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Beginner Series #3

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This is the third Beginner level class in a series of 10 that will be taught by Niedra Gabriel. The Beginner Series is designed to lay an instrumental foundation for all your Pilates mat work. Join Niedra for each class and notice the improvement in your exercises as you progress through the series.
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Alright. So good evening everybody. This is lesson number four. Number three of the plot is Matt beginner level. So I'd like you all to lie down on your backs and get started with the warmup. So as you know, if you need a pillow under your head, that's very good. Tim. I'd like you all to bend your feet up on the mat. Bend your knees, Tim.

Let's get this a little bit more even and you need a little bit more height. Good. Put your head back. Whoops. One more moment. Let's get a little bit more height going. Okay. And length in the back of your neck. No other way. Chin down. Chin down. That. Okay, so very nice.

So place your arms by your sides and if you have something, a pillow under your head you want, that's only there if you need it to make sure you can get a sense of length in the back of your neck. So you want to feel very long from the back of the neck all the way to the tailbone. Gently glide your hands down away from your shoulders. You feel a shoulders moving away from your ears, make sure your knees and your feet are together and now pull the stomach in and up and you feel the back. Get long on the floor. Possibly. You want to be sure you feel the ribs on the floor. So reconnecting with your powerhouses. Stomach is in and up.

The back is long. The knees are squeezing together so the hips are narrow. So you feel that clamp of the hips right next to each other. Keeping all of this in place. Lift your right knee to your chest. Bring the right knee into your chest all the way in and put the foot back down on the floor, keeping your back quiet and your stomach invades simple movements. Squeeze your hips together. So then I sent tight.

Lift your left knee up and put the foot back down. Keeping your stomach in Nice, tight, hips tight and lift your right knee up and put the foot back down and lift the left knee up and put the foot back down and lift the right knee up and put the foot back down and lift the left knee up and put the foot back down to very simple movement just to isolate the hip and not lose control of your powerhouse again. Hips tight stomach in back, long knees together, Tim, lift your right knee up again. Keep your stomach in and lift your left knee up. So both knees are in the air and they meet each other. Knees are together, your hips are down, your bottom is tight, your stomach is in. Put your right foot down, put your left foot down and reverse it. Lift your left knee up.

Keep your stomach and if you write me up, put the left foot down. Put the right foot down, lift your right knee up, keeping your stomach in. Lift the left, Nia. Put the right foot down. Put the left foot down, lift your left NEA. Lift your right knee up. Put your left foot down, put your right foot down. Very, very good.

Now check your alignment again. Check that your feet are together. Sometimes the feet can get sloppy and one foot in front of the other. So if you check your heels and your big toe joint, are they really touching evenly? You're aligning your bones. You squeeze your knees together, squeeze the hips together, knees together, knees together, back of the neck, nice and long. Take both hands and place them on your navel so they're one hand on top of the other. You can feel your belly. Pull your belly in, feel it drop down towards your back.

Keep your stomach pulled in this way. Squeeze the knees and if both knees at the same time at the same time, bring the knees up. Aha. Bring the knees all the way in there. Pull your stomach in. If it pushed out, tighten your bottom and put your feet back down on the mat without losing your stomach if you can. Very good. Now if you lose your stomach as you do this, you just keep fixing it because the muscles are tight. One thing to watch out for. I don't want to see one knee, one knee, because then I know you're cheating because you're using your thighs to lift up. I want you to use your stomach even if it's weak.

So squeeze your hips together and tighten your stomach and lift both knees at the same time. Squeeze them tight so they don't fake it. Bring them in into your chest so the knees are tight. Then your back is naturally long when the needs are there. For me, I like him. Ben, squeeze tight, bottom tight stomach and float the feedback down on the mat. Tight, tight, tight, tight bottom.

Pull the stomach in if it pushed out and lift your knees again and bring them close to your chest so the legs come nice and close to your body. It's easier to have a long back in that position and put your feet back down on the mat, keeping your stomach pulling in and up in the back wrong and lift your knees again. Pull the stomach in, press back into the mat and float your feet down to you. Stay long in your spine from in your belly. Tighten your hips and your lower down. Very nice. So those were the lower abs, upper abs. Lift your arms through the ceiling. Now in this position, check that your shoulders are pressed away from your ears. Pull your stomach and again, elbows along and lift your head and chest and reach your hands towards your ankle.

So you curl up and you close the ribs to lift up and then float back down. Lifting your arms to the ceiling and lift up again. Lift and stretch arms towards your ankles. Close the ribs. Feel them float toward your waist and float back down. Lifting your arms up and lift up again and feel the stomach drop under your skin, towards your back. Shoulders away from your ears. That's it.

Then lower back down and lift up again. Nice shoulders away from the ears. Make those upper abs and ribs work very, very nice. Lower back down. Lifting your arms up. Now add the knees to this, so lift up again and bring the knees to your chest. Lift up, chest up, knees to your chest. Sandy. Deeper in. That's a girl, and float the feet down, arms to the ceiling, and lift up again and feel the ribs and the hips moving towards each other slightly. The stomach gets from to lift you up, lower, back down, keeping your shoulders away from your ears. If you can shoulders down, that's it. And lift up again and make the powerhouse lift you, not your shoulders and lower back down.

And one more time. Lift up, pull the stomach muscles in and up. Very good and lower back down. Put your hands down on the mat and rest. That was very nice. So those are the muscles you use whenever you're using your powerhouse. So we're going right into the hundreds. We'll start the same way.

Lift your arms to the ceiling, pull the stomach muscles in and curl your head and chest up. Just the way you did. Lift the knees into the chest. Check that the shoulders are way from the ears. Pull the stomach in, extend the legs up. If you can. Keep the stomach in. Start pumping with the arms. Breathing into three, four, five. Exhale, five, three full five. Tell the stomach in and upkeep the arms. Nice and fast.

Exhale to build up here. Four, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, five, two, three, four, five. Exhale, very good. Bend your knees in head and feet to the mat. Take a breather. So bring the knees in, put your legs down so you have a little rest. We're going to do another 50 but we'll keep the feet down so you can really focus on the breathing. Now. Now when you do the, the inhalation and the exhalation, you want to focus on a very deep exhalation. Why? Because unless we fully empty our lungs of air there, there's about 20% of stale air that stays in the lungs.

And when we squeeze more, more, more air out, you forced the deeper abdominal muscles to get to start to work so you can find more muscles. And also then when you breathe in and loves pop open, so you'll actually increase your ability to breathe by working on the exhalation. So this is what it will look like. You'll lift up, but only your upper body so you don't have to work with the legs right now. So you'll do the pumping just like we've been doing, and a slow breath in. Every time you breathe out, really squeeze the stomach, squeeze the ribs, try to get every last bit of air out of the lungs, and you'll find that you can exhale much further than you thought you were doing. You did. There's more air to get rid of, and that's the air we're really going for. So lift your to the ceiling, bend your knees up, came on the mat. It makes it easier to have your back long. Pull the stomach, and before you start, now curl your head and chest up with his shoulders away from your ears. That's it. Now start pumping, grieving in pull pipe.

Exhale, three, four, five into three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three for five. Inhale for five. Exhale, three, four, five. Exhale more and more. And relax. Very, very good. Just to try that out. So sometimes you discover you have much deeper capacity to breathe by doing that. Okay, Stuart, your arms over your head. Let them run lungs. Expand the arms all the way back, all the way back towards the floor.

Give the arms a good stretch at the back arch. Let the ribs lift brawl with the RMC, giving yourselves a good stretch. Straighten the legs out on the floor. Give yourselves this good strategy. Going the opposite, just wiggling and stretching out. Then bring the arms to the ceiling and roll up.

Either with straight legs are bent knees, whichever way works for you to come up to a sitting position. So Tim, you are going to bend your knees into your chest. Grab all the way in and rock up. Bring them in and head forward now and up you come. Very good. So sitting with your knees bent. Simple version, rolling back and up. Nice long spine to begin with. Pull the shoulders down, look down towards your navel and Tuck your tail.

Now roll back a little bit more. Close your ribs. Keep Rolling back very round, just halfway. And then use your hands to see. Make as you come up to make your shape even around or pulling your stomach in and roll back again. Tucking your tail, talking your sacrum, pulling the stomach and closing the ribs. That's it. Roll back very round shape.

Stretch your arms out and roll back the same way without arms. So roll back, Tuck the tail sacred Mandy stomach up, stomach up, roll a little bit further back if you can, and then roll back up. Good. And then see if you can roll to the floor. Say my rolling down, shoulders down your tail under you and drop one bone at a time onto the mat till your lying flat. The arms go right to the ceiling. This up to the ceiling, and then lift your head and chest and roll up again. If you need to grab your thighs to help you come up. Come on up. Oh, very good, very good. Up You come up, you come out, become okay. Now we're going to keep on going with this.

Each of you is going to work at your own levels. You're also going to work at your own speed. So if you're at the point where you can't get up and you know you're there, the important thing is not to go beyond that point but to stay right kind of at the edge of what you can do. So some of you may be, if you go all the way down, you're kind of stuck and you're, you're gonna there's a point you fly to cause there's a section of your back that stuck. So you want to just go as far back as you know you can go and then maybe work to open that place and then come back up again. So some of you will roll to the floor, some of you won't, but your work at your own speed. Now snobby even according to what I'm saying.

So does stretch your arms out, pull your stomach in, start rolling down. Each one of you at your own level, just focused on the rolling motion. So focusing, getting one bone at a time, rolling because you're looking to relax and open up an increase. The flexibility of the spine. That is so nice. It Wendy. And that takes time and it, each of us has a different back in a different condition.

So we really want to make the work work for us at the level we're at. This is not about looking like your neighbor sandy just made sure you had goes down when you get to the floor. So you relax your neck, but you want to work for your own body so that you start to develop and increase your body at the level you're at. And your improvement will be the quickest when you work like this. And this is looking very nice. So one more time. Such lovely work came that excellent what you're doing there. Absolutely.

Excellent. So once you rolled back up, you finish the roll and roll back up and stretch your legs out. Very nice over there. Ha ha ha ha. Up, up, up, up, up. Nevermind. And now stretch the arms out. Pull the stomach in it just for a moment. Stretch over your own legs, grab your ankles and give yourselves a little stretch forward. Just relax over a bit.

You're looking to increase his range of movement and now stretching your arms out. We'll do the same roll back, but with straight legs so the feet are very slightly turned out. The big toe is may be two or three inches apart. This helps you find the powerhouse and find the wrap of the hips. Start Rolling halfway back again. Tuck the tail under. You pull the stomach in, close your ribs so there's your halfway roll and then come up and do gentle stretch forward. And then if you want to, you go to the floor.

Same thing, roll down. You can do a first run test run to see if you can go all the way down. See if you can roll them up, fall down. Good. If you've gone all the way to the floor, you stretch your arms over your head, Tim. That's excellent. What you're doing there. And then when you're ready, you roll up that very good here. Very, very nice. Yes.

Good and roll down again. Good. Nice articulation of the spine. Shoulders are down, Tim. You. Yes, very good. Nice rolling motion. Pulling the stomach and closing the ribs. That is so good. Really, really intelligent work here from everybody.

I love it. So finish your roles and once you're up, bend your knees whole behind the knees where an all of us are going to roll to the frost. So you've warmed up your back, you're warmed up the powerhouse. So take the hands here to help you go a little bit deeper into the articulation of your spine. So again, Kale is under close the ribs and see if you can with control, lower yourselves back to the mat. The hands are there to assist you and when you're down you place your hands flat on the mat for single leg circles. So make sure if you need something under your head, we are Sandy. Make sure good team that the back of the neck is long.

Let me just help you here. Excellent. And arms along the knees bent up. The back is long, the stomach is in the buttocks. Attacks you connect to your powerhouse. Lift your right leg up to the ceiling, stretch your knee and very slightly turn it out and tighten the hips towards each other. So your powerhouses locked. Keep your powerhouse steady. Take the leg slightly across your own body draws circle and stop with your heel. Opposite your nose.

Circle the leg and up to go cross round and around and up. Cross down, around and up and circle the leg and up and circle the leg and up. Now reverse it and circle across and up and circle across enough. Circle across an appeal, opposite the nose. Circle across an up and circle across. Enough. Very good.

Put the leg down next to the other one and lift your left like to the ceiling. Pull the stomach in. Tighten the hip slightly. Now the first movement is always across your own body, towards the right side. Then you go down around it up and you're doing the circle above your own body and up. Circle the leg up. Circle the leg up, circle the leg and up. Very good. Reverse it and circle and up and keep the hip down so you don't let your bottom flop around. The pelvis is quiet, just isolated.

Movement in the hip all the way up and then put the foot down next to the other one. Now we're adding on the next level, which is good for some of you. Some of you will stay here. First of all, bend the right knee into your chest and if the leg up, hold onto the leg with both hands and just give it a little stretch. Nice little stretch. Very good. Now put your hands back down by your side. Make sure your heel is right above your own bottom, not further up. So Tim, you need to keep your hip down there so your pelvis is down. Now without letting the foot chain take the left leg and stretch it on the floor so it straight. If you can't get it all the way down, you keep it bent.

Now turn the leg out, take it across your body again, down, around and up. Circle the leg and up. Circle the leg. Very good. Circle the leg up, circle the leg and up. Reverse it and circle across an up circle, across and up. Circle across, in, up. Circle across, in, up. Circle across and up. Now hold the leg again and give yourselves a stretch.

Nice long stretch. Now take your right hip and press it towards your left heel and take the left leg and stretch it away from you and check that your shoulders are down on the mat. The neck is long. You're nice and elegant. Put both hands down on the floor and slowly lower the leg out, pulling the stomach in, keeping the back long, long back, long stomach, tight hips all the way down so you're nice and lean. Very good. Bend both knees on the Mat. Bend the knees up. Lift your left leg to the ceiling. Left blade to the ceiling.

Hold leg with both hands. Give it a little gentle stretch. Check that the shoulders are away from the ears. Now put your hands down. Check that the leg is over the hip. Take the right leg and legs in it on the floor if you can. If it's too much you keep it bent and start. Take the leg to the right, down, around, and up. Circle the leg and up.

Circle that agan up. Circle the leg up. Circle the leg up and reverse it. Circle the leg up. Circle the leg and up. Circle the wagon up. Circle the Legen up. Circle the Megan up. Very good. Pause. Hold your leg with both hands.

Check that the shoulder state on the mat so lower with the hands if you need to through your upper body is elegant bra. All yes stomach is in the left hip length and stewards your right heel so your waist is long. The right leg is long. Put your hands on the mat next to you and extend the leg out, reaching it long. Keep your stomach and keep your backlog and keep your hips narrow all the way down to your nice and long, beautiful, beautiful work. Stretch both arms over your head. Tiny, tiny waist long.

Lean Body has sandy take the hand all the way back, all the way back. Even if the ribs come up, even if the waist arch is just stretch back. This is so good for your shoulders. Now bring the arms to the ceiling and roll up to sitting position or bend your knees to your chest and rock up or hold onto the size and roll up any that works for you to work. See metrically good Tim and excellent.

You're warming up for rolling like a bar. [inaudible] so holding behind the knees with the knees apart. Bring the feet a little closer together. Now remember the tail goes slightly under and you fill up the back ribs. So you're opening up your waist area to create a c shape with your body and the head is slightly down. So it continues the weight of the spine.

Lift your feet up in the air and pool the feet towards your bottom a bit. Keep this shape, see if you can roll to your shoulders. Roll up in balance, stomach in and roll up back. I mean, and roll up and balance and roll back Cindy. Very good over there and, and roll back and up. You're all getting better. This is nice. Two more times. Roll back and come back up and one more time.

Roll back and come back. A balance, balance, balance and put your feet down. Good work, good work you've remembered from last class. Grab your ankles. I didn't see any legs flying. That was very good. Bring your feet up and pull your feet even tighter. So now we tried to get into an even tighter ball if you can. If it doesn't work, you go back to the variation we just did.

So see how close you can get your knees and your shoulders. Eventually your head drops down between the knees. Stay Nice and tight and see if you can roll back to the shoulders and roll back up and balance. That's a beer. Get yes and roll back and up in balance. Tight, tight, tight body roll, back and up in balance.

Roll back and up in balance. One more time. Roll back up and balanced. Take ball tight balance. Very good. And put your feet down. Very nice. Excellent work. And stretch your arms out. Pull the shoulders down, Huh? And start to roll back one vertebrae at a time.

So you get that spine loose. You get your stomach strong until you're lying flat on your back. And take a moment to check that your back is long, your shoulders are wide, your stomach is in your hips and narrow. And then bring both knees into your chest for single leg stretches. So bring the legs in and feel how your back gets long.

When the knees come close to your chest, you want that long relaxed spine. Hold onto your shins with both hands. Pull your stomach in and curl your head and chest off the mat so you're in a nice like just like rolling like a bone little tiny bowl shape. Take your left hand and hold the right leg and pull your right knee in as you stretch your left leg out. Squeeze the right knee, weigh in, switch your legs and squeeze the left leg in. So you loosen up your hip switch. Squeeze your right like in switch and squeeze.

Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze. Right now. Keep the like higher. Switch and squeeze. Switch and squeeze and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch. Very good. Bring both knees in again. Tiny little bow Paul the stomach and put your head and shoulders on the mat.

Put your feet on the mat and roll your head to the right. Relax your neck, roll your head to the left, roll your head to the right, roll your head to the left and back to the center for double leg stretches. So first of all, get your powerhouse established again. Your knees and feature be together. Your stomach is in, your back is long, your bad acts are tight. Bring both knees into your chest at the same time. So even the setup is a workout. Put your hands on your shins.

Pull your stomach way in and curl your head and shoulders off the mat by using your ribs. Keep your stomach in. Stretch both legs out. Pull the stomach way in here. Bend the knees and give them a good hug and stretch stomach is in and bend your back. Should be long. No movement in the back pool and squeeze and stretch and squeeze and stretch and squeeze. No movement in the body at all. Stretch better. Get Dire Sandy. And in good head comes down. Feet.

Come down and relax for a minute. Very good work. And again, just to take a moment, roll ahead to the right. Roll the head to the left. Roll your head to the right. Roll your head to the left and back to the middle. Now remember, if your neck is starting to hurt cause you lifting your head up, keep your head down for the next exercise that starts to happen when your powerhouse is still really weak and you're not using your rib cage and your upper abs to lift the body up. If your neck is okay, you can lift it so it's your choice. So for scissors, bring both knees to your chest.

Put your hands on your sins and only if you want to curl your head and chest up and extend both legs straight up to the ceiling. Stretch your knees, take your right leg with both hands. Stretch the knees, stretch, stretch, stretch, and pull it toward you twice. Pull, pull, scissor, the lights, pull pool, scissor pull, pull and pull. Pull, switch, pull, pull. Body's quiet. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Pull my flex your feet. [inaudible] pull, pull, pull, pull. Very good lights come up. Bend your knees, hide your belly. Pull the power outs in and up. Put your head and shoulders down, your feet down with control and relax. Very nice work. Now we're adding another exercise to the series and it's called lower lift, so have a quick look and then we'll do it together.

You'll be starting the same way. You curl up, actually, I'm sorry. You'll have your hands here and you're going to curl up with your hands behind your head and then lift the legs up to the ceiling. Pilati stance slightly separating out. What this does is it helps you get in touch with the hips, which is the powerhouse. Hips, stomach long backs a keeping the stomach in. You lower the legs a little tiny bit and lift them up low.

The legs may be six to 12 inches and up. So I don't want to see this. I'm not looking for heroes today. I just want you to get used to holding the ribs up in the air and not letting this happen. As the legs move, I'd rather see you move one inch correctly than see that rib cage in the head go up and down. That's what I'm looking for. So let's have you lie in your bath. Place your hands behind your head with the elbows class. Bend the knees so the feet are close to your bottom.

In that position it's a little easier to feel the long back stomach in barrack style. First of all, bring your knees in and using your ribcage and stomach. Lift your head and chest up so you're curled up off the mat. Now stay up with the chest and lift the legs to the ceiling so they just go right up. Stomach is in good sandy. Now float the legs a few inches away from your stomach in, in, in. Bring the legs up and lower a little bit and lift and lower a little bit and lift and pull the stomach in and lift two more times.

Lower, little bit and up. One more time. Stay up here. Be a grit and up. Bend the knees and stay up with the chest up with the chest. As you bend your knees, Bend your knees, head to the Mat, feet to the mat and rest. Nice, nice work. Stretch your arms out. Stretch your legs out. Long stretch. Stretch the fingers pointed toes and just pull. So you have a lovely, lovely length. Pull your stomach up so long stretch your elbows.

Yes. So we start to open up the ligaments and tendons. Yes. If we can do it easily, it looks like it's such an easy thing to do, but when the shoulders get tight, it takes some work. Good. Bring the arms to the ceiling and roll up with straight legs or bend plagues or [inaudible]. Whichever way you want to. Bring yourselves up to a sitting position intelligently. Okay, good. Stretch the legs out a little bit wider than the mat for spine stretch forward.

So the knees straight, the arms are straight. Take a big breath in. Lift the stomach up. If you can sit up straight, bend the knees a little bit. So Tim, let's have you bend your knees a bit so you can get more lift in the spine better. Now take a deep breath in and then as you breathe out, round over, rounding your upper back, your middle back, your lower back. Pull the stomach way in and up and roll back up. Stacking your spine up, one bone at a time. Shoulders are down. Lift your chest. Stomach isn't very good. Take a deep breath in and breathing out. Grounding over upper back, middle back, lower back hand.

Stay, shoulder height, shoulder height. Very good. And roll back up. And as you come up again, the shoulders GLI down your back. Lift your chest, lift your back, shoulders down more. Lift up more, even more. That's it. And again, drop your head and start to round forward. Reaching long with the arms, rounding through the spine. One bone at a time, pulling back in the stomach and then roll back up and stack up your spine.

So it's long and lifted. The hands are shoulder height. Shoulders it down. Lift up, lift up more. Tighten your body. Oh, look at you another five inches. One more time. Drop your head and round. Rolling. Filling up the back body. Very open in the back, very tiny in the waist. And then roll back up. Roll back up. Shoulders glide down. More down, more down. Now lift your chest. Him.

Yes. Even more. Lift their shoulders down. Lift the chest even more. Lift. We can never be too thin and too tall and too elegant and relaxed. Very good. Okay. That all preparation for open leg rocker, bend your knees, pull the powerhouse in and up slightly. Rock back. Have your sit bones. Lift your feet up off the mat. Shoulders a down if you can.

Sussanne Sandy, open the knees. Yes. So you have this little v-shape with the legs. Take your right like an extended hand down. So this is a lot of balance and control in the lower abs and strength and flexibility and the right leg and down and the left leg and down and the right leg down and the left like and I'm very good. Both legs go up at the same time and down.

Shoulders are down, Wendy. Oh yes. And up stomach is in and out. One more time. Lift. Hold your balance and down. Very good. No one fell over. This is good. Very nice. Okay. Extend your legs out for saw. Flex your feet. So again, your feet are slightly wider than the mat.

When you open your legs a little wider. Good. Really take a moment to flex the feet. So you push the heels away from you and pull the toes way up and see if you can even open the toes a little bit too. That's it. To really make this part of the foot alive and then take the knees and push them down so you eventually don't want space between your knees and the Mat. So it's a very active movement. And Paul, your thighs up to the lot of work in the legs. Yes.

Now take your arms to the side. Make sure the arms are shoulder height and lift up so you're very tall again, see how much you can pull the ribs away from the hips so you make the waist come in and lift you up. Excellent. Feel both hips on the mat. Take your right hand behind me, you and twist to the right. The left hand goes forward. Pull the stomach in and reach towards your little toe. Reach one reach.

Do reach three. Sit up tall and lifted. Twist to the other side. Reach one, flex the fee and three and lift, twist and stretch and two and three. And lift with stent. Stretch. Keep the right hip, bend down and lift with and stretch to three and lift, twisting, stretch and two and three and lift and relax. Very nice. Now this one is a tricky one because a lot of things are going onto that work a little bit more in alignment now. So when you're sitting like this, you want to feel both bones on the mat, first of all.

So let's just take the arms to the side. So when you start to twist the door to the right, don't lose track of your left buttock. In fact, take your left bottom and push it down and put your, push your left waist back. Now start to reach towards your right foot. Just bend over and reach towards your right foot and push your left hip down even more. In fact, imagine me standing on your left thigh, pushing it down. Now take the right hand, pull it way back and the left hand way forward, and then come back up and sit up tall. Very good. Nice lift. Now twist to the other side, so as you twist and reach towards the foot, just reach over. That said, keep the right hip way down. Stretch the right hand, way forward.

So literally the rack and then pull the arms parts. You have a big twist. Come back up and sit up tall. One more time, twist to the right and reach towards your right foot with your left hand. That's good. And push the left hip down. Remember the hand goes back so you have a big pool between the arms. Come back up and other side twist and reach towards the foot.

Your feet should be wider. Good. Rotate the hand back, right hip goes way down and pull those arms apart and then come back up. Oh, okay. Very good. Bring your legs together. Stretch your arms out and roll down on your backs. Roll. It's harder to do it right. All right, roll onto your stomach for the preparation for Swan, you want to lie on your stomach with your forehead on your fingertips so you roll onto your belly and if you have towels or pillows, move them away so they're not, you're not using them right now. You can use it for that. You can use it for sweat is good.

So forehead on the fingertips. Elbows are why heel needs together and extend the toes. If you can. Your heels are together too. Now in this position, tighten your buttocks slightly together. Say Your hips and narrow. Take your hipbones and press them into the mat so your lower spine becomes long and pull your belly up. So some of you can lift the belly right off the mat. That's it. Beer. Get very nice, really tight. Buttocks.

You want cute dimples in your bottom. We all want cute bottoms and this is an opportunity to get it. Now keep your bottom tight and lift your elbows off the mat and lift your fingers and your forehead off the mat three inches. So you lift up and hover, but your bottom stays tight and lower back down. Very good. Try and keep your feet down as you do this. Gesture, elbows, fingers and forehead. One in shock the floor if you need to, Tim, that's better. So you hover and down and again, lift the elbows up first so you make sure the elbows work, lift to your upper back works. And lower back down.

And one more time. Lifting up elbows, fingers and forehead up, hovering off the mat. The feet stay down if you can and lower back down. Very, very nice. Put your hands under your shoulders and sit back into your heels for a minute. So you stretch and I suggest that Wendy and Tim you turn around because we're going to do a few more things and I want you to be able to see. So sit up, just have a quick look at the next one. Cause this is a new exercise we're adding in.

It's another development towards full swan dive. So you'll be on your stomach the same way. But now you have your hands out. This is like a karate chop with the, the little finger down. So from here you tighten your buttocks, call the in, pull the shoulders down your back and start gliding the hands in as you lift up. So the feeling is the shoulders go back and the chest lifts your very long and then you blow slide back out again in lie down.

The feeling is this movement, shoulders, back, chest stuff. If you have trouble sliding, you can put a towel under the hand and the two, the elbow will have a look and see how you all do and see if you need help with the sliding part. So stretch your arms out over your head. You want to like the little finger side on the mat and your forehead on the mat to start with forehead on the mat. Now hips tight, knees tight. Lift your head and chest slightly and pull the shoulders down your back and start to pull the elbows in and lift up. Shoulders back, Sandy. Shoulders back. Yes. Shoulders back and look up and then lower back out. So this is what we're going to do.

Y'All gonna take a towel, open it up and put your elbows and fingers and wiggle forward a little bit because it'll make you have a much better. Here you are Wendy. Oh okay. All right. And that should help you slide. All right, so again, nice tight hips start to pull this shoulders down your back, slide the hands in and if your chest up, lift up. That's at beer. Good lift, lift, lift. So as you pull the new lift, much better sandy. But look forward instead of that. Yes. So your long elegant body. And then slide the arms out again and lengths in the body off. Very nice.

And again, pull the shoulders down your back. Shoulders down, shoulder. There you go. Showed us down. Elegant neck, lifted stomach and slide the hands out again. Nice and long. And one more time. Pull the shoulders down. Your back up. You'll come pulling the shoulders down. Look forward and send it down. Stay right here and make fists with your hands.

Keep this lift for single leg kicks. A nice tight bottom. Take your right foot and kick twice. Kick, kick, lengthened out and tighten your buttocks. Left foot. Benzene, kick, kick and down and bend. Do knee kick, kick and knees tight and kick. Kick and down and kick. Kick and down and kick. Kick and down and kick.

Kick and down in kick. Kick. Very good and Dow and lower back. Very good. Put your hands under your shoulders and sit back into your heels and stretch your body out. Child's pose. Remember to pull the stomach in as you go back. So you open up the lower back and the waist area and give it a good stretch. So sometimes when you do this, at first you can get cramps in your feet cause they're not used to working.

Then you do the exercise with your feet flexed. So cramped work. Yeah, just do what you need to to get your cramps out. All right, let's have you all lying out on your right side. Four sidekicks. See all face front. You want to lay yourselves out on the back part of your own map.

If you can, let's have you facing front facing this way. And if you can, you want to support your head with your hands. If that's not possible because your neck hurts or your shoulders are really tight, it's fine to be like this. It's also fine to have the head in front of you. And then came, let's give you a little pillow for your head so you wrap. Thank you. So in this position, if you already got your head supported, you want to lift your stomach up and press your shoulders down.

Let's give you a little pillow for your head. Okay? Bring this handle a little bit further forward. That's it. You can have your hands stretched out. Other hand is in front of you, right? Right, right. Wendy, let's have that also workable. Okay, so nice. Long body, tight stomach, long legs.

Lift the feet up and bring them forward on the mat and put them back down neatly and flex your feet. Terrific. Tim, I think you'll do better like this. That's it. That's it, but you definitely want to make sure yours nicely support. That looks better. That looks better. You can have it here. You can have it here now with flexed, pull the stomach and take your topic lifted a little higher than your hip and lower down and lift and flex your foot down and lift and down. Only a little higher than your own hip and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift. Lift only a little higher than your hip. Now lift up and hold it. Lift up.

Check that you own a little higher than the hip checked that you fully flexed. Now from your waist, push into your heel, push, push that to your waist, gets long, take your tail and Tuck it under. You. Pull your stomach up. That's the position you want to be into. And then lower the leg down, pressing into the heel, flexing your foot all the way down. Very, very good. Now we are going to add an exercise which is swinging forward and straight down.

So you are lifting like hip height, hip height. So be a good lower lower there, extend the toes likely and keep the stomach in and bring the leg in front of you and gentle pulse straight forward and then go straight down, knocked back but down and make it long. And again forward, forward and long. Straight down and forward, forward and long forward, forward and straight down, long, tiny waist. Forward, forward and long forward, forward and long. Very nice. Bring the leg down, high kicks to the side. Turn your top leg out. Keep your stomach in. Make sure your hips have not fallen backwards.

Swing the leg as high to the ceiling as you can and flexor foot and bring it down. So kick it up and flex it down. This is to loosen the hips, swing it up and lower down. Swing it up, lower down, swing it up, pull the stomach in and tightened the hips and swing and down and swing and down and swing the leg and down and swing the leg and down. Very nice. Now little circles to make sure that like is turned out. Slight piece of your buttocks firm. Bring the leg slightly in forward, lifted up above the bottom leg and slightly behind the bottom leg and then come heel to heel. Forward up and back. Forward up and back and circle and circle and circle and circle and circle and circle.

Now reverse it and back and two and three and four and five and six and seven and a very good. Take your top leg and bend it up in front for the inner thigh lift. You can take your top hand and hold your ankle. If that's too much, you let your knee drop to the mat. Now pick the bottom. I can flex your foot strongly and stretch your knee and pull your thigh up. Lift the leg up, lower down, lift your leg up, lower dance, and to keep the hand in front of you and stretch that knee. Yes, and lift flexor foot and down and lift.

Stretch your knee and that's keep it nice and long. That's it. You work the inner thigh. If your knee is not fully extended, you will miss the exercise. Lift and down. One more time. Lift, not stretch the knee. Flex the foot. Look at that difference in that leg and lower down. Very nice. Now little circles. Point your foot. Lift the leg up a little bit and little circles. Circle one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Reverse it than one.

And to keep the leg nice and high and very straight. Seven and eight. Lower the leg down. Extend the other leg out on top of it. Paul, your stomach muscles in and up. Stretch both knees and lift both legs up in the air sideways. Lift them up, lower down. Lift him up, lower down so you won't make a strong waist and strong hips and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift. Very good. And down.

Now we are adding something called little beats before we do the other side. So you're lying like this on your mat and you're going to come onto your stomach the way you were before with your forehead on your hip, on your fingertips. Same thing. You pulled your botics tight, pull your stomach in, stretch the knees and if the legs up in the air and beat your heels together nice and quickly to make price from bottom and size so everybody on your stomach fingertips have one on top of the other. Elbows wide. Now check that the knees are touching and your heels are together and before you even start, straighten the legs cause they will want to bend. So nice from bottom, lift your legs up in the air and open and close sideways.

Then one, two, four, five, six, seven lift a little higher. Three, four, seven, lift as high as you can for five, six, seven and eight. Lower the legs down. Put your hands under your shoulders, pull your stomach muscles in and up and sit back towards your heels. Really filling out your waist, pulling the stomach in as you go back and stretching your lower back out. Really pull that stomach in and round the spine and then give yourselves a lovely stretch going all the way back.

Take a deep breath in here, filling up the lung seat and get, send the breath to the sacred. Breathe out and relax. Breathe in. Make the whole back move and breathe out, and then come onto the other side. You're gonna roll facing this way, lying on the left side at the back part of your maths. Make sure that the top hand is in about 12 inches in front of your ribs. Not right close, but a little bit forward because your body wants to roll back and you can lean into it a bit. No long legs, hip stack, straight knees. Lift both legs up and bring them to the front of the Mat.

Put them down and flex your feet. Pull the stomach way up. Tail under you. Yes, so you're back. Oh, that's great beer. Good. Only thing is you almost too far forward. Beautiful. Take your top leg and lifted a little higher than your own hip. Press from your waist. Pull your stomach in, Tuck your tail under you, tighten your bottom and use all of that to lower the leg longer than the bottom like and lift the lake and lower the leg and lift it and lower it and press it out and lower it and lift.

Make sure the leg is parallel to the floor. Make sure you're flexing very nicely and down and lift that. So nice down. One more time. Lift and down. Very good. Now remember what we did last and the other side. Forward, forward, and then straight down. When you go down, you lengths in the leg out as much as you can. So lift your leg, hip height, extend the toes so everything is long. Keep your stomach in and bring the leg gently forward, double Powells and then try to touch the back of the room and forward, forward and straight down.

Don't go back yet because I don't want your body rocking forward, forward and long and forward, forward. Very nice and stretch through the toes, forward, forward and long forward. Forward and long. One more time forward, forward and long. And then put the foot aren't right on top. Very nice. Next one is the high kicks. This is just to get the hips loose and they get the legs light.

So take your top leg and turn it out a little bit. Tighten the hips, check that you're stacked. Pull the stomach in and swing the leg up. Flex and down and swing the leg and down and swing the leg and flex and point up and flex and loose hips and down and lift the leg and down and lift. Very good down one more time and are now gathered into the powerhouse again. Long hips slightly turned out. Leg and little circles forward.

Up and back and two and three and four small circles team and six and seven reverse it and back and two and three. That's it for it. Make sure you brush heel to heel and seven and eight. Very good. Take your top leg. Bend it up in front. You have you for your inner thighs. Uh, work. Flex your bottom leg, flex it, stretch your knee. Pull your thigh up before you even start. And then keeping the leg long lower down. So when you pull your muscle up, you make lean long beautiful muscles lift.

So that whole idea that the PyLadies bodies is very elegant body can be re. You really see it when the person works with the long legs. When you pull your knees up, your legs get slim instantly and down and lift and down and lift and down. Now extend the toes. I get pulled your thighs up and lengthen that Lexus. Beautifully long lifted in the air, little circles and one and two and three and four and five and six and seven.

Reverse it in one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Stretch both legs out, one on top of the other firm's stomach. Lift the legs up and down and lift the legs and down and lift your legs and down and lift your legs and down and lift those knees. That said, last one and I'm very, very nice. Okay, preparation for Teaser, teaser prep. Let's have you all on your backs. Why don't you turn around to your feet or in the [inaudible] middle again and lie down on your backs with your knees bent and the heel stick. The feet are together, the knees are together, the stomach is tight, the back is long. Make sure the shoulders are away from the ears.

Squeeze your knees together and extend your right like up without the knees coming apart. Just check them out. Take them home to squeeze the knees together so you really feel that they're connected because they need to stay connected the whole time. Lift your head and chest up and see if you can roll up toward your feet and roll back down. Now this is one that if your foot is too close to your bottom, you're going to be in trouble. Take the foot, the bent leg on the floor a little further out and have another go. Lift your head and chest and see if you can power up. Good Beer. Get row and down and it's fine. If you don't get up, this can take some time and roll up and roll down and row up.

There you go. And roll down. And one more time and row, row, row, row, row. Good team and roll down. That's fine. Put the foot down. There's a reason it's called teaser. It's a tease, squeezing, ease together and extend the other leg out. Lift your head and chest and row up.

Good and roll down and row up. Up, up, up. Almost there. Come on, come on. That's it. And down. One more time and roll, row, row, row and roll. And that was beautiful. Cindy. Very nice and relaxed. Bend your knees. Now teaser takes a lot of work. It's one of those things.

I seriously mean it. When I say teases a tease, you can't do it. You can't do it. You can do it. One day you fly up and you don't know what happens. It's a combination of being, increasing the natural flexibility of the spine, which is the whole classes geared towards building up strength and coordination. So you work at your own level. If you don't get off the floor, that's fine. You just lift where you can. And as I say, one of these days, it happens.

It can happen much quicker than you think. And it's just a, just a natural progression of doing the exercises at your own level. So the next variation for teaser, which is a new one today, we'll be with the knees bent like this. You lift your arms up so they're about Powell to where the thighs are. Lift your head and chest and see if you can roll up. So again, you may or may not be able to roll up. You may only get to here, which is fine, but the arms come up. You try and come as far as you can. You roll down and put your hands down.

So good. You're already going for it. I love it. So just have a few more rolls. S that's it. That's it. Cindy there. And make sure every time you come down, Cindy, put your hands down again. Put your hands down. Yes. And then you lift your arms and roll up. As much as you're able to be aware that the arms are parallel to the size and roll down hands, go to the mat and one more time.

See if you can roll up. Roll up, roll up and roll down. Very nice and relax. Also, just by the way, beginner level is much harder than intermediate and advanced. We get to cheat. We have all sorts of other things that help you get up, like using your arms. But when you work at really pure, beginner level, it's hard because you are only using your, it's all about discovering your powerhouse. So sometime advanced people coming back, they find this really hard to do. So, um, let's have you all stretch out with your arms over your head, your legs long, your stomach, just that you see if you can reach as far back, it's fine. If you can touch the floor, go for it. Even if your back arches, this is just a stretch the fibers of the shoulders out. Stretch the spine and get more range of movement coming in to everything.

And then as your arms come to the ceiling, you pour your ribs in and Nathan the spine, we connect to your powerhouse and then roll up to a sitting position. Or you can bend your knees, you can rock up, you come up at the way you're ready to come up. Sometimes when you get tired, you don't want to do the four way anymore. So from here seal. So you all sat up so well you can see where your legs are. This is a transition that we always do to get to our feet. Put your hands right by your bottom. Have a look at where your feet are.

Pull your stomach in and see if you can lift your bottom and bring it forward. Yes. Good. That's it to you. Use Your Power House. Yes. So in the end, every movement that you do in Peloton is doing the map or is an exercise even coming in and going out of the exercise, my teacher used to say it's like poetry in motion and it's really beautiful to see. So the next one is CEO. Open your knees, bring your elbows between the knees, lift your feet, see if you can wrap your hands underneath and hold your ankles. Good. Pull your stomach muscles in and up and clap your feet. Three times. Clap, clap, clap, roll back. Forward your shoulders and roll up and balance. Balance, balance, balance.

Yes. Clap, clap, clap, roll back. Roll up in balance and clap, clap, clap, roll back, roll up and bounce. And one more time. Half track, clap, roll back. Come up and balance and put your feet down. Very nice. Okay. That's have you all coming up to a standing position. So with your feet in what we call Pilati stands for the heels together. The toes are maybe two or three inches of par to the soft opening, turning rotation out of the legs.

This is a same angle that if you picked the baby up by their arms and their legs were dangling, the legs would naturally turn out. That's what Joseph was using as a model for the prayer. He angled his legs. This also means that it's easier to be in touch with this connection right at the base of the hips. That kind of creates this lock that you can lift out of at the same time, which is where you activate your powerhouse from. This had this gentle connection of the hips and the back.

Feel this nice lift in the stomach and then check that the shoulders are down and first of all, lift your arms up in front of you and three little circles here. Circle one, two, three. Reverse the circles two, three and then bring the arms down and lift your chest and broaden the shoulders a little bit. Now keeping the shoulders wide. Lift the hands higher up and three circles again. Circle one, two, three, reverse two, three. Lift the spine, pull the powerhouse up and as the arms float down, feel yourself getting nice and tall and long and lifted. Now lift the arms up and then start rounding your spine rolling to the floor. This is just like you were doing when you were rolling up on the floor. You pull your stomach in, you roll through your back one vertebrae to dive time, and you go as low as you're able to go until the hands are just hovering off the floor. So bare with your too flexible. You want to lift up some, that's it.

Keep the stomach in here and three circles with the arms. Again, nice loose dangly circles. The arms and loose shoulders are relaxed. And then reverse your circles just like you did before with the head soft and dropping. Check that the shoulders are relaxed and the head is relaxed. Pull your stomach in now and start to roll up and Tuck your bottom under UCO. Your hips come right over your feet and you start to stack your spine up and Paul the stomach up and lift the chest and then allow the shoulders to float wide. And just take a moment to stand and feel yourself. You've been on the floor a lot, you've been lengthening the spine, you've been working a lot to create lengths here.

So feel the natural lift and space in the waist and the length in the lower body and this natural lift and openness in the chest. Your weight should be in the middle of the feet. Gently lift the heels for minutes. You feel light. That's just kind of not heavy into the feet, but light. So the legs are down and then natural lift and check that the head is above your rib cage. Yes, that's a two.

You really have a sense of being vertical and elegant and yet relaxed. So take a deep breath in and breathing out. Let everything go. So thank you very much. All doing very, very well. Very well.


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Another awesome class - just enough progression building on the first two to come away more accomplished and leaving me wanting more. See you tomorrow for Lesson 4!!
I really enjoyed this class, although I find it quite challenging.
2 people like this.
I really like Niedra and am going to go through this whole beginners series with her. It would have been helpful if she wasn't out of the camera range when demonstrating some of the exercises.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Poppy for letting me know about staying in the camera. I tend to forget... I will see what I can do to stay on top of this.
Happy Holidays
Even with you being out of camera it gives me the chance to really listen to what you are saying and pay attention to the details of what the position should look like. Working my core and my listening skills. I LOVE IT
Great workout loved it!!!
I'm a beginner teacher, so this is great for me to be able to see how you build a class from the fundamentals. I love how you encourage everyone to work at their own pace. It's very beneficial for me to see how you build the Roll Up from the Roll Back. I love his series... so informative!!
Very nice class, excellent instructor. Loved it. Thank you very much.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Carla from Portugal, thank you for your post. So glad you enjoyed the class - I am also an avid yoga person, and love coffee, so we have a lot in common.
I love how the classes are getting harder! It challenges out bodies and minds in a right way. I finally was able to do the teaser and I was so happy! It was just like Niedra said I was just trying to do and I flew right on to my legs always using the powerhouse!
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