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Lower Body Flow

20 min - Class


You will target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and inner thighs with this fun standing workout by Tracey Mallett. She works on creating equal parts in all parts of your legs while incorporating exercises that flow to the music. Be prepared for movements like Squat, Lunges, and much more!
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Lower body, all these exercises are targeted to really tone, the quads, the hamstrings, the glutes, the inner thighs, all this area here, all right? So, prepare to squat and lunge. Remember, if you do have maybe weak knees, you're worried about your knees are gonna hurt, minimize your range of motion, don't go down too deep, and focus on the hamstrings a little bit more than the quads to create equal strength between the quads and the hamstrings, alrighty? But these are really good for your knees as long as you don't go too far down to the floor, and you minimize your range of motion. All right, so let's start.

We're gonna do a quick warm up to start with. Put your feet here with aparts, let's squat it out. We go squats and up, down, sending your hips back. Classic squats, can't get any better than a classic squat. As long as we're doing it right, your knees the pointing towards me, your toes are pointing towards me, and your hips are going back.

Now, hold it down for three. We go, three, two, one, squeeze, press up, take it down. Don't be frightened to go down a little bit deeper if you can, lift up with the hamstrings. Down. Whoa! You're gonna feel those legs.

Down. (exhales) Breathe, just warming up those legs. Two more. One more. Now, we press down, down, tap back. Good, so you're lifting that heel off the floor.

Lift. Whoa! You have four more here. Four, lift. (high energy upbeat music) Take it down, little pauses, take your hands behind the head, tap it in. In, tap out, in, so the hands are behind your head.

If this is too challenging, put your hands to your thighs for support. All that work is on that stabilizing side. Pick up the pace. (high energy upbeat music) Four more. Four, three, two, one, press it down.

Take it over to the other side, in. Nice and tall, scoop those abs and pitch that body forwards. Whoa! Feel that heat in those legs. Are you ready? Pick it up, we go, whoa! Keep that body still, just that leg.

A little bit lower. Four more. Four, three, two by two squats, squat. Now, we're gonna rotate, rotate, rotate. So you're send in your hips back, going into the obliques.

Four more here. Four, center, three, center, two, now hold this one down, hold, press back, pause. So, you're reaching back, now look back. Eight more, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, take you forwards. Scoop out those abs, tilt that pelvis, either side.

Down. Whoa! Come on, get into that rotation, toes are pointing forwards. Feel those hamstrings working, right? Four, whoa! Three, Two. Now, take it down, open, press, look back.

You're reaching past your baby toe. Come on, push back. Four, three, back to center, four, three, turn your toes out, press. And again, four, three, two. Press out, bring it to prayer, two each.

Two. Go, two. Two. Now, singles. One, out.

Whoa! Four more. Four, three, two, one. Step curtsy, step back. Now, press those hands together. Keep your pelvis, your hip bones facing me.

Try not to cross that leg too much. You're taking it right behind and go a little bit deeper. Press down, press down towards the floor. That's it, down. Triple pause.

Three, two, one. Three, good. Three. And we had a little rotation here. (high energy upbeat music) Lift up.(exhales) (high energy upbeat music) Second position, contract, press out, contract, press out, contract.

Press out, hold it here, tap that leg. One, up. One, one, one. Got it, so it goes out and out. One, two, three.

One, two, three. Good, keep the hands on your hips, it's a lot easier. One, bend, bend. Last time. Hold it here, ready for the other side.

This leg, take it out. Plie, curtsy, up, down. Plie curtsy, up, down, plie. Keep it going here. Whoa! One.

Now we're gonna add a little sidebands. (high energy upbeat music) Got it. Last time. All the way here, bring your arms out, lift up, stretch it out, bring your feet together, roll all the way up, smash it out, smash it out. Set forward the right leg, forwards.

Charging forwards, charging, charging, forwards, forwards. forwards. Four more, it's kind like a choo choo train. Now this time step it forwards, lunge, down, up. So now what we're trying to get is the knee underneath the hip.

Reach it forwards. You're in that lovely line with a knee underneath your hip. Good, so take you down. Triple pause here, three, two, one, squeeze up, get that leg down. Whoa! Feel that burn in those legs.

Good. One more. Good, bring you back, match it out. Ready for this leg. Let's go.

(high energy upbeat music) Stepping forward in to that lovely lunge. (exhales) Four more. Four, three, two, one more, stepping forwards, down, and up. Get everything in alignment in the underneath your hip, add the arms. (high energy upbeat music) Down, and up.

Down, come on guys, you can keep going, those legs are burning, I know. Triple pulls here. Bring it down, you can do huge amount in 20 minutes, right? We've all got the time to focus on ourselves, just got to make it work. We're just got to work a little bit harder, that all.

Last time. Step it up, march it out. Now, we're gonna kick it out, right then left, kick. Just let those legs move, get the lactic acid out of those legs, all right. Four more here.

Four, three, two, one, bring the legs together. Now, we're gonna be in a nice squat position here, we're gonna reach the arms to your knees. Now, we're gonna go into kind of like a deadlift where we go down, touch, one, lift, one, touch, down. So once you focus, send in your hips back, down. So I'm gonna go a little bit sideways here so you can go down like this, lifting with the glutes.

Now, we're gonna extend those legs as we come up, extend, press down, extend, squeeze, down. We recruit those hamstrings and the glutes. Squeeze, press your hips slightly forward. Four more guys, ready to go down, down, up, look out on the horizon, down. Two more.

One more. Now, once you hold it here, now we're gonna pause. Place your hands, elbows wide. Now, scoop slightly under so you're not over arching that back. All right, I'm just gonna go face forwards a little bit.

Now, right leg goes back. It goes curtsy, squat, at the leg, go. Twos. Keep that work on those thighs, good. Quads and hamstrings.

Singles. Get stepping back. Four more here, we go, four, three, come down, two, one. Hold it here now, take that leg out to the side. We go, kick, kick, try not to lose your balance.

Kick, kick, there we go. So our focus now, it's gonna be right here, the outer thigh. If you wanna grab onto a chair or a wall right now, go ahead, boom. Out, out, out, four, three, two, one, down. Transfer, go, kick.

A little bit of balance action here, maybe you have a chair in front of you. If you can use your core to balance, that's awesome. Right here, that's outer thighs. Right here is your target, good. Keep it going.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, take it down, up. Now we're gonna add the arms. One, breach, cross, cross. Pitch that body slightly forwards. Four more guys, go.

Four, lift up, three, lift up, two, lift up, one, lift up, open, together. Hands up, out, together, down, open, together. Now singles. Keep it low, it's very small. (high energy upbeat music) Six, five, four, three, two, hold it here, stretch back again, toes come out, bend your knees, look out, press down, stretch.

And extend those legs, swing those hips. All right, let's take it around to the side, hold in that stretch. Now, keep that back leg straight, come up, hold it here, lift. Now, it's a little different, as you can see, that back leg is staying straight. It's all on that front leg.

Up, down, lift. (exhaling) Four more, Four, three, two, one, hold it here, transfer, balance, lift. Find your balance, lift. Eight more here to go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, come down, lift that leg up, open your hip, press it up.

Now, look back. Lift. If it's too challenging to put your hands forward, just lift that leg, open your hip. Four, three, we're gonna shoot the leg, bend, shoot. Four, three, two, and one, bring it down, turn around, press down.

Hold it here, back leg is straight, scoop those abs in, lift all the way up, up and down. So that back leg stays straight, it's all on that front leg. Okay, so your back leg stays straight. (exhales) Breath. Up, scoop out those abs.

Four, three, two, and one. Transfer, lift, hips are square, there we go. Your hips are super-duper square, you're opening from here, your leg is low, and you're reaching your hands forward so you can balance, knees bent. Eight more to go, Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, take it down. Whoa! Open that leg up, feels good, pause it up.

Scoop out those abs, if you can look back to your leg, that's awesome. Nearly done, shoot the leg, bend both knees, shoot. (high energy upbeat music) Four, shoot, three, shoot, two, shoot, one, bring it down. slowly roll all the way up. Walk it out, whoa! How are you guys doing? (laughs) Awesome, lift your hands over your head, and release, bringing that heart rate down.

And again, hands over your head, come back, take the right leg forwards, hinge back to stretch out those well-deserved hamstrings, toe up. That was a great workout. Hips, glutes, balance everything right there in 20 minutes. Press back. And push your hips back, toes come up sucking those abs, pull back.

Does it feel good to finish? Exactly, 'cause you've accomplished a huge amount. 20 minutes of your lower body, you'll thank me for it tomorrow, or maybe you won't. All right, bring it back to center, arch, release, arch, release. Three more, three, breath, two, breath, one, last time, send it forward, one last stretch.

Now, we're gonna slowly roll yourself all the way up. Let's finish off with a little roll up, and then we roll back down again, roll yourself all the way up, and give yourself a pat on the back, nice work guys. Keep up the great work.

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Jun 15, 2020
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Lower Body Flow
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Cynthia G
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Thanks for always surprising us.
Great after a long day of teaching- thanks!
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one word: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Loved how we get a bit of a shake up variety on Pilates anytime with you ! More more please
Bronwyn S
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That packed a punch! loved it!

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Thanks Tracey for the detailed instruction for people with knee problems! I did this with zero pain! I’m sure my quads will thank you tomorrow!
Lina S
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Great to have a standing workout with a bit of cardio! Thank you!
Tracey! Loving these so much. Thank you. xo
Your the best Tracey love love love 💓
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Loved this! Enjoying the series! Thank you!
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