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Progressing Forward

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Open up your hips and find your alignment with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathyrn Ross-Nash. She starts immediately on the Reformer, pushing Wayne to find his center without having a full warm-up before moving into challenging positions. She also works on getting him back in alignment after his other activities that brought out his imbalances.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Yoga Block (2), Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole

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Here we are lesson number seven with Mr. Nash. So today I'm actually going to progress them forward. It might be too soon. I'm not afraid to try to push him a little bit and moving forward I can always go back but I want to start. As I'm working I'm thinking about progressing his hundred.

No matter what I'm doing, doing and forward, I'm still always thinking about his hundred being that's the first exercise. And we're building off that first exercise. But he's been doing great and I really think that he's ready to move off the cadillac to start, and actually begin on his reformer. So Mr. Nash, we're going to come down to the reformer, and you're going to lie down the way you know how to lie down. Okay.

Whenever you're getting on the reformer, make sure that you check your springs, that they are in the correct amount. Okay. I actually want to move this spring. Yeah. Okay. Good. Very nice. You're nice and centered on the balls of your feet.

Good. Now last week, last time you were here we used the little board, now I wanna use it for your first foot work again. I don't have to use it for all of them. I could, but he doesn't need it. He just needs it when he has his balls of his feet on. So you're gonna have the balls of your feet and you put the balls on the wood, the whole ball.

Yes. And have your heels together. Good. And have your knees in a little bit. And I had blocks for him and I'm looking to see if I still wanna use the blocks and I actually do. So, I'm going to go get his blocks.

Remember, always look at the client when they come in, to see where they are, meet them where they are. Good. You're going to go to your parallel position in your feet, hold it with your heels and your balls. Very good. Very good. And I'm going to move your toes over little bit.

Yep. Press stand right here. I know you have that thing. Open the shoulder, bring your head this way a little bit. Excellent. And press out, and come in.

Good press to lower this down a little bit. I wanna, on your thigh. There. And in and press. Bring your head that way. Good. And four. In. Stretch out five.

Try to go all the way out. Six. I don't care if he goes all the way out or not. I care about his form the most. Doesn't matter if he goes all the way in and out yet. Right. We've been really working on his upper body opening that.

When I start working the length of his legs of the hundred, that will change. Open the right shoulder. Good pumps to the ceiling. That's it. And stretch one more.

And stretch. Bend the knees all the way in and good. I'm gonna take, don't lose yet. And remember to always bend your knees in Wayne, cause I want you to feel your powerhouse re-engage. So bend those knees into your chest, anchor your right find your tuck and bring your balls here and good way.

Stretch out. No no no babe. Feet on the bar. Yes, sir. Nope. Stop. On the arches.

Hold the ball, hold it. Yes. And press out. No itching in, in in pilates. And stretch. And in. Good and stretch.

And in and stretch. Lengthen your toes over and lengthen your heels under. Press, and in not to do push-ups first. Press and in cause you weren't warm. Press and in, press and in.

Don't go into the knees. Press at yes.In and press and in and press. And in last one, press and in. Heels up. Bend the knees into the chest, flex your feet. You see, when you do pushups when you're cold, what happens?

You really threw your neck alignment off. Yup. It should hurt, and press out. He did pushups this morning without warming up. And so what did he do? He used his whole right side.

And that's what I'm seeing. Hey, because when you're cold and you exert yourself, you're going to use your strong muscles. I try to explain to them that you do your pushups when your body is warm. That's why I'm bloody. As we do that, the end of our session, not the beginning.

I can see where this lesson's going to be. And press and in and press. And in. Do you see how much that affected you? Yeah. Press.

Imagine if you had a golf game, right? What that would do to your golf game on the balls of your feet. Slide down. Good. Bend those knees into your chest. Good. Get on this part.

Yeah, which part? The ball of your foot. Good. Heels up. Slide your feet down a little bit more. So all your toes, that's it all.

All the entire ball is on there. And press out. Fix your hands please. Oh, stay out there. Stay. Lower your heels.

Lift your heels. Good. Lower your heels. Don't bend and straighten the knees. Lift your heels. Let's put a little fire under there.

Down, down, down and up, up, up. Open the right shoulder and up, up, up. Bring your head to the left. You see how much it messes you up. His teacher's pissed.

Move your head that way, yeah. And press out. Lower little down. Remember your hole. Come back up. You're going to hold with the balls and hold with your heels.

Your balls aren't holding sweetie. (Wayne exhaling). Don't move. Bring your toes in. There. Now. Lower a little bit. And lift up.

(Wayne exhaling) Down, down, down, up, up, up, down, down, down. Up, up up, down, down, down. Up, up, up, down, down, down, up, up, up. Bend your knees all the way in. Now, bend your knees into your chest, anchor your powerhouse. Good. That's your tuck and your tail.

And you're going to extend your legs and rest them on the foot bar. And remember they do not come off for your hundred. Reach your arms back. I'll take these from you. Legs together.

Reach the arms back, take the handles. I'm making him take them now, it's part of the stretch and the opening. Stretch your arms up. Keep your legs together, lift your head up, and remember roll up. That's it. Very nice. Very good.

Roll up. Legs down, rest your legs. This works upper body, and pump your arms. Inhale slowly. Two, three, four, five, exhale. Roll up. Two, three, four, five.

Inhale two, four, five exhale. Two excellent Wayne. Excellent. You're making up for your push-ups inhale. Two, three, four, five. That's right. Cyrene. Exhale. Two. Come on, roll up roll up.

Don't lower those arms, inhale. Lift those arms up, up, up. Roll up. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Roll up exhale. Two, three, four, five.

Bend your knees and bend your arms. Very good. Hug everything in. Good, babe. Do me a favor. Come hop over to here for a second. I can do this because I have a totally free studio.

So I can move where I want to take him for each exercise. Head down there. Lie all the way down. I was told that this is what Joe would do. And this is what Ramana would do when the studio was empty.

Bring, slides yourself back a little bit. Good. Bend both knees in. Foot into the strap. Hold. Do you remember this exercise? Foot into the strap. Take your hands up, onto right thumbs with your fingers.

Hands high, push into your hands. Always push. That softens the ribs. Good. Push into the hands. Now heels together. Find your tip find your tuck.

Press the legs away and find the navel. Good. Bend the knees in. Find the tail Press out, find the navel. Find your tuck. Good. Bend in. Find your tip. Press out. Find your tuck.

Good. Very good. Bend in, find your tip. Remember this part of your pelvis has to stay back. As the legs go. Open this, press this back press this back, press this back. Now. Keep that there and anchor the tail.

In, in, in and pull the hips back. Press this back, press this back press this back and bend in, in, in. Very good Wayne. Press your legs all the way out. Just like you did, anchor the hips. Good. Open them.

Press into your strap and lower the legs. Pull that tummy back. Draw your legs together pressing into the strap. Lift your legs up, but still present to the strap. Don't just lift, press here, press, yes.

Now anchor that pelvis feel where it is, keep it there. Push into the, to open. Push into the strap to lower. Push and then the strap to bring it together. Lengthen the side.

Push into your strap to come up. Tailbone, tailbone, tailbone, tailbone tailbone. Reverse it. Push into your strap to come down. Push into your strap To open.

Push into your strap, watch this hip, to come up. Anchor, anchor. Yes. Wayne. Push into the strap together. Push into your hands. Push into the strap. Push into your hands. Push into the strap.

Anchor the pelvis, tailbone tailbone, tailbone down tailbone down, find your tip, find your tip. One more time. Find your tuck. Open the hip. Yes. Open. Now, find your tip, find your tip, find your tip with the tuck and bend the knees all the way in.

Excellent. Good Wayne. Reach up with both hands and take the straps off. Yep. And good. We're gonna come over here for stomach massage.

So that's the one where you're going to sit here on the pad with your hands here. I'm gonna get the board again. So if you notice his pace is faster. Drink and drive. Okay. So we're going to put these in, one in your thighs, one here. Good. Remember to keep your toes.

See how you want the ankle to go over, sweetie. Yep. Okay. Feet up. Yep. Use your stomach. Good.

That's it Its so tight. (lady mumbling) Biking Preach. Preach. Preach. That's what the biking does. Take yourself back a little bit more. You keep destroying my work.

Hold here. Hold here. Good head down. And press out. And in good, and out.

And in. Wayne's been biking like 20 miles a day, and out, and in. What happened to this big toe dude? And in, and out, and in, and out, and in. Good. Now take your hands back. So also remember that, now this is the first time he starting with the reformer.

So he hasn't had a half an hour to warm up on the mat, and press out, and in, in, in. Press two. Yes. And in, in, in. Press three. And in, in, in. which is why when I begin them, I begin them on the cadillac so that they are nice and warm getting into these positions. Much harder to get into the positions now when the body is colder.

good your feet have to be lower sweetie, on that bar. And bend in good, that's it. Make sure that all the balls of the feet are on there. Okay. Okay good. Stay there.

I'll reach down today and get this. Look how far back you are. Stretch up, up, up. Not your neck, and straighten the legs, and bend the knees. Reach up, up, up. Straighten the legs, and the knees.

Press out. Come up at your feet, press on the balls of feet. Present balls, there. Good. And don't lose that pressure as you stretch out, push through the ball of the foot. Yes. Wayne, and come in , and reach up, reach up, reach up, press out, and bend your knees. Reach up, reach up, reach up and very good.

Swing your legs over. Good. And we're going to step up for your elephant. Hand foot, hand foot. Flat feet, flat feet, heels back. Don't move at what happened the arms.

Head down. Shift your weight back. Good. And forward and shift your weight back. Push through the heels. Push through the heels, push through the hands, and forward. Lift your toes.

No, no. That's your heels, sweetie. Lift your toes, and shift. Bend your knees. Stretch your legs. Push on the hands and stretch your legs.

Good. Chosen. Bend your knees. Tailbone down. Stretch your legs. Tailbone down, head down.

Let it head, the head hang. There. Bend your knees. Good, and stretch up, up, up Very good. Lift your heels up. Slide your feet back. Oh, look at you. You got three toes down already. Look, Oh my God. Four. Bend your knees and bring them down.

Look at that, Wayne. We have four, we had four toes on this foot. Good. Sit on the heels. Get three toes down. Oh, excellent. Head down, straight. What happened in my arms?

And push out the heels, and come in. And two open the shoulders, in and head down. Three. Four. Five.

Six. All the way in, seven. All the way in, don't go so far out. Last one, and good. Reverse the arch or in still sit your tailbone down, on there.

Open your chest. Lift your head. Remember that chest expansion? There and press out. And one, fix your arms please. Stretch them this, this one, especially.

Good, and press three, press sit on your heels. Four. Sit on your heels. Five. Sit on your heels.

Six. Sit on your heels. Watch your wrists. Sit on your heels. Eight.

Sit on your heels. Nine. Last one. Sit on your heels. 10 good round and pull your stomach in and slide one foot forward. Remember how you did that?

tummy in, tummy in, very good. That's it, and lift that heel if you can, and press back. And come in, sit on your heel a little more. Good, press back, remember the box. And drop this it two, press back.

Drop this hip, three, press back. Four, watch your wrist please, press back, arms, arms, arms, arms, and change. Good. Your bulldogging dude, get your L your elbows forward. If I tell you to right. Remember how you fix your arms?

Them with your feet, there, nice and straight. These two knuckles. See you're on here? Yeah. Hold with these two knuckles, here too.

Yep. Now other foot comes forward. Hip down, shoulders down, ribs in. Fix your wrists. Let's go, head down. (Wayne exhaling) (Wayne exhaling) And press and one, press and two, press and three, press and four. Good, slide that foot back.

Lift your knees up. Come down, sit on your heels please fix your wrists. Can tell you've been biking a lot. Shoulders down, head down, ribs up, tail bone down, round in and press, and in, lift this up. And two, and in, and three, and in, and four, good, in five, in , six, in, seven, in, eight, in, nine, in, and 10.

And very good. Step-off. So what Wayne is demonstrating for us today is we all deal with, with all of our clients. They have other lives, they do other things. We lived pilates, but they don't. So he bikes and he does pushups when he's cold.

And he does all these things that will counter what he's working on in here. But this is real life, right? This is what you have to deal with with your clients. So this is what we have to deal with with him. So lie down, Wayne, just like we started.

Good slide your legs over. But the good thing is, is that he's now realized that when he does his biking he might wanna stretch his hips later. And that he's not gonna do his pushups while he's cold because where he had not had any problems good boy being over there now he's centered. When he lied first lied down on the apparatus he wasn't because he did pushups today with that right arm because he was cold. So onto the balls of the feet let me get you your board where I've thought right here.

And I'm doing this so that he uses gets all his toe stretched. Good heels too, good. Press but can I separate a little bit more? There you go. Press out.

Stretch your knees. Good. Stay stretched, man. One knee bends, one knee lifts, running, lift, and bend lift knee to the ceiling. Stretch knee to the ceiling stretch keep all the toes on there good stretch bend how you move in that carriage. I see lots of hips moving don't move your hips.

Stretch stomach in remember the tip and the tuck and the side to side. Think this opposite. Slow down this hip anchors. Now switch this hip anchors. Good. This hip anchors.

Yes. This hip anchors. Turn your ear to anchor your left ear. That's it left ear down. Lift, lift, lift, lift don't move your hip. Yes, lift and straighten both legs bend both knees hug your knees into your chest.

Feel onto the arches, arms down and roll your tailbone up or just your tail just your tail baby. Am sorry. It's okay. Roll your tail up, and down. Roll your tail up, and down.

Roll your tail up, and down. Roll your tail up, and down. Good roll your tail up stay with your tail up. Good, stop right there. Keep that tail up straighten your legs out.

Good and come in, that's it. Tail up up up press out, come in, good. Press out, come in press out, come in, press out, come in, press out, come in press out, come in, roll all the way down. Very good Wayne. Hug your knees into your chest and come over to the mat please and you're going to today lie down on the mat with your legs and feet underneath the strap please. Always leave your apparatus as you found it, I'm gonna clean everything later but I still set it up as I found it lie down with your feet underneath the strap.

Since he's working a little unevenly today with his one second, sweetie. You only need one strap. Heels together since he's working a little unevenly today, slide yourself back. I'm going to give him a pole for his hundred he did half his hundred there. Don't make your arms that wide, line with your shoulders for the hundred.

Good, lift your head up legs together. Roll the upper body up, close your arms still a little bit more, good, and pump your arms inhale, two, three. Look at your tummy. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. In two, three, four, five.

Exhale. Open your chest. Four, five inhale. Two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale, lie all the way down very good Wayne ribs come in. Look at how nice your neck is, excellent, we're back in business, arms come up. Now, lift your head through that window, inhaling, exhale roll over hit those legs straight head down to the knees.

Good, stay there stretch forward, one, two, three. Now drag me back. Shoulders down, shoulders down, where's my open chest? Open that chest, come on pull me, pull me, head stays up. Pull me, head stays up head stays up head, where's my head?

Come on up lift your head, yes! And now head goes down, exhale, stretch that bar back. Look at you. Arms come up. Head comes in. Exhale here.

Head down. Stay there. Drag me down. Chest open, head down. That doesn't mean that you lift your remember, you know, we don't lift our head when we open our chest.

Come on, pull me use a little stomach, that's it. Head stays up, stays up head stays up it stays up. Head goes down I wanna hit that point head goes down, reach a bar to the ceiling. Yes. Exhale. So whatever point you hit going down, you hit going up.

Good, arms up plug your shoulders in, yes, that's where it now lift your head up. That's where you wanna end ,right? Nothing changes Wayne, roll your head. Don't move your arms. Don't lower the arms, don't lower the arms.

Roll through the ribs, get those ribs back, good. Head down, head down, head down, head down. Now roll back down. Roll down push on me. Head down.

Come on push pelvis where's your pelvis? Open those hips they need it. Waist, push through those heels all the way down. Very good Wayne, very good. Reach to the ceiling, stretch back.

Arms up head up, legs together please. Good, yes , yes, yes. It goes down. Now roll down. Low back, head stays looking down.

Get those legs together hips, hips back we got to open those hips up. Hips, hips, hip all the way down reach up and stretch back, you could let go of the bar, bend your knees have your legs flat. Underneath? No, take them off take your hands on these handles back here and now stretch your wrists bend your elbows and press your elbows to the mat. Yes. That's your stretch, Okay? Hmm, soften those ribs.

You can slide a little bit towards your head if you want, now really hold the bar with all your fingers so you don't hold with your pinkies that's that bulldog now press those elbows open. Hold two, three, four, five, relax, press your elbows open, hold, two, three, four, five relax, this is his going back over the barrel too all right, press two, three, four, five relax one more time, press those elbows two, three, four relax the ribs, and good stay there legs together, extend don't move your hips extend the right leg up. Excellent, up to the ceiling. Good, relax this foot up to the nose center, cross now you see how we've added the chest opening it's now limiting his range of motion so I'm focusing on the purpose of this exercise which is the stability of his pelvis, soft ribs. Good, up, cross down, open, bend the knee in bend your knee.

Good. Bring your arms down for a second. Relax them stretch them down, down, down, good, nice. Lift them back up grab onto those bars find that same, very good with your fingers excellent, press your elbows open. Bring your leg up. Good and get that hip down.

Think about the TV exercises one, two, three over one, two, three lower, one, two, three, over, one, two, three good, ah! Ah! guess this side needs a little more love, reverse so if you notice I left out his short box, you'll see the cadillac is set up and his arm position here that's all for that reason bend your knees in to your chest release your arms down. Good, hold the back of your legs. Roll yourself up, good, good. Now for your legs, sir for your rolling with a ball, elbows out to the side head down and you're gonna move your hips back. Reach your hips to the mat straightening your elbows, pelvis back, pelvis back, pelvis back, pelvis back.

Bend your elbows, head down and in and again, pelvis back, pelvis back, pelvis, pelvis back. And I will not add exercises to him, could come up until he can execute his foundational work cleanly pelvis back we just keep working on that foundational work it's a lot of work, right Wayne? Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, and come up, head in. And one more time, take it back pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, and good. Leave the pelvis there remember the rude guest and come all the way up last to leave first to come.

Excellent good now you see I have my beautiful little spine corrector set up over here, so Wayne when you come down here i love this this is fashion bloody designs fashioned after one of Joe's, you're gonna hold the handles and you're gonna bring one knee onto here, right? And as you roll back, this knee comes with you to help you come down onto your shoulders I don't want you so far back that you're resting on here I still want this much opening so that your pelvis is open people tend to slide too far back. So sit in the crease first. Very good you see how nicely he comes down, good Wayne now roll down and hold onto the handles. Good, push yourself back onto the edge little more, little more up on top a little more, that's it now hook your one foot onto here, down, down down, and bring this knee into your chest.

And roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back excellent now bend both knees in and you're gonna anchor your pelvis soften your ribs good. Stretch your legs up to the ceiling. Good and here you're gonna open, just like we did in the strap press into the imaginary strap keep your hips back and up open, press, and up open, press, and up open, press reverse, down open up, down, open, up , down, open up bend your knees into your chest place your feet onto this lip right here to open your hips pull your hips back into this mat to open up yes. Feel that? Yeah. And release that's why we're here to open the hips lengthen, good, one more time lengthen, good you have it in you to straighten this leg up?

This is for his single leg pull reach down, open, pull that hip back and up and down so this is how you can open your hip after you bike ride, and up and down and bend the knee. Think about how many times when you bike that you shorten that area, right? Lift the leg up, pull this in and down good, and in down, and in last one, down, and in bend the knee in and bend both knees into your chest. Do a little circle around little circle around now you're going to push that barrel away so you slide that way. Keep going, keep going careful your head, and very good come back to the mat please, good, you gonna lie down on the mat, head down there yeah.

Bend both knees into your chest good pull all the stomach up and in now right from here. Where you are, you're going to take your leg left leg and bring it down. And you're gonna lift your head and hug that knee. And then you're gonna bring your head down and put the leg down and bring the other leg up and lift your head up. Good. Now, remember where your pelvis, right?

And now bring the head down and then the leg good leg, elbows out lift your head. What happened to this hip? Look at your tummy slow good and bring the foot down good and leg, good, hug it in really stretch this hip down, and come down, and leg, tailbone, where's my tip? Find the tip find the tip find the tip and come back down don't go side to side with your body keep the head looking in the center especially when you lift this leg. Good. And one more time.

This side don't move it. Don't bring your head over there sweetie, right down the middle. You'd like to shorten that side, right? So we don't want that. And good, come all the way down lie all the way down with your arms extend your right leg up to the ceiling.

Good, and just like you did over there stretch it down all the way Hold the tummy and bring the leg back up and down and up and down and up bend your knee change, other leg, very good. Reach down pull this in. Remember that pumping on that highchair, reached down and come up, reach down and come up, and reach down and come up, very good, bend your knees take your hands behind your thighs roll up separate your legs and have them on the sides of the mat straight legs Excellent. Good. Can you stretch your legs a little more? Hands in front of you now, let me get you your ball.

Now, he has to work his pelvis more, how's it on your hips Wayne? Okay. You might've just scooch yourself back a little. Good. Okay, and you're gonna roll that ball hands on top and you're gonna roll the ball forward. Head down.

Go ahead. Relax, just the head Good, lift up, and round forward. And roll up, and round forward. And roll up. Excellent. Good.

You're gonna come sit on the cadillac. Sit right here. Separate feet perfect, hold this bar and you're gonna take the bar as far open as you can with straight wrists and hold with the pinky. So how far can you open up your hands? Good, good.

Reach up to the ceiling. Reach the bar behind you. Exhale, exhale, exhale, reach it forward and down all the way down. Good, and reach the bar up, and reach it back. Exhale, stretch it stretch the arms.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, and reach it down. And reach up, and exhale, exhale, beautiful look at your chest. And two more times, and down, and again, reach forward. Reach up, up, up, up, up, up. Up, up, yes, yes.

Reach back, reach back, reach back and bring it down. Excellent, let go of the bar. I can take it. And what you are going to do my dear is you are going to stand on that box and hold up on top. Watch your head.

Now you're gonna let your weight hang down. Let it hang, good. Now, instead of you doing your short box you are going to hang here and you're going to bring your knees up into your chest three times, up one, up two, up three. Good stop and relax sit down let go of the bar. Good, so now the next one you're gonna do, that you were curling that into your chest now I want you to keep your back flat one, two, three so we have curl, curl, and then we have flat, flat okay?

Lift up. Sit back, good. Now just from this hinge yes, tummy in one, two, very good and three and relax all the way down, good, now this is fun one, from here you're gonna hang feet, stay on, and you're gonna just go to one side let it stretch, come up, go to one side ah! feels so good. Lift up. Good, let your weight hang down. Good. Keep your feet on the, keep your feet.

Just let go with one hand and let it stretch don't twist you'll feel nice head can go, good, and lift up and don't don't keep your hips over underneath your, come back, start over. Relax down, sit, sit, sit, there, now take one hand, and let yourself go into that side stretch, yes. And come up. (Wayne groans) And other side. Head goes, feel that stretch, yes. And come up.

And other side. Good, one more time each side, good and lift up. And other side let it in. Good, and bring yourself down to sit. Good separate your legs hips width, arms out to your side.

Stay there and you're going to twist. Keep the hips where they are, this hip stays back. Twist, look over this hand, good, come back to center. Twist, look over this hand, and center. Twist, look over this hand, and center.

Twist look over this hand, and center. Twist, one more time, twist, and good, stretch forward, exhale. Good arms down by your side, hands flat, lift your right knee up don't shift, your TV exercise. Good, extend the leg out, hold two, three bend the knee in, two, three, bring the leg down good, lift up extend don't shift. You see how that one wanted to come back to me.

And bend it, and bring it down. Again, lift up, stretch out, bend, and down, and lift, extend, and bend, and down, one second. Okay. We're gonna come over to the barrel I just want to flip it around, Cyrene you're not gonna be happy but you're gonna have to move. Watch out wherever, are you gonna spot the barrel for daddy?

Hmm? So do you remember this one with your hips? Foot's gonna be here. It was, today. Your foot's going to be here. Starting to stretch.

So if you look as he's standing, he's starting to lose that, this curve that he had here, where he, see how much straighter you are. Yeah. And he's not pushing forward in his hip so much. He's really standing nice and straight. So I'm succeeding with opening his shoulders.

The next part of his hundred is gonna be the stretch of his leg and the opening of his pelvis. Okay. So he's not going to be able to stabilize that as well as I want until I can get that open. But I had to get this open first. So you're gonna do a single leg pull and bring your foot up to that. Yep. And the reason I chose that he was ready to move ahead was how the angle that he had over there.

So we're going to straighten this leg out by moving your pelvis back. And you see how you're going to have to move this foot back. So move your foot back to my foot. That's perfect. Now remember your box. Head goes down, straighten the leg.

The box moves back. Good. Yes. Now what's gonna bring the knee in is the pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. Good. Stretching the front of that hip. You feel that Wayne? Yeah. That's why we're here.

Pushed through that leg, push through that leg. Now tummy pulls you back. Pelvis moves you back. Pull this away from my finger, away and into my hand. Away from here, away from here.

Beautiful. You feel that? Excellent. Excellent. Very, very good. Now pull the tummy in, and tailbone, tailbone. The more that tailbone reaches towards the heel, the more you open that hip.

Excellent, and stretch. Pull back into here. Pull, pull, pull. And come in, come in, come in, come in. Excellent. Bring the knee into the chest, lift it off, and bring it down.

Other foot. Okay. Wait take this hip down. Yes. And back a little, good, and bend in right there. Now we can stretching it.

Pull this to, watch your hands. Stretch out the knee, and remember no bulldog. That's it. Head can go down. Good. And bend in.

Stretch out. And Bend in. Yes. Beautiful. Stretch out. And bend the knee. And remember you're stretching this hip.

Stretch this knee, stretch it, stretch it. Push through the heel, this heel. Stretch this knee a little more, straighten it. Come on, straighten that knee, straighten that knee. Yes. And come, away.

Good remove your foot. Single leg pull. Okay. Oops! Careful. Don't drink and drive. Remember, I want you so that your arms are gonna be straight gonna have your balls of your feet on the blocks. Easier if I just went down.

Okay. Balls of the feet on your blocks. Heels off. Lift up. Heels off, lift up. Okay. Stand up nice and straight. Excellent. Holy hat.

And lift up. Feel that tailbone drop, I'm just getting my phone. Cause I want him to see how straight he is. Lower. Stretch those arms, open the chest, find your chest expansion. Good. Lift up the heels.

Good. Open your chest. Lower, we all like to see our, our changes. So I want him to see what I'm seeing, and up. And one more time. Now while you're there, bend your knees.

Good. And straighten your legs and push your heels down. And bend your knees. Ooh, adjustment. And your knees. Feel those toes. Don't, remember the art, remember where you're standing on the outer edge of that foot.

Nope, your ankles are going in dude. Don't let it slip back, there. And bend your knees. And now lift your toes, lift your heels, sorry, lift your heels. Up, up, up, and just soften down, stand on the big toe.

And lift your heels up, up, up, and down. And lift your heels up, up, up and down. Good. Wayne, just come sit on your cadillac again. (Wayne exhaling) And what you're going to do is, can you slide yourself forward? So you're on your, feet are here.

you're gonna have your feet and I want them, actually hips width, and you're gonna roll the balls of your feet, then the arches and then the heels. And you're going to watch that alignment. So take yourself forward a little more, sit up straight. Remember it's all how you sit and what your body's doing. It's not just that he's doing this action, is that he is seated upright.

So he's connecting the alignment of his feet to his body, pressure on the ball and roll. Good one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Now bring it under your arches. And one, bring the whole backlog. There you go.

And one, cause you want to keep pressure on it. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight onto his heels, and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Go to the back to the ball, and you're gonna roll the full foot. Full foot forward, and full foot back. And full foot forward, and full foot back.

And forward, and back. Now because Wayne likes to go out onto the outer edge of his foot, I'm not gonna give him that one. Bring your knees together, and separate your feet more. Okay, we're going to do the Jerry Lewis. Now, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and 10. Very good.

Go back to your wall over there please. Do you remember the wall? I had your weights today. Where did I throw them? Over here.

Oh, good. Can you grab them? Go next to your gorgeous wife, (instructor laughing) a little closer. Good, head back. Good heels together. Soften your knees and take your feet more forward. Separate your feet like this, good.

Now is your whole back on here? Nope. Bend your knees and take your feet forward. Good. Get those heels together. Not so turned. There you go.

Now. See how you're collapsing in this arch, right here. Nope, the other way. There you go. Oh, collapsing. Right at notes. This has to stay back. This has to stay back.

Good. Keep it there. Soften your knees to keep your back on there, and your neck. Lift up. Exhale. Grow tall. Lift two. Exhale, grow tall.

Yes. Hold back on there. Three. Good lift this arch now, exhale the other way. Exhale. Reverse, up. Exhale. Two, exhale. Three exhale. Arms down, let it hang.

Head rolls down, arms hang. Good. Roll through here. (Wayne sighing) Roll down, roll down. Let the arms hang, roll down. Roll down. Knees bent, let the arms hang, hang, hang. There you go.

Hang, hang, reverse. Hang, Roll up. Good. Give me the weights. You're gonna do a chest expansion. Do you remember that?

Press open your chest. No stay right where you are, don't move anything. Heels together. Press open your chest, head is back. Head his back, head his back.

Now keep your hands there, step the body forward, the body forward. That's it, and keep pressing your hands back. So chest stays open. Good. Now let go, and bring your hands down. You don't have to do that again, don't step so far forward.

So I want you to take your box with you. Okay. So press back with the hands, open the chest. Good. Now your knees should be bent right. Now, just step the foot a little bit forward, just a little, right there. Now step the other one forward.

Now, pressing with your hands, bring your box forward. Whole box, whole box. That's what I want, you feel that? So that your chest stays open. Drop your hands down to your side, stretch up nice and tall. Find the ceiling, soften the ribs and good work Wayne.

Seven down. (instructor laughing) No more pushups before.


Nice  feet  corrections. Love the Jerry Lewis image!!
Kelly S
LOVE how blunt we can be with those we love...this is why my husband won't take pilates from me

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