe in first exhale. Contract. Your abs tailbone curled up.

It's like the tail is following the line of this foot here and we want both hips and pubic bone, all level you, I'm going to say reach your right. Sit bone more to the foot bar. There we go. Inhale and roll down on your exhale. So really feeling your right sit bone reaching out toward your foot bar. Inhale at the bottom again, exhale and contract and peel up objective to keep your hips level or find that here. Breathe and exhale, massage that spine.

Scoop those abdominals in one more guys. That's take a breath. Exhale, peeling up. Now just to make things more fun, let's do five, maybe little presses from the foot bar. Inhale, exhale. Might be important to feel your exhale before you start coming back in as the exhale. That kind of gives you the source to come back in. Last time, man, all the way in now, just three times, you're going to put your pelvis down and put it back up. Lift, do more.

Press it down. Breast appeal up. One more. Lower down and lift and lower all the way down with articulation. All the way down. Change sites. Okay, so our left leg is ready. Your sitz bones are reaching long inhale, exhale, and contract usually takes a couple of moments to kind of check in. So the left sits bone now reach it long. Yep.

Inhale and exhale. It's also the left side of the spine. Even though I'm queuing this sitz bone, you know that I think in that field to feel okay. Exhale. Yeah, I've done this a couple times this week with various people in groups and it's kind of Nice and rolling down things. Spine also. Yeah, good. Through the back of that, the whole side of the pelvis, really out the Sitz bone. Last one. Exhale. Good.

All right, so we did five. It's pelvic tilt. You know, you're really emphasizing the pelvic tilt to push. Good Paul. Two more. It's a tricky and last one and we did kind of quickly set the hips down. Press through the right glute lift, two more press, long waist, Brit, left waist and lift and slowly articulate bra. It gives me something to work on with you. Good. Nice you guys. Okay.

Once again, go ahead and come on up and it's changed your spring tension for the 100 and some cord. Er, abdominal variation. So how about taking the foot bar down? Also, you mean back we go and you can have your head rest down because we're going to roll over in a minute anyway. So reach back and pick up those handles. We're gonna use your shoulder girdle. Feel your ribs coming down. We're going to go right to the 100 so inhale first. Exhale, press out smoothly. Now before you start pumping, let's get that little external rotation from the femur. Soft feet, strong rear leg, strong inner leg. Here we go. Pumping in three, four, five, exhale two. And so if you had a little book here on the top of your head and you're trying to raise this to the roof curl, keeping her cared, still nice effort of bending the spine forward.

Nine, exhale, three, four, five, 10 do three, four, five. Let's bend the elbows, knees in and let your head go back down. Now stretch your arms straight up to the ceiling. We're going to do five of the reaching in and out. So let's breathe in to get ready. Exhale up to the 100 legs. We'll open your hands, reach through, back to the 100 and all the way down and there.

Exhales up there and we exhale. Exhale, exhale. So challenge yourself when you reach in to keep the carriage still. What have you got to do to keep the carriage still? There you go. A couple more reps. It's equal effort of reaching the arm and finding that flex forward with your chest.

There we go. One more guys. I know I said five, but we're doing more. Two and three and arms up, legs up. Let's take three repetitions of overheads. I want you to breathe in first. Exhale, find your lats. Bring your arms down. So again, we know it's hips up, whole pelvis rolls over. You can try not to just flex at the hip and do a hip fold.

Now Open and reach through your heels. Flex the feet, reach into the arms, take a breath, and slowly rolled down. Keeping your chin away from your chest, bone by bone. You can lower your legs down and open into a small circle. Arms and legs up to 90 degrees. Inhale and again, exhale smoothly. Arms lead right into pelvis, up and over. Nice. Angela burry. Then flex the feet and exhale and rolled down. You can turn there.

Leave your heels into my hand. Yeah, go. And one more time. Inhale and exhale. Arms down. Hips up and over. Flex those feet open. Now I'm going to step inside this. I trust you not to let go. Now keep your heels with me. Chin up. Opposed to the top of the head. Reach your right. Sit bone out.

Cause I know that's you're working on that. Okay. Yeah. And then bring your legs together and then arms up. We're going to move into some rowing, rowing facing back. First one red that a hand with between you in the back of the Mat, sitting up nice and tall. So we're going to do the uh, yeah, hands from the sternum.

So let's go ahead first and get your, your hand knuckles pretty close to your chest. We want to lift our elbows up and depress those scapula down and again, connect to a nice wide back. So three reps only have the round back in the flats. So we inhale first, exhale and see curve back, long legs reaching forward. Now you can keep that carriage still open the arms on your inhale, your abdominals. Exhale, you add a new round over. I want you to reach your fingertips long back toward the back of the reformer.

Now press your triceps up, circle your arms back to the front. More scoop in your belly. Roll up knuckles to the chest. Inhale and again, exhale, so nice, wide back. Inhale and extend the arm. Exhale and lower scoop. Scoop.

Scoop that belly reach and flow the arms up around back scoop. Mourn your abs in rolling up, keeping those shoulders low. One more guys opening the arms. It feels good to contract it with a little nice contraction, overreach to those fingertips. Feel your triceps. Let's circle around and rolling up to Virto goal.

You can change into the right angle. We'll do the full rowing this way so the hinge. Establish this right angle. Depress those scapula. And again, inhale is we're hindering back. You don't have to go too far. Exhale, lift. Present your chest now over your thighs. Find the c curve again.

Paddle the arms. Find your abs arms. Circle up around, widen your back and lengthen up to sitting tall. Stabilize the ribs. Inhale, hinge. Exhale. It's lifted the chest. Control the temple of your chest. Going down over your legs. Press your arms back, circle up and around.

One last time. Find your ribs in and inhale, lift. Nice breathing. You guys pat. Are those arms from the back to the front? Articulate up through that sitting tall, right angle. Okay. We come around to facing the front of the reformer.

Long Sip designed with your legs and we'll be going from the chest. I gotta be careful over here. Yeah, so hands open and let's go ahead and also take your elbows a little bit more, uh, slightly, you know, in line with your shoulders so you get more chest with, and then bring those ribs back. Sit Up nice and tall. So three reps. Inhale, press forward. Exhale, hands down. Inhale, up and around. Have you shoulder blades around in, in line with your chest and lift. Oh, open and in front of the chest. [inaudible] open, open. They're going to keep transition your hands down to your hip level. Squeeze your buns and then sit there for a minute. Nice and tall. Breathe into it. So it's the bending down. We want to flex the spine.

Reach the hands, allowing toward the ankles. Keep that belly back. Now our start articulation through that flat back. Beautiful Scapula down, sternum, up all the way up. Tall, open. Sit Tall on your inhale. Bending down so it's flection. Lots of ABS. Nice. Tailbone, mid back, upper back, shoulder blades down your sternum is free to lift. Open around. Last one guys, right from here. Exhale, nice reach. Keep it fluid. Keep it fluid. Shoulders heavy.

No, Steve, stay out in the hinge for a second there. Just enjoy the hinge without the ribs out. Where are those? We're pushing. Okay, now I'm going to have you go right there. Go a shave ahead. Shaved the back of the head, three repetitions only and lift up. So the pull of the rope is the length of your spine up. Here we go. One more time staying lifted. You're going to transition for uh, the hug. Just three. Say a little hinge forward. Let's inhale, hug this space, strong rear, shoulders back, strong front, strong back. Last one and open. And then just go ahead and lower your arms.

You can put your straps back and let's come up for a little long box and you may have to, uh, I'm not sure where they are. Okay, so we're going to do pulling straps, t, press, backstroke, and teaser. So I think I'd like you to change your handles now to the longer loop for this series. I'm going to do you all a favor and change it to a red, right? Oh, you are on a red. You want to read that whole point. Oh, okay. Interesting. Did I just, I feel like I just took one of them off.

I was here. So you must've put this one on the mentor program. I like what you did to read in your form was in pen. I love it when that happens though. I don't know. Like wow, I feel good today. Okay. Pulling straps. So over the box, a mid chest line at the front, choke upon the strap. And same thing. I'm only going to have you go with three, maybe four repetitions, quality, quantity, quality over quantity. So as you get yourself set up, I'm am going to have you lay your body all the way. Curve. Yeah, let the, that natural curve of the spine exist.

They're heavy head so that really we can delineate the shoulder blade initiation here. Here, we'll take a full breath. So slide the scapula. Inhale and exhale. Lift the chest. I want you to lift that chest up and up and up. More shoulder blades down the back and then down with the chest full of breath. Inhale. Exhale. Broaden the chest and reach it to the back of the reformer. Yes, and all the way down so your legs can be engaged. A little, not so much that your legs are coming up higher than the box and lower back one last time.

Scapula back, back and live. Now I want you guys to stay there. Open to the T. Rotate your palms to face down. You can tuck your Chin in if you'd like to. You can keep your chest up. Three reps, arms pulled toward your back, arms open, scapula initiate. There you go. Wider, wider, wider back there and [inaudible] open and they'll go ahead and lower everything down and arrest.

Okay, turn yourselves over for the back stroke. So we're in, yes, you know where to go. Shoulder blades near the back edge of your box. Now we have, we know to start positions, I'll, I won't talk long right now. We could do dead bug or we could do more like a rowing.

Let's go here like we did some with some rowing, some get into those abdominals, rolling in and do three. Inhale, arms and legs. Reach up. Exhale, arms and legs open. Now circle your pre teasing, your pre teasing and then stay lifted as you return and then come back a little bit. All right. Again, arms and legs. We Open. Curl. Now try to keep your chest up for just a little second. As you bring your arms back, then your knees, your head may go back a slight bit. Nice. Angela. One more time and open and squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze. You can stay lifted.

[inaudible] beautiful. And come on down. Gorgeous. How about teaser now with the teaser for you three please. Uh, scoot your tail forward. Be a little more forward on your box. Yes. Which might tempt are topsy tendency at the top. So you really have to put on your stoppers here, your breaks. Okay.

And hopefully if you start to teeter and I might be able to get you, but okay. And then let's go ahead and take the arms back alongside the ears. Our ropes are a little bit slack or head. Is that between her arms or knees or tabletop or extended? That's what I thought. And you're already in your abs. There's a, there's no hollow spot. All right, Amy, stop talking. Open the arms.

And here we go. Let's find the exhale. Eyes are looking at your toes. Your palms are up. You're very strong in your chest, your abs are way back. Now when you roll back, it's still a sense of reaching your arms outward, roll it back, articulate, walk that, that sense of opposition there. Arms back alongside your ears. And we float chest and heart lifted level. Chin. Good. So as you roll back, your arms are still kind of reaching this way even though you are going that way down your spine. Nice work. You guys add that. We'll be quiet or next time. I think it gorilla. Just joking.

All right. Three biceps or scoops down. Belly back is you scoop down scoop last one and scoop. Inhale. Beautiful form. Exhale, round that mid back, round and mid back. Going down quietly with control. You can fold your knees in. Good horseback. You guys. That was gorgeous.

Anyone would need any padding? Yes, I like your thinking. Yes. Yes. Anyone else? Create a salvo for us. Would you tell anyone else? Good old horseback. So we're back bottom almost to the bat. Yeah. Okay. So can we do this today? I often, I'll teach it this way with the scoops.

You've just started done that in the teaser go more like this. So your hands maybe are a bit more hip. Low. Yeah. And so your elbows may be behind you a little bit, but what I'm going to see if you start to squeeze on the box, it'll deliver those arms forward and slightly up while that's going back. Okay, so it's more from bent elbow extension rather than a scoop. Okay, so let's take a full breath to achieve our horseback balance. So I'd think about squeezing the hamstrings against the box. Yes, your adductors, but the hamstrings play a big role there. Way Back. There you go. Good. Okay.

And coming down with control. You can come down or you can stay hovered again and shoulder blades. Now this is going to trick you out a little bit. Bring your, your, your legs. Maybe a little too turned out and they might be too wide. Come on down for a second. I know. Play with that, right? It's fine. How to find that c curve man. Butt belly. The Butt.

Belly. Hamstrings. That's better. That's better. That's better. One or two more. Let's play with it. What did the upper traps okay, one more. You guys. Nice. They have better Brittany. You got it? That's it. You guys. Okay and have a seat that was better.

Might've just been a little wide. Did it feel different after Katrina? Well, better. Good. Okay, good. Okay. Let's take the boxes away and we'll go into some long stretch series. And while you're taking those away, I'm going to put your high bars up for you. If, unless you get there before I do and head rest up. Of course, red and blue. We're going to go in with our long stretch our down, stretch our up, stretch our elephant arabesque. Okay, so let's go long stretch and the first few of these up, three to five reps only. Alrighty, so establishing your plank line, soft elbows.

So we're not really locking and you're not going to push with your ankles. You just solid here. And of course here inhale, we press. Exhale, pull, sternum forward, open, open, strong body. Inhale. Okay, exhale. Let's just take one more and exhale all the way to the bumper. Droppings quietly to the knees. Reposition the feet. Strong hamstrings, strong bottom.

Inhale, push. It's as if your arms are going up alongside your ears, which is going to allow you to go farther back to the back of the reformer. Lift and lift. Inhale, so as if your arms are framing your head. That's it. You come forward. It's we're swanning. We are swan and through the chest in the back. Two more guys. Two or three. That's it. Nice. Yeah. Never dropping into that. Low back. Always up and up and up.

My solid feet against the shoulder pads. Let's take it one more time. Soft elbows, south them. I know. Okay. Now contract your abdominals. Lift yourself up to your up. Stretch with the quiet carriage. Okay. Three repetitions of a Europe stretch. Inhale, push from the back of the hips, dropping down into that plank. Those we bring a plank forward.

Shoulders over hands. We're going to go up into the round, back position. Flex the spine that evolves and into that flat back you push from the back of the hips, chest over the bar, pelvic tilt, getting that nice lump, nice lumbar curve, mid back, curve up or back curve. Last one. Push from the back of the hips. Little lower. There we go. And drawing forward. Yep. A little belly up, up and up. Now lowering the feet, rounding your back.

Bring your chest a tiny bit more as if it's kind of hovered over the front edge of your carriage and the head is dropped as well. Okay, I'm going to have you do 10 kind of quick little elephants. So here, push and quiet pool. [inaudible]. Okay, so push from the hips, pull from the ABS, pushed from the hips, pull from the ABS, eight, nine, 10 and hold. Beautiful work. You guys do, uh, up onto Relevate and go ahead and get a more extension. Again, your flat back hip, still above your heels. Not too far. Okay, so let's agree to move the left leg out to the side. And B, just for Arabesque, I'll move it to the side, but don't go anywhere yet. Okay. So my favorite things to do now you've got the range.

Lift your leg up and over my head. Thank you. And then back behind. And let's square the hips. There's whole three repetitions. You're gonna push the carriage from the back of the hip. Pull from the abs back of the hip, pull from the abs back of the hippo, from the ABS. Now I'm here.

You're gonna take your leg up over my head in there and then down to the reformer. Nice. Nice, Huh? And right. Like thank you. I have to do it and leg up over my head. I'm five three so that's easy for these guys cause you're tall, but they're all so strong. Push from the hip. Pull from the belly, from the hip. Pull from the belly. And one more. Got It. Now the leg goes higher to return. Am I here? Oh, over? Yup.

Good. Okay guys, come on down. Off Your hands and just rest for a moment. Take a couple of deep breaths. Ah, stomach massage. You're so welcome. Summit massage and twist. Okay, so let's go. Well, would you like your high bar or your low bar? You choose either. Ooh, no, look at this. Okay. Huh. That's great. Oh yes.

Let's say with red and blue you could do two red if you really, really wanted to do that. You know that this is fine. Okay, so as we're getting ready for reaching, I'm going to go with that idea today. Yeah. Shoulder girdle above pelvic girdle. So you've got this, you know, column established, and then taking the arms on the diagonal or changing your mind. Okay, you're tall. So the feet are on the foot bar. First position. We do have our heels a little bit lifted. Now let's take the arms maybe. Yeah. Okay. And lift the waist. There we go. Now let's just do five. No, six, six reaching that. Here we go. Push. No, he'll drop and exhale.

Got To keep your heels lifted. Might be one of the harder things in this piece when your erectors [inaudible] fine and six stay. Please stay there. Please push out and stay. Now what I want you to do is take that right hand, start to rotate your torso. Let that hand today turn face down and reach for the back shoulder rest. Okay. Now as you come back into the bumper, go ahead and come back into the center in, arms up. So let's go left. Inhale, twist, exhale, return. Inhale and twist. Exhale. En lift.

Inhale and looking at the hand and looking at your hands and, and so heels are staying together. Lifted. Beautiful. You guys one more each side. Last time. Such great form there. You're going to love this and hate this at the same time. Little circles. Someone asked me once, why do I do this to challenge us other way and the lift the spine, keep the hips flex. This is a, an amazing amount of strength and that is all monkey stretch.

Yeah, it was a great question. She said, why are you doing arm circles there? And my two answers a, I learned it that way and I like that. And it's very challenging to maintain yourself in that flex hip position and you know, do this thing on top. Okay. Tendons stretch, tendon stretch. I teach it on two reds or you can do red and blue or you can do one red high bar.

Good. Okie doke. Yup. Super Duper. I feel like I'm in a forest with all you guys are so tall. Okay. So what'd you pick? Red and blue. Okay, you're fine. So let's go in a Palladio's v right here at the edge of the mat. Very, very small slice of pizza and soften those elbows.

Just a little against so we're not locking and hyperextending. So again, we know the movement of the carriage really does come from dropping the heels. So we inhale, push the carriage, stay in flection and exhale, bring it back in. It's that lift up of the tailbone. That's really not the right cue. I wanted to say push again. It's not the lift of the tail that would flatten you back.

It's the lift of your hips. We need to be really clear. And it's the hips. Yes. And main trying to maintain the heels down over the edge, but yet the toes down. Also. Just one more guys and pool. Notice how nice and quiet you are. So Nice. Okay. Have a seat and then just take some weight off your, over your ris now.

Um, would you like to do just the prep for getting one leg up and out over the bar? Sure, sure. What I'd like you to do is mount all your springs to do that. Cause we're just, we're going to look at it as a prep. Yeah, most of them is fine. Okay. So here we go. Getting yourself in your start position again and we'll agree the right leg. Uh, yeah, the right leg will be the moving leg.

So you're staying in that flection and one swift move. You've got to move your leg out handout and h hold right there. So if you can, I know aiming your ankle down. Yeah. Trying to keep the little plots v. Okay. And I'm going to get out of the way and again, so left eye. Yeah.

And how are Ya? Let's just play that again to the right and wow. It's gotta be Kinda quick and you guys know we've done it before without yep. The agility skill. Sure.

One more. Right? Left. We'll leave it good. And in [inaudible] and yes. All right. And, and good you guys. Next time we'll do it with the, the real thing. Okay. Let's then take a look at five stretch and five stretch. Let's take your foot bar down. That's okay. Well, I appreciate that. Uh, to read, you know me, I like three red because I loved him. I really good, solid, stable carriage underneath me so I can go back farther to read is fine or one red is fine. All right, so thigh stretch. Let's, let's go at it today with no backbend maybe next time we'll go back. Bend. Okay, so with ice stretch, yeah. Had just holding onto the tape.

I know your hands are sweaty. Uh, you know, take care of it. Arms are forward and as you're ready, ready to hinge back. Let's agree. Also our face is going to just stay looking forward. We're not going to take a head change at all and keep it simple. Think of this as you're bending your knees to go farther back in your hinge.

We can breathe. Inhale, exhale. Here we go. [inaudible] seem to come up. Here we go. Ribs are stable. Get that rib hip connection. So on the way up you can release the straps up a little bit, lift them to help kind of propel you to get up or give you the initiation to get up.

Connect this, connect, connect, connect, connect, arms up and up, up, up, over the front of the needs. I know. So. Okay. Stay right there. So go over those knees. Now what I want you to do is trust your high hamstrings a little more. Okay, well I'm linkedin your sacred down. Talk a little going back. I think more pelvic tilt, more pelvic tilt or pelvic tilt and up. Up and up. Okay.

[inaudible] no, that's enough. That's, I know you guys are good. What now? No, that's enough and stuff. Okay, come around. We're going to do one, just one kneeling arm piece here. So I'm going to have you stay on the red a take one of them off. Turn to face the front of your reformer for the um, up circles. Red is pretty heavy for these, but you're doing fine. Okay, so payout palms open fingertip right by the sign of your femur.

Depress your scapula. And once again, find your hamstrings. All right guys, let's take an inhale to get ready actually today. Exhale and scoop the arms forward up again. Dropping your Scapula, open the arms out, down toward the hips. Exhale and, and open lifting your chest as you bring the arms down and sweep open and down one more this direction and you'll take for the other way. So as we know that one right, the arm gets to come slightly for rid of the shoulder. Rotate at the upper arm shoulder to come down two more. And inhale, lift taller through the top of the head to bring the arms down last time.

Good. And exhale. Okay. And the Neal back carefully put your straps down. Nice. So we're going to do corkscrew down here. I would mount one more spring or keep it light for a little extra mind challenge or go even on the blue, which I'm going to do. I'm going to change us. Brain ain't gonna change it. Can I do? Yeah. You know what, just it is kind of fun to play [inaudible] data to play with, um, control. And so sometimes I like on this one in there, a couple of others that we've done before, if we're using a lot of swing and a lot of momentum, you know, we're, we're moving the carriage when we shouldn't be. So kind of does teach, you know, the slap on the hand of, Oh, now headdress down and have your hands on your shoulder rest, not the pegs, but the shoulder rest and pull out as if you're trying to pull them off the reformer gently.

Let's bring our legs up to the ceiling and perform a basic rollover. Inhale first and we exhale up and over the shoulders. Okay, now we're not going to do a huge sweep of the legs in the corkscrew today. Think about your spine. We're going to begin rolling down the right side of the spine when you feel that pelvis touched the mat, switch weight to the left side. Roll up the left side and at the back of course you're centering your hips.

Lift up a little higher. Okay, down the left side of the spine, keeping your Chin lifted. Find some opposing stretch through the top of the head and exhale, reach with your hips down the right side. Tim Lifted [inaudible] the left hip roll up the left side of the spine. Hips over, hips over. So also hips up and over the chest of tiny bit more.

Down your left side. There you go. So you can see if I would have a, you know, if we had on these reformers, if we had the yellow spring and if you really swung yourself around the carriage, you'd be moving more, going very against our Kara principle of control. One more time though. Down the left side of your spine. Yeah. And Center. No, goes right there.

Just lift your right leg a little higher to the ceiling. Feel your hamstrings and your glutes hips high. Now keep your left leg where it is and lower your right leg to your left leg and the other leg left leg up. Trying to establish a vertical with it. And then lower that one down. We'll do one more each direction. Right leg hamstrings, high pelvis and lower. I got, Gotcha. You're welcome.

And left pelvis up, pelvis up. I know it's can be distracting and legs together and they'll soften your grip with your arms. Take a breath and enjoy a nice easy roll down. And then the, the will go into control front here at the next piece. Fantastic guy. So it was beautiful. Okay. And I, you guys know me. I'm not a really big leg swinger on the corkscrews. I liked that.

I liked this tracking of the spine. I do. I think it's well. Anyway. Okay. One red and skull, one red for control. Front a high bar. Head rest back up because it doesn't need to be down. And we know our wonderful mount. Yeah, dry off your hands or just joking. Hands on your shoulder rests and your feet will be back on your foot bar.

So here goes the mountain. Hands on shoulder rest, foot on bar. Push the carriage forward to stabilize and get your setup. Good. So beautiful. I want you just to be right there. Let's feel solid once you've got our good fundamentals of lats, ams, hips, adductors. Okay. Now, little, maybe three small pushes of the carriage toward the risers.

Pull it underneath you. Little Push. Pull it underneath you. Two more little push. Little underneath you. Yes. Last one. Push. Pull it underneath you. Now let's go up into the up stretch. This is not very much spring to do this, so I'm going to try to keep you thinking of high sitz bones, your crease in these hip joints and lift. I know guys, sorry. I should have given you more spring now. Inhale. Exhale, back to front support.

Find it. Shoulders over wrists, not too far. Inhale, exhale, break at the hip line and send your hips up two more times. So you've got to recognize shoulders. Just stopped, right over risks. There we go. Inhale, exhale, return. Lift those hip joints up. One more time. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale, and that step down carefully. One foot to the free, former other one down. Step off to the side and let's do a little side bend a mermaid to cool it off.

Okay, so right shin by the shoulder pads. Shoulder rests. Good, right? A left hand on your foot bar. Now let's go with the cause. I know we've sometimes when we do our mermaid, we can lean or do more of a side bend with a flat or spine or side reach. Take your right arm up and try to get that opposite hip down. A little inhale tall and I want you to go into a big c curve to the side as you push a little bit with that arm and just be there.

This is a lot. This is so important. There's a lot of meaning in this to try and get this hip down, but yet still get that beautiful curve over the side. Let's take a breath there. Now go into your rotation. On Your exhale, you can place your hand. You can try to find and feel a wide back. We're just going to do one and you can slide your hand over.

If that feels better, let's go and he'll prepare. We're going to do one extension to Swan, just one and your hip can lift off the mat. This is one where you can lift it up. I want to feel that length. No press away with length. Your head won't go any lower than your hands. I'm going to slide your left hand forward towards your right hand and then as you return, try to place that hip. Find your side bend, breathe and come up even taller than you began.

And we're going to do just one counter stretch. You can reach the shoulder rest by your right knee, lift up and over. And then everybody stay there cause I want to give you each of this. I'm, I know you. It's a, it's a well-deserved extra stretch. [inaudible] I'm coming in [inaudible] stretch. Yeah. Good. Alright. You guys other side, beautifully done. [inaudible] you're welcome. Thank you. All right, so [inaudible] set up is really important.

So doing what we can to get our hip down. Long QL. Okay. Left arm reaches the whole left side of the spine. Actually both sides of our spine. Inhale and exhale, side bend. Stay right there. Try to get that hip down if it wasn't breathe. Now exhale from new high abdominals. Initiate your rotation and we want to, I want you to bring this left back around.

Ah, yeah. Slide the other hand across if you feel during that rotation, but we've got some lift. Everyone's moaning and groaning. It must feel really good. Yeah. And breathe. Yeah. And coming toward that foot bar, that's it. Without the ribs thrusted forward or as tempting as it is. Cause that feels so good, but in and up.

Yes. Okay. Inhale. Exhale. Press away. Right hand slides back across to left-hand. You retrograde, back out through that side band, placing that hip down and rolling up. And then the counter stretch and Uber. I have to be swift. Nice sticking them on their sternum. Did you guys all right should stand up for one final standing roll down just to even out your hips and your spine. Wherever you want to face is up to you.

And exhale, rolling yourselves down nice and slowly. Thank you for class. You're very welcome. That was beautiful. And take a nice breath in. And again, exhale, rolling up. Pelvis up over the femurs weight shifting forward. Ready to face your Friday and have a great weekend. Yeah, thanks.

You guys say you're welcome. Thank you. Yeah.


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Amy, this was a wonderful class. I loved the corkscrew and your comments about spine articulation. Adding this to my favorites for sure!
Thank you. I always get excited when there are new and fun reformer classes!! Keep em coming!!
Loved this class! Thanks Amy!
Thank you Mona! What specifically about the comments about spine articulation in the corkscrew worked for you, just curious? I love receiving feedback as it really helps feed my skills as a teacher. Thanks for taking class and I hope to talk to you again!
Hi Angela......yes we're trying to keep the Reformer classes coming! We have a lot of request for them so I'm sure you'll see more and more on the site. Thanks for taking class with me!
You're welcome Rachael....always nice hearing from you! Talk again soon!
Hi Amy, thanks for responding to my comment:) I think my comment was a bit confusing, so sorry! What I should have said in my comment was that I loved the corkscrew and I loved your different ways of telling us to articulate the spine throughout the video. For example on the overhead you said, "bone by bone" and during another exercise you mentioned "rolling yourself down the back". I loved the imagery and the different ways you said what you were looking for. Specifically to the corkscrew I liked your comment at the end about not being one for being a big leg swinger that you like the tracking of the spine. I loved that comment. So thanks again!
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I I really enjoy all of your classes Amy. So nice to see the classical repertoire with some variation to keep it all interesting.
Amy, thank you.
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Hi Devra! Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Slight variations on the theme are indeed nice....and refreshing sometimes. Thanks for taking class!
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