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Seeing Improvement

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We're starting to see big improvements in Wayne's 9th session with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She continues to adapt some of the exercises to accommodate for his toe injury but still pushes him to advance in his practice. She also encourages him to remember his equipment settings so that he can speed up his transitions and increase the pace of his sessions.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Yoga Block (2), Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole

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Okay, Mr. Nash is here with lesson number nine, as Joe Pilates said in 10 lessons you feel better, in 20 lessons you look better and in 30 lessons, you have a new body. I think Mr. Nash is already ahead of the game and already looking better. So he still has injury on his big toe. So we're going to accommodate that by skipping the first part of his footwork or it's not all your foot, right? It's underneath.

It's where? It's underneath, right there. Right, so it's not here. No, it is, it's here. Oh, I see it.

Okay, so we're gonna be skipping the ball of the foot. We're going to go right to the arches and begin with his foot work today. Independently, he goes down onto the apparatus, good. Now let's have your legs together and I want to get here. I knew I had them set up.

Blue blocks, Wayne's favorite. Good, hold it here. Now take your feet down a little bit more. Good and open. Oh, one second.

Yeah, that happens and good. Now hold it with the balls of your feet and try to... I'm gonna move your foot a little. Try to go like this, like you're standing, okay? Remember, that's it.

Now push your big toe ball down a little. No, no, no, just the big toe. Your feet are going like this right now. Like how you like to sit on the outside. So press a little more this, there.

Good and press out. Open the right shoulder. And two, three, push those heels under, good. Four and five and six. And if you remember when you first started he couldn't even straighten his legs.

Now I want you to do this thing called squeeze juice. Stretch your legs out as much as you can, stay there. Lengthen a little more. Good, now drag the carriage home. Good, stretch out, lift your kneecaps.

Length, yes and drag the carriage home and stretch out. Lift from here. Wait til I say drag. Lift, lift, yes. Now drag it home right here, beautiful.

Stretch out, drag it home. Stretch out. Pushing my hand. Nope, chin down. Air right here.

Push right here. Push right here. There it is. Now, drag it home and press out. Good and drag it home.

One more time, press out and drag it home. Bend your knees into your chest. Excellent, tanning your blocks and bring your heels onto the bar. Very nice. Pull the stomach back in again.

We're gonna squeeze the juice. My shoulder. It's a little tight today. Press out. You were golfing yesterday and drag it and toes back, back toes, back toes and push through the heel.

Now bring your toes. All your toes to your knees. Yes, now bend your knees in and pull the toes pull the toes, pull the toes. Good and press out and pull your toes back, back, back, back, back, back, back. Excellent, press out and drag it.

And Wayne your alignment looks awesome and press out. Good and lengthen and press out and lengthen. Good, bring your head a tad to the left and drag it in. Bring your knees into your chest to anchor your powerhouse. Good, let's go back to the arches for your adapted tendon stretch.

So go a little lower on your foot, there. Press out. Find that, roll all the way, find that length. Good, stay lower your heels under. Good, lift your heels up.

Like your stomach, good. Lower your heels under, breathe through your nose. Lift the heels up. Yes, so you're like pointing the foot and lower your heels. Excellent, and through the nose remember you get more oxygen slow that breath down and heels under.

(Wayne groans) Good and heels up right from here. Pull this, that's it. Heels under. Relax, your face Botox is very expensive and lift up and lower now. It's really important here that you hold it with those toes and very good.

Bend, take your legs and extend them over the bar. Reach back behind you to get your handles, remember how we do that, good. You're definitely a little tighter on that right side from golf yesterday. Just take note of it. Lift your arms up.

Now stretch those arms. Good, excellent. Lift your head up and you're gonna roll your upper body up. Roll up, roll up the upper body. Roll up the upper body.

Keep the legs on the bar. Roll up. Roll up. There you go. Hold it.

Hold it. I'm gonna let go. You're gonna hold it and pump inhale through the nose. (inhales deeply) Exhale, roll up. Roll up.

Roll up. Roll up. Roll up. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, up, up, up, up, up.

Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale up, up. I'm anchoring your legs so you can roll up. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Roll up to me.

Come get me. Get me. Get me. Good, two more Wayne (inhales deeply) and squeeze the air out, out, out, out. Very good, one more time.

Your hundreds better than mine. Inhale (inhales) and exhale. Roll up as much as you can. It's the last one. Give me every less drop of air you have and bend in.

Good, just drop the head straps behind you. And you're gonna bop right over to the Cadillac for your legs springs. So remember those legs springs. We're gonna begin with your frogs with your heels together. Lie with your head here.

Good, you're gonna place the straps on the foot. Now please sit a little lower on your foot. So you wanna place the strap right here so that the ankle movement isn't gonna get in the way. Good, you're gonna lift your arms up. I love these straps, heels together.

Very good, excellent. Anchor your powerhouse and just like you squeeze the juice out of there. Squeeze the juice out of this. Push to the strap, push through the strap. Now bend your knees and keep pushing through strap and all the way in, exhale and press out, pull in, beautiful and exhale.

Chin down a little bit more. There you go. Good and press out and glue those heels and bend in. Exhale, exhale, exhale, press out. Keep the heels together and bend in.

Do two more. I wanna grab something. Press out. Keep the ribs soft, exhale, come in. Press out and exhale.

Exhale, exhale all the way in. Good, now you're gonna press those legs out. You're gonna stay pushing into your hands. And now without me today, don't lose your tailbone. Remember your tip, there.

Open your legs and trace this bar. Don't turn out anymore. Look at your leg and press your legs down. So they go straight down right there. Now draw them straight together.

Anchor your tailbone and bring the legs up. Head goes down. Good, open follow this bar, press down. Draw the legs together. Now anchor the tailbone so this crease bends.

More tail, more tail, more tail, good, open press down. Draw together, press on my hand as you lift your legs. Press, press, press, press, press, press. You feel that. That's what we want.

Open push into the strap, push into the strap to draw your legs together. Push into the strap to fold up, up, up. Reverse it, breathe through your nose. Reach down, elbows in, open, pushing your hands, pushing your feet. Draw your legs together and they'll pull the tummy in.

Find your tuck. Find your tuck. Find your tuck, bend the legs. Find your tip. Find your tip.

Find your tip. One more time. Find your tuck. Find your tuck. Find your tuck, open.

Find your tip. Find your tip. Find your tip and together. Bend your knees all the way in. Very good.

Hop up. Do you remember stomach massage? That's the one where you're rounded forward. Okay, so you're gonna sit today on this pad and we're gonna work you getting a little more forward with your feet on this bar and your hands down. (mumbles) Nope, that's hold.

That's one where you hold to carriage, this is when we hold the carriage. Feet up. This is the one where you're like, no, don't lie down. You're seated. Am gonna fold and the feet go here.

Perfect. Excellent, look at you, on the arch of your foot because of your, right and press out. Good, and come in. Remember the don't let those little bones hit. Actually, you know what we're gonna do.

We're gonna be parallel again. Hold this, hold this, good head down. Press out and bend in. You look really good today Wayne. Press out, good.

Bend in, think about the balls of the feet. Good, press out. Now we're gonna pick up our pace, okay. And you're gonna press out, in, out, in, breathe. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale.

Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Very good. Take your two hands at the same time behind you. Good, here it comes. Not so painful today, right?

And press out and bend in, up, up, up. Press chin out, there and up, up, up. Press and up, up, up. Press and up, up, up. Press and up, up, up.

Press. Lift with your ears, lift with your ears, lift with your ears and bring it in. Lift right here. And lift right here. And lift right here and lift right here.

Excellent, two hands come and reach forward and take one spring out from the center. If you have, you can get rid of a box, but I want you to keep your feet on the foot bar. Can you reach between your legs? There you go. Look, you got it.

You got it. Yes, Wayne. Excellent, see. It's all part of the joy and the stretch. Hold on to here.

Hold on to me and good stretch and bend your knees and exhale. Lift up, lift up, lift up, bend. Good, open the chest and lift up, lift up, lift up. Bend, open the chest, lift up, lift up, lift up. Bend, open the chest, lift up.

Grab onto this bar. Good, drop your head down (Wayne groans) and straighten your legs as much as you can. That's it. That's it. That's it.

And come in, come in and very, very good. Step off. Now, if you don't mind putting the foot bar down. So to put the foot bar down, you're going to take it up kick it this way and bring it down. Good step up.

Okay, you're gonna sit on here, place your feet underneath the strap for your short box. A second sweetie, take your feet out. You wanna make sure that you're under both chains, one sec and that, one sec, there you are. Both chains are up here, now take your feet. Take them all the way through.

You're not gonna be on it. Keep going forward with your feet. There you go. And put the toes on here. There we go, see, you're all good.

Knees right over your ankles. So slide a little more forward. And now you wanna push on your heels. Oh my God. You look amazing.

Wrap your hands around your waist and pull just the pelvis back. No, no, no don't, remember we don't move the carriage. We don't move the carriage. You just move your pelvis back. Sound effects are optional.

Pelvis, no, don't push me. What am I missing here, I'm sorry, oh, oh, oh. Pelvis, that's okay. Pelvis, roll back. Roll back.

Roll back. Roll back. Look down. Roll back. Roll back, roll back and over.

And again. Roll back. Bring your hips. Hips. (Wayne groans) There you go, you feel that?

That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it.

That's it. And good. Now hold the back of your legs like you did when you were sitting on the Cadillac, right? Sit up tall and now bring your pelvis back. Roll back.

Come on, move, move, move, move, move, move, move move, move, move, move, move, and stay there. Now curl over. Keep this back. Good, now round back and keep this back. Keep this, keep this.

Yes, now round forward and keep it back. Go ahead. Come on, I got you. Move, move, move, move, move. That's it.

And round back, good. That's it, pull this in, pull this in, pull this in, pull this in, pull this in, keep going. Good Wayne and round forward, good. Lift up and hold this in your hands. Hold it on the white tips.

So this time you hold it wide and you're gonna... Yap, fix those knuckles and lean forward. Lean forward, lean forward and then sit upright and reach through this bar. Push on my hand up, up, up, up, up and relax. Lift up, lean forward tip your hand, shoulders in front of the hips a little more.

(Wayne groans) That's it. Lift up. Lift up. Bring your head back. Bring your arms back.

Stretch up, up, up, up, up and relax. One more time. Lift up. Lean forward to begin. Catch your stomach.

And then tip back to me. Tip back a little more. Tip back a little more. Tip back a little more. Hold it.

Hold it. Put the tummy in and our reach that bar towards your toes. Exhale, just move. Go ahead, no drama. (Wayne groans) Good, lift it up.

Sit again with the shoulder slightly in front of the hips. Good and reach over to one side. And remember your head stays in the mid. Yeah, here you go there, right? I got a white one, right?

Head goes with you. (Wayne groans) And come up. Head goes with you. Anchor the left hip. Good and up.

Anchor the right hip. (Wayne groans) And up. Anchor the left. And good, stretch all the way down. Exhale, and sit up, head back onto me and keep your hips, they don't move, right.

And your shoulders, your ribs, your waist. Head back to me and center, relax. lift up, shoulders, ribs, waist, center and relax. Lift up shoulders, waist, center and relax. Lift shoulders, ribs, waist, center and stretch down exhale.

(Wayne groans) Good, you're gonna go back to sit on the Cadillac with your feet on the gray box, for your TV exercises, okay. Now, today I'm gonna give you these two blocks so that you can press your hands on them, right? I'm gonna take your feet a little more forward so that you're at a 90 degree angle, could have moved you back but it doesn't matter. No, you're perfect. Yep, go back a little bit there.

Now this is so, I want you to roll those shoulders back. So right from here, before we begin lift your shoulders up, down, back, forward. Up, together, down and back. Do you remember chest expansion? Up, chest expansion and down.

Good, again. Up, chest expansion and down. Lift up, chest expansion and down. Lift up, chest expansion. Stay in the chest expansion pressing your hands down and lift one knee up.

Don't shift. Press down to lift. Yes. Hold it. Hold it.

Hold it. Hold it and grow tall to bring it down. Relax, do a shoulder roll. Open the chest. Lift up, press.

Hold it, hold it, hold it. And bring it down. And again, other leg, press down. Lift up. Excellent, from there extend the leg out.

Hold, hold, hold, lift the knee to bring it in. Bend it and bring it down. (Wayne sighs) Other side, shoulder roll, so that you get that chest up. Good, press in a little, that's it. And stretch it, lift from here, lift from here, lift from here and bend it bring it in, in, in and down.

Very good. Do you remember the elephant? He was like, I do. (Wayne inhales and exhales deeply) And your foot, do hand to foot so you don't pull on the bar, heels down, fix the wrists. Knuckles forward.

Now drop your head and let it hang. Let your head stretch your spine. Yeah, the weight of your head. Shift your heels. Shift your weight back into the heels.

Don't move the carriage. Push, push, push, and bring it forward. Again, eyes and the elbows forward there. Push, push, push, and bring it forward. And again, push, push, push, bend your knees, push through the heels in the hands and straighten everything out.

Push up, up, up, very good and bend. Push right up into here. And up, up, up one more time. Bend, push up, up, up. Push your heels and move the carriage out one eighth of an inch.

Dig your heels in and drag the carriage home. (Wayne groans) Yes. Push out, stop, drag home. Push out, stop, drag home. Beautiful, that's like your spine stretched forward.

So lift your heels up and then bring your knees down and think about stomach massage where you're rounded. Okay, so try to sit back on the heels a little more and find that stomach massage position where you were seated on the carriage and your tummy was in and I'm holding you. That's it, shoulders down. That's okay. (chuckles) And press out and come in. Yes, and now do it quickly 'cause you're doing great.

In and in, and in. And this comes under, tilt under. Nope, that's all. I want you to do a tuck to come in. That's a tip, right tip.

Yep, and think your elephant, right? It's the same as your elephant, but with bent knees. Yes, drag the carriage in, out. Drag the carriage in, out. Drag the carriage in, out.

Drag the carriage in. Beautiful reverse the arch. Oh, now do that shoulder roll. Lift up the shoulders. Not your bottom, right?

So the shoulders go forward up and back. Forward up and back. Good, that's it. Keep this open and press and quick one and two and three and four and five, six, seven, eight, nine, and 10 round in. Pull your stomach in an up and bring the right leg forward.

Excellent, good. Keep that rounded shape and lengthen this hip down head down, pull the tummy in, good. And lift this knee off, press out and in, press out and in, press out and good. Bring the knee down. Change sides.

Bring that back. Good, other side. Lift this knee off by taking that tummy in, under find your tuck, tuck, tuck, and come all the way down. Bring your knees feet both back into position. And you're gonna lift both knees up and place them onto here, beautiful.

Now find your tuck and your shoulders down. Good, why are your arms so bent? I don't know, there you go. (laughs) Now where's your tuck more, more, tuck happens here, not here. Lift up a little higher, there. Now keep this shape and press out and come in and press and in and press and in and press and in, press.

Don't release this, push in, in and in and in and in, beautiful Wayne, step off. You're going to reach down and add a spring. You're going to lie down just like we began and you're gonna put your feet on your arches, a little here. Good, now we're gonna do running on your arches. So it's gonna be very similar to what you were doing with your tendance stretch, but you're gonna have both of your legs and you're gonna palms up.

Okay, bring up your feet, just like this and stretch your legs out. Good, and you're gonna bend one knee and lower the other heel and lift them both up, pause, bend the other knee. Good and lift them both up. Excellent and bend one knee and lift up. Remember those little bones, get them all, you're collapsing this arch.

Wait here, bend a knee, it does. It will do that and stretch, good one more and bend and stretch. Bend both knees in, go onto the arches here. Good, now roll your tailbone up. Just the tailbone.

Hold it. And then roll it down and roll the tailbone up and roll it down and roll the tailbone up and roll it down. Roll the tailbone up. Stay there, stretch out your legs. And bend the knee, keep that tailbone up.

Very good. Tuck, a little lower down, there and press out and come in. Tuck, yes. And press out and come in. This is a nice tuck.

So little lower down, right? Roll down, roll down. Roll back up, press out. (Wayne exhales deeply) Come in, roll down, roll down. Roll back up, there.

Press out. Come in, roll back down. One more, roll up. That's it. Press out.

Come in. Roll back down. Beautiful Wayne. Draw your legs together. Step off of your apparatus.

Add the spring back on. I did it. No, so there's four. Okay, and you're gonna come over to the mat and you're going to lie down. And you gonna lie all the way down and put your feet underneath the strap.

I know set pulled out, hope we didn't cover it when we moved, remember we had, oh, here it is. Okay, legs together. Now hold on to this bar, shoulder width not wider and this is a foot fit. This is a little gadget that your wife developed. (mumbles) So you're gonna press your feet out and keep your heels together.

You feel that? Yeah. Okay, you're gonna lift your head up, open your chest. And you're gonna roll up into your hundredth position. That's it, stay right there and pump the arms.

Inhale, two, three, four, five, exhale, open chest, two, three, four, five, inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, two, three, four, five, inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, exhale, exhale, roll all the way down. That was glorious. Look at how your breath has changed. (mumbles) (Wayne exhales deeply) And arms come up. Chin to the chest, and you're gonna shoulders down and you're gonna roll up.

Feel every vertebra. That's it, that's it, that's it. Head stays down and round forward. Good and roll back. I have this bar roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back.

Head goes down, ribs, go in. Reach the bar to the ceiling and stretch, exhale all the way back. Arms come up, shoulders in, head up. Good and keep trying to roll your head through that window. Roll your head through the window.

Rolling it through the window. Roll the head. Roll the head. Roll the head, good and now reach forward. And as if this weighs a million pounds, drag it down.

Drag it down. Don't ever change the position, right? As you reach forward, you stay where you are but you just reach forward from where you are. Don't lift the arms. Yes, once the head touches, lift your arms up to the ceiling, soften the ribs.

So the ribs go down and the arms go back to get that opening of the chest. Lift up. Plug your shoulders in, head comes up. Articulate, articulate, articulate, beautiful Wayne. Head down.

Shoulders down. Now your roll ups' better than mine. All the way forward. Go ahead and reach forward a little more. Reach forward a little more.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Roll down inhale. Good head goes down. Reach up, stretch all the way back. Drop it, good.

Let go of the bar. Okay, I'm gonna take your foot fixer off. You're going to bend your knees and stand them on the floor and you're gonna hold your hands behind you on those poles. Good, feet to the mat. No, bend your knees.

Elbows open, press the elbows open and straighten your wrists. There. There, press into your hands. Press, press, press, and relax, and press, elbows open, press, press and relax and press, press, press, and good. Bring your arms down for a moment.

You're gonna go back up there. And good, lift your arms back up. Lengthen your neck down. Grab onto your poles and without shifting, just like you did in your tree. You're going to lift your right leg up.

Feel this. So arms this way? Yes. The head will lift up like this. Yes.

Really, now that feels like a-- I don't care what it feels like, I know. And you just moved it again. Right here. Yup, there you go. That's it.

Now bend one knee in, extend it up. Good and you're gonna reach it up towards your nose. (Wayne groans) and without moving, we're gonna do, don't move your pelvis. Little circle one up to the nose. Little circle, two up to the nose.

Little circle, three up to the nose. Little circle, four up to the nose. Little circle, five reverse around up one, around up two excellent. Around up three. Very good, around up four.

Open the elbows, around up five, straighten the wrist. Good, bend the knee in and bring it down. Good, now don't shift. Soften those ribs. Good, bring the other leg up.

And this is your naughty ones, so remember to really anchor that pelvis. Excellent, Wayne you found your tree. Beautiful, extend the leg up. Up, up, up, up circle around one. Yes, nothing moves.

Don't let it move. Remember, anchor this hip, anchor that hip, anchor the stomach. Remember all the points we worked on. Good, circle, circle, circle and circle. Reverse one, yes, two, three, four, and five.

Bend the knee in and bring it down. Good, release your arms. Slide your feet a little further away from you so you can hold the back of your legs and roll up to sit. Excellent, now head's gonna go down and you're gonna lift your feet off to balance. Hold it two, three, four and bring your feet down and again, lift to balance.

That's it. Bring your knees to your chest knees to your chest, knees to your chest. Yes, and down and again. Bring your knees to your chest, knees to your chest, knees to your chest and down. And one more time.

Knees to the chest, knees to the chest, knees to the chest. Hold it there and you're gonna roll back. Keep the knees to the chest and come up. Yes and sit and roll back, knees to your chest and come up and sit beautiful Wayne. And again, head down, roll back, knees to your chest.

Yes, now try just to go right there. As soon as you hit here exhale and come up, inhale, go back. Exhale, come up. Yes, head stays down. Inhale, go back.

Exhale, come up. Good, head stays down. Roll back, you're throwing your head back and head stays down. Yes, see how much easier it is. Roll back, dive into your knees.

Yes, and lie all the way down. Excellent, good. Take your knees into your chest and hug him with your hands. Head stays down a second, good. Now, lift your head up and bring your head between your knees like that.

Rolling like a ball position we just did. Two hands go to this leg and stretch this one out. I'm gonna hit your. That's, okay. Oh, you're caught, I see.

And stretch out and bend it in, pain the next stuff. And now take the other leg and stretch out, no nothing moves. See how you moved your head over and bend in, two legs in. Now bend two legs in please. Two legs in, hug the knees, hug the knees, hug the knees.

Elbows out, elbows out. Yes, now stretch the other leg out and don't move anything, good. And bend both legs in, hug both legs in, in, in. Elbows out and press. That helps to hold your body in place and bend both knees in, in, in and stretch and bend both knees in, in, in, and stretch.

Bend both knees in, lie down, hug the legs in, good. Now I want you to reach for your ankles. Head up, grab your ankles. Good elbows out. Push on me and stretch your legs.

Push hands go to the thighs, hands go to the thighs. Open your chest, inhale. Now exhale, squeeze it in. Squeeze it in. Grab your ankles, ankles, ankles.

Head up. Head up. Come on, get your head up, dude. That's it. Now press in to me. Push, push, push, press your hands on your thighs.

Exhale, come in, push on me. Push on me. Push on me. Push on me. Press on me.

Press out, out, out. Yep, and bend in, in, in. Bring your head down a second. Bring your head down. Good, so the second you go to push Wayne, you're pushing with one leg, okay?

(mumbles) Right, so remember everything you worked on you don't throw it away just to push, okay. Head up, let's find it again. Good, now push and push on me here. Yes, hold it. Open the shoulder at elbows up and now pull the tummy in.

Where's the tummy. Find your foot work. This is your foot work, right? Press out, find your foot work. Yes, open the chest and in, in, in grab your ankles.

So the hands really don't move. They slide along the legs. Press on your thighs. Yes, to help straighten you and bend in, in, in. Excellent, now just like you did your little rolling, like a ball, roll yourself up to sit.

Good, open your legs to the sides of here. Flex your feet, arms are forward. Stretch your legs out. Good, flex your feet. Bring your hands to the mat.

Can you stretch your legs out more? Flex the feet, that's toes back, sweetie. Nope, you're pointing toes back to your knees, more. Yeah, that's it. I know, it's like, what am I doing?

And slide your hands forward. Slide, good. Grab onto this and pull, pull yourself, that's it. Pull yourself forward. You can just grab the one.

Good, and then sit up and give me your hands. Lift up, circle around, up, circle around, up. Good, arms go down. Sit up first, don't just dive forward. That's it.

Now slide your hands, head goes down. Lift yourself. Articulate down, articulate down, articulate down. Good, and then roll up to sit up. Let go of the strap.

Lift the arms up. Head comes back to me. Good, thunder storms are coming. Lift up. Lift up.

Lift up. Bring your hands down. Slide forward. That's it. Push out through the heels.

Good and slide back. Sit up tall. Lift your arms up to the ceiling. Good, circle them around. Lift them up, circle them around.

Lift them up, circle them. Sit up, sit up, up, up, up, up and good. Bring your feet together on the mat. Bend your knees. Hold the back of your legs.

Roll back. There's a barrel behind you and lengthen all the way down. Let go of the hands. Good, chin down. Straighten your legs.

Hold onto this bar. Now remember what we did. See how you have all this space here. You have to bring your hips back. No, don't bend, hips back.

We have to get it with straight legs now. You feel that? Yeah. That's what I want. Reach your arms back and pull your stomach into that space.

Good, bring your arms up and then bring the arms down to your thighs and open your chest. Do a chest expansion. Good, chin down. Excellent, look at that. Now into here.

Don't lose me. Come up, pull this back, pull this back, pull this back, pull this back, stretch it back. Stretch it back. Stretch it back. Good, bring the arms up to the ceiling and bring your hands down to your thighs.

Excellent. Open, bring your arms up to the ceiling. Chin down and back to your thighs, good. Back to your arm, yours and bring it up. Now this time lift your head, round forward, round forward, head down and exhale, good.

So Wayne I want you to spin yourself around and you're gonna put your legs up on top of here and this is gonna help. No, no, don't move closer, lie all the way down. This is gonna help anchor your pelvis, okay? So chin down and you're gonna lift up the head and you're gonna round forward with your legs together as much as you can. Lift your head and you're gonna roll up just like you were doing.

Good and you're gonna pull head down and you're gonna come forward, head down and you're gonna roll back down. See how you articulate through the pelvis and your pelvis gets anchored. That's what I want and reach your arms back. Good and arms come up. Head stays in center, lift the head up.

Lift your head up. Look here, look at your tummy. Roll up, head down, head down, head down, head down, head down, roll down. Roll, pull me, come on, pull it. That's it, don't go crooked.

Nope, go back down. So what you did, Wayne is you did your habit. Shorten this side, shorten this side, right? You wanna keep that side long. This bar tells you where you're straight.

Do you look straight, no. This bar tells you when you're straight, lift your head up. Keep the bar straight. Keep the bar straight. Keep the bar straight.

Keep the bar straight. Now when you come down and you pull me where this is the effort. Keep your bar straight. Keep it straight. Yes, keep it straight.

Beautiful, excellent. Reach your arms back behind you. Drop the bar, bend your knees in and go over to the ladder barrel. Do you remember the stretch that we did with your foot? And I think we did your foot down here, right?

You're ready to put your foot up here. Now because you have the issue, go past where the issue is, okay? Single leg pull, bring the leg up. Good, now stretch out the leg and find out where you're, right. So now what do you have to do?

You have to move that leg back. So what I'm doing guys is I'm slowly making him more independent. So you have to move the standing leg back, right? 'Cause stretch this leg, stretch it out. Stretch it out.

Good, now move this foot back. Move this foot back. Good, yes. That's it. (Wayne groans) And now bring the pelvis in.

Pelvis comes in and pelvis comes back. Anchor this hip. Hips, drop it, drop it, drop it, there you go and bend it. Pull this back. This is what moves you back.

There you go and bring it in. Good change legs. Very, very good and stretch out, head down. Good, take this foot back a tiny bit. There you go.

(Wayne groans) And bend in. Good, bend and stretch out. Yes, Wayne, did you feel that? That's gorgeous, you just opened up, excellent and bend in. That's amazing.

And one more time. Stretch out, stretch out, stretch out and bend in. I want you to sit right up on here. Sit and have your feet on the gray thing. Move quickly please, have them fall, right?

Slide a little over this way 'cause we have to clear the pole. Good, take your hands as wide as you can on that bar. Excellent, you're gonna inhale, reach the bar up. Exhale, bring it behind you. Good, now is that bar straight?

Ah, and bring it back down. Keep it straight. Beautiful, all the way down. Ribs in, stomach in inhale, lift it up. Stretch it back far as you can.

Good, watch the neck. Don't bring the head forward and bring it down. And inhale bring it up. Keep the bar straight. Now what's happening with your feet.

Ah, good. So remember you wanna check yourself from your feet all the way up and I want you to begin with your feet. Good and bring it down. Last one, bring it up, lift it and bring it down. Good, I want you to give me that bar.

You're gonna kneel facing this direction for chest expansion. Do you remember chest expansion? Good, that's okay. You're gonna kneel facing that bar. Get a little closer I would say, take your hands on the bar shoulder width.

Now, try to get, stretch your feet down, there. Going to inhale, grow tall. Pull the tummy in, pretend you're on the baby chair 'cause you're arching your back right now and I don't wanna arch in the back. Good, and you're gonna draw your shoulder blades together and open them. That's it.

So remember how we did that shoulder roll and you're going to bring the shoulders together. Bring them together. Bring them together. Tummy in, tummy in, hold it, hold it, hold it. And then bring the bar back up.

Good, and again, reach down. Don't, that's it? I know (laughs), body's a complicated thing. That's it. Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders.

That's what I want. This is the most important thing, right here. Right here. Come on, grab my finger. There you feel that, that's what you need and up.

Pull this in. And again, reach, squeeze. Look towards the mirror. Chin down. Look center.

Look towards the window. Chin down and center. Bring the bar up. Again, reach down, grow tall. Squeeze the shoulders, tummy in, shoulders.

Everything drawing towards like the middle of your spine. Come on. No, no, no, no, no. Don't do anything yet. Shoulders, look to the window first.

Center, look to the mirror, center and come up. Beautiful Wayne. Good, so I want you to set up on your own now, your foot blocks. Do you remember your foot blocks? So I want you to see them up.

And I want you to stand so that your arms can be straight and you're gonna be on your feet on there. Step up. Think you went a little wide. Good heels down. Stand up, nice and tall, beautiful, tummy in.

And now find that chest expansion. Yes, keep the chest expansion. Lower your heels. Lift your heels. Feel all the toes.

Lower your heels. Don't let don't collapse in your arch. Feel the outer edge now. No, no, no, no, you're collapsing sweetie. You're saying yes, but you're not doing it.

So keep this up. This up, this down, this up, there you go. Now lift up. Lift up. Good press here, press here.

Now as you go down, lift this bone, that's it. And then come back up. Good, don't roll out. Don't roll out. Find the big toe as you come up, right.

Now lower the heel, lower the, ah, don't collapses bone. Lower, yes. Lift this, ah, ah, ah, don't go too far and now lift up big toe, big toe, big toe, big toe, big toe, big toe, good, press out of my hands. Go lower, press out on the hands. Lower your heels.

Press, press out, press out. I don't feel any pressure. You're worrying about lowering. Don't lift your heels back up. Lift your heels up.

So listen to my words, Wayne don't lower more than I tell you, okay? And if I'm telling you to press out, that's more important than you lowering your heels. So press on my hands. Yes, you feel that? Yeah.

Now lower, press, stop, press, press, press. Now lift up, lift up, big toe, big toe, big toe, big toe, there it is. Beautiful, big toe, big toe, big toe, plenty and relax, beautiful. Okay, I want you to stand with your back against the wall. Take your weights.

Hi, your gorgeous wife, who is an evil teacher. Good, shift over a little bit more. That's okay. You can lean on her. She doesn't care.

Good, take your feet forward so that you can soften your knees. Heels together. Feel, don't let those bones touch, balls of the feet apart. Separate your balls. Now, where are you gonna stand on your feet.

Bend your knees babe. Bend your knees. There, now feel right here. Right here, that more on this side. More on the side.

That's it. So where I want you to press on your heels together is there. Yes, good. And I want you to stand right there. And so this goes away.

This goes away. Yes. Good inhale, bring your arms up. Grow tall, exhale, soften the ribs. Good, inhale up.

When you step away from the wall, this is gorgeous. Your ribs are down. Your chest is open. Your alignment looks spectacular. I don't want you to lose this, okay?

Lift up and press reverse. Up, press down, grow tall, lift up. (Wayne groans) As you press remember when you squeeze the juice out of your foot work, that's what you're gonna do. And you're doing great 'cause you're breathing through your nose and exhale. Now inhale, bring your arms up.

Hold the breath, open the chest and press your hands on the wall behind you. Good, exhale bring your arms up. (inhales deeply) Inhale, feel the lungs up. Press this part. Press, press, press.

Exhale, try to hold, listen to the breath. I want that hold, open the shoulder. Inhale, press, find your chest expansion. Crack that walnut behind, beautiful, exhale. Now, right from here, you're against the wall like this, shift your weight forward so your shoulders are over your heels.

Good, pull the stomach in. Sit up tall, stand up tall relax the arms down by your side. Lengthen the neck. Beautiful, best session. Great work.

Very happy.


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Nice classes, nice teaching, thak you. It would be better with a transcript or with a list of excercises.
1 person likes this.
Just awesome work from both of you. Love this. Thank you both so much. 
A decade ago I  was testing out a potential Pilates Teacher. She  was perfect  performing the exercises ---probably  due to her having picked her parents carefully so she had  a great body.  After I watched the part where she teaches:  standing a few feet from the Reformer and  voicing  some cues in an uninspiring monotone voice, I took over and showed her what I wanted.  My style is  similar to Kathy's.  Her response was that   that  this  engagement  would exhaust her.!!  She was and  is    half my age.  It's not PC, but  her generation is just lazy.
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This series is so interesting. I am excited to see session 30. As always, I can listen to you teach all day long. You both are inspiring to watch. Go Mr. Nash, go!
1 person likes this.
The evolution of Mr. Nash is very noticeable, in this chapter, the dorsal flexion starts to be excellent.
Fantastic, both of you.
1 person likes this.
Amazing to watch Kathi teach with her mind, body and soul. Mr Nash is progressing so well. Excellent!
Ingrid J
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These are awesome classes! Love them!  Love Kathis teaching with her depth of knowledge and passion.  A big Thank you to Mr. Nash for being such a n excellent student. Please tell him how much I/we appreciate the "realness" of his effort! 
Joan- teaching is a full body, mind and heart experience for sure!

Ingrid, Beverly, Laale, Kristie, Michaela and Viera - thank you! he does work very hard!
Fantastic teaching and a great beginner, thank you🙏

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