Class #3687

Cardio Reformer

35 min - Class


You will get your heart rate up with this fun Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She with a warm up to mobilize and decompress your spine before you start jumping. She then goes into jumping exercises, adding a bit or coordination to challenge your mind as well as your entire body.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

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That was fun! Variations helped me forget my legs were burning. LOL
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Loved it! Elbows up was very helpful for my lower back! Thanks for another great jumpboard class!
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Great class. Thank you.
Half hour of fun. Love the Long stretch series tips.
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Loved this quick power class! Thank you!
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Very good class with lots of great cues that will be helpful to my students! Thank you.
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Super fun class, perfect for a quick boost!
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Awesome class, thank you!
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Loved every second of it!! I plan on making this a regular routine in my busy week!
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Wonderful “get me going” class 👍🏻
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