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Taking Ownership

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Take ownership of your practice with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathyrn Ross-Nash. She continues to teach Wayne new ways to move his body while having him think about his common corrections and cues. She also makes accommodations with movements involving his feet because he recently had a small medical procedure done on his toe.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Yoga Block (2), Baby Arc, Triadball, Pilates Pole

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Here we are at, stay right there babe, lessons 8 with Mr. Nash. Of course, just like with all of our clients he has something that happened. He has had to have a little surgery on his toe to remove a wart so we have to accommodate. So Wayne, can you come over to here and we're gonna start your foot work but we're going to start on your arches. We're gonna just avoid that toe, okay?

Fortunately, it's on his toe. Great. Yeah, that's the ball of your foot. So were have his legs parallel, right? And we are going to, I'm going to move his legs a little closer today using pillows.

Sometimes it's a little more comfortable with pillows. Try, take your heels underwing can you slide your foot down a little bit more? Good, now, hold not with the ankles, but with the heels. Okay, and good. Press your heels underneath as much as you can very nice and hold here and press out and come in.

Good, you look good today. Press out and in, that's it. Remember, don't go into the knees. Use your stomach to move that carriage in and pull in here. Soft here, open, open, that's it, this moves you in and sit, and in, and sit, and good.

And sit, one more time. Bend your knees into your chest. Good, anchor that low back, place your heels. Bend your knees back in. Directly place your heels on the bar.

Yes. So I want him to start understanding, good, press out. Flex your toes back where his own body is and drag it in. Open the chest. Now pull these heel, the baby toes back, baby toes there.

Good, and press in, press and pull your toes to your knees as you come in. Think about that elephant, toes to the knees, good. Toes to the knees and in, and in, and in, and in. Bend your knees into your chest. Come back to the arches directly.

Now there's an exercise that we do on the foot corrector which stretches out the tendons where you roll your heel under and over, because he can't go on the ball of the foot. I'm just going to have him do that today. So we get that ankle movement and the internal massage that we want with the tendon stretch. So stretch all the way out. Good, now just with straight legs.

Good, drop your heels under. Good, and then lift your heels up and rock your toes over. Good and drop your heels under, under, under and over, over, over and under, under, under and over, over, over and tummy in, tummy in. Everything move comes from this and up, up, up and down, down, down, and up, up, up and down, down down and up, up, up last one and down, down, down and up. Bend your knees all the way in, slide a little bit away from your shoulder blocks.

Extend your legs. Rest them on your foot bar. Lift your hands back like this. To stretch the back of the arm to get your handles. Excellent.

Good, stretch your arms straight up. Lift your head up and press forward. That's it. Hold my arm, now, roll up. Roll up, roll up.

Legs stay down. That's it. Use that upper stomach. Roll up, roll up. Good, now pump.

Inhale through the nose for five smooth counts exhale through the nose for five smooth counts. Inhale through the nose for five. Get your legs together and exhale. Roll up. If this is not dying, you are not working.

Inhale two, three, four, five. Reach for me. Roll up two, three, four, five. Inhale two, three, four five. Roll up, two, three, four, five.

Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Bend your arms and legs. Go over to the Cadillac. Please put your head on the far side lying down for your leg springs.

Going to do your frogs and your circles. So lie with your head here. Do you remember this? The head here, head here. That would be your head.

Bend your knees into your chest. Good, you're going to take these two straps at the same time. And you're going to put your feet in the straps. Good, roll the bottom up. And this is why he's over here and not on the reformer because he doesn't have the flexibility.

Good, heels together, limp and your neck down. Pull in the stomach and stretch out, finding your tuck. Now, bend the knees. Keep this here and find your tips. So you anchor between the tip and the tuck.

Good, press out. Pull the stomach back and bend in, in, in, good. Let's move a little faster. Push out, pull in here. Bend in, in, in, in.

Lift your hands a little higher Wayne so that you can push and drop your ribs. That's it. And bend in, in, in, and press out. Now, stay there. Do you remember the box we drew?

You're going to open your legs, pushing into the strap. You're going to lower the legs, moving them evenly. Only as low as you can keep your belly button there. Press your heels together and lift them up with your tailbone down, up a little higher, there. Open, control it, press through the strap.

Draw your legs together and bring them up. Not so turned out, there. Up a little higher, up a little higher, tailbone down. Yes, open, press. So I want him to go up because he needs that stretch.

Pull the stomach in, anchor the tailbone. Keep, come on, stop, stop, stop, stop. Listen to me. Heels together. Open, press down through the feet, pull this in.

Good, press your feet together. Keep your feet together. Lift them up until I tell you to stop. Tailbone down, tailbone down, tailbone down. There you go.

That's what I want. Open, press down, pull it in. Draw it together, good Wayne. Now press those heels right here. Keep that tailbone down.

Hold, hold my finger don't lose my finger, baby. Don't lose my finger, press, squeeze it, squeeze it. Yes, open, press down. Good, draw together. Press them together and go up.

Now, keep them together. Pull the tummy in and reach your legs down. Push into the strap, push into the strap. Come on, push lower, lower, lower, lower, lower stay there. Push in the strap open.

Follow here, press up, press up, press up, draw your feet together and bend your knees all the way in, in, in, in, in, and again, press out. Pull the stomach in, open, press down, together. And in, in, in, in, in, and open. Press down, draw together and bend in. Now, I've given him blocks.

I've given him blocks to align his legs and his feet. Now I want to challenge his legs that they are going to independently align without support but the only support coming from his feet so that we can improve his foot work. And also he liked to turn in and out. Can you hold this board? He liked to turn in and out a little bit when he was rotating his legs.

So this is going to help him. So Zack when you're going to put your feet into here, slide right up in it. Good, I might need to get the bigger one. Is that too tight for you? No.

Do you feel it on your booboo? Nope. Hands up, good. Anchor tailbone down. Yes, press out.

Good, now look at your feet and keep the alignment. Do you remember what we talked about right? Yes and bend your knees in. Keep the tailbone, keep the tailbone, keep the tailbone, keep the tailbone, keep the tailbone. Press out.

Pull the stomach back. Bend in tailbone, tailbone, tailbone, tailbone. Anchor that tail, press out. Good, bend in. Elbows up, up.

No, no, don't lift your hands, elbows up. Those are elbows, good. Press out. You see how that changes? What's in there.

Yeah, good, good, good, good, good Wayne. And in tailbone down, tailbone down, tailbone down, heels to your bottom, heels to your bottom. Now lift your bottom off a little bit and bring your knees to your shoulders and press into your hands and roll down. Keep your knees bent don't straighten them. Bend your knees into your chest.

Lift your bottom. This is your stomach massage and which we're going to go do in a little bit. Now roll down, roll down, roll down. Now, press out your legs. Pull the stomach back.

Hips, go back into the mat. Press this back. Yes, bend it in. So even though it looks like I'm working on his stomach massage I'm really focusing on the next point of his hundred tailbone, tailbone, tailbone. Good.

And that he's going to extend his legs, hold the weight of his legs and keep this hip bone back. Keep it back, keep it back, keep it back. Thumbs with your fingers. Keep it back, keep it back, keep it back and bend the knees in. Keep this back.

Press right into my hand one more time baby. Now don't see how you're anchored there. Don't lose that elbows up and press right here. Don't, you lost me. That's it, press, press, good.

Lengthen that neck as you do it, you're doing awesome. That's it, don't lose me, don't lose me, don't lose me. Take your feet up a little higher. There you go. That's it.

Good Wayne. Now, as you come in, keep this where it is 'cause it's perfect. Anchor your tailbone and bend your knees. Anchor your tail, anchor your tail, anchor your tail. Bend knees all the way in.

Good, now exhale and relax. Relax, just relax, relax. This is what you want to feel on your stomach massage right here. Good, knees in a little bit more. Good Wayne.

Keep this right knee in and last one, tailbone down. Good, take this off. And we're going to go over to your reformer for stomach massage. That's where you're sitting up, you remember? Your feet are on the foot bar.

He's like, she's mean. She puts her finger where it hurts a little pull off of it. Yeah, I know. Oh, on the hair, feet up. Oh, I was trying to get that hip flexor.

No, balls of the feet because you can't, right? And you were parallel, I think, yep. And that same vision that you were just using that foot board. Hey take your feet up I don't want you on the ball of that foot. On the arch, arch.

How do you hold this board? How do you hold the board? What happened with your toes? Where should your toes be honey? Stop.

Okay. Right. I'm going to make you start thinking, okay? Hold here. Because that's going to make you aware and on your arch, yes.

Now roll forward and take your hands on it, better, good. And now hold this. Excellent, very good. Head down and just stretch out there. That's it.

Excellent, and bend in, looks better. Look at those knees. Good, press with this part of your heel. That's it. I don't care if they go apart.

That's good, good, good, good, good. And press this part of the heel comes to here. Good and press out. And bend in. Can we go a little faster?

And out, and in, and out, good, and in, and out. Try to come in a little more in, in, in, in, in, more in, in, in, in, in, in, yes. One more time in, in, in, in, in. Excellent, now take your hands back. Yeah, I know you hate this.

Good and stretch out. (Nash groaning) And in, stretch. (Nash groaning) And in, stretch, and in. Stretch, and in. That's okay, stretch, and in.

You're right where I want you to be here. And this is what we're really working on right now. Last one and stretch. Very good Wayne. Good, bring your hands forward.

Reach between your legs and take off one spring. Don't move your feet. It's part of the stretch. Then go onto the side to get it. No, no, no, don't.

We are going to the side. Around. Oh, okay. No, no, no, take this one, yep, good. So the reason I want you to keep your feet up is that's part of your stretch to go a little deeper, okay?

I'm going to beg to differ but. It's like get your butt towards me. Okay, one second. Bring your feet over to this side a tiny bit. This side.

More, okay. Now reach forward, head down and stretch out the legs and bend the knees. And stretch out the legs, and bend the knees. Let's stretch out the legs, and bend the knees. Stretch out the legs and bend the knees.

Stretch out the legs and bend the knees. Stay there, hold on to this bar. Hold on to the bar. Good, get it with your other hand. Yes, stretch forward, stretch forward.

Hold that bar and straighten your legs And bend your knees. And hold the bar straighten your legs. Look at your feet, dude. That's it. And bend in.

So if we want to stretch, what's tight on you. You got to watch that alignment. Push those heels out. That's it, and bend in. Good, now let go of the bar and reach down into that well.

And reach for spring. Take one handle, move one hand. That's it and reach. You see, you can reach it and step off. Okay, so I'm trying to teach you different ways of moving your body.

Okay, elephant. Very good. Fix your wrists. Fix your wrists. Shift your weight back.

Push, push, push and bring it forward and shift your weight back. Push, push, push through those hands. Push through those hands. Push very good Wayne. And again, and shift back.

Push, push. Stay there, bend your knees, tailbone under, under, under tailbone under and now stretch up. Push on the hands, straighten the legs. Good. Now think about your tuck.

So this is going to come this way. Tailbone under, more, like you're going to bring your tushy to your heels for knee stretches. And stretch up, up, up, up and again, tailbone under, under, under and up, up, toes up and tailbone under, under, under, and, good. Move your toes back, lift your heels up. We're going to go into knee stretches.

Notice I left a short box out. We're going to go do it over on the ladder barrel standing today. Bring your knees down to the mat. Very good. Bring your feet back.

Sit on your heels and remember, find your tuck. Pull this up, yes. And push back with the heels and in quick and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in. Now reverse the arch, roll the chest and stay here a second. Shoulder rolls, don't move the body, shoulder roll.

Shoulders up to your ears, down, back and forward. Don't forget the forward, forward. Where's your forward dude? Forward and up, back and forward, up, back and forward. Now, reverse it, down.

Yes, you feel that? That's where I want you to do the shoulder, the exercise. Down here, draw them together, bring them up. Excellent, and down, up and draw your shoulder blades together. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Draw them together. Yes, and fix your hands. Elbows forward. Remember you see, look where you are on your wrist. Yes.

Stay out of there, yes, yes. Doesn't that look so much better? Yeah. Yeah, there you go. And excellent and press out and you see how easy it is now and press back with your heels and in, good Wayne, and press and two and press and three.

Don't lose this and four. Don't lose this five, six, seven. Soften this up, eight, come on, right here, nine, one more, and 10, good. Round in, pull the stomach in and up. Slide one foot forward.

Slide one foot forward. Lift that heel up. Head down. How's that on your foot? Get this hip down, hip down.

Focus on this hip, that's it. Stay there, just shift your weight back and then bring it forward taking the tail under. There, shift it back. Come forward bringing the tail under, shift it back. Come forward, bringing the tail under, good.

Lift this heel up. Move the carriage back, press and same feeling. Press, in, press, and in, and press, and in change sides. I know. Hold the other side.

Squeeze your steady, your steady Stephan, good. Bring the knee in. Fix the hands. Roll the wrist forward. Don't stand here.

Please stand here on your hand, yes. Good. Bring this foot out to the left a little bit. I'm going to collapse. So it's same thing what your feet want to do.

Now, shift your weight back. This'll help you when you're here. This is where I want you to fix your hands. That's it. Now, keep it there and come out.

'Cause that helps, but, yup. Yup. And now fix your hands as you go back and keep them as you come in and fix them, so good. Now Wayne's focused. Good and push the heel, and good.

Now push your heel back and in, head down. Back and in, back and in, and back and in, very good. Come over to sit back just like we started. We're on three springs and I want you to lie down and you're going to run with your arches, okay? Good, don't pull on the bar.

Good. Just take the arches on their legs together. Stretch out your legs, very good. Excellent, you stayed center the entire time which means you effort did correctly. Stretch all the way out.

Open the right shoulder a tad and get the legs a little closer babe. There you go. And lower one heel and bend the other, good. And stretch them and lower. And remember, you're going to feel the outside of this.

Remember that ankle's not going to collapse. And where does it hurt? In the arches. Oh, in the arches, that's fine. (Nash groaning) It's supposed to, it's moving.

It's moving toxins, good. Yep, on your heels. Flex your feet back. Take your tailbone up just like we did over there and press out. Keep the tailbone up, yep.

And now come in, tailbone under, under, under, under, under. There you go and press out. And tailbone under, under, under, under, under and press out. Tailbone under, press out, tailbone under, one more time. And tailbone under, very good.

Bring your knees into your chest, okay? And come over to here. So you're going to stand with your feet like this inside here and your knees soft. And you're going to roll back and come forward. And I want you to open the hands, don't bend and straighten the legs.

Open your hips to roll back. And then we're going to do everything you do on that short box. We're going to do it here, okay? Take your feet forward a little more. Take your foot forward more, there you go.

Good, soften your knees. Bend your knees. Bend your knees. Good, and bend your knees more. So your whole back is on there, there you go.

Now begins upright. Remember how we sit upright? Sit up higher. Good, now roll the low back down. Roll the low back down.

Roll the low back down. Roll the low back down. Roll the low back down and then come all the way up. And again, reach don't sink. Reach, press on your hands, press.

This comes back, this stays back. This stays back, this stays back, and cool, and up, and this needs a little more. Lift up tail and roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back and lift. Step off for a second, I want to get you something because your feet are a little sensitive today. Don't say I'm not nice.

You know, place this underneath your feet. So can you get back into that position? Now, see how you're collapsing in. I know sweet, yeah. It's okay.

Okay, so yeah. Don't let it collapse. Good, yep, now bend your knees and sit upright. Okay. The feet.

Good, excellent. Now take your hands behind your head. And I want you to pull on your neck and pull as much as you can to grow tall. Yes, lean a little forward from the hips. Don't round, don't round, lift this.

That's it. And then bring that to sit upright, upright, upright. Now, right from your hips hinge forward. Now that's round. From these are hips, forward, forward.

Then don't go any further with your upper body. Remember what we discussed? Don't go forward, chin down and reach forward. Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. And up, up, up, up, up.

Now from here, stay that up. I can say go down, lift up. Come on, baby. You got to get this up, up, up. This is so good for your spine.

Now, tip back. Lift the lower stomach, soften the ribs, hold right here. Lift the lower stomach, soften the ribs, lift the lower stomach. Gorgeous, now keep that grow tall, press at my hand and come forward. Come forward, keep pressing, keep pressing, keep pressing.

Yes and relax, let it die. Then reach forward again, pressing my hand, pressing my hand, pressing my hand up, up, up and tip back, tip back, tip back. Stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach, good and relax. And again, lift up, lift up, lift up, tip back, tip back. Lift, lift, lift, very good.

Stretch forward, exhale, good, and sit up tall. Bend your knees, fix your feet. You can't take your heels down any lower. Good. And you're not hitting where you're cut.

Okay, hands behind your head. Sit up nice and tall. Don't move your hips. You're going to turn to the right. Feel what I'm doing with my hands?

Yeah. That's what you have to do. And then come center, and. And center. And center.

Elbows open, head back, and center. And center one more time. And good, stretch all the way down. And good, now step off. And we're gonna do side bends, so.

You're going to take this foot back right here and this foot forward. And you want to have your hip over your hip, okay? Turn your feet on the side. So you're, that's it, that's it, that's it. So you're on the outer on your edge of the foot.

Where's it hurt? Where's it hurt? All over. Okay, (laughs) now, if you can straighten this bottom leg. Good, hands behind your head and stretch down your barrel.

And then come up a little bit and then stretch towards the wall and come up head back, head back, head back, stretch, press that chin into me. Make that double chin, good. Lift up and stretch over tremor of truth. And reach, reach, reach and up, and open, open, open. Very good.

Turn face the other direction. That's going to help your golf swing so much. Correct. Move this one please, move this one, okay. That's behind the head.

Very nice. (Nash groaning) I don't remember what you tend to do. I always assume you're doing your habit. Bring your shoulder blades together. Yeah.

That's it, yes. (Nash groaning) And good. Good, go sit over there. And you're going to do your lift, don't shift TV exercises. And because he has his foot thing today go ahead and lift one leg up, hands down by your side.

Because he has his foot issue today I'm not going to have him put his ball of the foot on the ladder barrel. We're going to accommodate. That's it and release. And again, other leg, lift it, hold it, hold it and release. Lift it, hold it, hold it.

And release. Lift it, hold it, hold it. Good, relax your hands and lift, hold, hold and release. Good, stand up and you're gonna reach up. Hold onto the bar.

Remember how you hang your weight to sit. Good, without twisting, lift your right leg up to your chest and extend it forward. Don't talk and bend it, lift it up and come down. Now, keep your cheek on my thought. That's it.

Lift the other leg up, extend it and bend it and down, and lift, extend, and bend, excellent. And down one more set each time, and lift, and stretch, and bend, and down, and lift. No, no alternate. And stretch, this is the one you tend to lift. And bend, it's as you extend it, do it again.

You cheated me. Stretch it, stretch it, stretch it. That's what I want. Bend it and very good, come down. Let's go over to the mat.

You're going to lie down. Head always goes towards here. Then you're going to put your feet underneath the strap. We forgot to give you light today Mr. Nash. Legs together, lie all the way down.

There's a bar right by your right hand side. Couldn't get it with that hand. I can't see. (Kathryn laughing) I'm just, legs together, heels together. Take your feet a little further down babe so you can hook it a little lower on your feet.

Press your heels, good. Don't have your arms so wide. Plug your shoulders into the mat more. See how they're making a V. I want them closer, closer.

Shoulders down, good. You forgot how to plug your shoulders? There, there, good. Lift your head up. Roll up, roll up right there, right there.

Hold it and pump your arms. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, pull this in, two, three, four. Very good, your pelvis is nice today. Inhale two, three, four, five.

Exhale, two, pull this in, four, five, push through the legs, two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale. Fix those wrists and go all the way down, excellent. Ribs in. And stretch back. This is where they can come out, good.

Nice, look at you. That hurt last week, the other day, arms up. Plug your shoulders into the mat, yes. Inhaling lift the head. Look right there, exhale.

Roll over, roll over, roll over, roll over, roll over. Keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling, good. And now you're going to roll down and press on me so that take this back. Come on hips. Push your legs away.

Push your heels away. Push your heels away. Push your heels away. Push your heels. Stretch that neck and then come down, exhale.

Good, arms come up, head comes up. Exhale articulate, articulate, articulate. That was gorgeous. Keep that shape, that's beautiful. That's beautiful, beautiful.

And now roll down. Keep the head down. Push the legs, roll. Push the legs. Push your heels away.

Push your heels away. Push your heels away. Push your heels away and all the way down. Does that feel delicious? And exhale, yes.

Arms up, two more head comes up. And exhale, exhale. Push your heels, push your heels, push your heels, push your heels. So good Wayne. So good And roll down.

Push me. Push this part, this part, back, back, back. Reach forward with your hands. This back, back here. I'm not letting you go until you get that low back on.

Get your little back. Get in here, yeah, go. Stretch that neck, arms are up. Arms are up, arms are up. Yes, and all the way down.

Oh, look at you. One more, arms up, inhaling. Smile, makes it easy. Remember I taught you how to smile. Okay, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, yes, there it is.

There it is, there it is. Head down, head down, head down, head down, head down, stretch, stretch. And roll back down. Now, don't look up. This comes back.

I want you to focus right here Wayne. Come on and get that to the mat. Aha, that eye you see go back up. Now, go back down. Get that in the mat.

Pull your hips in the mat. Hips in the mat. Now pulse forward, one, two, three, four. Pull this in five, six, seven, eight. Push your heels, nine, 10 another 10, 10.

You can do it. Let's go. This is the meat of it. That's it, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and all the way down. Very good, I'll take your bar.

Take a breather, open your chest. Good. And I'm going to bring your head down. Lie all the way down. Arms down, reach your arms up to the handles.

Remember how you found your elbows back here. Pull yourself back and press your elbows open. Good, and then relaxing. And again, chin down, press your elbows open and relax. Press your elbows open and relax.

Now, bend your right knee into your chest. Extend it in. Keep this leg reaching long. This one's bent. Bring it up to your nose.

Anchor the hip across, anchor your stomach. Get this hip down more. Yes, remember the butterfly. Sit on this hip more. Sit on that hip more.

Yes, around and in, across, around and in, across around and in, across around reverse and across. Don't move your head. Get your head center doll, heavier on your left ear. Remember your tendency is to tighten here, right? Open your eyes.

Well, I got to look at it. You got to look at it. Hurts the same eyes open or closed. That's it. Good.

And I'll stretch the leg up. This is not going to feel great, okay? Get that hip on the mat, yes. Good, bend the knee in. Keep this hip down and change that.

Get that hip down. Push through here. That's where you're working. Yeah, this comes down. Look at how I just wants you to open your eyes.

Look at what your foot wants to do, here. Good, now bring your head a little this way, this way. You like to bring it that way. So always bring it the opposite. Get that hip down more and nope.

Hip down. So what I'm really working on right now is not really this bent leg. It's the extended leg. 'Cause he needs this length for his hundred. Since I couldn't stretch it on the ladder barrel because of his little surgery, I have to do it here.

Get that hip down. So remember as I come here, you anchor here, as I go here, you anchor here, as I go across, you anchor this hip down up, down. Press on my hand. Press on my hands. Yes, keep pressing, keep pressing.

There it is, you feel that stretch? That's the one I want. Yes, very good. That's the one I want. Yes, one more.

Good and stretch the leg all the way up, up, up, up, up. Reach this hip to me. Now you, yes, don't lose it Wayne. Don't lose it, this is right where you're tight. That's beautiful.

This was preventing you from turn it in from allowing you to stand up straight. Good, bend the knee into your chest. Good, bend both legs. Let go with your arms. Bring them up and down.

Good, hold the back of your legs and roll yourself up. That's it. Good. If I don't let you struggle, you're not going to build this strength. So now I want you to bring your legs together, heels together.

I want you to hold your hands right about here and elbows out. Good, and I want you to lift your feet off of the mat. Do it again, how do we move? Head down. Stomach goes back.

This moves you, this moves you, that's it. That moves you. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Yes, and then put your feet back down. Same way again.

Yes, when you just got a gold star that's your stomach massage and then put your feet down. Good, and you're going to save this for the exercise we're going to do next. Pull it back, pull it back, pull it back. Yes, to get a little more length in that hip. We're going to want to do and one more time.

Pull it back, pull it back, pull it back and excellent. Good, just move that block away. Slide yourself back a tiny bit. Stretch your legs out, flex your feet, toes back. That's point.

Stretch the thighs. Can you straighten your legs more? There we go. Good, now sit up tall. How tall can you sit?

Find the neck. Good, and roll that ball forward. Roll it, roll it, roll it, roll it, roll it. And roll it back up and then lift your arms up to me. Straight up.

(Nash groaning) Arms out in front. Lift up tall. And slide forward. (Nash groaning) Make your head part of the spine. Good, and bring your arms up.

So try to bring them straight up and don't avoid what's tight. Straight up, straight up, good. Again, roll. Stay there. And roll.

Cramp. Yeah. Yeah. That means you're working it right? Yes, look at your back Wayne.

Look at your back, excellent. Now lift your arms up to me up and open. Very good, up and open, up, up, up. Excellent, very, very, very good. Okay, so we're just going to put that ball off to the side and I'm going to get you a barrel.

We're going to go to the smaller barrel today. And, so what you're going to do, what you're gonna do is you're going to sit on this barrel here and you're gonna slide open your chest, look forward, slide back until your shoulders touch and your pelvis is on. Okay, so you want this nice and open, okay? Sit on the mat. That's it.

Hold the handles and slide yourself back. Good, and now slide back. Push with your feet and slide back. Beautiful. Open your chest, hold onto the handles.

Now nothing rests here, don't get comfy. Bend your knees. Get your pelvis on here, pull the tummy on here, right? So I want this open, there. Now your arms are working.

Elbows are out and so you can open your chest. Good, from here, feet flat, bend the right knee into your chest. Don't shift it, extend the leg up. Now pull the tummy in and reach the leg down and up, and down. Keep pulling this in.

I want to actively coming in and your chest open so the arms work as you go down, open your chest, open the hip, open the chest and bend the knee all the way in. Place the foot down. Take the other leg up, extend it up. Stretch it and hip back and stretch down. Pull in here and bring it up.

(Nash groaning) And reach. (Nash groaning) And up, and reach, and up, bend your knee, bring it down. Good, feet are flat. Now I have you. You're going to give me your hands.

Hold on, chin to your chest and roll up, roll up. Very good, now slide so that your tushy is off there. Good and open your chest and roll back. And that's it and roll up. Keep your chin to your chest and roll back just a little bit and roll up.

Good, and roll back. Roll up, bring your feet closer to me. Walk your feet here and your bottom to me. Keep coming, come on, come all the way to me, to me, to me. That's it, roll down.

Reach your arms back. Stretch the arms back, stretch the arms back. Bring the arms up. Leave your head where it is. Good, arms go down.

Now, pull your tummy in into that space and release and pull the tummy into the space there and release and pull the tummy into this space. Keep this neck position. You see how that is, that's beautiful. Take this bar. Inhale, come up.

Exhale, stretch back. Use your stomach against me. Good Wayne. Lift up and bring the hands down to your mat or to your legs. Good, now can you straighten your legs out?

They're going to dangle off the edge, it's okay. Good, now pull your tummy back. Don't leave your back arch. Find your tuck, find your tuck, more tuck, more tuck, more tuck. That's it, and stretch.

Exhale. Excellent, how's that feel? Any pain anywhere? Good, and bring your hands down. Bring your hands down.

Who did you hire to do the warm? Come up, open the chest. Stretch back, exhale. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Good, so did you feel that place?

I just want to get past that because you actually can. So just want you to breathe into it as we go back one more time, okay? And then we'll be lifting our head. Lift up. Look it on easy your neck is down and reach back to me.

Now push into me here. Push, push into me. Push into my hands. Push, push, push. Now relax.

No, no, no, I didn't say let go. Push into here, now relax. Bring your hands a little closer you separated them. Push into me and now relax. Push down into me.

Push down, push down, push down, relax. Good, bring your arms up. Bring your head up. Now, put your tummy behind you. Put your ribs along the barrel.

Put your waist along the barrel. Put your hips along the barrel. Exhale, exhale, exhale. And very good. Good, come over here Wayne.

Okay, so this is an exercise called California curl. So you can have your feet flat and right here. Okay, so this exercise I'm working on today I've been working a lot of upper body opening but I'm also working some opening in hip, length in the hip. So feet flatten together, slide much closer. Good.

Now you're going to take this bar with an under grip. Beautiful. Now you're going to take your elbows and put them right into, that is where I pulled hair before. Not out to the side, but in. That's it, can you slide them down to here?

Can you get them to here? Touch them on my fingers. Touch them on my fingers in here. A little more in. Good, round forward your head, forward, that's forward.

That's up, that's all. Bring your elbows in, more in, in, yes. You feel that? Now, roll back with just the pelvis. Just the pelvis.

Hold it, hold it, hold it and curl over. So this is how I want you to move and roll back with just the pelvis. Just the pelvis, just the pelvis, and roll up, up, up and last one. Roll back just the pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, and up, very, very good. Okay, release there.

You can come set up your bricks to stand on, right underneath the Cadillac. Can you take your feet up on top? I just wanted you to see unsupported. Remember your heels are off the end and what are you going to try to feel the outer edge? So you should be okay, right?

This shouldn't hurt. Does this hurt? Nope. Okay, so I want you to think about it coming from here. You feel that?

So it's not your feet that are going to do it. It's going to be your right. Good, right? Part of your path, see how that engaged your bottom. Now with that nice long neck, head up and lift your heels and lower the heels down and lift your heels and lower your heels down and lift your heels.

That was fast and lower. Lift up, bend the knees. I guess I didn't have to mow, lower the heels much and lift up. Then the knees find your big toes, lower and stretch. Good, and lift up.

Don't go to the outer edge of the foot. Where is the big toe. Yes, Yes. Now bend your knees and keep your heels up and lower your heels. Now stay there.

Lift your heels with your knees. Bend, find the big toe, press up to stand. Lower straight, bend your knees. Head back while you lean there, lift your heels, stretch up, lower, bend, and straight, and step up. Good work, Mr. Nash.


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Amazing! This was very enjoyable and I learned a lot.
Wow !!!! look at Mr. Nashes head alignment and posture !! Fantastic 
Loved your progressions Kathi x this was a great class for Wayne! Thank you for keeping it real ❤️❤️ Thank you Wayne for rising up to the challenge 🤗

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