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Picking Up the Pace

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Now that you're seeing improvements in your posture, it's time to start picking up the pace with class four in Kathryn Ross-Nash's series. As she continues to work with Wayne, she begins to decrease the number of props used to help with alignment in addition to increasing the tempo of certain movements. She also starts working on finding the position for the Hundred on the Reformer to get him closer to the full exercise.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Arm Chair, High Chair, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Baby Arc, Moon Box, Triadball, Pilates Pole

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Okay, here we go. Mr. Nash, we are on week number two, workout number four. Okay, so what I want you to do today is let me grab your pillow wherever it is. You're gonna lie down, holding the back of your legs. You know how to get down now, make them a little more independent.

Now start when you're rolling back we need to press both feet on the mat. So they're gonna use the whole foot to press yourself down and remember to lead with your pelvis, right. And what, press those feet, very, very good. Good, have your feet down legs together. You bring your legs together now, good.

And I want you to reach your arms. I'm missing your pole. I want you to reach your arms up to the ceiling. This teacher isn't prepared today. She had a busy day.

Pull your stomach up and in and bring your arms back behind you and exhale and inhale. Bring your arms to the ceiling and soften your ribs and exhale, lengthen down. Good, do you feel like that pillow is too big for you? Yes. I do too.

Lift your head up and bring your head down. Good, inhale, reach up. Exhale, stretch back. Good, reach the arms back. Good, look how nice you're moving those arms and inhale.

Come up and exhale. Let's use the pole and roll down. Now, watch your wrist. Keep your wrist straight. Inhale, lift up and keep the whole pelvis on the mat.

Exhale, stretch back. Good, good inhale up and exhale, open that chest. Very good Wayne. Now, I want you to slide both of your legs down straight and take your feet underneath here. Heels are gonna be together, together, good.

And you're gonna reach your arms up to the ceiling. Knuckles nice and straight. You're gonna bring your head up. Just your head. Just your head.

Good, try to look at my hand. Right here, right here. (indistinct) space there, there. And you're gonna roll up right there. Hold it and pump your arms.

Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale. Pull this in, two, three, four, five inhale. Two, three, four, five, legs together, exhale. Last week he had a barrel now he doesn't. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

Exhale, two, three bigger hands, five. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three. Last set, inhale two, four, five. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, roll down, good.

Stretch those arms back behind you. Excellent, good, bring your arms up to the ceiling. Bend your knees. Have your feet flat. Good, lift your head up between your arms.

Open your chest. Remember the shoulders onto the mat. Good, bring your head up, excellent. And you're gonna just peel yourself off the mat. Keeping your arms in the same correlation.

Yes, roll up, roll up, right there. Hold it for five, four, three, two, one. Pull this in and roll down. Excellent ribs in, exhale stretch back. (exhales deeply) Inhale lift up.

Good, bring your head up, up, up. Hold it, go. One more vertebrae, can you, yes. Put, listen, hold it and roll back down. Ribs in, reach up, stretch back.

Good, arms come up. Now, plug your shoulders into the mat, that's it. Stretch those arms. Good, now lift your head up. Just the head.

Just the head. Just the head. Now, articulate exhale, hold. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, stretch your arms.

Inhale, lift the arms up and continue to inhale and lift your head. Inhale, look here, look here, look here, look here good. And now exhale, roll forward. A little more exhale. Exhale, don't drop those arms.

Exhale, right there. Hold it, hold it, hold it and roll back. Good, let go of the bar. And you're going to take your hands and hold the back of your legs. And you're gonna roll up to sit.

Good, now keep your legs together. Elbows out, pull the stomach in. And you're going to just bring your lower back towards the mat. Low back, don't get shorter, get taller. That's it, roll the lower back.

Separate the hips, good way. Go back, go back, go back, go back, and now crawl over bringing the crown of your head to your knees and keep your stomach back. Keep your hips back. Keep your hips back. Keep your hips back.

Good, and now bring your low back back to the mat. Low back, low back, low back. Good and curl in, curl in, curl in and again, low back, low back, low back. (indistinct) is coming to help you and curl in. He's fine, sweetie.

And this time you're gonna roll all the way down to lie all the way down. Good, low back, elbows open. Come up, ribs, get those ribs down. Ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, all the way down. Excellent, have your arms down by your side.

Bend your knees flat on. Good, now do you remember last time that we worked, we circled our leg right? With a bent knee. We're gonna do the same thing here without moving anything, you're gonna bring your right knee into your chest. Lift it, don't shift.

We're not gonna hold it with your hands. You're gonna have your arms. Lift your arms up and hold them on the poles. Good thumbs with your fingers, excellent. Now you're gonna bring the knee into your nose.

Keep that hip quiet. Good, you're gonna bring it across and don't let the hip come up. Excellent, you're gonna lower down knee to knee. Now anchor your tailbone and bring it up. Now anchor the opposite side, open it, open, open and good.

And in and center, reach across and center, reach down and center. Reach open, don't let that knee move at all. And one more time and in, stand on that foot. Good and over, very good. Now navel comes in and up.

Beautiful anchor this leg. Don't have it go out. And then that left one likes to be naughty in. Good, across, over, good, open. Excellent, and bring the foot down.

Now, other foot comes in. Don't shift anything. Pull the navel in, bring the leg in. Do it again. Feel like you're crushing blueberries under this hip.

Do it again. Hold my finger. Yes, now bring the leg up. Excellent, very good. And into the chest, (exhales sharply) across, down, open.

Remember what it felt like to hold my fingers, good. Boy, you're tight from biking. In, across, making my life harder and open where's the hip? (indistinct) That's it. In, across, good, down.

Find the hip. Good, one more. In, across, down, anchor it anchor it, anchor it, anchor it. Very good and center. Good, bring your arms down by your side.

Excellent, good. You're gonna lift the right leg to your chest. Not shift and hug it this time with your hands. Good, hug it all the way in, excellent. Now lift your head up and bring your elbows out to the side.

As you lift your head and pull it in. Exhale. (exhales slowly) Good, bring your head down and then bring the foot down and change that. Good anchor, pull the stomach in. Grab it with your hands.

Good, lift your head up. Bring your head down, release and foot. Other leg in, don't move anything. Yep, very good, hug it in. Lift your head up, elbows out.

Good, head goes down. Good head goes down first and then release it. Always reverse your order. So pull the knee in. Yes, get the knee all the way and don't look the head till I tell you to.

Lift your head. Come on, head up higher. Head up higher, head up higher, head up higher. Yes, head goes down. Leg goes down, anchor from here.

Leg comes in. Leg comes in. Yes, I'll get in, very good way. Look at your tummy, that's it. Good, lengthen head and foot, one more time.

Pull in, in, good, plug it in, good. Head comes up, head goes down. Leg goes down, arms down by your side. Good, bring that right leg into your chest. This time don't hug it.

Just bend it in. Extend it up to the ceiling. Good, stretch the leg and bring the knee to the knee. Stretch the leg and bring the knee to the knee. That's it, hold it.

Now, you're gonna press them together. Pull your tummy in for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Pull the hip back lower to the cap. Open up this hip joint right there. Squeeze it together so that this leg doesn't drop out.

You're gonna pull back into, see how you lost the mic. Get this in both sides, press good. Hold, hold, hold, hold. Anchor lower to the ankle. Hold, don't lose me.

Don't lose me, that's it. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Raise it to the calf by pulling this in. Hold it, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Raise it to the knee, squeeze it.

10, nine, eight, seven, tremor two, five, four, three, two, one. Bend your knee. Excellent, bring the other leg into the chest. Remember to moist your blueberries. Yes, excellent lane.

Stretch the leg all the way up. Good, reach down knee to me. Anchor from here, hold it. Find your balance, good. Hold it for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Lower to the ankle, to the calf, drinking so early, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Lower to the ankle. Pulled this back, two, three, four, squeeze it together, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Reach the leg out. Pull it in from the hip, leg reaches out of the hip.

And lift up to here. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Bend the knee in. Beautiful, bring your right knee into your chest. Bring your right knee into your chest.

Bring your left knee into your chest. Good, reach your ankles with both hands. Head comes up. So pull everything in, hold it, hold it, hold it and then relax. And again, pull, Stay there, pull everything in, exhale.

(exhales slowly) Inhale, relax. (inhales slowly) Head comes up. Everything in, exhale, exhale, exhale, that moves now to the side, yes. See how you get more in and relax. And one more time, exhale, exhale, exhale.

Good, take your hands to the back of your legs and roll up to sit. Good, and you're gonna have your feet onto here. Like take yourself back a little bit. What happened to your ball? We lost Wayne's balls.

Hold on a second. Where does ball go? Okay, Wayne. So you're gonna anchor that tailbone down. You're gonna sit up.

You're doing awesome, have your feet. Don't let your feet turn out. Have them point directly forward. Good, now pull your stomach in. Here's the ball.

I want you to imagine that this pole is a wall behind you and just like you lengthen your body against the mat, chin down. I want you to lengthen your body against this pole. Now straighten your arms in front of you and don't lose the pole. Good, now just your head is gonna go down the pole. That's gonna go down to your balls.

So bring your head forward towards the ball. Good, stay now lift your waist. Don't lose your shoulders. Good, now hold, don't, it doesn't matter where the ball goes. Doesn't matter where the ball goes, right?

It's matters where your arms go. So let's start over. He's like get the ball away. Sit up nice and tall, chin down. Good, push the ball and bring your head.

Good, now head good, that's it. Keep, now roll down keeping your back on here. Lift the ribs. Peel yourself off the pole. Don't lose down here.

Very good Wayne. This is gonna prevent him from going behind himself. Good, now put your hands on the ball. The palm on the ball, that's it. Press that ball head and pull your ribs back into the pole.

Now roll up the pole, roll up the pole getting taller and taller. Last thing's gonna be your head, right. 'Cause it was the first thing to go and lift up tall, head goes down and round forward. Lift, lift, lift, head down, lift, lift, lift this back. Very good, very good.

Now roll up the ball. Good, and one more time, take it forward. Good, fix your feet. And roll up, head is the last thing. Excellent, good let go of the barrel.

Lift your arms up. Don't runaway from me (laughs) and very good. Wait right there, one second. Very good one. How do you feel?

Tall, like 20 feet? Okay, good. You're gonna lie back down. And you're gonna put your upper back on here. Perfect, knees bent, good.

Now chin down, excellent, very good. Now you're gonna lengthen your hips back into that barrel. Nope, that's this way there. Pull your hips back, back, back and release. Good, so now get your ribs and your pelvis, excellent When you feel that this beautiful.

Opening the front of your hips and release. So you feel how your tailbone is down and your pelvis is down. Yeah. This is what I want. When we go over the reformer, whenever we're working I want that flap like that and release.

And one more time, press good. Hold it there. Soften the ribs. Good, hold that position. Take this pole.

Hold it correctly. Stretch your arms. Good, inhale lift up. Exhale, stretch back behind you. Good and pull this back.

Pull this back, pull this back Inhale, reach up to the ceiling and exhale. Come back down. Bring your feet in a little bit. There you go. And open here remember we talked about this.

That feels so good enjoy it. And he'll come up. Bring your hands a little closer. So they're on your shoulders watching close exhale. (exhales deeply) Inhale, come up and exhale.

Bring your hands down to your thighs, good. Inhale come up. (inhales deeply) Exhale, stretch back, (exhales deeply) chin down. Inhale, come up. (inhales deeply) Now, bring your head up and round forward as you exhale, exhale, exhale round, round, round, round, round, round, round, round.

Straighten your legs up. Roll back down, legs together and stretch. Now find that pelvis, right. It's there you go. Pull it back there.

I want this beautiful opening. Good, bring your arms up to the ceiling and bring your hands down to your thighs and open the chest. Good. Press this. There, reach towards your feet and lift your arms up.

And stretch back and bring it up, and bring it down. Open your chest, one more time. Inhale, do you remember how I had you roll up the last time? That's how you're gonna roll up to protect your neck. Stretch back, watch your wrists.

There you go. Push, push, push the grill. Punch your arms away. Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Now bring your head up and your hips go back into that space and you round over, round over, hit down, round over good Wayne.

Excellent, and sit all the way up. Leg go of the bar and very good. Let's go over to the high chair over here, please. And you're gonna sit in the high chair. Do you remember how it is, yeah.

Hop up, bring your legs, feet back. Wrap your arms around. Make sure your whole tailbones there. Bring two feet up to the pedal. Good, let's have your knees together.

The balls of your feet on there, balls of your feet. Good, lift your heels up. Wrap your arms around. Face this way, that's it. Hold back on there.

Bring the pedal up. Legs together, feet together. Can you get your heels together? That's it, press down a little bit, stop. Pull it in.

Good, bring the pedal up, good down. Stop, pull it in, up, down in. I got (indistinct) That's it. (indistinct) Yep, good tailbone stays. Remember the tip of the top?

Yep. Press, very good Wayne. And up, you're ready to go a little faster. Let's go a little faster in and in, excellent. And in and in and in and in and in.

Excellent, in and very good step off, excellent. Now you're gonna come sit on the baby chair. So let me just slide it out. Do you remember how we get on the baby chair? I think you should be okay right here.

Heels together, toes apart, holds finger tip to elbow. Flop yourself down. Good, and put the soles of your feet together. Bottom of your feet together. Okay, trying to fit everything in screen.

Hold on to hear good elbows tight, elbows in and press forward. Pull the stomach in. Good, now remember the wrists. Lift up, press the feet. Inhale, very good.

Exhale, grow tall. Bring that down. Move your hands evenly, otherwise, I'll grab a pole. Shoulders open. Yes, inhale, lift up.

Good neck, exhale. Pull the stomach in and come down. Inhale, lift up, up, up exhale, come down. Bring your arms out to the 45. Inhale up, exhale, press grow tall.

Inhale up, exhale, press and grow. Inhale up, good. Exhale, press and grow. Bring your arms forward. Bring the chair back forward.

Keep your shoulders on it. Inhale up, keep the shoulders on it. Exhale down. Grow tall, watch your arms. They stay right in line.

See them in your eyes. Good, exhale down. Good, inhale up. Last one, exhale down. Open to the 45.

Inhale, lift up. Exhale, press grow. Inhale lift, exhale, down. Inhale, lift, good, exhale down. Bring your arms forward.

Bring the chair back back. Bend your elbows. Close to you, good. Fold fingertip to elbow and stand up, very good. Let's go over to your reformer in our little makeshift studio.

Today Wayne, you are on the original leopard. So do you remember how to mount? Mm-hmm. Let's see, now with your hands on your hips, fingertip to elbow. So that waist is lifted and sit half down.

We call this half-ass sitting, good. Bring your legs over top, very good. And you see he, when he lie down he is in a perfect position, heels together, toes apart, lengthen those toes over. Now, do you know that beautiful feeling you got when you were on the push through bar last and you push down? Okay, that's what I want you to find with the pelvis.

That area that we anchored that's where you're gonna move from today, excellent. And just to let you know, you're even on the shoulder blocks now. On either side I don't have to correct your head. And press out, palms up good and in and press a little more and in, and press a little more and in, and press a little more and in, and go and in and deeper and in, and deeper and in and deeper, little more go all the way out all the way out. You're ready.

One more, all the way out, out, out, out, out, very good. Bring your knees into your chest. Anchor your tailbone and good. And now put your arches on the bar. Knees together, feet together and excellent lane.

Press a little and come in heels, press two. And in press three and in. Press four, go a little further. Remember each time, a little further, yes. And a little further and a little further, further.

Get your heels together. Good, reach knees together. You could do it. Reach last one and reach very good heels up, toes back. Flex legs together.

Yes. Like moving all the ankle bones together. Yes, so that is you see you're folding your feet like this, put your heels together. Good, don't drop your arches and stand up on the floor. I'm gonna show you something.

You can face the camera, stand with your feet together. Okay, are your ankle bones in the way? A little. Okay, stand on the outer edge of your foot a little more. (indistinct) Right, so that's what you have to do here.

What you tend to do is the opposite and you drop in. So now I want you to lift your toes up. I know it's hard for you to lift, but you see how your arch lifts. Now keep the arch lifted and bring your toes down. That's where, you feel that cupping?

Yeah. That's where you wanna be. Okay, so then the bones don't hit together. If you collapse your arch, your bones are gonna hit, good. We've just been started working on his arch the last two times.

So you can mount this way. (indistinct) But you got off that way (laugh) and good down. Swing your legs over. Now I want you to find what you felt when you were standing on the floor with your heels together, good. Now lift your arches.

That's it, pull your toes. Take your foot up a little higher, sweetie. You're not high enough. Little more, there. Now you don't wanna, I want your feet like this, right?

But I want you to press here right there. You feel that? That's it, go ahead. Press right here. Good, press right here.

Excellent, press right here. Good, press. Especially when you come in, stand there to come in stand there to come in. Stand there to come in. Good, in, in, in, in and in.

Right here where I'm pushing. So outside of the heel. On the outside of the heel. So if I'm, that's where I want you to press right there. (indistinct) Yes, yes.

You see that pulls you off of that bone. Yeah. Right. So the difficult thing is to stand there and keep your knees together. That's making the muscle wrap around the bone.

Okay, so now what I want you to do is we're going to work your 100 from here now. So you're gonna just straighten your legs, right. And I actually am gonna use a bar up for you. Okay, so much more room at the ranch. You're gonna reach back and take these handles.

Good, I want you to keep your legs on there and you're gonna lift your head like when you're holding that pole. Beautiful, and now you're gonna press into these straps in lift your shoulders off. Roll up, roll up, roll up, legs down to the bar. Roll up, roll up, roll. Hold it, hold it, hold it and roll back down.

Good, so that's your 100 position. Lift your head up. Keep your legs resting. Only lift what I tell you to lift, to get the sho- That's good. Get the shoulders off of the shoulder blocks.

Shoulders off, shoulders off, shoulder off, shoulders off. Good, hold it, inhale. Pump the arms down up. Inhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale. Roll up, roll up, roll up.

Exhale, exhale, come on, roll up. That's it inhale, inhale, inhale in. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Bend your arms and come in, good. (indistinct) So it's you literally are bringing in, in, in.

Just what you did over there. Inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale. Exhale, exhale. The exact same you did over on the Cadillac. Okay, hop up.

Okay, we're gonna come back for stomach massage. Do you remember that exercise? That's where you sit here and you have your feet up here and your hands down here. Your honoree today. (indistinct) You remembered it last week.

So I thought you'd remember it this week. Not so close. No, no, not so close. You're seated, feet on here. That's it, yes.

Now remember we talked about all the toes on there and a little wider here. And stretch out your legs. Get your heels together. Don't let those bones touch. That's it, and in, in, in stretch out and in, in, in stretch out.

Good in, in, in stretch. In, in, in stretch. In, I think you're ready to straighten your legs. Yes, good. And together and in and together and in and together and in and together, very good.

Now remember to bring your hands back onto the shoulder box. Okay, have the fingertips forward. Yeah, bring your head up, head back and stretch out and come in, stretch too. And don't what, why are you doing that with your neck? Don't move it if I put it.

Press out and in, good. Press out and in. Press out and in. Press out and in. Press out and in.

Good, stay right there. Remember this one? Hold the wrists. Now reach for me. No, no reach for me first.

But what happened to my neck? Good, stretch the legs. Heels together, bend the knees, lift up. Stretch the legs, but don't lower your heels and bend your knees and keep the heels up. Think about the two by four exercises.

Stretch out, heels up. Heels up, heels up. Good come in, come in, come in. Stretch up, stretch up, stretch up. Come in, come in, very good.

Stretch out, stretch out, heels up. Good, Wayne. Come in, come in, come in. Excellent, step off. Do you remember your short box on the long box?

I don't remember. Your brain is not here today. It's okay, sometimes it happens. You're gonna sit on here, okay. I'm gonna want you to start trying to remember the exercises because that's also part of the work, okay.

I understand, but I'm just trying to figure it out. My brain is just work so hard. I'm trying to figure it out. Separate, take your toes up on here. Good, now he's over the heels.

So slide a little more forward, good. Take your hands around your tummy. What do you mean you don't get it through osmosis? Pull it to me in, and remember how you bring your pelvis back. Bring your pelvis back.

Don't push on your feet. Don't push on your feet. Bring your pelvis back. Like this, go ahead. I'll try it.

You're doing it. That's it, separate this, very good, very good, very good, very good. And come up and over and sit up. And again, pelvis back, good, good. And come up, excellent Wayne.

One more, okay. And come all the way up. Beautiful, stretch over, touch your toes. Good, take this bar, hold the white tips. Lift all the way up.

Sit up as tall as you can and lean forward. And I want you to sit up bring the crown of your head towards that pole and lift up to sit upright, up, up, up, and lean forward. Relax, lift up to sit upright up, up, up. Lean forward, relax. Keep the work.

Lengthen up, sit up. Up, up, up, up, up, up, stretch down, exhale. Good, sit all the way up. Lift the bar up. Remember to hold it with all your fingers.

There you go. Roll forward, stretch. Shoulders a little forward there. Reach over to the right side. Stretch it, watch the left knee and come up.

Reach over to the other side. Nope, stop, lift up, reach over. There you go. And up, relax, lift up, reach over. Stop, lift up, reach there and lift, relax.

Lift up, up, up, over. Stop, lift up over. There and stretch over, exhale. Good, good. Just let go of the bar.

You can come with me over the Cadillac please. Okay, so what I want you to do here is you're gonna hold on to this caddy and you're gonna let yourself hang like this. And do you remember how you lifted and not shifted? You're gonna lift one leg up, hold it and out and careful not to talk. That's gonna be the tendency.

Pretend like you're seated. It actually feels amazing. So actually the tip. No, 'cause I don't want you to just straight. So your whole pelvis is flat on the imaginary map behind you.

It feels delicious. Like you're sitting down beautiful. Nope, just one leg sweetie. Now just lift one knee up. Pull the tummy in, that feels so good?

Yeah. And bring it down. Good, take your feet a little more forward. Good, and bring the other one up. And if you need to rest your arms and come down.

Now don't tuck your pelvis. Think about you're seated on here. Lift one knee up. I'll try that. That's it.

(indistinct) Yep, and bring it down to sit on this sit bone and bring the leg up. Yes, and down, one more time each side. Bring the leg up and down, and bring the leg up and down. Excellent, and good sit all the way down. Good, it's tough one today.

Working hard, making progress. Do you remember the elephant? Yeah, I guess. Elephant in the room? Okay, that's where you're gonna stand on the reformer and your hands are here and your heels are there.

Hand foot, hand foot. Excellent, now take your heels all the way back. Nope, flat down, you're perfect. Just slide them back a little more. Good, now this is a hard thing for you but I want you to think about lifting your toes.

I don't care if they lift or not. I just want you to think about lifting your toes and remember the arms that we talked about and you're gonna shift your weight back, press, press, press and bring it forward. And again, shift the weight back. Press, press, press. Look at your hands please and shift the weight back.

Come on, push, push, push, push. Good, two more. Shift the way back, press, press, press one more. Push back, push back, push back. Good, now stay back there.

Bend your knees, very good. Straighten your legs, head down. Good, bend your knees. Straighten your legs. Good, bend your knees.

Straighten your legs, good Wayne. Now, lift your heels and move them back onto here. Good, look at your arms. Remember the bulldog that your wrists. That's it.

And bring your knees together at the same time down to the mat. Excellent, good. Yep, you're fine. Sit back on your heels. Now pull your tummy in.

Remember when we did that exercise where you rounded your head to your knee that's what you're gonna do there. You're gonna bring your head to your knee. Don't push it, stretch your arms. And now you're gonna push back the knees and come in, very good. Now do it quickly and in and in and in and in and in.

Tailbone under. Think tuck and tuck, not tip, tuck, tuck, and tuck and in with your stomach and in beautiful, stay there. Reverse the arch, open your chest and same thing, push back watch those arms. And one, good Wayne. Sit back two, I want you to sit.

Don't go all the way out. Sit on your heels. Good and go press and in and in. Yeah, it's smaller movement, but it's deeper. Good in and in and in and in and in, Very good, stay right there.

What happened in my little box? Okay, what you're going to do is you're going to lift your knees off and I'm gonna put your training wheels underneath your knees. Up we go. You're gonna kneel on this. And one day this will be your knees off.

So I want you to sit on those heels, separate your knees so that they're in line with your heels. Good, sit down on your heels. What happened to my tummy? Pull it in more, more find that first position that we did. Yes, and push out and in and out and in, try not to go up and down, out and in.

Good out and in, out, in. Think about when you pulled your pelvis back and you're holding your hands behind your knees and you roll down on the Cadillac in and in and in and in. Excellent hop off. Then you're gonna lie down just like we started. Good, careful legs up and down, good.

Arms down by your side. Excellent, bring yourself over this way. You were efforting a little bit. Good, and stretch out your legs. Lift your heels and alternate one.

Remember running? One lift, lift right from here. I wanna see slower please. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Smile you like it.

(laughs) And bend both knees, good. Okay, wide position. Just lift your tailbone up and roll it down and lift the tailbone up Up, up and roll it down, and lift the tailbone up, up, up and roll it down. And lift the tailbone up, up, very good Wayne, and roll it down. Now, keep everything down and stretch out your legs.

Good, and come in and stretch out your legs. And come in and stretch out your legs. And come in and stretch out your legs and come in. Now bring your knees together. Bring your legs together and exit the apparatus.

Come over to here, please. And you're going to sit on the Cadillac facing this way with your feet. Now put your feet up on the poles. Good, knees bent, knees bent. And you're going to hold this bar.

Now press down in the bar. Do you remember this one? You don't have to totally, but that's it. Watch through all the rules are the same. So yes, now your pelvis goes back first, press down.

Nope, don't what's your pelvis? Find your tuck. This. Going down. Yes, pelvis goes down first, stop.

Now come back up. Good, press down the spring. Pelvis, go open your chest. Come back up, open your chest. Yes, and again, you're doing great with not moving your notes so I can move to here and this.

Come back, sit up please. Don't lead with your upper back, lead with this. This keep pressing down so that you have something to lift off. Yes, yes, Wayne. Yes, Wayne, all the way down.

Open your chest. Good, now, straighten your arms. Press down on the bar and lift your head and roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. Lift up, lift your back, higher, higher, higher. Good, now, roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down.

And it's soft ribs. Head comes up. Roll up, articulate and lift and let go. Good, turn around and place your feet on there. Good, can you slide it over so that the camera can see?

Good, and what I want you to do is you're going to have your feet flat and in line with your knees. And you're going to, there's a deer back there Zack. You're going to lift one heel up and bring it down. Lift the other heel up. Now, as you lift that, Wayne, don't let it go out like this.

Stand on that big toe. Yes, and bring it down, very good. Stand on the big toe and down and up and down and up and down, more big toe up and down, up and down, up and down, last one and up and down, very good. Now, lift the heel point the toe, get the ball of the foot down and the heel. Lift the heel point the toe, ball the foot and down lift.

Get on that big toe point, ball the foot and down. Lift, point, ball the foot and down. Lift, point, ball the foot and down. Lift, point, ball the foot and down. Lift, point, ball the foot and down.

Very good, okay. So we're gonna come over to here. You're gonna stand facing the blocks. You're going to do, all right. So remember everything that you're gonna do.

So let's bring this foot back a little bit more, little more, little more, good. Now, bring your foot forward so that your toe, No, no, this foot comes forward. Little more, little more. I just remember, I just want your heel off the end. Come a little closer, a little more.

There you go. Now, stand up, nice and tall. So right here when I want you to get your hips over, don't talk please. Can you shift your shoulders back? There, good.

Now lift your heel and lower the heel all the way down to stretch the back of that leg, very good. Lift the heel up, lower. So this would be getting ready for foot corrector. Lift the heel up so good. Now remember everything that you develop, right, you wanna develop with a nice long spine.

You don't wanna develop the muscles when your spine is not long. Good, two more Wayne. Lift, press and grow, and one more. Press and grow. Good, other foot.

Mornings are definitely better for you. Nice, lift, good. Lower the heel. Don't move anything else please. Wait, wait, wait.

Lift the heel, beautiful. Lower the heel. Good, lift the heel. Lower the heel. Lift the heel.

Lower the heel, very good. Take your foot off. Now, to finish, you're gonna do those toe stretches with your feet together. You're gonna lift up and down and then you're gonna lift lower lengthen up, okay. Beautiful, lower lift, lower left, lower.

Now lift up, bend your knees. Almost done, lower your heels. Stretch your legs. Lift up, bend the knees. Good, don't talk.

Feel like you're sitting lower your heels. Lift up, bend your knees. Lower your heels. Don't change your height. Lift up, bend your knees, lower your heels.

Then stretch your legs. Again, lift, bend, lower your heels. Yes, stretch, reverse it. Bend your knees. Lift your heels.

Push through your feet, stretch. Lower your heels. Excellent, bend your knees. Stay there, 'cause this is really nice. You're doing great job right here.

Now lift your heels, stay there. Lower your heels. Lift your heels. Lower your heels. Lift your heels.

Lower your heels. Lift your heels. Now, straighten your legs. Lower your heels down, excellent. What I want you to do today instead of your wall to finish, Wayne, is you're just gonna come over to this mat right here, and you're gonna lie down and have your legs drop out this way.

Okay. Sure. And drop out. Have your feet go like this and just three minutes like this. You feel good, and relax.


Jennifer Potter
I have a question... (I am Polstar trained.. I work with men with tight hi-flexors and  when I've researched... (I could be wrong) I read that not using the hi-flexors so much is good. stomach massage... isn't that hard on the hi-flexors, I mean I see that you have the knees coming into the chest a lot at the beginning of video.. Does that help? can I have advice on why its good to do those sorts of exercises vs. the "relaxing of hi-flexors? like with 100s the legs are long.. Hope that makes some sense... 
makes total sense- but I look at the body as a whole- and the reason for this issue. The hip flexors are the victim- you need to find the culprit.  something in the body isn't working if the hips are over working :) I hope tis helped
Joan - same alignment when you 🤛❤️
1 person likes this.
Hello Kathryn:  I am enjoying your influence immensely.  I am actually trying to perform the first part of the session along with Wayne then watching the remainder of the class.  Having the opportunity to be guided through a portion of a session is my happy place right now.  Your bright spirit is filling me with joy.  Happy Spring.  Respectfully, Cat G.
Cattherine G- Thank you sooooo much! I love this work with all of my heart and I am beyond thrilled that you are enjoying it! even my grumpy mornings! 

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