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Invigorating Jump Board

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Add a little power to your day with Amy Haven's Jump Board focused class. You will alternate between jumping and abdominals for a quick, invigorating workout. The Overball is also incorporated to improve your coordination.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Overball

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Hi everyone. It's Amy again. I'm in my den. I'm in the mood for a little jumping. So this'll be kind of an interval jumping and abs, and jumping and arms, and jumping and abs, and jumping and arms.

20, 25 minutes. Just to kinda give you an interlude between maybe other things you're doing during the day or evening, and you just need a little bit of zest just real quick. Okay. So I'm on the Aero, as you can see. And I'm going, starting with two cords, which is two springs.

On Balanced Body, it would probably be two red or a red and a blue. Peak, a middle, and a light. Medium and a light. Gratz, probably two. If you're on anything else, Stott, I don't know very well.

So probably two, okay? A medium and a light. Now I've got the ball handy. We'll probably add this to some jumping and some patterns underneath the legs and things. Keep it nearby.

Straps off to the side. Let's go ahead and come down. Okay. So before we jump, I want everyone to stretch yourself out long. Now this is the trampoline, right?

This is a different than the regular jump board. So I've got a lot more play at the ankles here than I would on the normal jump board since it's flat. This has that netting of course. Now I wanna just start going into very soft, right away, little jumps. Okay?

And I say little, and I'm not even really worrying about pointing my toes or anything yet. Super small. Let's just kinda get a sense of like this is a warmup, okay? I do want you to pull your stomach down. Yeah?

If you feel anything icky in your low back, what you wanna do is modify a lot of things. You wanna modify how far you're jumping. You might wanna imprint your pelvis more than normal. Sometimes if it's too light of tension, you need more weight, which would also be more work for your legs and it would anchor you down on the pad, okay? So those of us, here we go.

I want us (laughing) to take a soft first position. Toes out, knees open, heels together. I'm not even fully straightening my knees yet. And I'm not even really pointing my toes. I'm just starting to get a sense of back and forth, up and down.

(exhales) Right, we'll get there. Okay. And then feet apart. I'm gonna go right to the kind of hip width parallel. The first parallel my feet were close together.

This one my feet are a little bit apart. Same thing. I'm not fully straightening my knees. I am not pointing my toes. (exhales) Just getting a little sense.

Four, three, two, one, and laying in the middle, and pause for a moment. Okay. So take your hands, everybody. Bring your legs together. Put your hands right on the curved part of your hips, and then round the back of them where your sit bones are, and contract that area.

Okay, release it. Contract and release. I want you to contract right there prior to your jumping. Okay? So that we get proximal connection for a distal activity, which is feet on that little jump board.

So let's go with the pattern now. Feet together all the way. 10 jumps, and we'll pause. Okay? If you want your hands to stay back there, great, here I go.

10 jumps. One, contract and push. Two, three, four, five. My legs are together. Six.

Don't have to jump high. Eight, nine, 10, come in, pause. Think it's going well. Turn out first position. Heels together and toes apart.

Contract and jump. One, two, three. Now I am going for full knee extension now and pointing my toes. And six, seven, push and eight, and nine, and 10. Feet apart.

Pause for a minute. Again, connect your glutes first. Here we go. Glutes to feet. And one, two, three. (exhales) Don't have to jump high.

Think quality. Two more. Nine, 10, land in the middle. Okay? Put one foot on.

No, not yet. Let's do all of those again, but without stopping. So that's 30 jumps. Here we go. 30 jumps.

I'm in parallel all the way together. (exhaling) I like to exhale on the jumps. I need that abdominal support. Eight, nine, nice and springy. First position.

Here we go. 10. Nine. (exhales) Remember, contract your glutes prior to pushing the legs. Eight, seven (laughing), eight, nine and 10. Feet apart.

Here we go. One, two, and three, four. If you wanna jump a little higher, have some fun. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Come in the middle and land.

Okay, no straps. No tension. Come up to tabletop. Arms by your side, legs extend. Let's go.

100. (exhaling) Reach your hands for that jump board. (exhaling) We're just doing 50 pumps, but you'll see what I'm doing for the next 50. (exhales) One more round of this. (exhales) Pause. Open the legs. Reach your hand forward.

50, two, three, four, five, (exhales) eight, nine, 10 and 10. (exhales) Reach for the jump board. Eight. Flex your hands now, and push. Two (exhales), five, six, seven, eight. We've got 20 more.

I'm pushing the heels of my hand as if I'm trying to push that jump board down. 10, nine, and seven, and six, five, four, three, two and one. Oh, and OMG. Come on up. (laughing) Grab your ball now, guys. Single leg jumps.

Now what's gonna be fun with this, just put the ball in one hand. Put one foot on the jump board, the other leg in tabletop. Keep the ball in one hand. Start jumping. If that's too heavy, drop it down to one jump, one cord or one spring that feels okay to jump on one leg.

Okay? What I wanna do is start taking this ball and going underneath my knee. The other hand picks it up. I'm going in the same direction, and I'm not really worried about timing or perfection. I'm just taking the ball round and round that knee, one direction.

Keep the jumping, but make the ball go round the other way. Your brain and nervous system are having a party. (laughing) They're jumping and they're helping you do this little circular ball thing. (exhales) Hand coordination. Three more. Two more jumps. Last jump, and pause.

Okay? Other foot. (exhaling) Start jumping. The ball is in one hand. When you're ready, you start putting it around your knee. It's like you're kinda winding a ribbon around your leg.

And the jumping leg doesn't, you don't have to be so explosive on that. It's a lot about nervous system and coordination. (exhales) Right? Now make it go the other way. So right now I didn't really give us any definite number of jumps or things like that, timing of the ball. You're just seeing what you can do, and now pause.

First side. Keep the ball. So if I have one, whatever foot is on the jump board, put the ball in the opposite hand. So that for me will be going my right knee is tabletop. I'm gonna go underneath and around.

10 that direction, 10 the other way, while I'm jumping. So that's 20 jumps, 20 skills. Here we go. Ready? One.

Two. So every jump is a loop around the leg. Four. Five. Six.

Seven. Eight. Nine. 10, reverse, and one. Jump a little higher.

And four is right there. Five. Six. Seven. Eight.

Nine. 10, and rest. How'd that go? (laughing) Other side. So one foot on the board.

Other hand holds the ball. 10 jumps. Here we go. And then 10 the other way. And one.

(exhales) Remember to keep contracting from your glute prior to jumping. (exhales) Seven, eight, nine. Takes a lot of concentration. Reverse. One, two. I almost dropped the ball.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and 10. And relax. Okay. Brain scramble. That's really fun.

Both feet together. Just start jumping. Both feet together. You're just jumping. We'll get some abs in a second here.

I want you to toss the ball. I do this a lot. You guys have seen this in other jump board classes. But usually you toss the big ball, but today it's smaller. (exhales) Ha, first position legs. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, single leg jumps.

One, ah, two (chuckles), three, four, five, six. Single leg. I'm just tabletop jumping, tossing the ball. Eight more. And two. (exhales) Four, four, three, singing helps.

Two, and land. Okay. Ball down. Come on up. Take away one of the cords or one spring.

Light spring would be great. Blue is what I mean on a Balanced Body. Reverse abdominals. So I'm gonna take my hands to the frame. Knees against the shoulder rests.

And making a cat back mainly with my low spine. Here I go. Stabilize your shoulders, and little pulls. Knees toward hands. (exhales) (exhales) Eight times. (exhaling) One more. So I'm noticing, and we'll do oblique, that one bungee cord is about one red on a Balanced Body.

And on Balanced Body, I normally do these on a blue. So if that gives you any (laughing) indication. These cords are kinda tough. Okay, so obliques. Hands on the frame.

Shoulders are supported. I've got a little lumbar curve, and I'm trying to bring my knees to my hands. (exhales) Feel like you're pulling both waist lines in, like an hourglass. Especially the side we're on. (exhaling) Two more. Seven, and eight. (laughing) Other side for eight. Hourglass your waist.

Shoulders are stable. Here we go. One. You don't have to do a huge range of movement for this to be really noticeable in your abs. Four, three, two, and one.

Okay. I want you to lie on your back. Take your headrest down if you want to. We're gonna face the back. Let's keep moving, guys.

This is a short, swift workout. Knees over the, or the loops over the knees. Right up at the tips of the knees. I want you to interlace your hands behind your head. Extend your spine down.

If you're on a regular Reformer, you could dip your head down into the springs. On this Reformer, my head actually meets where the spring attachment is. So I'm fine with that. Now, curl up to a pretty good chest lift. Keep it there.

Knees to nose. (exhales) Eight times. Upper body doesn't move yet. Scapula scooping up to elbows. Five, six, seven, eight. Rotate to one side.

Stay there for eight. One, two, three. Hourglass your waist on both sides. Six, seven and eight. Other side for eight.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and I'm honoring. I want you to go back and just put your foot down, feet down. Rest your body back. Curl up though chest lift. Bring your knees back up, and then slowly roll to one side.

Up and over to the other side. Up and over to the other side. Smile and hold. It makes it better if you smile. Rotate.

One more. Other side. Your last chance. Here we go. And center.

Hands behind your thighs. Curl yourself higher. Curl yourself higher. Do a little rolling like a ball, like a mini rocking ball. (exhaling) Four more. Three, two, all the way up, and do what you need to do to get all the way (laughing) up.

It works better on Balanced Body for me. No big deal. Take your cords off. Good. We're nearing the end.

Nice, swift, little workout. We're coming back down onto two springs again, okay? So load that up. I need to mount another cord. Scissor leg jumps.

Back it out. You can raise your headrest. Feet in the middle of the jump board. Bend your knees, and I want everyone to take one leg up. It's too high.

And then start to jump. You'll scissor your legs in the air, right? So we scissor. Scissor. I'm in turnout with...

Pause for just a second. I'm gonna adjust that headrest. It does feel better if it's up here. Okay. And again, just to say, you're gonna push glutes first.

Contract the glutes. Push the leg, switch the leg. Yeah. (exhaling) I'm in turnout with the legs. (exhales) And the legs are briskly changing. Brisk, brisk. (exhaling) Let's take eight more. We go one, two, three and four, five, six, seven, and eight.

Land in the middle. Look up for just a second. Now, hold behind your head. First position with your legs. Jump in first position while you're in a chest lift, and then what I'm gonna have us do is land on one foot.

The other foot's gonna come on the outside of the jump board pad. (exhaling) You can go up higher, kind of above the corners of the jump board. That feels pretty good. And maybe you can kinda alternate. You guys can go high, high, low, low. But if you're going low, don't arch your back.

I think that's the thing to be mindful of. Like I said in the warmup, we don't wanna arch the spine. So if at any point, any of these jumps is bothering your back, you need more spring tension and a smaller jump. (exhales) I'm gonna count us down from eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Land in the middle, and rest. Quick and dirty.

Do a nice figure four stretch. (exhaling) So I've got my hands looped underneath the leg that was jumping or one of the legs (chuckling) that was jumping, that's weird. And then extend the knee up and down. Yeah. It's a quick, little burst of cardio. Burst of abs.

Burst of some arms. We didn't really do a ton of arm, did we? That's okay. You got what you needed. Okay, guys. Thanks for joining me on this quick, little workout, and I'll see you next time.



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Thank you Amy! Just what I needed - a quick pick me up this afternoon
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Thanks Amy for this great class using the rebounder jump board and the aeropilates! I've been looking for more classes featuring these and this was perfect! 
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Thanks so much Amy!  I really felt it in my abs.  I am really happy you are doing more home reformer- it is perfect for current times. 
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Just what i needed to finish my day🌞thank you Amy! 
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Thanks, Amy! Great quick workout!
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This is a perfect jump board class! I’m awake and ready to teach!
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Love it!!!! Great class
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I always love your classes, Amy, and your great energy!
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As you said quick and dirty. 😂 
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thank you Amy for this workout with the trampoline jumpboard.  Just what i needed to do after my morning walk for a perfect workout.
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