Class #4339

Adding New Props

65 min - Class


Use props to create constraints to avoid falling back into old habits with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She adds in new exercises on the Mat and Cadillac to help Wayne progress in his practice. She also works on opening his chest to help improve his posture in his regular activities.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Yoga Block (2), Baby Arc, Triadball, Pilates Pole

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Okay Wayne. So what are you gonna do is remember how you're gonna lie down on your mat. You're gonna swing your two legs over. You're gonna bend your knees, hold the back your legs and roll all the way down using your with control. Very good.

What was that noise? (chuckles) Was that, was that you using your stomach with control? Good morning. So it's, it's earlier morning for Mr. Nash. He's not used to, this early morning yet.

Good. Okay, so what I want you to do, babe is I want you to slide your legs straight and place your feet underneath the strap. Slide back so that you have tension on your strap. Good, and bring your legs together. Excellent.

Reach your arms back behind you and take a nice deep stretch back there, all the way back. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Good. Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Then we're gonna go right into it today.

You're gonna roll up. (laughs loudly) Open your chest. Good. And you're gonna roll your upper body up into the hundred. Beautiful, right there.

Keep your feet down and pump your arms. Inhale through the nose for five counts and exhale through the nose for five counts. Good. Keep pulling this back. Good.

And now exhale. Pull the tummy back, back, back. Inhale. Two, three. This is what you'll do on the reformer later.

Exhale to keep this in four, five, Inhale. Two, three, close your legs. Exhale. Two, three, four, one more time. Inhale.

Two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale exhale. Very good. Lie all the way down and bend your knees into your chest and just give them a hug. Good. Now you've been doing so well with your roll up.

We're gonna work on this and you're gonna place your feet on top of this barrel. Excellent. Good. You're gonna take the pole. Remember the pole? Good, slide a little bit towards your feet, babe because you're long.

And I want to keep you up here. Have your legs together. Reach your arms up, shoulder with, with the hands. Remember the wrists. Excellent.

Exhale, reach back behind you. Arms a little closer together. There you go. Straight wrists. Very good.

Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Now remember, bring your head up and open your chest. Open your chest. Open your chest. Good. Roll up.

Keep the head here. Don't lower your arms. Roll up. Roll up. Roll up.

Roll up. Reach towards your toes. Head goes down. Good. Now, will you stomach in and drag me down.

Shoulders down. Open that chest. Now drag, head down. Drag me down with your tummy. Pull me.

Pull me. Pelvis. Pelvis. Very good. Arms go straight up.

Excellent Wayne and exhale all the way back. Straight wrists. Good. Inhale, come up. Keep this broad.

Remember that's good. Now bring your head up between your arms. Keep coming. Keep coming. Yes.

Now, exhale here as you roll over. Good. Stretch deep in that exhale. Bring the lungs out. Now, Inhale, roll back.

Low back. Open your chest. Where's the broad chest? That doesn't mean lift your head Wayne. Open the chest.

See how you made your arms wider. Good. Low back. Pull me. Pull me. Pull me.

Yes. Reach up. Reach in. Stretch all the way back. Stretch your arms.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch so I let them go back as far as you can. Keeping those ribs in place. Bring your arms, hands a little closer. Now, remember how we plugged the shoulders? Yes.

Keep this open. Bring your head up. Excellent inhale. Now exhale here. Don't drop your arms.

Don't drop your arms. Don't drop your arms. Yes Wayne, exhale. Shoulders down the back and roll back down. Roll down.

Go ahead, I have it. Use your stomach. Very good. One more, ribs go in (inhales deeply) Exhale stretch. So here's the barrel underneath, to help him anchor his pelvis.

So the weight of his legs are going in the pelvis as opposed to him wanting to having to lift them. Right? He has this, they're helping him anchor and open up his low back. Now, stay there a moment and remember open that chest and drag me down. Open your chest, head down.

That's it. Look at your navel. Pull me. Come on, come on, pull me away. Pull me, pull me.

Excellent! Ribs go in, stretch all the way back. Good, now arms down by your side. Bend your knees into your chest. Good. And you're gonna to lie flat and have your arms back here.

So if you have to slide back, slide back. Good, hold with your thumbs and fingers together. Bend your knees. Excellent. Now, soft ribs.

Really soft. Can you lift your hands up a little higher? Little higher, little higher. That's gonna help you drop your ribs. Okay?

So let's take you back one more inch cause I want those ribs nice and down. Lift your hands up. Beautiful. Now, stretch your right leg up to the ceiling. Very good.

No shift. Now ,reach the leg up towards your nose, and center. Don't move this leg, reach it across your knee, and center. Reach the knee to the knee and center. Now, anchor this side and open this leg to me, and center.

Good. Nose, sit on that hip center (Wayne groans) across anchor this hip. Yes, now pull the navel back as the leg goes down. Excellent. Anchor this hip as you reach open one more, to the nose.

(Wayne groans) Good. Across. (Wayne groans) Down. Open. And bend the knee.

Don't shift. Lift this leg. Very good. Pull the tummy in. Sit on that hip a little more.

Sit down. Nope. There. Yep. And up to your nose. (Wayne groans) Now, don't tuck, as you lift that leg. (Wayne groans) Don't tip as you lower.

So anchor the navel, anchor this hip. Remember squishing the blueberries. Now, keep this sip bone on the mat and anchor your tailbone. Tailbone, tailbone. Yes. Reach across.

So teaching the tip in the tuck gave him some point of reference, to begin his work. Anchor. Anchor. One more set. Very good.

Anchor your tailbone. Good, anchor this hip. Anchor your navel, anchor this hip. Very good. Bend your knees.

Excellent. Good, reach your arms up to the ceiling and grab onto your legs. If you have to move your feet away, move your feet away and roll up. Good. Have your feet together, legs together and this time, what I want you to do is you're going to bring your crown of your head to your knees. Elbows out to the side.

Keep your hands up a little higher. Good shoulders down, there. Thumbs with your fingers. Good. Now pull this to me in, in this part, in the back only.

So you're gonna separate this hinge. Pelvis. (Wayne groans) Pelvis. (Wayne groans) Pelvis. (Wayne groans) Pelvis.

(Wayne groans) Pelvis. and all around. And again, hips back, pelvis, (groans) pelvis, (Wayne groans) pelvis, (Wayne groans) and back, and again. Pelvis, pelvis (Wayne groans) And then one more time. And pelvis (Wayne groans) pelvis (Wayne groans) pelvis (Wayne groans) pelvis, and very good.

Now what I want you to do, Wayne is you're gonna slide keep that same shape and you're gonna slide your feet towards your bottom. Good, and lift your feet up and balance. Hold. Two, three, four, five. Bring your feet down and relax.

Good. Relax your neck. Lift your feet. Two, three, four, five, and bring your feet down. One more time.

Lift your feet. Head stays down. Two, three, four, five, hold this shape. Hold this shape. Hold this shape.

Hold this shape and lie all the way down. Good. Right from here, Wayne you're gonna take your hands and you know, hold the outside, lifting your head. Good. Stretch out your right leg and pull the stomach in like you're doing the footwork and bring your other hand over here and hug this leg there.

Don't tip anything, back stays great. Now bring both legs into your chest and hug them. Exhale, (Wayne exhales heavily) stretch out the other leg. Good. Keep this shoulder where it was, head comes up in, in in, and bend all the way in both legs and then bring your head down.

Good. So, as you come in, babe, I want you, I don't care about if your tailbone comes off right now. I want that low back feel where the low back is. That's what I want in the ground. So try to get your hands all the way to your ankles.

Good, and lift upper body. So the weight of your head there, you feel that? Yeah. That's where I want your head. Now, stretch out your right leg and two hands to the left leg.

Good. Nothing moves and bring the leg in. In, in. Now push like you're pushing the foot bar. Good. And bring the other leg in, in, breath and relax.

(exhales heavily) Good. One more set. Bring your head up, pull it in (Wayne groans) Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up. That's it. Stretch out one leg and bring it in. Good. Don't let it drop.

Drudge up the other leg. Good. And bring it in and lie down. You're gonna do that one more time and I'm gonna guide this leg So you're letting it drop a little, I don't want it to do that. Yeah. I can't be there to beat.

Yeah. Good. Lift your head up, higher. Very good. Now, bring your foot to my hand.

Lift your upper body. Good. Bring both legs and lift your upper body. Bring your right here, lift your upper body. Good.

Bend in, lift your upper body. Good and relax all the way down. Very good. Good. Now lift your two legs up to the ceiling.

So he's going to learn single leg straight first before double because of his powerhouse control. So you're gonna lift two. You're gonna lift your hands up. Hold your legs, and roll up. Good.

Now try to climb up to your ankles. Don't worry about you're not going to get it. Good. Now take your right leg down straight and now grab this leg and reach for that ankle and lift your upper body up, up, up. Good. Yeah And two legs come up, hold them, hold them.

Hold them good. Now the other leg goes down. Lift up, lift up, lift up. Good. Two legs up head goes down and rest yeah and the knees in.

Very good. (Wayne groans) See where you're anchored, that's where we want you anchored. Good. Two legs stretch up. Lift up the body.

Lift up. Come on, use your arms on your legs. You can use your arms. Lift up your upper body, there. Now right leg come down, left leg comes in and pull that leg in. Pull it in, pull it in, pull it in.

Good Wayne, lift up other leg. Ready? Go! Pull it in, pull it in, pull it in, pull it in and come all the way down. Hug your legs in. I understand what you are looking for Good. You looking for a box.

Yes ,a box It's a right angle. Its a rectangle Yeah That's when I say box. Excellently good. So you don't want that box on side to side. You want to keep it right?

The legs move without the box. Very good. Okay. So now this can be your double leg pole. So you're gonna roll your upper body up as much as you can and hold your ankles and it's nice for your back, right? So really hug it in.

Head in, look at your navel. Now, glue your legs together heels together, just your heels. And I want you to stretch out your legs and put pressure hands on your thighs. Press them, here. Press, press roll up more, roll.

There you go. Now don't change your height. Bend your knees and grab your ankles and lie all the way down. Roll up again. Grab your ankles.

Roll up. Yes. Now stretch out, pushing my hand and press your hands and roll up a little more. That's it. I don't want you to go lower than here.

Both sides up. Come in, exhale. Bring your head up. (Wayne exhales heavily) Elbows out to the side. Inhale, press away, press, inhale, elbows up.

Inhale, now exhale. Squeeze the lungs out and then bring your head down. Good. Take your feet down. Get flat. Hold the backs of your legs.

Bring your legs a little more forward. I'm trying to move them forward, there you go. Roll yourself up to sit. Excellent. Okay.

Now, just I just want to see straighten your legs out. Good and place your feet against the poles. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. You are getting better. Okay. So, I think we're gonna move forward with you here. So you're gonna have this ball.

Nope, Nope, Nope. I want your legs where they are. Okay. So sit up nice and tall. Very good. Good. Take the ball in your hands.

Remember this exercise, and you're going to very good. Your spine looks nice and straight and slow. Roll the ball forward. Go ahead roll it. Roll it.

You got it. You got it. You got it. Roll. Roll.

Good. And now roll back up (Wayne groans) and again roll it down, so much better. You feel that Wayne? Yeah. So good.

Excellent. And roll it up. Roll it up. So I want you to remember what you're feeling right here. Okay?

Hmm And again, roll it down. Roll it down. Roll. Roll. Roll.

(Wayne groans) And roll it up. Roll it up. Roll it up. Good. Stay right there. Have it Good.

Excited?. (indistinct) Can be very excited? You're like look at this. Now, so I want you to scoot your tush back a little, just a little. Good, arms up.

Scoot your tush back a little more, arms up. Good. Now, the rule of this game is to keep the arms in restraint. So, what you're gonna do is you're gonna bring, together behind you. You feel that?

Yeah. And then now don't release the ribs shoulder blades together more. There, head goes down and with straight arms, bring that bar forward. Go forward. Forward.

Yeah Now, remember the hold onto the bar and watch your wrists. You feel that stretch? Yeah. Pull your tummy back. This, its up right here.

That's BS. Now, how are you gonna come back? You're gonna use your pelvis. Head stays down. Use your pelvis, use your Pelvis, more pelvis.

Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. You feel that? Yes. Yes. And then bring the bar up to the ceiling and press it up. Good. And anchor your tailbone and reach that bar up.

Reach it up. Reach it up. Now, how are you gonna move back? Your pelvis. Straight arms.

Remember the chest? Where's my chest? Open it It can go down. Pelvis moves back more pelvis. Pelvis. Pelvis.

Yes. Pelvis. Yes. Yes. Don't bend the ribs Good. Drag the spring.

Remember when I was holding onto that pole and I had you drag me? Yeah Drag, pelvis, more pelvis more pelvis, more hips, more hips, more hips. Good. And then lengthen up and don't lose this going down. Reach up down, down, into my hand. There. More, into this hand.

This way. This way you feel that? Yeah Keep this here. Don't lose that now. Shoulders come down the back.

Good. Shoulders, I didn't say head. (Wayne groans) That's it? Yes. Move back here. This is how you're gonna get through there.

Good, good, good. Keep this here, stretch forward. (Wayne groans) Yes. Now anchor, this, this moves you. Press down on that spring. Press down on that spring.

Don't let it go until I tell you, press down on that spring. Now draw your shoulders together. Head stays down and reach the bar up. Good. Reach the bar up. Yes.

And very good Wayne. Excellent. Your legs. Let me just take it down. Let go. Good.

Draw your legs together. Stay right there a moment. You're doing awesome. New level today Nash. Good.

Now, bring yourself towards your feet a little bit, bend your knees. Keep your feet flat and lie your upper back onto the barrel. Good. Slide Pelvis further back on bare Good, head goes down. Open your chest.

Good chin down. Yes. Now remember it's going to be a little deeper cause you have less pillow. Yeah. So bring your pelvis into that space. Yes. Hold it to that's where you're going to move from. Okay?

And release. Have this feet flat. The feet are key. Now bring the pelvis back. Bring your pelvis into that space.

Find your tuck. Find your tuck. Find your tuck and release. And again, find your tuck. Find your tuck.

Find your tuck (Wayne groan) and release. One more time. Find your tuck. Find your tuck. Find your tuck and re obese.

I'm looking for my short, short bar. I do not see it. Where is she? Hmm. Okay. So, you're going to use your weighted bar and you're gonna keep your neck long.

Okay? And remember whenever you use your tuck you wanna lengthen your neck. So, find your pelvis. Good. Inhale, (Wayne inhales deeply) exhale, stretch back. Stretch, push punch with your arms.

Punch, punch, punch. Good. Bring the arms up. Open your chest. Good. And bring your arms down. You're doing great.

Yes. (Wayne groans) And reach up. Stretch those wrists. Pelvis back. My star pupil.

Now punch back. Punch back. (Wayne groans) Punch back. Arms come up. Pelvis. Whereas my pelvis Nash that as (laughs) and bring your arms down.

So every time you initiate movement this first. Yes. This is your, this is your, your steering on your car. So reach up inhale. Find your steering wheel. Exhale. Don't lose it.

I don't care how far those arms go. (Wayne groans) Good. Inhale. Come up and exhale. Bring, down. Good.

Straighten your legs. Bring your head up and roll forward to touch your toes. Look at you, Mr. Nash. Very, very good. Okay. So let me take this and you are actually ready to two Lake Springs.

Can't believe it. So you're gonna lie down and you're gonna lie flat. You're gonna bend your knees into your chest and this is going to be fun for you. Okay? So you're going to take your hands back up onto, there.

And you are going to be the first person to christen. my leather straps, One sec. So you wanna make sure they sit there. Okay? Good. Now you have to keep your heels together.

Very good. Elbows to the ceiling. And now can you get your whole pelvis on that mat? Tailbone too. Yes.

Pull the stomach in and press out. Chin lowers, lengthen your neck. Good. And bend your knees into your chest. This is like that double Lake pole that I said.

So same thing. Tailbone, lengthens through the nose we breathe. Stretch those legs. You can go a little further straight. Ah, look at you.

Bend your knees right to your ears and your shoulders, not so wide. Close your legs a little, close your legs more. Close your legs more. So you see, they line up with the Springs. Keep them lined up with the Springs.

Good. Now when you bend your knees line them up with the Springs. They don't drop further out than the spring. Yes. Heels press, Good.

And come in. And one more time. This is just like your foot work. You wanna feel on your foot work and air? Think about your tip and your top.

So as you bend your knees, you anchor the tailbone even though the whole thing is anchored. And as you stretch your legs, you anchor your navel. You anchor the tuck. Excellent. And all the way in.

Good. You're gonna spin yourself around. Sit up. Good. Look at you. Rolling like a ball.

Bring your legs over to here. Feet here, knees bent. Now, this is the same exercise that you did. Bend your knees though. Then bend, bend.

This is the same exercise you did with that push through bar with the chest open but this time you're gonna roll all the way back. Where are you going to move from? Yes. Press down that part to help you engage that. Roll back.

Open the chest. Good. Now doesn't mean arch your back to open your chest they're separate. Pelvis. Nope. You're arching. This (Wayne groans) This (Wayne groans) This (Wayne groans) Good. All the way down.

Open your chest. Head goes down. Good. Keep this bar straight. This is that box, right? Now, I didn't want you to straighten your legs, keep them bent. Now roll up.

Head. What happened to your head? (laughs loudly) Don't worry. Head up. Chest open.

Look at me. Look at me. That's why I'm here. That's it. That's it. Good.

Excellent. And again. Pelvis. Pelvis. (Wayne groans) Good.

Yes. Very good. Open the chest. Feel bowls, shoulders on that mat. This one, especially air.

Now don't move anything just lift your head. Good. Now peel your shoulders off. Now. Peel through your ribcage. Keep your waist on. Then come all the way up and sit.

That was gorgeous. That was absolutely spectacular. One more time like that. Pelvis. Remember to press down.

Don't get excited. Open your chest now. Pelvis. Yes. Find just your hips to the mat.

Just your hips. Good. Now the waist, now the bottom of that rib all the way through the ribs, all the way through open the chest, head goes down, open the shoulder. Good. Keep that bar straight. Excellent. Just your head comes up. What happened the shoulders they're on, just your head.

Yes. Now the shoulders. Now peel through the ribs. Look at mama, articulate waist back, waist back, waist back, hips back, hips back, hips back all the way up. Very, very good way. Wayne that's huge.

Huge. Good. So I flipped around your reformer shade, sorry. So you're gonna have your feet on this end. Figure we could get a little more vision. Look at you.

I gotta do my workout today. Okay. Balls of the feet. Excellent. Just bring yourself a little over to this side. Let's feel that stretch (Wayne groans) Good. And then the toes.

Now remember the knees, right? Cause you like to drop those hips out so really try to keep them here. Remember we talked about with your, with your ankles, so and press out, all the way today. Go ahead and stretch them. You can go, stretch.

Yes. And bend in. No, don't lie. Just bend your knees. Very good. Look. You see, you can get your leg straight with your pelvis flat now, stretch and in.

So when you're on the Cadillac and I saw you with the leg Springs, I knew that you were ready to fully extend and keep your pelvis flat. You see how this is the same exercise? Good. (Wayne groans) Two more, one more. Good. Bend your knees all the way into your chest for a second.

Do you remember the second foot position that's gonna on your arches? I'm gonna give you a little separation today. So bend those knees in, in between so that you could re anchor your pelvis, right? Yes. Good.

Now go onto the arch of the foot, parallel and you're gonna hold this here. And you're gonna hold this with the balls of your foot and your heels. Okay? So now you're not gonna have to worry about your ankle, but you see this one, once the turnout, I want you to hug it with that and hug it with your heel. So I'm gonna drop it down a little bit more. Good. Hug it with your heel and the ball.

Excellent. And press out, and come in. Very good Wayne. Two, keep your heels under as you come in. Three, and in. And so what you're gonna have to watch is that every time you've asked something of them that they're going to want to go back to habitual movement, to compensate.

This has to stay there. Don't let that move or I'll put a pillow, put a pillow. Good. And last one, and good. Now bend both knees into your chest.

Good. You're gonna put your feet back, on heels on the bar. Flex your feet, toes back. Hold on with your toes. Hold on with your knees and, press good too. So to me, it's more important that he gets this alignment of his foot.

It's a better placement for him. Parallel hips with feels better. Doesn't it for you? Yeah, because his knee likes to drop in and his ankle likes to drop in. And then when he turns them parallel they kind of go a little askew.

He's not truly knock-kneed but he's not his his shin is bows out when he uses his legs incorrectly. Now, Wayne, I just want you to see something. Straighten your legs, lift your head. You see how the shin bone is being pulled into alignment. Yeah.

So his shinbone looks like it bows out, but it really doesn't. It's cause the arches dropped . Toes back one more time. Yes. Hold the heel. Hold the heel with the hold.

The bow block with the heels. Yes. And come in. Now, you're gonna very carefully drop onto the balls of your feet. Where's it hurt? The legs.

Yeah. They're burning right? Yep. Now Hold onto the ball. See he's feeling his foot work. Now, do you remember the exercise we do there Where you lift your heels and lower your heels and we did it on the block last week, where the heel one, a little lower? I want you to do the same thing but, see all these bones wanna press?

No. No. Try to hold with the heel. Yes. And the ball of the foot. So what does that mean?

The arch has to lift. So stretch out your legs, on the ball of your feet. Beautiful. (Wayne groans) Lift your heels as much as you can. Up, up, up like you have my blue buttons on.

(Wayne groans) Good. Now lower your heels a little bit but don't lose your pelvis. Stretch them down. Good. (Wayne groans) Now pull the stomach in and lift them up. (Wayne groans) Up, up and lower down, (Wayne exhales heavily) down, down.

Get what happened the balls of the feet. Hold the block with the block. Good. Come on, get the heels on there. Good Wayne. Lower down, down, down.

Lift up. Lifted. Don't go too far. Get your feet. Hold onto the ball. Hold onto the top.

Top of the block, there. Now lower your heels a little bit. Don't lose the block. Now. Lift your heels and squeeze the block with your heels not your ankles. Yes. You feel that?

And lower down. Hold it with the heels. Lifted up, hold it with the heels and bend your knees all the way in. Now for Wayne, I'm not going to lower his bar where I usually start because he has a closed chest. So, I mean we're working on it.

So I'm gonna keep his bar up for the hundred, one that'll help anchor his pelvis, which will allow him to rise up where I want him, to work. So stretch your legs out and remember, you're gonna keep that stop, put them on top of the bar, you're gonna keep them on the bar, straight legs. Remember they were over here, right? And don't lift them. Reach your hands back behind you, like you do on the baby chair.

And there's handles right by your shoulder blocks. Yep. Excellent. And you stretch those arms straight up just like you do in the baby chair. Now, pretend you're on the baby chair.

Right? And remember we pumped our arms. Same thing that lift. I want you to bring your head up, and now roll up as much as you can. Roll the shoulders off, shoulders, keep your legs down please.

Shoulders off. Shoulders off, shoulders off shoulders off, shoulders off and go back down. Good, relax. So I have a little bit away from your shoulder blocks. Now the only way that you're gonna do this is to anchor right? You know, we'd bend your knees in.

I think I'm going to try your legs down. Extend your legs down flat. I think I lied Bring your head up and press into your strap. Roll up legs. Stay down.

Roll up. Up with the body Up with the body. Up with the body. Come on. Up, up, up. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Hold it.

And come back down. Good. Legs together. Bring your head up. Press into the strap.

Roll up. Roll up. Roll up. Legs down please. Roll up. Roll up, roll up and down one more time.

Legs together. I'm not gonna help you from that way. Pull the stomach and keep those legs down. Legs down. Don't lower your arms swing.

Roll the body up. Roll up, hold it, hold it, hold it. And come back down. Very good. So this is why I will work your a hundred over there before I work your a hundred over here.

Bend your knees in so that you don't get into bad habits. It's very difficult when people have closed chest bend your knees into your chest, for them to lift their upper body up right correctly. And so if I'm giving him straps and making him do the a hundred there I'm gonna creating bad habits. That's why he does his hundred over there. And we haven't transferred yet.

Now, Mr. Nash, swing your legs over the side. Good. Stay right there. And you're gonna do stomach massage that's why the feet are up here and the hands are down here and you're in that rounded rolling like a ball position. Excellent. Good. Now, same thing.

Remember we talked about the toes, just like your foot work they're all together. So, this is what we're gonna do. We are going to actually work you with your legs like this and you're gonna hold the balls of your feet and your heels, balls and heels. So can you hug it with the balls in heels? Yes.

So I want your ankles not to touch them and you don't see how here press right there in the book. That's it. You feel that? Press that and stretch out. Good and bend in, in in (Wayne groans) hold that, hold the block with your heels and your balls.

Yes. That's it. Squeeze that block. Good wing. And bend. So normally when Wayne would squeeze that block his knees would collapse inward.

But now cause he can't, they're staying in alignment. You feel, see that? Look at your shins and in, in, in raise this foot up a tiny bit. Good, and press here. Now, come in, press (Wayne groans) and come in (Wayne groans) press (Wayne groans) and come in, press and come in.

Excellent. Wayne, take the hands behind you. Very good. Now remember open that chest up. Chin this together.

Good and press out (Wayne groans) and come in. Squeeze those heels. (indistinct) Yep. Press good. Press out. Hold those heels and come in, bend your knees and press out.

(Wayne groans) Bend in (Wayne groans) press out (Wayne groans) bend in press out Bend in, press out and, beautiful. Stay right there. Straight. To get cool, it does different things Tries to stay away Instead of going straight cold. It's really clear.

So really hold those heels and hold the balls. So, yep. So what I do is I create different constraints so that it can't do what I don't wanna do. Stretch out the legs, bend the knees up, up, up, up, stretch out the legs, bend the knees, hold it with your heels. Good Wayne.

Stretch out the legs. Bend the knees, reach up, up up. Excellent. Step up. Good. Good.

So do your short box on your long box? Now. Sit right here. Put your feet underneath. Remember feet underneath the strap. Guess what?

Good. Slide forward a little bit. I don't want it on the knee joint. Right now, Sit up tall. (chuckles) It's all about you, no sweetie it's all about me. Take your hands around your waist, and roll back.

You let so funny Yep. You wanted to go out. Yep. So you see, I work less. You work more roll back. That's it. Roll back.

Roll back. Roll back. Roll back. Roll back. (Wayne groans) Roll back.

Roll up. Roll up. Roll up. Now, move your feet a little more forward, sweetie. And remember where we want your toes.

Yes. Right there. And roll back. Roll. (Wayne groans) Roll.

(Wayne groans) Roll. (groans) roll. And come up. Very good. Now look forward.

Pretend that you have paint brushes on your eyes. And as you go down, you're going to make two racing stripes. (Wayne groans) And you're gonna come up make two racing stripes. (Wayne groans) Don't push with the legs. One more time. Lift up, lift up and two racing stripes.

(Wayne groans) And come all the way up, up, up. Stretch forward. Exhale. Drop your head. Take the bar. Sit up.

Nice and tall. Lift up. Now remember shoulders are in front of the hips. (Wayne screams) And relax. (exhales heavily) And shoulder sit up tall, sit up tall sit up tall and relax.

And sit up tall. Sit up tall. Sit up, up, up one more time. Sit up, shoulders a little in front of your hips. Good and stretch over to the side and come up up, up.

Lift that head, stretch to the other side and come up, up. Stretch to the other side. Up, up, up. Stretch to the other side. (Wayne groans) Yep. Up, up, up, reach shoulders a little more forward.

(Wayne groans) Good, one more time and stretched down exhale. Drop your head. Good. Lift up nice and tall. Don't knock me off. Good straight wrists.

Don't move your hips. Twist. Bring your head back to me. Yes. Twist.

(Wayne groans) Inhale here. (inhales deeply) Exhale. Inhale. (inhales deeply) exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale and stretch forward. Good. Now do you remember lift don't shift?

You're gonna take your feet from the straps. Have them on there. You're gonna, have your hands by your side. Good. And need to lift one leg up and don't ship now you're behind yourself.

So remember sit, sit up. Hands here, right? Lift one leg up. Yes. (Wayne groans) And bring it down and lift one leg up and bring it down.

(Wayne groans) And lift one leg up and bring it down, (Wayne groans) And lift the leg up, and bring it down. Good Wayne, come over to here. I'm gonna spot this barrel for you. But what you're going to do is you're going to put your foot on this bottom wong. And I want you to stand here, where your hip, your fingertips are gonna be here and your hip is over your heel.

Then all you're gonna do is keep your box square. Don't twist it. Lower your heel down. Lift your heel, and then with your heel lifted, bring your box forward. Box back, box forward, box back, box forward.

Okay? Fingertips up. Very good. Good. So lower your heel.

Remember what I said, where you moving from? Bend your ankles. Good. Now bend your knee. Are you okay?

Am sorry. Its okay, don't be sorry. Now what's gonna come back. You're just moving from here. Lower your heel.

Lift your heel. Don't, I didn't say bend it. Lift. Straighten the leg, lift the heel. Good. Now bend the knee and bring the pelvis in. Moving from here.

(Wayne groans) And now you feel it? Yeah. And stretch the knee. Now bend the knee and stretch the leg. Heel stays up when you stretch that leg and change your feet.

So do you remember when we did our two by four exercises over there are the standing exercises, right? And I would say lift, bend, lower, stretch. Nothing else is moving, right? It's the exact same exercise. You're lifting your heel.

You're bending your knee. You're lifting your, your straighten your knee. So don't lower your heel. Only one joint moves at a time. 40 years still trying to get that one.

Me. Yep. Yep. Good. Now, so first thing stand up nice and straight before you do anything.

So the hip is right over the heel. Beautiful. Now, as you lower the heel just bring everything forward. Yes. Now as you lift the heel, bring everything back and as you bend the knee, bring everything forward. Lift that heel, lift the heel, lift the heel. Now keep the heel up as you straighten the leg.

Yes. Now lower the heel. Everything goes forward. Lift the heel, everything bring your shoulders back. Don't lift that hip.

Yeah. Step off. Very good. So your, your left side is the side that likes to shorten. So what I want you to do Wayne, is to open your chest. I want you to hang this way.

You're going to do that hanging thingy. Okay. And then this time, what you're going to do is you're going to let your right hand come along your side and stretch that side. And come up, left-hand, right-hand. So, hold there. Yep. Sit down like you're sitting on that.

Let it hang. Now, take off the right hand. I'm not gonna do this I know take off the right hand and let that side stretch. Excellent. You feel that? Yeah.

That's the stretch I want on that side and then bring the hand back up and let the other one stretch. Good. And bring it back up and let it stretch. Excellent. And you can even let yourself go to that side. Yes. And bring it up and let it stretch and up and stretch this one one more time and lift it up and let everything just hang.

And good. (chuckles) plopped down. Okay. Let's go to your yup. And that's that instead of opening your chest you lift like this, right? Yes. Well you do you go like that.

Right? So just bring the shoulder blades together. Hey, so do you remember the elephant? The one you stand hand, foot, hand, foot. Excellent. Hand, flatfoot.

Now ,remember we worked on your feet, right? So you're looking at them to remember we've talked about, about the arches. So I want you today. Lift your toes up. Just lift your toes up, up, up, up, up and relax.

Good. And remember, I want you to stand here. Yes. You see that? Beautiful way. Good. You feel that? Excellent.

Now bend your knees. So they track right over the center. Now, when you straighten your legs pull your tummy in, just like you're over there doing that push through bar and rotate this inline. Beautiful, and bend your knees. Yes.

(indistinct) Yep. So that there they stay right over this end to your foot. Now what happened to your hands? Cause they're doing the same thing as your feet. I know it's a lot.

Good. Bend your knees. Good, and stretch. And bend. And stretch. And Bend and, and, and stretch.

Good. Stay there with the leg straight like that and shift your weight back. Straight legs. And then forward ,straight knees put note, straight knees babe. Good, push through the heel and yes, straight, straight, straight, and forward. Excellent. And again, straight, straight.

Excellent. Bring your heels up to the shoulder blocks. Yes. Yes. Right. But you're not a true knock-kneed cause it's not structural It's muscular. Bring your heels back.

Correct. Heels back and use your stomach and bring your knees down. Good. Now heels, go back here. Sit on your heels and see how the knee wants to come in here. Same thing. It lines right up.

So if I was gonna put up a rod, we go right through. Yeah. Good. Sit on those heels a little. What happened to the hands?

Good. Go out one inch and then pull it in and quick in now fast and in and in and in and in and in and good reverse the arch shoulders, go back open a chest and same thing. And one, two, three, four, five, six. Now we're gonna do something a little different today. You're gonna round in like you normally do. And I want you to bring this knee up towards your shoulder.

So your foot is here. Try not to take it out to the side. Try to make room with your stomach. Now. See how you brought your foot in. Bring it out in line with the knee.

Good. Head down. Lift the heel, lift the heel. Good. Straighten your arms. Head down and push back and in heel stays up. Push back so you work your foot.

See how you're not on your big toe. Get on your big toe Nash. I am on my big toe. No, you're not. You see, it's not going into alignment.

Stop, stop, stop. Bring your foot in. Bring your foot in. Good. Now, as you're lifting up, you're ruling out that way.

I want right here. Yeah. That's it. That's all you got. Cause now you're even in the center. Otherwise you're doing the same thing.

What you're doing with your arms. Right? So stay right there that's your heel lift. Press out. Otherwise you're you're messing your alignment.

Yes. You feel the difference? Yeah. Good Wayne. That's it don't give up that big toe.

Only goes far as you can keep that big toe down. And good change sides. Good. Excellent. So remember this when I say big chunk, this is what I mean.

Yeah. So you want to lift up that heel, lift up there. Perfect. Now press up and in press two and in press three and in, press four, in five, in six, in and beautiful Wayne. Good ,step off. You're going to lie down just like we begin.

Yeah. Arms down by your side. Palms are up. Open your chest and you're going to stretch out your two legs. Do you remember running lift one heel. Bend the other leg right to the ceiling with your knee.

Don't let it go to the side, babe. This is the same thing. Now remember the big toe. Find the big toe only goes big as you can keep the entire ball of your foot. Your left foot.

Has it make your right foot? Yes. Do you feel that? Excellent. Wayne. Excellent. It not that awesome It's up.

Good. You're not gonna run with your knees out to the side, right? You're not gonna go like this. Yes, yes, yes. Chin down. Yes. That Chin's not going to help you.

Good. Good. And stretch both knees, bend both legs. Wide positions. Slide your feet out.

Roll your tailbone up. Roll your tailbone down. Open that chest. Watch the neck. Roll your tailbone up.

Roll your tailbone down. Roll your tailbone up. Roll your tailbone down. Keep, pull back flat press out. Come in, knees over the toes.

Press out. Come in. press out. Come in. Press out.

And come, in. Good. So I want you to come and you're actually gonna stand right here on the outside of the Cadillac back there. This is why it's important to have all sorts of tools. So you're gonna stand outside the Cadillac Wayne.

And what I want you to do is, you're going to put your heels here and you are gonna want to be like this and I want you to go so that the big toes are down. Shoulders, over heels, stand in your heel and press down and up. Okay? Yep. Press down and up.

let's move that step off. Let's move it back a little bit. What? You're taller than me. What the heck now with me. Okay. Good.

Take your heels back. Good. Correct. So it's very, it's actually difficult but you're doing a great job. You wanna keep the weight here and here.

So you wanna stand here and here, that's it. And then, yep. No, Wayne, can you see over there? Look how straight your back is and press up. When you put your feet alignment, can you look over there?

Your back is totally straight and your neck is behaving. (indistinct) Right? And that's when you, when you bike, when you bike. That's what I see right. Is right.

But it's all right. And it's out here too. Don't forget this part. It's on the big toe and the outer edge of the heel and that makes this legs spiral. And then the knees go right over top.

Gorgeous and very good , Step off. And you get a little treat today. You're going to lie down and you're going to have your tailbone on the edge here. If your feet go off, it doesn't matter. Just if your tailbone on the edge here.

Okay? Good. Tailbone a little further off and lie back ,chin down. Good heels together. You're still working.

Now, what do we do when we're there? What do we do with our pelvis? Yes, we open the front of the pelvis. So if this be all that's nice and open as a delicious good inhale up and exhale, stretch back. Inhale, lift up.

Open the shoulders, exhale. Bring it down. Inhale, reach up. Pelvis back into that space. Find my finger with your spine.

Yes. Keep finding it. Keep finding it. Find me, find me. Good. Lift up.

Find me. Don't lose me and open all the way down, all the way down. Inhale. Come up. Exhale, stretch back. Inhale. Come up, bring your head up.

I'm gonna take the pole. You're gonna bring your hands on the on the spine corrector and slide yourself back into the crease and reach forward . Sit in your crease all the way and reach forward. Exhale. Exhale.

(Wayne groans) Exhale. And beautiful Wayne. That's your workout today.


Wayne is  a good sport. Wish he would   dress like Joe-- he can  carry it off!!
HEEEEEE HEEEE HEEEE Wayne will appreciate this!
Wayne is doing so good! I was so impressed with his knee stretches. I had to chuckle in the very beginning of the video when you had him lift one leg and you said, that was perfect.. no “shift”. I thought you said something else. ha ha!! I can’t wait to try the spine stretch with the feet elevated and the legs straddled. What a great modification. Thank you for all of this great stuff! And thanks to Wayne for being such a good student!
Wow great work both of you.  Kathy love to get to observe your work. You can see how Wanyne is liking it.  He feels the change happening. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us Kathy, very grateful. 

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