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Cardio Fun

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You will push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit with this cardio workout by Tracey Mallett. She starts with a short warm-up and then moves onto exercises that will get your heart rate up. She encourages you to keep moving throughout the class, especially during the times may be challenging for you.
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Hey, guys, cardio lower body time. We're gonna start with a very short warmup and then we're gonna go into some cardio. If things get a little bit challenging or we just can't quite grasp some of the movements, don't worry about it. Get on the spot, jog on the spot, and just keep moving. Don't just stop, you gotta keep on moving.

Get back into the center, this is gonna be your base move, little jog from side to side until you feel ready to join back in with me, all right? Got it, are we in it? All right, let's warm up and let's go for it. Hands on hips. (upbeat electronica music) Bend your knees, there we go.

Find that rhythm. Ready guys? Let's move that body, right then left. (upbeat dance music) Cross those arms. Step to go to step touch.

Back to your step touches right here, big arms, split. (singing in foreign language) (upbeat dance music) Step to the step touch. Back to step touch right here, make them wide. Bend. Four more, four, three, two, back to plie right here, plie.

Hips, right then left. Back to plies. Hips, left then right. Two more times, reach out. Hips.

Other side, plie. Hips, wave those arms. Take it down, just warming that body up, arch release. Arch release, stretch out that back. Four more, four, three, two, now step touch, we go one, down.

Just reaching down. See if you can reach that floor. Reach. Now this time hold it here. Take it down, rotate, now we're gonna bring it forward, forward reach.

Hold it there, come up. Other side, step down. Rotate, hold it there. We go in, rotate, in, stretching out those legs. Whew, one more.

Bring it down, bend your knees, roll all the way up. Are we ready to move? We step, we go down, down, cross, lift. Down, down, twist, lift, down. I'm gonna keep going until you've got it.

So we reach down to the floor, we rotate, we lift. Down to the floor, rotate, lift, down. Last time. Hold it here, we go kick, kick, triple. Kick, kick, triple.

Kick, kick, triple, jump it around. Kick, kick, triple. Kick, kick, triple. Jump it around, let's do it again. (singing in foreign language) (upbeat dance music) Ready? Wooh! You got it yet?

All right, let's do it again. Ready? Wee! Take it around. How'd you get on? Did you do it, you didn't? You're right here with me right now, right?

(softly laughing) It's okay! All right, gonna go the other side. Four, three, reach the floor. Down, down, twist, lift, down. Get your balance. (upbeat dance music) So you're reaching to the floor, you're twisting, up, get your balance.

Down. Down. One more, you ready for your kick? Go. One more.

Ready? One more. Hold it here, put that together. For the first move, going into that triple step, back to the side. Ready?

Get that heart rate up, four, three, two, let's go, down. One more. Ready? Go. One more. Ready?

And again, wooh-oop! (upbeat dance music) Take it around, how'd you get on? Come on, one more time, this side, four of these. Ready, let's go. Three more. Two more.

One more. Ready, hold it here, go, wooh! Take it around. (upbeat dance music) Shake it out, you did it. Hands on hips. Lunge back, we go two, squat.

Two, squat. Two, ski back. Push, ski back. Push. Squeeze back.

Push. Squeeze back, got it? Easy, right? Gotta give yourself a little bit of a attitude. Leg goes out, go.

Squat it out, squat. Ready for the other leg? This leg. Let's take it down, we go. Pull.

Down. And in, so all about your attitude, press down, and in. Wooh, in that lovely lunge. You got it? To the side, go, one.

Wooh! Bring it back, ready, with that right leg, take it back for four, four, ski. Three, ski, two more. One more. Leg goes out, go. Squat it out, squat.

Other leg, four, three, two, take it back, attitude, wooh! Two more. One more. Leg out, go. Singles. (upbeat electronica music) Pick it up.

Come on guys, you can do it, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, wooh! Bring it back. Good job you guys, ready to move on with our next combination? Take it wide here, all right. Four, three, we're gonna reach down to the floor. We go, reach, reach, forwards, back.

Reach, reach, forwards, give me one more. Bring it in and out. In, out, let's do that again, other side. One, two, forwards, back, there. Wooh! Bring it in and out.

Let's try that again. Slow, slow. One more. Double time. Down, down, forwards.

Come on, guys, you can do it. Add the arms. Down, down. One more. Come on, you gotta keep breathing, keep with me.

Go. (upbeat dance music) Hold it here, wooh! All right, guys, bring it together. Back to your solid base move, all right. Wooh! You ready guys? We're gonna take it forwards through here, four, three, two, one, back at here, hold it here, bounce.

Can we do that again with the other leg? Let's go, four, three, two, one, bounce here, bounce. Got it? Ready, we go four, three, two, now bounce, we're gonna bounce it around. Hold it here, four, three, two, other side, four, three, two, one, bounce it around.

Hold it here. Let's take it to the side, we go one, two, three, down. Down. Two more, down to the floor. Wooh! ? All is said and done, we wait for summer sun ?

Now take it back, hold it here, back into next little combination. We bring it with the right leg forward. We're gonna circle the arms, circle, circle, circle. Four more here, four, three, two, now pick up the pace, boom, circle. Now hold it here, we're gonna go down, bring it up.

Take it down, and up. Take it down, and up, work those thighs, take it down, and up, take your lunge, we go lunge, up. Lunge, up, lunge, hold it here, three, two, one. Lunge. Lunge.

Lunge, hold it here, three, two, one. Down. Down. Down, hold it here. Down.

Three, two, one, take it back. Grab that leg. Ready? Switch legs, down. Switch legs.

Switch legs, hold it here. Bring the hands up, ready for your circles? Circle. Down. Big circles over your head.

Wooh! Pick it up. (upbeat dance music) Hold it here, take it down. Bring it up. Take it down. Bring it up, wooh, take it down.

Bring it up, one more, take it down, bring it up. We go one, up. One, up. One, up. Three, two, one.

One, up. One, up. One, up. Three, two, one. Down.

Come on guys. Go, bring it back. Wooh, how you guys feeling, nearly there? All right, we go step, curtsy, step, curtsy, step. Now we're gonna add a little jump right here, one, down, one, down, one, down.

Now pick it up. ? Oh whoa-oh, oh-oh-oh oh whoa-oh ? ? All is said and done ? ? We wait for summer sun ? Slow it down, slow.

Slow. Slow. Ready, pick it up. (upbeat dance music) One more, slow. Pick it up, go.

Take it up. Bring it down. Ready, shook it out. All right, guys, we're gonna take it forwards. Turn the toes out, ready?

We go forwards, hold it here. Take it back. Jump. Take it down. Hold it here.

Take it back. Jump. Take it down. Hold. Take it back.

Jump. Take it down. Hold it here. Guess what, two jumps here, we go two, one, take it down. Bring it back, go, two, one.

Two, one. (upbeat dance music) Two more. Last time. Bring it back, wooh! Out here, tap it out. Tap, bring that heart rate down.

Looking good. Now we lunge it out, lunge. Take it back. Squat. Take it back, we're nearly home, squat.

Take it back. Squat. Switch the other side, squat. Take it back. Squat.

Take it back. Down. One more. Hold it here. We go spring, spring, hold it.

Spring, spring, hold it. Spring, spring, hold it. Spring, spring, two more times! ? Tonight I wanna dance to something new ? Bring it in, march it out, wooh! How you guys doing, okay? Reach up over your head, roll down, hold it there in that stretch.

Bringing that heart rate down, hold. Slowly roll all the way up. Reach the hands up. Round forward, and then slowly hold it out. Roll all the way up, bring it back to a march.

Let's go back to step touches right here, step touch. Good job, you guys, you did a great workout. A lot of cardio there, working your whole body. Get that nice sweat going. 20 minutes goes a long way, just bring the heart rate down.

Just tap it out. Good, now bring it just to a heel dig, heel dig. Get that heart rate down. Beautiful. Cardio is really important for the heart, also to burn excess energy, burn those calories.

Four more, four, three, two, and one. Just back to bend and extend. Bend and extend here. All right, guys, hold it here. Just lift up over your head, and then come back and see if you can grab hold of your foot so you can balance.

Bend your knee, shoot that hand up to balance. All right, guys, come back. Switch to the other side. Bend. (upbeat dance music) Forward flexion, one last stretch, stretch out those hamstrings.

Go right then left with the hips. Press back, put the hands back, drop the head. Slowly roll all the way up. Bring the legs together. Awesome job, guys.

Awesome work, keep it up, I know it's tough. I always say to my clients it's tough at the top. Tough means that you are actually working out and trying. You're trying, so it is tough at the top and that's where changes happen, when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone. I push myself out of my comfort zone nearly everyday.

Don't be scared. That's when changes happen. All right, guys, keep up the awesome work. (tongue lightly clicks) High five. (softly mimics clicking) Bye, guys.

Switch it Up: with Tracey Mallett

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Jun 08, 2020
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Cardio Fun
Tracey Mallett
20 min
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5 people like this.
Cardio, but non pilates. I don´t like aerobic on Pilates Anytime.
Wow!! Love your work Tracey like I said no one works you out like Tracey !
5 people like this.
Love that your put cardio on here it’s great to switch it up !!
3 people like this.
Cardio Pilates style! Fantastic!
Kristy R
2 people like this.
I enjoyed the cardio aspect.  Good to have a change. Certainly got a sweat up! 
Rina S
4 people like this.
This was FUN!!! Even though I was a dreadful klutz. Tracy, thank you, thank you, best medicine in these stressful times.
Lina S
2 people like this.
Really fun! I would have liked more no-impact moves as I have to care of one foot. Jumping is not that good for me. Thank you! I really loved the curtsy-side lunge and dégagé of the leg sideway!
1 person likes this.
Fun fun Booty bar queen ! Have kids cardio class today and I think they would like need to find the music ? Any clues on the track ?
Lisa V
Just loved this.  So  positive and fun. Thank you, Tracey!
FUN! High five, Tracy! Thank you!
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