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Glutes and Inner Thighs

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Focus on your glutes and inner thighs with this fun Mat workout by Tracey Mallett. She teaches creative combinations that will target your lower body while still using your abdominals for stabilization. She encourages you to get the most out of each exercise so that you can maximize your time during this quick class.
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Okay, let's move down onto the floor because we're going to work our glutes. So we're gonna work the glutes, the outer part of the glutes and the inner thighs. This is about toning those thighs slimming those thighs. And so the focus will be a lot on the glutes here and the inner thighs. All right, so we're gonna start on a quadruped on all four position.

So ready. So get down into all four position here. And we're just gonna just press back and go forwards. Press back and forwards. Remember your hands are underneath your shoulders, your knees, are underneath your hips, and just going back and forwards.

Just do four more, we go four and forwards three and forwards two and forwards. One, hold it here, extend that leg out, get your hips square, and we're just gonna start to pulse that leg up. Now before we get going focus on your upper body pushing away from the floor. So those abs are working. We are working the glutes, but also those abs are working as well.

The stabilization right. Okay, now we're just gonna go in and out, in and out. Keep the thigh nice is still pushing away from the floor. In and out. (upbeat music) Good.

(upbeat music) Now hold it here we go. One, press one send it back. One press, one send it back. One, press. One, send it back.

So you open up that hip just to warm up those hips and back, one, press, open up those hips, one, press leg goes all the way round in that biggest possible circle all the way round last time. Now it's gonna cross, we go cross, lift, cross. Can you see I'm pitching my body back. It's kind of like a curtsy squat. There we go.

Cross and back. Keep it going. I started to feel the heat. Ooh. (upbeat music) Keep it going.

cross and lift cross and lift cross and lift, cross hold it here. Take the elbow down, open that hip up and lift it up. So we're here, we're lifting that hip up. (upbeat music) Now here's a little combination. We go round so we go round, up, down, press back, round, up, down, press back.

Nice big circle. Got it? Ooh. Down, up down, and around, down, lift up, down and around. Down, lift up, down last time.

(upbeat music) Hold here and go, kick it out easy. Keeping this, not that they're easy exercises at all, but attainable. That's what I like to say attainable. I know that all of you guys can do this. Push away, press away.

(upbeat music) Four more, four, three, two, one back up into quadruped position. Bring your knee in, we're gonna finish it off. Lateral side we go, one, extend in, bring it down, one, extend, now if this is too challenging. Just don't do the extension. Just go up and down.

There we go. Now put your mind to keeping your whole body still. And you just moving it that hip joint. So those abs are working, your upper body is working, not just the lower body. Good.

Keep it going, we need you there. Ooh. Feel that friend. We love it. I know.

We love to hate it right. (laughs) One more. Ooh. Bring it down, stretch it out. All right, you ready for the other side.

All right, let's go. lift that leg up, hips a square and pulse. So before we start, remember we're pushing away from the floor, shoulders are depress the abs are pressed against the spine. Your hips are square. Gotta get out beautiful form here.

Now we're gonna bend and extend, bend and extend now my thighs stand completely still. You're gonna feel the supporting side right here working too. That's good, it's stabilizing. So everything is working, the whole body is working right now. (upbeat music) Give me one more.

Now we're gonna press it forward. One, press. One, take it back. One, now I love this exercise because it's basically opening your hips up. Take it back, stretch, active flexibility, super important mobility in that hip joint.

Good we going keep that mobility. Back, one, press and keep breathing. Keep smiling. (upbeat music) One more. Now you got that little curtsy action.

Curtsy, lift curtsy. So I'm crossing behind, cross, cross. Got it. You just crossing that leg and pitching the body back. You got it.

So it's cross lift back. Cross lift back. Ooh. (upbeat music) One more guys. Hold it here.

All right, press the elbow down. Open that hip up. Now really open that hip. just here, nice and open. Then wants that little combination.

We go down to the floor. Ready? So we go down, lift, down, round back, down, lift down round back. One lift. Always the hardest when you're doing the second side round because you've already worked those stabilizing muscle.

Good. Keep you going. Push away from the floor. One more beautiful come back. Get your hips scrapping that knee and push away from the floor.

Let's take it out. So we go out, kick in and down, out, get a nice stable base. Those abs are really working superduper hot. Yes with building a sweat. I know I am in this sunny room today in California.

Good Boom. Out. How you guys doing? Good, come on, you got it with you. Come on.

One more. And bring it down stretch it back. Feel the heat now. Awesome. All right, let's get down sideline.

So now we're in a sideline position here. Get the elbow down onto the mat lift up and out. Okay, lift up. Now we're gonna lift the hips off of the mat. So it goes, one, open, down.

So it's just your little prep. All right, your hips and your opening that clam. Good, lift. Now it's all gonna come together. We go up and down.

Up and down. Lift, keep the hips were press down those laps, abs, glutes. Now slowly it down we go one, kick in, bring it down. If you don't wanna do that kick, take it away. Good, there we go.

One, kick, in. Open, kick, (upbeat music) Breathe. One more. Hold it here. Take a look, little stretch.

bring it back, leg down, and lift that leg up. Perfect position here to work those inner thighs. lift then bring that hands down lift it up. Good. Now we're gonna go forwards and back, forwards, back, forwards.

So when I say back, like a little bit behind your hips, so it's just a little bit behind your hips and your foot is hovering on the floor. Now still be mindful that we not sinking we're lifting up out of the mat. Those obliques are working all the time forwards, back, forwards and back forwards and back now bring it back here. We're gonna go kick, kick, kick, kick, little kicks here. Good little kicks.

Simplistic is always the best right? Keep it there eight more reps eight, seven, six, five four, three, two and one. Ooh. Bring it in, shoot it up over your little mermaid here. Okay, quickly go to the other side.

Time is precious, ready lifted up, up and down, up and down. So we're gonna add a little open leg. So it goes up, open, down. Remember up, open, down, lift, open. To really opening from those glutes.

(upbeat music) Now we're gonna add one, kick, in. One, kick in. There we go. (upbeat music) Perfect. (upbeat music) Four more here three two more, two one more, Good.

Come all the way up, shoot it out in that lovely little mermaid. Take it back, drop that leg underneath. Ready, lift up, and press that underneath leg is gonna go up and down, up and down. All right guys, let's work those inner thighs. Yeah, up (upbeat music) Perfect, lifting up with those inner thighs.

Lifting up here with those obliques. Now forwards and back, go forwards and back. Remember goes a little bit behind the hip joints. Forwards and back behind that hip joints. Forwards and back.

But I'm being mindful that I'm lifting up and out of the mats. I'm superlight on the mat. Those obliques are working. I'm not slumping into the mat. It's not about that.

It's about lifting out of your mat. Now hold it here. We're gonna go kick it. Kick it, kick, kick, kick. Do you feel those inner thighs?

Awesome. Yes. Come on, you can do it with me. Eight more. Ready, go.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two hold it. Awesome. Bend your knees. Shoot it over into your mermaid again. Awesome work.

All right, come back into all four positions like this. So we're gonna go this direction. Gonna come onto all fours. Alright, so from here, ready, we're gonna lift that leg up, and we're just going to shoot it out. We all know this exercise, right?

Tried and tested for many, many, many years we've been doing the donkey exercise, but why shy away from a bit because it works. So why not do something that works? Right. (upbeat music) Now pulse it up we go, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, lift, but look at my upper body. I'm pushing away from that mat.

My hamstrings and glutes are firing up. Now we go. In, out, lift in, out, So you've got like a little attitude. Internal external lift, can make it a little bit bigger. Lift, in, out, lift.

See you in that lovely little attitude position. But I'm pushing away from that flow. So I'm engaging my upper body and my core is working equally as hard as my booty. Good. Toning that lower body ready for that swimsuit.

Ready hold it here we go. Pulse, attitude, attitude. Come on, guys. Throw me some attitude. I know you are right now you got a love hate relationship with me right now.

I get it. Go on. Up, up Keep it going. eight more, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two hold it here, kick. You thought you're out the woods then didn't you?

But guess what? I got yeah, come on, you can do it. four and in, three, and in, two and in one. Ooh. Is any consolation, you got me that too I totally felt my glutes.

I'm just gonna go the other direction. So we're gonna work the other leg so you can see me better. Alright, push down, lift that leg up up and down. So in our famous little donkey kicks, lets look at our form right now we're pushing away this scapular is drawing down towards your hips, and you're scooping those abs out those abs, are stabilizing your whole body so you can move with that hip joint. So it's not a time to do your to do list your shopping list.

This is about you time it's about you learning how to really maximize every single exercise you do to get the most out of it. We've got 20 minutes, we got to make that 20 minutes work right, push it up. And the only way we can make that 20 minutes work is if you put your mind and connected to your body. It's not just about the exercise is about you giving yourself some self love, right? Come on, you deserve it.

It's 20 minutes. It's nothing. And just think how great you're gonna feel at the end of this and your butt is gonna be so much higher. (laughs) I'm kidding. Keep it going up.

(upbeat music) We nearly there, lift Awesome work guys keeping that a little bit more. With that fabulous donkey kicks we love donkey kicks. Alright attitude goes out, lift. Remember so you internal, external lift, so it's in and out, mobility in that hip joint goes in, out, think of the knee going in and then it goes out and you got your attitude. In, out, attitude.

Now scoop out those abs. Watch your back and lifting with your glute, not your back. Alright, so you gotta be careful about that. The lifting with your butt. Watch your back.

Now, hold it here, we're gonna go up and down. There's your little attitude here lifting, up. Remember that upper body is fierce. It's working super hard. Come on, guys.

You are a boss, babe, you are gonna finish this out with that attitude. Alright, one more exercise ready we go, one kick, in, kick, in. And if you feel up to it, look at that leg. Look at that kick. Oh yes we feel the burn we love it.

Four more, in, four in, three, in two, in one. Oh my lord that was amazing. Don't we love it when we feel at booty and our inner thighs working. Feels so good. Hold that stretch, take your hands up and over to one side.

And switch. I really truly believe you have to work the glutes, your hamstrings, every single day. You can give it you know, one day off. I'll give you one day off but they need to be work to fit consistency. Especially if we're getting ready for that summer boat on that beach.

We need a little bit more love in that area. So a little bit more of these exercises just to tone the lower body. Give yourself a little bit more confidence when you're stretching yourself on that beach. Alright, just arches like this extended it out. Arche and then extend.

Slowly come up. Gonna come forward just a little bit. Take your right leg forwards, and then just stretch. Alright, stretching out those glutes. How do you feel good, awesome job.

20 minutes, you're done. (upbeat music) Switch to the other side. Stretch out those hips. And bring it together. All right guys, good job.

Let's move on.

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Lori C
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great class! 
Alison H
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Love this and all of your workouts
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Amazing !! Was hard to follow after yesterday my legs hurt good hurt love it !!
Lina S
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Great for building glutei endurance
2 people like this.
Love love this ! Tracy is my favourite !
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That was one mean workout! My butt's blazing. Thanks Tracy :)
Cynthia F
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Ok my butt us sire. Great!
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Oh my butt !!!!!!! Amazing short snap workout to end my day
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Whoa - my glutes and thighs needed that! And my hips with the mobility. Thank you!!
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