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Join Kristi and Meri as they practice together, apart! Before flowing into this challenging Mat class, you will begin with a moment of pause and gratitude for our friends, safety, and ability to come together in our new norm. Kristi and Meri keep it light and fun while offering ways to push yourself deeper in your movements.
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Jul 13, 2020
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Hi! Hi, Kristi! What time is it? It's girl time! Girl time! So even though we can't be together in person, Kristi and I wanted to come together this way with all of you, and welcome you to our girl time. And we miss working out together, but we'll figure out a way to do it this way. And so, thank you for joining us, and we're super excited to have you here with us today. Super excited.

Yay, Meri, miss you, but this is awesome. Thank you for doin' it with me. Okay, so shall we get started? I guess so. So let's sit down on our mat, and bring our arms behind our thighs.

And lift up through the spine and close our eyes, and inhale, and exhale, and just bringing ourself into this space in this moment, taking a minute to pause, and let go anything that's not relevant to this practice, and to sit for a moment in gratitude for our friends, and our safety, and our ability to come together in this way. And then inhale and open your eyes wide open, and exhale, round your spine. Keep the shoulders just over the pelvis, and inhale, lift the spine up. And exhale. Round the spine, and inhale, lift the spine up.

And as you lift your spin, feel a sense of floating upwards, lifting taller, and exhale, round the spine, and this time, take your body back, let your arms straighten. Go back down towards the floor. Feel the lower back come into contact with the ground. Inhale, open the arms wide. Already? (laughs) Exhale, press your arms back forward.

Inhale, and exhale, roll back up. Lift the arms up, lift the spine up, open the arms out to the side, lifting the chest. And as the arms reach forward, round your spine. And go back, back, back, back, back. And inhale, open the arms, and bring the arms back, and inhale, and exhale.

We roll up, up, up, and lift the body up, lift the arms up. Float in space. Open the arms. Bring them forward and round, and go back, back, back, back, back. And take the arms wide, and bring the arms back, and inhale, and step down into the feet, pulling the heels back towards the tail sitting bones as you roll up.

It's a nice way to feel a little more connection, in my experience, my movement experience in this moment. Arms up, arms out, reach forward, and go back. You get up earlier than I do. Pausing as the lower back comes into contact with the floor, lift the right knee, and put that leg down. And lift the left leg, and put that leg down.

And lift the right leg, and take that leg down. And lift the left leg, and take that leg down, and one more time through. Lift the right, and place that leg down. And lift the left, and place that leg down. And I have to put my hands down on the mat to scoot my pelvis in towards my feet, and then we'll lay down all the way.

And inhale, and exhale. We're gonna flatten the spine, step into the feet, roll through the spine and lift up, finding that nice high hip position. And inhale, and as we exhale, we roll down, letting the head reach in the opposite direction of the pelvis, working our way through our spine, one bone at a time. Reach all the way down, and inhale, and exhale. We're gonna roll up.

Feel the inner thighs drawing towards one another. So we create activity throughout the whole body, and inhale. Then come back, articulating, dropping down. And inhale, and exhale, and roll up, feeling the feet anchoring into the ground, the backs of the arms anchoring into the ground, supporting. And inhale, and soften on the way down, moving sequentially through the bones of the spine, all the way down to the tail.

We're gonna do two more, everyone. Exhale to lift. And inhale. And exhale as we roll down, softening, elongating, turning all the way to the floor. And just one more, inhale, and exhale, lifting up.

And inhale, and exhale as we go down, down, down, down, down. Now, as your tailbone is landing, turn the palms of the hands face up and slide your arms out to your sides. Lift one leg and then the other, so the legs come into a tabletop shape. And then inhale, we're gonna twist to one side. Let's go right first, so spine twisting, and exhale as we come back through center.

And inhale as we twist left, keeping the shoulders wide, the arms wide, and exhale center. And inhale as we go right, and exhale as we come center. And inhale as we go left, knees stay side by side, and exhale as we come to center. Now, for a couple, let's take the head to the left as the knees go to the right, so we move the entire spinal column. And then center, so just a little different sensation.

And then inhale, move your head to the right as your knees go to the left. And exhale to come back. Feels nice, I think. One more. And back.

So we're gonna place the feet down on the floor. We're gonna glue the knees side by side. We're gonna bring the hands behind the head, fully interlocking the fingers. Inhale to prepare, exhale, lift the head and chest. Come up high enough so that the lower back imprints into the ground.

Reach for your thighs. Dig a little deeper, lift a little higher, let go. Reach up and back, bring the hands back behind the head, and lay the body back down. And exhale, head and chest comes up. And reach for your thighs, and curl in.

So I think of going forward more than I think of lifting higher. And let go, reach back, hands come back. They cradle the head, and then we lay back down. And again, inhale. What I'm doing with my legs is pushing down into the floor and also pulling my heels back towards my pelvis, so again, creating a full-body experience here, with this simple, simple movement, forward, arms, reach back, hands behind the head, and down.

We're just gonna go through that two more times, lifting up, reaching forwards, curling a little more, reaching back, hands come back, and lay down. And one more time, lifting up, reaching for the thighs, and curling up, and letting go, and reaching back, and pausing here. You know what's coming, Kristi? And we go rotate to the right, and center. And rotate to the left, and center.

And rotate to the right, and center. And rotate to the left, and center. We're doing one more time like this, and then we're gonna make a little change. How's that? Take the hands behind the thighs, lift a little more.

Bring the hands back behind the head. This time, as we go right, we'll take the knees left. (cell phone ringing) That's you calling me. And center. And take the knees right, rotate left, and center.

And take the knees left, rotate right, and center. And take the knees right, rotate, and center. One more time, through right, left, both directions, and the other way. And lifting up, reaching forwards, stretch one leg long, stretch the other leg long, glue the legs together, and anchor them down. Reach your arms up, reach your spine back, lift your head and chest, and we roll up, finding the shoulders over the pelvis to inhale.

And we go back. Find the chest lift shape, and then bring the arms, head, and chest back. And inhale, and exhale, working our way through, lengthening up in the spine as the shoulders come over the pelvis, and inhale. And exhale as we go down, down, down. Find the chest lift, and then back.

And then inhale, lift up, and exhale to roll up. So, my friends, I have a real-time confession here. I'm gonna take us through three more of these roll-ups, and then I'm gonna hand it over to my friend, Kristi, and I'm gonna do a little troubleshooting, because I can't actually hear Kristi. No, we got it, we got it. (laughs) I can hear you very, very faintly, but I wanna hear you a little more, so I'm gonna try a couple of things while Kristi takes over, and then I'll get back on my mat as soon as I can. And this is the last one.

Kristi, ready? If only you knew all the things I said while you were away, (Meredith laughs) while I was away. I couldn't hear, I'm sorry. So we're gonna flex our feet, we're gonna stretch forward. Kristi's gonna take it from here, and I'm gonna figure out how to hear her.

We are stretching so far forward. Okay, I'm gonna just let all of that go, 'cause you know. (exhales dramatically) Here we are. Let's go on back down, all the way, staying connected, keepin' the inner thighs glued just as we-- I'm back! Whoo-hoo! Okay. From here, just take your arms down by your side, bend the right knee in, hug it close, and hug yourself, and put yourself back in place, Kristi.

All right, leg goes up. That leg's up, let's flex it. Oh, it's early for me. Meri gets up early, I don't, so this is, like, haven't even had food yet. Okay, here we go.

I know, who cares? Crossing the body, take it around. That's the inhale, I'm gonna do an exhale second time around. So it's inhale, crossing down, around, and up, stop, same direction. Exhale, down, around, and stop, just two more.

Inhale, and exhale. When you get to the top, stay there, hold. Check yourself out. You know me, or maybe you don't, but I like to kinda know where I am, and you are your own teacher. Go the other way.

Inhale, out to the side, all the way around, hold. Exhale, same direction. Again, inhale. And exhale. (exhales forcefully) It's like a drop and a catch, just one more full round. Here it comes, I'm counting like Meri.

It's her class today, hold there. (laughs) Curl yourself up, find somewhere to hold on to. Don't go too high, if you're early in the morning as well, and lay back down, bring the leg with you. But while you do that, this is your opportunity now to stretch the opposite leg, to reach the hamstring of the down leg into the floor, and kinda let everything else lighten up because you did that. Ooh, I don't know- I'm shaking.

If lighten up was the right word. So am I, so am I. Okay, so we'll just let that float down. Bring the other knee in, hug yourself again. Oh, feel so much better that I can hear you, Meri.

I mean, I could hear you before, but I was like, "Why is she not laughing at my jokes?" (laughs) Sorry, I'm sorry! I'm just kidding. (laughs) Poor Nicole and Julie. (mumbles) Okay, extend that leg. So I'm on the left leg now, okay. Oh, my goodness! (Meredith laughing) Oh, my goodness, I might just back that one up right away. Flex the foot, put your arms down or to a T.

I'm just putting low (mumbles). Flex it, here we go, crossing, inhale, around, and up. Exhale, (exhales) inhale, around. Remember how that lower leg was really pressing into the ground? And one more full set, inhale, and exhale, go the other way.

Take it around, inhale, around, up. Try and kinda, like, stop on a dime. Dime, just stop at the top. (Meredith laughing) And exhale. (laughs) Again, inhale. And this is it, exhale, there it is.

Hold on to it, find your way to it. I'm gonna maybe hold my hamstring for this time. All right, I gotta a little more, I'm gonna climb up a bit. Oh, check out your lower leg, what's it doing? Reach it long, and then if you can, take the leg with you as you lay down, or just lower your arms.

(exhales dramatically) And then we'll float the leg down. Reach the arms back. I'm going uphill, just so you know, Meri, so I don't want any grief on this roll-up. Here we go, inhale, reach forward, one more roll-up, gang. Exhale, ooh, not bad.

Hope yours was equally- You're forward on the uphill? I live on a hill, and so, yeah, the garage is weird. Okay, hands by your seat. Scoot forward enough that you can do rolling like a ball. Pull your feet in close.

Either have them tight together, or not. Before you pick 'em up, though, let's draw the belly in, just like Meri did right in the very beginning. Pull those hip bones back. Your shoulders are still basically over your hips, pelvis, and then the feet'll just float up. I like to kind of slide my hands up my shins, and then push into them a little bit.

Roll back, inhale. Remember, I'm on a hill, exhale. (laughs) Kidding, sort of. Inhale, back, exhale, up, trying to hold it. Inhale, back, and you know, you're in charge. That's the way I kinda try to make this work.

If it feels easy today, make the ball a little tighter and remember that where you start, you stay. So pull yourself in, but don't open it up just to get back up. Challenge yourself, though, and don't worry if you don't get back up. Let's do two more. (breathing deeply) The breath is sort of what's moving you.

I think a little bit of gravity, I suppose. Hold that. All right, I'm just gonna set my feet down, back up a little bit. Hold back on, maybe a little higher to the knees. Push your knees into your hands, but create your own resistance, right?

It's not a great life lesson, but do it for now. It's helpful. Create your own resistance. (laughs) Yeah. I mean, who doesn't, I suppose.

But anyway, we're going into double leg stretch here. So, right into it, inhale, reach back. Arms go behind you, legs go way out, exhale, hold it, and pull it back in. You can make this a tight ball or not. Let's go, inhale, reach, exhale, scoop.

Use the breath to help you. Inhale, reach, exhale, scoop. I know I skipped 100, believe it or not, (laughs) and around. It's your lucky day. And exhale, and in, and out, two more.

In, and out, one more. In, stay up, hold on, push your knees in, curl yourself back up to where you wanna be, but not so high that you're not really workin' the middle of your body. Extend your left leg, and look at it. Lovely, isn't it? What is it pointing to?

See what it's pointing to. Let's make that right toe do the same thing, in terms of pointing. It's the same general area. Switch and hold, make sure you were right. Let's go, it's inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, or just breathe.

If you really wanna pull it in, pull it in. I like pulling it in. Stretch it and pull, pull. Use your arms, though. If you're gonna use 'em, don't just touch 'em.

That's just weird. (Meredith laughing) Pull, pull. I'm in a mood, again, I'm up early, for me. So you're not just (mumbles). Yep. (laughs) Pull those knees in, rest your head.

Maybe shake it side to side, or look side to side, but not for long, curl right back up. Help yourself through those knees and arms. You're strong, hands go behind your head. Extend the left leg, twist towards the right. Take a second, and raise that leg enough that you could put the instep of your foot into the inner seam of your knee.

Push on it, twist more. Push on it harder, push the thigh into the foot, and twist more. How? Change sides. What?

You just, you know. So we're instep to knee. You okay, Meri? Yeah, it's hard. Oh, I can't (mumbles), you're gonna kill me now.

Curl up, twist, press, press, press, and let's go, side to side. You don't have to touch your leg anymore, let's go. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, over chest, breathe, nice long breaths. See if you can feel yourself rotating on that imaginary balance beam. Find that rotation, find the wringing out of the spine.

And a couple more, starting now. And back to the center. Hug your knees, let your head come down. (breathes deeply) So far so good? So far so good.

Yeah? We'll do a little bit of single-leg stretch, whatever it's called. Curl yourself back up, right leg up, other leg straight out. Let's put it on the ground. We're (mumbles) gals.

Back (mumbles) that hamstring on the ground. Use that as just lever to help you get up, lovely. And so, you could just almost let go of the top leg, but we won't, we'll just pull, pull. Switch, take a second just to feel that lower leg. Push into the ground so it helps you up.

We work with gravity, not against it. Here we go, we go pull, pull, switch, both legs work. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, both legs are up, and hands behind your head. Lower your upper body down, but you don't you're comin' right back up. Here it is, curling up, squeeze through the inner thigh.

Lower the legs a little, or a lot, it's up to you. Exhale, upper body stays up. Inhale, down, exhale, up. Inhale, down, exhale, up. Sometimes it's nice to go outta order.

You never know what's comin'. And one more time only. Keep it up, lower your head, put your arms by your side. Exhale, roll over. Hang out.

Looking straight up, try to avoid the temptation to look at your abs, but lengthen your body, even in this curved position. Flex your feet, separate them. If you can, lower them. Oh, it's gettin' later in the morning, I can feel it. Roll down.

(exhales dramatically) Circle. We'll do three in each way, and by that, just means the leg position changes up and over. You're in charge. Flex, push 'em apart, lower. That lowering of the legs shouldn't change your back much.

One more like that, so the feet come together, they come to about 90, up, over. Keep it parallel for the moment. Flex, push that imaginary solid away. Lower the legs, stretch yourself down. Use the middle of your body to get there, enjoy that.

We got three in the other direction, which simply means reverse it. Open to the V, toes stay kinda pointed, up and over. And by kinda, I mean don't stress out the toes. Flex your feet here. Oh, I'm gonna just leave 'em there.

You can lower yours, and lower your body down. Two to go, make it dynamic, up, over. Squeeze to the inner thighs, flex. If you can, lower the legs. Otherwise, just reach your spine further down the mat than where it started.

Only one more time. Meri, you're comin' up, I think. Up and over, over, over. And I'm just gonna take us all the way down. How do you want me to take you, Meri?

Get us up to sitting. So we're gonna keep going, and just gonna hold ourselves up, and sit, and Meri'll take over. So, let's sit up tall, lifting the spine, pressing the head into the hands. Inhale, and we'll go left with a double twist. So go pull, pull, center.

And pull, pull, center. And pull, pull, center, and as you're rotating, think of lifting tall. Twist, twist, and center. And twist, twist, and center. And twist, twist, and center.

And twist, twist, and center. And now rotate left. Roll down towards the right knee with the right elbow. Roll back up, and come to center. And rotate right, and roll down, left elbow towards left knee, and rebound as you come up.

What I mean by that-- Feels good. Is move lightly, and rotate, and go down. And roll up, and return, and rotate. And go down, and roll up, and return, and rotate, and go down, and up, and return, and rotate, and go down, and lift up, and return, making each movement flow to the next. Go down, roll up, come to center, rotate, go down, come up, find center, one more time.

Go down, lift up, find center, other way, rotate, go down, lift up, find center. Reach your arms up over your head. Take your arms out to your side, and continue staying lifted in your spine as you take your arms back, and back. That's nice. I'm bending my knees because my hip flexors are cramping.

And three, two, one, reach all the way behind, pressing back into the hands, lifting the chest, connecting into the heels of the feet. And lift the pelvis. You're not gonna make me lift a leg, are you? No, no, no, not today. It's too early, Kristi.

Thank you! And lift. No, nice and simple. Nice and simple is the name of the game this morning, in my brain anyway. I gotta keep it simple right now. (Kristi mumbling) And down.

And let's do two more. Lift up, and down. And one more time, everyone, lift up, and down. And once you're down, flex your feet, open them up, and sit up. Taking arms forwards, inhale, and take the head down.

We're rolling forward, bringing the hands towards the center of the feet. And inhale. And as we roll up, I like to push forward with my feet and reach forward with my arms as we come up to sitting, and sitting tall. And going down, bending, elongating, maybe even letting go a little. No way.

That's a life lesson, Kristi. Yeah, for some day. And go down. So we control what we can, and let go of what we can't. And lift up.

I think a lotta life lessons are movement lessons. I think they're always movement lessons if you don't move. (Meredith laughs) And then lift up. So now we're gonna add some extension. We're gonna go down, we're gonna reach out, get nice and flat.

Really get those back extensors turned on. Go back down, and sit back up. And inhale, and go down. And reach out, bending your knees if you need. And reach back, and roll up.

And go down, and reach out. And reach back forwards, and lift up. We're doing two more. Going down, reaching out. Reaching back, and softly stacking the spine.

And last time. Over, find your back extensors. Now, hold here, everyone, bend your knees, kind of a lot. And then get a little flatter, and then try to stretch those legs back. And bend your knees, and reach out through your spine, and try to maintain that spinal shape as you stretch your legs back straight.

And bend, and stretch back out. One more, bend. It's so good. You like it? Almost. (laughs) Stretch out, but watch this.

Sit up, so easy. Take the arms out to the side. Twist right, and take the left hand to the right foot, and then reach through the arms to lengthen the spine, to lift, and come center. And rotate, and reach, anchoring through the opposite side of the pelvis. And reach out to come up, and center, and rotate.

And reach, and lift, and center, and rotate. And reach, and elongate, and return, and rotate. And reach, and elongate, and return, last time to either side. Reaching, feeling length as you're sitting back on, and return. And last time, and after this, Kristi, I think we'll give it back to you, and you can take us into our lateral work.

Fantastic. And reach up, and center, and just bring the arms down. Close up the legs, face the screen, come down on to your elbow. Keep thinking in my head- Oh, I like it this way. I can see ya.

Yeah, I keep thinking, "That's my favorite exercise. "That's my favorite exercise," and now I'm saying that again. This is the modified version, but we're gonna go to the 90-90 at the knee and the ankle. Elbow right underneath your shoulder if you can. You can move it out if you need to.

Stretch the leg long, put your hands where you want to, but make 'em purposeful, so they're not just chillin', 'cause the rest of you will follow. Lift the leg. Lift it again, but don't lower it beyond the hip. Lift it again, just find it, and that's a good chance to check yourself out again. Is your knee straight?

If you were to push the leg backwards, does your knee stay straight? Kinda sometimes have to look, or maybe that's just me. Come back to the center, we're gonna kick it forward, flexing as you come forward. It's kick, kick, sweep it back, keep that leg straight. Kick, kick, and back.

And breathe as you wish, I'm inhaling forward. (breathing deeply) The rest of you still. This is just your chance to go right. I can swing the leg, and swing it as much as you can, but try, for, now to keep the rest of you still. Press, press, back, let's do two more here.

One, one- So fast! Well, yeah, hold it there. Stop, slow down, Meri. (laughs) Push back further, a little further. Yeah, I know. We haven't seen each other in a while. I'm in that Speedy Gonzales mode these days.

I'll go back tomorrow, tomorrow. Okay, so we're back there, lift it up, lift. Lift, lift, lift. I'm still slightly behind my hip, I think. And that'll do.

Take that leg just in front, yeah? Crossing the ankles, come up to your el, uh, hands, sorry. Right, hasn't been that long. And then I move my hand out, here I go with that long arm excuse, but I move it out to where I feel like if I could see in the mirror, and I can't, it'd be a bit of a triangle here. So, use your feet, we're just going into a side bend, but we'll start out with just a side plank.

Come up, inhale, hang out. Check yourself out, are you okay? Are you too far away from your wrist? If not, push into your waist to come over and look down. Then reach back to the T position, and bend your knees, aiming your hips towards your heels, so you get to use your legs here, right?

We go up to the T, boom, hit it. Lift up, it's like you're trying to take weight out of the arm. You won't, but try. Use that underside. Come back to the T position, and take it down.

Again, we're gonna do, I think, about five. We'll see what happens. Three. This is number three, yeah, up and over. To the side, and down.

For the last two, maybe we won't go all the way down, or you just keep doing it like that, you know what I'm sayin', Meri, almost? Yeah, I'm gonna go- You're gonna go all the way. Okay, fine, Meri's goin' all the way down, so we're in the arc- You can do whatever you want. I'm gonna try. We'll go to the side plank, and just bend at the waist.

All right. I'm not (mumbles) this, probably. Up and over, there was no down on that. Come back to the T, but guess what, that was five. Hit that side plank, bend the waist, bend the waist, keep those legs straight.

If you can, bend, bend, and come down. Separate 'em out for our mermaid, please. So, you can stack the knees, you can do whatever you want here, of course, but you're here, so let's do it my way, just kidding. All right, we're gonna reach out. Land the hand, same hand.

Be light, you just used it. Rotate from the spine, rotate, rotate. If you can get the hand down, do. Ah, just gotta milk that a little bit, that feels good. Okay.

Reopen. And then, as if someone pulled you by that hand in the air, come on up. Grab on, take a little stretch over. Stretch. And again, just three of these.

Reaching out, see if you can really send it. The hip may come up, but you know, kinda anchor from that area, rotate. (exhales deeply) Reopen, and lift. It's so nice to see you, Meri, even if you're in a little a box. So nice to see you too.

(laughs) It's better than the last couple months not seein' ya. Reach out. Let the hand land softly. Rotate it. Really work towards getting both hands down.

You might even move the hand that landed so that you get that rotation. First, aim the hips back to the mat. Whether they get there or not is a different story. Try to keep the weight back there as you traction the mat, and send your chest through your arms, maybe looking forward, or even slightly up. Trying to find that, for me, oblique stretch, but everyone'll probably feel that a little differently.

Kinda settle back to what you feel is neutral. I'm gonna wiggle my hand, the back hand, a little closer to where it landed originally. Reopen and sit up, taking that stretch. If you can get your arm, bicep to your ear, do that. This side's a tiny bit tricky for me, so I'm gonna be nice.

Have I mentioned it's early? (laughs) Right, let's just go to the other side. Swing around. We started with a side kick, almost. We were on the elbow. For me, I always learned this particular version as a prep, but also just to have the wrist straight off the elbow.

Once I have my markers, everything else is free. So, we reach the leg, we lift it. We did a few just lifts, like, where are we? Okay, I still feel like my knee's straight. My hip could be a little more stacked, I see that.

What do you see in yourself? (Meredith mumbles) Let's go, shall we? What, ready? Oh, you asked what I saw-- I'm gonna go fast again, Meri. You can do half of 'em if you want.

No, I'm ready. Okay, let's go, kick forward, kick, kick, and back. Kick, kick. For me, I mean, yeah, I do it kinda for the purpose of seeing can I hold myself still. And not always, but here we go.

Let's do about five more, pull, pull, back. This is where I kinda remember that I can use the lower leg as an anchor. Don't let the foot roll around. This is probably close to five. Take it to the back, hold it back.

If it's not, I'll wait for you. It counters, and just press straight back. Check out your knee, is it straight? Straight back, straight back. You can still feel your hamstring with the knee bent, obviously, maybe, but sometimes, you just have to know what it does.

Once you get it back again, hold it there and lift again, just from back. Lift, lift. It's not meant to be big, and the rest of your body's still quiet. (Kristi grunting softly) It's burning! I know, I was just saying that must be close enough. Take that top leg in front.

You can stretch it out if you want to, but I'm gonna wait for a moment. Right arm is out, or whichever arm is out. Top leg is in front. Stretch yourself out, stabilize, here we go! Lifting up to that side bend, take it over, all the way, making that more about the obliques than the arm, if possible. Stretch yourself back to a T, and bend the knees to come down.

Again, lift. It kinda can be sharp. Up and over. Sometimes, I have to remember to put weight into my feet here. It's not cheating.

It's smart. Lift, number three. Up and over, almost like you're taking weight out of that arm. Meri, you haven't noticed that I'm on my shoulder, and I haven't said anything, so I had to say something. I was just actually thinking about it, congratulations.

Thank you. Why is she making us do this? She's injured. "She never does this." We're goin' up and over. This is the one, if you wanted to, we would not bend the knees. We have two, so, oh, I might have spoken too soon.

Yeah, it's good. And up and over again, all the way, go for it. Actually, it was okay. Mm-hmm, good. The fear that does it, you know?

(groans) Hold it, hold it, hold it! Somebody take a picture, just kidding, come on down. And we are into our mermaid. You gotta celebrate your own wins when you're in isolation, on lockdown. Okay, we reach out. We softly let the hand land.

Okay, fine, that's where you are now. I'm gonna rotate. Next time, I might go further and I might not. This one's just really about getting that rotation. Reopen.

And lift. (exhales deeply) This is my favorite. Yeah. Exercise. This looks good on you, if you know what I mean. You got that long waist. (laughs) Whoops, rotate, forgot what I was doin'.

Wanna do one more, Meri, and I will give it back to you. Reopen. Lift, light, and I'm thinking if I could like Meri doing this, she's up, up, up, up, and then over. Why do you have to look like me to do it? You're doing it.

Well, yes. Rotate. This was the one where if you need to move your arms, do, just so it feels even and you can traction yourself a little bit. Got the hips sorta weighted back, sending the chest through the arms a little bit. (Kristi exhales softly) Find a bit of neutral, reopen.

Help yourself up, take that stretch. Meri. All you, Meri. So let's turn and come down on to our mat. We'll come on to the elbows.

Interlocking the fingers, lifting up through the waist, so press into the elbows to lift the chest, and then slide the elbows back, and then lift the legs. And then we're gonna double-kick the right leg, and then alternate. So, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. (Meredith scatting) This is how we make our rhythm. (Meredith scatting) And now, take both legs straight.

Turn your face towards your device. Interlock your hands, put them behind you. Put your head down if you can. You can if you don't have a microphone on. And kick one, two, three, and reach.

And kick one, two, three, and lift the back. And kick one, two, three, and lift the back. And kick one, two, three, and lift the back. And kick one, two, three, and one more. One, two, three, and reach up, take your arms out to the side, lift them up and back, up and back, floating in space, flying through the air.

Three, two, one. Let your arms come down, let your legs come down. Press into the mat with your arms, round your spine, and reach back, allowing your arms to straighten as you take your pelvis back towards your feet, stretching out through the arms, stretching through the back. And then we'll come back up, and we'll sit and face one another. Sitting in a comfortable position.

We'll bring the arms out to the side, and then bring the arms up, lifting the spine as we do. And then we'll round forward over our legs, reaching for each other, and roll up. And take the arms up, and open, and as your arms open, lift your chest, reach way out wide with your arms, and then round forward, reaching for each other, 'cause that's what we need right now, all of us, every one of us. And lift up. In my opinion.

For sure. And take the arms. It's almost a tease, sitting and watching you in front of me. (laughs) I will hug you soon. Yes. And reach forward.

Oh, big news here, and roll up. I am negative for coronavirus. You tested? Yeah. Good, fabulous, come on over. Negativo,

as of Friday, anyway. Reach forward. All right, I guess I shouldn't. And lift up. And this time, open the arms, and bring them to the chest.

And I thank you all for being here together with us while we figure out how to make our girl time. Sorry for the technical difficulties, and just now, the speaking difficulties. But we appreciate you, thank you for joining us. We'll see you again. Thank you for letting me be in your class today too, Meri.

So good to be here, thanks, everybody.

Pilates with Meri Rogers: Zoom from Meri's Living Room


3 people like this.
Thank you @Kristi and @Meri! I love all your girl time classes. I love the focus on deep connections while keeping a great pace. It's a sweaty afternoon in Barcelona but the time absolutely flew!! Thank you both
4 people like this.
I think its because you are having so much fun too, that makes time goes fast!! 
3 people like this.
Thank you ladies for letting us in on your girl time! You both are great and just keep it so positive! You are shining bright!! Bless you both!
Margie and Laura thanks so much for coming to join us and leaving such positive feedback!  We appreciate you.
2 people like this.
Thank you so much for another girl time session; I am very happy to see you together again....great class
Shannon B
3 people like this.
Thank you ladies for the girl time.  It felt like being in a class together and the practice felt amazing!
Christine S
Thank you so much Meri and Kristi.  Definitely makes these weird times and isolation less stressful. You are both wonderful teachers and it is a privilege to do classes with you xx
Thanks to both of you! My body feels relaxed with improved flexibility. Indeed great teachers!
2 people like this.
Thank you Meredith and Kristi.  You have inspired me to schedule my own girl time with those I can't travel to be with this summer xx
Lina S
2 people like this.
Nice flowing class. The same atmosphere as the previous Girl Time videos! Thank you Meredith and Kristi!
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