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You will get your heart rate up with this fun Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She with a warm up to mobilize and decompress your spine before you start jumping. She then goes into jumping exercises, adding a bit or coordination to challenge your mind as well as your entire body.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

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Hi everyone. I'm back for another Arrow Palladio's reformer class. I've got the jump board set up today, so attach that in and I want you to start on one cord. We're going to decompress our spine a little bit before we jump and get some of that impact going. Okay, so one one cord. Get yourself inside the frame, grab a hold of the shoulder rests, walk yourself pretty far back. I'm right back actually where the, um, there's a little nail or a screw here back pretty far. Hold on to the shoulder rest.

Spinal Lengthening Stretch

Let your arms get pulled forward by the chords. Knees are a little bit bent. I'm aiming to get my head between my arms and just take a couple of breaths here and let this, that the cords pull your shoulders also forward. What we can do in opposition is reach the sitting bones back behind and then hopefully feeling some good stretch through your whole sideline of your body. If that's not feeling like you have enough resistance that you want come along, I'm going to go all the way back. So then here's a few more inches. There we go. Of Drag and pull. Okay, take three, four deep breath cycles.

So I don't want you to pull your shoulder blades down yet. Let them actually go up towards your neck and your head. You want your sits bones reaching back head is between the arms, your in a nice long spine. [inaudible]. Okay. Now we're going to add to this and start moving and connecting into the abdominal muscles. So with this I will have a smoothest shoulder blades, a little more onto the back ribs. Just slide them onto the back rib wall.

Standing Spinal Flexion and Extension

On Your exhale, let's start to move the spine up into flection. So I'm going to let my head stay rounded down, my tail rounded under, but pull my backbone up to the sky ish and then move back down to where you came from is a little bit more of an extension. And then the exhale is moving the spine upward toward the ceiling. Head down, tail down stomach, really scooped, and then elongate into your extension. Three more exhale. Head down still between the arms. I'm efforting my stomach wall to pull up away from the floor, working in deflection.

And then extension last to exhale. I'm trying to also pull my rib cage, my front ribs in against my body so my back ribs get wider and then come down into extension last time man. Pull into flection, back ribs wide, stomach hollow and then release. All right, walk your carried forward. Okay. And then step out, we're going to add all of the cords and we're going to get going with some jumping. So all of the chords on the Arrow in my comparison, it's kind of feels like maybe two springs that would occur on a balanced body reformer. So four chords here, two chords on balanced, buddy head rest up everybody. And then let's all go back. Okay. Okay guys, so stretch all the way out.

Pilates Stance

This is how I usually start the jumping work and I like to have ourselves long. Make sure we're taking an assessment really quick on our pelvis. So it's flat, pubic bone, inhibs hips, right in this plane. We're wanting to be parallel to the floor as much as we can and not in that rounded under position, especially on upon landing contrast. I don't want you in here like that with your back completely arched when landing orange jumping. So you have to learn where that halfway place is. It's okay also to to um, put your arms up.

Sometimes I'll do these jump board workouts or jumping workouts with hand weights. Something up above here kind of helps hold this down. Um, but also I'm going to show something today that might also help something else. So here's what it is. We're going to put our hands on the shoulder pads and one of your elbows pointed straight up to the ceiling. So if this was a flashlight and the other one was a flashlight, shine them up. Okay? And notice just for a moment on your back that your back actually, hopefully you can feel like it's wide or more width. Okay.

That might allow you to also then feel like this whole part of you can come in and wide and that should feel pretty good on your back. All right. And also just with the arms up, you might be able to brace yourself slightly with the, the hands. So bend your knees. Let's just do a little jump away and just ease our way into some jumping right now. I do want you to exhale as you jump. These are small, but notice in when you're in the air, you really have to hold your stomach and this is great for your tummy muscles, your abs elbow flashlights to the ceiling.

Okay? Continue to jump everybody and work on keeping your heels touching land softly. See if you can land toes first, then the ball of the foot, then the heel, toe ball, heel, toe, ball, heel, toe, ball, heel, toe will heal. One more and then rest. Okay. Press your legs up to straight. Swivel your heels out. You're in parallel. Now let's try some jumps right here. They were tiny.


It didn't give you a foot warm up, so that's why I want to go. Very tiny little jumps. Still that same idea upon your landing, your toes, the ball of the foot. Then the heel lands. Tobel heel, elbow flashlights up. Hold your waistline on the mat for three, two and Landon hold at the front. Okay, hope you're doing okay. Now put, put your heels back together.

Pilates Stance w/ Chest Lift

Clasp your hands behind your head and I'm going to have you elevate your head in your chest just a little bit. So kind of a chest lift. This is going to emphasize your abdominals year might make you feel like you keep your back down easier, less continue to jump there or tiny exhale in the air. That's when you want the abdominals to flatten. Now you can look at your feet. Try to keep landing in the same place. Okay. If you're feeling good right now and you want to go further near jumps, go for it. You can push a little bit more.

Hold your heels together. Four, three, two and then one I want you to come in land. Place your head down for a minute. Pivots your heels to parallel because you've got a little space between feet and knees. Bring your legs out straight. Pick your head in your chest up. Now the elbows aren't pointing to the ceiling directly. They're a little bit toward the corner. Top corners of the room.

Parallel w/ Chest Lift

Let's do little jumps there. Yeah, same idea. Watch where you land. See if you can stick it and land in the same place each time you feel the feet on the trampoline. Four more one too. These are little jumps. Still three, four land. Place your head down.

Take your hands behind off the back of your head and just hold for a second. Okay. Now I want you to go all the way together. Skinny leg, so knees together, feet together, and we'll do some jumps with the arms down here. Press your shoulders back. We won't lift our head. Start with straight legs. Let's go. It's almost like, um, well one leg jump. Even though you're on two feet, the easier to keep the feet landing in the same place here.

Feet Together

Now I want to have a start to build and dig. Take the bigger jumps. Now I want you to think about stretching more all the way through your toes. Okay? Like your toes are a little arrows that point to the board or to the jump trampoline. Yes, stomach is flat on the exhale in the jump.

So if you felt like it was easier for you to keep your back on the board or the carriage with your head up, you can do so here. Here we go. Okay. I like it better though with my hands holding the back of the head. If you're my head's up, we're going to do a little combo. Everybody land with your feet in the first position. Land with parallel land, turning out land parallel.

Alternating Parallel and Pilates Stance w/ Chest Lift

See if you can get a little more. Sit up in your abdominal muscles for more than three and two last one feet together and then take everything down. Okay? Bring one leg up to a tabletop. We're going to stay with the same tension of the cords. Small jump. Again, we're going back to small jump head down. So just do a little bound off of the trampoline and I want you to concentrate where to push from.

Single Leg Parallel

Try to push from your buttock muscle, your glutes, then your thigh, then your foot. So it's gonna be glute thigh, foot loot, five foot. Okay. That helps you push, push, stretch your ankle and your toes. Okay. Lots of commands here and again, as you're landing, it's the tows that hit first the ball of the foot than the heel. Four, three, 201 and then land on that one foot hold. Change feet. Take the other lady into table top. Ready. So again, you're going to jump.

Bend the knee, jump off the glute, the thigh, then the foot go. Push glute thigh, foot glute thigh foot. Okay. All the way through the toes. Toe Lands on the jump board first or the pad trampoline to the ball of the foot to the heel for more. One, two, three of course for land and then arrest. Okay. Place the first foot down. Step. Reach yourself back. We're going to alternate.

Alternating Single Leg

Just jump from one land on the other. Here we go. Land on the other. Let's start to make the jump a bit bigger. Yeah. When you're landing, I'm going to start talking about the landing a little more detailed. We don't want the need to lean in like that or crash in.

You want to keep the knee tracking straight over the toes. If you don't know what you're talking about or what that means or what that feels. Peak up. Take a look. You can hold your head with your hands. Knee should be tracking right over that second toe. Third Toe. Oh, jump a little bit bigger. Push off to a beautiful straight leg. Push, push, push. Push that up. Sit up a little higher for more and three and two. Last one, Lynne and two feet an breath. Take your legs to the ceiling.

Give them a little shake of brew and then put them back. Okay. Hope you're doing okay. When to keep us jumping. Move your toes to the top corner of your trampoline, your feet and your toes, not just your toes. The feet and the legs will also swivel just a bit, but we don't want to do this with the pelvis and a whole body lurching and twisting. So use your stomach muscles. Hold your hips flat and level. Bend your knees. Land the other way of when you jumped. So the land toes in the other corner.


Okay. Use Your hands. Hold your hips down. Let's just do some consecutive jumps. They don't have to be big right now. Focus on the swivel of the leg bones, but not the pelvis. Okay? Hold your stomach flat. Exhale on the jump.

That's going to help you feel the stomach a little bit more for support for more. Heres one, two, three. We'll do another set of these little, I call them skiers or a little sideways moves with their hands behind the head. Okay, let's read point the elbows a little more upward now, so that's going to bring your arms hugging your shoulder pads. Start with your legs. Straight, toes in the corner, little chest lift. Here we go and jump and jump and jumps. Who really relocating the feet from corner to corner. Knees together.

Skiing w/ Chest Lift

Stomach flat. Sit up a little high. Let's take eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Everyone land lower your head. Okay. Time to do a tiny bit of coordination with your legs, so stretch yourself out. Legs will go straight. Ankles, heels together, toes apart. Hold your arms up above your chest. Interlace the fingers just to let you again.

Alternating Single Leg Turned Out

Have some weight helping your rib stay down in your back. Down. Okay, Ben, one knee. Take one leg straight on top. Reaching over the top of the jump port. You're going to land with this foot on the board. Switch land. So the coordination, meaning just different.

Jump a choreography. Really for now still I'm an initiate your jump from your glutes. Push through your thigh, then your foot. Okay, so some of the choreography and the coordination is going to be coming from your arms. They're going to open close while your legs continue to jump like this. So here we go. We're going to open the arms. Close the arms, open the arms, close, arms open. Close. I'm going back to interlaced hands each time. Open. Close. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. How are we doing?

Alternating Single Leg Turned Out w/ Arms

Let's give our brain a little rest. Count. Okay, another round. Start with the other leg. Straight out over the top. Start this time with the arms open. See how it goes. Ready Closes you Joan one. Then open, close, open, close, open, close and open.

So making sound as I exhale to help you remember to breathe. Keep that tummy pulled against your back for more one, two, and three. The arms will end open and yes, put both feet on the board or the pad trampoline. Okay. Keep your arms open. Shoulders pulled away from the shoulder pads here and start some little jumps. Heels stay together.

Pilates Stance X Jump

So let's add a little more challenge for coordination in the jump momentarily. We're gonna open the feet quickly and land with them back together. It looks like that. So you open land together. Open land together. Open land together. Hello.

Does this suppose little trick your timing wise? You? I want you to accent the coming in before you land. You really have to get the legs together together. Together. Okay, let's go for eight more. Everyone. Here we go. One. You've got it. Keep jumping. Jumping.

Should be fun. Little trampoline. Fun Time. Six, seven and eight. Last one. Land. Hold. Stretch yourself out. Shake your legs a little. Okay. Just take your shaken. Wiggle your legs like that guys. Okay, let's work on one more little coordination. If you look up, see your feet on your trampoline. You can use your hands behind your head. Put One foot in front of the other one, so I've got my heel of this top foot here near the arch of the other foot. Bend your knees. Can you change your legs and land the other way?

Change Legs

Let's see what happens. Try it again. Oftentimes it takes a second of looking at it, feeling it. Jump lamb the other way. Heel in front of the arch. Pause. Remember those knees should be out over the second, third toe, not crashing in.

Okay. It's going to actually be really work. Good. Work for your hip muscles here. Let's see if we can go to roll through 10 in a row. Go what? To keep looking. Six, seven, eight, nine. So I'm going to keep going, but I'd like to put my head down. I don't need to see. Why don't you try it without looking.

See if it feels okay to jump bigger. Now jump a little bigger. Use those legs. Jump and jump. Eight, seven. Stretch your toes for four, three, two. [inaudible]. One land together. Pause. Okay, let's give something a try. I think we can do this. Let's go back to this one. Okay. We're going to repeat eight of those.

Alternating Single Leg Turned Out

So one, two, and so on. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Then the next jump, we'll do heel in front of arch and we'll jump eight like that. Okay. Can kind of see where I'm going. Let's go back to eight of these and we'll try eight of our changing legs. Okay. It's a pat your head rub. You're telling me thing.

Hold your arms up so that'll help your rib stay down. Start with a long leg. Here we go. Have some fun. One, five, six, seven, eight Len, heel in front of arch, two, three. Stretch those toes. Five, six, and seven. How we do, can we do it again and one land leg over jumper three, four, seven. Land Heel in front of arch, and eight, seven, six. Okay. I have a feeling we can do one more round and then we'll move on. Six, seven. Here we go. Leg over the jump board. One, two. Hold your tummy down. Five easy. Shoulders around your collar. Now you're gonna lend that heel in front of the arch. And one, two, satisfied with ending on a pattern of three.

Change Legs

We're going to go all the way around this thing. One more time. Here we go. Leg over the board and one, it's a freezing thing. Four, five really strong street legs. Seven. Ready to land with this heel in front of the arch and one to four. We've got a little rhythm here, don't we? N Six, seven everyone land and rest. Ah, take your legs straight. Wiggle them again. We'll go your hips.

Alternating Single Leg Turned Out

Wiggle your shoulders. And then I want us to come up off of our back and we're going to stand up on top of the carriage. Okay? I would like us all to keep the four chords on. Okay? Hold your the top of your jump board. Step up, get the other hand right in the corners. Walk your feet back, heels against the shoulder rests. Okay, now I want you to, as your legs are straight but not locked and pushing the back of the knees back, you have to actually use your quadriceps to hold your knees straight. But again, not like that. So that's, that's too much extension of the knees. So I actually have to keep myself a little bit more active in my quadricep.

Change Legs

You probably would to make it a c curve. We did this in the warmup, so the head is between the arms. You've got a lot of hollowing in here. Your back spine is pulled up to the sky. Now I want you to just sing a little additional weight in your heels into the the mat. Okay, now without moving your arms, can you push the carriage back? This is very heavy on purpose. Push those cord back. Then you have to pull your toes forward energetically.

Alternating Single Leg Turned Out

Pull your toes toward the jump board. Let's go back and forth. This is our elephant push and pull. Push, pull, push, pull. Trying to keep the spine in the round shape design. So the back spine pulled up to the sky, even the low back part of the spine.

Change Legs

[inaudible] two more. Push, pull and push and pull. Okay. Now from here, wave your spine like a ocean wave. I'm going to adjust my hands and I want you to lean your hips forward, your chest, right over your arms. And just for a moment, stay right there. Almost like a plank line. And I'm going to move my feet back. I want you to as well so that your heels are still in contact. Stay in a straight line. Everybody tidy up your legs, meaning just don't let them hang there. Pull them together.

Alternating Single Leg Turned Out

Now let's move the carriage. Those would be more from your shoulders in your arms pull. So I'm thinking of my shoulder blades pulling down my back, my chest, pulling toward the wall in front of me. Lifting that stomach up, hoping to keep the body in one line. Push and pull. Last two, last one. Once you come all the way in, round your back again, bring your knees down and then walk your feet back. Make more of a curve of your spine. There's that c again. Okay, let's try the same maneuver when we're down here on the knees, shoulders, stay level, and even you push with your legs, you pull like you're pulling your knees toward the trampoline, knees, back and knees toward the trampoline. Knees back.

Change Legs

I'm gonna go a little bit faster. Come with me out andN , O n o n. N. O, send in four more out and in, out and in really the legs. We'll continue to do just that, but let's change the design of the spine so we'll not in occur. Lift that chest. I'm going to pull my up and I want you to sit your sits bones back almost like you're sitting down. But that's kind of a passive thing there. So almost there, but you're slightly up off your ankles. Okay?


Arms are strong. You're looking at the wall in front of you. Ladies, do the same movement, knees back, knees toward the trampoline. Trying to keep your body line in that same long line. Design a little faster out in, out and out and out. And four more shoulders are low. Okay, and last one, n. N. Okay. Round your spine again.

Long Stretch

Then let's do what happened. Come all the way high up on your knees. Lean your hips forward a little. And I want you to bend your elbows like you're kind of doing a pushup, but you're in midst mid range. Hold that. Hold that now straighten your arms and see if you can lift your chest higher to the ceiling. Okay. Try to keep this shape. Push the carriage away, pull the carriage forward, push the carriage away, pull the carriage forward.

Round Back

So as you continue, see if you can keep your eyes and chest up even though you pushed backwards. Um, for more push, hold that stomach back. Three, two, last time. We're going to go back to our round spine shape. Lower your feet, walk forward, make a rest pose are like you're making a little shell shape on your mat. Oh, so to make this a little bit more of a full body, why don't you just a few arm exercises to throw that in?

Flat Back

Take off two of the chords. That leaves us with two. We're gonna sit and face the back of our reformer. Grab your straps. Whoops. Let's pull it off. The reformer and I want you to put your arm in and I'm using the long loop on this setup. If you only have one loop style just to get through there. Okay.

Down Stretch

Wiggle your hips back, you know, pretty close to the back. Put your hands together and raise your elbows up a little bit. So I'm trying to think of stretching the rope chords away from one another and that's also kind of my shoulder blades wide on my back. Keep that and we have to change the hands to like a blade position. Okay. Tall spine.

Child's Pose

Move your arms open, bring your arms closed, press your arms open, not too wide. I can see my hands out of the corners of my eyes, obviously here, but when I opened, don't go so wide that you can no longer see or wiggly fingers. Okay. That you don't need to go that wide. You do need to keep your shoulders low. Okay. It's a great exercise for the shoulder girdle and the health of your shoulders and your rotator cuff, your upper spine for posture. Okay, two more times. Doing well.

Goal Post Open Close

Yeah. Now last time, let's hold it. This one. Hold and just take a head turn. Look to one shoulder, turn them, look to the other shoulder, maybe behind yourself. Let's do it again. You need to take a break. You can in turn, look, turn and look. Okay.

Okay guys, moving on. Let's bring the arms to the front. Let go of your straps and we'll take our head rest down. We're going to take our legs right through that space. Okay. So if you have this style of loop that I've got with the two loop choices, go in this short one. If you don't, just hold onto your handle. Okay? And they'll take two strong arms right in front of you.

Arm Press in Flexion

We'll go back a little bit so you're more close to the edge. And then let's take a long flection of your spine and I want you to collapse. But you're doing a flection but as long ankles close to one another. So those inner thighs are working. And now start to move your arms down toward the floor.

And but keep your fingers in your peripheral vision. That's far enough for me. Shoulders are lower. And then move the arms forward. So a lot of movement here on the abdominal wall, pulling back the arm muscles, pulling the arms back, the neck muscles, keeping the neck long. Going for eight of those. Here's three. Sometimes I have an image that my arms are like canoe oars and I'm pulling them down into the water to pull the canoe through that lake or the pond pool.

Okay, we've got four more. Can you lift your stomach more? Can you squeeze your bottom a little bit? [inaudible] hopefully this feels pretty nice after that. Straight up and down the spine task. That's plenty. Okay. Hook your straps on your posts. Reach forward.

Side Bend

Just stretch your hamstrings for a second. Okay. We have one more exercise today when everyone to fold her legs, you can face me and we'll staying on two chords and then put your hand up on your jump board. Push away from it just a little bit. You're not going to go very far. Take this hand over here for a second and then out and over. You're going to take a side bend, side, bend side bend and come back up. Touch that shoulder pad, reach out, press the carriage and side bend, side Bend, side bend and all the way up.

And one more time and out and lift and side bend, side Bend, side Bend, side bend and all the way up. Okay, wheel around. I'm going to go this way you can take and change legs, one on top of the other. Take your hand on top of that jump board, push away or push you away. Take your hand out and let's go for a side bend. You're not going to get a lot of range and that is okay. You will feel the stretch in your side body. Just did three of those.

Press over. Open your ribs to the sidewall. Return and your last one over and up. Oh, and lift. Okay, I promise one more thing, I promise. I promise. Take one cord off. Step back into the inside. Let's do a little kind of creative hip flexor stretch. Okay, so walk your feet back, step one foot onto that head. Rest lunge yourself forward. You can just press your knee down, your heel down, and just stretch. Stretch your hip. So a quad stretch, hip flexor stretch. And then take it into a hamstring stretch.

Hip Flexor Stretch

One more time on this leg. Lean forward into the lunge, and then back into your hamstring. Stretch with a flat back. Okay. And then step through a plank line and then back into the other hip flexor quad stretch. Take that foot and heel down. You can [inaudible] hopefully opening up through here, feeling that stretch. Okay. And then hamstrings, hips, go back. Try to straighten the front knee and one more of each.

Ben [inaudible] and then hamstrings. Great work. Everyone. Hope you got a good sense of some new jumps or some good cardiovascular work today. Thanks for joining me and of course I'll see you next time. Thank you.


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That was fun! Variations helped me forget my legs were burning. LOL
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Loved it! Elbows up was very helpful for my lower back! Thanks for another great jumpboard class!
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Great class. Thank you.
Half hour of fun. Love the Long stretch series tips.
Kristi B
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Loved this quick power class! Thank you!
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Very good class with lots of great cues that will be helpful to my students! Thank you.
Erin W
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Super fun class, perfect for a quick boost!
Awesome class, thank you!
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Loved every second of it!! I plan on making this a regular routine in my busy week!
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Wonderful “get me going” class 👍🏻
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