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Incorporating Breath

70 min - Class


You will begin to add new movements and concepts with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She focuses on breathing, using the Breath-A-Sizor and other exercises to deepen Wayne's breath, and also removes the pillow for supine exercises so that he can continue to improve his alignment. She teaches new exercises like Rolling Like a Ball, Going Up Front, and more.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Mixed Equipment, Reformer w/Box, High Chair, Mat, Toe Corrector, Yoga Block (2), Wall, Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole

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So today we're gonna start with your legs straight and underneath the strap where we left off our hundred last time, heels are gonna be together. You're gonna lie all the way down, good morning. It's always fun in the morning. Good, inhale deeply. Fill through your nose and exhale deeply through your nose.

You're gonna do this inhale for five counts and exhale for five counts, and again, inhale for five counts, one, two, three, four, five, exhale for five counts. Two, three, four, five, so this is gonna be your breath for the hundred, good, the heels flexed. Flex your toes back, press the legs together. Excellent, reach your arms up and I'm gonna actually give you this weighted bar. Notice I don't take it over his head.

I take it around, God forbid I drop it, he will sue me. Just stretch your arms back a little bit, pulse. Good, bring your arms up to the ceiling and then just lift your head up through the arms, good. Now, roll up. Exhale right there.

That's it, and you're gonna pump your arms, inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, remember your tip and tuck. So you're gonna lengthen your navel back and find your tuck inhale deeply. Very good. Exhale, pull this back. What's happening with those feet?

Good toes apart, heels together. Keep pumping in inhale. Remember how we talked about this part of your foot coming back? More, more, more, yes. And roll back down.

Let's reestablish that heels together toes apart. Pull these toes back. Yes, you feel this strap? Yep. Pull back on that strep.

Good arms come up to the ceiling. Good, chin comes up. Roll up right there. Beautiful vein and pump. Little higher up two, three, four, five.

Push this in. Exhale, two Down, down, down, down. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Get this down. Down, down, down, down.

Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale and lie all the way down. Good. I want you to slide towards your feet a little bit more, just because you're tall.

You're gonna inhale. Bring the bar up. Exhale, stretch back. Inhale up. Exhale, bring your arms down.

Open your chest up. Good, inhale up. Stretch the legs. Push through the heels as you stretch this bar back, exhale, inhale up and exhale. Exhale, exhale.

Beautiful, now bend your knees and have your feet flat on the mat. Good, good. Legs together. You're gonna hold this bar and you're gonna reach, remember how we hold our wrists? Knuckles forward, excellent.

And your head's gonna go down. Drop your head to your knees. Good. Right there. Now roll back, legs together, and roll back the low back.

Reach the pelvis. Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. Hold it, hold it. Hold it. And roll back up.

Keep this back as you roll up. Good, and again, roll down. Go ahead. Lead with this, I'm here. Push against me and get your low back down.

Find your, find your tuck. Find the tuck, find the tip, find the tuck. Find the tip and Curl over. Pull this back. Good.

Two more, rollback. Good, pull this back. Back, back. And up, when you do your short box, this is what I want you to feel. And now you're gonna roll all the way down and I'm here to help you.

So shoulders down, that's it, come on, push on me. Use your low back, low back, low back, low back. And lie all the way down. Beautiful, good. So what I want you to do is you're going to bend one leg and have it flat.

Good. Chin down, yes So you noticed you don't have a pillow today? No pillow, why? You have to work a little more and drop the ribs? Yes, no pillow today.

No, keep your head down. Chin down. Good, now you're gonna bend the other leg in and you're gonna stretch it up to the ceiling. Good, now see how you lifted your tail? Bend your knee again and lift it and don't move your tail.

Up, good. And I want you to stretch it towards your nose. One, two, three. Stop right there. Don't move anything.

Reach it across your pelvis and keep that hip down. Good, now lower knee to knee. Good, bring up now, anchor this pelvis and open this way. (Wayne groans) Good and good. Reach it up towards your nose.

Up, up, up, center. Good, anchor this hip, reach it across. Good, pull the navel in and now reach it down to the calf. Good, and bring it back up. Keep that hip in place and open it.

Anchor this side. Don't move the knee. And center and reach back towards your nose. Don't rotate out And anchor this hip and reach across. Good.

And this time, pull the tummy in and lower down to the ankle. Just like we did last with the 10, 10, 10, 10 and lift it, up anchor this. Sit on that hip. Sit on that hip and bend the knee into the chest. And give your leg a hug.

Stretch that leg in. Beautiful, Wayne. Foot goes down. Remember nothing's gonna move, chin down. I want you to start understanding your neck now and bring your knee into your chest.

Remember, this is your naughty side. So anchor here and fold. Yes, beautiful, excellent. You folded very well at your hip joint and stretch the leg up to the ceiling. Very good.

And now stretch it back. One, two, three. Good and stretch. Push through that heel and reach across, anchor the hip. And excellent.

Now pull the tummy in and go right to the knee. Squeeze the knee to the knee. Good, bring the leg up. Now, anchor this hip and oh, don't move this one. Open it to me.

Good, stop right there and reach it up to your nose. Watch the hip down, fold it. There. Good, now reach it across. Excellent Wayne.

Now, pull the tummy in and reach the leg down. Good. And up and anchor this hip. Don't move this leg and open it to me. Very good.

Remember the butterfly and lift it up to the nose and bend the knee in and give it a stretch. Watch the hip. Good and bring the legs down. Excellent, you're gonna roll up, grabbing the back of your legs and pull yourself all the way up. Now, have your feet together.

Have the soles of your feet together. Press them, good. And you're gonna sit up as tall as you can, pressing the soles of the feet together and elbows out to the side. And you're gonna pull your tummy in and just bring your pelvis back. Pressing the soles of the feet together.

Roll back. The feet, press the feet, press the feet. Back up. Good, and again, don't sink lift, right. That's it.

This goes back. Yes, yes. Remember the eyelashes for paint brushes. Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. Very good.

Back up. One more time. Lengthen, lift and pelvis. Don't sink. Don't lead with here.

Lead with here into my hand. Yes, every time you move it here, this making space, this making space. Beautiful Wayne. And then sit all the way up. Good, close your legs.

Have your feet flat. Hold onto your ankles and have your head down. Good, arms on the outside. Same shape. Now can you reach all the way down to your ankles?

And hold them. Like this. There you go. Now slide your feet into your bottom and lift your feet up and hold it. Hold it, hold it.

And come down and again, lift up balance. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Shoulders down the back and bring your feet down. Very good. And lift up.

Hold it. Hold it really hold don't. Don't just hold with something. Hold those ankles. Yes, and come down and one more time.

Hold, hold, hold, and come down. Take your hands on the back of your thighs. Elbows out to the side, shoulders down lift your feet up balance. And you're gonna roll back to the low back, just your low back. And you're gonna exhale and roll back up and hug those legs.

And so they're not allowed to move. Roll back, exhale and come up. Good, head stays down. You okay? Mm.

Head down. Feel like you're gonna throw up? (Kathryn laughs) Back and exhale and come up. Yes, one more time. Roll back, exhale and come up.

This time roll back and stay back. All the way and excellent. Lie down. Bring your head down. Good chin down.

So wherever I want you to start working that neck you feel that? Yeah. That's really nice. That's where I want you to press, press, press, good. Now, you're gonna bring two legs into your chest.

Okay? Good. You're gonna anchor that tailbone, hug the right leg in, and you're gonna stretch the left leg towards this pole, pulling the tummy in. And you're gonna bend the knee into the chest and hug the other right. Hug the other leg and stretch it out, good.

And bend it in. Hug this leg. And stretch it out. Now don't move your hips at all and bend it and think about the tree, right? The TV exercise.

Think about you're on the chair and you're pumping. And press, stretch, and in, and last one, press, stretch. And in. Now, what I want you to do Wayne, is hug both legs and you're gonna lift your head up elbows out to the side. And I want you to focus on rolling up as high as possible.

Nope, no, no. Roll your upper body up. I didn't say to roll. That's okay. Lift up the body.

Lift it up, lift it up elbows out to the side. Yes, pull on your legs to help lift the body. Yes, hold it. Hold it. Hold it.

Now, right here. Don't let it go down. Stretch the one leg out and hug the other leg to you. Don't move that pelvis. Nope, too low, where was it?

Yes, and bend in. Hug both legs when you come in, hug both legs and pull yourself up and stretch out. Don't be in such a rush and bend both knees in and hug with two hands. Hands in, elbows out and lift up, up, up. Yes, and stretch the other leg out.

Good elbows up. And yes, you feel that activates here and two legs in and stretch out. Beautiful. And two legs in, hug them, deep and lie all the way down. Good, arms down, chin down.

Open your chest. Now, do you remember the exercise where we walked one foot down, walk the other foot down? You're gonna do this, but you're going, I want you to feel that same connection to your lower stomach? And you're gonna bend both knees into your chest. Good, and right from here, you're gonna bring your hands up and hug them, and stretch your legs out, feet together, and press, heels together, toes apart, both of the feet apart, there we go.

Now, remember we talked about pressing the heels together, not your ankles? Yes, more heel, more heel. Yes, you feel that that's where I want your heels to meet. Don't lose this connection bit, okay? Press out your legs to that same angle.

And then bend your knees and exhale. Hold on. Hug them all the way in. Hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, and stretch out. Pull the stomach back, press very good and bend in.

I realize they don't have a foot fixer here, and press out. Good and bend in. Come here. Give me your feet. One second.

You're so enthusiastic. Pull your toes, bring the toes back up. Yes, now get these away. Press the heels and keep this apart. Okay, so now you have something tactile.

Don't let them touch. Lift your head up. Lift your upper body. Try to get the ankles if you can. Can you hold, walk your hands down.

That's it. Bend those knees in. There you go, and take your hands all the way here. Elbows out, head up, good. And stretch the top of the foot.

Don't flex your foot. Stretch it. Point your toes, there and press out. Good and bend in. Pull the stomach in, in, in lift your head up.

Lift your head up. Push here, push on me. That's it. Now, stretch out and push on me. Push, you feel that in your tummy?

That's what you want to feel the whole time. Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good. Lift this side a little more. Your shoulder. Good, exhale, bend and exhale.

Exhale, hug the ankles. Hug the ankles and head goes down. Rest a moment. Exhale, good, good neck. Lift up again.

Head up, grab the ankles. Now, point these toes. Stretch the top of the foot, more, don't move anything up here. There, heels together. Yes, now lift your upper body up.

This is an ab exercise. Push on me and press out. Push, push, hands to the thighs. That's it. Good, lift this shoulder and bend your knees and exhale.

Exhale, Grab the ankles, grab the ankles grab the ankles. There you go. Head up, one more, head up higher head up higher, head up higher. Push on me and come out. Push, push.

Look at what you just did. You got all crooked. One more. You got one more, time to work, heals together. Now anchor your pelvis and press straight to me, straight to me yet.

Yes Wayne, yes. Now, exhale and come in, come in, come in, come in. And head goes down. Very good. Okay.

So what you're gonna do now is you're gonna sit up with your feet on your little places here. I forgot to get the hooks. Okay, and I want you to sit up as straight as you can, anchoring your tailbone. You're gonna get your ball. What, What?

My little princess girl. So don't let this arch at all. Yes. Do you remember the exercise? Okay, so you're gonna keep your pelvis anchored and you're going to bring the head down first and grow tall and push the ball forward and round the ribs, round the ribs, round the ribs.

Good, and then bring it back. And anchor right here. So remember this is about this part, right? And good and very nice, look in the mirror. Look how straight your back is.

Holy hat. Good, now rounded forward. Go, yes. Yes, right there. Don't go anymore.

Good, and then roll it back. And, roll it forward. (Wayne groans) Good. And roll it back. And you're gonna spin yourself around and put your feet with straight legs against these poles.

And you'll see, there's a strap there. Wayne, I want you to put your feet underneath the strap. And separate your legs, so they're against the pulse. Flex your feet. Bend your knees, way bent.

Do you remember this exercise? Good, now begin sitting up tall. Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't. Press down a little bit and then begin to roll down from here. Look forward.

Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis and roll all the way up. Excellent, excellent. You're really articulating from your hip nicely. Your knees are not moving. Very good.

Yeah, look forward, that's it. Pelvis. Really pelvis, shoulders down, pelvis, press on that spring. Yes, press on the spring, can see the beautiful power line, parallel line of a teaser and come up, press down. (dog barking) George is here.

And one more time. Don't sink. Keep your hand on here. Here, here, press down on the spring. Press down on the spring.

Here, here, here, here, here, all the way down. Open the chest. Good. And roll up, chest roll. Excellently.

Good, you're gonna let go of this bar and I actually want you to kneel facing this bar. Watch your head. Get it closer, please. Right about here. Okay, and I want you to come up.

So not squat, kneel, lift up, there. Now we're gonna discuss your note, no, they're perfectly fine like this, but press your baby toes down. And yes. So the whole foot is stretching. I'm gonna move this one.

Let me shape this. Okay, you're gonna take that bar. Now. this is gonna be hard. You are gonna imagine that there's a whole wall behind you. So don't lean back.

Lean a little forward. That's fine. Don't do anything. Please let me move you, there. Okay, so you're gonna have your pelvis.

I have you so you're not going anywhere, there, you feel that? Now, keep this, and you're going to use your shoulders and bring the bar to your thighs. But as you do, you bring these shoulder blades together, together, together. It's all to do this. Get those shoulders, crack a walnut.

Grab my finger with your shoulder blades. That's it. Hold it, hold it, hold it. And come back up. Up, up.

Good. And reach down again. Shoulders together. Shoulders together. Find your stomach.

Shoulders, come on, this is all about this. Only reason you're doing this exercise is to work this. Hold it, hold it, hold it. And come back up. Good Pelvis forward a little more, there.

And shoulder blades together. Shoulder blades together, shoulder blades together. Come on, get them, get them. They're rounded, I want them together. Crack a walnut back there Wayne, go, go.

Press it. Hold it, hold it, hold it. What are your wrists doing? Hold it, hold it, hold it. And come back up.

You get one more shot at this one. Good, so keep those wrists nice and straight, shoulder blades, draw together. Don't go til I tell you to go, and go, shoulder blades. Shoulder blades. Yes, inhale.

Hold your breath, hold your breath, hold your breath. Exhale, come forward, and relax. Very good. Okay, don't you just to stand on the side of the Cadillac, please. And you're gonna face out.

So this is a breath-a-sizer, okay? So the whole thing with this is that you want to blow into it and I want you to exhale, heels together, toes apart. Remember that those arches are lifted. So you're gonna hold your straw with your hand, right? You're gonna hold the other hand here, at your sternum.

And you're going to exhale as, hold the straw. Hold the straw. That's it, because otherwise it'll fall, elbows out to the side. Good, shoulders down, inhale deeply And exhale, blow the straw, round, round, round, round, round and inhale and roll up. You can take your mouth off.

(dog barking) Now, as you round down. Siren, quiet. As you exhale. I want you to round down as much as you can. Okay?

Exhale, round, round, round, round. This is what you want to feel in your hundred and your spine stretch. Yes, Wayne and roll all the way up. And inhale, deeply, and exhale. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale.

Very good. So that's how I want you to use your breath, okay? Do you remember the stretch that we did over here? Oh that one, yes. Your foot's right?

Your foot was here. You lower your heel. You lift your heel and you move with your pelvis. So that's what we're gonna do. So you're gonna align yourself up there so that the leg is straight.

You're doing awesome today Wayne, you're really moving ahead. Remember the arches of the feet are we worked on that, and you're gonna put one foot up on the pole, on the bar. Good, now open the chest and you're going to lower the heel. Bringing the pelvis forward. You're gonna lift the heel, bring the pelvis back.

You're going to bend the knee bend this knee and bring the pelvis in, in, in. And you're gonna stretch out. Pull the stomach in, don't sink in this hip, lower the heel. Bring the pelvis forward. Good, lift the heel.

Pull this in, in, in, in, and then come in, bend the knee, bend the knee, pelvis forward. Pull the stomach in, lower the heel, Lift the heel, get this hip down and bend the knee. Remember this for the next exercise, okay? Change your leg. Remember to keep those hips square.

What's happening with this foot? No, no, no. Lift the toes up. So your arch is up high. Yes, good.

There. Hand. Lower the heel. Pelvis. Lift the heel.

Pelvis. Bend the knee. (muttering indistinctly) Bend this knee. And you bring the pelvis forward. Don't arch your back, dude.

Don't make me put a fist in there. Straighten the leg. So you're all hanging out in here today. So pull this into there. Don't lose this.

You understand this. This is your powerhouse, right? Lower the heel. The pelvis goes. Now, pull back here.

Find your tuck Find your tuck. Yes, now bend the knee. Don't stick your tailbone out. Bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee. Yes, yes.

Good, remember the pumping on the chair. That's what you're gonna find right here. Pull this in. Good, now you have it. Lower the heel.

Lift the heel. And bend the knee in. Very good. Now step away from the demon And you're gonna do a new exercise here and it's related to the one that you just did, that lower, the bending of the knee. So what you're going to do, whenever you're stepping on this apparatus, do not stand on this, you'll crush your toes.

You're gonna place two hands on here. You're gonna do a single leg pull which was that leg where you stretched out over there, bring it into your chest. Don't let that hip up, right? You're gonna press this pedal down. You're gonna do another.

Lift that leg up. Then you're gonna execute another single leg pull. And you're gonna bring this foot. Don't hit your toes. Everybody hits their toes there.

You're gonna place your foot up on top. Make sure that you're not fully against there because as you shift forward, your toes are gonna shift forward. And then I want you to hold on to here. Okay? When you're dismounting always hold on the handles, always face the chair and always control the pedal.

It's a very, very strong spring. Let me just make sure we're on top. Yep, we are. Okay, so come here. Place your two hands on top.

Good, do a single leg pull, don't shift your hips. Lift one leg up. It's just, I want to shift here. I know. So remember your gonna scoop your tummy and bring it up.

Good, very good. It's okay, no rush. So this is what I want to do? Yep, yes. And now press the pedal down.

Good, now step the other foot up. Beautiful. Now once again, same thing. I'll do this. Bring your foot up.

Don't bang it. See everybody bangs it, and now bring your knee right over the center of those two toes. Good, now take your hands on here. Good, now lift this back heel as much as you can, just lift the back heel. That's it, good.

Now, remember how we stand on this big toe for you? That's good. Now all I want you to do, Wayne, is you're gonna lift the pedal a tiny bit by pressing and thinking about, remember the exercise where you just shifted forward? Yep, lift, lift, lift, and you should feel it right here and come down. Slow, slow, slow, slow.

Good, lean a little more forward. There you go. Keep these ribs soft and limp Up, up, up, up. And slow, slow, slow. Good.

One more time. Lift up, up, up, up, up. And slow, slow, slow And beautiful, change your legs. I'm just trying to keep it up. That's exactly it.

I mean, this really makes sense too, That's why the chairs for stability, right? 'Cause it gives you so much information, lean a little more forward. And so when you do your single leg pull on the mat, this is what you want to feel. Remember when you were having, right? So we get this hip down more, more hip, drop this, sit on my hand, a little more.

So bend this knee, get this hip down. There. Now straighten this leg and keep the hip down, again, bend the knee. Drop this hip. So this is your tighter side.

So I'm getting it. So try to get this down. 'Cause I gave you space, there. Now as you stretch the leg, keep this hip there. Now straighten the bottom leg.

Good, lean a little more forward. It'll give you a little more room. That's it. Now lift the bottom heel. Don't bring the pedal up yet.

Lift the heel. Good, now stand on that big toe. More, good. And now come up. Yes.

Lean a little more forward. That's it. Now, pull your tummy in and come down. Tummy, tummy. Imagine there's that wall behind you.

Yes, it's the same exercise as seated pumping. Imagine that wall's right here and come up. Pull in here, in here, in here, and slowly come down. Outer edge of the foot. Knee in, knee in, stretch the bottom leg.

Come up. Good. Arch lift. Wait right here. Wait on the outer, stand here.

Good. Good, take two hands onto the handles. Shift your weight back. Bring the knee down, knee. Yep, now careful, stepping off, control the pedals of very heavy spring.

That's my job, to spot it. Very good. So you want the box so it's down and then up? Yep. Down and up.

So it's just, everything stays. So it's just the top? Correct. You're isolating this movement, right? Yes, got it.

So, it's the same as this exercise where you were lying down and the same as this exercise So it just goes this way and it flows. Yep. And it goes like this. Yep. And it all stays straight.

Yep. Do you remember how you did the, you receded and you had the back up, right? So you're gonna turn, you're gonna face this way. You're gonna have the soles of your feet together. Excellent, reach back.

Take your handles. Good. And you're gonna stretch your arms forward. Make two fists. Open your arms to the 45 degree angle like we've done before.

Good, now lift your elbows and rotate your hands inward. Yes, lower. Well, palms inward. Good now, right from here. Inhale and exhale.

Bring your arms together like this, knuckles. Good elbows up, hands lower, inhale. And so do you remember on your chest expansion, how your shoulders came together? Same thing here. Shoulders come together to open the chest.

Hands are lower than your elbows. Exhale, shoulder blade separate. Good. Inhale, shoulder blades come together. Exhale, shoulder blade, separate, inhale, shoulder blades come together and that's plenty.

I'll take the handles. Bring them forward. Then good, we're gonna dismount. We're gonna go to your reformer. Excellent mounting and dismounting.

Okay. Do you remember how to get on? You are the expert now. Now heels together. And so here's an opportunity, Wayne, for you to work that outer edge of the foot.

Yep, and float right down. Swing yourself over. Careful, lying down. Good. And we're gonna place your feet on the foot bar.

Now I'm gonna use a little something for you. And this is a Kathy Grant Footboard. It's going to give you a little more information. I want you to, you're gonna be parallel. You're gonna have to hold this on while I put your blocks in.

So place your balls of your feet, the balls of your feet on there. Right, so this way you can feel the entire thing. Don't lose the board. Hold this with your knees a little above on your thigh. And I want you to hold this with your heels and the ball of your feet, so that you have to,.

Right, I know. Let me take this for a second. Let me take this. Release, please. Now get the heels.

Good, and the balls. Yes, hold it right there. Yes, now take this. Excellent, Wayne. Excellent.

It's a lot of work, I know. Press out. Don't swear on film, and stretch out. Good, and come in, open your right shoulder a little, palms are up, and press out and in, press out. What happened to the ball of foot?

And in. Don't forget the ball. That's it. Press. Come on, hold it with this ball.

Get this foot in place, Wayne. Hold it with this ball. Come on, come on, come on. Yes you can. Yes you can.

Yes you can. Yes, and press. Yes, you can. Very good, very good. (Wayne groans) One more.

And good, holding onto your blocks, bend your knees into your chest. Good, and now we're gonna change to the arches. Still holding onto the blocks with your heels in the balls. Yes, and so really press the heels, so it gets out of those little knuckles and outer edge. Yes, very good.

Very good. And come in. Yes, open the shoulder and press. Now, now that you're working, don't start closing. That's it.

And bend in and hold here, press out. Good and bend in. Hold it here. Press And in. And Press.

And in, and press. And in, last one, press and in. Good. Bring your heels up. Flex your toes back.

So good. Press out. And in. Get your heels, get your heels, heels. That's it.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And press good and in, and press and in, and press and in, and press, and in, drinking and driving. Okay, bend both legs into your chest. Good, and you're gonna take the balls of your feet and place it, one more second, place it back on this board. Balls of the feet.

Where's your balls? Lift your knees into your chest. These are the balls onto the board. Little more down, little more down. I can't do it, you have to do it.

There you go. Stretch out your legs. Stay there. Lower your heels. Just like on the ladder barrel.

Lift your heels. Good, lower your heels. Get the balls of the feet holding that. Lift your heels. Now, I can't hold this at the same time, right?

So Grab it. Good, lower. Lift. Look at your feet, open your eyes. Look at, stop, look at your feet.

(Wayne laughs) Lift your heels up. Bend your knees in, lift your heels up. Lift, bend your knees in. So I don't care about you lowering and lifting weight. I care about you holding on to this.

This is what's important, because otherwise you're reinforcing that rolling position, right? So press out and don't lose. I don't care how far you go. Just don't lose your blue blocks. Good, go out a little more.

Stay there, go out a little more. Hold it. Press on the blocks. Go out a little more. Hold it.

Press on the blocks. Go up. That's it, now stay there. Lower your heel a tiny bit. Stop, lift your heels up.

See you can do it, lower. Yes. Lower, lift, hold the block. Yes, lower lift. Excellent, and bend your knees.

And you see, I knew you had it in you. That was really, really good. Nobody said it was gonna be easy, but that was really, really, really, really good. Good, now legs. Rest on the bar.

Reach back behind you and bend your elbows like this and get your handles. Excellent. Lift them straight to the ceiling. Remember you're gonna keep your legs on the bar. You're not gonna lift them, and you're gonna lift your head up, and you're gonna press into the strap and roll up.

Get your shoulders off, shoulders off. Shoulders off, leg, stay down. Come on, roll up. Hold it. Five, four, three, two, one, roll back down.

Again. Open the chest. Pull the stomach in, press into the strap. Roll up. Don't lower the hand so much.

Lift your arms a little there. Roll up there. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold. Hold it and roll down. Everybody cheats the hundred.

You are not, you're doing great. Lift the head up. Reach for your feet. Reach for the feet. Roll yourself up.

Roll up. There you go. Hold it. Pump, inhale. Two, three, exhale.

Smooth. Just like on the mat. Inhale, fill it up, fill it up, fill it up, fill it up. Exhale, wring it out, wring it out. Come on, roll up, I'm working, you're not, inhale.

Roll up, three, four, five, exhale. Come on Wayne, up we go. I'm holding you, you do the work. You do the work and come back down. Very good.

Bend your knees into your chest. Good, do you remember this stomach massage? Where you sit up and you hold the back of the end of the carriage? Good, so let's try to roll straight up today. This Pilates is hard, right?

You could do it. Yes, bring yourself back a little bit, not a lot. Perfect. And put your feet back on here. Now, I know you're excited.

No, pants are gonna be here first. Why did you slide so far back? Okay, now, hold here. Wayne, stop please. Good, hold.

Don't worry, I'll get it. I just want to get your feet set first. Good Hold, excellent. Head down. Press out with a low back.

That's it. And come in. Beautiful. Press out. Wayne, I'm so proud of you, you are holding on.

You're doing great. and come in, and press out, so good honey, (Wayne groans) and come in. Yes, look at that alignment. Look at your shin line, the bones, lining up, press out and come in, press out and come in. Last one, press out and come in.

Now, take your hands behind you. Very good. Open the chest. Chin down. You don't want my knee there.

It felt like with my knee there, find it. Yes, and press up. Get this picked up, and in, good, and press out, and in, and press out, and in, and press out, and in. Good, bring your hands forward. And I would like you to reach down with your hands and take the middle spring off.

Don't do anything. Just reach down and take the middle spring off. I can't do it. Okay. Go ahead.

Reach down and take it off. Good. Hold my shoulders. Stretch out. Bend in.

Stretch out. Bend in. Stretch out. Bend in. Stay, hold, hold, hold, and release.

Very good. Step off. Sounds like, good. You're doing great. I am really proud of the way your foot's hanging on there.

It's just sort of. Uh-huh. Yep. Short box on the long box. And you're making good time today.

Good, sit. Have your toe right, feet underneath the strap. So Wayne, just so that you know, one reason why I'm starting on making you to do this, where you're getting your own strap and getting your own spring is not only to make you more independent, but it also makes you bend forward, multiple times and get that stretch. So take your feet forward here. So your heels are on there and slide your tush a little forward.

Good, and can you open your feet a little more, open, open, open your heels, open your heels. Now, remember same thing here, press on this part of the heel. Yes, and that part of the toe. So you're working that, that no matter what you're doing, right, good. Hug your hands around your stomach.

And you're gonna roll back. Remember your tip and your tuck. So you're gonna take the pelvis back. Don't push on the feet and take your pelvis back and roll all the way down, leading with your pelvis. More pelvis, more hips, more hips, not upper back.

More hips, more hips. Go ahead, all the way down. Excellent and roll all the way up. Push this back, push this back, push this back. Good and roll all the way down.

That's in my hips, right? Mm-hmm. Right there. Yes, pelvis. So, you don't feel it in your lower back at all?

Yeah. That's it, beautiful. And you can go there and just let your head go back. Good and lift your head up and keep the chest then open. Open, open, open.

Good, and again, roll back. Nope. Why are you leading with your head? Where do we move from? Yes, yes.

Come on, push me. With your tummy, with your tummy, uh, uh, uh. Don't push here. Move here. Yes, yes, yes.

Watch the feet. Yes, right here. Push, push, push. Beautiful. All the way down.

Open. Good, bring the head up. And where are you gonna anchor? Find your tuck. Find your tuck.

Pull this in. Don't skip this. Go back. This cannot skip. One more time.

And you have to keep that on. As long as you can. This does not come off before this, right? It's like a strand of pearls. So your pelvis goes back.

Get your hips on the mat. Good hips. Then waist. Pull this back. Yes.

Now bring the head up. Back here, back here, back here, back here, back here. Very good. Feels good though doesn't it? (Kathryn laughs) Sit all the way up.

Remember to hold the white tips and lift up too. Okay. Good. Now, don't lose. See how your ribs went away from me?

I want your tailbone on me. I want your ribs. Now, I want you to lift, lean forward and grow long, don't arch your back. Get your pelvis on me, there. Now lift up to sit upright and grow tall.

Don't you arch your back. So the second I feel this go away from me. I know that you've arched. Okay? So hinge forward.

Don't round it. Hinge. Yes. Now come forward, come back, come back and move this. Move this, move this.

That's it, you feel that? Pull the tummy in and then return up with a hinge. And now shoulders to me and come back, come back. Get your low back on me, low back. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

And sit upright. Good. And reach forward. And hinge back, pelvis to me. Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis.

And stretch all the way forward. Exhale. (muttering indistinctly) Yes, hold the bar. Lift up. It's not easy.

If it was easy, you wouldn't need a Pilates teacher. Separate your feet. Lift up, lean a little more forward. And stretch, over and up, and over and up. Keep your head in the middle of the bar.

Reach over and up. Lift. Reach over. Come on, move your head. Head stays in the middle, head stays in the middle.

Yes, and stretched down. Exhale. Sit up all the way up to the ceiling. Arms all the way up, lift, twist to the right. Center.

Twist left. Twist. Twist right, center. Twist left, center. Twist, right, center.

Twist left, and stretch all the way down. Good, and I'll take your bar. Okay. Now, do you remember your TV exercises? Your lift, don't shift.

Okay, no you're gonna to stay right there today. And you're gonna take your one foot out. And put it in here. And now you're gonna hold on either side of this strap. And what I want you to do is, all I want you to do, don't do anything with that leg.

Just sit up as tall as you can. Sit up, sit up, sit up and relax. And again, sit up right from here. Lift, lift, lift, and relax, and lift. Sit up, sit up.

Now, bring that leg into your chest and sit up as tall as you can and relax and bring the leg in and sit up. I want this lift, lift, lift, lift, and relax. And one more time. Lift, lift, lift, lift, and change your leg. Good.

Good, now lift up your back. Chin down, chin down and lift. Lift. Just lift the back and relax. Don't pull the leg and just lift the back.

Sit, don't pull the leg, lift the back, lift the back, lift the back. This is all that single leg pull again, right? Where you were hugging your, right, so the back needs to be flat. Just like when you lying on the mat and lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Now bring the knee in, and grow taller and relax, and bring the knee in, and grow taller and relax.

and bring the knee in, lift, lift, lift, and relax. Very good. (muttering indistinctly) Perfect. Honestly, you're doing amazing. Step off, I've only had to hit you like twice.

Okay. So we're gonna do your elephant. Do you remember the elephant? That's the one where you stand on the apparatus, hand to foot, to hand to foot. You don't have to come from that side.

Okay, ready? Hand, foot, hand, foot. Yes. Good, and I want you to lift your toes. Now, I'm gonna give you a little help today.

Okay? Let me give you a little help today. And what I want you to do is, is you're gonna lift your toe, and you're gonna put this here, and put yes, but, but wait one second, but don't forget. Bring your feet back. You just moved your feet, right?

This has to come down. Yes, you feel that? Keep that there, now lift your toes up. Good. That's what I want you to feel.

Good. Stay there with those toes up. What happened to my wrists? And shift the weight back. Don't move the carriage.

Shift and return. Feel the outside of those feet, and shift. I feel it. And return. Good and shift.

Stay there. Bend your knees. Try to lift the toes and push through the heel and straighten the legs. Good. And bend the knees.

Lift the toes, push through the heel and straighten the leg. And bend the knee, and lift the toes and straighten, beautiful, I'm gonna take the toe corrector off, and you're going to move the balls of your feet back. Why don't you get a little movement in those toes? Can you get the third toe, the fourth toe on yet? I think you can.

Yes, now bend both knees to the mat. Excellent. Good, slide your heels back. And you're gonna sit on your heels and take that tailbone under, find your, find your tuck. Find the tuck, find the tuck.

Push it. Now what happened to my hands? Good, push. Push on my, no, push on my hip here. Here, here, here.

Yes, that's it. Now, push back one inch, just from the hip. Good, push the knees back and come in, and push the knees back and come in, and push the knees back and come in, and faster. A little more. Yes.

In, and in, and in, and in, and in. Oh, gorgeous, you feel that? Beautiful Wayne. And good, now, stay here with your tailbone, but open your chest, lift your head up and remember that chest expansion where you cracked a walnut? You're gonna do the same thing here.

The shoulder blades come together. That's it, good. Down, down, down, down, and excellent. And press out. Good, same thing, and in, and press, and in, and press, and in, press, in, press, in, press, in, press, in, press in, and press and beautiful.

Now, round just the way you were for the first one. Lift a little bit off of your heels. That's it. And bring this knee to your chest, straight to your chest. Beautiful.

Good. Now bring this knee in a tiny bit. Not the foot, the knee. Good. Sit back on those heels and try to lift your heel on this foot.

Good. Excellent. And keep the heel up and push the carriage back, and in and push. So he might not even realize it, but this is stretching his toes and push and in, and push. Look how much movement you got in that foot.

And one more time, push and in. Good, now bring that foot back, the same way it came in. Very good. Gorgeous. Now this can be a little more tricky.

Scoop this one, slid her in, beautiful. Now lift that heel up. Sit back a little more on those heels. Sit back. Think about the exercise we did on the ladder barrel.

Yep, yep. It's you're naughty hip, we all have them. And press out. That's why the shoulder comes up. Get this down, shoulder down.

Yes, and press back and come in. Don't let the heel go up and down. You're looking at that heel. Keep it where it is. Press, good.

Press. Yes. Press, pull this in. press, pull this in. One more time Press, and very good.

You're gonna step off and you're gonna lie back down for running. Swing your legs over. Lie all the way down. Pull your stomach up and in. Good.

Very nice. Now, what's up with those feet? Stretch all the way out. Use your stomach, lift your heels. And you're going to alternate, lift up.

I really want to see that lift Wayne. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, and good, stretch both legs. Bend both knees Lower your heels and place your heels apart, go on your arches on the corners of the apparatus for your pelvic lift. So a little higher up on the foot. Little higher.

There you go. And roll the tailbone up and roll it down. Now, don't go so high. I just want just your pelvis, I want the tip of your pelvis on there. Just the tailbone, and roll down, and roll up, and roll down, and roll up, and roll down.

Bring your legs over, your knees in. And you're gonna come over to here and you're gonna lie down with your tailbone. Do you remember this one? Your tailbone off the edge and your head down. Legs front.

Good and stretch your legs, and lie all the way down. Take your head back, heels together. Excellent, exhale, chin down and arms come up. Inhale and exhale. Bring your hands to your thighs.

And inhale. Reach up and exhale. Stretch back. Hold on, one, two, three, inhale up and exhale, lengthen, and inhale up, and exhale. Hold on tight and bring your head up.

Slide yourself back, and round, forward. Exhale. Head goes down, good. Touch your toes. Head down.

There you go. Good, bring the bar down. Just drop it onto the mat. Come over to your blocks that are set up over here. Stand on, please.

Do you remember, so your heels are off? Good, and you're on the outer edge of that foot and your arms are straight and your chest is lifted and your tummy is in and you're gonna lift your heels up. Leave your tummy here and lower your heels below, and lift up, and lower the heels, lift up, and lower the heels. Beautiful. Step off.

And what I'd like you to do, Wayne, is come stand by your lovely wife and you're gonna have your back against here, (Kathryn laughs) And, good, and you have your heels together and your toes apart. And you're going to keep your whole back on that floor with your knees bent. So bend your knees, so you can, sorry, hold back on the wall, bend your knees. Good, don't talk. Find your tip.

So, I want this open. Get your tail on there more. There, okay, good. Very good. Now, bring your weights like this.

Inhale, bring them up. Exhale, grow tall. Soften those knees. Inhale, lift, exhale, down. Inhale, lift, exhale, reverse, inhale, up.

Press down, grow tall. Yes, try to get that head on the wall. Try to get the neck on the wall. Good. Try to get the tailbone on the wall.

Beautiful. Arms go down, relax the arms. Good, just take your chin forward and round your chin forward. Good. And now round your chest.

Soften your ribs and articulate, lift up and let the arms hang, peel down that wall. Don't change your knees. Just like when you're on the Cadillac. Roll down to the waist. Pull up here, pull up here, pull up here, all the way down.

That's it right there. Feel that? Pull that back and gently let your arms circle. Three, four, five. Reverse, one, two, three.

Let it hand down. Heavy, and then roll it up. Roll it up. Roll it up. Open, good.

Give me this, and you're going to bring your hands in. Back, George is back now. I know. Press, press, press your hands. Press your hands.

Press your hands. Good, step forward. One foot. The other foot pressing the hands Arms hang down. Let them stay and very good.


Wayne's forward head seems  to be less forward. 
it is amazing how quickly the work works!
Yes  Joan ! amazing postural changes already !!
1 person likes this.
I am fascinated  ,looking again and again , this amazing work!
2 people like this.
You are so amazing to watch and learn from. After 23 years of marriage and my hubby working international for all of that... I am trying to teach him some pilates. This is very helpful and inspirational. My husband has always been hard for me to teach but I am determined and for the first time he seems to be interested as he is tired of back and knee pain from years of working on a steel rig out in oceans and years of travel. His knees are bent , he has a very old spinal fusion that makes his back very inflexible so any insight into starting him out and keeping him safe.. I am all ears. Thank you for your knowledge.
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By the way I am BASI Certified and should had mentioned that at the beginning. I have a BB Reformer/Tower in my home studio.
focus on centering first and dont force... build slowly and listen to his body.
use tower first... and may work Jamie
Im rooting for you Wayne you can do it!!! 

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