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Cathleen Murakami teaches an energizing Foam Roller class in this episode of Funtastically Fit with Cathleen. You will use the Foam Roller in traditional exercises for added stability, coordination, and balance challenges. The concepts of rooting the appendages into the torso are explained while you are introduced to your “inner space”.
No Foam Roller? No problem! Roll up a couple of thick bath size or beach towels tightly and they’re great substitutes. Hand Weights can also be used to get even more out of your class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Sep 25, 2020
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Hello, hello. Welcome, everybody. I'm back. So I'm excited again to be here. We're working with the fabulous, fantastic foam roller, so be sure you have that with you, maybe a pair of light weights as an option.

Towel, water, super hot where I am. Option one, two, three. If you were with me last week, those are my cues for giving you choices. It was so fun to see the chat and see so many of you from all over. So I would love for you to put in, 'cause I get to see that at the very end, where you are, and I don't know, what season it is, or what's happening for you, and all of that.

And of course, if you ever have any requests and suggestions, I'm happy to take those into consideration. All right, you're ready to rock and roll? Yes. And I also have the larger earbud doodads in, so hopefully, nothing's gonna fall out of my head today. (laughs) All right, so pick up your roller.

Have your legs a little bit apart with your legs soft, all right? And as we inhale and lift up, (inhales) we're gonna exhale, side bend. Bend your knees, curl and flex your spine forward. Inhale to the other side, come all the way up, half circle, repeat that, (exhales) Exhaling, around and coming up. Feel your breath move you.

And up, and side bend, flex, and around. Now this time when you come up, you can create a little bit of extension, if that feels okay for you. All right, so just a little bit of the hips pressing forward toward the screen. And up, let's do a couple more here. Oh, that feels really good to me, too.

And all the way up. All right. Stand that roller right in front of you, have both of your hands on the top, step back a smidgen, soft knees. It's okay if the roller tips a little bit away from you, we're going into extension. Let that chest hang.

Inhale here, starting with the abdominal area, curl the tail under gently. Round your body all the way up, the roller will tip towards you. Inhale (inhales) and then exhale, soften those knees, you're waving down. The roller may or may not tip away from you, have a little pressure on the hands. Hang your organs.

Let your belly hang. Just let it hang out. (sighs) So the weight of your organs helps you pull that spine into extension. Take a breath, as you exhale, engage into your feet, roll the tail under abdominals, you're using the ones for right above your pubic bone as you relax and roll all the way up, (inhales) breathe in and once again, soft. Articulating down, waving.

And then find a neutral-ish spine here. Tip the roll or toward the screen, it's a little side bend, and then to the center, other way, a little side bend, away from the screen, toward the screen. I'm inhaling on that little tip, exhaling to the center. Inhaling and exhaling. Inhaling and exhaling.

Inhaling and exhaling. Take a breath. Roll all the way up. Grab your roller. Might be out of the screen, but it's in your hands.

Inhale here standing. Bow the head, exhale, roll down. The roller is hanging down toward the floor. Place it down there on the floor. Put your hands on the top.

Start rolling it out until your arms are straight. Okay, engage. And now start rolling forward till your hands are flat on top of the roller. Bend your knees, your knees are hovering, your knees are hovering. We're still warming up a little bit.

So lightly touch your knees, inhale, exhale, and float. All right, inhale lightly, touch and float them up. Organize your spine. So this is your opportunity, is a small movement for you to organize your head and neck position. Feel your shoulder blades engaged on your back.

Connect to your inner thighs, your deep pelvic floor, all that stuff. Yeah, one more. And hover and hold, breathe in. Exhale, stretch the leg straight, hinge back. Roll, you're in a little downward where dog is positioned, but roll the roller back with your fingers, pick it up.

Take a breath and roll up, up, up and your elbows lift up. Rotate toward the screen inhale, exhale center, away from the screen. Inhale, exhale center once again and center, turn. So let's just do that one more time. Bow the head, arms come down, take a breath and use your abdominals.

Avoid hinging back too far. Okay, keep your weight a little forward on the forefoot, roller is on the floor. Walk it out till the arms are straight. Breathe in, come forward. Hinge your body, your hands are on the top, you might have a little wobble, that's pretty normal.

Bend your knees, you're in quadrupedal, might have to adjust your feet like I just did. Find your center line. Lightly touch float, lightly touch float, lightly touch float, keep it going. Float, a couple more. Yeah, not too bad, right?

(laughs) And pause there and knees down, okey dokey. Have your handy dandy weights nearby. I have two pounders and three pounders today, your choice. Remember you always don't need to use your rollers, sorry your weights if you don't want to. Okay.

So, let's lie down and just start with simple pelvic presses, okay? I like to snuggle the roller right under my arch. I have my weights in my hands. You can always put them down too at any time. And I'm starting in this robot arm, dead bug arm position.

Engage into your legs to feel them activated, okay? Notice that connection connected into your center. Notice what your arms are doing, pay attention. Start pressing into the feet a little bit more, we're just gonna press straight up, okay? Press straight up with an inhale.

So here we go, we inhale and press straight up, there's your diagonal line. The exhalation, you can keep your arms still or bring them straight up to the ceiling. Inhale, bring your arms overhead framing your ears. Exhale, roll down through your spine. Articulating using the abdominals more than your glutes.

And then arms up to the ceiling, breathe in, bend your elbows, just bring your arms straight down. Easy peasy, repeat. Inhale, press straight up (inhales) Exhale, stretch the arms straight ahead, hold. Inhale, bring the arms over head. Exhale, roll down (exhales) Inhale the arms to the ceiling.

Exhale, bend the elbows. One more, just to lock it in. Pressing up, breathe in. Feel the inner thighs as part of this project, exhale the arms straight up. Inhale the arms come overhead.

Exhale, melt your chest. Feel that sternal drop first. Abdominals, walking your vertebrae into your floor. Tailbone heavy, inhale the arms to the ceiling. Exhale, bring straight down.

Okay, let's add a little bit to this. You can stay doing what we're doing or we are gonna lift one leg. Inhale, press straight up, got it. Exhale, stretch one of your legs in the air. I'm stretching up the right leg and the arms.

(sighs) hold it here. Inhale the arms overhead. Exhale, roll down. Oh, how's that left hamstring doing? Inhale the arms to the ceiling.

Exhale, bend the elbows, place your foot back on the roller. (sighs) Did it, say ? (sighs) All right you can make sounds on your own? I would love to hear them, inhale up. Yeah, at the same time, this time leg and arms arms, inhale the arms overhead, exhale, roll through that spot.

Inhale the arms to the ceiling. Exhale, bend your elbows, foot down. Sometimes even your foot cramps on that roller so, just know that can happen to you. Kind of mind flirted with it. Let's do that one more time, press breath up and the arms and the legs.

Reach overhead, breathe in there. Roll down. Get your mind into that core. Arms come up, elbows bend foot goes down. Last one, this one's super counts, right?

Float up and arms and legs. Arms, overhead breathe in, roll down smoothly with control, big smile on your face. Arms to the ceiling, inhale, elbows been exhale. Okay, put the waist aside, just for now. Flip that roller, so your, I'm gonna have my foot on that's further away from the screen and now your foot, of course, now this is a whole nother type of challenge.

So let's just start with the arms down for now. Let's just start now, you can have your weights nearby, Let's see how it goes. Alright. Neutral pelvis and organize that your feet are pretty, you know, next to each other so to speak left to right, your foot on the floor is not too far forward or back. And you know what I mean?

Okay, same thing, right? Are you ready? Press and lift. Okay, you have it. All right, lift up the heel of the foot that's on the floor, focus.

Okay, lift up. So you're on the toenails, lift the leg up that's on the floor to tabletop, feel that. Flex the heel, bring it up to the ceiling. Hold it lower the leg a little bit. Maybe just to parallel with the other thigh, bring it up.

You can go lower if you'd like to, but remember your pelvis stays level, inhale and exhale. It lift my voice, (mumbles) exhale, (laughs) Two more down, hand up. I think I'm doing five here. Somebody out there is counting, hold it. Bend your knee, toe down.

All of the foot down, heel down. Breath, (exhales) Roll, roll, roll, roll. How'd that go? How much were you using your arms? Do you have arms?

(laughs) Let's try that again. Organize, you know such a mental thing, right? Press yourself up in the air, inhale there. All right, now you have to pay attention to the leg that's on the roller. Lift your heel on the floor.

Lift your lift toes, lift your leg and tabletop. So you can just stay here and work on your balance if you need to. Check your lower back, what's it doing? Stretch the leg up. All right, option robot arms.

I'm not gonna lift them up today for sure. Lower the leg, bring it up, one. Lower the leg, bring it up two. Lower the leg, bring it up three. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, old it (exhales) Breathe, right.

Bend, toe down. Roll down, (exhales) Did you roll down with your leg up in the air? You can do that, right? Just did it differently this time. Change other side.

So, tabletop, lift it up, oh boy. Lower, lift, lower, lift, lower, lift, lower, breathing, breathing. Inhale. Exhale, one more inhale, exhale. Let's roll down with that leg in the air (breaths heavily) (sighs) Bend the knee, put the foot down.

Okay, one more, (laughs) I'm going to do the robot arms on this side, this one. And we will roll down with the foot on the floor. So I just kinda changed it up there for you. So these are just giving you ideas and options, how you can play around with this yourself, yeah. Okay, last one here.

Press straight up. So here you can distribute the work on the legs a little bit, but you know, you're gonna have to work more with the leg that's on the roller. So you have to mentally get ready, right? Lift the heel, lift the toes and tabletop the the leg, right? Down, up, slow and controlled, up, lower, lift, lower, lift, lower, pause.

Yeah, bend toe above heel and roll down. Can you feel yourself present to your arms a little bit more of course? Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Okay, very good. Stretch those legs up in the air.

Give them a little shake. Rock yourself up. Now, take your roller. Place it in front of you and hope it doesn't roll away. Back up here a little bit.

All right, so you are kneeling in front of your roller. I am standing on my toes, my toes are on extension for right now, okay. I'm gonna lift the arms up and breathe in, (inhales) lengthen of the side of your body, bow the head, curl back. So if you've been on a reforming, you know, the knee stretch series, you're kind of in that shape, okay. Fingertips will touch the roller.

Now start rolling it forward, breathe in, you will end up on your forearms just below your elbows and find yourself into a plank with the knees on the floor. Feel that shape, take a breath. Use your hamstrings and glutes and stretch so the knees are off the floor. You're in an, kinda like an elbow plank position. Pause there, breathe.

Exhale, lengthen your spine. Breathe out the top of your head. One more breath, holding. Yeah, lightly put your knees down. You wanna be in plank, avoid the goodie in the air.

Look, it only works sometimes, take a breath. Now here's the trick. When you come back, you will be tempted to stick your booty out in the air. So what I would prefer, so you get a little more work, is that you flex the pelvis, not so much with your glutes, but with your lower abdominals, press your arms into the roller to help you roll back. Feel that knee stretch position.

Hope the roller stays there. Lift your arms up (inhales) rotate to the screen open, (exhales) come up, rotate away, (breaths heavily) come up, and repeat the whole thing. Bow your head, hinge back, shoulder blades down, fingertips on the roller. Feel the shape, inhale to roll forward. Find the position that you have your line, and then you float the knees off the floor.

Pause, hold there and breathe. One and two and three and four, and five. Oh, you know what? Let's add a little push and pull with the heels. Oh, that feels really great.

My calf kinda wanted to cramp on a previous exercise, so this feels really good. So forward and back, extending toes more, stretching through the calves. Alright, lightly put those knees down. Breathe, again, flex by your abdominals, press to your arms, fingertips, okay? Hold that roller still, come all the way up.

Open again and up, rotate. Oh yeah, alrighty. This time, bring your legs all the way together, I'm still having, standing on my toes. Press the thighs together. Bow the head, come down.

Feel that knee stretch position without the shoulders being up, roll the roller forward. Find your plank. You know what's next, of course you do, float your knees up, okay. All right, front support, float your right leg up, hold it twice. Inhale one, two, put it down.

Gracefully, left leg. Inhale, inhale and exhale. Distribute your work, all right? It's not all jammed up in one area of your body, use your mind to do that. Inhale, inhale, exhale.

Long energy through the spine. Right leg again, good job, how's it going? One more set. (breaths heavily) Great, lightly put those knees down, okay? Remember, use the lower abdominal area to flex and curl back.

This time, widen your hands on the roller, pick it up. Open the knees a bit. I'm going to flatten the tops of my feet to the mat. Rotate and center, rotate and center, little extension option. Press the hips forward, lift your chest, breath.

Oh, hallelujah. And bring your body all the way upright. Delicious. Okey-dokey. Next one, for your foam roller pleasure.

We're going to put the knees on the top of the roller, okay? So if you feel your knee area, you know the patella, there's a little groove underneath, that is what is gonna snuggle into the apex of the roller, okay. So you're not technically on your knee joint. You're just a little bit below, okay. So figure that out.

And then you come into quadruped. Now, you can keep your toes kinda lightly touching the floor if you need a little safety net. But if you want to challenge yourself, you will slightly hover your feet. Okay slightly vary your feet. So feel your shape, feel your neutral spine, your quadruped position.

And now, keep your pelvis really anchored and centered. Stretch the screen leg back. I'm gonna flex today and push through the heels, I feel my glute a little bit. All right, and hold it. Notice if you're swaying in the opposite direction.

And then without a lot of disturbance, bring that knee back underneath you. Notice when we were gonna do the other side, notice how you really wanna come to the side, can you avoid that? So you hug your energy to your midline. I feel my inner thigh and gauge of my supporting leg, that's the leg that's on the roller. Push through the heel, feel the leg line as part of your spinal line.

Firmly press your hands into your mat. And then very slowly bring that knee back down on the roller, okay? So we are here. Firstly, exploring what the body needs to do, your body needs to do to stay stable on this unstable item. And it will be different left to right.

When you move slowly and very mindfully, you start to notice these little nuances and habits you might have. Yeah, first leg, no higher than your pelvis, is your pelvis level. Ask yourself, can you feel it? And then return, okay, first leg everybody. This time, you're going to point your foot, keep it on the line of your torso.

Touch the down, lifted up. Tricep, pushup, bend your elbows, lift your leg, feel the line. Come up, touch the toe. Inhale, bring the leg up, exhale. Bend your elbows, inhale, that's an option, right?

You can always just hold it, working on your balance. Touch the toe, float it up. Bend, come up one more on the side, inhale, long line in the neck and the head. And inhale and exhale. Beautiful.

Was it beautiful? I know we say that, right? Here's a little hint, when you bend your elbows, remember we're not bobbing for apples. All right, well, although it's almost Halloween. I think somebody told me they saw Halloween decorations in the drug store or something already.

Right, the second legs in the air, but we don't need a costume, we're all wearing masks. Touch your toe, lift your leg, inhale, bend your elbows and up, touch your toe breathe in. Exhale, reach through the leg long. Bend your elbows, push. Remember when you bend your elbows, your leg is floating up, right?

It actually might help you, okay? Here's the best one coming up, inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Bring that knee in. Yes, touch your toes, come back. If it's available for you, it's a child's pose with the roller.

So open your knees up. Roll that roller out (breaths heavily) Do what you need to you do here, if your buttocks are not on the heel, sometimes you put another little towel or something there, and then slide one of your hands over to the other. So it's a little bit of a side bed, breathe into the ribs that are opening up with a deep inhale, breathe into the bottom of that lung. I think these pod pros, you can probably hear me panting and breathing too, right? That feels so delicious.

Okay, come on up. So just so you know, if you wanna play with that one, we just did at home, you can also have a second roller under your hands while you have your knees on one roller too. So now the roller will be lengthwise, okay. And when we come onto the roller, I am going to use my leg that is further from the screen. Okay, further from the screen.

And my ankle is on the end, maybe down just a little bit. So the pelvis, your pelvis is already tipped, okay? So that's where you will be, the supporting hand on the mat straight down, and then the hand on the roller. So, basically your torso is tilting and I'm doing it in this direction so that you can see what was gonna happen with the leg that's toward you. All right, I am going to move my leg back it's on the roller, so it's not too far ahead of the one that's on the floor.

Curl the toes of the leg that's on the floor. Okay, first step, organize your head and neck, and then engage so that you float the knee off of the floor. So that the pelvis is as level as possible. And yes, you must bend the elbow of the arm that's on the roller and just find that shape. Can you find your neutral here and feel your pelvis level in all three planes, is your shoulder girdle level?

And breathe there, feel the length of your spine and then touch down, okay? Try that again. Inhale, come up, find that levelness as best you can. Long through the throat, okay. Are you there?

And return. Once again, float the knee up off the floor, I'm actually, I don't know if you noticed, I shift my weight a little more forward on to the arms, onto my hands, when I bring the knee off of the floor. Now, (sighs) pick up your foot. Just take your toes off the floor, hold it and breathe. Put the toe down, bring the knee down.

How'd that go? Can we do it again? All right. So bring your knee up. Take your toes up and stretch your leg behind you, bring your knee back under you, stretch your leg behind you and bring that knee back under you.

Keep the head and neck long and pull, push and pull, push and pull. Here's the best one. Push and pull and toe down, knee down. My goodness, how did that go? Kinda challenging, right?

Take your wrists, your hands, lace your fingers. (inhales) breathe, make some figure eights, okay. Alright, go the other way. There is another way the backwards and we will do the other side. So you'll probably notice it will be very different for you left and right, maybe not, but it usually is.

Alright. So, hand on the roller hand on the floor, organize your shape. And again, when you float the knee off of the floor, there is this little weight shift forward, it will really help you a lot. Okay, so that's why I go slow, so you'll figure out where exactly in space it will be most stable for you. Feel your line and bring your knee up and just feel that shape first, okay?

Sliding my leg back a little bit. Then the elbow on the roller is bent. Can you organize your pelvis in space there, and then lightly put that knee down. Okay, try that again. Bring it up, this side for me, I feel like I'm really far away from the floor.

Maybe my roller isn't around (laughs) its oval. Pause there, yeah, your weight is forward, right? And then back down. Okay, get ready. Ready if your ready, come on up.

Find your position. Woo, pick up the phone foot. Push it out, whoa (laughs) In in, I told you it's really different for me on the second side. Push and in and push and in, really keep your face away from the floor. And in, it makes a difference.

Push, squeeze, your glute inhale, exhale, last one, inhale, exhale. We're taking a picture there. And bring your knee in, put your toe down. Bring your knee down and come off of the roller. Oh my, open the legs.

Come up, your wrist again. All right, I can't wait to see myself on that replay (laughs), reverse it. Oh goodness. Alrighty. Let's do this to release our spines a little bit.

Sitting, were gonna be a little bit on a diagonal, and my legs are about the width of a yoga mat. It's super tall and flex your heels, right? We're just doing a simple spine stretch. So breathe in and feel yourself elevate out of your pelvis, bow your head as you exhale, roll the roller forward. And if you have the mobility, you can point and plantar flex your feet.

(inhales) inhale there, exhale and roll yourself all the way back up. Inhale and bow your head (inhales) Use your abdominals, curve the spine. It's like you're leaving the kidneys behind you, shoulder blades down. So I like to press down on the roller just a little bit, you'll feel your lats and you'll feel your lats in that area. Your serratus, where it engages into your obliques.

Would you love that anatomy should speak? So can you feel when you press down on the low you're gonna feel that area, right? Right in here, right in here under your armpit, by the ribs. And it really helps you because you engage, (train whistle) there's the trail, the serratus into the oblique. So it's the area, if you're old enough and you remember those Calvin Klein ads with the black and white with like Marky Mark, you know, and the guy's like aah, and there's like cut in here, it's that area.

All right. So we're going to put the roller behind us here and look straight ahead, your elbows are bent, your feet are a little bit apart, yeah. And stretch your elbows straight, so you're up on the roller. So your arms are really perpendicular in relationship to the roller, okay? Hold your position there.

Just lightly bend your elbows, inhale, push straight up, exhale. Inhale and exhale. So your buttocks staying very near your roller, push. Breathe in, breathe out. Yes you can press into your feet a little bit.

Yes, the roller is probably wobbling a little bit, okay. That's normal, we're working, you know, with stability, you're working the tiny, tiny, tiny muscles around the joints that are very challenging to get to. Inhale, exhale. How about one more inhale, exhale and lightly come down. Stretch those legs out and open your arms.

We're going to just do a simple spine twist here without the roller. Come up and center, inhale and exhale. Feel that diagonal line of your arms, yeah. Turning, the back arm remember turn down, the thumb turns down, up and center. Up and center, okay.

Let us do that again, no triceps though. You will just press, I'm coming a little narrower for myself, press straight up. Bring the feet out a little bit further. Okay, lift your chest up here. And, sorry you do have to use your triceps, you have to bend and now we're gonna push the hips up into that reverse tabletop.

Bend, low your bum a little and then push straight up. Inhale and exhale, same thing here. You want to distribute your work? So your hamstrings and your glutes are working right? Are your inner thighs?

Yes, I know the shoulders, your arms for sure. Your abdominals, even though you are not really flexing your trunk. (inhales) inhale. Exhale, how about one more? Yeah, baby, go hold it there.

Little pulses, little pulses. Let's think of Tracey Mallet here. Go girl, up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, (sighs) And come down, beautiful everybody. Take your roller now. This is my friend, Erika Quests, I watched her do this.

Maybe some of you already have. And you hold the roller, we're gonna be kinda like a rolling, like a ball-ish shape. Not as tight, okay. And you kinda, (laughs) you have to touch it on your forehead, okay. Something like this.

Are you taking a screenshot guys? shoulders are down. Yeah. Are you, I bet are just gonna watch me on this one. We're going to breathe.

We're gonna roll back and try not to take it away from your head like I just did, okay? Okay, so you cannot look at the screen here on this. Hold it to your forehead, are you ready? And, oh yeah. Come on mama.

And, gotta get your butt up in the air, right? It's super hard. Whoops, keep going. I'm rolling off of my mat. (laughs) One more.

(sighs) look at that, look how far I rolled off my mat guys, isn't that crazy? How'd you do? How did you, did you do okay on that one? All right Erika, I bow to you. Use one of your weights and come back and lie.

Lie down so that the roller is across the lower tip of your shoulder blades. I probably have a dent in my forehead now. Hold one of your weights in front of you, I'm just going to have it here in front of my chest. If you know you fatigue very readily in your head and neck, bag the weight and support your head and neck with your hands. Alrighty, nice and slow.

Take it back. Inhale, if you have the weight, stretch your arms, overhead support your neck. Then come back to your chest, exhale and curl up, okay? You could do this without the weights of course, your arms over your chest inhale, reach the arms nice and long. Exhale, bend your elbows, inhale and then crawl forward and up, okay.

Or, of course that other second option or the third option would be to have your hands behind your neck and head. How is that going? Just a simple curl right here. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. So be sure you still have a sense of the lower part of your ribs drawing down toward your hip bones, even when you're in that spinal extension.

(breaths heavily) Good job, good job. You know I'm talking to myself here (laughs) and coming up (laughs) last one. Over reach, keep those ribs engaged and coming up, alrighty. Put that aside for now, bring your knees up. I am going to lightly put my fingertips on either side of my mat, okay?

Bring the legs to tabletop now. Super glue them together, nothing changes in your spine as you tip toward the floor and return. Your hinging at the hip joint, only the hip joint, inhale. So the leg shape stays the same. You may or may not touch the floor, okay?

But so notice if you go to close and your back starts arching. Be careful, the roller starts rolling. (inhales and exhales) A couple more. (inhales and exhales) Last one. (inhales and exhales) Great, stretch your legs out for a moment.

Support your head and neck, arch the back. Let your head, allow your head to be heavy in those arms. (sighs) Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It feel so good, right? Reach your elbows a little bit above you.

If you'll have that opens up the back of your armpits. Let a huge breath there. And then bring yourself up, bend your knees in. Take a hold of your weights, if you want. We're just doing a little bicep curl.

Arms forward, Let's just bring one leg up and straighten it. Option would be just to keep the knee bent in the tabletop position, or you have the leg straight. when your leg lowers, bicep curl just to 90. Not too close, yeah. And up, inhale, exhale, upper torso is stable, exhale.

Inhale, relax your face, focus your eyes. (inhales and exhales) One more. (inhales and exhales) Bend, put it down. Second leg, let's go. Breathe in, breathe up.

Your foot that's on the floor, You can press down into it a tiny bit to help stabilize everything. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. One more, inhale, exhale, then put it down. Bring those arms up, let's just add in this since we're here. Open closes, just to stick them up position.

Close, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, a couple more in exhale, exhale. I lied actually four more, two and one, great. Put these down, flip over and figure out for yourself where the roller will be most comfortable for you. So that we can come into this, oh I put my toes on my head position, okay. Because we will alternate between curling under and arching, okay?

So I'm gonna move back just a little bit for myself. The roller has to be a little bit closer to my knees, I'm slipping on my leggings today. I have my knees a little bit apart. My feet are aiming a little bit together, soften the elbows and arch. That's your inhale.

And then you exhale into your shape (exhales) Breathe in here, start curling and flexing your spine and roll that roller underneath you. Inhale, exhale. See we're opened up our hips now. And arch moving back a smidge, careful with your neck everybody. And curl under (inhales) inhale, exhale and arch.

I like to soft my elbows, but still push my chest up and curl, one more time. And arch, (sighs) and curl. Beautiful, yeah, felt really good. I'm going to turn around. Place the roller underneath my groin, underneath the groin, put the legs, I'm lifting up something like this to get that really top part of the quad, you know, kinda like out of the way.

And I'm bringing my head towards the floor. I have my elbows about the width of my yoga mat, and my hands, I should show you, my hands in this triangular shape with my thumb and my index finger touching. Something like this and sinking toward the floor without collapsing, lift through the abdominals, stretch the legs long, really long, right? So lift them up as they lower, slide the elbows in, press up (inhales) that's the in breath. Open the elbow, start floating your legs up right away, float up and slide the elbows in, yes my toes go down.

Your abdominal area is very engaged and lifted, the backline is super working. Yes, I roll a little bit on the roller heel to lift my legs. Be careful that the lower back does not overextend. Push into the floor lift, I'm kinda pulling here. And elbows open, float your legs up.

Elbows in, pressure chest forward and up, one more everybody. So it's a little version of swan dive. And coming up, (sighs) Press yourself back, bring the roller in front of you, open the knees. Here's our release for the spine. Deep breaths into the kidney area (breathes heavily) Bring your body up and bring the roller underneath you.

Hug it with your inner thighs, and your head and neck will wanna start sinking toward the floor, so do your best. I'm coming back a little bit, do your best to avoid that and then bring your arms out to the side, okay? So there's this little bit of play left and right, be careful with that. Avoid bobbing for apples, (laughs) Hug the roller with your inner legs. Slide your hands forward, lift the elbows, bring yourself up, stretch the legs.

Ooh, and touch the toes and come back to your starting position, okay? So I'm in the stick them up position with the arms, slide the arms forward. I'm sliding them forward so the elbows come off the floor. If you need it a little bit more of your arm down, that's fine. But you do wanna feel some spinal extension.

Reach through the legs, this is where it's tricky. Float. Bring your legs down. Soften the knees, hug the roll or soften the elbows starting the position, how did you do? If you have to adjust like I'm adjusting a little bit.

I can tell my whole body wants to slide towards the camera. Slide the arms out. Bring yourself up, so I'm pulling a little bit on the finger pads. Stretch the legs, before you float the legs, feel your center line reach, breathing, bring the legs down and hug the roller and soften your elbows. And grand finale, stretch the arms, inhale, (inhales) Anchor that pubic bone before you float the legs.

Up. Yeah. Hold it there. Little swimming of the legs, tiny. Inhale, exhale, (exhales) inhale, exhale.

Remember your face is relax. Exhale, inhale, the harder it is, the nicer your face (laughs) Exhale, inhale, exhale, (indistinct) inhale, exhale. Last breath, exhale. Can you take your hands off? (laughs) All right everyone.

I hope you had a good time today, I certainly did. That was fantastic. Thanks so much for joining from wherever you are and can't wait to see you next week. Next week is a pilate's mixed fit interval class. You will wanna have tennis shoes next week for a portion.

And I do wanna say, I love meeting many of you already, but to find me, it's just my main Cathleen Murakami on Facebook on Instagram, I have some other stuff going on. So if you still wanna follow me with some classes I have, that'd be great. Otherwise tada, see you all again. Thank you, thank you. It's just so exciting to know that so many of you are from all over the world.

It's just, you know, this zoom platform is, isn't it amazing and fantastic, yeah. And big shout out to this tech crew team I have that makes me look so good (laughs) All right, thank you, thank you everyone. Bye for now.


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Greetings from Ireland Cathleen. Lovely to virtually meet you!! What a wonderful class, I adore the foam roller. This is a class that I will be doing again and again. 
Diane Duvall
What a FUN class Cathleen!!  I love your joy and energy.  I thought I knew a ton of exercises on the foam roller, but you showed me lots of new ones!  I love teaching Pilates with props these days to keep my clients engaged, interested and challenged (and this class was a challenge).  I will be searching out more of your classes on PA!  Thanks from Atlanta where it's a gorgeous 76 degrees.
Cathleen Murakami
Diane ...thank you so much! I LOVE teaching on the RF so much...I just taught this morning on my site and used light weights and boy, I was shaking for sure! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.....sending hugs from Cali to Atlanta!
Cathleen Murakami
Etaine ...I LOVE Ireland! I'm thrilled to be able to reach so many around the world. PA has given so many of us access to Pilates enthusiasts everywhere.  Thank you so much for taking the time send me a comment
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Thank you so much for a great class!  So much fun and new moves with the roller!  
Leena K
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Greetings and many thanks from Helsinki, Finland! What a fun and challenging class!
Anna E
2 people like this.
Thank you! That was fun - and challenging! Greetings from the west coast of Sweden! The sun is setting into a mild (15° C) and grey (but no longer rainy!) early Saturday evening. 
Cynthia G
2 people like this.
Greetings from a chilly wet South Africa.  Spring just doesnt feel like coming yet. Thanks for getting me to go places I normally wouldnt dare with such a smile on your face and a laugh.  Feel good.  I repeat and I will feel great, I'm sure. Thanks.
1 person likes this.
Hi from the New Territories in Hong Kong! A bit sweaty here, especially after that epic class. I really enjoyed the variety and challenge. Lots of things I have never tried before. Thank you!
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Thank you from Reno, NV for a lovely class with fun new ideas with the foam roller! Love your cute top - would love to know who makes that?
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